Sleeping (MM #3497)


The Maison with Kevin Nation always tell you a practice makes perfect. So I've been practicing sleeping six to eight hours a night probably for my entire life saw, no better at it. Now than what I used to be. I kind of joke both my wife and I have had sleeping problems this last week. I don't know partly. It's the weather outside. Our weather can be eighty one day and sixty the next so it gets cold in the middle of night. So you don't have the right number. It's you don't have enough blankets give too many blankets. You sweat one night you get too cold the next night. I don't care what you do with the thermostat because you can leave the air conditioning on a 64 in the winter and 64 in the summer are two different fields, but it's amazing it just as the body gets older as you get older. You want more sleep you crave more sleep. You're supposed to have more sleep, but your body won't allow you to have sleep. I can have a night where I can sleep for eight solid hours. No problem. I go to bed sleep and wake up the next morning refreshed the next night. I toss I turn I can't get my legs comfortable. I can't get my back comfortable. My pillows not right. It's kind of amazing that from one night to the next. You just don't sleep. Well, I guess that's everybody but practice in this case does not make perfect choice.

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