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Hello word nerdy, his. Nope. Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of the dictionary. I have things to say. Nope. Don't have anything to say, do I kind of I had an idea recently to make this podcast, a little bit more interesting, which I don't think anybody would argue with that it could use that. So the idea is, I would have guessed readers. They would record one or two or four episodes. And yeah, I think I'll start asking people, I know. But if you are a fan and you would like to be a guest reader, let me know I think, you know how to do that. I would love to get some celebrities to read. I've got some ideas of people I wanna contact, but I have to do that. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So in the relatively near future, you may actually hear another voice. On this end talking to your ear whole brain. And I know some people who are good speakers better than me. I know some people who I will probably force to help me out, and, honestly, this isn't that I don't want to do the work. In fact, I would end up being there with them, it would probably end up being a lot more work for me in the long run. But I think to hear another voice to hear another point of view in their interjections. I know people who are funnier than me. So to hear them would be great for you. I will still try and keep them to be not explicit because I would like this podcast to be for everyone. But, you know, if they are, I'll just Mark it that way, and you'll have to figure it out. So, yeah, that is my plan. We'll see what happens with that. Now, let's get to the words I word for this episode is allow a L O W vis is a verb. From the fourteenth century transitive definitions, one a to assign as a share or suitable amount as of time or money as in allow an hour for lunch. When I record, this podcast, I usually allow myself about an hour, and it's happens to be over my lunch break one b to reckon as a deduction or an addition as in allow a gallon for leakage to a is chiefly southern and Midland to be of the opinion synonym is think to be is seems to be in a certain dialect or something. And it has these synonyms say and state to see to express, an opinion usually used with as how or that three is also chiefly southern and. Midland. We have these synonyms intend and plan for we have the synonyms admit and concede as in must allow that money causes problems in marriage five. A synonym is permit, as in doesn't allow people to smoke in his home, five be to forebear or neglect to restrain or prevent as in allow the dog to Rome, we now have the in transitive definitions one to make a possibility. Synonym is admit it says it is used with the word of as in evidence that allows of only one conclusion to, to give consideration to circumstances or contingencies used with the word four as in allow for expansion next word is allow a bowl. This is an adjective. From the fifteenth century. We have these synonym permissible as in allowable income tax deductions allow a Blee is an adverb next word is allowance. If there are any kids out there or if you were once a kid, which you were, maybe you got an allowance. This is the first form it is a noun from the fourteenth century one, a A-share or portion alloted, or granted one be a some granted as a reimbursement or bounty or for expenses as in salary includes cost of living allowance, especially a some regularly provided for personal or household expenses as in each child has an allowance one see a fixed or available amount as in provide an allowance of time for recreation. One day. D a reduction from a list price or stated price as in a trade in allowance to an imposed handicap as in a horse race three and allowed dimensional difference between mating parts of a machine. There's some interesting things in their dimensions mating machines curious about that one four the act of allowing synonym is permission five eight. Taking into account of mitigating circumstances, or contingencies as in the plan makes no allowance for bad weather. You always have to allow for bad weather if what you're doing is outside. There could always be bad weather. Second form of allowance is a verb from seventeen fifty eight transitive. In fact, I think one is archaic to put on a fixed allowance as of food, and drink. Two is also archaic to supply in a fixed or regular quantity next we have allow it Lee. A. L. L. O. W. E. D L Y. This is an adverb from sixteen o to the definition just says by allowance and the synonym is admittedly next is a Locsin. A. L. L. O. X A N. This is a noun from eighteen fifty three a crystalline compound, c four h to end two oh, four causing diabetes mellitus when injected into experimental animals personally, I'm not a big fan of experimenting on animals. I do know that we have learned a lot about science and about humans from experimenting on animals. But I still just don't think it's right that. Just a my opinion. Next word is alloy. A L. L O Y. This is the first form of it. This is a noun from sixteen four one, the degree of mixture with base metals. Synonym is fine. Nisus F, I. N. E. N E S S to a substance composed of two or more medals or of a metal and a non metal intimately United usually by being fused together and dissolving in each other. When molten also the state of union of the components three, a an admixture that's one word admixture that lessons value three B and impairing alien element four, a compound mixture or union of different things as in an ethnic, alloy of many, people's I do like the. Idea of a group of many different types of people's what that alloy would be. I don't know what this example, is trying to tell me five is archaic, a metal mixed with a more valuable metal to give durability or some other desired quality. The etymology for alloy says it is from the French alloy. AL. Oh, I. And that is from allier, A, L E, I R, which means to combine that is from the Latin Ali Garay, which means to bind, and there's more at the word ally. A L L Y second form of alloy is a verb from sixteen sixty one transitive one, a we have these synonyms temper, and moderate, one b to impair or debase by admixture to, to reduce the purity of by mixing with a less valuable metal. Three to mix. So as to form an alloy in transitive definition is to lend itself to being alloyed, as in iron alloys. Well, next, we have all powerful. This is hyphenated. It's an adjective from sixteen. Sixty seven having complete or soul power as in an all powerful leader. Of course, we think of the wizard of Oz. When we think of all, powerful, but to use that power in a negative way can be a problem. So think about that the next time you are leading a large group of people next and last four. This episode is all purpose. This is hyphenated. A. L. L. Hyphen. P. U. R. P O, S E. This is an adjective from nineteen twenty eight suited for many purposes or uses and that will end this episode. Thank you for listening and until next time this is Spencer reading the dictionary goodbye.

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