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Mental Balance


Will this is episode one thousand eight hundred and eighty six welcome to the daily meditation podcast. I'm mary medically and i welcome you to a brand new series this week where the focus is. I'll about mental balance this in thai year month. We are exploring mental focus and and this week you'll be exploring mental balance with the ancient stoic six of greece. I shared with you a few years ago. A series where i focused on the stoic of italy such as marcus aurelius and we win through his book of meditations while i thought i'd start with where stoicism began and that happens to be where i am spending my vacation this year and that is in greece we will be exploring green the early greek stoic especially the works of zeno who is considered to be the founder founder of stoicism. Now there are many great philosophers who hailed from athens notably early plato and socrates and aristotle and these great philosophers including zeno would share their teachings on stoesz which are similar to what you might consider to be a porch or terrace where students would gather this. It is also called a gora the greek word for a gathering place and it's on these stores where the different philosophers which share their teachings and i am getting ready today to explore the stowaway ear zeno met with his followers so i'll share with you tomorrow what that was like. I'm pretty excited to to be going there. I have my comfortable walking shoes on my sunscreen. My son had an i'm ready to hit the streets of athens pins and go explore. Some of these famous stone was you may or may not be familiar with stoicism awesome so i'll share a very brief description of stoicism and stoicism seems to be <music> gaining a resurgence in our modern times and i think stoicism fits nicely with meditation because because meditation is so much about mindfulness and simplicity and that was very similar to what the ancient stoic six emphasized as well and a connection with nature throughout this week i'll be guiding you through the four main virtues of stoicism where you will explore prudence justice fortitude and temperance and i'll be sharing with you bits and pieces of the lives of particularly zeno the founder of stoicism and ancient greece as well as other notable early greek stoic takes a lot of the writings from these early stoic six were lost but their teachings were passed down because they they were so pervasive. It's spread throughout the ancient world so a very simple simple definition of stoicism is an ancient greek philosophy developed by zeno of city a._m. Around three hundred b._c. and it emphasizes the development of self control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions so meditation is similar similar in helping you to manage destructive emotions it differs from stoicism awesome in many ways and i'll be sharing more of that with you throughout this series but four today know that you will be on a journey this week with the ancient greek stoic as i come to you from the birthplace of stoicism athens greece and as you settle yourself down into your meditation today focus on where in your life you may need a little more self control and fortitude. It's often this awareness that allows you to produce the greatest change without really becoming aware of were. You need support in your life. You can just go through each day numbed out from your emotions and even neglecting your emotions when they arise pushing them down this can create great emotional imbalance and upheaval can lead to addictions and depression anxiety insomnia insomnia so many of the ailments that we experience in modern day life so even though we've headbands so technologically since three hundred b._c. The time of the birthplace of stoicism we're we're really not much difference when it comes to how we manage our emotions so as you focus on your life and where you might need a little more support just allow this awareness to become present no judgment no guilt chest awareness the full guided meditations to this <unk> ceres can be found on these sip and own meditation apple where for a little while longer for two weeks <music> free access to overeat eighteen hundred guided meditations you can explore the thirty demint guided meditations as well as a journal and a guide customized for each week's theme this takes you a little deeper her into the series i share with you here on the podcast so settle yourself down and reflect on and where you need the most fortitude had support in your life as always you you are so worth slowing down for <music> <music> <music>.

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