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Carolla Classics: Confessions + Teresa Strasser Reunion


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead. Hello, everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance guy. Go. Projected increase in organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Corolla drinks invites you to very classy event in twenty nineteen the ten booze and book club with me. Mike Dawson, some of said they'd pay me to read the phone book. So get your tickets now to hear me read chapters from left of boom, January eighth with CIA special agent. Douglas, Louks ghost February seventh with F B I undercover agent. Michael Armagh gallon up on game March seventh with former Bank robber, Richard Stanley, the miracle man, April second with minister singer songwriter and author book storm the pact may ninth with former army green beret combat medic Sergeant Robert Patrick Louis. Mistrial June seventh with Turney Mark Garriga's the event will feature alive. Reading with me followed by a question and answer period with each author and a reception with a mangrove signature contel by the entire series and get six shows for the price of five for tickets. Follow at girl drinks and add dos. Angeles. Tickets also available at Tenny in downtown, Los Angeles or Email Dawson at Adam Corolla dot com. Corolla drinks presents the ten e booze and book club get it on in twenty nineteen. And welcome to another edition of Corolla classics, the final one of our winter break and cruel show returns. Tomorrow make sure to tune in for that. This is Chris locks Amman executive producer, the Adam Pearl show along with superfan and Karol archivist Giovanni everybody if you love this format let everybody know in social media, and we'll bring it to you again next time there's best of instead of best of cruel classics. We're gonna go ahead and get started with some more great moments from cruel history. This first one recorded in two thousand fourteen featuring Theresa Alison Ambien, this one out cruel show thirteen fifty one there live from Phoenix Theresa 'cause he's near Zona. Now, they reunite with her. They have a fun recap of her life changes. And we get a nice little chunk of the audience QNA for you as well. Here we go. While my reuniting with Theresa straw, sir. Everybody. Alison rosen. Make me some Jews. We have an incredible show plan for you tonight. I'm not sure what it is. Because I never really went through the breakdown. But I'm assuming. Go to kick ass. Very beloved here at him. I am yet. I was this close to moving here until I stepped off the plane, and I actually stepped off the plane and got stuck to the bottom of my own shoe. It's that fucking hot in this place. By the way. It's so hot that. I when I when I got here in front of the hotel, I looked down and there was an aunt on the ground. And I like it when it gets too hot for even aunts and the aunt was just running serpentine. Like, I don't know where the fuck I'm going normally everything so orderly, and we marched in a line, and we all have our jobs. I forgot my job is running in a circle. And I just thought I should just kill it. Because it's it's like it's misery criminally insane. At this point. And I tried stepping on it. And then I lifted my foot in nothing Ryan around completely unharmed, and I tried stomping on it again. And it kept going completely unharmed. And then I realized we fucked ourselves in the shoe department back in the day. The bottoms of our shoes were flat. They were meant for crushing shit that was smaller than us fucking tread. Now, there's like a whole bunch of pods filled with Gatorade. And they're spaced out astrologically. Signed a fifty percent chance of killing a bug. When you step on it now saying when our dads stepped on a bug. That's Roach was gone. And I think the point of the story is that you're a humanitarian. It needed to be put down. I was this close to taking it to a shelter of farm. I think it's where you take ants. Oh my God. It's just one of the many. I was just thinking about my kids earlier and Theresa's guide a couple couple of young boys. Imagine imagine this Celik, I think about all the stuff that was sold to us that you know, my kids are home right now in front of a seventy inch plasma television with three d goggles on fucking their avatars. If I showed up with something called an ant farm. This is gonna be awesome. It's a little piece of lucite. And then there's another one quarter inch away and you put dirt in it. And then you can actually watch the ants unnatural habitat quake for them. And then sometimes they'll dig a little tunnel. My kid, which is beat me relentlessly Kesse wasting my time never stop beating me with that. Could you imagine bringing home your kid either? An ant farm Lincoln long Lincoln, log, oh, I would be violated fiercely. That'd be using the ant farm to bang. The Lincoln log in like, the golden spike like my daughter cheering my son on it'd be in my ass hole. And she'd be going come on drive at home. Send a message message. No, I was thinking of what were the little krill fish thing. See monkeys sea monkeys. That would be that'd be another thing. You just dump it in a little glass of water. And then oh just that just three weeks later, you see a little little movement on top there. They never played with the beach ball. No. And they didn't wear a crown and they didn't do anything. Speaking of kids, though, I did want to ask in Theresa. You got the boys? I'm watching we're in the bar at the Burbank airport. Oh, man. You wanna hear unsatisfying? I finally got my TSA pre check number and I finally. Rehears in the three years three years in the new face al-qaeda got himself a pre check. By the way. Imagine just going back thirty years in talking to some guy who was smoking in the airport grabbing the waitresses as drinking a high ball going. No, you don't get it. I get to keep my shoes on when I go through the cancer who. Totally rename that. The cancer hope whether it'd be like, listen, if I wasn't so bent on fucking this waitress. We would talk about this because this is fucking confusing. What do you mean? Everyone gets keep their shoes on what's the big deal? So huge deal get to walk through. But today was the very first time. I got to use my pre check. I was standing there with Mike. August we're Burbank airport. We got to the front of the security thing, and he went ooh, your pre. You're pre check thing kicked in. I went. Well, this is this is a great day. I'll I'll see you whenever I want to the left. You may know where this is going. He went to the right. We both ended up standing next to each other where funneled into security and he actually stepped in in front of me. He beat me the fuck and first time, I got to use pre check guy went to the airport with had no check or rice checks, or we checks. I don't know what he had fucking beat me to the conveyor belt, but your sous were on my shoes. My shoes on and then they did the Mike got the the hand swamp thing he got he got the wipe. You know, they got a, you know, because we're all covered and TNT and gunpowder. I don't think I could help myself if I was the guy who is doing the analysts Asian of the postage stamp that we rub along your hands, by the way, by the way, maybe I build bombs with my feet you ever think about that. Why why just the hands? I could be one of those elbow bomb builders. Don't give the terrorists city ideas. Late it with no arms can play the guitar bed. You sure as hell. So I just thought if I worked there, it just be I do the y scan it through the machine and always just make sure the person could hear me as they were walking away when I went. No, you're good nothing. But fecal matter. Every single person right or little bit hepatitis hip seen some fecal matter. But you're good. I mean, you're good as far as the plane goes, I wouldn't I wouldn't hug your kids tonight. If that's what you're planning on. But you have got to one and a half and four and a half. We were don't you don't need applaud that. Techs Watkins Watson, I should say from prison had four kids. I think two of them are boys. So anyone but still in the in perspective. You put really puts things in perspective. We're watching some of the World Cup and some of the crazed fans. Like, they're one up to the stands to show the craze fans with the stupid sunglasses that have the blinds on them that have shipped painted on them and the weird Sam had, but it's something else and all that kind of shit and hold up the flag. They're paying it up at everything. And I said Alison, I would rather like if I had a choice for my son. I would rather him be addicted to prostitutes. Then be a hardcore soccer fat. I think it would be more. Doc dignified and productive life an addiction. That's just the disease prostitutes. He can't help himself. And then at some point he comes and he goes to walk of shame back back to the car. Right. And there's no prostitution merchandise gonna wear right? Like, oh, man. You want another one of those of those horse sweaters. Okay. Well, that's going to set me back a few. Yeah. I just believe it would be a better more dignified easier life instead of these fucking assholes who camp out two days before then. And then if your team wins you gotta turnover cop horse in light it on fire that'd be hard core. And I think there was speaking of prostitutes. I think there was a porn star in Chile and to celebrate the team's victory. She had sex with strangers for twelve hours. I don't know if you reported this really, I did I. Yep. It's a way to celebrate your team's victory. We don't do it here. No our team's win. No. We don't. I mean, we may go eight or nine hours. We don't go full full full day, twelve hours. Imagine if you were the guy in line, and it was like the thirteenth hour. Waited a long time. I come on come on. Man, say Adam there's been a lot of changes since I've seen all of you Brian's written a bestselling book. It's amazing. I loved it. I loved it. It's so dang good Allison's married. That's very exciting. Tweets. Yeah. Mike, August has a baby. She's so cute us our picture little fat baby legs, and you've written another bestseller. Yes. Yes. But you know. Crap those things out like rabbi, can I I was I was reading it at the, and I was in parallel reading Steve Jobs, and I couldn't help notice some similarities really I did everyone who works with them hates him too. Meglomaniac you guys both wear the same thing, you Dita's tracksuit. He had the no. But you know, you had a creation story in your book about the creation of Mongolia and made it apple, but you create him angry. History will be very kind to angry over. Yeah. We never leave the house without our main -gree, but the iphone that's it's gathered dust that night table. Yeah. Third right third bestseller. That is my third bestseller from a guy who was put on probation at LA valley junior college fucking tape that. Thank you. Yes. I paid Mike Lynch to do all the heavy lifting. Well, speaking of education, I like your suggestion that you would appoint as secretary of education early army. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The guy from full metal jacket just to your knees. Yeah. Yes. Just yell because let's face it. Our kids are all going to be pieces of shit. I mean, let's you know, there's gonna be a lot. I are. They even gonna know what the word tardy means. You know what I mean? Tardy nor Ricciardi. Yeah. They're going to some sorta slur for the kid who's eating the pace. There's something. Yeah. They're gonna accuse you'll bullying. Yes. That's right. By the way. I don't even think there's going to be paced for them to eat the very sad. Sad state of affairs. Do we do we have some questions, by the way, we do from the audience? Got some good ones. I one very practical question worse. Carrie, wells, Phoenix Kerry. Well, Harvey Carrie wells. Hey Carey she wants to know. How do I get my husband to quit doing tobacco? Oh, you got to get them smoking. Yeah. Piece smokes. Get them to three packs a day. He's not gonna have time to go for the skull. Brother took the cheating tobacco. When he quit smoking shit. Man says that every time I make that suggestion kids Steve Jobs of come up with that. I don't think so. Well, they make everything in a weird dip form now. Like they make jerky dip and they make bubble gum damp. And you know, I think they've make even for some of the fellas. But either way, well, it's just a pinch between a cheek and gum, and I'm saying over so so you smoked and then you quit smoking. But you started dipping stuff in it. So it's good for you dipping is something. Well, first off didn't what's his name. Just I the Padre Gwen Tony Gwynn. Gwynne just. It's always weird though. You can't it's hard to use a guy for a negative example that has eight golden gloves, and he has one one played in fifteen major league all star games like you go. All right. Good enough for Tony Gwynn. Good enough for me. Yeah. So what is your what is your brand school skull? Okay. And you get the ten along you tuck it in there and you have to carry around a Cup. Who by the ways anyone ever taken a hit off the dip? Pam. Can. Yes, I think it's a beverage. Yes. Everybody's done the cigarette in the beer bottle one right? Is anyone anyone the dip? You've never done the cigarette. But in the beer, can I have. No, yes. Maybe someone here. Yeah. Now, it's nasty. And by the way, you know, me, you know, just out of pride. I started to finish the so fucking disgusting. So you wanna you want him? Do you want to knock off the tough part about dipping is it's disgusting. So it's no good when you're meeting somebody or dating. But once you're married to them, then it's hard because you either gotta get directed him Dipper. Except now was he a smoker when you accept them or Dipper now, he was the Dipper. It was a dip or when you Madam. That's dole thing. Don't try to change me, babe. Where do you spit? Are you a dip swallow our and no, no, no, no. There are swallow hours. No only in area is that a lot of guys get low wordplay there. But you spent. Yeah, every time what is spit. Can we say it's a tune? Yes, can can can one of the young entrepreneurs in the crowd. Invent something that guys can spit into that's official because it's always a Starbucks Cup. Or it's always a Miller lite can or it's always something. Improvising. There's something, but then whatever you do eventually you said it down somewhere. Then eventually somebody's got to come in and fucking mob up after you or like, I said they take a hit off. What does he spit into anti water bottles empty Gatorade? Ball thing player. Nothing clear my car when it's clear you don't have to worry about somebody drinking it accidentally. Contractor because you're doing your if you're dipping into like a clear Starbucks Cup. I could get drunk off of that beer. I had with the cigarette floating in it and hit off your dip Cup. Oh, it's the new Oprah drink. She has a Starbucks drink. You have all you have is a woman is to cut him off you use your oral powers. That's straight from the Ice, Man. I. Them off that that's all you. That's that's all you can do all right or shaming in front of a large or shaming in front of a large capacity crowd. It this do it. All right. I'm I'm sorry to hear about your guys relationship and that his his, but wait a minute. Does. He do any of the good things that are so c-h-a-d with dip does he ride a horse to work? What? From kentucky. Good. All right. If someone steals your purse what he last sue him or what he takes his hat and throw it and use it like a weapon and knock him down. He definitely run him down. So he does a lot of the he has a lot of the positive dip traits. Yes. Okay. All right. Well, then take the good with the bad debt is in the major league baseball hall of fame. All right. We're back Chris geo here with another clip via this one featuring I'm not kidding jail. One of the hottest if not the hottest guests that we've ever had Camille leading tin. In-studio with Alison Rosen Brian Bishop Adam from two thousand fourteen and Gary makes a weird decision by revealing something that I probably wouldn't have done. Well, that's why Gary's a hero in your you. This is four thirty seven. It's one of my all time, favorite episodes. I remember writing the superfan sidebar for this episode. I was laughing so hard at hurt my face. I had to Email Gary and tell them he took one for the team, and he did the right thing committal leading thins reactions in this are priceless. Beautiful. How it's so great and Howson's reactions Gary decided to did an informal poll of the the staff as he often does and Gary decided to man up and tell everybody the truth, and it leads to one of the funniest moments in the show's history at his expense because he's a very brave, man. And I love this clip me to check it out. Well, here's a story that involves British people. According to recent survey by British flight comparison website, they surveyed twenty five hundred Brits and ten percent of people said that they had sex with the travel partner in an airport sex airport. How could you that? Everyone's looking at me. How do you do? Well, I've never done that in an airport, and I feel like here. Well, actually, I was listening say would be up your, but but maybe they allow full. The even sexy. No guys, just need open space of room. But we're be caught. No, I think you could not get cold. I see. Oh, you can. I don't think. I mean, if you went into a Boston if you snuck into a bathroom, and then you get cool. I did it once at the unisex bathroom on top of that koala foldout. Thank God, chick mania tive. Rated like two hundred twenty pounds. Thank God her detention. I class lounges about as I don't know. I don't know where else do it at the airport. A lot of open space open concept. Yeah. I don't go to author or family room Yoda me. And it's like the handicap family bathroom, they give off. Sure. Yeah. Because you're not doing duty free. Are they counting? Are they counting the airplane? Now, they're saying at the airport port itself. I I can't think about less sexy located. It's not sexy. All I can think of the talk to. But I do feel like people feel like there's something about air travel. Somebody what happened was it? Somebody coined the phrase mile high club. And now everyone feels like fuck in an airplane, and that's spilled over into the airport, and then also spilled over in the guy's beating off in the path room, which is not halfway to the mile high club. That's the fucking basement of loser. I don't know. I feel like there's a fair bit of guys who beat off on an airplane. No. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yes. No. And listen. With the blankets over them. No, bad say bathroom. Okay. Boss fair. Okay. Just stall. Harry. What do you what a handwriting Gary tall? So I'm going to just check that box right there. Yes airplane. Sure bathroom. No. Yeah. Guys are funny. Lime lane. And yes for bathroom. That means also not in the bathroom long flight not. Are you proud of it? Don't blanket. Oh wide ice nickname that was just handled. There was goose maverick and wide ice. Holy shit. There's someone sitting next to you. Yeah. Now that one's gonna wake up that old lady. Started getting warm nuts and moved on from there was an fold after that. Wait. All right. Hold on Gary. How are fine. We need some information. We don't I I'm with Brian. I really don't. I don't think we do I've beat off many places, but never an airplane now. And I'm not passing judge keep around on the price kid. I'm not passing judgment. But I would just assume because a great Fitzsimmons came on here and talked about beating off on an airplane. But the bathroom the quite dignity to go the bathroom and beat off all over everyone else. That I would think but the seat raisin Bryson. And I'm guessing coach first class. You can't pull out not not at six. So first class Mortiz, you wait was it like international flight where like the little pod. Some private. So you have to. Can't wait to get. My money's worth watching like a sexy movie. Then I mean, I'd I thought. Yeah. The show films. occur to me because I was watching semi break or something gotta be funny. Like, sir. We're Chevron complimentary tollhouse. No. Do we have Melcan tollhouse got? No, don't I'm good. I'm not. I mean, just leave. We have a selection give give it to someone else. Ground. Fine him a meal thing. No, nothing. Good. Keep walking please go nothing going on. I'm sleep from airlines. Now, I forget, how do you? Like emerets now. Lebed's claims with closing. Wherever you go with this kind of pod one. Wow. I was probably I was X. No one. What how old were you? Twenty five. Wow. Twenty five flying the pod. Oh, yeah. They weren't there. Hold, you know, twenty nine okay. Birthdays coming up, don't, you know, three didn't get the by three quarter. Birthdays, coming lettered yourself on a plane in a pod. And your family was also in a nearby pod. Hoping. God did did each Smith have its pod. His or her. Yeah. They're only one per person per pod. Pod that private though private enough. Wow. Jerry, how to show with Camilla up until then does the airline and they're like sentenced sexy. Like would you do on south west who definitely do it on Birch in America? He had a bulk Oetzi new Lanta sexy. I'm gonna ask a question that's going to make the gals vagina act as if kiddie later funnel. Then it. Halfway there. There's a certain cleanup process that takes place after one masturbate. Now normally one that's near a toilet or trash can or something like that. But in this particular case, the only way to get rid of the extras, whether they be Fresca cans or napkins filled with spunk is two handed off to somebody. Who's picking those things up? Not true true. What prevents me from going to the bathroom? You got up and went to the bathroom clean up. He bent over. I went to the bathroom to dispose the remnants. All right. Okay. Listen, the pod part. You know, it's a long flight pod. I'm shocked tablet. I feel some naive who who here. Grow up has pleasure themselves on a fly up. No, no, Dawson. Yes. Okay. Come back from faggots one time and needed to be done. That's a show. Well. Factor in the tax. And it was almost fifty minutes. You're only allowed to stand up for thirty one minutes of that flight. Maybe maybe it was tell in the light one sprint into the bathroom. All right Vegas. Wow. So that's a bathroom. So so when you guys are in their wash your brush your teeth. No, no. It was like after a bachelor parties all frigging night with a whole bunch of dudes anything about it over you're on a plane. So everybody. Johnson's. Putting the cock and caq bit. He's up there. James h four. All right. So Matt Bors punisher says no Chris has no liars while Chris speed off on a bus with twenty two other dudes on it. Right. All right Kaelin. Yes. Okay. Okay. Lucky had you know, what I love about women. He travels to England frequently you gotta show. It was in a pie. You guys have no idea. Like, somebody said, look, we're talking. We're not talking about weirdo. Degenerate old creepy dudes? We're talking about young semi attractive. You know what I mean? Like guys educated, blah, blah, blah. If I said to you what percentage of those guys masturbated on a flight you'd be like, oh like three percent. Like, maybe. Now, fifty no great. Thank relationship men's masturbation is sort of like Perry and reality. Yeah. Or child and Santa Claus. It's like we this. But we're not fully not off on it. You have the relationships with masturbation that we have with you guys. Make an number two. Which is we just don't want to. We don't want to know. We don't want to think about it happens. It's there, but. There something we want to explore get to the bottom of non pardon, the pun. It's none of that. But I'm telling you that I would bet you and by the way that number as the flights keep getting cheaper and the animals fill the layovers layovers that number's going to be over fifty percent in the next three years. I can see that sad. Wow. I get ours done. Well, I always have the dignity to beat off in the towncar and the right over your real man of that's right. Yeah. They I love the Dawson Vegas flight to Burbank. Amazing. LAX? Okay. So it's another. Question. But is it like, oh, that'd be fun to jerk off on this plane? Or is it like I'm so turned on? I must relieve it. I love the fuck and fiesta mic so much which one is twenty eighty well ask the guys who've done it. I'm going to speak for Gary and say that you take a twenty five year old and put him on a pod with a tablet or computer, that's filled with porn and taken advantage of. Yeah. You'd have an hours to kill. He's going to kill his junk as I said, I want my money's worth. It's right. Okay. All right scary. Right. My name is completely changed by the way. Oh, you're welcome acting land. Oh for sure. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now, you know, it's great great thing is we have a couple of young ladies here disgusted at this this notion, whereas if a guy found out that fifty percent of women masturbate on a plane, we would master. As we spoke. I ever slow stead are you discussing because I'm just surprised. I don't know. 'cause I'm just wondering if like, you know, what makes you reconsider right? Like, the host says I'm going to grab it. And but also you guys feel like to like the cross contamination person who's been in that bathroom for what feels like a fortnight like what is really going on in there. Now, I have to think this might be going on. Twenty six year old dude goes in there and seem to spend like eighteen minutes. Now like what the fuck is going on that under that. Yeah. Now, we know now, you know. Yeah. Look. Wouldn't happened on the airplane. It was in the bathroom. One two was pretty necessary. It was necessary was necessary. You wanted to land that plane safely? Didn't you? Toss robbing bag true. Thicke the safety's important. It is important. Selfish when you pass judge shuttle trip back. It's right. That's right. I feel bad for even even questioning this acidy. All right. Let's bring it on. That's the news. Alison Rosen to bitcon. Oh, that'd be fun to jerk off on this plane. That news with Allison Roseau. Yeah. Craftsmen baby lows lows and craftsmen lows new home of craftsman that includes their v twenty cordless power to a lineup got all the good stuff there. You can get the variety packs to to tools for six eight or combo kits. Got the two amp. High capacity lithium battery that works with all the tools and their v twenty lineup. You get good power. You get great run time. Oh man back when I started cordless drills were so expensive. They didn't last at nine point six volt whatever they didn't work now. They're great. The price is great that their abilities. Great. They got brushless drill. They got the max impact driver. They have the max hammer drill. All they're all at Lowe's. Made in the US avai proudly lows dot com slash. Adam go there, check out all the craftsmen tools. All right for back with some more Corolla classics love that clip. And as a companion piece to what you just heard with Gary's confession revelation here of a rich Bank song revelation. That's right rich banks decided to chime in as well two thousand fourteen. This is actually from an show, fourteen forty two rich banks and Mike Lynch did some fantastic work here. Listening to one of the funniest rich Bank songs of recording. Airplane the pods, dick banks, tear it. Yeah. I'll help it's Gary. Yeah. Flying. Me. There you go. Still playing. Scary. Parfait? Layers. Yeah. Man, thanks to Dickie banks for that one and cyst for Mike Lynch who helps out on a lot of songs with the super funny lyrics. Yeah. Gary of answer to tweet to want to know why Gary was flying first class internationally at the tender age of twenty five, but it's. When your dad owns a golf course. Obviously, you're not not short on cash. Gary. Why were you flying first class? What was the story behind that? I was invited to go on a family vacation. That's how they did it. They had a ton of miles. They were burning on an airline that they were gonna stop using. Okay. All right. All right sticky. Now more on that was where was that LA England or France England England. All right. How long was the family vacation? You really wanna know? Yeah. It was like twelve days how much beating off took place. Once you hit. Tara Tara firm. I had my own room. So. Cocoon? All right. I mean, come on twenty five years beating for you. Do no matter where you were well a lot, but not so much, you know, nationally, I stay in the same like my jeans and same time zone. Role. But. Also, you got to watch it because many guys go on these little trips at twenty five single lot of it is, you know, there's some little international Poon Anne floating around there for them. And you pulling your pud in the shower before you and the family head out to see big band takes the fuck and edge off. You know what I mean? Yeah. I the time you ain't hunting anymore. You're gathering more porn on your fucking tablet. Right. Desperation all over you really drawn. But what I'm saying is it's a fine balance. You know, I I would I would I would tell you that. The pulling of the pud in the for the morning shower does not put you in hunt mode for that afternoon. And maybe that night at the disco. Did you did you mean you chicks out there? Yeah. But you're right. The morning the morning, we'll take you out for the afternoon, but at twenty five now for the evening. You're back. Okay. All right. Good for you. And where did you guys go? Gee, staying staying London. Did you travel around in the channel? No, we did London. And Dublin so when you're leaving the airplane where they like Surrey of the pillow the blanket and part of it. Part part of stuffing from inside the pot. Still stuck we're gonna need that you can't leave the plane with that stuff. Oh, an inflight magazine. All right. All right. Chris GO back with more roll classics this next clip, featuring David Alan Grier hall of Famer Dag baby girl show from two thousand fourteen Dag baby. What do you got this episode fourteen thirty two? There was other guests on this episode. But they're not in this clip is just David. Alan grier. Top Alison Rosen, Brian Bishop and Alison decides to reveal her dream about David. Alan grier. Kylie Cowman Alison for this moment. It's one of the funniest moments in the show's history. Couldn't agree more. Check it out. From studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla. Tonight comedians. David tell David Alan Grier. Watch NFL punter Chris clue Alison rose on news bald Bryan on soundtracks. And now after the show him and the two Dave's heading up to Alaska to get gay marriage. Adam Karol get it on got to get it on get it on mandate kid on. Thank you so much for joining. Thanks so much for Sharon with a friend. Good day. I'll rosen. Hello. Adam Curle and bald Bryan fuck me at Simba's a red Bonna that with the hashtag top drop, David. Alan grier. Dang. It's you know, him is in studio Dag, and I were just doing a little looping session. Doing a little eighty hour work for the movie rode hard, literally cross the street, and we thought if Daggs going to come in and do a little looping work for the movie should just walk across the street and come in for the first segment and just say, hi, good Dag. Hi, Dag feel we talked. No, no now, I wish but no. Set out. It was those who missed the episode Allison headed dream. I had a sexual dream about deck. I like I'm hot and sweaty. And flushed right now, I don't know if it's hot near or if it's just Dag was fucking real. Let me tell you. Really? Seven pounds, and I've been eating Cheetos it is. Ate a bag of Cheetos antibac- Doritos, whether you finish the dorito you brought in to bags to do your eighty hour for fifteen minutes in the dream, though. We did not actually slowly have sex. What I going to? We were going to tell me share than other care. Raise them. So. In detail. What happened in the drain? It's been some time since I've had the dream. So. Many times in the shower. I think I was just making plans to spend a night with you can't you're in a relationship dorm room. Can we get some use somebody's where it was going to be muscling and pity p but God damn I know I was excited. I was excited to spend. This is storm raping. Sorry. This is love head. It's not just saying half is real awesome, Isaac Hayes. Even if you see me. Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. Real slow reel. I feel like they were more details right now. Malka neck and neck. Let me. Turtle thing. Be sucking on that mouth bucket jugular vein. Kicking your shit. All. New purple. The. So tell me what you are getting ready. Yeah. I was making plans. I did. I like the natural. Because I didn't do some easy. Dude question shaving. Flirty though, you like. It's weird. It's still happening. All feeling all rushing back. That's I woke up, and I was like, maybe I have feelings for dagged. I didn't know about. Because like I said in that. Yes. Okay. Clammy. Gumming? We're going on woke up. How do you want to have Ben? 'cause I don't remember just but I'll check my pussy. Hello kitty. No, iran. Number fourteen. Was he was. He was. So what happened? You're getting ready for farmers almanac. Now, the poops trimmed untrimmed what we talking about trimmed severely. Do you have a topiary or anything? Honestly, it's probably over trimmed. I like to know sleep more grown ask woman. You. May might be disappointed. If you would never here's never shave you pussy. Here's how would like them. Nice long. Well, corn rolled put a little poker shales. So you blow Derek Posey? What I wouldn't really. Yeah. A lot of twos. Some sexy. You know, what I mean AB stuff what a arrow pointing down, you know, something like that. No property of property. Here's the problem. Running on the beach is slow motion. Douche Derek with a puppy trim. Rick Jay's down maybe on the go. Talk talk sort of like when you over tweets, your eyebrows. It's hard to let it grow back because there's a whole itchy nasty phase short and curly's groans. Yeah. Like a woman of color. No. Like a woman. Please. Thank you. Thank you. Can I jump in here real quick? This is when you know your relationships going south, I won't name the person I was dating at the time. But I came home she had to keep a house, and she was watching Oprah Winfrey. Lay all came about. Calmly picking her pubic in groans while. She was softly crying while watching Oprah drinking glass of white wine. And I said to myself this is gone too far too intimate back to high school, exactly. Exactly or you over. Or Canoga park. Give me some alcohol. It was not. That's not Alston. Some came in here. She was on cloud that she was floating. Yeah. Okay. So you were getting yourself groaned, Trenton such writing for me, not do the music again. Right. I shave my legs, but not douching and. Training just a little bit as I do. But maybe. Yes. And there was like a group of people really girlfriend. I think my husband was in there somewhere. Cuckold? He said he gets it. Because he said, you're charismatic sexy about fucker gets it. But now you saw boardwalk empire when a black with fucking white chick and the white was watching Jergen off. And all of a sudden the black do like what kind of Bush? It is with something like that. Now close though. Lease. So. There was a lot of people. I had to deal with in terms of letting them know that I wouldn't be hanging out with them tonight. I would be spending the night with Southam user, do you know what I'm hearing. I'm hearing what you're saying. In the dream. Correct me if I'm wrong, Adam she loves me, you fucking love me. Well, obviously, there's something going all these people in a dream what you're trying to reconcile in this dream is if you and I come out in on fans out there. There's going to be a lot of flack you got to go through Adam your husband your family. I met your mom and dad, I think I was gently cupping those lovely booty cheeks at the improv Irvine improv parents were there. So you're thinking I've got to tell the public the world the comedy community. Exactly this shit is real. Okay. This is my teddy pantograph continue with the story. Right. So I knew I was I was very very excited to be spending the night with you in a dorm room in the dorm. But I knew that we would be having sex. And I was ecstatic. Yeah. It was like when you when you received good news. And that good news was that we were going to get it on. Okay. What's your with your cropping? Maybe a little. Yeah. It was more of an emotional thriving. Now. Did you hold his pucker up? Yes. That's the first thing that by the way. So you told your husband the stream, well, I told I told Adam and Ryan. Yeah. This went on time that you tweeted about it. Speaking spoiled by my tweeter of people might Twitter followers, told me, right? So this went on for a little while. And I went home one day. And I felt like there was tension with my husband, and I wonder could he have listened to the episode. That's weird. If I bring it up, then it makes the thing. I don't wanna make thing. So we're going to get to the house ask you something to to be honest with me and don't lie, then I'll be honest with you about my dreams. It's time to tell the truth. I hope you're ready. Have you ever masturbated to the memory of that drink? Go ahead and answer. I'll take the truth or. Yes. Yes. Be honest and tell me trove, I want you to be honest. This is not a joke assigned pet thought a lot about the dream. You guys are waiting to say, yes, right? Come on out of you know. You know, I know the show, and I'm trying to be respectful. Like masturbation, she didn't say, no. Say now. Okay, now, let me ask you something that you want to put words in your mouth women have often said Adam with your experience of taking calls for twenty thirty years. Nut jobs down love line. Women have often said that in the motion of fair. Is the cruel of? The cruel deceit. To do to. I think. I. Is worse than an affair in the book hind right house. We've all read the bumper stickers in the. Now, I wanna say this. I think a little moist a little quiet. Sam nervous. Randy Dak Dag. Let me ask Ouston. This question. This. Do you think the average woman's hand? More upset. That's just. Cheetos doritos? Finger just want later. Okay. So awesome. You did. Would you rather? Daniel have one liaison physically with somebody on the road. Nothing. She was twenty three cocktail waitress. What have you one though fucked? It's shit or a eight month long back and forth. Lots of tweets with the pet names. But no, physical content, right? Surreptitious phone calls, maybe Skype or too long emails. I miss you so much sound of your voice. She's one because I don't I know. Awful awful. But I I tend to think that for women they take the one time versus the short of feelings going back and forth. Actually. They both sound so awful. Well, I'm down when we say no to the physical part. Yeah. That one seems the bigger betrayal but justify motion fair with Dag. That's what's going on trying to soften the blow, pardon the pun. But I gotta go out. And because I wanna hug house goodbye. Well, hold on a second. I really have to go, right? I think the problem with the back in the fourth in eight month is you think it's going to consummate at some point. That's why every bit as bad haven't you been situa-? We can't consummate this you. Love your husband stuck with this fat wife of mine. Don't using that's worse because then it's unrequited than it's more idealized. Like, we are. Just here. I've told you before we should just fuck your film it and over with just do it. Once get it out of your system only if its on air. Yes, content that way, not only it's. But it's the motion right on there. I need six weeks to work out. So. On the Mike. Nobody what would it sound. Like, if there's just an audio first of all, it would be just a lot of preparation. You know, I I do some real sexy. Beginning pop the black kids shit like that implement tissue massage. Give you all up shit. Like, I said I would be talking down to. Correctly prepared. We have a massage table that blowout. Hustle. Get into toys. Sure. No. Have you ever twice this? Why we can't get little? You're listening to me. Hold on. Adam. Do you even hear me what I said? Have you have you ever played unisex to it, sir? Alison, are you serious? Are you just saying this? Uncomfortable ball. Okay. That's too. Yes. Yes. That's me. Yes. After all we're grown people cared Brown. People. I'm at the point in my life where I've never done this again. Let's dispense with that. Okay. We've done it. We've both done it with other people. But this time. Kissing. Okay. And I will suck that my fucking areola off your. Then what is it sound like what he actually? About being real hard. Now. Dag? If you think I'm going to sit here for more and another forty minutes expose alpha. You pick the wrong student. I just wanted to talk to you. 'cause you know, we haven't talks since the dream. I felt uncomfortable you because I've been feeling vibe from you. And I know we should just hug and go back to our former alive because this could never work. I mean because you don't wanna play with fire right guy. So it's like bittersweet sensible. So I'm gonna say we can cut this off. But I'm gonna send you my Email if you'd like to explain yourself. Battelle we have each other's numbers. Right. Have I ever other than that sequence texted out? Adam doesn't know about it. I know let's not even revisited a little can't. And I think I apologized the date picks which embarrassed about but we've moved on from that. Have we not behind me okay away? I like it. I said don't look at me. And we're back with another cruel a classic clip. Another companion piece to what you just heard rich banks decides to chime in about Allison's dream in two thousand fourteen episode fourteen nineteen Adam Ray was guest. Alison Rosen Brian Bishop in studio, and this is the song about dream. I am rate is coming in and. The heat. Impressive guy. Just funny. Young comedian. He was in the in the heat. That's right. He was in the heat. All right. We have a rich banks song, I do believe a very timely topical rich banks on based on some of our lessons news from as ago. Yeah. Down. Then you lease. They're selling. Shoot acts guy. The guy. That game. No. Was she dreams? Dick, banks. Everybody saw very very solid effort. Now. Is there an a an assist from Mike Lynch on that one? And I was all just rich, man. All dick ain't got a rich banks music all deck on here. If you like, and again, always a good friend of the show and good guy. Yeah. House Daniel doing with you and your Mandingo fantasies. Okay. So we didn't see her that much yesterday because I got home late because we were doing a live show. There definitely was some tension. I've been trying to figure out what it is. And I didn't. So sometimes when I were like when I imitated his snoring. Let's say won't be like, oh, did you have to listen to the show? I said listen this show. And he said, yes. But I couldn't bring myself to say, how did you feel about this thing that talked about because I feel like then it makes a thing. And it's not a thing. There's definite weird tension right now. And I don't know what it is. And I don't want to think that I feel like it's gotta be some other meaningless thing. Maybe it's that. What is the number one Certa tire kicking feeling out thing that you do when you're not sure we've all been in that position where we're not sure if the spouse is pissed about something or not? And there's a kind of a there's a there's a couple of like little Canaries, you go let let into their coal mine a little bit trial balloons, and you'll start with some there's a sort of general it going or there's a third of third party thing. House the kids or how's your mom or something day? Yeah. We'll see. Sometimes I'll say is everything. Okay. But then you can't trust the answer starting with everything is everything. Okay. Is in mittens of Gil. Right. So you don't start with that. Because you may just skate passes one completely unscathed. But you have to do a little tire kicking Bryant. Have a Christie tire kick. I'm wonder if I'm the only one in the war can't be Christie, and I mean, especially I'll call it out right away. So she's being shady about like what's wrong with the you're out, you'd sucks. Well, you she'll help things because then we'll talk about it right away. She'll say the same thing to me not quite so bluntly. But we be like why why are you grumpy like as opposed to? But this is a little different. This is you've kind of said something, oh, you're culpable. Maybe you've done something. But you're not sure if they have heard it or or they care or really what their action is going to be about it or on it. Maybe you were talking to one of Christie's friends, and you were sort of making jokes about her to the friend. And then you started thinking later, I wonder if that friend like went back and told them sorta Sheedy your version of what I was saying. Now, you're standing around the kitchen, maybe she's just looking at her ipad in the kitchen. But you're thinking is she knowing me she pissed off what what's going on here. But you don't want to say did you talk to Shelley because bitch is a liar. You wanna go magnifies it, and you're also sort of telling the cop you got a couple of beers rolled around in the back seat. He may not put us flashlight back there. Like, maybe we should just stick to this topic. But on the other hand, if he discovers the beers, he's going to be pissed so this is like one of those do you have a tire kick, the real life example of this was writing the book, she would read the chapter shortly after I wrote the more or less Alba as I was writing them and. There were never spoke poorly verb. There are a couple of stories that maybe she wouldn't want told or maybe embarrassing or whatever. And and of course, it'd be like so how far you when the the book right one of those gently like, so he's still still keep it on your shoppers. You're right, right. 'cause that's kind thing she could read, and then sort of have feelings about and then maybe not completely expressed them. But maybe she's being quiet. But you're not sure if she's just thinking about some work related thing or she read the chapters. Yeah. So I think there's to feel arou- out. Then you go going. How's your day or like, I said third party thing? And then you see if their answers short and curt then it something, right, usually. Yes. But it might not be that thing might be some other thing you got multiple things. I guess we'll find out after this airs. Let's hear what your feeler outer question. It's more. It's it's sort of how long can you stand in the same space with the person without them looking up or saying anything or doing anything if if it seems to go on go on for prolonged period of time. There's usually something and the question you ask if the answer is, you know, a couple of syllables not not good now. I'm just tired is to spend a long day, usually I find that's not the answer. Sometimes it is. But if it is then you'll be like, okay. If you have to do another lap. Are you sure then there's something, and you guys don't have kids if you have kids you can you can just go ahead and use them as a third party to discuss and figure out how the person is feeling based on how chatty they are about to tally homeroom teacher. Something Jim Jefferies about this exact thing up last time. He was on. So how school? Broaching the subject. That every once in a while, you get the you don't even know the you don't even know the name Italians teacher. I'm like now why what what difference? Does it make like? And I don't think any of our parents knew the name of artichoke. And if they did if you ask them now, they wouldn't know, but they wouldn't be like damn it. I wish I could remember Partridge name. Yeah. Now the expectations fucking insane. You're on encumbered. You don't have to know that stuff you're free. I like the best I used to spend it. That that's like spin. It does ask this less. There actually is any truth to this being something that is bothering him. But I don't I don't think it is. If your wife was on a podcast say this one discussing some sort of hot dream, she had about Dag or some other equally. Boden. Black man. How would you feel? You know, I think honestly, my feeling would be. I would here's the feeling. I would have. I wouldn't mind her having those feelings like I'm assuming everyone's had dreams about everybody or axes or strangers or whatever. I mean that that that'd be one of the things you learn. When thing I we save less history and more mystery, like don't don't even go down that road. Really like, do you think about me, or like, if you masturbate to you always think about me, or you ever think about anyone else if you ever, you know, it's like attracted any my friends are, you know, that's like just put a pistol in your fucking mouth. That is really it's one of those things you do when you're seventeen and a half with your first girlfriend like anything, my everyone you slept with and who and which one of my friends, you think it's cute and you'll get the I think you're the cutest. Yeah. But if you had to leave with one of my friends, and then it's at some point after you go around fifteen times like you who are you wanna suck right off? Don't you? You know? And it's you don't even don't even. Begin that that journey. But I think I would feel that it's fine that that this is that she's having these feelings, well what escalate this into me having feeling. Sorry question needs. Faithfulness. Wavering under Fidel Boyne, heat even policies things impulses. Eight dream unbridled impulses. Apostle charge unbridled. No, I just had a dream and nothing even happened. In the dream is going to happen in the dream excited about it, the the point is supercharge vagina. No, I wouldn't the feelings are fine. The part where you talked about. It is fine to just know the only. I get this shit. All the time. You think about what I've been doing for a living for the last fifteen or twenty years sit talking now your loved one. Everybody. I know what am I supposed to talk shit about strangers? Right. That wouldn't work would make sense do that too. I do that too. But I don't know nothing about him to talk as much about them. I know my only feeling would be. Other people like I wouldn't wanna take shit from somebody at work that hurt it. You know what I mean? So I wouldn't mind you thinking it. I wouldn't mind you expressing it. I wouldn't mind me hearing it. It's the third party. That may have heard it that may give me some shit. Right. Jim Jim at the water cooler. I didn't even think about that aspect of it. Good. No. I'm an asshole. Now know here's the thing. I've I've said this audit is it an auditory cuckolding. I've said this. I've said this many times. 'cause people say all the time like do you sit down and really think about who's listening before you start talking? And I say the day you do that today you're done you're officially inhibited. Now, of course, intellectually we understand that this gets out and gets distributed via the internet and friends and loved ones can hear it. But if I pictured my dad, or my friend or Lynette or Ellen generous are whoever I'm talking about like really just put on they're putting in the ear buds and listening. I'd be permanently stifled like think about your conversation that you would have with you, and your friend. If you knew the third person was sitting in the backseat of the car while you're driving a Santa, Barbara. How all third that conversation. Be as it pertained to that person. Yeah. Insanely, all right. End up not saying anything or just sort of talking about some shit. You didn't really wanna talk about my fins? But if mouth and talk with mom, so picture, your mom in the back seat of that car and you David Alan Grier. A little wow them Antic getaway. PCH not that. There is a back seat because he's driving to cedar dropped up. But either way I pictured myself driving in that scenario. You didn't think black people should be able to? I think that should be allowed to dry. So you're driving in your mom's in the back seat. And the topic of your mom comes up with you and Daniel driving in the front of the car. Drove into Atlanta host how altered would that conversation. Be about your mother thousand one hundred ten percent right there, you go plead. Okay. So whatever the celebrity or the family member or the love. One or the child or the schoolteacher the whoever insanely altered conversation. Now that being said, yeah, intellectually, and we understand, and there's things you say, and you can get held accountable to and in trouble for things like that. But would you want to do this thing that we're all engaged in and be insanely altered because it seems the opposite of why we built the pirate ship reveal the pirate ship authentic and podcast when he met me he fell in love with me because I love Dag. That's right. I'll realize. I'll realize. Also, I do I do say this a little bit. And I know you guys. I know you'll laugh at it. But I do mean it I can say racist jokes and remarks because I'm not a racist. And if I had it in my heart, like really, don't like this person or that person, or I feel superior to this culture of that culture. I came I fucking mouth shut because I guarantee about it. And you were really having feelings about David Alan Grier. Like, I mean you like woke up in one. What if I get his number from Gerry like, I mean, I think you know, if he's in New York, and he's doing Pippin on Broadway. And I just like went out there on business. Like, if there was if you had by the way to me, it's sort of the ultimate argument that no one ever buys. But it is the ultimate argument. Like that makes total sense to me. I mean because that is true about if if there was. If I were if this were actually a threat to the marriage. I would not be talking about it. It's because it's so silly. I mean, yeah, I mean, just again, let's let's just go to an extreme. Which is Dag is doing Porgy and Bess and you we're going to be out doing our podcast at Caroline's, November, whatever it is. And you're thinking you're going online to see how long Porgy and Baz is running on Broadway. He going to be there in November. Maybe I can if that's where your mind is at and there's a lot of people's minds. Do go that way. And they do think that way they have affairs, and they have a little step outside of marriage. You don't find yourself a microphone and start spouting feelings into that or experiences into that microphone you play pretty fucking close to the vest. And if David Alan garage name comes up. Oh, yes. I met him one colored fella. Yeah. He makes all kinds of interesting noises. May not be losing weight. But you know, bigger. So again. As I said, the reason I can act like an asshole because I'm not an asshole, it doesn't work well with most people, but this is that example. Thank you. You're welcome. But then again by you, prompting me to bring that up before the show, the pre show discussion about that wouldn't allow what you told me not to say anything about. Oh, man. Yeah. All right. Hey, it's madman. 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Vital. It's twenty one years of age and older. All right. It's more cruel a classic clips free Kristen GIO here. And if you notice today's theme, but I think it's honesty, and this next clip is no different with bald. Brian revealing something about himself from Adam Corolla show fifteen thirty nine featuring ralphie may Gina grant. And Brian Bishop Brian live on stage. They're all there at this moment, Brian decides to reveal something in front of an audience full of people, which may be the bravest of them. All. I have to explain life to my wife a lot because my wife is very, you know, the doctor said, and I'm always like fuck those assholes talked about. No, I'd say look, the it's the same fucking story. I up people that don't give a shit about. You just tell you whatever is easiest for them. And then go away. They don't give a fuck. You know, anyone gets surgery they go, no liquids. No solids. Don't use no water nothing after midnight. Right. That's for an eight AM surgery or five PM surgery. We'll have to fuck this in. What is it? It's one hundred percent further away five o'clock what they don't give a fun. But my wife will be like it's twelve three and slammed up bucket juice box out of my hand. Those assholes don't give a shit. I drink it on the way in by the way, if this was true, if this is really important, if this could kill me, I would have to stay overnight at the hospital, and they would monitor me if it was the same with the phone on the airplane really was going to bring the plane down. You couldn't bring it on because out outpolled when could be fucking around at first class with its blackberry. The fucking plane was gonna come down. Right. I just love the revelation drink juice box. I top it off. Looks innocent enough. So here's my point the rule is you got twenty minutes with the choose. Yeah. You got twenty minutes if you live twenty three minutes away from the place you have to do it on site. I know the twenty minutes means two days, maybe an hour. I got fucking tube socks from high school still walking around Sean on their own fine. Starting their own families. Thriving? I know I can take this shit. Forty five minutes from my house to the place, and it's not like we're going to well, one of the kids has three arms, and what does pylon cones, whereas head should be. I fucking know it, but my wife doesn't and the lady said twenty minutes. So I gotta go to the place and beat off at the Blace. Luckily, I'm jacking ninja speed off. And like so many different places over the over the years that it's like, it's not doesn't. Where displace well I in terms of challenging. Yeah. I don't like to talk about myself. This one is once. I was I was doing a job. I was building a house in Malibu. Yeah. Off of Rambla Pacifica road, which is one of those ones. They just closed off a PCH what after about ten years city out. Fuck it. It's been close so long. We know it again, but I was building a house off of rambler Pacifica. I had to get their off Mulholland where Mojo gets really squarely at the top alarm along. There was driving my eighty four Nissan five-speed pickup truck. Forty six dollars. Wait a minute. We started. It's must have been six forty something in the morning squeezed the shit off on a bench seat driving a stick on fucking mall. Holland that shit bitch is nice. That's right. You're a hero. I tell you how disturbed that hitchhiker. I picked up was. Tell you the look on his face but impressed brick ads. Yeah. He said, Malibu or bust. I was not fucking kidding. Well, that was that was one of those by girlfriend just dumped me, I knew was going to be a long time before I got back to the solitude of my apartment, and I was just in nobod- and I had to focus on building. The railing oak railing on a staircase on a house that completely burned to the ground. When the fire swept that's where the fire spent throw a few years to build a house in refractory period. You're never better really all ears. I could kind of fucking time and. I really, you know, you're distracted your to mass in your all over the fuck it road part in the pot. But you're never more. You're never in a better place than that refractory period. Yeah. Wow. Rao weirdest place probably on I ten going to El Paso. Wow. What Stockton disgusted when you find out? How guys really are? Yes. For me. But just a long fuck and Dr. Let's not this out. Automatic though, twenty minutes fan born dropped us load and go fuck at sleep at the place curry in the morning. Yeah. Slowly roads like rise. No into written a song Willie Nelson like jacket off on the road again. Truckers could really identify with. You know, they're always talking about getting home to you about jacking off in the fucking parking lot over the diesel place. You know, saying, but universal theme that everyone can identify with. Well, let's put it this way. Those big rigs that have the sleeper bunk in the back of oh, I jumped off one of those. Yeah. I did. I don't even a fucking trucker. And you jackdaw for my uncle with a trucker long. And I wanna run with them when I was thirteen thirty years old. Do the back jerked up next year and a trip. He was driving. I had heard his drawn. What piece of shit guys are? This moment. Thank you. Welcome bribe. All right. Should we do a little news with Gina grad? How about we do that? Let me let me. Roundly? May gotta stand up special unruly. He's got issues available right now on Netflix flake sorry, and the well, it's weird. When once. And and also the podcast. Perfect head pod. Live dates coming up a lot of live dates. I'll tell you what you should do. You should just go to round fee made dot com. Yes. Ralphie may dot com. And find out when he's coming to your town or coming on the way to your town either. These come and tell you that ralphie may dot com. All right. Let's do a little new show. Gino grant show. -tective soldiers. Which? Thanks. Gene. Gene, the news with gene graph. About this a shocking, California. Ballot proposal that calls for gays and lesbians to be quote, put to death by bullets to the head is triggered widespread backlash for the author Orange County. Lawyer Matthew Gregory mcglaughlin, the Sodomite suppression act as called like this the people of California wisely. Command in the fear of God that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification can be put to death by bullets to the head already convenient method. It's a will written long. I'm sure Jerry Brown. Get behind this one. That's Jerry Brown. I know this guy is just crazy and look at semaine, right? Okay. But it got farther than I think people expected and everybody's talking about it. Okay. All right. Loophole there that he's allowed to make this. What are the chances? He's gay because one hundred percent under ten percent. Here's ponder percent. Ten percent loves cock straight. Is. So. Because here every straight guy if you're straight. He loves Kat. All around. Visualizing how much talk. Right. I love Brian. Here's how you should be wired. If you're just a straight guy, you come up you explain to me, your gag. Out of Gus news for you. I gay good more pussy for me. By the way, he probably recommend a decent place. Eat right. Seem to know where to eat, right. I thought you were going to different reaction to be honest. We're pussy for me in a good restaurant recommend Thomas somewhere around here. Okay. There we go win win win win in a finally a finely manicured lawn. Yeah. What went past your place a couple of times? I thought some Asians we're living there this explains. It. Out of cruel on tolerance. It's their guy in the fuck it world that has like an old so or an El Camino up on blocks. No fucking dirt lawn going. I know it's been in primer for few years, but I'm looking to get into the shop and get a coda candy apple on their no fucking way. Guys, said the greatest lawns. I I if you a satellite over boy's town in any town. I could I could tell you where it stopped right where the gay stops in the straight begins to fuck it line of green manicured lawns. Big patch of blue in the middle of the whole, and they don't stand for graffiti. No, they don't they don't they're they first off. I don't know if everything's just covered with a film like Astro glide or something. But I don't think I don't think graffiti even takes invoice out. I think it just feels right? Flies right off daggers. What fuck and every time we tried it or shit. Just rolls right off the cinderblock got some kind of weird lube on there. Something. It doesn't even try anymore. All right. Where were we? Guys got to be right. One hundred percent. Like, I sure Fred Phelps was rushing. And I need them the best RPG way. If you've eaten excuse to watch porn here. It is a study out of the university of California claims that men who watch a lot of porn have better sex lives than those who don't need while scientists said they could find no hint that men whose computers were littered with dole content suffered from erectile dysfunction. I was telling you guys what kill poured site. And you know, now everyone's trying to trying to get business, you know, without a big band or popped up tired of beating off and I've like hell. Yeah. Right. Fifty years fifty years still going strong play reach their you for. Yeah. Call me about a week after I die. Seaming kid. See maybe maybe that. They'll no guarantees. No, caring teas. But. Yeah. No, clearly, not tired of it. I'm looking at port on the computer right now. But all right. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Basically saying that women who bitch that their men watch too much porn have no reason to because keeps them hot for their lady more at least hot for. I think it's just a sort of you know, gears, turn and Canada blood flow. Kinda you know, you're alive kind of the game. I want everyone to completely turn against me. But nobody thinks that that's cheating the poll out of here. I know people who would be not too pleased. If they caught their boyfriend jerk and say that so say this I look at it is the guy on the NFL sideline who's writing the fuck and stationary by automate. I'm staying loose coats. I could get in that game. Criticize that guy. He's working little fuck and trying to get a ladder going away getting into one fucking injury away from getting out on that field. Awesome. Guys, gotta do is terrorist ball sack and he's in. You know what I'm saying? So we don't criticize that guy. Now. Here's the thing. I think I think you tell me it depends what kind of porn the guys looking at right, for instance, to still apropos nothing, but your guys out there. You know, if he's staring at the big jug porn. We gotta match. Right. I mean what I'm saying is. Better case. That's good. Yeah. Good thing. You know what I mean? What he staring at the being cheese? Now, we got a situation where you know, what I'm talking about right? Making a lot of things fraiche say like like if you're married looking if your wife is forty six years old and she catches you looking at Bill poured. You're centrally simulating her. Yeah. If you're looking at the, you know. Team. But you wouldn't know it kind of thing then we got between what a pussy, and you're. Chasm? It's a conundrum. Throat. Anyway, you know, what I'm saying ralphie only tell they did I think that you watch the port like for me we had a Chinese nanny. So I couldn't watch any age point for a whole year. When I wanna get creeped out if off then you got gotta beat off again, twenty minutes later. That asia. That's caen. Big enough beneath really on top. Okay. Throwing the so you had you had the. You had this. I have a quantum. Oh nanny. So, you know, there is a Guatemalan porn. No fifty four. Yeah. Yeah. So so you have your your your nanny is what she's Chinese Chinese. So get to stay away from that department in without a doubt. Because I could never have my wife look at my ipad. And what the fuck right as you mother, fucker talks everything, right, right international incident. Right. It's just like, you know, a little of brunette. Yeah. No, rob. Right. Do you guys ever have the rush with port like see? I don't know how to work the computer that. Well, you know what I'm saying? Right. I know I hope you're sitting down not one of these taxis. And every once in a while, I so boss, I don't cover my tracks. Very well at all. And what time I had some like French photographer guy who was doing a whole like read on my house, and my family and everything, and I had my laptop that last time I used it was on the road kind of thing and a hand been used at home, and blah, blah, blah. And the French guy was like, oh, yeah. I shot I shot her. George Clooney's house. God that sounds let me show you let me show grabs a computer, and he opens it up. And now, he's he's telling everyone gathered around data around and he's like hitting the search staying and the Google thing too. Yeah. And I'm like, I'm thinking, shall I fuck it spill my drink on. Out of its hands throwing a swimming pool or go like what everyone around the buck and just hitting random buttons on it on my. Something's going to fill it into. You have no move. Like, you can't go. That's not my computer. You can't protest too much. Can't rip it out of his hands. Fuck standard this fucking Bray banks. Your hate us nineteen doesn't just pop up. Yeah. Well, that that that one went pretty good. But there was another app. Assode me, my wife, and my sister were looking for something on the much bigger screen just blow just how just just, you know, went down and hit that weird thing on the, you know, once I don't know what know I'm not delete cookies fucking loss. You know, nothing about community. I'm not Tim jobs. I'm sorry. No, you're not. I'm not really computer guy. All right. I don't know anything about the macro soft that things and what not all I know is sometimes shit at the bottom. And if you click one of they'll be titty fucking taking up the entire fucking screen, and how it got there or how to get rid of it. But it's happened before shoot your computer. Be kinda your space though, that you'd be respected, right? Your domain. Password on. Oh, yeah. I would. I would forget my past. We're almost almost immediately. Yeah. What's my password? What four now thing? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now, I got the kids going on and look at for. You know, Katy Perry shit on their songs of your parents too. All right, sorry where. All right. We're back prison GIO. Here was another classic two episodes later after Bryan's confession. We get this one of the fastest turnaround times. Ever this rivals pulled Allison Gary's, maybe maybe surpasses them is off the charts breaker breaker in July. Talk to oh, we got a rich Bank song. Ooh. New rich Bank. So why don't we hear are rich Bank song? Then. Breaker this Barbie. I got a. What is in the semi brunette amounts? Outliers. Jeez. On your that? Good buddy versus. Thanks bye. Try. Wave back in ninety one on the long run in Qin where all Lome's nephew back in my sleeper. Cabins pulling on his home had a full load in my trailer and one all over my she could hear what the wine of those retread tires all Brian slap. It. Through the night. Gave jerry. Roger regal wretched twenty down. I. Got a sperm buck flaps and got some kids back a much Rucker camp. Yeah. Asked honored or horrified. I'm honored to be respects muse questions. What song was that? Oh, no. Convoy. We'll. Oh, right. Right. Right. CB savvy on voice, one of the greatest artistic endeavors music or not ever ever been a pen light to paper and in fingers to band Joan. There was a movie called convoy this another Burt Reynolds nineteen eighties cod movie. No, Kris Kristofferson, the only other one it could be ours in convoy, and I got. I want. Me back. When driving a truck was noble. Now, we know you really clean. Just. First, and then the movie this from the movie, I think the song was a castle. Seven. Past dog MAC with a panel back Jaguar hall. The floors. This was I think this was a hit. And then I think the movie came out. But there was a there was a few rucking movies back, then they're called white line fever Vincent tool. This is your rent. Do all share? Yeah. That was a really I mean that was a Trump rate movie. But it wasn't like try, right? Number one song. And this is doctor demento, this is this country and pop charts one, son. This song seventy five movie seventy eight okay, also rich banks, if you're ever going to the song ninety one I was actually balding. I wasn't bald yet. All right. Awesome guy co everybody that's what I wanna say you want to save hundreds of dollars car Insurance cO with coach go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes could be saving fifteen percent or more on your auto insurance. Do it in two thousand and nineteen come on. Now. Save that extra money. Put it in your pocket. It'll be the most rewarding thing you do all day at Kyko that is geiko dot com. All right. A couple more Corolla classic clips left for you guys. This next one comes from two thousand fifteen very Gina grad decides to reveal something about yourself from fifteen ninety nine she'd mentioned the story of her orgy experience, basically her walking through one several times and rich banks heard this and decided crank out the song that give it quickly recap of experience to skip. An awesome Adele from catch contractor who were studio and debut song, my rich bakes after the backstory, we get. All right. We have a rich Bank song that's timely because it has to do with Gina grand attending an orgy. Ooh, watch. You would not have liked the when I was. This is. Yeah. Well, she went to an orgy, but really it's just sort of. Why would she have not liked it with dudes involved? Like, what happened just me? The term film you on the people who when I was describing the guys with the mustaches and the dress shirts, but the no pants. You know, what that's called? Apparently, according to everyone on Twitter, do but if I say, everyone will think. A really disgusting verb. They made it of Porky pigging really this shirt. Nope. Nothing down a real. Yes. Have you up doing exactly I know did, you know, an orgy when you arrived or within the I didn't know it was in riverside. I was kind of blind on purpose. Yes. I try did you try to participate? No, I tried to get the funk out of their new. New. Y open to whatever. But once I got there with the with the clientele was not from. It's usually a bunch of single, dude. To like hanging out just getting off. There was a buffet. Yes. There was a buffet. That was very often. She's and he's guard. Ordinance. It was really it was it was a real. Smaller people. Yeah. Rich. Experience in this matter. I in my last. Say or geez. Luck. If you've seen like Kalicki lower something an orgy, Josh ship and everyone's hot peeing Lucking. Let's fisting the groom. I would say this for those you who really have an orgy fantasy don't ever tend an actual orgy, especially in the inland empire. And it's a lot like the batmobile. We had the actual batmobile at the man show. Not the cool one the old the old school bat mobile started off like Lincoln continental or something like that. But either way I came here when it was. But the point is when Jimmy saw the batmobile that was at the man show, the actual George barris built batmobile. He went this the bat mobile. Yeah. It is. It's the real bam mobile George barris broad, and he said, no, it's not it looks like a piece of shit. And it's the reason is because you got to walk up on it and see that the labels were the same label or his mom used on Tupperware and stuff as a kid and different bits and pieces. You see just pulled from the hardware store and all that. If can't walk up on it, you have to see zoom by in film. And that's the same way. I feel about. The orgy zoom buying film when you walk up on. It's a bunch of factors. Key. Do not go to nude beach. I think it would be a pretty cool experience. It's not Santro pay. Yes. In vanished, California. Probably not so much. The only time that lives up in Vegas. You're gonna like a topless pool out there. That's pretty sweet otherwise of Greek islands a real letdown. Let's see a bunch of Greek gods statue type of dues really depressed. Germans that? Don't tan. Well. Let's hear let's hear Richard. Pencils? His she. Fulham? Showing up to warehouse might leave with. Gene thought she check out the scene. She forgot that dude's want again. Even though she showed she wasn't. They filed. So she got her chest page. It took a Jane coach. But she tried to shake the hand of the strange and ended up stroking his. That's amazing. Right everybody. Well, the poor greeter came up. What did you think it was called the guy in a shirt with? No. Yeah, hanson. Yeah. That to me is spend. Doing. Husband of twenty one years who's trying to get laid. Right. Kind of thing. Fork? Yeah. Plane off the rose. I didn't have any name for that. I didn't know Porky pigging shirt like buttoned all the way down. Or was it like his junk like through? Yes. They're imagining it did you guys finish. Will you know? No. I didn't mean to help him. I was just being cordial. He said he said he's he helps vanilla 's who are like the first timers get comfortable with the scene, and I was like cool. So, but we he walked near big rockabilly pompadour big that can't of our mustache walk me. Around showed me the swing chair and the civilian and nobody was in there though. So it was like nothing to it was just it was depressing. Underwhelming experience. You know, what the best part is. There should be a split screen between the guy is Porky pigging over there. And then what goes on the following Monday? When he standing there going. What's it gonna take to put you in this RV? Yeah. It's it's three years old on the registration. But it is brand new and all purpose like he's retired didn't drive at that behind the counter and a Home Depot explaining that. You know, twenty percent off if you sign up the Home Depot card, there's some super normal boring. Shitty job that guy has it's not like he runs a website for for swingers. Eat probably on Monday goes to some job somewhere that we would deal with behind the counter at the Alamo car rental place at the airport or something and he's explaining that he could put you know, maxima, but the insurance be a little bit more. But it's a nice upgrade upgrade fees only nine dollars a day. There's something. Notable. So then look around when you go about your life. But what does that do doing in the inland empire on a Saturday night? And nobody's doing now. Chris I don't know if this is gonna make sense to everyone I've been watching a lot of orange is the new black has anyone seen that ever? Okay. Do the warden Mr. Caputo. That's what they all looked like Google that. It'll give you a good idea to classification of orgies like like like fat, people orgies or hot people or jeez. Or? Related or wasn't. But I told I told them this the other night, and this is the God's honest truth. I went with some friends that I knew from playboy and two of them are gorgeous there, Mary that's Caputo a lot of them. Look like that. All right. So so they were actually there to help facilitate the orgy, and they got there, and they wouldn't touch anybody everybody Ryan. And I try to get this answer on stage on Thursday to know. We gave we gave up, but we wasn't your fault. We're trying to get this answer everyone right down the number. What constitutes an orgy because four people that can be couples swing. Yeah. Three people's three. That's threesome the four can just be a, you know, mainland that Nelson about it. We'll rent party. Okay. I can't. Go to. You know, the pond is going to be in that group. I've seen I've seen boxer briefs that I'm not doing. All right. Give everyone. Everyone top, bro. You may get to eat. I at lunch when they pull out the Pufang. The big dog is the venture dog is now. Take it. All right. I wrote a number down. Everyone got their number down that guided in my head on your head. I believe you. All right, Brian. What did you live or more because fours couple swinging the five is officially I've thought about that Jean? I don't think it's an orgy until you have at least eight people how vicious all right skit, I'm going to go with five. I will be the minimum thing. Because then you got you got the two couples. And you got the one do like spanking in on the side kind of right? Keeping everybody going to me. Salvo today. Yeah. Wade. He got out of orgy. I'm thinking like a lot of people with a minimum of eight. I wrote the I wrote seven okay because Gary seven to Chris seven or you five or seven five here's a here's a reason say five five technically technically because we're beyond a threesome couples swinging. We're into an odd number. We're in the five, but just saying if you said to so on I just got back from an orgy, and they're like tell me all about well, they're well, they're four others, including me kind of disappointed technically be an orgy. I for me, it feels like seven and above is is is is an orgy but five technically. Okay. So then you got three couples. Then in the one dude spanking on the side. Yeah. All right. News. All right. We have one more clip for you guys. This one is from two thousand fifteen. Rich banks come coming in clutch. Once again, we got here sixteen seventy three once again recorded live in Phoenix doing a show with Theresa. So it's Theresa's Rosser Gina grad and Brian Bishop. So it's the original news girl, reuniting with gang again with Gina grad who's really good friend first besties, and they relationship all the way back to the kale a sex show. So it's really full circle moment to have all of them on stage together and the whole history of the show. And then we get a new rich Bank song, and Theresa shares a poem. She wrote about Adam Corolla. So I did write you a poem thinking ask his rodeo. Yes, here this is due. I'm taking a different direction than you're. All right. I'm all all ears. This is literally my first rodeo, so you can tell because I totally got confused about this bit. Okay. Had a working title leaves of kissing ass. Because I know you're Walt Whitman fam- do I want to wall to reach your high? That she said. Yeah. Okay. Invented mosquitoes. I think I gotta work that one out, but go ahead. Okay. This is prepare. All right. All right. I'm having a lot of second guesses knows annex today for me. Oh, wow. Yet. Wow. Although it is in this poem. You're on a roll. Okay. Some say that your voices. Never quiet. I say your Malysz Lewis tones remind me of those of John Hiatt. Oh, thank you. Underrated. Isn't he underrated? Sure, you get thirty looks from the New York Times review of books because snobs don't understand what your hockey, but ask any fan woman or man, and they'll tell you go by daddy. Stop talking. I like the direction setting oh apropos of nothing. I'd like to mention something I loved only two movies this year. Both now available for streaming. They call Shakespeare the bar, but did he write rode hard? Or that talk about racing and dreaming of all your creations moving poignant and funny. You've also given the world to gorgeous creatures, your babies and Talia and sunny all as for looks doesn't. He just get better with age. I think it's the apple pie served with two scoops of rage. Despite your love of track pants, and plaid shirts, you somehow manage to look dapper must be all those years you spent as north Hollywood's finest long, snapper. Oh, wow. Pretty good. All show. Pract yes, Dan, there's a there's a second page. Sorry, guys. I'm I I in my mind, I'm cutting stances right now, I'm getting right to the end put that coffee on if you were a car you'd be one. That's powerful with sleek lines, maybe Lamborghini, and one must point out that you're still on your first, wife and Lynette can rock a bikini. Yeah. She can. Is so fun to watch you on celebrity apprentice and dancing with the stars. You understand what television is about? Which is why I will find beat down each and every one of those fuck nuts who voted you out. Every Sunday at ten I grab some standard ice tea and settle in to watch cat. Cats. Contractor on spike, TV you give those shady halls a good fisting. So check your local listings. To watch the ace man, who's both handy and thin speaking of which your own grandma once called you fat. And that's a story. I remember with sorrow I might be getting sappy now, but thanks to mixing booze and zanex. I probably won't remember this tomorrow. Totally forgot the annex your talents are obviously too numerous to list, but please bend over Adam Curle and consider your ass thoroughly kissed inclosing. Let me say all Phoenix is happy to see you. So help me salute this great man, drinking your hand. And let's all raise a glass. Oh, Teresa Rawson. God love you baby. Love you. Wow. That was amazing. Great writer. I leave the joking to Adam. If you really really love, you do you have to remind myself what a great writer you are. And I'm glad I'm hope I've told you that few. Since I've known you. Yes. Well, I always believe you're incredibly talented one time you've been wrong. All right now, I feel like that was enough. Ask my buns. My buns can't take anymore. I think we should do some news. Yes. But we gotta hear this. We hear this song. It's Theresa specific. Oh, okay. So rich banks former resident of the Phoenix area rich banks right mayday song with maybe. Maybe. Here now. When she was real news. Night pet fakes drip, twin guy that spray seed. Ryan. Forgot about that. Tritter jewish. She had to. She. Pretty great. Nice. Rich banks getting better with age isn't he he really is with us since the beginning aids. Yeah. Something about lower his teeth fell count Tyner the singing taking a step back and reevaluate or things. Yes. All right. We'll do some news. I you guys all want to library. All right. Thank you so much for listening to this series of Corolla classics do you and I have had a blast. Putting these together for you guys. And hope you enjoyed the clips that you heard them crochet returns tomorrow. If you've loved clips, and you want to hear the full show podcast one premium gets access to the archive. You can hear every single episode ever recorded right now, we're at two thousand four hundred seventy nine total Adam Karol show episodes in February. It'll be the ten year anniversary. I love put these together for you. Hope you guys enjoyed them for superfan. Giovanni? This is Chris locks amount of Saint thanks for listening Mahalo and get it up. Suck -nology truth. Brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text. I'll supervisor to your supervisor. What's janet's? Thanks. Did. She lose up that without weed whacker. Sent wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something Goco, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. AP radio news. I'm Maguire the barshop government shutdown over border issues, not likely to end until Friday at the very earliest Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on the NF lore. Speed says the House Democratic plan to vote on funding eight shuttered departments. And continuing funding for the department of homeland security and the next month without an increase for President Trump's border law won't fly one partisan vote in the house. Tomorrow's not going to solve anything made it clear to the speaker. We're not interested in having show votes. In the Senate. We're interested in bringing up something houses passed sixty senators support and the president will sign Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer accuses Republicans and the president of holding federal workers, and the public hostile hope that they will not use the American people the millions who depend on these eight departments and the work. Cours who are either not working or not getting paid as hostages to have a temper tantrum pound the table and say, it's our way. Well, we heard all these people the partial shutdown now in its twelfth day has furloughed about four hundred thousand federal workers with a similar number working without pay an announcement made. After the close of trade today is likely to have an impact when the markets open tomorrow. Warren Levinson explains apple CEO, Tim cook sent shareholders a letter saying revenue for the fourth quarter will be around eighty four billion dollars well below the ninety one billion Wall Street had been expecting the biggest factor is a slowdown in the demand for new iphones, especially in China where the economy has been slowing and domestic brands are starting to capture some market share cook said the president's tariff war with China doesn't help although it hasn't directly affected apple yet company. Shares had already fallen by a third since early October. They fell again in post.

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