Phinsider Radio: Talking NFL Combine, Kyler Murray vs. Dwayne Haskins, and the Dolphins plans for the future


Radio pogo dot com, any Espy nation network. And now your host at you cannot joined by co-hosts, Josh outs and air inside. Hello everybody and welcome to side radio. This is magic out a joined by Aaron sudden and Joshua outs. And the NFL combine is officially underway in Indianapolis, Indiana. A Lucas oil stadium players arriving front offices arriving. We are going to be heading to the word culture over the next few days. Make g stay tuned to the center dot com and all of us on Twitter as we bring you the very latest from the NFL scouting combine on Friday. The running backs offensive line kickers and special teams will go on Saturday. The quarterbacks wide receivers tight ends will work out on Sunday the defensive linemen and linebackers will work out and on Monday. It's the -fensive backs, of course, obviously in between before and after we play. Interviews coach. It's us general manager interviews and on Wednesday morning Miami Dolphins head coach, Bryan Flora's and general manager Chris queer spoke to the media symbol there. And we will touch on that also touch on some draft debate topics such as the quarterbacks more partly Cuyler Murray versus Dwayne Haskins which one is better which one might come on top, which one will probably get drafted. I and moving into that. We'll Kyla Murray go number one overall. And if so where does Josh Rosen then lands whilst kinda run down a few other storylines heading into combine week. But I do want to start off by saying that our own Aaron an a Ron in is headed to the NFL. Combine representing pro football network on our dot com on Twitter at PFM three sixty five as you all know, what's our little project here that we do all three of us together. With plenty of great staff. You'll also be representing us here on Finsider radio and the Finsider dot com. Partly espionage. In network, g kinda pulling double duty there. But man, how excited are you to be on the ground at the NFL combine, which I think is one of the top five events that the NFL puts on top three top two definitely not the top ones Super Bowl is. But I would argue besides the draft. Then combine is the place to be obviously super excited didn't know that this would ever be an opportunity just wanna go and not making Atta myself and be a student of the game and absorb as much as I can I'll be with some other good guys. And no see a few more others there. They know this is going to be as much of a networking thing as it will be on the field sort of performance, and it's kinda cool that the reasons combine is going to be interesting as maybe not the reasons that those people might think it's not gonna be the workouts and drills and stuff like that. It's going to be. Some of the things that happened behind the scenes, and that's why I'm super excited just roll my sleeves up and just absorb as much as I can. I'll be a tremendous opportunity for you. And I'm jealous even though you know, we run PFM three sixty five together all of us. But obviously, work schedules and family commitments all of that. So you are going with Brett Yaris and Chris Brunner to members of the staff there, the PFM Staffan again like I mentioned also covering for the Finsider infant side radio. So you definitely have your work. Cut outs. What are you looking forward to the most sign as to the position groups, not only working out put the interview processes while when they meet with the media during their Disney today, what's gonna be interesting just to see the whole process how it unfolds for the media. You know, where are we allowed to stand? How close are we allowed to get to the action? How you know how how available are all the all the players. We know that they're going to be available from two o'clock to five o'clock in the evening each day. But we don't know is what order the players come in. And are there simultaneous podiums open? And it's basically each. Choose who you're going to ask different times. So those types of things I'm going to kind of have to figure out on the fly also in the same vein. I'd saw Bryan Florez Chris Greer interviewed the smarting. I wasn't sure known some of the NFL communications that I had received through PF n that. You know, what's it wasn't apparent which teams in which coaches would be available which times it was very clear that it's gonna be kind of a fluid process. So I'm gonna see when I get there Friday morning, and I'm just like I said, it's gonna roll my sleeves up and get to as much action as I can. And if you know finding a sneak some of my kids in there and helped me accumulate knowledge and info that I'm gonna do that. You'll be making sure we are all stayed at informed of the latest updates on your Twitter feed on the Twitter feed on the inside of the com- everywhere. I know you're going to be hard at work. But let's go back to Wednesday morning when Chris Greer and Brian floors spoke Miami Dolphins general manager and head coach respectively. They had a few interesting tidbits. I think the biggest hit bit. They came out of. This was a few things we're going to touch on all of them number one. They said they want to remain in the future with the team is plans the expect to be there. The exact quote from believe, it was Chris Greer. He said he was asked. Where'd you think stand with Howard? And he said, yes, I'm very confident that he'll be there exceeding has been in the building. He's coming back working out and getting in shape again after the proble he's doing good who've been hanging out around him. He wants to be a Miami dolphin. We want him to be a dolphin. And there is a lot of discussion from media and from fans made up discussion I thought. Because I think we had pretty much consistently said here on this show that we were very confident that Howard remained dolphin just based on the defensive philosophy alone from the New England Patriots where they have their strong corners shut down their number one and number two on the opponent posing offense and using that as your strength and to kinda build their defense around that. So when the talk sort of coming up the dolphins would maybe trading saving Howard for future draft picks. It just didn't make sensory because he is one of the best corners in the NFL. And he's going to cost money. You don't draft guys just to let them walk. That's not how you build a team. So I thought that was interesting before we touch on that. And also just want to talk about John James, another player that many are talking about an Chris Greer said that John James had got married last weekend to graduations, John. And they said that they'll be talking to his camp after the combine they both agreed on it. But it sounded like that, you know, he wants Joon to stay to wants to say. But obviously they're going to let the market dictate of kind of money. He makes out there. And see what they can do to kind of work around that let's start with exellent Howard. How some of the throw this? Once you. I mean, guys elite. He's gonna be paid like an corner gonna be paid the highest corner in the NFL at least until the next cornerback signs a contract. But, but I think it's good news to hear that Chris queer saying they want exhibit and saving wants to be there. And that's something we touched on all three of us in last week show. So I mean, it's nice to hear Chris kirkum out there and say that the dolphins are gonna focus on sign in their own. But one thing we all need to realize he said exerting Howard is going to be on the team. He predicts he will be on the team next season. He's under contract next season. The dolphins not need to give him a new contract this year. It's just something in their best interest. Because you've got a guy who's starting to get better each and every year. Yes. The health is still concerned. I think all three of us agree that they need to do diligence, Sarah. But if that was boxes are checked exerting Howard is one of the best defensive backs in the NFL you stole Stefan Gilmore that defense. It's going to be similar. They're going to have those physical corners at the line. Exuding Howard is physicals. They come. I mean that was part of the reason. You know, he had those falls come out of the out of a Baylor. Because he he was a guy that was very handy. The line consistently got penalized ended it would just continue to grow. And now this guy's finally starting to own his skills. He's becoming one of the true shutdown corners in the NFL. We all know he was led the league interceptions. He's a playmaker. It's good here. Chris crusades gonna bring him back on anxious. You guys think about John James because that's gonna be a very interesting thing to see how that plays out with his bat. Dolphins offensive line has been lately. So let's switch to John James and son. I'm gonna throw this one to you again, Chris said Joon just got married, and they would work with him after the combine. But here's what he also said he said we drafted him here. And he's good young player. We'd like to have him here. And we'll see what the market is in what he's looking for as well. When asked how important Joon James would be as an inker for the offensive line, especially right? Tackle Chris Greer when I say this it's wellness box. You have to check going out at the end of the day. The organization will do what's best for the dolphins is a good guy. He's. Worked hard. He's been here and his good teammate teammate. So we'll see what happens now for me that reads between the lines this. We'd love to have drawn to back. We liked him as a player. But when Chris Greer said at the end of the day will do best for the dolphins. It sounds like the aren't going to overpay him. And what you want James is probably the best right? Tackle on the free agent market. They may get out of his price range. What do you think sign? I agree with that read. I think. It's a way of saying we like to on James, I hope that his representation comes in with a very kind of free flowing, the Goshi style and not to say that you're just gonna make whatever contract happened. But you're gonna come in with a really, let's work together attitude, and I think that's the conditions that they wanna try to create because I do think that they want to keep John James, right? Tackle it would make sense to not have to think of another important piece in the trenches factor because it's already a huge issue on both sides of the ball. So if you add another element that that's not a good situation. So if you can potentially limit some of the fallout. From how the roster's constructed in from some of the other rumors that will get to here in a second. I think keeping John James at a at a reasonable market value make sense. So hopefully, they're just kind of massaging how the atmosphere is going to be when they go into the contract talks. When you talk about the dolphins. And the thing that's going out. Now. Suppo- or build team right way. We've talked about this on the show in detail. No one's going to on tank. It's just gonna be the process organically. It's going to happen. But the idea is to get that future quarterback. And. They're talking about two from Alabama and two was a left handed quarterback. And the blind side will be the right tackle position. So of they're really truly thinking that they may have a shot at to next year's draft. Wouldn't it that make sense to really focus on getting John James locked up long-term or perhaps they'll say if John James walked draft the right tackle in this year's draft your next year's draft. And groom that guy to be the blind spot protector because left quarterback things kind of change on that. I definitely think that's a good point. I won't say that right? Tackle is completely obsolete compared to the left tackle. Because what defensive coordinator have done over the years is they just rotate the blitz packages and all the GATT pressures in all the confusion towards the side of the offense of Linus. We. So if you're weak on the right tackle, they're going to find a way to manipulate that. So you really can't be week anywhere on the offense of line. So, but with that being said left tackle becomes a blindside becomes undoubtedly more important. Tweet it out earlier this in thing about the two and people wanna tank, you know, tank for two, but then you don't want to go out there, and and resigned, John James, I heard someone say, you know, you might make twelve million will told me and put them above lane. John's news currently, you know, top the NFL. So I don't see John James breaking twelve million guys think about that. But I think it was all somebody come down to whether or not team is willing to pay him to be the number one. Right. Tackle in the NFL. You know? So if someone's willing to give that type of money, it's not in the dolphins best interest. But if you're going to let this man walk over a couple million dollars. I just don't see it because the dolphins are not good at drafting offense of mean we've seen at their best offense alignments guide that the phone their lap in the first round that they'd can't draft him. Yes. This is a new regime, but they've struggled to find offensive line town in the draft. They've failed to do in free agency uh. So I just don't see how letting a twenty what five twenty six year old, right? Tackle hit the free agency of market if you. Can if you can avoid that you do it at all cost build around those two book ends and good things. Eventually come and the dolphins spent plenty of years trying to get that offense the line in shape for quarterback Ryan tannehill. And now it looks like you're going to have to rebuild the entire line. And they're also likely moving from Ryan Santa hill. And Brian floors was asked about tannahill in Wednesday's press conference. He said this. He said right now, everything is kind of in process I've been here three and a half weeks we've gone through the nations of the roster. Everything is in process. We still have time obviously mates me valuations, but will still have time to make those decisions. Obviously, this was something that was non-committal from Brian Flora's. Obviously, we all know that Ryan tannehill is going to be moved on from this off season at some point whether via trade Cup or anything. We just don't know the timing. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when we talked about Ryan tannehill on the show and whether or not as right move. And we all agreed that it is the right move to move on from tannehill. And is the end of the tannehill era in Miami. Whether or not he lands, whether it's in Washington Cincinnati somewhere. We'll see how that shakes. I do hope the dolphins are able to get some kind of trade compensation for him. I would expect maybe a fourth or fifth round pick at it's a miracle. If they get anything higher than that. But you gotta take what you can get. So he will be gone from Miami. I will be very surprised if he's in Miami this coming season. So we'll see how that plays out there. Another guy Cameron wake. And when Chris Greer was asked about that. Here's what he said right now with the roster in Brian. We're going through everything he's been a dolphins minute tremendous player for us. So we'll see where that is right now. And we'll have conversations with him and his agent probably soon. Now, I know we talked about this on the show, we all gave our opinion house hearing that and hearing that what is your take on the dolphins interest in bringing wake back. I mean, we talked about it you give this guy whatever he wants. I mean, if he's not looking for top dollar not looking for a team that he can go out there and get ten with playing a meaningful playoff game. You know, maybe make it deep into a playoff run that something that he deserves. I just think if he wants come back and play Miami, which I'm sure he does because he's a lifer. Pry the best thing Jeff islands ever done. If Cameron wake wants back in my in the numbers are right. You bring him back because what that can do to younger, but defensive ends pass rushers. Just every day going around there and seeing what can wake does at his age. I think that's motivation for the entire team. I think that's the right way to build. You know, you need to have that veteran presence in in the locker room. So I think camera wakes deserved to have his decision made whether or not he wants to stay Miami. Then you you give it to him if he wants to go elsewhere respect that let him go play for contender. If can wake wants to be a dolphin. Let him be a dolphin. Absolutely. There's no reason. Dowden. So we saw what he did and Mike Nolan defense granted that was several years ago. But there's still the potential that he could make some plays. I mean, he he came back through an injury in the production that he had made a very strong argument become back player of the year. So I think he could absolutely do something in this defense. So really just matters very much. How he values the dollar signs and whether he wants to kind of keep his legacy and Miami. And I am willing to accept whatever decision came and wake wants to make because he has certainly earned that from our fan base. And I suspect that they're meeting with his agent and wake of he attends as well. We'll just be about the philosophy of the team moving forward for this coming season and beyond. And I do think they will have an offer for wake ready. But ultimately as you said sign, it will be up to wake I am matching as to whether or not he truly wants to come back based on hearing their plan for the future. We'll see we'll see how it shakes out. That's going to be a interesting situation to watch on the one hand doesn't really make sense. But on the other hand, it does make sense in terms of helping build the culture that Brian Flora's is trying to establish with the Miami Dolphins another culture he's trying to establish at the quarterback position. Whether it's a rookie, whether it's a ridge quarterback or trading for someone like Josh Rosen, and that's going to lead us into the Cuyler Murray and Wayne Haskins debate. Lots of talk about Cuyler Murray's heights under six feet shorter than Baker Mayfield by all accounts. He hasn't been officially measured in at the combine as we record this podcast. We don't know exactly what is height is going to be questions about his hand size point Haskins questions about him to Cuyler Murray, possibly going number one overall to the cardinals with cliff Kingsbury, and if that happens and Josh Rosen becomes available for me, and I'll start this off because I know we're going to talk about his height. I don't think height matters a ton mean Brock Osweiler is one of the tallest quarterbacks in the league. And how many times where his passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. Plenty of times. I think it depends on your throwing motion the way read the defenses the way you manipulate the defenses in the defensive line on the linebackers and getting them off the ball to make the throws that you need to throw. Yes, obviously, he wouldn't do a little bit more to adjust a little bit more to compensate and that may take toll mentally on him at some points. Yes. I know he had one of the best offense of lines in all of college football massive offensive line. Definitely won't get that with the dolphins. But again, I'm going back to this. If the dolphins have shot at Cuyler Murray, you pull the trigger. Do I think he's wanted phone number thirteen hell, no? I think he's a top five pick for sure we all know how teams value the quarterback position this league. If you think twelve other teams are going to pass up on him. And then the other thirty one or whatever it would be based on that match twenty four twenty three teams pass up on him and not trait up for him. I think you're crazy to think that because it just how special this guy can be and everyone was talking about Baker Mayfield dropping to the end of the first round last year. And dude was the number one overall pick. So I'm not buying this talked to Kyla Murray will be a second round pick. He's going to be a first round pick. And you know, looking at what Chris Greer set about Kyle Murray and not Cuyler Mary. But Brian floor is said about Kyla Murray. These great athlete phenomenal player, Chris Greer said about horror Bax, they want them to be mentally strong and very smart quarterbacks and fundamentally sound if you do draft Kyla Moore you get that bridge quarterback in Miami. Still and you build your offensive line over the next two years so Kayla Marie can sit his first year and learn from the sideline and then take the reins in year two outside. I know you both have very strong opinions about Kyla Murray outside think of one of the strong opinions about Kyle Moorish all start with you. If it comes down to Carla Marie and twain Haskins who are you selecting? I mean that is that is the debate of the NFL draft season are kinda pondered myself. You know, what if Miami just wanted to go for, you know, they they know a franchise Quebec wolf they move up to number one. Then from there decide on column or Dwayne Haskins. I mean, you see, you know, one guy fits all the size requirements that Bill Parcells only guys came before believed that a quarterback needed to have. But collar Merimee watching him play football. Everyone keeps saying, you know, he's kinda like a Michael Vick or he has a little bit of Russell Wilson a little bit of Pat Mahomes. I mean column is going to be Tyler Murray. And just I think everyone is going to be put on notice real quick when he runs at forty when he goes out there and prove that he is the most accurate passer straffed prove that he can make all the NFL throws. I mean, I think Wayne Haskins I'm gonna stay Finn. And I'm gonna miss that right now. I think in Haskins Zaveri quarterback, I think he would fit this system. Very well. I think you know, maybe Dwayne has. Is the best fit for the Miami Dolphins. But for me, I wanna collar Marie I wanna guy that's gonna go out there and just make electrifying plays each. And every time if it's me on moving up for column or at all costs, you know, I don't think he's gonna get past Zona. I dunno talk about that more. But I just think with the comments that came out today. I think if Josh Rosen was your guy, you'd went out there, and at least try to reassure him a little bit because you gain nothing trade value is by saying, you know, Josh roses, my quarterback for now will what does that mean if you would want out there and said, we don't want cholera will teams would have started calling. I think so it didn't make sense to me clippings, very said on record that he will take column number one overall if he could now he has the chance but for me, Dwayne Haskins color Marie. I think those are the cream of the crop of this year's draft class. Those are the two quarterbacks that I believe will be franchise quarterbacks will be leaders of NFL team sooner later for me. I just see more, you know, elite for something. You have never seen before like a collar Mery Dwayne Haskins. I mean, I think he fits the mold of of guys who've come before. And that's not a bad thing. Someone asked me who I think he could be say Philip rivers on a standby that column though, I think he can just be a one of the better players to ever lace up his cleats. So for me, I'm going column. They're both good. You know, let's omit that in hill is. Ranking them is maybe one of the least important parts of this whole conversation. Just because they're both really good athletes. And I'm very curious how both of them turn out to to play in the NFL. The ranking is largely irrelevant because they're the clear to best quarterback. So. Again, it's going to be kind of lucky to see how these guys pan out because maybe happens as little overlooked because he's boring. He's that kind of stereotypical pocket passer, and he's a little safer. He's at safe guy. He kinda checks all the boxes, and you don't see really anything stand out glaring on the tape. He's not he certainly not Doug Flutie out there. Make people miss in the pocket, but he's has a very sound arm. Cuyler Murray little bit more risky of a pick. But you cannot deny talent cannot deny the ceiling. So it really depends on the team that is in the situation to look at these players which teams can afford to be risky, and which teams really needs to be safe. And that as completely attained by team sich situation by situations or thing, so. The reason I like Haskins though, a little bit better than Cuyler. And that's the reason we are looking at the competition that they have played recently. The big ten just seems to value playing team defense a little bit more than a big twelve and yes stats can be really skewed. Because you have the whole shovel pass phenomenon. Where players are getting fifty seventy five yards touchdowns on shuffle passes where they're really not doing anything. So let's just admit that that for both players Cuyler and Dwayne Haskins their stats are a little bit skewed. By the fact that they're allowed to get away with certain things within their offense. That makes it seem that they're doing a little bit more than what they do. But anyway. Dwayne Hassans I feel like compared to previous highest state quarterbacks. He's planning a more pro style offense. And as a result of that Keiler, I think and don't get me wrong. The run pass balance with him is completely lethal. I also think that offense was based mostly on a I read sort of thing. So if NFL defense's get onto you and they get their fangs into your little bit. And how to slow you down whether physically mentally you can assure that NFL defensive coordinators are going to make sure that Keiler stays in the pocket. And when he's in the pocket based on the Oklahoma often said he went through. Does he have enough experience going through second third? Fourth reads. To kind of MIR what he can expect from NFL defense's is that going to slow his athleticism down because he's thinking a little bit more. So those types of nuance conversations need to happen in these front offices. Clearly Cuyler Murray is going to demand a little bit more. Attention to detail when you're creating the roster. I think you've really have to build. The offense specifically around Cuyler Dwayne Haskins is a little bit more of that again boring stereotypical quarterback that could probably thrive in a couple of different schemes column. Early skews me Cuyler Murray as talented as he is. We'll probably need a little bit more structure into in terms of manufacturing a consistent offense. I don't know if the dolphins would pull the trigger on column or even if he was available. I just feel like they are so set on their process of building this team the way they want you, which is not a bad thing at all. They have in mind exactly what they want which is again, not a bad thing. It's a very good thing that they wouldn't pull the trigger on Cuyler. And they may be used that spot where they are in the graph to trade out and get more picks for the future. That'd be my guess. So it'd be a big surprise one. If even filling the thirteen and two it'd be a bigger surprise again if the dolphins actually selected collar Murray because of this. Cuyler Murray has a very low floor very high ceiling, but very low floor twain Haskins for me as a high floor and smaller ceiling than Carla Murray. And for those who may not be aware or unsure of what that exactly means. It means this if you have a high floor, it means teams have a good idea. Even if you're worse than they expected, you're still going to be in that area where they think your floor is so of my floor or if Dwayne Haskins floor is a he's a above average quarterback. No matter how bad or no matter how much she struggles in the NFL. He's always going to be at the very league in above average quarterback. That's his floor his ceiling will he be a franchise early quarterback. No one knows. But let's say a ceiling as that. He could be a great quarterback. So that's your range between Haskins. And this is just throwing this out. There is not based on anything any reports that we've completed his range would be above average two greats Cuyler Murray on the other hand, I think. His floor is bust. His ceiling is all pro. And I don't know if you guys agree with that or not. But that's how I look at these two quarterbacks. I completely agree. That's why I said it kind of in the beginning of my rant that. It really depends on the team looking at it. It's is it a team that can afford to take that type of risk or do you want to kind of play safer join Haskins? So it's really a matter of taste. It's really a matter of. How you have your board for me with Haskins. He just ranks a little bit higher. This may seem like a slight at first, but let me talk through it Byran left which but with a quicker delivery, tough leader smart, decisive accurate. He checks a lot of boxes and a highest state might have a little bit of a bias considering how some of the quarterbacks have come through that program, where it's, you know, the J T Barrett and the in another quarterback like Troy Smith, you have those types of quarterbacks that was more of a a run pass option sort of team. And with join Haskins it was much more of a traditional pro off under urban minor. So I thought that type of evolution offense. Really sick. Signified? How good doing Haskins is as passer he makes every pass look effortless. And I think if the dolphins are any position to get Wayne Haskins. That's not completely unfeasible. You you look at that opportunity in Haskins doubt the best house stay quarterback. That's come out. You know for as long as I can remember and to think what he could do in this offense. You know, his game. Is those accurate short intermediate passes Ness would Haskins does so well, I think you'd be perfect for chatter Shays offense. But again, you mentioned it sounds like he might be better barn left, which to me. I think you need to do a little bit better than Byron left, which I think a collar Marie is the guy I know that he isn't a traditional quarterback. He doesn't fit any of the size requirements. He he's just a different player into no that he's gonna go out there and likely run under four point four of the forty. No, he continues to balk up. He's at two six now. So what? You're gonna fault him for that eight of an inch Shetty short. I don't see I think round up. He's five ten to six can make every NFL throw asked of him can completely revolutionized the game of football. See a Russell Wilson. I see an elite talent. Yes, he could be a bust. But I think the only way that that could happen is if you know, something severely bad happens to him. I think an injury is the only way that could happen because this guy has all the skills end for me. I think you need to do a little bit better than just you know, a very good quarterback. You know, a top fifteen top ten quarterback. That's great. But I think Marie can be better than that. You know, he could do a Baker Mayfield in my opinion, thinking go out there. And he's not as polished as Baker. If it doesn't fit those requirements can't make some throws Mayfield Kim because that's one of the best quarterback said of come out in recent memory, but column can can do a lot of the same things. And I don't think he'll be there for Miami. But for me. Who I build my franchise around. I agree. But let's say he goes number one overall do trade for Josh Rosen. It would depend I talked about his thirteen the number thirteen pick. That would be something that you'd have to really talk about because you can get an elite talent there. We saw Minka last year right around there, you know, during when James this year is going to be very good Ed rushers the dolphins desperately need that. So for me, it would come down. So, you know, weighing those players that are likely going to be available in Josh Rosen. I think last year wasn't there. Lots of rumors him going into England. Could you not see him the Bill Belichick train up? You know for me if it's a second I would heavily consider third youthful trigger right away. I do think that's how relieved annoy column or is going to be the pick there. I think if you if you invest in a guy you bring a cliff Kingsbury, see what he didn't college. That's why brought him any wasn't very successful. But he had that air raid offense, and you need to have a quarterback with. Column or skill set. I think it'd be perfect. But if he hits if he if he goes number one, you think on much rather trade for Dwayne Haskins. Maybe Josh Rosen. It would be tough. I'm I'm not sure for me. It's column or your bust. If you get Wayne Haskins, you gotta feel happy. Josh rosen. Second or third sign me up on the house feels. No, I wouldn't do it. After after Dwayne Haskins in Cuyler Murray. My interest kinda fades, I think Josh Rosen would be in a similar category today. Jones, Andrew lock, and that's not the type of quarterback that think's gonna move the needle for the for the organization's. I'd rather wait. I think it's going to be very interesting to see the dolphins offseason. Moves sounds like going to add a few pieces in free agency. And then I think you're just going to trade down a lot in the drought traits players away and stockpile picks as much as possible to have the flexibility move up and down the board not only this year, but next year as well is I do think organically, we all believe organically that losses are willing to come on their own no such thing as tainting in the NFL NBA. Yes, NFL there's no way. Not with this sport. We'll see how it all shakes out this coming season this coming off season. I do believe in the vision that Flora's Greer. Reggie mckenzie. Marvin Allen all-share together the same aligned vision. It just kind of refreshing to see that offense for once doing things the right way any last thoughts. Son in house before we wrap up the show. Just wanna thank everybody that helped me along the way on the Twitter streets mean Twitter streets, help kinda raise a Twitter kindergartner to somebody. That's going to the combine. So thank everybody along the way, especially cannot a an an how you guys were the ones that convinced me to do it in the first place. So it's. I got how how many years we've been doing this? I mean, it's ridiculous. Be safe. Enjoy yourself drink, lots of beer and. And just just be Sutton. Lisa fun sign. I don't want anything stupid. I don't know. What that means? I the only thing I I know what? Oh, I don't end up in Kentucky again. So I don't. So basically, I don't walk to a different state. And I don't get anyone pregnant are those Mike too. You say visa nuts? Kind of what I don't be. Don't be son. The earth. Okay. I got it and rock that PFM three sixty five shirt. Beautiful offer real. All right. And I felt combine kicking off this week workouts start on Friday forty yard dash bench press brought on vertical jump three cone drill shuttle drills. Keep your eye on the three cone and the shuttle shows for wide receivers. The dolphins. I wanted the patriots, but the new regime for the dolphins pay a lot of attention to that. Especially share in the other coaches that have come from New England course, measurements are a big thing as well. And so as the Wunderlich all the testing and interviews that go along with that son will be on the ground with two others from pro football network pro football, Eric dot com. Twitter at PFM three sixty five and sign all also representing the Finsider and Finsider. Network son enjoy yourself. We will have all the latest and greatest on our Twitter handles and on the fence dot com and PF n. That's going to do it for here this week on Finsider radio four errands and Joshua house. I cannot think for listening. We will talk to you next time. That was fit radio part of the fit cider dot com. And the SP they should network. The ball for. We're in the on the Brown. Always. Your. With. The greatest. From. On the. When you say, you're. Because we're the. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan nanny every week combined. We form the shutdown full stride. Keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners. Associations, bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trusted group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having huge contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and it wind up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we. Talk about. Okay village it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one the forecast, it's not voltron unless it is.

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