The Scissor Sisters Pt. 2


Due to the graphic nature of this crime listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of sexual situations, suicide and body, mutilation that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Muhammad Boubacar read the paper in disbelief police were looking for any information that might help them identify an unknown body pulled from the Royal canal as Muhammad scan the photos of the recovered clothing an alarm bell went off in his head. He recognized the white soccer jersey in the photo. It was his friend forest favorite. When was the last time he saw Fara, and his girlfriend Kathleen a month ago? Or maybe it was too. He remembered running into the couple walking through Dublin city centre, Kathleen, two adult daughters were with them too, far was drunk. And none of them look like they were in a particularly good mood with as miserable. Essay looked Muhammed wasn't surprised when he heard far broke up with. Kathleen shortly after they were never a good match and the relationship was volatile. But did they actually break up? Muhammad looked closer at the picture of the clothes, he became convinced something was wrong. He took the bus to the police station and told the officer behind the desk. I know the identity of the person pulled from the canal. Hi, I'm Lena hops. And this is crimes of passion, apar- cast original, the legal definition of a crime of passion is a murder that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes. How does marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator, if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and a deadly results last week, we explored how an affair developed between Kathleen mo- hall, and far, nor when the violence in their relationship escalated? Kathleen began to fear for her life. It all culminated in a violent confrontation between Fara and Kathleen adult daughters. Linda and Charlotte, Mojo all this week. We will look at the deadly consequences of that fight the investigation. Into what happened and the trial that followed at par cast. We are grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening. It really does help us. We also know have merchandise head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. By March of two thousand five forty nine year old Kathleen Mulhall, and thirty eight year old far nor had been together for nearly four years. Their entire relationship had been rife with shouting matches and physical abuse. But Kathleen in love with Fara stayed, in spite of the violence and in spite of her growing fear that he would one day go too far. On March twentieth two thousand five Kathleen in forest spent the day drinking and taking drugs with Kathleen, two adult daughters Charlotte, and Linda, eventually, the force in return to Kathleen enviros apartment, there, the combination of liquor and ecstasy proved to be a deadly cocktail. Fara drunk, drunken, high became fixated on thirty year old Linda, he grabbed her by the waist and refuse to let go coming onto her. Kathleen, shoved Fara trying to make him. Let go of her daughter, he turned and looked at Kathleen with dark is, then he dragged his finger across his throat. The message was clear. Kathleen pleaded to the girls. Please kill him for me kill him. Or he'll kill me twenty one year old Charlotte grabbed a small paring knife, off the counter, and showed the blade to Fara commanding him to let go of Linda, the kitchen was small with all four adults packed inside. No room to run Charlotte yelled at Fara, again, let her go. But he held fast. Linda struggling against his strong grip. Charlotte lifted the knife Linda closed. Her eyes. Fara, finally, let go clutching his neck, instead, he sputtered in gurgle, as blood quickly seeped through his fingers. He took a few stumbling steps forward and called out for Kathleen, then he collapsed. Kathleen stood frozen watching the red pool around him. Grow Charlotte still holding the knife and surging with Drennan approached the fallen man thoughts of her mother's abuse at his hands overwhelmed, her. She stamped him again. And again, in a fury unable to stop herself. Linda still high from the ecstasy hallucinated that Fara, was trying to get up from the ground. She grabbed a hammer from the counter and rush to her sister's side to help swinging the hammer down until her arms were tired. They sat down next to far as body exhausted and covered in blood and cried. Eventually the sisters went into the living room were Kathleen sat on the couch and silent shock. She stared straight ahead at nothing win. Linda told her far was dead. Heavy psalms racked her body, the girls cried again to when they calmed down the women talked about what to do with virus body. They had to get out of the apartment, but none of them had a car. It's not clear who I suggested it but they all agreed that the only way to get rid of the body was in pieces. After stealing their nerves with a few more shots of vodka. Linda and Charlotte dragged forest body to the bathroom. Kathleen stayed on the couch in the living room still not saying a word after searching, the kitchen drawers, the sharpest thing they could find was a nine inch breadknife the sisters looked down at forest body. And then at each other were, they really going to do this Charlotte took up the knife. I going to work on forest right leg putting out of her mind the reality of what she was doing. Please note, I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have done a lot of research for the show, according to license clinical social worker, and therapist, lemme show Lindsey approximately seventy three percent of people experience, dissociate of state either during or immediately following a traumatic event. This dissociation is a defense mechanism Charlotte. To protect her mind from the horror separated herself from the act, but Linda, wasn't like Charlotte. She was acutely aware of every cut. For four hours, Linda had helped Charlotte hack and hammer at far as body stopping, only when her sobbing made it too difficult to continue her emotions were overwhelming. She felt both intense remorse. An intense revulsion Linda sat back against the bathroom wall to catch her breath. They were nearly done with the gruesome task and then far would be out of her life forever over the last four years. No person had heard her family more than him. She'd seen them bruises on her mother from his hands one night. Kathleen had confessed after too many drinks that he raped her when she refused to have sex with him. But did that mean he deserved to die to be cut apart then Linda remembered the feeling of his breath in her ear whispering, that she was just like her mother? Other she knew that, if they hadn't stopped Fara, he would have raised her to in a sudden rage, Linda Graham, the knife and dismembered. Fara further sawing off his penis. While Linda's actions seem drastic, they're not entirely uncommon in the paper titled homicides with mutilation of the victim's body. Researchers identified five main types of homicidal, mutilation. The majority of forest dismemberment fell into the defensive category. The dismemberment was an attempt to hide the crime, but we see a second type with Linda's decision to cut off ours, penis, the aggressive category. It was motivated solely by intense anger. She was sending a message that Fara wasn't going to rape anyone ever again. The last task was to decapitate. Fara, Linda covered his face with a towel so they wouldn't have to look at him while they did it with this job, complete Linda completely broke down in tears, Charlotte. Forced herself to keep her composure as she comforted. Linda, what's done was done. It was time to make sure they didn't get caught. It was now after eleven pm, if they worked quickly, they would be protected by the dark Charlotte gathered fires remains in black trash bags but when she picked up virus head Linda stocked her. If someone found the bags apart the head would make identification easy. Police would go straight to Kathleen store. She told Charlotte to put the head aside, and they deal with it later, even with the body in pieces. There were too many bags for the women to carry in one trip. They really needed a car. There was only one person they could think of who both owned a car and would do just about anything for Linda and Charlotte. Their father, John Mulhall, Linda handed her phone to Kathleen. They knew John would never answer a call from his ex wife, but he would answer one from Linda's phone day or night. John picked up. But when he heard Kathleen's voice on the other end he snapped what do you want? Kathleen told him there was a problem having to do with Linda and Charlotte, and he needed to come over right away. When she wouldn't tell him what the problem was. He hung up on her. He was in playing whatever game she was trying to engage him in. But a few minutes later, he called back. He would come over just to check on his girls. Linda felt immediate relief. Her dad was coming her dad would fix things. As John drove across Dublin, Linda, and Charlotte, scrub, the bathroom, it hadn't been cleaned at all in the form months. Kathleen and far had been living there. And now on top of all the grime was blood tissue and bone fragments, Shirley didn't even notice the clock when it turned over to midnight, her twenty second birthday, she was too, busy scrubbing, John arrived around one, a m Linda, and Charlotte hid in the bedroom with their ear against the door listening to Kathleen, explain what had happened. John saw the black bags stacked in the corner. Was that Fara, when Kathleen said, yes? John yelled and cursed at her the girls came out of the bedroom crying, and begging him to help them. He looked at his daughter's covered in blood and told them they were on their own. He was not going to help cover up a murder. He stormed. Out of the apartment window felt her stomach titan. John was her way out of this mess. There was no way they could do this themselves. Linda began to panic as she pictured child services leading her kids off to one of their cars, while she was taken away in handcuffs. She couldn't let that happen with new resolve Linda rejoined Charlotte, and Kathleen and scrubbing the apartment clean, but as they cleaned Linda couldn't stop looking at the black bags. How were they going to get rid of them? Coming up the mohawk women continue to cover up a murder. When you're in between episodes of crimes of passion, you should check out a really great podcast. 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Now back to the story. As March twentieth rolled into March twenty first two thousand five forty nine year old Kathleen, Mulhall and her daughter's thirty year old Linda and twenty two year old Charlotte, scrubbed blood off the walls and floor while discussing what to do next together. They had killed and dismembered. Thirty eight year old far nor they gathered the pieces of his body in black trash bags without a car. They had to dump the bag somewhere acceptable on foot. They decided on the Royal canal, which runs through Dublin just two three minute walk away. Kathleen, gave the girls clean clothes to change into, they threw their bloodied shirts into one of the trash bags and discussed to cover story. Kathleen would tell people that far had run out on her. He had no family in Ireland. His circle of friends was used to him dropping in and out of their lives and his job was through a temporary agency. To them, he would just be another employee who quit without notice who knows when if ever, he would be reported missing to make the story more convincing. They threw all a forest clothes in the bags if anyone came around, it should look like he had cleared out, Charlotte, put far as jewelry and cell phone aside. Though, she could sell those though, initially hoping to dispose Afars remains in the dark. They didn't leave the apartment until seven AM Charlotte and Linda each stuffed a few of the garbage bags into duffle bags looking, as though they were headed to the gym instead they walked to the canal. They scan the area for people. No one was out. They each open their bags and dumped the contents until the water it took several trips from the apartment to the bridge to dispose of the eight bags of FARs remains each time. They watch to make sure they say. Sink in the canal, all that remained was far as head. Linda said they needed to bury it far enough away that if it was found in wouldn't be connected to any body part that might be pulled from the canal. One bag was manageable, even without a car. They could take the bus. At one PM, all three women got on a bus carrying forest head in a bag and cross town to time in park tense from the lack of sleep and the trauma, the women quietly bickered as they walked through the park. They couldn't agree on the best place to bury the head no place was hidden enough or deserted enough Charlotte, frustrated and ready for the whole mess to be over. Took the head and walked towards the woods. She knelt on the ground and dug through the wet dense soil with her hands. No one had thought to bring a shovel eventually, she dunk as deeply as she could and decided it was good enough. She took forest head out of the bag by the hair and stuck it in the hole. It's still stuck out a fair amount. So she used the dirt she had excavated and padded it around more or less concealing it as Charlotte buried the head Linda sat on a nearby. Bench looking around she acted like she was keeping watch. But mostly she was avoiding looking at Fara of all the things they had done windy felt the most affected by forest head. She could see the other pieces of Fara, as just body parts but his face that was him. She couldn't stand to look at it. When they got back to the apartment Kathleen told her daughters that if they hadn't killed Fara, he probably would have beaten her to death before long they had saved her life window found little comfort in her words and left soon after when she got home, she collapsed into bed completely drained, yet, she could barely sleep played by the memories of what she done. Linda took such a long pool from the vodka bottle that when she swallowed her eyes teared up the burn of the liquor permeated her whole face. She screwed the cap back on the bottle and returned it to its hiding place in her nightstand. She didn't want one of the kids to see it in her bedroom. Booze was the only way to make it through the night. Now, if she stayed sober she'd stare at the ceiling for hours watching it all happen over and over again, anytime she was reminded about it. She took another pool of vodka. Even with the drinks, she still couldn't stop the nightmares. Linda saw solitu- images on repeat I forest head everything about it the way it looked the fear of someone finding it in the park. Sometimes it even spoke to her, then she saw her children being taken away. As a sal- her handcuffed in a police car. The more she had these dreams. The more Linda became convinced that someone was going to find forest head she had to move it, it was too dangerous not to. When Charlotte and Kathleen heard Linda's plans for relocation, they immediately tried to talk her out of it. Everyone was buying the story that far had run off with another woman. It wasn't worth the risk of going back to the park Linda agreed for now. But on March thirtieth two thousand five ten days after the murder something surfaced in the water teenage boys, while fishing in the canal spotted what they thought were pieces of a mannequin upon closer inspection. They saw the legs were covered in hair. It was a body. By the time the police arrived, it was getting dark outside. They had to wait until the next day to search the canal Kathleen saw the police presence along the shore from her apartment window. She joined the crowds and blended in as a nosy neighbour. She listened with mock surprise when someone told her a body had been found, but no head investigators launched a massive media campaign to identify the headless man. They took photographs of the clothing found with the remains, including a white Ireland, soccer jersey and publish the photos in newspapers. Many tips came in throughout April two thousand five, but none of them went anywhere the longer it took to identify Fara, the more paranoid. Linda became about the head. It was only a matter of time before someone was curious about the old lump of dirt at the park, a few weeks after police fish VAR. Body out of the canal Linda went through with her plan to relocate it. She later swore that when she looked at the partially decomposed face it began speaking to her. Linda was experiencing a psychotic break known as brief psychotic, disorder, according to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders this rare condition involves the same symptoms of psychosis. But generally last no longer than a month. With a full recovery expected it is often caused after a major stressor or trauma. Linda took the decomposing head to a different park and reburied it, then she went home and drank until she passed out when she woke up, she was still paranoid about someone discovering, the head in wasn't enough to move it. She had to destroy it. She went back to the park and an earth ahead for a second time, she put it in her son, schoolbag and brought it to a scrap yard, along with a hammer. And a bottle of vodka. Linda sent drinking with the head apologizing to. For over and over again for what they had done to him, then she beat the bag with the hammer destroying the skull inside exhausted. And drunk Linda passed out in the field. She woke up shivering and disoriented unsure of how long she had been out. She got up and dumped the fragments of school into a ditch and through the hammer and after them she then burned the bag and ran home. Over the next few weeks, the police focused on identifying the remains on may ninth two thousand five nearly two months after the murder. Investigators got the break they were hoping for forest friend Muhammed Boubacar came forward. He and seen far on March twentieth with Kathleen and her daughters he hadn't seen him since, but he remembered the Ireland soccer jersey. Fara was wearing that day. He was sure it was the same one he saw in the newspaper though forest height, NIH did not match the estimates from the autopsy he was added to the list of potential matches the investigation into far was complicated. However, when police discovered that much of his life was ally for starters, Fara wasn't from Somalia, he was from neighboring Kenya. He had lied, so. He would qualify for asylum as a refugee. His name wasn't even foreign nor. It was shayla saieed Salim, the wife, he claimed was killed was actually alive and well in Kenya raising their three children who far acclaimed were missing with Boris life before Ireland. A bit murky police started with what they did know he was last seen in Dublin with his girlfriend Kathleen, and her apartment was his last known address. Kathleen voluntarily went to the station to answer questions and told police that Fara had packed his things and left back in February. They ran a check on his Bank account, it hadn't been touched in six weeks, then they checked his cellphone records. There were no calls. Log from late March until early June. Then someone started using the phone again. They traced it to a man named flory and Williams. He told police, he bought the phone from a coworker, John mole hall, if our had left Kathleen for another woman why had he left his phone behind for her ex husband to sell it didn't make sense. Police focused their attention on the Mojo family. Then on July eleventh, two thousand five the police caught a huge break. An inmate at we built prison. Call the police and said he knew the body in the canal was who killed him. And how they did it the caller, James Mojo. Kathleen, and John's oldest son, according to James Kathleen visited him in prison shortly after the murder, and broke down telling him everything he didn't believe her story until he saw the body in the canal on the news. It's unclear what motivated him to come forward. Perhaps his conscience, perhaps, the ten thousand euro reward for information. Investigators also talked to John junior, the other Mojo, brother, imprisoned at wheatfield, John told them the same story, adding that his mother had set up the entire scenario. She purposely put Linda and Charlotte in the position to kill Fara, because he was abusing her John junior also implicated, his father, and the crime saying that John senior had gone back to the apartment and help dispose of the bloody clothes and the body when police searched Kathleen's apartment, they found blood between the floorboards it matched the DNA of the body parts when they compared the sample to one of forest a strange children. There was no doubt. He was the dead man on August. Third two thousand five police arrested John Kathleen, Linda and Charlotte Mulhall in connection too far as murder. But the mo- halls all denied any and all involvement in forest debt, John sore that he didn't know what had happened to Fara and denied his sons accusations said, he'd help clean up the crime scene. Kathleen stuck with her story that Fara had left her. Linda denied being with Sarah and her mother at all. On the day, he went missing when confronted with Muhammed citing, she said she was so drunk. She couldn't remember, Charlotte, also claimed she was too drunk that day to recall, anything after holding the Mohawks for twelve hours, investigators were forced to release all four when they had nothing other than hearsay to support charging them. Police had found only a small amount of blood in the floor boards and nowhere else, it was possible that far had cut himself in the four months. He lived there in the absence of more evidence police needed to. Get one of the MO halls to confess. They felt that their best hope was with Linda who was very emotional during the questioning while Kathleen and Charlotte remained cool. Police didn't know how. Right. They were by the time Linda got home. She realized it was just a matter of time before the other shoe dropped. She knew the twelve hour she spent with investigators was just the beginning Lee weren't going to let this go the more. She worried the more she drank John, both frustrated and worried. Cokes Linda to go to the police. None of this would end until police how the answers they were looking for Linda, eventually gave in and agreed to speak with police at her father's house. But when lead investigator Detective Inspector Christopher mingun arrived Linda balked, even if she cooperated, they could mock her up for twenty years, or more. She would come out of jail, a grandmother, having missed every moment of her children's lives. She had already gotten away with. With it for five months if she stayed quiet she could stay free. She could keep her kids. She told DIA mingun. She had nothing to say after all, before leaving he warned her the investigation wasn't going away. She had a choice to make. Up next, the investigation into the murder of foreign nor intensifies now the conclusion of the story. By August of two thousand five thirty year old Linda MO hall as well as her sister, and parents was a prime suspect and detective Christopher Mangan's murder investigation after twelve hours of questioning Linda appeared, ready to tell the detective everything. But at the last moment, she changed, her mind, then three hours later, she changed her mind. Again, Linda needed absolution. She also hoped confessing. The truth might bring her more lenient sentence. She called back Mangan and told him everything after recounting the events of the night of March twentieth. She brought him to the scrap yard where she dumped the broken fragments of forest skull, though. Police weren't able to actually locate the pieces hoping for continued cooperation, Mangan. Let Linda go home. Home rather than arresting her over the next two days, she continued to meet with police, leading them to other key, scenes, such as the park where the head was originally buried a search of the parks lake recovered. The murder weapons though. Linda often sobbed her her statements to police afterwards. She felt much better. A burden had been lifted for the first time in months, she slept. Well, she tried to make things up to her kids cooking, their favourite meals, and meeting them after school, staying more or less sober. But none of these improvements changed what she had done on September fourteenth two thousand five Mangan had every detail from Linda, he needed, and it was time to take the case to court. Even though she knew it was coming windows, still wept while she was arrested by mingun warrants. Were also issued that day for forty nine year old Kathleen and twenty two year old Charlotte. Kathleen had moved an hour away, soon after the first twelve hour interrogation with police, she stopped contacting her family, and none of them knew where she was. But it didn't take long for police to catch up to her. She was arrested the day after Linda, she still stuck to her initial denials, when confronted with Linda's confession. She described her daughter as a mentally, unstable drug user, though, she conceded, she wouldn't be surprised if Linda had killed Fara, eventually Mangan ran out of time to hold Kathleen. He couldn't charge her based on only Linda statement, he needed evidence or they needed a confession. Kathleen was offering up neither before she left. Kathleen told investigators that when the truth finally came out. She expected an apology from them, and then she walked out a free woman. It took investigators of full month to track down Charlotte. They brought her in for questioning in October two thousand five Charlotte's initial statement to the police was quite different than her sisters. She claimed Linda was trying to cover for their mother. She said that Kathleen had murdered and dismembered Fara, while the sisters were not there. They did however help our clean up the scene. Megan sense that Charlotte's priority was looking out for Linda leveraging that he asked her if she loved Linda, when she said she did, he told her that lying would only make things worse for her sister. Charlotte broke she started to cry. Mingun prodded her slowly. What happened? She whispered everything. But Linda said. After she confessed to Megan. Charlotte was arrested and charged with murder. Both sisters were released on bail while they waited for their day in court. Linda soon turned back to drinking and drugs. She even spent ten days in a psychiatric hospital then in early December of two thousand five Linda got into an explosive argument with John, that would have terrible consequences. This past year had been the worst of Linda's life even worse than when her parents split up even worse than temporarily losing custody of her kids by now. Window was nearly broken. It was only a few weeks until Christmas. And she had planned to spend the afternoon, picking up a few presents for her children. She knew how special this Christmas had to be for them. But when she went to retrieve the cash, she'd squirrelled away, for their presence Linda found only an empty box someone had stolen it, not someone it had to have been Charlotte. Window seed that the discovery she was about to go to prison, and she couldn't even give her family. One last happy memory. Just then John senior came home. He'd been out at a pub with his brother, Eric and youngest daughter nineteen year old Marie. They trotted into the kitchen. Full of good food and conversation. It made Linda see bread. She screamed at her father, all of this was his fault. She wouldn't even be going to jail if he hadn't pressured her into confessing she laid into him calling him a terrible father. No wonder Kathleen ended up with someone as bad as far after years of being with him. Then she burst into tears shocked. John immediately, tried to comfort her, he promised to do what ever he could to help her as John tried to calm his daughter down. She told him about the stolen money. John was furious. He grabbed his keys and left to go. Find charlotte. He was going to get the money back for Linda's kids. Eric worried about his brother decided to stay the night with his knees. It was late already, and he wanted to make sure John was okay when he got back. Eric dozed off waiting, but John never came home. When John still hadn't shown by the next evening. Eric reported him missing a few hours later. Police knocked at the Mojo family home, they'd found him as John drove around looking for Charlotte, his mind wandered to the pressure, his family was under and his inability to truly help them, James and John were already in prison, and Linda, and Charlotte were headed there to what kind of father ends up with four incarcerated children. Maybe they would have gotten away with it. If he hadn't interfered, if he hadn't pushed Linda to confess. John pulled over alongside some woods at Phoenix Park in Dublin. He walked into the woods short distance then quickly scrawled notes saying that all of his belongings, should go to his nineteen year old daughter Marie, and stuffed it into his pocket with a rope from his van he fashioned a new. Around a tree branch and hung himself. Some wondered if John's death was evidence of greater involvement in the murder and dismemberment of Fara than anyone has led on. But psychologists Jesse burying said in his book, suicidal why we kill ourselves that there is rarely one factor that leads to someone taking their own life. However, in the vast majority of cases, social problems. Particularly concerns about what others think is one of the factors John had been preoccupied with the news coverage of the investigation, and how he and his family were being portrayed. The newspapers had dubbed Charlotte and Linda, the scissor sisters because of the dismemberment, the scissor sisters were a popular pop rock band in the UK and the nickname stuck. John hated it. He also carried a lot of personal guilt, if he had been a better husband Kathleen, never would have been. Mixed up with Fara at all, John. Whatever his faults had been the stabilizing factor in the Mojo, family Kathleen was in the wind so Linda and Charlotte. Now thirty one and Twenty-three face their October two thousand six trial largely alone. The women both pled, not guilty, hoping to show that they had committed the murder and self defense or at the very least that they'd been provoked by far as actions. Both of the sisters confessions were read to the jury Charlotte, who sat without showing a motion for much of the trial became overwhelmed, when the details of the murder and dismemberment were read, she told her attorney she was going to be ill. And the court had to adjourn for the day, eventually the jury found Charlotte guilty of murder and Linda guilty of manslaughter Charlotte received a mandatory life sentence eligible for parole after seven years windows sentence for manslaughter. However, was at the judge's discretion, generally those convicted of manslaughter in Ireland are rarely sentenced to more than eight years. Therefore there were gasps in the courtroom when Linda was sentenced to. Fifteen years, the judge said that he would have given her eighteen but he took the cooperation with police into consideration. In April two thousand seven six months after the mole sisters convictions. Kathleen was charged for her role in the cover up. However, she had gone back into hiding, the rumor was she had fled the country journalists Mick McCaffrey, wrote a book about the Mojo case called the Irish scissor sisters McCaffrey managed to track down, Kathleen, and December of two thousand seven he found her living in London, under the name Kathy ward, he informed Dublin police and on February twelfth two thousand eight they showed up on her doorstep. Kathleen voluntarily returned to Ireland where she was arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a crime. She pled guilty and received a five year sentence as of this recording Charlotte Mulhall now thirty five is incarcerated at Limerick prison. She has been denied parole since I becoming eligible. And two thousand thirteen Kathleen Mulhall now fifty five was released at the end of her sentence in two thousand eleven Linda Mojo now forty three was released in January of two thousand eighteen after completing seventy five percent of her sentence, this automatic reduction in sentence is standard in Ireland, perhaps the forgotten victims in this tragedy. Our forest family in Kenya. They relied on the money, he sent to survive, his wife and mother have pleaded with the mole halls to reveal the location of forest head, so they could bury forest remains together so far there, please have gone unanswered. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion, we will be back Wednesday with another episode. You can find more episodes of crimes of passion as well as all of our casts, other shows, on Spotify, or anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. 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