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#153 - What Happened to The TV Dinner? (Plus Hillary Clintons Remarks on Bernie and Why Adam Sandler Should Be President!)


They're the next six. They care to Edgar next. Thanks some they got three big old Well here we are May may Andrew in Studio Show and uh his home studio there So very important matter Off off top. I realized last night laying in bed reference leaving. I can't remember I even remember to bring this up. Okay from our childhood right and before like the hamburger helper mascot you know exactly what I'm talking about from it right in the middle of love. There's a Pillsbury doughboy right. What was the slogan for Rasa Rowdy The San Francisco San Francisco theory? That's right What was it before but now probably uh-huh murderer Indians? You can go on and on. I don't even we've got Chinese. They do have China's as you can go on and on with those are. Is that currently thing. Yeah I think so we don't watch. TV anymore is it daytime TV because if Korea and stuff and I don't they know this dream to Oh take about it not that you would know if you didn't well the main okay you got Geico we can say not sorry. Sorry sorry I'm I specifically am only talking about food like because Yeah of course. Ads are still everywhere in in your face and they're always trying to add some hook or something but I'm I'm talking about those. Were all food items. I named I feel like in my recollection nineties. You know food marketing. Was You know at a high sure. And and I feel like I. You still not fast food restaurants either like how like it's like like they were targeted at you. Know homemakers or something. Yeah and I You know shake and bake also let's nothing not just the marketing but like those gimmicky things like that. Those four right and not cheap right. Uh now I think a Lotta. That shit went away like shaken bake. I mean I'm sure that's still around. But they're not marketing that heavy because it's either high invoke want want something good for you and poor folk can't afford to gimmick it's like the middle classes disappearance rate is avenue that day. Well they know they don't have to mark the the poor. The poor folks don't have to market is hard anymore because it's like look you don't get it in. The rich foods is marketing. We don't have have any preservatives so we are like pure. It's an early example. This I think it was like when when microwaves were first invented that was you. Know Futuristic stickshift and I understand why many microwaves are still wild but yeah they wild so I get it murderer a puppy but become a coffee. Yeah whatever you need to do as long as it involves boiling. Something's insides but Jesus but so like TV dinners and Shit like that. When they first came out were you know Oh also treated that way like wave of the future ships also? TV was a new TV in your living room and you can eat dinner that you microwave. Welcome to the future white people only but like it was a whole thing and then gradually people realize like Oh wait was this trash and so is that what's also happened with all those other things to just like thankfully nobody anymore for the most part I mean I think some of those brands kept their gimmicks. Though I mean the lucky the lucky charms charms guy still around the rice krispies. ELVES are still around and kids are still into that. Yeah but I mean I feel like the pillsbury dough boy was a little bit for kids is he probably was but I'm again. You know shaken by a hamburger helper suddenly salad. That was for like I said homemakers. I think those weren't like four targeted at kids. They were targeted at you. Know well now I guess it's I don't know like hellofresh have. Yeah you know great company good products. It's it's it stuff like that that has entered into that Iran ish food market. I think should we look. I'm GonNa have you ever seen a hellofresh commercial that wasn't on Goddamn Dan Podcast L.. But that's what I mean. That's what it is now. You know what I mean right now. Yeah you're right and we're not we ain't doing a hamburger helper. You won't throw it you know we'll hook you up to clear we're just we're in a post Dick pill world man everyone eats fast food and said TV. Maybe dinner's now fourth meal Kiro Taco Bell. I can only think of the TACO bell one honest. That's a testament to their marketing. Emma my snow will like I was watching. I was watching football all day. Sunday at Part of it at my buddy's house right so not allowed bar so the commercials people took note of the commercials and there were there. Were plenty of You know fast food a joint commercials but there weren't am as far as I can remember. There weren't any like you know boxed meal whatever the Hell you want to call it commercials I don't know it just feels like again. It seems ubiquitous in my memory of the nineties and also watch this past week league. I watched the College Championship. And the all the playoff games at my house and that hasn't met like usually I'm watching those at Robbie's when there's a shit ton of people there and it's so loud that we don't hear the commercials or like you said a bar and I also took note of some of the commercials and I. I assume that because of y'alls market versus my market. y'All I don't know what Chick-fil-a is doing with their new campaign yet or am I wrong. Have you seen these new commercials. Were they have some like really heartfelt story about like a deaf guy yes yeah. That's the most egregious one but basically it's like in first off. I mean anybody's ever been to a chick-fil-a knows like their whole thing. Well I mean I it good food. I'm not doing that. Add form like their food is good but also like they really pride themselves on like their service like it would be my pleasure they go above and beyond to make sure that you have a good experience but now like their entire ad campaign is like just in case. You haven't been in a chick-fil-a this fucking awesome. We are and like yeah. They have the one where it's A. It's the whole commercial silent. It's just a deaf person on the couch with a chick-fil-a employ and they're bragging. How like they know sign language and shit but the one I saw this past week was this girl and they were they had? It was her and this black cop and I guess they had left his waffle fries out of his bag and she chased him down ran across traffic to make sure that he got his waffle fries because they do so much for us. It's the least we can do for them. And it's just fucking so cringe-worthy right. Yeah they're like. Yeah we we we come on down to chick-fil-a well we really shuck and jive exactly a run in with traffic and curly. Analogy is is it accurate. Because what she did for him and what he does for his community they both committed crimes. Got Away with it because of who they are. You're right here's another thing that I came across the other day which I cannot believe. I'd never heard this before because it seemed like one of those things that that would get brought up all the time on the Internet and Shit. Maybe I'll have heard about heard of this before fucking all star Smash Mouth Right the song. Yeah okay okay. Did you realize it ever occur to you that a good chunk of that song is about the looming threat head of climate change. Yeah Man Dude Yemen. That never like I never fire. Do the ice. The ice we skate gate is getting pretty thin. The waters getting warm so you might as well swim the world on fire. How about yours was getting? I never get bored but in events theme getting caught. Wait until it gets older Something something when you get older the medium Beck Beg to differ. Because they ignore the hole in the satellite picture all the shoot like it's all just and I had never. That was one of those songs all their songs. Just like a lot of people I guess I just never even attempted to you. Know analyze smashmouth had that whole song. We might as well be walking on the sun and it was about that Todo there've been woke as a muffler for a while smash mouth and it's so like cheesy tune wise right in the WHO. Hey now. You're an all star I. I can't decide if the the thought our plan was nothing. You know just like this with the do rag about but he also wrote catchy hooks. The thought or plan was if I make my hook look really catchy. I can earworm this other stuff into these kids brains or if it's completely ironic like you're an all star. Get your game on go. Like he's like like he's don't worry about it. This is the it's like smells like Teen Spirit Right. Yeah right I rockets shitty attitude. Hey everybody let's rock out and smile and no worries. Everything's golden but admits Iran. Because but yeah he's like while the world burns you know but don't worry about that you're an all star get your game on l.. Play their shape right. I had this Professor at Governor School who was Talking about he'd still was angry about Nirvana. He was like a very conservative Catholic professor and he was coming to lyrics one day and he was like you know. Just here we are now entertain entertain us. That's like your generation's whole attitude or whatever and ever literally. Everyone was like he shitting on that. That's quite literally his his whole thing many way. Maybe we're that was SMASHMOUTH. Apparently yeah because you guys are both like yeah absolutely and I believe you but at the same football watching party that I brought this up and they were all like what but then you know then. We went through the lyrics Holy Shit. It's like. Yeah they were trying to warn us the whole time but none of them had heard that before either so I started thinking I was like. Oh this is a thing that listen to these lyrics to to to You might as well be walking on the sun here. We go so. Don't delay act now supplies running out allow if you're still alive. Six to eight years to arrive. And if you follow there may be a tomorrow but if the offer's shun you might as well be walking on the sun. Twenty five years ago. They spoke out and they broke out of recession and oppression and together they talked and they focused out with guitars around a bonfire to sing and clap and man. What the hell happened? There's no fuckers is woke as shit and they're just so catchy and in the Shrek Soundtrack contract. We don't give them the credit they deserve. Yeah Kudos mashed now while yeah good for smash mile an open. Invitation to the will read K.. Okay anytime anytime. A standing invitation. Yeah well You were supposed to tell us a story about your dial is a couple but it's just so funny My Dad played high school football and loved it and I was just sport. He played basketball to just didn't give a shit about it and and he just you know there's not as many stories when when I used to hang around and all his buddies and I played football and they would tell me about my dad and how good it used to be. I didn't hear a lot of basketball stories. And I've started to hear a few more over the years and I thought oh on this weekend I was like man. I ain't never told that one on the PODCAST so a couple every story I do hear from him or one of his buddies is is something like this. There's a guy in Oliver Springs who Play Kentucky ended up panning out there but he was like six day and really good and he doc on my dad and my dad pulled his shorts down he was just constantly doing stuff like that like that was the way he played basketball. Hold on in a like in a true way or in a like fuck you. Nobody dunks on the Duggar like yeah. My Dad was a hippie. He had long really dark brown hair. It almost looked black and he was fast and he can jump in my favorite story he worked with this guy named David. Jones David Jones and my dad works on the railroad together for years they used to drive around and find pickup basketball games and played one hundred and try Arafat everybody there if they lost but nobody like that but David talks about how when he played high Lasko Basketball for Scott. Hi So if there's one school in the area more red in some bra is where this were Andy. My Wife's County Got County is is that is there is not a separate from that. The school is separate. But it's okay to schools is a city school district and in the Scott County district. ONA's where all the money is. Okay yeah when they played in like seventeen dollars yeah exactly now known as got some rich boatman The coach of Sky High would they played man to man which was very rare back then and David would always tells the story tells. Is it every time. And it always cracks me up that he would go through the line telling him to guard and he would save Dave last and apparently he did it every game. Go David you guard that God damn Indian and boy that long hair fast to do just thought he was India right. Yeah that just killed me just thinking about that. So Scott Hi you know. Especially at that time period the seventies. We've got long hair and he's fast he must be an Indian right. Hippies are illegal. There can't be a hippie hair right so he must be Indian in India. Has Your Dad not an Indian. Okay well you know we yeah. It's very common for DADS of our generation where where we're from to be Indians the air by used to be in an air them tell it for people that don't know what the fuck we're talking about it. It's extremely common thing. Were from for pay for white people to talk about how they're one eighth Cherokee you're one sixteenth Cherokee. We'll never the. My mom had a story that she stops telling about that someone in her family. I think it was an though so never was you know. Claimed to have trickled down to us but she had an aunt or a great aunt. Who is A-sharkiya so her cousins were one eighth or one sixteen or whatever but she would tell the story it was like it was a Senate raped or kidnapped it was like yeah you know he went and got him into you off or whatever it was like she was only thirteen? But you know that was normal back then and I'm not doing the math. I'm like man that normal wasn't eighteen. Forty like Matt Team Thirty. Yeah Yeah Traded Waltham for no man all of my granny's all my granny sisters. They got married off at like twelve and thirteen in the fucking thirties. So it was a weird dumb. I'm like at that time. You know. They had to get rid rid of him. They were going to die for them to get in the fucking late Twenties and thirties and shit in the rural south. Everybody had nine on kids to work on the farm that was dying or whatever You know you got to get them out of the House and make them somebody else's mouths to feed as soon as you can desperate Situation by that I mean you're right about the depression. Obviously I would buy that more easily if the boys were getting married at fourteen as well but they were always intellect twenty. The twenty five and Mary Thirteen year old. Yeah Yeah my grandma my may Ma and PA got married when she was fifteen and he was eighteen. I think the memo deigning pal came back from World War Two. He had stated there as long as he could because he had them an Italian woman and a kid and and the government wouldn't let him marry her. Because of Fascism in the war was afraid she was going to a SPA. This poor poor Italian lady lowered They had a five five year old daughter and the army made him leave Italy and wouldn't let him bring either them with him. When he came back Harbour Baz he came back? Heart broke and I guess split the difference. You couldn't get to have his woman and his kid so he got Mammo right in the middle fifteen year old. Your Papa lived Ernest Hemingway store store. That's wild yeah he did get drunk a lot. Yeah Way So before we if if we move on Your Dad Pat you talking about your dad. Made me think about. We were talking about this the other day. I think it's so hilarious. How legendary of of a Shit talker Larry? Bird was yes if the Because it's like first of all. It's just hilarious. That Larry Bird was the dominant dominant undeniable force of nature. That he was look. You know being the Hick from Salt Lake or whatever and look in the way he did and It looks like Earthworm Jim and But when you add on top barred yeah I mean I could say like a bar. And he feathered hair but it's just wild everything about fuckers. Yeah we we. We've done it on the podcast before everything about bird wild when your buddy was on here we talked. We talked about that Pity wanting to well. He's gotta his kids about things that are real saying they're not real so that instead of having kids who are disappointed to learn. Sanaa's isn't real right. They'll learn cool. Things like dinosaurs actually real excited and then the bike climatic AMAC climax from school in third grade. Yeah Larry Bird was real you tell me he was a man that's I've I've I've literally tried to purchase that joke from him multiple times. I I love that so much. But so Larry Bird is just all around hits his existence to me but especially the fact that he was like again. The biggest shit talker in the whole league like They said he would walk in before before Like the three point contest and all star weekend or something would walk in and just be looking around the the locker room back there where everybody else. This was wasn't saying anything it would just be like just looking back and forth between them all until somebody said. What were you doing Larry? And he's just like I'm just trying to figure out what you fuckers GonNa lose to me tonight or cover. I come in second place or whatever and and he would win and he would win smoke every time chuck person talked shit about him ahead of a game they had against each other and it was on Christmas Day and He said he was go bird hunting. So they ask Larry pre-game if he'd heard about that he had and he said that that he's like yeah actually. I brought him a little gift since his Christmas Day. And I'll give it to him a little later on love chuck whatever and then he fires okay. three point dagger till I win the game at the end and a according to legend before the Bali goes through turned around and looked at Chuck Person. Goes Mary fucking Christmas. Christmas handed him a box with a alien. As right. Let's say so. Oh you're mcdaniels ballplayer back then. And he had A. He was guarding Larry Bird One night and he said Larry told him. I'M GONNA get the ball right here on and I'm GONNA shoot it right in your face. He then received the ball in the next possession found the exact spot. He pointed out and buried the shot in his face and said I'm sorry I didn't mean to leave two seconds on the clock. Jeez yeah but just look at that dude and just picture him just going in. Oh and one of my my favorite stories of all time about Larry Perry was when he and I. It's not on the list and I'm looking at because I guess it wasn't really him talking shit but he'd said in an interview once after his plan career career was over that he would get genius. UNLE offended like upset if the other team put a white dude on and I can't get pissed him off so much if they if they die if they dared to put a white guy. Another white guy on Larry Bird he would get like offended the core so funny my I hate it when they put an old guy on me when I show up at a new place to play ball. Yeah this furious. You know the the White Guy you know I'm I deserve that My favorite one. I think we've told this one before but He didn't do the three point rat John Test one year ends of somebody else obviously one some effort Chicago. I don't remember his name. Let's say it's Bill Jones. And then he goes a Larry after he won. He said he's you know so he knew where to find you. Yes our this is a good way because I know where to find Larry and he goes. Yeah I know where to find him to at the end of the Bulls bins right. Yeah that's so no ice brutal off the cuff. Oh we got. I had something that just left me. Damn it mom Joe Where you got. I've been I've been kind of in my fields this past week. Because I've been eight up with totten mania for the past You know month or so and I really thought we were about to get it done and then that didn't happen happen so I'm sad but I do want to give a shout out to totten nation and my main man to to train tractor Saito King Henry himself for making in May believe again and also can't say enough about Ryan Tannehill but sincerely I. I'm I've got tears in my eyes. I just want to thank Derrick Henry for making me feel the way I used to feel when I watched Eddie Jordan Steve McNair boys. We'll get him next year Echo that sentiment I was on the fence about whether I would prefer to talk about it or not just because it's a fresh wound but they absolutely as our credit but that's the thing that we're talking the other day honestly they. It was like the fact that they're not going to the super bowl is still like that. Doesn't take anything away from the fucking run that they had. In the season it was one of the best runs in American Erkin sports and while in my opinion And it was fucking awesome. I loved it. Did they D- Thrown Brady. And then they beat the fucking MVP. I mean they weren't and they were wildcard. They weren't supposed to be there. We had a backup quarterback that came in and absolutely caught fucking fire. which makes me nervous because now we're about to have to one hundred percent give him a lot of money in a contract extension and I've been saying like he's been playing for his job this year? which is a lot different than when you get you got that cushion? You can make a lot of dolphins fans and they're like boy. I don't know about this. There's a way to ensure that he's playing for his job again next year to apparently a lot of time. Because of so the franchise tag the average the top five salaries at whatever the position is. And that's your salary. If you franchise tag running that's why Levy on bail set out. That's what like for running back. It gets franchise tag off times. They'll hold out because like running backs have very short careers. I got secure the bag. Whatever they don't fuck with that but apparently like quarterbacks or more all right with it because it's a much higher number they can their careers aren't built the same way that running back says so? A lot of people are saying the titans would be wise to to franchise tannahill because it shouldn't like you know upset Him in the way it would derrick Henry and give Henry the extension which is what I hope they do but also talking out of my ass so I'm not I'm their catering. Whatever the fuck? He won't without a doubt absolutely them dethroning. The Patriots creates might be. My favorite. Sports team has happened. Yeah I mean I was thinking about the Vol's basketball team and how so much enjoyed them last year. No that was awesome that was better And then also like the Ravens. The Ravens were people. Well don't remember people that aren't Titans Fan certainly. Don't remember because nobody remembers shit about the titans ever but the two previous best chances the Titan Tad before this year your two thousand and eight and two thousand three I believe so two thousand three back in the air McNair still and in two thousand and eight was when that C. J. K.. That was that season. They started Out Ten in both of those years the two best heightens teams of the past two decades Were like favorites number. One seeds play in Nashville and Underdog Ravens. Both Times came in and upset them and beat them. So that was also like a uh-huh like we owed them that shit you know and it was An Lamar's and I love the Marchetti. Oh a game. I was at a wedding was I was in it was Daniel chows house. My college roommate his colors were purple. And something and we had on Black Tuxedos yeah and we were all titans fans. We were watching the game like back in the back of the church ready to get married or whatever got married then we all go out to celebrate hopefully the wedding and the wind we lose. It's not I'm in Nashville with fucking purple and black on us I was in Nashville too. I was at that game. We ain't GonNa tell the whole story but if I it drunk s rightist shittiest. I've ever been in my entire life was at that game because we all went to it and yeah the general atmosphere afterwards was not not a good one. But if I'm not mistaken both of those ravens team ended up going to the Super Bowl today. Not Not two thousand eight the last time they were there two thousand twelve when Baker Forty niners before that. It's pretty sure they got beat by Tom. Brady's Patriots say two thousand eight actually. Yeah you probably no steelers. I think that was the year that steelers and cardinals was that year. Maybe that was the baddest fumble. Yeah so anyway. That was that was the year almost almost lost it all with that fumble. But they ended up winning Well I don't know core brace for you got here. I guess we might as well get into a little bit of it. Although I didn't I had not yet seen it real quick go chiefs. Yeah Yeah I don't neither of the teams I don't really give a shit I have for you now as I also writers fan. I just can't root for the chiefs but I I really like. I'm Pat Patrick. Mahomes Andy Reid are both also but I also think thank the chiefs have some very unlikable motherfuckers on their team to and then and then the forty niners Are you know whatever I like. Richard Sherman Yeah Love Richard Sherman Richard Sherman. I got nothing against Garoppolo. He is he's very pretty And so it it's whatever I don't really give Shit. It boasts a big MAGAE. Yes he is lucky. I guess his whole family's like fortunately he's also probably the most equip defensive player in the NFL to stop Patrick Mahomes because he can get pressure but he's also really fast. Yeah I don't think I'm just if I was I don't okay I'm in the forty niners. Defense is legit. But it's like the chiefs are like you almost can't stop them passing defense so you don't have good running defense. The Global. They run the ball. They run the fuck mobile. I you know about as much as any of them are nowadays meaning like I mean yeah. He pretty athletic but he's not not a scramble. WE'RE GONNA lose Anyway Corey was telling me about this Hillary Shit for you got here. You know that the news all weekend. I've been in Portland Ellen. Yeah oh I just I just thought this morning. Hillary just apparently came out and just kind of light out a whole Barney. Don't hit shit like does not whereas Barney nobody likes Bernie. Nobody wants to work with him. So I mean that's all I saw it and read the whole thing but I just know that's about to be a a fucking. That's just going to be a huge dagger it does I. I don't agree with that at all. Yeah what do you mean huge dagger into. That's I was actually about side. Do we think that it's GonNa make really much of a difference at all or maybe it won't because because a lot of people that are for Barney were like you know fuck healer anyways but just I don't know man it just seems it just seems shady hurry even weighing in on some bullshit. Oh Shit right now but I mean Hell Barney might have done wrong or some shit. I don't fucking know that motherfucker supported her God damn it. I just want to win. I don't think we should do that. Shit this is just another one of those like we just can't help ourselves out situation. I think and I'm talking on my ass again here but I think that like at this point most Democrats even ones that were like with Hillary Hillary in sixteen Have stopped giving much of Shit about her and her stance. It's all things I sorta think I don't see her moving because it's like just because the way everything went down and I feel like most people have kind of moved on. I'm sure a lot of people that fucked talked with Hillary now. Have you know their horse in this one But Yeah I don't know I don't think that that's true like the quote Unquote Establishment Pretty Accurately represents it they've been going after him. Blitz this whole campaign. There's a way I could see it helping them in the sense of a- At unfortunately I think he's gotTa throw the gauntlet down. I think he's got to be like yeah. People don't like me because the Democratic Party has become a party of big business of big donors donors. You know he's got to start talking about. Let's talk about who Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's friends are. Let's talk about all the millions of millions of dollars. They made from kickbacks and jobs after they left office and sometimes while they were in office and he's got it basically say you know they don't like me because I called Bullshit. Oh Shit because the only time I've ever made a lot of money is from a book I wrote not from being appointed to this fucking chair or going to work for this fucking company and and he's gotTa essentially call out. What is in my opinion the main problem with the Democratic Party at the top? which is they kowtow to huge business? They're a huge huge pro business and not necessarily pro worker businesses. Don't want to pay workers or give them benefits and when he does like go gwb why I guess also that like you know that percentage of people who like were four Barney but then flipped to trump like that weird little ven diagram or whatever if those some of those people apple still exist and they here they were kind of four burning but then went to trump and then here that hillary don't like Barney they might be like okay well opposite our heads I think I I think the best chance he has is people who won't usually vote coming out in the primary and voting but the thing is that that's less likely in the primary than is anything else. Yeah I it now. Nothing shocks me anymore. But like the fact that they're doing they've being the establishment the Democratic Attic Party on a national scale or doing the same type shit that they were doing before with like Doing everything they can to like like remove him from the right meaning like you know having polls and shit where he. He didn't even put his name on it. Or whatever came in second. Did you see that type of Shit. I saw one of the day where like it was every major Democratic candidate and it was Paul for Democrats Except yet Barney wasn't on there and it was just listed as other and other had like the majeure like it was other one you know uh-huh by like ten percentage points or something like that and it's just like I I don't know I just don't I don't like who are you fooling with that shit but I mean old people I guess is the answer I I don't know. Will you be celebrated by the people who say in in really believe in Phillies in their heart. That's he's not a Democrat and I don't want to vote for him you know you're getting started it in their into it but you're not going to change those people's minds anyway my you know my fear is that all this will work and it'll end up being Biden instead of Warren Hope that she's going to endorse Warren. Soon Kinda even though I don't want her to be Bernie. Either you know. I'm would much rather have Warren Kim Biden personally but I mean you also got to think about it might be a trap too. Do it might be another play for them to continue to call him. Sexist number one number two like once he he comes attacks back see. He's mean to women you know. He said that the war in and out but the other thing. I'll say I've said this before in the opposite when people talk about someone you can have a beer with so citizen the opposite. I don't give a shit if nobody likes him. I don't give a shit if no one likes Elizabeth Warren. I don't give a shit if no one likes Joe Biden. I'm talking about their policies their record and what they plan on doing. I don't give a flying fuck. If Bernie's a hateful. Oh man we have to stop pretending like this is a God damn reality show. Yeah I Mario but unfortunately it is a fucking popular and my and my thing with that. has changed because I would have a few years ago. I mean hell at this point probably going on ten years ago because this happened for me during Obama's was administration prior to all that I would have actually said that it's very important because you have to be able to work with the the other side to get things accomplished or whatever and if you're like impossible to work with and you're never gonna get anything done as what I would have said. Then but then. The Obama Administration illustrated to me that. Like it doesn't fuck he literally the coolest most charismatic motherfucker on planet Earth. Who by the way it didn't hit for me was obviously very willing to work with you? Know United the banks are fucking whoever served law enforcement. Whatever like he would work with paypal and he's charming both fuck you'll ever find and they wouldn't do shit with him regard art so I I realized I was like I don't fucking matter so like if it don't matter then I I also don't give a fuck? If none of them get along like Joe Biden this keeps harping on this shift. Like he's he's been around forever he knows how to play the game and thus he knows how to work with these people and I'm like I thought working with these people let's my book working with Republicans if Democrats have Bernie got elected and Democratic senators were like I don't like him I'm not GonNa do his policies then fuck you write like what what we we won with him. Yeah and you know. That's how I feel about it strongly. I don't you know and then I've heard the argument will Bernie is hard to work with. Not Nobody likes him but he's hard to work with so he gets nothing done. It's just not true. He's gotten a lot done he's got a lot done for vets and it's just just one of those things where independent for so long that no one would work with him. That's why he joined the party. Not because he was hard to work with because as an independent dependent he couldn't have any clout. He joined the Party and people have started working with him but they don't like him because he doesn't Kowtow to them he doesn't they don't like it when you're in a group of when you're in a group of people and Y'all's whole like thing is like you know we're in the we're in the pockets of big Pharma and Big Tobacco in lobbyists and shit like that. I bet it's hard to work with someone. Someone who don't play ball like that when you have actually have principles and make you hard to work with and on that. Note your other than you're listening right now you don't like burning that's fine but AMC has the same rip for the record. Pelosi doesn't lack or you keep throwing jabs at her because she says she's hard to work with because she says she doesn't compromise enough and so this is something that's emerged that I've seen where there's so many people were like yes queen. AOC Fuck Bernie Sanders. You need to look into your soul and figure out what the difference is because policy wise. They're the same person and now if you just go well. I like strong Latino Young minority woman. I'm for that that's fine but then why do you hate. Burn be one of the other with those two. I'm a big fan of both of those to my only point is I mean do people just don't like it's Hillary saying and this is a lot of people say he just rubs me the wrong way. Okay but we're not fucking voting for an uncle. This is going to be our. He's going to be our president. Corey said earlier like I I agree with. I agree with you about that but like Corey said it. That type of Shit does matter. Unfortunately a lot of people do vote for who they like. You know and it's always been that way. It's not like a new like oh in the reality reality. Show a Very famously Franklin Pierce won the election in a landslide when he was the most unqualified motherfucker to do it because he just happened to be college. Roommates nights with Nathaniel Hawthorne who is the biggest novelist of the time and Nathaniel. Hawthorne wrote a biography about me and my buddy Franklin Pierce. And then everybody's like. Oh Wow and he just. He was the most insanely popular motherfucker. Goddamn one then he wrecked the horse drowned and other shift. But you know it just always as has been. WHO's the most popular? It sucks. But that's just it's always been that yeah I still my my fundamental Stan which which is an easy one to take. But I don't give shit as far as all that goes. It's like you know I don't give a fuck if if it's a ham sandwich you know. I'll Komo fucking lie. Show up to vote for the poor concert from Arkansas or wherever the hand sandwiches from but yeah I like I I 'cause I like I like Bernie a lot of owed him in the last primary. I like Warren whatever. I like a lot of them. I there's things that Piss me off about all of them too I just to me. There's just a job one but we live in. That job is defeating this motherfucker and at all costs as far as I'm concerned so like you know whoever it ends up being Albay there. Yeah well well I mean like here's an example. Here's a tweet give no fucks. Hillary is my favorite Hillary. She's my hero. Telling the Bernie Bros.. I guess that's me. We're not scared. Everyone so afraid the venom because no one wants to face the wrath of his Colt. She's going to save us by allowing herself to be punching bags to the candidates. Don't have to yeah that to me is is borderline insane and not because I don't believe there are people who are for Bernie who were made on the Internet. It's the extrapolating your entire political view. Because someone who likes Bernie Sanders is mainly on. The Internet is insane case in point I have been shit upon for being pro Bernie Sanders Anders on the Internet by Hillary supporters bind supporters over and over again. But at no time would i take that and go see this is because that's who they all are lar- it's weird in super weird yaman honestly to me. It's just because Barney excited a lot of young people and young people. We're the ones that are well. Old People probably must vote old. Really really old and really really young. Are the most vocal on the Goddamn Internet. And a lot of the Barney browser super young and super twitter and read it savvy so yeah it seems like they're fucking dicks. Yeah Yeah I'll know I'll know I'm speaking. I'm speaking out of my butt on that too. That just saint like you know the term Barney Bro. Seems like that's a young person I think this definitely definitely a lot of it. I was trying to find someone re tweeted a tweet and I saw and then it went away. Where when Hillary Think Bernie for endorsing her in two thousand sixteen all the Nice thing she said about him but it was like a lifetime of service fighting four? Yeah Working People. Poor people and people live color but nobody likes them to switch gears a little bit here toward man fuck her getting towards the fuck are palace. Pc Shit longer longer term rich piece of shit. And if you're out there and you like or you got something to say to me fucking than to say I don't give a fuck Fuck Hillary Clinton man. Aw keeping up at home. Eleven minutes is how long I had the under for sure. So drew calling her callous piece of shit and I had my money on five minutes so all of this is going to be bad for Elizabeth Warren because a lot of people already don't like Hillary Clinton this is going to make them locker or even less and they're because they're sexist they're going to associate Elizabeth with this because people are dumb and think of things like someone was made me on the Internet so now I hate Bernie Sanders because people are that stupid. They're also stupid enough to go. Look this democratic woman did something I don't like so now I'm mad at all women. They they kind of look the same they look like Ma'am Oss Oss Elizabeth Warren. She so bad at politics. Hillary Clinton is so bad politics. This is going to help him GonNa fuck and help him God. She's so bad at politics. Okay so I wanNA point out and you're going to dispute this a little bit. Maybe but this is objectively. Exactly what happened. This is the influence of like or this is how much much like social media and shit can affect a person in their in their day to day life or in their brain because we brought this up to drew. He didn't know about it yet and I didn't either. You brought it up. We start talking about it. And it's a a measured conversation at a certain point in this. The jury gets on twitter to find just to look into some shit. See some stuff that's been said about it or whatever. This man spends ninety seconds own on twitter on this subject and is Scott Frost nipping at the mouth. Furious about the topic overall now whereas pre twitter glitter it was fine fine but like you know this shit. This is what happens to all kinds of people with every subject all the time even heard what about this because I would have had to go get my paper this morning. And it's fucking cold right that that part is true but the rest of it. I'm just gonNA maybe that's true generally but I'm going to defend myself a little bit. I was was looking for that specific thing after it disappeared so that I could read it and show it to you. Nothing I saw now made me angry once I stopped op looking at twitter and thought about what has happened. Yeah that's when I got furious and and part of the reason I got furious is it's just dumb. If her goal always get elected. I don't think she's going to accomplish that at all. I think that's going to blow up interface. If her goal is to say you know we as a party need to come to get. That's that's not going to fuck him. That's the other thing. It's this is going to hurt Biden and Warren that too. It's GonNa hurt like so. Many of his supporters are just as childish as apparently she is so so many born Bernie. Supporters are still going to be mad about this and they're going to blame Elizabeth Warren. Maybe she's great at politics and that's our endgame. What to get trump elected? Yeah well there you go affect her Indian. She gets to keep riding four more years if only we had hillary. It's good for fucking book sales. She don't give a she she's a demon. If that's the case man she is even worse of a person than I said. I feel like what you just said as I said that's God that's it is is I meant to say a worse thing. I wanted to switch to a more positive topic. It'll still in it yet. Still have US ranting because we don't know how to rant about anything that we care about. I don't think think we've ever done this on the podcast but we might have. I'm not sure but I've been on a little kick lately because it's award season and one guy in particular just won't say for the record for everybody it's a casual moviegoer out there or whatnot And that's it. If you if you got a problem with Adam Sandler you got problem with me by God because Adam Saint like Adam Sandler alert. I've been on a kick lately because I watched uncut jams and he's you know he's I've seen a lot. He's had a lot of interviews and stuff and support uncut gyms and also we've met Sandler handler. He did our show at Largo. You know met him talk to him a little bit on more than one occasion but it just that aside like he's just I don't know he's such a good dude at but I'll you'll never hear anybody say I've never heard of bad sandler story in this climate that we live in. That's insane right and and I know he gets. He gets shit on a lot and it's because of like he's made this like insane number of movies right that are yeah. You know goofy lowbrow stuff or whatever but like if I'm not mistaken literally every single one of those movies has made money right and oh yeah they wouldn't. They would not keep letting him do if they didn't. That's the thing right. We don't get like right. It's nobody is bigger than Hollywood. If Adam Sandler wasn't fucking financially viable these people. They wouldn't keep letting him do these. And also he he gets fucking De Niro and Pacino and Steve Buscemi. They all wanna work with this motherfucker because it's so much fun to do. And here's the deal. Those movies ain't for you therefore fucking kids and the kids Goddamn Damn love. I'm so suck my Dick Adam sandlers. He should be president. Yeah we'd be better off was but he He also has like openly stated before that like you know he'll like those movies he always. He hires his buddies. which is? That's cool to me. You know like you know take care. You're you're paypal's or whatever ever they go. They said movie in Hawaii. Just because so now we can all go to Hawaii and get paid to make this movie right and then ended up making movie or making money money for the studios. And everybody's happy. Oh yeah every roughly ten years. He drops a Oscar worthy performance. I did This year and uncut gems did not get nominated which is horse shit but like the man is genuinely extremely talented. You you talk to people about you hear interviews with people people from like the his. SNL Days like from that era of around Saturday night live and stuff and they'll tell you that like he was. The most savvy be cast member on the roster at the time Chris Rock said he said he's the most brilliant fucker he's ever met. Yeah he's the most brilliant like funny person that Chris Rock's ever known because of savvy is and how well he understands the game and everything and he's just again he's is a fucking genuinely good dudes and Just I love the Cya man. I'll always go to bat for the same man. I don't give a shit. What his next move is? I do wish he you would make more on. Cut Gyms Type Shit does but I understand why he said well he said but I don't buy I think he likes great movies movies every once in a while. It's not just for the he likes. What what did you say that because we hadn't referenced that what drew's talking about is Adam Sandler had said publicly Before the he had said that. Like if if this if uncut gems this performance in that didn't get any kind of recognition or whatever then he was just GonNa give up on drama for forever and only do comedy clearly. He's not cut out for. He said it kind of that way and then he did get snubbed. Abdin satellite. Now he's never going to do drama again. I'm sure he will say it. Like here's the thing he's only been. It's only the fuck and Oscar. Mother fuckers that snubbed him every I dude everyone is. I would say that the majority of people right now are going. What the fuck? How is he not nominated so yeah? He's getting the credit. It's just not from those elitist. FUCKING fucking Douchebag Ryan. He say it like they didn't he say it like I'm only GonNa make shitty net flicks movies or like like some bad goofy. Affiliate was jokes. What I'm getting? I think he said half jokingly at least but anyway yeah just been watching these these awards seasons movies also. I've been watching these interviews with people in them and Shit and saw on a little bit of a San Man Kick lately and we were texting about him yesterday or whatever and I just wanted to go on the record as saying you know. He's the shit hits for me. What what here? No Sir here. No Sandler where you go ahead. Uh what were you saying. I said I'll hear no sandler's slander no slim. No sanders slander. No sanders slander. Yeah I was just saying what a career to aspire to were. You can go on record as saying look if I don't win the Oscar for this. I'm just I guess I'll just go back to making twenty million dollars a movie on a boat and Hawaii right. Yeah but I have to assume that gets old after a while even if you WANNA come back to you one time to you know do something different well right. I think that it does. And that's when like you said like in a couple of years he'll have done a bunch those movies and like his because his whole life is set up to be a vacation where he's getting paid. His vacation is our. Let's do this fucking insane character. Study where I don't make a lot of money. Yeah you guys you guys see that script for grownups three as a horror. No someone wrote a SPEC for grownups three as a horror film and it's really Madda ETA. Their onset for grownups three and no one's getting along anymore like the ideas like they're not really that close anymore they've all made millions upon millions because the Sandler and Sandler leading they call cut and everyone's kind of going back to the trailer and then Sandler the next day they come to sit and he's like we're not filming today and he makes them go on a road trip to this cabin and all that stuff allen covert just there when they get there and like one of the jokes he's like. Oh how did you even know about this. These guys following you guys and then they're attacked. It's pretty damn funny. Yeah it's about forty pages and it's hilarious. I sounds like a hits Judd. Appetite retweeted it and said This is the best grip of reading three years. That sounds like the like the end of the world like that type of Meta share it. I liked it. I'm into that. You guys both said so on the subject among gyms but without trying to avoid spoiler territory. Whatever you and Corey both said that and I've heard I've seen a lot of people say version of it that you guys have issues sometimes until that movie was just like it was just like I totally get like I don't it? It was it was the sound they did it. All that stress sounds all the time. Yeah Park like central. Yeah so I deal with sensory overload like insanely. It was immediately apparent to me that the direction of the film was okay. They you want me to consume this movie and watch it in the same light that this person without giving any sports that this this man. This character experiences -periences his life. Like this must be what it's like to be this guy twenty four hours a day and again. Here's the deal. I love that fucking movie. I'll never watch it again. And because of that now watching it again because I know everything that happens. Maybe it won't be like that but like that's not saying it's not a it's a fucking great movie because they pulled that shit off. I was on the edge of my. I see almost had to goddamn panic. Attacks Amber who was with me who is not prone to panic attacks because you have to have emotions I was also about to fucking die see. I don't I don't really have like anxiety issues and I didn't. I could tell that that was what was going on with the movie but I was not sitting thing. They're feeling like feeling that internally myself I did have some of that while watching the nineteen seventeen and I don't know if it's because like just the stakes are so much higher. You know well anyway. Yeah we ain't got to give you the details of that but I know what you mean but I thought they were both good. Nineteen and seventeen is probably my favorite of those of this year's like movies so far just like there's multiple points in that movie where I genuinely have no idea how in the fuck they pulled that off like it's absolutely unreal. I want to go back on something real quick And never would doubt that Korea. He has anxiety problems. It's it's obvious at times and you know I suffer from that I know court does but I'm curious as to why you think you're are sensitive to sensory overload because you like sleep with the TV on you'll play loud music while you watch something and I'm not saying you don't i. Maybe I don't know that means. I think it's because I control those like you know what I'm saying like what kind of sensory overload that's gotten to you you well first off the very first show that I ever got paid for in New York. Was that silent disco. Show that me. And you and Tim Dillon and Christina did did you know And live. I'm not kidding like I was getting. I think it was like seventy five bucks which I very much needed. Hell needed twenty. But they were giving me seventy five and it was the first time amount ever been in Times Square and I got off the train and I walked up and it was like at night and Tom Square and with all the lights and with all the people with all the horns horns I swear to God. I almost texted. You said. Do Tell them get some of my else and got back on the trying to lay off like I can't it's part of my. Add to like. I can't pay a tent like this is happening. So I'm paying attention. This this is going on over here and then all the lights are fucking with me and I don't know man but like yeah when I'm at home I can blast loud music and watch. TV loud and Shit. But but like I can also turn them off whenever the fuck I won't and I chose this shit so I don't know man I can't go to like when people wanna go like amber. Sometimes her friends like you know they'll they'll be having birthdays and she it and they'll be like let's go out dancing to a club and I'm like Oh man I mean I'll go like once I get in there and I can't get the bartender's attention for two seconds so loud I taint here. Nobody and I go to the bathroom and I get lost. And then there's lights and then there's all sorts of people I don't know and are bumping up against my shoulders and Shit don't hit for me I gotta I gotta I gotta go to a pub. That's about opt to go bankrupt with two people and drink whiskey. That feels like it's partially being in public. which is a common anxiety I it's it's a lot of being in public? I don't like when I get. I wouldn't say that I have like sensory overload generally speaking but I don't like big big crowds of people people like that like I did just that experience. Don't him for me I Found with crowds. I definitely have sensory overload. I have to turn everything down. I ah can't even face a light like I've got can't even faced a lot I gotta turn away from it and and you know it's noises and brightness and and all that and Andy always says your dissociates it of making fun of me when I you know. Tell her to throw turn the light down. Turn the volume down like whatever it is but Yeah I'm going to remember this story the next time we're in a car and I asked you guys to fight it to the front and you make fun of me. Remember all of this. Yeah well I guess I get what he's I again. He's in control of that. I think his thing is like anything. That's completely external and outside of his right like you guys playing music at well eighty seven decibels because you're ruined your ears listening to headphones. Your plot having a screen conversation about how much crab hits is completely out of my control back a little bit of control and you guys just fade that to the front. So it's coming out of those speakers and Corrigo. Oh my God you don't hurt. You sound just like him. Well I guess I guess you've kind of set it all in in terms of I think to me a lot of it is the public and the amount of papal against the it's all that plus there's a bunch of people and I get like genuinely scared if you add marijuana to that mix bury me that people don't do for me and like someone someone had to create my version of light the bad place or hail. It would be times square on New Year's Eve and I'm like eight times higher than a person should be that way forever being ha that's just changes everything we We relived a story on into the abyss. Kit podcast check out the podcast into the biscuit with me and DJ. Louis we relive the story. dray was on there and dray. Dj came to New York and we went to a music festival. And I'm fine at music festivals. People all that but we were walking out of their back to our or cars or the bridge or however we were getting off that island and they were funneling traffic so what they would do is they would open it up. We were in like a cattle shoot. You know just like a four foot lane gene. We're all walking one direction right. And then what are now realized they were doing. Is They'd lit a bunch of people through then they would stop them closed the gate and then inlet buses through and they were alternating which they were doing you know like a red light letter. Red Light with fences. We're hammered drunk. I'm talking to them. Not Paying attention. Asian we're all in this cattle shoot and we get to the front as the gate is swinging close. When I say I lost my Goddamn mind dre still talks about it like like I never seen nothing like it? I fought the fence. Like defence was coming. I got out like I started. Free Fucker you do started pushing the fence back these the two we gotta get the fuck out by way and shove this like passed. I got out dray followed me. We got to the other side. Dj Andy were just like behind Honda. Just staring like what the fuck and dry. I don't know I just followed you. You got scared so I got scared and I can't handle being closed in but people don't bother me. That was a nice this weekend. Rivalry there right. Yeah yeah the violence. Yeah and the fence one right on. Well I guess it's about that time about that time in inclosing just announced today. June June Twentieth Twentieth. We are going to be at the pantages theatre for the Minneapolis. Comedy Festival Minneapolis comedy festivals. Going on June fifteenth through the twenty. First there there are so many hilarious people there including US nick. offerman is Ron Swanson from parks and REC looking. Jeff Foxworthy Bert Kreischer. Kathleen Blaine Matt again. Whitney Cummings. It's going to be a great time. So those tickets will be up at well. Read Comedy Dot Com soon. That's W. E. L. L. R. E. D. COMEDY DOT COM Subscribe to this podcast downloaded. Tell all your friends also Holler at into the biscuit withdrew Morgan and DJ Lewis to hear more tales about drew punching fences. All right. So y'all next time skis sir. Thank you all for listening to the well read show. We love to stick around longer but we got to Ugo tune in next week. If you've got nothing to do thank you. God bless you good night end ski you.

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