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Everyone knows how to play poker. Honker burger well get ready to coker strategy with the people who run the games here interviews with the stars did information on wenda play and had to play better poker host. This poker action live a weekly poker. Show with your hosts. Big dave lemon and joe rodriguez. And how's everybody doing. Speak and joe the show a lot of big news today. We are going to discuss. What's happening with the online poker world because basically The doj stood in the way by challenging that wire act ruling years ago and in most recent one team back in january In the new hampshire lottery lawsuit and they Ruled in favor. The judge ruled in favor of the new hampshire lottery and said that the wire act does only applied sports betting so What that will do now is You know it left it open for the doj to make one more appeal and they had one hundred and fifty days to file it well. Today was the one hundred fiftieth day. They let the time run out and they are not going to appeal which means that could open the doors joe for a lot of online poker everywhere. Wow that finally great news. isn't it. tremendous. We just wondered you know if we would ever get past all the legal cases and always seems to kind of drag its way out but There's a limit on everything and it looks like You know this opens the door really For a poke around the country. Of course we just added michigan and now connecticut got their Deal approved by the department of the interior in their deal with the indian tribes up there so they will be going to online poker west. Virginia's also the was the fifth state but they actually have not operated anything because they're they're population of poker players is really too small to really probably make any kind of dent but what this does really joe in this goes back to. The old randy casper terminate brought on the show in the very beginning liquidity Being able to share the pools with other states in this could open the door for that. Well my question here. Dave is okay. I would imagine the doj did not challenge because these other states have opened it up just to their own states. We do know that. Nevada new jersey have Some sort of deal because of the tournament and the w so p that was online and everything but the this open it up for you know Party poker pokerstars You know these companies no longer having to to make deals with the individual states and going back to what we used to have. Well they will have to make a deal with the states but it will be to combine the pools and there's not a lot of stuff blocking at now that's the great thing The they'll be very Happy to discuss it with the other states and make deals and put things together and You know obviously there's some greed factors that good Stand in the way of that but there is now seven states. Playing legalized online poker. And they could all be playing against each other by the end of this year. Well you know. But i i would imagine. That sat was a possibility if they had decided to do that amongst themselves. No yeah i guess they could. They could do it that way. I would think they tried to get everybody in the same room and have meetings and come up with a you know Mutually beneficial plan to move forward with that That's really the only way it will really take off. You know my experience dave. Unfortunately if that's the way it's got to work out You know look what's happening in the state of california in right. They can't seem to get anything together. I would imagine the seminoles would have a lot to say about that here. In the state of florida right you know. Give up a little bit to make things for everyone. California's been trying to do this. You know for you know how many years now you know and and they just can't seem to get together between the You know the tribal nations and and the local whatever you wanna call them para mutuals go. You know the the other places that have casino. They just can't seem to come up with an agreement with this To me this is great news because obviously that's one less hurdle that people have to go through but unless we have something similar to what we had. You know prior to the shutdown. You know. it's great. But i just see this being mucked up Within the states themselves holidays going to divide this pot out. How are they going to handle each other's You know players from from different from different states The different casinos that have different agreements with the different things. I i. I don't see it's great like i said it's great news for online poker but so much more has to be worked out and and whether the states tried to sue or these like party poker and some of the other online big sites try to come back into the country without being persecuted and allowing players to deposit legally We do know that. Prior to all of this remember i think it was the state of washington that made it illegal for their citizens to play online poker My guess is these other soka site. They're going to try to do that without having to make a compact and pay all these taxes and And the states will probably come up with laws to prevent their citizens from playing this so again to me a double edged sword. It's great that they're not challenging this. But but i don't see how you're going to get all these states or large majority of them to agree to anything they just haven't been able to do it now. Let's bring back the poker players alliance great grassroots organization that is their total goal was to try to bring back online poker and after years and years banging their head against the wall. A lot of the people dropped out and eventually the i guess they sold it to somebody I don't know exactly who owns that name right now. But you need a good group of people that involved on their board of directors players and officials and legislators and let them try to bring everybody together. Have a open door meetings of for these different states to send representatives to the first thing that's going to happen. I think from what. I've been reading that michigan which just came online just starting to get their places openness already talking with pennsylvania about pursuing an opportunity to commingle their pools. You know a small state like a west virginia which couldn't do anything on their own. We'll all of a sudden that makes it more feasible for them to operate. You got connecticut. That just happened. I don't know what's going to happen there. But of course the big money pockets in the mohegan sun in the foxwoods tribes. So you know it's very interesting to see what might happen if there's some sort of organizing body and When we were unable to get traction out of that group at one time now might be the opportunity for them to return whoever Owns that name. If that's the direction they want to go. I think we could really start to unite You always will have the problem with people being greedy about Their cut of the pie but You know this is the only way to get things going and get things can happen. Well you know. I love the fact that you're positive person. Uh concern You know because the poco alliance their big thing was tackling. You know The federal laws against this and trying to get that. That doesn't seem to be the issue anymore. You know but now you know it's individual states and again knowing how to work here in the state of florida knowing that you know the state of california that had could have had a gold mine you know the amount of citizens they have their you know can't figure out a way between all those parties to get together to allow this to happen You know i. I'll give you an idea dave. I don't know this is allowed. Under the way they're the the laws are written in different states but this allows people in any state to sign up. Let's say like you just mentioned michigan. We know the new jersey pennsylvania. I think just came on you mention a few weeks ago right with the poker's headed for a little while. Now you know nevada allows us to someone like like we did with party poker that whatever globally while now you know nationally hook up with. Hey al i wanna play the wwlp online circuits. Can i play from the state of florida. And now that the doj will they have those restrictions of you have to be within. The state borders to be able to play now. That would be a game changer. Right there no question no question but you know if you have say save at four states You know you obviously have the one that you mentioned with nevada and in new jersey but the other states got their own and you know provided some good competition to the The pools in nevada and new jersey and all of a sudden you know that opens the door. Well you know. you can't beat them. Join them so everyone get together. Maybe and put together some kind of interstate online poker network and move forward with really. You know getting the excitement going. I think it's i think there's good possibilities here. You know i want. I don't want to say that there's no chance because of People just want to keep the huge slices of pie. So let's see what happens. You know this is a huge thing. Though a lot of people were just waiting to see what was going to happen here if the us government was going to further appeal in this is really a big case. Now that this is a ended in they have announced that they are not going to to fight this case. Well and again. i don't see them fighting it. Due to the fact that they know that states have already approved. And that it's been going on and and you know like you mentioned four or five six states now and probably in the very near future you know however many. Have it up you know before the legislators to to try to approve this with With sports gambling but again dave. I hate to be the pessimist here. But i don't know you know the the two big questions will be one. How do they share the revenue It's gonna be based on you know. a percentage of how many people come from your state and all of this and the fact that different poker sites run different casinos. If i'm not mistaken right you know You know so so. It's not one company. That's doing this. Which would make it that much easier. So i'm not exactly sure. The ins and outs of how you know. They would even try to claim a certain part of revenue but You know if if if you have your site In a couple of different states. And you're working together with some of the other companies. I think whoever plays in your site. That's the money that you take in in the problem. Was you know it just wasn't legal to To combine pools in and let players playing the same tournaments from different states. Now it will be now now. It's not a huge problem. Exactly it's not going to be a huge problem. That's kind of like what. I was mentioning a little while ago. Will it be legal for. Let's say you and i to be able to play you know because if if we live in nevada new jersey. Yeah it's fine now. What you're talking about is people in new jersey say michigan as you just mentioned you know. Wanna play in tournament. well you know. that's fine they. I'm an tournament wise. I'm sure they could come up with some sort of you. Know percentage based on how many people from from your state or plane in in that tournament come up with a revenues Solution there but you know the long haul you need the cash games to be able to play this and based on that alone again with so many different You know poker sites that have been you know proven and are paying you know large money to get licensed in different states and each state having their own laws as to you know who can play and you know the the nuances of how they want this to be run. Is that something that you think could be overcome with this. You know they do. I do and You know. I'm not smart enough to know all the ins and outs right now. I'm definitely going to want to read some analysis of this. But it really this landmark decision just comes down today because of the end of the one hundred and fifty day period For the us government file another appeal For those who. Who really don't know what's going on with this. The big case was the new hampshire lottery versus william bar and trump's doj Basically what they did was they were trying to get the wire. The decision of the wire act to apply to online poker in addition to online gambling and online sports betting The the obama doj under eric holder came out with a ruling that really opened the way for the first states to open their online poker by saying that the wire act only applied online sports betting so even now that's been kind of overturned as people as more and more states are move to operate online sports betting but they actually in two thousand nineteen Try to appeal. The first circuit court of appeals decided against the trump doj and When this ruling came out back in january you know they. They ran this case back in the summer last summer but a twentieth this case was finally decided and that gave them the one hundred fifty days from january twentieth to go ahead and in make one more appeal to the supreme court so It could have actually gone but of course now we have a new administration. The biden doj Is not as against it. As the trump doj was so That opens the way if you if you haven't been following this whole story and wondering why new hampshire lottery was involved in this. They just simply filed this lawsuit to to keep the government from Preventing them from running their lottery games online so That's the story and Subsistence breaking today. We're going to see some articles written by people are doing all the research and interviews and that sort of thing and i think we'll have a better idea and another week or two you know where this will take us but the early indication from people who know a lot about this stuff says this can happen very quickly that pennsylvania in michigan could be right together to open up a commingled pools You know since the biden. The oj did not appeal and You know the the shared the quantity that they have will lead to further expansion for other states wall. Yeah like you mentioned here. The states that are already running within their states I would imagine they're the ones that are going to be able to hopefully come to some sort of agreement that will you know set the groundwork for the rest of the states that you know that want to eventually have their you know their state government approve it however this is going to work out whether it's gonna come back like it was before where it's a national thing and you know individual states have to make any legal like washington did like i mentioned earlier. it is definitely positive news dave but as we both know when when it involves different governments different bodies that have different interests This'll probably take a little bit longer for the collective group states to you know to get this to the point where we used to have this before The it may never be that day or whatever. It was that april keep accent now. It may never be that good as things were back then. I think we took it for granted at that time but I understand your skepticism. The certainly um you know it's not going to happen overnight but You make these little steps along the way and things move forward. And i think something good could happen again I hope to god. I am very wrong on this and that you are hundred percent correct. Sounds if it's just you know. My my experience of dealing with the state of florida You know you know as you know what we're going through here now especially since it's controlled so much with the seminal Indians and and the compact and everything else I can only imagine how other states are going to be with this but again Even though i'm a little pessimistic on how quickly this happen. I really hope. Because i used to enjoy playing so much and i don't know how much you play back. Then dave talked about that. You didn't have very much money online. Whatever be closed down. And i believe i had just about one hundred dollars. I think i'd one hundred dollars in a few pennies in there and You know never filed for it but it was just so much fun playing online like that and and as you said our old friend randy catholic used to use that word liquidity We got a quick education as to what that meant and Obviously you know for poker players all over the country and the world. It'd be wonderful of the. Us got back into that market. Yeah well we'll see what happens You know i. I don't know what's going to happen. And all i know is there's a bunch of stories on poker fuse that i've been following It said three weeks ago. They came out with a story There's a really interesting article on there. That says twenty. Twenty one is already the most significant year in the history of regulated. Us online poker. Even though we're only halfway through the year seismic changes in the industry. They talk about so Michigan going live bed. Mgm getting into the game The launch of Borgata poker and that mgm poker and pennsylvania These are all the things that happened in the first part of the year party poker's licenses been extended out in nevada The connecticut online gambling. Bill is now signed into law and now the first thing that they talked about lining up for the second half of twenty twenty one was the end of the wire case. And they said that's gonna lead to share to quit liquidity. So they've been talking about this online there for about three weeks and You know this stuff is already in the works. There's already been discussion There's an online poker room slated to go online in west virginia after this news today You know there's bret really big companies that that are really already trying to work out the kinks in this all set up that. That leads us to a lot of excitement. Dave and then like i said i. This is one of those times when you say. I really hope. I'm very wrong on your audrey percent correct. 'cause the quicker this gets up you know on a personal basis and selfish basis. I'd love to see that happen and obviously so would so many poker players around this country. I mean you know. It's in way too damn long for us to get to that point so This is great. it is great news for sure. Let's look at our current situation. Here in florida obviously agreed between the governor and the seminole tribe They are moving forward waiting for. You mentioned that you had heard that the department of the interior in as not even received the request to approve of the compact here in florida right as of last monday. I don't know if it's changed in the last eight days. But i was told by very reliable sources that they had not received and had not reached. Who's ever desk got to reach the For the compact here and once they do have it they have forty five days to act on it I believe we spoke welfare. You said that connecticut had something similar and they approved it immediately yesterday. That came out right. And i'm not expecting any delays. You know as far as that's concerned but until it is approved by them nothing can go forward here in the state of florida as far as our compactors concerned right I was just looking at some of the reaction. And i wanted to talk about some of that one of the big things. That's been out in the news a couple of weeks ago was that the city of wral Started worrying about all this talk. Talk about Bring it to the trump Property inderal Moving one of the casinos. They're having online not online but Brick and mortar casino and poker in the durrell area. And they actually the city of durrell out and filed a bill to ban casinos in durrell. So that's that's the first fight against him right now. They weren't restricted because they're about eighteen miles from hollywood casino and You know so. They'd trying to be proactive and cut us off. The durao city council voted for four two zero to ban gambling in casinos from the city unless improved or excuse me approved by the residents of the city in a referendum so it's not impossible but You know just what's one more legal hurdle in the way while remember you know. The state of florida has a law. That says any expanded gambling has to be approved by statewide vote and it has to be sixty percent now. The the opponents against this compact You know as far as sports betting. I'll get to the sports betting part of that You know are fighting that you know very hard now. They're starting to file lawsuits against that There's even talk that the seminoles Will not have a walk up window. Let's say like in vegas. I haven't been back to jersey. I know i'm sure you can go into any of casinos and place a bet like you could in vegas but that they want you to have You know an online account so you can bet it through your phone or your computer at home and opponents against are saying well no because you know the the i. I don't know if the technical word for for for the this up. But that's you know you have to actually go into the casino and make the bet there right. The seminoles has to be on. Be on technically property. They're saying well as long as the I don't know what it is the receive or whatever it is you give my age here for the listeners but you know and so there's the argument that's going to go on. You know once the compact is signed and then you have lawsuits. Had already been filed by people like dr king's and Fan duel who. Wanna get a piece of that pie. You know and You know they. They set forth the taxing purposes. And the way that it's supposed to work dave I believe we mentioned this. Maybe on the show a couple of shows ago you know but according to the compact It's supposed to be a twenty percent tax for the state on sports gambling and the seminoles if it if it is allowed to go to other properties like ours you know casino miami and all over the state of florida They will also charge a twenty percent tax. And from what i understand everybody will just send forty percents to the seminoles and they will forward the state money from there. So you know Gamblers in the state Definitely wanna see this properties. That don't have casinos. Definitely want to see this because it will definitely make a big impact as far as their revenue is concerned but You know. I don't know if you know how much this usually works out to dave. You know in the big casinos. When it comes to sports betting the the average hold is somewhere between five and six and a half to seven percent of your handle. You know so if if you handle you know argument's sake one hundred million dollars of of action over the course of the year you know. You're expected to show prophet somewhere between five and seven million dollars. And then you're talking forty percent of that between the state twenty to the state and twenty two the seminoles Goes out and the rest is yours. Which is significant. A lot of income for a lot of properties outside of the outside of the counties of miami dade and broward So you know. And and then again how they going to handle the people like fan duel and dr king's and anybody else wants to get into the game Because uh of right now. I believe it's supposed to be just for the para mutuals in the state of florida outside seminals as far as i understand it in the compact. You've heard anything different. I haven't but Just to clarify something we were discussing earlier about whether the department of interior has even received a request. I'm reading an article. That says That brian neulander pity assistant secretary of the department of interior Received a letter from From whoever is the state of florida sent. The letter was dated june ninth. It just came out yesterday People weren't aware of it for a few weeks but they have forty five days. I guess from that. June ninth date to make a decision but most of the people expect a that department to hand down a decision before the end of june. So we're definitely in the works here The next nine interior. No while it's supposed to be forty five days from the time that they receive it shut. Why was seen jeff ninth. That just came out that You know there. There wasn't a lot of public knowledge of that but it did came. Come out yesterday that that letter was sent. So that's the date for them to to mark forty five days from. Oh okay well. Monica chan formation. That i got earlier. Like i said nearly knew about it and you said last week so you know nobody really heard anything about it but You know the governor. The excuse me the mayor of miami beach as already You know Dan gelber he has already said that. you know. He wants the department to reject the compact the department If they were to say no Than florida would have a chance to renegotiate the deal. So you know they're basically starting from scratch again but the nokia casinos dot org is standing on goal waiting to file their lawsuits after this This decision by the interior department and You know besides the miami beach mayor the dowell people up in arms you got the people coming out of orlando big editor oriel in the orlando sentinel just came out urging the rejection of this whole compact so A lot of fights are on the hands as you said. I think you know the interior is not a rubber stamp. But i think there's a good chance they will approve it and then things will be moving forward and then we then we're back into the legal jeopardy once again. I'll be honest with you dave. I don't believe they've ever need Knocked down any expansion of Of you know indian gaming in any in any State that i know of you know so. I don't expect them to have any issues with this. I think the The people that are against the expanded gambling in the in the state of florida. Are you know not and they. They know they really can't do a whole lot. As far as that's concerned with the with the seminal tribe once that gets approved they just don't want the expansion for places like you know casino. Miami dana where you're working at and and the other racine os in the state of the state of florida in that article from the orlando sentinel it. They're zeroing in on the fact that The deal with the seminoles would allow sports betting to take place anywhere in the state which is in direct violation of the indian gaming regulatory act which says they are set to regulate on indian land. Only so well. Yeah and that's the That's probably the biggest part of it. As far as that's concerned with the pact is that they're trying to say if i mentioned earlier that you've got a gamble on indian property you actually have to set foot on you know and that if you gamble if you set up an account Which i'll be honest with you. I don't believe the seminoles would have an issue with it Dave you know. The governor said it up i believe so that places like seeing them my an eat called or magic city. You know the the other all the other para mutuals Have a chance to profit from this. But the seminoles wouldn't have a problem but there are already starting to state the fact that you know the servers. What whatever the technical word is Services on on indian property. You know on on on on the indian land and that's where they're going you know that's where they're they're a drawing the line in the sand and obviously the opponents are going to say now and you know obviously this is going to be decided by the court down the road. Yeah well that's that's been debated since the early two thousands You know that When there is online casinos trying to open. That's why they all move to costa rica and other Central american companies for their computers to have the servers there and that's how they got away with it for a while. You know common sense would make you believe that you know if a guy makes a bet from his living room on his telephone that he's making the bet they're not at some server on indian land but right but i think what the president is going to be set is You know new jersey nevada now ever since the that law came into effect that they can do that. Online is the fact that the servers are on legal property in his longest. The person sets up and account. You know even if it has to be in person you know and then the gps Technology as we already know you know for for online poker as we've said we talked about last year how a new yorker had to drive into a walmart or whatever target parking lot to win a poker tournaments as long as they have the technology approved and You know that you are in the state of florida. I honestly don't see how this is going to be challenged on those grounds -pends on how they interpret the law but as far as that's concerned you know therefore they're already doing this and other states and they're trying to protect you know that the integrity by making sure that your gps is in is in the within the state borders. Well bottom line is things are moving forward at least somewhat I think things will be a little bit clearer in july. And we'll see what where we move forward to but You know it's i. I kind of An pining for the good old days when People just made decisions on common sense in your handshake was your bond and i guess that's a little naive to think that Today's world can be anywhere close to that but You know hey we'll see what happens. You know politician sir. I know i know. I don't know if i mentioned this other show before but my father used to tell me. There is a saying in cuba. You don't wanna man stops. Being a man he goes when he becomes a politician. They'll you know there you go. Well i'll tell you what though the target date for people in the state of florida who love to gamble on football and other sporting events If all of this goes through one way or the other is going to be october fifteenth. So that's gonna be an interesting day one way or the other. So we'll see what happens for sure Let's take a break here on the program too big tournament's going on they wanna talk about one is the w. p. heads up championship which is taking place online. They are playing the final there. patrik antonius against phil ivey. What an interesting matchup of two guys. That were so huge. Twenty years ago in the in the online poker industry They are playing in the final. It's best three out of five match. I know that ivy one the first of the matches and they're playing right now it's being Streamed on twitch and you could go check that out if you want to Actually by the time you listen to the show of probably be over but If you pick it up right away Maybe it'll catch the end of that match. Also w. p. t. is playing their season opener for season nineteen And that is being played in tampa the seminole hard rock in tampa and they are at the final table there. They kicked off today at about noon. Here on tuesday and From what i hear. They're down to two players so we'll update you on the tournaments and we'll talk about a couple of other things here in the match. Also have a very interesting article that i pulled up from the past having to do with ways to speed up a poker room in the dealers to be a little more efficient so we'll get to that devours absolutely. We'll check that out when we come back. You're listening to poker action line. Dave and joe you know. Pick us up on the poco refused. Podcast page great site poker fuse. Also the holden radio network cares our show on a regular basis. And of course. The standbys for any podcast. Soundcloud spotify apple podcasts. I tunes all different places where you can pick up the show on a regular basis and we hope you do rate this show You know give us Give a five star rating Hopefully or you can You know follow us there and get Absolutely a free subscription to get notified when each new show is up so We hope you'll do that. Bill right bec- days. Always email me at Lemon david yahoo dot com I have a couple of people that are sending regular emails in so i'm answering some of their questions Getting a lot of good information from one or two of them as well so You know always drop me a line at lemmon dave at yahoo dot com lemon with two. M's dave at yahoo dot com. So we'll be back with more on the show some month things to move onto When we return here on poker action zoos broker action line. Hi this is big day from poker action line. Radio dot com one. Let all avid poker players know about a great new lottery game that was developed by one of our sponsors atlantic west management group. This game is now available. Worldwide on the internet will be served as player chips caribbean and operated on the internet. As an international lottery by atlantic west the texas holdem poker like game is perfectly legal everywhere presented as lottery game tickets available on the internet. 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Antonius is nearly complete They've only been playing for less than three hours and That one's just about over as they are in the third match ivy the first two against antonius. And how has patrick down to just crumbs in the final game the latest hand You know they were pretty even at one time. And then a very big hand with antonius opening with a six of spades and phil ivey had four three he did call four three off suit and then the tremendous flop six five deuce to hearts left antonius with nothing He made a pretty sizable bet. Iv check raised him and Antonius called and then you know if rub salt the wound. He got He got an ace on the turn. but you know still not good enough. Iv made a big bet in tunis called and then the a- another deuce on the river ended things in that hand As iv now has one hundred ninety one thousand ships to eighty four hundred four antonio just about done here so like the old said the ladies warming up the arena. Exactly if you haven't been found this thing's really interesting matches Not just poker pros. But as i mentioned on the show last week You know you gotta japanese pop singer. That's in the tournament to play poker. you've got General bear balon the former survivor contestant. Well-known pro steve ao. v will noon. Dj played in the event. Then we got Several other players see we got like Know big name pros like darren. Elias lucky we opened in his first round match with stephen chiswick only to lose Anthony zeno was knocked out by phil ivey in the second round and Six schulman the broadcaster who also tremendous book layer was in this thing as well so they played on down in the are now in the final against I wanna say twenty five thousand. But i'm not sure exactly fill these name again. Yeah for sure. Let's see if i can get that By an and it doesn't say right here don't have by its invitational tournaments. I'm not sure if they they actually. I know you mentioned it last week dave. I'm sorry to bring that up. I thought you might have had that right there in front of the tournament. Page up and it doesn't under buying it says invitational the so i don't know if they were required to pay anything who knows seems kinda weird but they wouldn't be but anyway the major finalists Down to the final. Four antonius knocked off dance smith to get into the final and phil ivey defeated Chris crock dance miss that many years ago. The article with jason supporting him was he. The was that the dance miss. I'm trying to remember. Remember there was an article about him. Backing certain players was dan smith. The one that that He was backing and then all of a sudden had a had a great run No i remember. I'm thinking that was Either alan berry or forget the other player but you know that that that said old story that was in Espn the magazine right right. And they were saying all the other as soon as that article came out one of those players that he was backing Had a great run and so spread anyway article by our old friend. Mike smith let me get to that in just a second because i want to update also the tampa tournament which is going on now at the seminole hard rock in tampa. And let's see they're still playing. Brian altman who was the chip leader at the end of day. Three end of day. Four is down with head to head. Play against. Gabriel abu saadeh. Let's see the last ship counts. Have altman about three to one chip lead. Thirty five million to eleven million four. I'll be sada. So that was the way things randera in tampa a very successful tournament. The numbers not what they had hoped there was talk that Since as as opposed to the big tournament here in hollywood where it was just a single re entry this was unlimited re entry so people were wondering actually if they might be able to somehow rival at twenty four hundred and eighty two players that That played there In hollywood earlier this year but the final total was only eleven hundred and sixty five. Which i guess is nothing to sneeze at but They went into today with nine players left in altman had a pretty sizeable chip lead with a bottle. Eleven million ships next closest was jonathan jaffe with just under six million so that was the final and obviously it was right in that same Six million dollar range south brian. The the danger. Dave of running these tournaments a little too close to each other and You know people deciding they're going to plays one instead of the other and you know the the multiple buy ins made scare off as you've said many many times before in the past you know people who only have one bullet to shoot these ornaments of well they did. They did blow by their guarantee which was the two million guarantee. They didn't quite get it on day. One but i think before even the cards are dealt on day two. They had passed the guarantee there was like three two hundred seventy five players at the tables to start day to or actually date won't be it would be but they are the i don't know the price pool is is up there pretty i right now. I mean it's very successful regardless but three three point seven three point. Seven to eight million is the tournament like you said nothing to sneeze at so so they're finishing that up down to head to head play and they should have a champion By the time we finish this show alderman by the way a few years ago. I was right there. When he went to i think it was the rock and roll poker open at seminole hard rock in maybe five or six years ago. That was his first major tournament. He's the guy at above the boston area and He won that tournament there since then put his name on the wbz champions cup again and as probably one of the top players around i would say looks pretty good for him to Put put his name under the third time. That would be very nice. Okay let's get to this other story. I wanted to talk about the original article. I do not have handy But i was looking through the letters to the editor from any magazine from about ten years ago and i see a letter there from mike smith. Our good friend. Who's at the back then. A director poker operations in pompano park in the article apparently was about ways to speed up the game in the the story had talked about dealers needing to be efficient but no shortcuts. It was an article by chaz allen. So mike responded and i want you to get into this a little bit. What what he's talking about here but he said there's a major shortcut that he teaches In that is to leave the bets out in front of the players then burn turn and start the action bringing the bets and take the racal in one smooth. most tells a little bit about that procedure. Well dave you know for someone. And i know that mike smith was the person answering that there and as a poker manager obviously the more hands you get more revenue you generate for the rule but the the other side of that coin is the positive side. It's a too positive on that coin. Is that dealers. Get more hands out. And and what he was answering there is any poker manager and anybody who's been in this business for a while knows okay. Is that really good dealer stave and he was talking about the sense of betters. Bet and if you have your players playing the right way. They're getting beds out there okay. So the vets are out there so if you take the time to drag into bets. You're losing three four seconds each time you know and And then you put up the burn. So i believe what mike was saying there and what i've said countless times to so many students i've trained over four hundred people to be dealers is put the burn. Let's say you've got You know The flop out there. You start the beds people. Bet you got everybody's out there. You banged it. You tap the table. Put the burn card out. Put the turnout there and as it turns out there a good experience dealer will tell the small blind. Let's say they're still in the hand who's ever i act. It's your turn at that same time with both hands. They're dragging in the pots from from whatever players are still left in the hand and at the same time you know. I used to teach them worked math in your head so you don't have to sit there and look at the pot and figure out what you have to rake. You know i. i'm very good with numbers are been blessed with that with that talent. And so are so many other dealers that i've trained in in my lifetime so you already know what you're dragging in there. So as they are now the best for the turn you have brought in the the The flop bet started to rake it. And you haven't slowed the game down one little bit about that would take in those bets prior to putting up the river it could take you one or two three seconds depending on how quick you are depending on where the bets are. Okay and dave. This is one of the big things that i've tried to teach might dealers and i've explained this to them okay and it doesn't seem like a lot of time correcting you know. I'll tell you one second. So let's assume those you know the the the flop the turned the river takes you nine to ten seconds. Okay and you saved that on every single hand some people may take twelve seconds. Okay as you think to yourself. That's not a whole lot of time. Well really good dealers as you get better. You know better at your at your craft. Okay you should be getting out without any major issues in down. You should be getting out fourteen. Sixteen seventeen hands down which is a half hour so now you're talking anywhere from twenty eight to thirty two hands. Thirty four for really fast plate depending on the size of the pot and the hands. So if you're able to save nine to ten seconds twelve seconds hand you're now talking about four four four minutes three minutes. I'm you know whatever it is you know. Because you're talking about three hundred seconds. Okay with when you when you do the multiplication two hundred and something seconds three minutes you might be able to get out an additional two to three hands within an hour okay and that doesn't seem like a lot but when you break that down and the busy rule you're you might be getting tipped on average three dollars. Let's say a hand and you're getting an two three hands and our and on an average down you know in an average shift. You're getting six hours of table time. Dave so you're talking anywhere from thirty six to what fifty four dollars extra a day. Multiply that time five day shift and then multiply that times the time sir whole year. You're looking at anywhere from you. Know making an extra ten thousand dollars six thousand dollars a year. I used to have dealers telling me. I work the exact same tables that these guys are making that much less money and i would explain it to them like this and i said because they're not making mistakes. We're not even talking about other mistakes. Mike smith was just talking about the generic part of saving that. And when i used to tell dealers when people talk to you. I was very good at keeping a conversation going if i had to but i never stopped the action. I never stopped shuffling. Never stopped my hands. You're right it's more tip money for the dealer. It's also more money for the room and you know the players are all happy to have a few more hands on our and think about it. Yes they're more happy to get more hands on our. They're not really thinking about it. In those terms of ten or fifteen seconds to houses but now you want to know where the players are thinking about that when they're paying time in the bigger the bigger state games or when i used to play thirty sixty at the balaj. I'd go to vegas okay. That thirty sixty game was a time. Rake okay so when a new deal would sit down for their half hour push. Everybody had to put up whatever. It was six seven eight dollars whatever. The rate was for that half hour so everybody paid for that okay so now you didn't wanna dealer messing up making a mistake which obviously now kills one or two hands that down for professional poker players. That's that's a cost to their business. You know and and people don't realize that and at that point for the house it's really not a big difference when you're taking time rake but now you're pissing off players ryan so the bottom line is yes you could affect your bottom line because these players have oh somewhere else to play. Their game of the original article. Was that You know the shortcuts could lead to mistakes by dealers and then it would be counterproductive. But mike's final line in his little article says i agree. There's a fine line between which shortcuts are acceptable and which aren't but learning. The proper shortcuts is important to the professionalism and profitability of the dealer. So you know. I think the bottom line is this is one that i think is very important in. You've taught it over the years right and let me explain something to you dave. Have you ever been in. I mean. I'm sure you've played. I know you mentioned about playing more tournaments writing. But when you're playing in cash games i'll give you an example between an inexperienced steeler and experienced dealer and then someone that you think the potential okay is when people are all in okay if you remember if you go back to the last time you played a cash game if somebody went all in a real experienced dealer will announce to the table this person's in for twelve dollars you know and if you have multiple plans that's where you really workout your talent okay. Let's say you have one person all that you go. This person's in for twelve dollars. There's five people here. So sets sixty dollars goes into the center pot. The rest is on the outside. You've explained to the players so now you don't have to worry about an and inexperienced dealers. I'd only recommend this until they have good enough at this. But what they call that cherry. Picking dave and they'll say t- you teach them to cherry pick twelve dollars from this person twenty dollars from this person twelve dollars. And then whatever's left goes on the outside as i'm explaining to you. See the differences. Okay but again if it's an inexperienced dealer and they're not confident with their map then cherry picking is the only way to go because if you do make a mistake the time it takes to correct that you food. Three hands in that down alone. So that's all like mike smith is saying he's talking about the most generic part of people you know shortcuts but that's another shortcut right there. If a dealer can explain to the dealers sets twelve dollars times five sixty goes in. Just bring all the money into the side. Take sixty doesn't matter how you take it from the players an experienced dealer will just go to you know wherever the most chips are from from whoever players around the table take sixty and it doesn't matter the rest of you know was on the outside you know on on the side pot so these little things that you go through dave to save time and again. I always tell dealers. It's not just for the house the more yes. The house makes money but this is a double edged coin. In that sense that you also make more money because you have more opportunities to get tips time in the show and you know. I don't want to say that. I had already given the title brian. Brian but gabriel abu. Saada is staying alive using some heavy aggressive shoving to Pick up some chips here and there. And he said he's up over eighteen million now and He feels very relaxed. Sixty two big blinds for obvious outta while. Brian and still holds the lead. He has ninety three big blinds. Just under twenty eight million. But they're playing it out for the title here in tampa huge tournament kicks off the season for the w. p. t. as far as the the heads up tournament which is being played online w. p. t. Antonius and phil ivey. They are not done yet but Let's see this it is over. It's going to stay with that amount of typically that he had amazing and it looks like they got a picture of them together so they were obviously in the same hotel out there for a big tournament and finally hand is over as tonio limped. Infield ivy checked Eight ten for antonio off suit to live. He had jack three got a jap on the flop and he folded when i be pushed on the The the the turn came out flops. Four jack ten and four on the turn and then he folded so He wins the match ended up winning by a score of three. Nothing and has taken the championships. The emergence of alive is something that a lot of people have been pointing out for a long time and as he mentioned he's gonna plan the wbz world series of poker this year. So a lot of people think it's a really good thing that he's back in the game. I think it. Is you know it's good to know that. I'm sure he's taking care of whatever legal issues yet from some after winning this tournament he'll be doing some interviews and we'll find out a little bit more about his situation. Anyway we are done for the show today. some interesting topics. We'll see what happens with the doj Deciding not to appeal the wire act ruling and that will lead to some interesting stuff here over the next few months Of course the tournaments will go on and in the brick and mortars and You know eventually. We'll get back to a time where we might be able to play in our own living rooms For money on state of the union's anyway that's going do. Thank you so much joe for your your input to the show as usual Joe castillo thank you so much as well and we will get back to another show next week. Always pick us up on spotify soundcloud two of the best places to get the show and we will be here awfully every week in semi or semi or emails Lemon dave at yahoo dot com. We'll try to get some of your questions answered some of your questions and and Maybe talk about some of your input to the show as we move forward. That's gonna do it. We'll see you next week on another edition of direction lawn. The views and opinions of the hosts guests or callers are not necessarily those the station. Its owners. Advertisers are agencies.

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