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Part 2: Driving Indy and NASCAR On The Same Day, with Kurt Busch (ACS Mar 4)


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That's legalzoom dot com code. Adam. Legalzoom were life meets legal. It's time to check atoms voicemail. Hey I just had From I want to share with you in vein of Car names that don't reflect the actual car Like the Chevy celebrity of which no celebrity. Whatever drive from New Rodeo? I'm pretty sure if he drove in Zuzu Rodeo to a Rodeo first thing that happens you get your ass be five bunch of Hicks Anyway Man. Great Work you can leave us a message at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four. Never seen a Chevy Malibu inside the city limits of Malibu Kurt Busch making a Chevy is in studio. That's amazing you brought up Malibu. My mom had the same Chevy Malibu for about twenty years when I was a kid really yes. It was a seventy eight euros born and we had that same. Chevy Malibu for any guys grew up in Malibu. Now just miss that. Guy Palisades mostly gone the NASCAR circuit did grow up in around the Malibu Point. Or where did you grow up? I actually grew up in Las Vegas Nevada. That's an interesting spot to start. This journey it definitely was my family's all from Chicago and they've done shoveling snow and they moved Vegas. My Dad was an auto mechanic. And who would have thought? You know the racing hub of of the west coast would kind of anchor in Vegas. Did you get started doing karting? What's funny is mom. Wouldn't let me go Kart She thought they were too dangerous. You showed her my dad was a racer at the local track but she just kept giving me baseball bat baseball glove. Go Play Little League and so. I didn't start a sixteen with racing which is late or for racing committee mostly skies. You learn during motor cross or something. He started four. Doing racing started five doing cards or even younger. Whatever and by the time you're sixteen you're graduating and other forms of motorsports but you just got started but it must have been in you the whole time. It was because my dad had the the race car in the garage and it was easier to talk about cars and card numbers and work on shocks and things with my dad than it was to do. My schoolwork did your brother races as well Kyle. Yeah he's a horse all right You won the Daytona five hundred two thousand seventeen yes sir and You're just in it with this spectacular crash with the I think it was newman. Ryan Newman. Crash were what was. Where were you? I think your car broke just before that or got hit or something. What was the store when that crash went down? I was in the wreck before and so I was actually in my rent. A car heading to the airport. I was out just leave. Yeah when you when. Your Day is done at the Daytona five hundred. You don't want to talk to anybody you don't stick around. It's we're out of there and I listened to Ryan Newman's on the radio and I couldn't comprehend the severity of it run to the radio and when I got home that night and I'm dvr the race. I check it out and I'm watching replays and my phone's blowing up during that plane ride home and I'm like this is serious. This is huge. Like we haven't had that moment in Nascar or any form of motorsport in a longtime where everybody was holding their breath he yeah you see these horrific crashes and everyone just walks away because the technologies incredible and it's it's it's structurally incredible but also as I tell everyone the seats the helmet you know. Just the Hans. The six-way Harness. You know all these different safety devices. I love the flaps that pop up when you get when you get backward knocked the air down. Keep you on the ground. It's it's it's it's so evolved the safe barrier walls and everything. It's so evolved that just not. We're not used to seeing someone's spend the night in the hospital or impossibly worse kind of touch and go for a while. It's been an amazing journey over the last twenty years that I've been in Nascar and these twenty years are all post. Dale earnhardt seniors death on when he passed away in the last lap the Daytona five hundred due to a a basal skull fracture and so the Hans device. Yes the seats yes. The helmet technology the safer barriers. The cars everything we've implemented. It's amazing because we're getting different program small around the country different universities Different PhD scientists are helping with crash diagnostics. It's amazing technology. We have to research from all the different wrecks and all the different angles gentlemen with the barrier served. Sick or something like that. He's from the university sticking deans sticking. He invented well he was a guy. I interviewed on Taken a motivational podcast. While back that he was started with you. See these big freeway pylons for the second top. Top of the free with five foot around there. Chunga steel reinforced concrete reinforced. You hit that. That's not going anywhere you know. So he started realizing if somebody was texting and got off the road or drunk or got bumped and hit that thing that thing wasn't budging and you're just dead so he started working with the sand trash cans and the water trash cans. It's really the whole concept is you can jump off a four story building land on your back and as long as there's five refrigerator boxes on the ground to absorb inertia you'll walk away but if you just hit the ground anywhere it's the deceleration rate right. You hit a wall in racing at one hundred fifty miles an hour. And you're doing a hundred after that Ricky Shea. That's a fifty mile per hour deceleration and so two cars going head on at twenty five miles per hour each right. That's a big impact if he doesn't sound like much but that deceleration that's what hurts people. So you're trying to take that spike away of that deceleration and try to smooth it out over time with crash absorbing material. Well it's interesting You know he talked about studying the the science of it. You know you can do crash tests. And all the car companies do and fifty or thirty mile an hour sixty mile an hour her but you never going to get two hundred miles an hour and everyone's just running five inches apart. Like you can't really simulate that at a college campus or in a hangar somewhere but you guys do it every day so they can take whatever happens on the track and then just completely diagnose from there. Yeah there's there's some sled testing that can get to. I'm going to guess a hundred and fifty miles per hour rally. But it's all the data that we collect at track. There's literally black boxes in the cars and we have camera angles from all over and now the best technology we have is a high death. Slow Mo camera that activates win. There's an impact similar to like a an airbag deploys based off of an impact. That's impending and this high. Def camera will watch the movement of the driver and follow everything that he goes through her. She goes through and you can then implement new safety from there. Well speaking a safety you're tempted to I was just indy. Four days ago three days ago or something. I've been to the race races. Amazing you did. indy five hundred and two thousand fourteen and then went right into the Coca Cola. Six hundred that was that was the same day same day. There's a couple of crazy how I has it physically work the Coca Cola. Six hundred must be in in the evening or late afternoon right. Yeah it's a six PM. Start Charlotte Yeah. That's that's an indy. Five hundred starts. I believe one o'clock noon that same day. But it's a it's a run of eleven hundred miles same day you run an indycar first and then the NASCAR car second and I was inspired to do it for multiple different reasons but the biggest challenge was to do something different and to push myself to new limits by driving that indycar because that was my only indycar start. It still is to this day just the one time. Did you come in six got sixth? That's that's real good. I mean that field thirty five thirty three thirty three cars a lot of cars. And they're all Dr Indie. I mean their experience as an open wheel car. That is a very different experience than what you drive. At Nascar. It is a it was A. It was a fun challenge. You know working with Andretti autosport putting a contract together behind the scenes. That's part of the victory in itself equality ride or the race now. You can't. I just made a movie about that. If you don't have that ride you can't you can't compete with so much technology. Yep I just went through the indie museum and just saw the crazy cars. They had and what they didn't really know about Arrow. Everyone is trying to assert of gas. You know there were no wings anywhere you know. And the speeds were were there at the sixties in the seventies. There were hauling ass. But they didn't really know how to capture the air what to do with it like what would hold them down or you try to get to work for you. You don't want it to slow you down too much in the straight away with down fours but then you want that downforce when you hit the turn to keep you stuck. I don't WanNa take this story and tell it the wrong way but you need. Mario Andretti to come on your show because I was having lunch with him when Iran India few years ago and I said tell me. Tell me about the first year of downforce. Tell me about the first year of these wings that that people were bolting on these cars and he says you know how we discovered downforce and in a in a reverse way was that they had an overheating issue and the late sixties camera. What year was on the car that he was driving? And they put a pin radiator pan such as like a shroud to help. Draw air out of the radiator quicker to cool it. And he said when they put that that pan on there it really dropped the back of the car He said it gave the car. This this pulled down feel in the back and it created this understeer and he says the ballots backout they put a little a little fin like a Gurney. Lip is what he said on the front of the car. Dan Gurney to balance it out. It was as if they stumbled across right down for us back in the sixties. And now he's trying to cool a car now everything. Mario will do the story way way. Better Justice he's quite an ambassador for the sport. I went to indy with him. Road in the back of his tandem indycar and went around went around the track. The car didn't perform correctly had some sort of Turbo probably to challenge it and He was gotta look nine feet taller in that. In that picture Paul Bunyan. It's just a way he standing. He's true Italian man. That right there looks good. Not so much. I'm going to be driving a Camaro Trans. Am Prep Camaro Trans? Am One race coming. Up are the beginning of May at Laguna Seca which I drove. The car before was had a corvette body on it now. They put the camera body on it and the Guy Runs. The team says more downforce. It's or it's better better. Arrow for some reason with the corvette than it was with With the Camaro than it was with the corvette though I don't know why the corvette seemed slipper air but who now it's the technology that they're putting into the wind tunnel time and there's been a big focus for the Camaro recently. And so we have the the CAMARO IN NASCAR and we have a new version of this year. The zeal one one L. E. and it has less drag but more downpours. I it's more efficient. I think I think the cars were driving or pretty similar though. I think that You look good out there. That's not Tony. That's not me. That's that's a Camaro I that's the Camaro find a better picture that Camaro with Mexico but either way I think the cars are. I think they have the same engine and they're probably similar in a lot of ways but I think that cars lighter. I think the train you guys have to add you add weight. Oh there it is right. Do you add weight to your car. Like when Danika Patrick Drove? She's hundred fourteen pounds or whatever it is there are some guys that two hundred pounds. Would they adjust for that so I weigh in at one sixty and so we have to add forty pounds to my car if you weigh two hundred? You don't add any so and Dana's case they drop the weight downtown. Think it's one thirty. You have to add seventy you got that two hundred number gone anything below one thirty you get for free. Oh interesting. So she's yeah. I think she weighed in at one fifteen so her car. Yeah it was fifteen. Pounds PICKED UP FIFTEEN POUNDS. And that's not the end of the world know and you put If you're over two hundred you gotta carry that luggage. Yeah do how do they figure where they're going to put the way? Do you get to put the weight where you want to put the way because it's a big difference between putting it on top of the roof and putting it down low on the passenger side or something like that. That's a key element that goes around your center of gravity for the car and yes you put it in the frame rail which is the lowest portion of the car so yes you want to be as light as possible to add that wait to the lowest part of the car for center of gravity is Is it just me or does it seem like there's a renaissance going on with NASCAR like I feel like as a casual observer of Nascar I mean I like all motor sports but I'm I'm I'm a little more of a road race guy and I like it when NASCAR goes to Alexa. Noma hits that road course and all that. Because it's so technical and challenging but seems like it was going through the roof some years back then. It seemed like it calmed down a little bit terms of popularity and recently. I feel like it's back and I don't know is that is that true. Zet statistically true. Yeah I think there's a bigger push with the youth and the younger drivers on the social side so with twitter instagram. There feeds are connecting with younger Vance. And there's a push that NASCAR is doing to not reinvent themselves but to to invest more back into their drivers. I think it was a period where the drivers were so powerful. It was a driver market and for myself. You know with Monster Energy we were out there doing other things not just full NASCAR Guys like Kevin Harvick Jimmy Johnson Denny. Hamlin my little brother. It was everybody. Kinda was off on their own doing their own thing. And now there's a bigger push for the the the crop of drivers that are coming together to push the sport it's not So individualized now Yeah because when I was I mean I think I think racist like Daytona five hundred to a lot to probably for the popularity. I mean it's horrible. Crash was spectacular and it was just everywhere on everyone's phone and feed just after just after it happened. I should give you a plug. What are we here to plug a? Kb One hundred plus a ticket giveaway. Sure Yeah Plug in the wall. Because you now I've got a military program That I've started last year and I buy one hundred tickets to every NASCAR race for our military active duty Former duty anybody can go to vet tix dot org as military member and get these tickets for free about one hundred tickets. I'm getting more drivers and more sponsors more teams to jump in Dale Earnhardt Jr. helped me for Daytona this year Jimmy Johnson a local southern California boy helped me with the race. This weekend Arizona next week Alex Poems Home State. He just won the race. So he's going to help me in Arizona and we're just trying to bring as many military members as we can to the tracks for free and it's a way to help them reintegrate after their service nice is that Tex Mex should point out. Oh Yeah T. T. I. X. Dot Org thank you. I'm looking down here. O-3 Iraq champion international race of Champions You guys might know how this works. Champion champion. I'm Tak- what they found while they had a European version of this too or they you know somebody said. Ufc like where someone went. Well this guy is a boxer. But that guy's a Kung Fu master. But this guy's a wrestler but who beat who in a fight you know so what sport essentially in the. Yeah what they would do is and they go. Well who's cars better guys. Get a better team or something like that. In in Europe they took a bunch of f one drivers and other drivers rally drivers up and they just put them and BMW. Am One pro car every car. Same now we're going to see. Who is the fastest guy out there? They did it out here. Iraq Z. Twenty eight Iraq Camaro released the Iraq is and they had it series out here. That old Camaro that a newer version in the eighties or something. Lots of crazy cars with famous names on it. You'll see auction every once in a while. Were you guys driving in? Oh three fibers driving fiber yep all identically prepared firebirds and some guys from indy-car some guys from Nascar sports car drag racing Like Steve Kinser from world of outlaw. He ran the year that I was racing in that Iraq series. And so you. You have a melting pot of champion credentials to earn your way into these twelve cars so there's twelve identically prepared cars and you pick them randomly. Yeah you get random color right wasn't identical sound like I chose that that awesome powder blue bag. What is the Manchester United? They did one of my many jokes. That didn't go over wealth. The room with a when we did the Toyota Grand Prix. You reach into a helmet and you just pulled this car number out. Whatever car whatever. The number is your car. Because they're all identically prepared to make it super double blind. We're also going to make the part where you can't know any mechanics get assigned whatever and I pulled out a car and it was a single digit number and I was like yes single digit serious weight savings on the double digit assholes. I'm going to cruise to victory introductory like are you fucking high. Absolutely the weight saving a single digit twelve. Like that's probably an ounce of final. That's the difference between one and eleven but that must have been pretty satisfying winning that race. 'cause you it's it's I it's obviously every ratios with your peers. It's people from all different disciplines right. It was as old schools against where you just literally. Walk up with your helmet in your hand. You got gloves and you jump in and you compete against guys from all over the world and to beat them at Daytona. It was a four race challenge it was Daytona Talladega. Indianapolis and Chicago was on the schedule that year and I got First second third and fourth in the four races and overall a points system that was able to come out on top and win it there and and I think When PEOPLE PICTURE? Indy THE PICTURE. You guys just going in a big circle but the you would have gone down into the infield track it was the oval you just you just went just went on that any track in that car. Wow raises a treat. I mean I. I don't know twenty five at the time. And you got guys like Allen Rogers junior right out there. Scott Sharp from INDYCAR was out there and Mark Martin Legend in Nascar. Tony Stewart. It was it was pretty wild out there with those guys at that age. We try to get him for the APP. I Know Yeah Nice guys pulled it up I. I had no idea that you guys were just going in a circle on that indie track and those cars and firebirds crazy. We'll kind of speeds. Would you hit those things? I was about one eighty. It was almost flat out all the way round but the downforce that they had on the cars were meant to keep it wide open so that way the draft came into play right. They wanted us to to work around the draft. How BIG IN NASCAR CAR? How big is that draft? I mean what do you feel like are if you're if I'm in the lead in your behind me and I'm just wide open. I got big celebrator all the way down in your afoot behind me. Are You feathering the gas? You can't be wide open right. You are wide open because you end up pushing that other car faster. Oh really yes the air. That's coming off my front bumper pushes. The car in front a little bit quicker is that always been that way. Then you add a third one and that third car pushes the Second Carlo. Quick and then the first cargoes little bit cars. You add the faster you go but then if you're not like a teammate and you're just they're riding trying to just click off laps or save fuel. Yes then you can lift and ride in that draft and not be at one hundred percent throttle. I always thought it was the first car that was doing. All the heavy lifting I car is wide open. Yes and but you're saying yeah so the car but the car behind is pushing but not physically pushing the air. The air is pushing. You know the other thing that's interesting too is when you get into the draft. The Guy who's in front is having to cut through the air but the guys in back trouble with overheating. Because they're not getting into their radiators is some heat exchangers. Yeah you gotta you can only be in that situation for for so long before you have to make a move to get out to cool the car. Are you looking at your digital dash at this point not really? That's usually when Shit flashes red. That's when you got. Is there somebody in your ear telling you what's going on? I have a spotter. Yes he's on top of the grandstands and he gives me a a play by play on when somebody's on my outside or how close that car is to me from behind and a key thing right now is if I have a guy right in front of me and I want to help him draft up to the next Group Hill. Let me know. It's you have to car links to push. You have one car. Length push all right. You got about a half a car. Ease off a little bit of question for the people who are drafting the second or third position or whatever. The answer's probably no but is there a danger that you're not you're sucking in as much exhaust as you are air. Maybe more exhausted air. Because you're driving directly behind a car as opposed to taking in oxygen whenever like coming out the side. Oh come on. The side of those cars does. Yeah I would pass you on. We have a filter in the car that helps take out the carbon monoxide. Of course. Yes yes so. That helps us with fresh air. I feel like if I had a spotter at some point. The Guy would just get distracted. And I'd hear him going well. If I get too hotdogs and said is there a break or beer off then they cut it off with ten? Okay well then bring three beers and hold on a second. What's your name? Sweetie Jesse Canoe. I've never been on doing doing great August up there. That's hot no no. Well I'm I'm Kurt. Busch is spider. Oh I should be the car driver Bush's spotter. What are you doing right now? You don't seem busy. Oh hold on Kurt Kurt. You got your Got Guys wanting to pass. I'm sorry go come on out of here. Yeah now. She's got. You need to tell him. How do I get to curd wars? Yeah Oh anything to meet your well. Okay good because I'm the king of I want anything you know what I mean down for any taking. Nobody gets anything like me. Let's do this thing. Yeah All right so Let's see the spotter the temp can you hear? I tried to drive in a race car with a with a radio in the helmet. I couldn't hear Shit. There's the crew chief that's the main communication. And then you have the spotter that helps you from any other specially moulded earpiece like your cup like this headphones and it goes into the helmet. I don't use the ear moulds anymore. Oh really yeah this. The comfort you wear in Kansas under your helmet. I mean they're they're kind of a little bit tricker right and this headphone system. But it's a nice feel and it it's all integrated into the helmet. Yes and helps with exterior sound where I still WanNa hear the other cars right or use that as sensory It's just the comfort of having the earphones versus the earplugs. Wow we gotta crawl show earphones. Hey send you one of my helmets. You get the upper work it out. I gotTA GET I. I'm telling you I did this race. Trans am racing. I showed up and the guy the team owner was like you. GotTa Radio in your helmet. I'm like no why not. Why didn't you send me a goddamn email a week ago? I would've found a radio and he's like oh I shall only Radio Muhammad do vintage races and he goes well. I'll take the radio out of one of my home and put it in your helmet and he put it in there but didn't work for shit now. You couldn't hear it. You couldn't hear it if you're on that you've you're on the throttle. You could not hear what he was saying that you were to have a lot of wires. If you're off the throttle you could hear you can hear him fine. But you had to be off the gas. So wasn't any good when you're racing the microphone speaker. What Modena couldn't here. But I'm I'm going out in. May and I'm going for an upgrade so you tell me what to get racing electronics and you'll go there they'll get your helmet all set up. Yeah Oh shit I do that man and you have A. I can't think what you're some guys guys did. Do crazy helmet art. And it's it's to a different level now and I don't know what's on your guys have their whole family and the whole history of of everything. What's what do you got going. I've got a kick ass endorsement with monster energy. Fuck the family sponsors my heart. You know sure not just not on your home. I got my helmet painter out of Vegas had the same one for twenty years and I don't give them any guidelines say hey man look look cool and then when I get the bill afterwards. I'm like Oh man. I probably should've told him a tone it down a little I. There's gold leaf. Who was this expensive? Is that the same guy. Does it for everybody because one guy is out of Vegas? It's famous Jason. Beam Y- beam designs. He does Jimmy Johnson's myself. My little brother He's he's kind of getting there getting to just the the last few of us He's done it for so long but I'm happy to be with me man. He comes up with cool trick stuff all the time. I think I have some Paul Newman. Race cars and have some. Paul Newman race helmets and stuff. That's pretty sweet. And he had this galaxy he he newman at some point his like manager bottom made them custom painted helmet. I don't know if it was being. But maybe it was and they put like the whole solar system on his helmet and then he had a course like three of them. Look an open face one and a couple of close faced ones and I don't know if that was a beam thing but you can find the very last helmet like when you see Newman at lime rock. Just before he died driving a corvette. A Trans am racing. See Him getting out of the car and stuff. You see this crazy. Solar System custom helmet cool. Has that on her on her polo helmet really galaxy and stars. We gotTa Find You. GotTa Find Newman Lime Rock Galaxy. Our solar sister helmet. I'll tell I'll talk about that second We're always wonder when people ride and they wear helmets. What's a helmet for? It's getting brains right now for landing on your head is it. It's a it's such a minimal helmet. I feel like I see the guys with the Harley's driving around and stuff and they have just that little tangled up there. Your your wife ride competitively. Yes she does. She plays Polo with with the boys. And and doing it. Five fifteen I guess. What Police de? Yeah he got hit in the head of the mallet or all something like that. Yeah the Mallet. She has a face mask on her. Because of all you don't really make money playing Polo. Do spend a lot of money. Say Yeah. 'cause. I know chicks argue. You go you got to pay for the trailer. You gotta trail you got to poke it up and they go you gotta trailer. Yeah yeah this makes money though this is this is different yet horses that you need for a game of Polo. No for six per person. Yeah I did not know yes. Oh she's got the three. Saddle six horses all the bridal the people that come in. Oh Yeah it's it's a form my many NASCAR team. Let's get it down to four horses. So the inner city kids can afford it my availa everyone. That's right accessible. All right you can look for that how you look. You got your marching orders Find that second. I I'll tell you guys about Or a ring after years of hosting Love Line Working God. I worked from ten o'clock. They'll midnight and then I switched mornings and that was working from six am to ten. Am I can tell you man you need sleep. You're so much clear. You're so much better. The key is Ram sleep. Your mind your body recover faster. You're just better God. You must You going to go out and do the indy. Five hundred and one day and then that night Do the Coca Cola six hundred. You'd better get some sleep that night before or a ring is changing sleep tracking and the change in the game so it's It's really has a big impact. Where mine every night he put on your finger. It's not on your wrist and And as a personalized daily sleeping body insights. I'll tell you how you did every morning. T. V. Tips about blue light and blue light blockers and don't drink coffee after this hour that hour it athletes are using this. It's really cool product. It is or a ring right Dawson if you WANNA raise your game then head to ordering dot com slash Adam. That's Oh you are a ring dot com slash Adam and get thirty dollars off your new ordering for a limited time. Only that's thirty dollars off. Ring Dot com slash Adam. Well there's P. L. N. in his There's Paul Newman is P. L. N. Astrological sort of Solar System Helmet that spot on you described that perfectly. That's my job and there. He is again though. Who who made that helmet? Who who's what's the name of the guy who who you can see it written at the bottom there rate Eddie you. Dj Straight Straight Edge. Probably Straight Edge. But yeah anyway. I have one of those solar system how he had at the very end of his at the very end of his career. He also always almost always all the way through his career. Just worn open face helmet which I thought is dangerous but when you look that good in a helmet you gotta know money's worth good all right. Let's take ourselves a break. Kirkman hang out and do news with us. Sure love to. We'll do that right after this spaces for the Corolla family barbecue going fast. Don't worry you got until March thirtieth to get your tickets to the greatest party. The pirate ship is every thrown. We're here to tell you the best way to get your hands. Stamped in the door is the Corolla drinks case club case club members get two tickets to the Corolla family barbecue a dvd of atoms. Newest DOC UPPITY plus you get savings of one hundred eighty bucks on your case club shipments. So why buy a single ticket when the case club is calling your name either way make sure you get your spot to the Corolla family barbecue. We'll see in July with everyone in the role of family stellar lineup of COMEDIANS. And a private show from the offspring chairs from everyone at Corolla drinks. See the Summer Gino Grad break via all those crazy trump tweets get videos for gene troubled gene. Gene the news with gene a Grad. More car question. What's this shifting on? That year's hours and ask are still standard. H Pattern this with a six four four four all they give us right now. Wow pretty standard you just get it up in that fourth year and pretty much stay there. I mean if you're not on a road course on the ovals will restart in second year Go through the gears. Yeah the road courses We'll shift upwards of fifteen times almost twenty times per lot russ. Or gearboxes big heavy Jericho beasts that can handle the thirty six hundred pounds but then they have to gear them differently when you go to Daytona. Yes because of the top street all right. Msnbc host. Chris Matthews is retiring from his hardball show after he was accused of inappropriate behavior. Matthews made the announcement at the start of a show on Monday. He apologized for making these comments. Here's the clip after conversation with MSNBC. I decided tonight will be my last hardball. She'll let me tell you why the younger generations out there. Ready to take the reins we see them in politics. The media in funding the causes. They are improving the workplace. We're talking here about better standards than we grew up with fair standards. A lot of it has to do with how we talk to each other compliment. A woman's appearance that some men including me might have once incorrectly. Thought we're okay. We're never okay. Not then certainly not today and for making such comments in the past. I'm sorry let me explain something new when you're doing mea culpa thing either have to tell us what you did or shut the fuck up. You can't downgrade the complimenting woman it's never okay. Oh really I feel like my wife loves compliment. Her and Brian's wife would love it if I complimented her. I mean on her dress today. There you go so hair which you would. He did is something other than just compliment someone on their appearance but downgraded it for safety. And then you getting fired complicate for complementing someone. Because it's never okay. Just a smidgen of of what he's referring to so the retirement announcement policy comes. After Journalists Laura Bassett wrote a column in G. Q. That went on on Friday. That said seventy four year. Old Matthews made her uncomfortable prior to her twenty sixteen appearance when he inappropriately flirted with her before she went on the show to discuss sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump. Well Bassett set and make Sweet Matthew said. Why haven't I fall in love with you yet? And then she laughed nervously and he said keep putting makeup on her. I'll fall in love with her and she didn't like that one bit so what he's retiring violation. Yeah Jesus fucking Christ look. Here's the problem. First things first it will create an environment where nobody has I contact or speaks to other human beings in the workplace because if anything can be made into something you're going to stay away from doing ones and twos if ones and twos can become into if you're nothing's can be tends then there shall there shall be anything this just keep walking. No discussion longterm implications of this. Because I know there's studies guys in fortune five hundred companies want to mentor. The young. You know the old lawyer doesn't want to mentor. The young twenty six year old girl it. There's no going out and discussing business or here's how it works or your mind me a lot of myself when I was your age. Kid Let me show you the ropes. That's all just no not not even gonna not go in there. Okay awesome everybody and listen. Are Women tough and resilient or they fucking week like which is it like. Are you guys the same as men men can take a joke? I thought the whole plan was everyone is on the same footing now like everyone is resilient and tough and scrappy and can get the job done and Rosie the riveter are you that way because if you live way then fucking keep walking. Well I would imagine that in this case the the answer that this woman would give is. Yeah I'm tough tough enough to say. Don't fuck and talk to me like that or you could lose your job. Why talks that way like I is a Guy. People say shitty things you all the time. So why should we all be shitty? I well I I feel shitty complimenting her. That was something how much of this is virtue. How much of this is signaling? Hey everyone wants to fuck me. How much of it is that like? I'm going to ride in an OP. Ed on people coming onto me. 'cause there's a. Lotta that and get this dude. Cancelled look good. I'm glad he's gone because he was there to talk about trump. Pelosi thing right. Yeah he's he's talking about trump's indiscretions now he's fucked to everyone's getting fired all right. This is awesome. Well I suppose the other older side of that Coin Timothy. Hutton accused of raping a fourteen year old in Nineteen ninety-three Timothy C on that him. Sarah Johnston tells a buzzfeed news. The Oscar winning actor assaulted her in Vancouver when he was shooting. The movie iceman. She's fifty now. She claims she and two friends were invited. So tell room. She was raped and assaulted by Hutton. Who I think would have been twenty three at the time with one of his friends. Was it she and wait a minute. She and two friends she and two friends went to the hotel room and at least she was raped and assaulted by Hutton. And one of his friends this is by the way when you if anyone knows allege Hutton like you as an actor as a performer. Just male first things first. If this is in this then it could be anyone any at any given time. You know. It's so funny because the pattern that emerges when you start thinking about all these guys you go man they're gonNA get Joey BUTTAFUOCO head nugent. Those guys are gone and it turns out all the way feet super down with the cost. Guys are the guys that are in. Yeah which makes me suspicious of the guys down with the car. That's right like the guys that are marching with the women's March. I can't my eyes on those guys. Right guys were at home watching Talladega five hundred and making fun of those. Don't worry about fine. Yeah that's right. She filed a criminal complaint against Hutton with the Vancouver Police Department last year. Johnson said she didn't come forward until the METOO movement because she didn't think anyone would believe her Hutton. Stars in a Fox drama called almost family He denied the allegations that he never met her stories. All fabric anyone would. I would believe her just for this specific name of Tim. Hutton yeah I mean I have the time they go. Oh No one's GonNa believe I met Adam Karol at the mall and I go. Yeah they'll believe it for sure now. George Clooney Clint Eastwood. That's a different kettle of fish. Adam Corolla why would you fabricate that one? Yeah John he was working there. That's right the DJ. Yeah So Tim is so incredibly specific for the actor that radio and the more specific thing is. Johnston says she agreed to a one hundred thirty five thousand dollars settlement after entering arbitration with Hutton's legal team but later changed her mind when she learned he'd be able to deny any wrongdoing. That's the you know that's the tit-for-tat so a few hours after the story broke Fox cancelled almost family In the show. Hutton played a fertility. Doctor who used his own sperm to conceive more than one hundred children. If I know anything about show business and how horrible they are. That show could not have been pulling any good numbers. Because when something's on the bobble looking daily this Paul Our. We're we're doing the right day. When sums gangbusters in the ratings. It's like we gotta find someone to replace hunting or time out. Yeah when when you're crushing it and the ratings department they find a way. Yeah Yeah Rosie O'Donnell has teamed up with Donald. Trump's war was his big Hispanic fire snowman but he was ordinary people ordinary people about Mary. Tyler Moore and I forgot about the movie. Rosie O'Donnell has teamed up with Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen to write a tell all book about the President Page six as rosy contacted Cohen in writing after he was sent to a medium security federal prison last year a source the comedian and trump's arch enemy even visited a doctor for someone who did stand up. I would go look stamps. They're all nuts are wounded. They're all fucked up. You cannot stop doing this. Activity called stand up. Because if you stop then you're just going to be taken over by your super angry screwed up side of your brain that people keep doing stand up to kind of keep doing the ones that stopped. Go Way off way hard and then never happy way. It's always been a crazy angry way and I don't know maybe kind Roseanne Gene Garoppolo. I'd keep pedalling at least once a week. You GotTa Get up and do a ten minute said factory. 'cause I've seen what happens when you take four years office dark going down some weird dark road because mostly female comedians for sure. A lot of what got them. There is some some pain or some victim or something like that so you got to keep its like diet and exercise. You can't take six years off gotta keep going. Let's get him a race car. Everything takes a radio race. Go Dry you do. Your mind is so cleansed when you drive cars. So you don't think about anything. Sparkle sparkle twinkle feel user mode. Can you even think about things that you've thought about when you're driving a car when things are going good in the car and you're upfront leading you're in that zone and things are quiet? You don't even really hear the car running. That's that's when things are good and so yeah send zone. So this insider says that Rosie and Michael of bond over trump and she's helping him with his book about his years working with trump which is now highly critical of the president. And I think it'll be gangbusters half half the country will be very excited about it. La County sheriff. Alex Vienna Waiver. Says he's disgusted and devastated by his deputies who leaked photos taken the side of the helicopter crash that killed. Koby Bryant and his daughter and seven others Vienna wave eight of his deputies. Were involved in taking graphic photos and sharing them with friends. He explained that while the department has a policy against taking and sharing photos of crime scenes. It doesn't have one that applies to accident scenes but he intends to change. That insists that all the photos of a deleted. The deputies may still be disciplined and last week Vanessa. Bryant's attorney demanded the deputies be punished. Y first off. We're now enacting a policy where it's like if someone's decapitated and a motorcycle accident you you can take pictures of it as someone who arrives on the scene and then share it with your buddies. Well that's what they're saying there. There was never a need to put it on the books. Because I guess it was a gentlemen's agreement and now you have to do. Is You get older. You realize that a lot of cops just kind of Duffus dudes from the football team from Your High School. That are now twenty six and completed the training. They're not moral pillars. And I I got. I got one guy in my family. My family's kind of scattered and everyone's Kinda Kinda step this step that. But he became a sheriff. And this guy was the media's head of the group this aren't intellectual you can't expect twenty six year old dudes to have this in their phone guy went to a bar. You know the have a few drinks and check this out. This is how I know. Oj Killed Nicole. Because there's no way that guy was just some drifter or some low level drug cartel if you were the one who killed her you get some girlfriend you'd be with some hooker and you'd say something. It'd be something right exactly what happened. That's right yeah. Sorry about that curt. I'm just enjoying it from right here at the day. So just because you brought it up earlier and why not During the LA stop on her. Twenty Twenty Vision Too. Her Oprah tripped and fell on stage while talking about balance and how her life is balanced Fans caught the moment video shared it on twitter. Here's the clip. She she recovers a little joke. So here's definition of what wellness being suite. Visit my definition not yours. Just an idea. 'cause YOU'RE GONNA be defining it for yourself. Well listening to all things in balance and balance doesn't mean all things are equal or a piece at all time our great. It's like the crowd. It's like somebody shot her with a ray that actor down like she says visible lightning bolt talents twice fucking thirty seconds. I'M GONNA hate this balanced Reagan knocker down and they work crazy shoes. They're kind of a wedge heel but she said wrong shoes she exited did the rest of the. Today's wonder just saying the word balance to times like candy can't even yeah look does it kind of is that it's not like Oprah's known for pratfalls album doesn't take a lot of spills twelfth tour stop. She'd fall every time I don't know I should put that in part of the skit. Now take a spill during balanced. I got it. Must be great to be Oprah. Because she doesn't have if you listened to her. I listened to some of our podcast and stuff. She's not funny. Although people laugh hysterically she makes if she gets to half a joke. Kate Hudson will go nuts. That's enough she'll go nuts and laugh and laugh and the audience is just laugh and laugh and she not really that interesting like the stuff she's talking about isn't really like there's not a party that goes wow of never really pondered that before a lot of repack out of beer bestself. You've got to take some time to breathe. You can't breathe without inhaling. There's a lot of you kate Hudson. You're such a strong mother. What gives you the strength to be strong. You know and it's like you kind of listen to it. If you read the transcript. You wouldn't think it was that interesting that provocative that smart or that anything well you know what she's genius at and she's been doing this since the days and she definitely does on Super Bowl Sunday. Not that I know what she does is. She'll listen to whoever Eckhart tole Or whoever and then pause and slowly repeat what they said with punctuation and that's her contribution to the conversation right people love that yeah She needs a race car to everyone needs a race car on a side note. My mom went to that then they went to the night before because over to the special at the forum. Is it literally like fifteen thousand to form? Yeah I mean I mean you know what it's like it's true. I went out with Joe Coy but I mean do you much bank. She's making on this. I mean when you noted low overhead to a band or anything. Oh Yeah I mean. I mean you know ban semi trucks pyrotechnics hold and everything. But just showing up and grab that MIC. Everyone is excited. Who wants to come out and sit with you and then you just sit there in. That crowd is captivated. And you really don't have to say that much. It's I don't know how much is a ticket if you find that. She she did this invited. Vip thing the night before but the tickets are very expensive Expensive enough that. She didn't invite me she went off. Yeah I WANNA know. By the way speaking of tickets you can go to vet tix with that hurt to get over. Probably different chrome right plug you. Think the veterans that are going to the NASCAR events or different than though procrastinating. So yeah slightly. Different could be a little cross station. There always something to learn. Kurtz got a a hard out so I'm GonNa let him escape If you want to look at all the race cars at the other shops someone will someone could swing by loan it to but thank you a bunch of having a a nascar guy on a show on the talk of cars with Kurt. Busch everybody thanks man. Thank you all right couple. More right you've got a tyler. Perry the second autopsy that Tyler Perry Commission for his nephew seems to confirm that the twenty six year old committed suicide was not the victim foul play. I don't know if you know anything about the story so I'm going to back it up. I WANNA know. The filmmaker hired the sky. Dr Michael Bayden last week to perform the examination after Gavin Porter. That's his nephew was found. Dead in a Louisiana prison cell. Michael Baden. That guy is that same guy. Who's Michael Baden autopsy? Yes I said Bayden so look Kinky says Baden wow. I don't know it's got to be weird being a celebrity corner calls. Wow great nephew committed suicide. There's only one man for this job. Yeah Gimme Bayden. Yeah on Baden. You might be right. I that's that's a good call Officials said he hanged himself was telling you that If I were Baden I'd tell my wife like every single week like really you don't think I can make it look like an accident. Ultimate fucking wealth of knowledge. I think to do. I know poisoning strangling. Oh my God. What do you think it's ever going to ever mess with the yard so getting their kitchen around was pots and pans is a doozy to Lonzo Bayden. So really. That's funny. So officials say hanged himself with bedsheets in solitary confinement. His family had doubts about this now. Perry says the answers. Don't take away. The grief surely gives room for grieving to take. Its course porter the kid. The the nephew was sentenced to twenty years for killing his father. According to an excerpt from Tyler Perry on the live DOT COM. He shot his biological father and killed him just feet away from my sister. That's what Tyler Perry said over a senseless argument. The murder shook our entire family to its core. Jesus God yeah I'm trying to So couple of things first off I get the you suspect foul play but if you're prison guard and you're making sixty one thousand dollars a year and you're like let's just go hang that guy make it look like an accident. I'd be the guy going for and how he and a in there on the sheets and there's cameras around and all we have to do is sit here and play candy. Crush doesn't leave. Someone will hear us. He'll be screaming entire time. Yeah I'm not sure what the motivation would be. I think Full same cook type situation. Right wasn't same co Marvin Marvin Gaye. Sam Cook got shot by a clerk behind the counter at a hotel and Marvin Gate shot his dad. Chen boy shot his dad over a quote unquote senseless argument. He got twenty years and Hanged himself swing. I could see how this would be the time how bliss huck and rules. Yeah any song with a guy that can reflect with chicken. Slacks chick can slap right put and trail along the run. All right so did I didn't know you know what's weird you know what's crazy about a lot of families. Even one person becomes super successful like the other doesn't raise all boats. It does more damage. Yeah I mean shooters. Dad goes to prison. Hangs of Baden. Does that thing where they did the same thing with Epstein? I think Baden did EPSTEINS The Baden Max. Pat Do Epstein as well they look for this break in the small bone like in your neck and if someone strangles you bone breaks if you hang yourself at dozen. That's what they're this is what he's GonNa say to wife. I know how to hang somebody to think jokes. I WanNa make it look like. They Hung Back. They wanted it. Yeah that that autopsy show back on. Hbo Or Showtime. Now he just he would just sit around and talk about all these crazy macab stories. I miss this all my guy. I missed this completely. Oh man it was the best. The best he would talk about The professor that married the young student and then she died then exhumed her body and put in silk vaginal tube and stuff like that. It was some of the best in show. You should ask her about my. My weekend is set. Oh Yeah Yeah it was great when you hear about that like Tammy Homolka and all those Canadian couple God there was a guy. Look up Tammy HOMOLKA. I think it was a Canadian so there was this guy. This young couple is a Canadian couple and the guy looked like he was in Durant durant or something and he had like his young wife. And there's a young good looking couple you know and they were like living in Canada and like he would say like okay go out. Let's bring a girl home you know. And they bring 'em home the girl home and then they do that. Horrible horrible thing like the hillside string of the night stalker. Kim Remember those guys Kenneth Bianco. Whatever his name is they kill them eventually. They'd keep them animated you know. For long periods of time you know in and out of drugs drug him up have sex with them then bring them back again then kind of smother them but let them come back again so not only with young people abducted in raped and killed it over over the course of days. You know what I mean with all the drugs and everything and and You'll love this. Gene is kill. I mean we're looking at this young blonde attractive. He's young and this is kind of eighties high. You know a lot of feather. They look nothing like sheriff pillars then. She would go home and in in he would film them and everything right and and then they dismember them and put them in like concrete molds and throw them in the lake or whatever and and they did this to maybe. Oh by the way it started with. Tammy's younger sister fourteen year. Old Carla is the murderer. Tammy is the younger sister. Tammy sister her older sister. Carlisle we did this to her. No he he was like staying with them like when they're like newlyweds or or getting getting started and wanted to have sex with their attractive. Fourteen year old sister drugged her up had sex with her killed her and then made it look like an accident from the beginning. That was the beginning of the fourteen or fifteen or something less than two weeks. Before sixteenth birthday hand but they. They didn't think it was him. Nobody stops him then. They went out then. They went on this spree of like all this and they're filming it the whole time. Eventually they busted him but she turned state's evidence and ratted him out and said he was abusing me the whole time. I had to go along with it. I was scared for my own life. Right why had a bunch of videotapes and she had to hide? Videotapes like in the floorboards of the House. And couldn't the police couldn't find. They searched a house but couldn't find anything. Then she cops a deal and she gets a very light sentence because she was claiming that it was abusing the whole time. Then they find the tapes and see that she was like directing. Oh already cut the deal with her. My old figures like okay. Now so you'll have to deal and now we found. Yeah that nullifies the deal. Yes no no no no notorious Max better find that Goddamn story. I'm reading it. It's long trying to do you know how many true crime podcast I listen to and I don't know the name Hamaoka. Well I gotta go searching. You haven't heard that you're not dead. I mean living. I mean you're not been born or something. Oh Yeah Oh yeah it's crazy. 'cause they're like good look first off their Canadian. Yeah what do they drink? Miranda's is Canadian and they're good looking young. They both won best hair. And what are they doing? This guy become a serial killer. He get her in on it. Yeah she was in honor system. I was GONNA say that's how you start rebel girl fulfill that's right. She's definitely out of jail. He's definitely still in jail and they honored her plea agreement. I do believe they wanted to go back and readjust with any deal. Any business deal of any kind it's if ABMC happen then you will get D- You don't fucking polite. They couldn't go back on their deal there. Sisley. There's there's this thing like if they I've talked to people who know about a lawyer and the concept is like if they go back and renege on those deals than other people won't cut deals and I'm like well only other people who don't have compassion of tapes. Vhs tapes the floorboards. Yeah Paul Bernardo. Yeah Oh father was a child molester. Okay well there you go. Thanks child molesters. You're the gift that keeps giving. Yeah Bernardo. Now he's still in life. He's never getting out but she didn't. She's been out for a while. She was sent from ninety five. Oh she spent a little time in there but she's still cut a deal for the person that was out rounding up the the GALS and work in the video camera. She's out in no five house. This nobody movie. I don't know east movie of the week. Yeah every Monday night house. Margot Robbie starring in this. Oh God she looked she could be here Markley. Yeah all right. We'll give you a little more in a second Gina. You GotTa go find these done and done Dr Bond Autopsy Things Probably. Hbo Early Two thousands or something on it. All right let me hit Butcher box One hundred percent grass-fed and finish beef heritage breed pork free range organic chicken wild sockeye salmon from Bristol. Bay Alaska sent right to your home all work coming baby free shipping anywhere in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii. Each box has between nine and eleven pounds of meat enough for twenty four individual meals new subscribers. Get free ground beef for life. This stuff is all top shelf top quality. That's two pounds of one hundred percent grass-fed finish beef free in every box. Plus you get twenty bucks off your first box and you get the free you get free beef as long as you keep the subscription up. I have it. It's the best. You'll never be out of protein. It's way better than it needs to be. What's your box dot com slash Adam or enter the Promo Code Adam at checkout and get all at the twenty bucks off and get the two pounds free beef as well. Put your box dot com slash anamour. Enter the Promo Code. Amateur Karla. Homolka fled Guadalupe after release fled to Guadeloupe To Quebec When she's she's living with her kids in Quebec Yeah and she's just completely low profile. I heard they said that you tried to change her name but they wouldn't let her good and and but she says that she gets reportedly angered reporters attempts to speak with her. All the time. Chris those stupid reporters Booker Ya. I don't WanNa be follow us on twitter man and this year here. Younger sister was started off. The relationship with their younger sister raping being raped and killed by her fiance and that kicked off the festivities kick off eight as of this year. Twenty Twenty. She lives with her husband and her children. But it's still in Quebec charcoal. Okay wow well. Here's a very interesting detail. About the whole Corona Virus Michigan Satellite Images released by NASA and the European Space Agency revealed that air pollution over China has gone down considerably since the virus outbreak. According to CNN. And we're looking at a picture right now. Production in many of the factories have been halted. Transportation's been restricted to prevent spreading the virus so from January first January Twentieth. The images show higher levels of nitrogen dioxide over China but from February tenth to February twenty fifth traces. The gas are hardly visible at all. Nitrogen Dioxide is that yellow brown gas emitted by motor vehicles power plans industrial facilities can cause respiratory problems coughing asthma difficulty breathing so silver over once and for all the you know folks that want to say the environment Unfortunately we got to contend with China and India and many other in many other nations other than us. It's such a weird. It's a great American thing. We just think it's us. It's us in a bad way. S In a good way. We think we're the only you know if you're a celebrity if you're not a celebrity in the United States and you're not official celebrity. You know our sports teams or something like that. I think we've kind of feel that way about pollution. We got a recycle our own shit so we can clean the world up. We gotta get China and Indian some of these other nations on board as well all right. Let's do one more all right. Well I think we have to give. Aj Bends a little credit for this because he had some thoughts about The megs it the Meghan markle and Prince Harry exit from Britain. Meghan markle has broken free from the British well family and now looking to land a superhero movie. The Daily Mail says her agent. Nick Collins is searching for superhero roles for her and she recently did sign to do voiceover work for Disney project. Remember when When Harry went up to I think it was was it either on the carpet. And you know what my wife does. Voiceover work So they got that going a source says she knows. She can't carry a film but people people won't be able to get past the fact that she's Meghan but she's determined to act again and she thinks a big ensemble film as a way to go. She's also looking for something that pays big. You know it's weird I did. Nobody escapes this sort of tractor. Beam of Hollywood right like no matter who you are. You could be a princess a real princess actor and no matter what you say you're into or I'm a regular guy who loves getting rolling. Up My Slavic wear column roll-up-the-sleeves. What's the woman? What's a perfect day of perfect days? Just me and nature just alone in a cabin soon. Is that red carpet rolls out POW? Who you wearing. Who's giving you the diamonds you know like everybody turns everyone do a crazy hypocrite right? Because they talk about their into this into that and then everyone is just showing up. I mean I know look I've been to the Oscars two times. I know that feeling where it's like Matt Damon walking down the hall and say something. I it's it's it's very visceral and it's attractive actions in when somebody invites you to the whatever you go into. Jimmy's parties Howard Stern's GonNa be there so's George Clooney. He get a little feeling and I don't think anyone. I don't think anyone can deny that feeling. But the point is safest arap about you being a tomboy and you want to just roll up your sleeves and work on your debt. Papas old pickup truck. Because you're walking that red carpet and give it own it. Aj Techs do another four from his nephew L. Since his last appearance we play the. Now he just texting me farts from his nephew. Nitty one dedicated dedicated if you listen closely America wow. You're welcome world to me at the beginning. Oh Wow tiered again now. How all this is just. This is from a nephew. Joey for atom. Text it to me the new the new pen pal fifty one is he look. There's a technique where you can draw air in and then expel it right like all right some guys can drink beer fast they can chug a beer and then there's guys like the Fox who could chug a beer by just opening throat and just dumping it down right so one is sort of drinking. It's kind of I don't know like a guy could eat a bunch of hot dogs or someone WHO's dunking it in water and shoving it into their mouth different technique. One guy's a big guy the big appetite and so like there guys you can chug a beer pretty good but it's GonNa go home and the other guys you just throw open the throat and throw it back. I've never understood that like doing a shot like that. I can't do it. I can't either but I can't suck air in my asshole. That's where we part ways. What some guys camper. I think when you fart like that. That's not just something that came from within that. Is You drawing it up and then pressing it out Koi? I guess a lot of stamina. Well there's a couple of guys like this guys you hear on Howard Stern and stuff like that that are like professional fart. Guys they're not real circuit. Yeah but but it's not like those guys pinto beans. I'm GONNA know they. They got tricks up to the draw. They draw it in and then push it. How do you draw it in? Well I mean I don't know how to open your throat and dump a Heineken Down. It you know what? I mean but I mean like you if you think about like you could like belch or you could go suck it in and then push it out right does I can't be out the other end can't for for US mortals but for the truly gifted muggles touch my God yet so he must. I don't know if you can. You can't look it up for him but I just mean. There must be a technique where you brought in and let's hear what former times here woman it'll never get old data at this point. It's manufacture America to here at the end. He does a little and I think he'd knocked a glass over on the counter as he was moving. Scoot that last little last. Yeah we have our motorcycle what I do tell you to get like a four two zero four hundred two stroke. Let's see if we can I wish Kurt Busch. Let's see her. I think her head he'd probably love all right. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm Gina Grad and. That's the news. You listen here you little bitch. That was the news with geographic Last but not least simply safe. No one should feel unsafe at home. That's why they're simply safe. There's two is in their simplisafe dot com slash Adam and let the pros set you up at simply safe Brad Williams coming in here tomorrow. That's good Petersen Automotive Museum coming up March twenty first. We're doing a live car casts air and a car show and just come on out. Bring your car. We're going to show shelby American there and all that good dot com for all the live shows. 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