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Ep 78 | Why Graham Allen Had to Leave Mississippi | Guest: Graham Allen


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No drilling easy to order easy. To set up usually in under an hour and prices are always fair and honest, you get around the clock monitoring for just fifteen dollars a month. Visit SimpliSafe dot com slash watch. Chad, you're gonna get free shipping and a sixty day risk-free trial. You've got nothing to lose. Go now go to simply say this. S. I M, P, L, Y safe dot com slash watch, Chad. So they know that we sent you that SimpliSafe dot com slash watch. Chad. Is part of time. Mom, we're back in studio. Twenty two the chat, right, the show we're hanging out. We're just gonna chill and talk about things that are going on in the world today. Got my good buddy sitting in Graham Allen hanging out in the hot seat. Twenty two welcome to Texas. You just got the family moved in about three weeks. Now big transition. Yup. Yup. Transit transition, though. Thank you guys are acclimating. Well, at least you seem to from what I see on social media. Well, southern people are southern people at the end of the day. Right. So I mean you know, we we're all cousins in some way. So my family trees, a brush pile. Anyway. But no, it's been easy man. It's been really easy. It's nice. There's more than one sonic around here. That is missing. Highlife right man. Hey, if the Sonics out of ice cream in Mississippi, you ain't getting ice cream sonic and a dollar genitals would. No, no. Now, we've got more dollar generals per block area than any other state. I'm positive it's amazing the stuff you can get in a Dollar General. You can get anything anything. It's one of the fastest I think it's the fastest right now retail store like as far as expansion goes, they're everywhere. But how do you cram that much crap in one of those little metal builders and they pop them up in two days, there in business, someone told me a redneck, he said that Dollar General is the is the loving first cousin of WalMart. You love them. Better than being the bastard giants. The loving kindness in WalMart. You, you, you can Google it. I'm telling you true store. I know 'cause over there where spot is in northeast Alabama there, nothing up there thing up there. It's so but we got our call it the dollar generals by underwear in there becomes a dollar genital necessarily. I love a Dollar General. Now, I'm telling you try to avoid I now this is the honest to God's truth. You mentioned WalMart won't go now if I'm on the road somewhere and absolutely needs. But home at home, I don't go to war. Well now that we're in the entitled, you know, one percent or more present Texas. Elissa has my wife for people, not that don't know has spent more money in target in the past threes. See target man. I. Target. I went for an agenda to prove to her, that you could go in the target without spending four hundred dollars. It is possible. And so I went in and I only spent eighty seven held it up to said, you see there, see there it just takes some discipline take on it. I like target. I don't go to WalMart. You're the only black guy. No whiten. Give me my target. I've taught to Quinn. I'm like baby. We're going to talk to you who WalMart. No not doing what we don't do WalMart we target. That's right. I get my Cam if and we've got a job, we're ready. Let's go to target. I paid. Target. Have you ever drink Kampuchea? You know, addicted Bucci is addicted to Cambodia, that's gotta be the nastiest. I don't even know what it is is fermented. Anytime they start off with its fermented. They made a fad. It means it's an acquired taste, Follett gets good. But it's got the seeds in it drastic to you. It's good. That's like orange juice. I don't understand. I don't trust. I know when you take a big drink of orange juice wind up chew, and Hispanic that maze. It's coming back. I love coke. I get lots of poll, of course. Trust a man in a tunic or. That drinks pulpy or. Caribbean. We rush our. We're from the Caribbean. We made fresh arduous and fresh orange juice has pope in it. I'm sorry to visit. Asia. No. If I see someone make it in front of me and has got pope in. And I'm like, okay, I get that. I make the middle connection obviously, it's fresh. But if it comes in a carton and it's pulpy, how do I know simply orange, and I wanna get Ganic orange juice again? Target people best way to poison somebody slap, organic. You know what a different to mine in Charleston, South Carolina. We were out on his boat because I'm a one percenter rat on his boat. And he he's retired over there, folly beach folly island, and we were going back to the channels, and, and he made his money in the organic produce business, and he said, it's the biggest biggest on this. People history of the plan. Let me tell you organic, on the front con-. You wanna talk about the snobby people you've ever seen in your life. I for the first time ever stepped into a whole foods whole foods. All right. And immediately I got stared at like they're like, you do not belong, people one granola bight away from death being healthy makes you look that same out. I don't wanna be McDonald's. No, exactly. No, but anyway, no. The most judgmental, just main people I ever true, excuse me, ma'am. Where's the salad bar, and she looked at me like you would bet you do want to sell it bar? That's what I just to just ask to you. I asked where the salad bar is no man. They, they were not welcoming in whole foods. You go to whole foods. Don't you boozy knowing? No. I'm still black. How much you have power. Try. Kimbuba and you judge me a whole foods? Let you white wife going. First. Listen there in first black maybe. She's so cute. That's my daddy, right? That's right. You want to know where she got that curly hair na mama? Anyway. This is a good studio, though. I like you got air conditioning in here a couple of weeks ago, I was gonna say it's not hot in here, which is a good thing because I sweat show and Beck gets off the deal he goes, we gotta get you out of here. Two days later, we had air conditioning. Mark was sending me pictures of the thermostat at fifty eight and I was like where the hell is that it was in studio, twenty two it's also right? I've got answers prayer. So did you is it really twenty two or did you just name named it? Twenty two studio. Twenty two we're going to call it studio. Twenty two we move over there, and your room to. But you studio three there's a big three hundred three but we're still going to call my side of the room studio twenty three point twenty two. No. They're giving directions. And they're gonna say y'all can go to room three we know where to go, but we're still going to call it studio twenty. Okay. We can. All right. I got it. There's big three on the door. We'll see people don't realize it when when. So you've now built out your rant nation and you're ninety five percent. You're close, and it looks great. Yeah. The nation side is done. Dear America's like ninety percent. There is a great Tim de tomato who does all that. He does a great job of building sets. We had some we had some back and forth, a couple of couple times of what, what needs to go. Where do I am a picky guy? I'm a diva as would claim it to be. But I know what I want to see it in my face or in my head and my face. I don't even know what that means. Saint it in my face. No. See it in my head. Seen in my head and say who's you want to axe him something you ask me? Way through my, my redneck, you know, language sometimes it doesn't always come out, and the way that I want it to appear in real life. So it's amazing that you and I get to use our, our communication skill living hot. That's what I try to tell everybody, you know. So somebody said, why do you think I'm sorry to everybody watches? Why do you why do you think you're so popular? And I said, well, just I just blurted it out before it processed. And I said, well, I think it's because I just really dumbed down everything. And then I realized, oh, crap. Everybody's thing. I just called him dumb like no, no, no, no. I'm the dumb one and I just dumb it down. So I understand it. And then I spit it out there, and I do think I think it's through my redneck terminology and everything that I use that people just they're like, I know some of those words, soften it gets real. And I you know, but what I was gonna say is. So you're on one side of the room. Yes. My portion is going to be on the other side of the room, and then it's going to be a battle of who's going to be in the room at the same time. And I told them I said, I love how smart everyone in the blaze is because you put the two guys that travel the most in the same studio and said, work schedule out, so you don't feel tough each other, and I was like whoever came up with that. It's just mad. It's really thinking outside the box. We'll figure it out though. No figuring that will kill each other one of the two you win. No, I'm not gonna fight you win. You get your a Rangan arms. I'm just sitting here you don't have to bend over to scratch your ankles. Do you like rape? I just got short legs that little legs. I got short legs. And so it just makes it makes it easy grapes, Candice, you're familiar with. I'm so scared to ask, what that is scar tune, great Hannibal. Geico. Tune. Yeah. I'm a millennial. Remember, Glenn Beck's probably has a great around here somewhere. Yes. Yeah original. Yeah. That or the suit for when kids went to go and. That's back over there. He's got Ronald the first Ronald McDonald's mummified upstairs in the one of the office. Lord index. Everything what does it? What would impress me is the hamburglar, he had the hamburglar. Did you hear about the hamburglar, why you got a little? A little midget city, burgers. No, I was just saying that Ronald McDonald. Everybody knows Ronald McDonald. But hamburglar was he was one of the OG's and what, what he was asked him a question. You don't you don't hear about the hamburglar, very often. So I feel like he don't get. No respect Rodney Dangerfield. Goodness sakes. Glad you're in Texas. I'm telling you, let me and you for useless, movie trivia, we would know you're good at it because you your pride myself, I didn't have a childhood, shed. You're born guerrilla. Holy child have any friends. And so I watched movies. Kit. TV educated me. That's a true story. True story, I'd come home in the afternoon. That's back when you could watch television, and it was actually educational I come home. I was a latchkey kid Jonah, so many, many boomers, you know, they had these genetic Sers and that's what we because we were talking about Scott. We were talking about the generational things we were talking about, you know, these boomers created these latchkey kids, which are genetic Sers, and since they couldn't give them time, because both parents works outside of the house, what they gave them was things and they, you know, they kind of, and then we got out of college thinking that we were supposed to have everything immediately that are boomer parents, worked thirty years again, and we were disenfranchised and disenchanted, because we didn't get it, it's so then what we did was because we didn't spend a lot of time with our parents. We started having these millennial kids and we were like, oh, we can never say no to them. We're going to give them all the time all the things Amazon dot com is going to send all the shipments. And now these these millennial kids are having all. Sweet God things they're ordering online and showing up, but the point, be a yo came home and you entertain yourself and you turn it onto the you had channel, three channel six channel twelve remote you put it somewhere in the squiggly lines between the U, H F and the VHF you could see pin house. Cinemax. And you just pray to God. Your mother come in while you're watching George Carlin. Yeah. Everybody knows X files. David Duke Covey from that I know who from red shoe, diaries. Come to me about baby. We know I love the company man. Yeah. I did too. Yeah. This whole show, Sean. Yeah. Not him but the show. Watch television and you learn things. Like I remember watching I was there man when I watched a snow day in January, when I'm in fifth grade when the challenger blew up I watched happen. I was home alone. Of course. I was, of course, anytime mom. I to show to show the miniscule age difference between two of us I was in school when I was in school with nine eleven happened. So, you know very similar to children. I had to Joe. School with the at that point. And so no, but yeah. Anyway back to the original sad point of that whole road. We just went down. I didn't have any friends. I was. I was. I was a terribly alone child. So I watched movies all the time, I tried to take your pain and turn it into an educational, nobody's truth out of that said, nece led to the fact that I have this abundance of worthless knowledge that turns into funny, yet, educational videos, and now here we sit so you know, glass half full kind of stuff for real people to. I totally were they won. They complain daddy didn't love me enough. My momma didn't hug me enough. Who cares? Yeah, shut up out in the woods be quiet. John White kid. I was I was down in the woods with the horses, and dogs and the trees, hyperactive kid, finding snakes, and lizards, you or hyperactive. No, no city kid. Man. I grew up in the woods, but I'm I want to woods kid. I gotta be ten at least ten minutes from the WalMart. I'll never visit. That's the way I'd I I've never lived this close to a mall in my entire, you're real close to it. I'm super we're like one point one miles away from Amman, big you kids, go get correct light. Not not like a strip mall like a like a mall. Got a Nordstrom to every. Store till we get. Me real. I never heard of what, what is that? A nordstrom. Yeah. So. You got movie theaters seats. Reclined. Drink. They bring food like not popcorn like real food, man. Hey mississippi. Look, let me tell you are big. They still have a colored section. But, but Mississippi are big time, movie theater, only had eight strains, and it was built in the old lows building. So it was the old lows building, then Luther before that we had three separate theaters that only had two screens in each it wasn't stadium seating. It was the flat seating, where the basketball players always sat in front of you. When you get ready to watch, and you had to look at the newspaper to find out which theatre had which. Because you're talking about punching because you're upset go to the movie theater, and miss your time slot kind of thing, that's probably around when they brought the talkies to Mississippi and yet. Win from Charlie Chaplin and BUSTER, Mississippi behind the last episode of friends airs next would. I'm telling you, man. You cross the Mississippi. You lose about fifteen twenty years. Yeah. That's like I say, what I go to Oklahoma's love, Mississippi go across the Red River and the Oklahoma and the collective collective Accu of Oklahoma. Goes up in Texas goes down. That's what I'm saying. And so anyway, I love Mississippi born and raised there, small town, literally nothing they're absolutely dust bowl kind of area. Nothing. When I was fifteen we had a gas station open. And like the mayor showed up, though, Caledonia because it was such a big deal that a, you know, a gas station was actually there. So one of my college roommate's name was Rodney. He was from Tim Suba Mississippi. Right. I'd never heard of tomb. It's over there. It's like Vicksburg area north lucky going towards a goal to kind of area, and, and I learned a lot about Mississippi live and learn a lot about Mississippi. Did you was a oh, I that is in the delta. Any way you can look what county was. He allowed county county Laos allows county. It's northeast Mississippi shot Mississippi burning. Awesome, Wayne County, we call them six. Oh once. Yeah. Yeah, so I was in the six six two region. Okay. So six six two is in the top part six ones in the middle. And then the two two eight random numbers down there on the coastline. I don't even know what you're talking about at this point. Now that's airy coach phone numbers. They still use a book. We're, we're, we're paying. Anyway. Yeah. Mississippi where I'm from people were like geez. How long are we gonna talk about Mississippi? But no, it's, it's great. But here's a life lesson. Look at the greatness Akita emerge the influence that can emerge. Yeah. The bowel Oprah's from Mississippi Elvis. And now me. You're welcome America. There's three people right there that you only need their first name to know who they're talking about the Elvis Oprah and Graham. You know. Just probably true. I told you the other day. I don't even remember what. No, I know what it was. I was trying to find you on parlor. Yep. Just got on parlor, I was on parlor, and I just got on it too. Proud to say that I at least for this in let me enjoy it for this brief moment for this brief brief, which has followers. I have just a few more followers than that's going to change very soon. I hadn't figured I hadn't I hadn't really, really started focusing on it, yet, it's kind of one of those I'll get the account. I'll get it verified. And I'll you know, I'll just kind of wait and see kind of what happens. So, so we'll see. So we're getting censorship on social media now talking about. So with Facebook with Twitter, of course with they've hit me in the past two weeks. I want to talk about that. So what we did is we went I went over to all social, so that's an app that, that kind of going through some growing pains. But I like them. Also chal altogether one word, and then there's parlor, PR PR. And so I got on there and got verified did the whole thing. And so I'm at least posting every day and parlor is great also show is to. You can go on there, because it's free speech this under attack. At least that's what we believe. I think it is. Oh, it definitely is. I mean, the revelry website, just said, if you have any Donald Trump support speech, anything that you do we're kicking you off the platform. They came right out in a in a public statement and said that revelry dot com. And they said, if you say anything in support of Donald Trump, we're kicking you off now. This is the day and age in which we're living in which if you support the president of the United States, we're kicking you off of a speech platform. That's ludicrous. No. Yeah. That's one of the things that hit us so hard in one of the things that we had such a issue understanding is the things that they were deleting of mine light. Nut. I, I got no appeal. No nothing videos, just gone, just just deleted. I mean, they notified me that they deleted them. But one of the videos the first one was on Facebook, and it was video about Donald Trump, and it was a video in response to that pastor that came under attack because it was the Virginia church that Donald Trump show, bible church and exactly and pastor prayed for Donald Trump. And then the next day on a Monday. The pastor puts out a basically, I'm sorry note saying that there was a lot of members of the church that were just severely upset and hurt that he would pray for the president, and all this other kind of stuff. So it was a video less about being upset with the pastor. I mean, I don't think he should have apologized for it by anyway. But I was more upset about these Christians that have a problem with you praying for someone. And so the whole point of the video was as Christians, or as opposed Christians, shouldn't, you wanna pray for everybody? And if you really think that Donald Trump is this horrible person, you believed that he's racist in this. Big in this warmonger and all these other lives that aren't true. But you but you believe that isn't that somebody that should be prayed for you ship, bright, full, and so anyway, that was the point of the video, and I titled it Christians, real Christians should pray for everyone. Why gotta notification from Facebook today deleted the video, because I violated their community guidelines on. Are you ready for it hate speech? So me saying that Christians should want to pray for people Facebook deem that is hate speech, and then a couple of days later, I got a video deleted on Instagram that was about being antiabortion. I've been very, very, very vocal about that us. Well. You know, I even went up to picks picks up pits, not Pittsburgh. Where did I go Philadelphia Philadelphia except heads name, the Brian since Brian soon? Yeah. So I even went up there in response to being pro-life, etc. So I've been very open about that. And then I got a notification from Instagram, but they deleted one of my videos about abortion and not because it had like, you know, body parts of babies on it, you know, or things like that violated their community standards for hate speech again. So that's what they title it as every single time is that I've violated this hate speech. And so that's what we're falling into now. We're falling into this, and I told somebody a couple of weeks ago about a year ago, I went on Fox News and I was on there to talk about the attack on the second amendment, and I made a point. And I said, one of the biggest arguments people use. They always say, well know surely they the founding fathers wouldn't have known the advances in weaponry that we can have, etc. Etc. And so I said in the interview, just in passing I said, if we're going to go down that road how long until the first amendment comes under attack. Oh, grandma, surely the founding fathers wouldn't have known about the internet or social media, blogs, blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc. Etc. How long until they go? Yeah, we might need to change that up a little bit. Because now all you have to do to silent someone's freedom of speech is deem, it as hate speech, if you don't like it. Or if you don't agree with it used to have to say that it's hate speech. And if you say that it's hate speech, and it's gone, and there's nothing you can do about it. So that's what we've been dealing with. And I will say that I even posted something almost stories today. A follower sent me where they're shadow banning me now. So they literally sent me like the screen record that you can do and they went to Instagram, and they typed in g typed in our titan a typed in H. A M, nothing Lindsey Graham popped up another Graham verified person popped up. I didn't A L L E N still didn't pop up the head to hit the one in there. Once they typed out the entire thing. Then it popped up, which is never happened to me before. So I started the other day on parlor, I was I did. G. R. A H A, and it went rupaul. That's funny. That's funny. That's hilarious. Anyway, the point is this is what we're dealing with. And it's true. For the first time ever in six months, we posted negative new follower numbers on Instagram last week. First time that's happened in six months. You know, we've had discussion I ever about two thousand a week, new followers on Instagram. We posted negative numbers all on the heels of that Miley Cyrus video that I did. And that's when these videos started getting deleted. That's when the whole Steven Crowder. Vox at apocalypse thing happened. And that's when these platforms said that we're going to start cracking down on hate speech, but they don't clearly define hate speech either. It just seems that if you're pro America pro-trump pro not murdering babies in pro Christian than you fall in that hate speech category. Yeah. So that's kind of where we're finding ourselves right now. And you know. Yeah. I mean, well, here's the thing. So, so we've always said, okay, you know, you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers, kind of, you know, get away from the second amendment while you you're going to have to come get our gun. We own three hundred and fifty million guns in America rose a gun problem, you'd know it, we have all these cliches. Right. And so we know that when somebody like an Eric while comes along and says, well, you know, how are you going to fight the government with your second amendment, when we can just nuke you and these? So these kind of that rhetoric this outright in the gun buyback stuff. Well, you're not going to get our guns. Just never going to happen. Not going to have it will I it's just not gonna happen. Right. So, but you but you see what they're doing with what they can't control. And that is freedom of speech, so they can they can arbitrarily deem something as hate speech and say, okay, well, we're just going to take back that. Right. We're just gonna take back your ability to use your speech. Well, you watch and see eventually the further and further, they're going to go along with this. They're going to use the same type of tactics where now they can say, well, okay, well, like there was this lady, who was afraid. She her husband had all these guns. She's in Florida in this just happened this past week, she's in Florida. She's got all these guns, and she's afraid for life because her husband is the way is she takes his guns and turn them into the police. They arrest her. Rest. Her course. So here's the thing. So this is what happens is you start saying, oh gun owners. Well, you're committing this crime. What crime? Well, it's a crime. We just came up with its arbitrary in the same way, we can deem your speeches hate speech arbitrarily. We're going to Dame your gun ownership as illegal arbitrarily. And so let's say we get you pulled over for speeding ticket. You know, you run a stop sign or something like that. And they run you're dealing say, oh gun owner step out of the car. Yes. Of the car because again, you start changing the language you start changing the law changed the laws, you changed the liberty. And that's the whole thing that we're going down. Well slippery slope. It's amazing me and I since you brought him up Eric's. Well, well, let's talk about is he not a poor man's. Chris pine. I want to hit him in the face. I does he not? Doc. Yeah, that's out series. He is the worst candidate for president I've ever seen him all at this point. He's got zero percent at this negative zero percent. This point I could run as a democratic hopeful and pool more votes. And it's point Eric swallow Will's parents will not vote for him. It's that bad, this guy, I've always said, he's like some dude, he's like your cousin that you haven't seen in five years. But as soon as you come to the family reunion, he's immediately, pulling you into the corner, saying minute got a perfect business opportunity for you just let me share it. Just perfect for you. He's the cousin that you're not sure these cousin unless you see paperwork. He's a douche bag. Yeah. Anyway, back back off that. Yeah. He sucks. Anyway, the point is I want to ask him a question. We will ask ask him a question. I say come on your home Mississippi. Take your offer to come on the podcast. Now, he won't come on the podcast. He won't even answering my questions it, he'll eat tax me, but he won't even let them on. Exactly, exactly. So, well, well, but, but going back to what you were saying is they're creating what they want. Right. And so, I wanna get y'all's opinion on this, because this turned into a very controversial topic, which I understand the point. And I was at I tweeted something originally, and I deleted it very quickly because I thought about it. Thought about it when that happens. But, but, but I say that in say I'll say where I'm at on it, and then I'd love to get y'all's opinion. So the same people that deem your speeches. Hey, hate speech, simply because I don't know you, you miss identified somebody because they've created nine thousand seven hundred and forty three different pronouns that she could be called now. Well, that's hate speech. Those same people are the ones that say that they should be allowed to burn the American flag saying do whatever they want. Right. So at the same point if you're going to go down that road. You can't say racist, things either. Why is it really a legal desire as his thing? No, not really. Is it morally right? Absolutely not. So people don't accept that. So, and that was the argument that I put to this whole flag burning stuff. Right. And so President Trump came out and said he wants to basically make illegal to burn a flag. There's a lot of things that are legal that she can't do technically illegal to remove the tag off a mattress technically, you know, there's no jailtime involved in it. You could all there's ridiculous things. And I initially was like, hey, I'm all for it. Man. I think people that burn the flag should be kicked out of the country anyway, personal conviction kind of. And then I immediately deleted it because I was like, you know. Yeah, that's my personal convictions about it. But what really makes that action illegal while, and then I presented the argument of a racist statement at the same time. What really makes that a racist statement? It's because because over time over generations, we have deemed that to associate with certain things. So therefore, that's a racist thing you should not say that you can't go to jail for saying racist. They, you can go to jail for doing racist things. Can't go to jail for saying racist, things is it morally. Right. Absolutely not. Should it be legal? I don't know. So that's where I'm at for me, burning, the flag to me is an ultimate sign of disrespect I think that it's something you should not be able to do. I mean you live in America. I think that if you own a home in America, or even better, if you rent a property in America, you don't own it, but you're blessed enough to live in American Rin it. I think Jeff to fly the American flag at your house that everybody would have it tattooed on their ass. Like you should have to go through pain. You should be permanently scarred. I'm saying man, you know, and then people get mad at me all the time like you wore the uniform, you wore the uniform so people could burn that flag. No, I wore, I wore the uniform for freedom and to protect, what that flag represents. It's I think it's a blatant slap in the face and disrespect to burn the American flag because you're so oppressed here in America out there today. But normally there's this big Matt right in front of the glass doors. When you come in this building, and it's got a couple of American flags. And, you know, in the eagles are on it and stuff like that. And like I'll step around that. Man, I don't even wanna step on that. Just makes me feel weird. I don't wanna step on the American flag. Even those just a depiction of it because it's just my conviction. I, I try to honor it and I know what it represents to me. I know what it represents. It should be illegal. I personally if you ask me to come down on it right now. I don't think it should be illegal. If you burn American flag, you're a douche bag, and you're an ass if you burn an American flag, and you probably need your butt kicked, but I. Last and to, but it shouldn't be illegal. Like I did that video years ago that went crazy viral where I messed up, I made the mistake and I had to repent because I was just in the heat of the moment, I was actually going into the gym, and I just popped the phone up. And I said, you know, you ever, you guys want to burn these flags and desecrate these flags safe-space, go find a platoon marines that are coming back from deployment after nine months and walk up in the middle of them in the airport at snatched, velcro flag off their shoulders stumbling and then I was like later, I watched it back and I was like marines. Don't wear velcro flags? Yeah. Teen million views later in all the hill from every devil dog. I could catch trust me. I it was impr- but I would just I end with a bunch of marines at whole weekend. So it was in my mind, so any but that's still valid point. Like do you don't do it in your safe space, do it out there with a bunch of guys who who bled and died biggest thing that I would say is, if you find yourself in a situation of why your having to defend the fact of why someone or why you should be able to be allowed to burn the flag. Then you're not living like a true American in the first place, in my opinion, because the only reason that you would do something like that, because you're entitled self loving, spoiled hypocritical little brat, that has no freaking clue. How good you have it. You are a direct result of what it's like to not be oppressed and to live in the greatest country in the world. Or you would never do such a blatantly disrespectful act in the first place. Go to any war vet. Go to any holocaust survivor, go to anybody who came over to the country legally it watch how high, they let that flag fly with pride because they love being here they cherish being here and in my opinion, you're not what America is supposed to represent. If you find yourself in a situation to where you have to justify an action of burning the American flag. She's my opinion. Get off my little tangent conversation. That's more than than we get the peanut gallery over here. But I had a conversation this morning, talking about it, because I spent the better part of twenty years of my life. My twenties and thirties in and out of third world countries. I know what it's like to come home. I know what it's like I know what and so many people these days, there's generation people, they don't know what it's like in these places. And so it's a it's a major thing and you go back to the racist point like I keep hearing all of these, these democratic candidates who say, well, when it comes to things like reparations, we need to have it. You brought this up. We need to have an on. Honest conversation. Right. You can't have an honest conversation, unless you're willing to be called a racist. Yeah. Well, well. The thing the left does. Now is they take it any real American, any real, same person, is anti racism, you know, no real American is pro racism, but what Americans are saying today, at least with the level head on the shoulders as, hey, we agree racism, slavery, segregation, all that will be a stain on American history for the rest of our existence. However long that may be. And if you show us somebody who really was a slave or show us a business or corporation that owned them, then we will gladly handle that situation. But there's not there's not an so you're wanting people who literally had nothing to do with it because of really their skin color. You want them to pay reparations to isn't that in itself, judging people by the color of their skin. You see what I'm saying? Like to me, it doesn't make any sense. And now Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas in all her. Great wisdom is now going after gay rep. Shades. Because gay reparations are a big thing. And this is little talking about gay reparations for a second. Okay. I am not gay. All right. I don't I don't understand, or you're not the oppression that have gone of name will now be tax free. Nice kit. You'll dice clay's. They give them ten percent. Okay. Why Jillian let me tell you this really story chedda you're going to like this. You're going to like this. So go onto the amazing race newest season kills Elizabeth Warren's gay reparations in a single episode. Okay. Go with me here travel with me down this road. You guys can look this up on the newest season of whole about to say whoa. What Trump down his whole with me. And I was like, whoa, yeah. This rabbit hole. What are we going down on gay? Hey grail. You guys can look this up amazing race the current season. They go to Uganda. All right. So you guys can find this the one where they're traveling to Uganda, and they've got a gay couple to guys in there. That's compete in the race. And they're getting ready to go to Uganda. And I, I can't I think it comes on ABC or CBS or something like that is it. CBS CBS. Okay. CBS. I can't believe CBS let this get out. I think when it finally aired they're like, holy crap. Cut the feed cut the feet anyway. There's this really emotional port for about forty five seconds where this gay couple realizes that they're going to Uganda, and they bright down. They start crying and holding each other and stuff. And. Yeah. Yeah. They're two guys. Okay there. It is a it's a homosexual couple, I got it. I just enough as men or women. Okay. It's dudes. Anyway. They start crying. And then they pant on them. And then they do like a, a little voice over, and they basically have this moment where they realize holy crap. We're going to Uganda, where if you're gay you like get your head cuddle. Period. You know what I mean? And then they're like they even flu you on the crab. Listen, listen. Hold even say this. They say we are so blessed to live in a country, where we can love who we wanna love. We can go to peer one we can decorate policing is they literally say that on a CBS program where they basically realize here in America. You have it better than a lot of frigging places, man, for whatever sexual preference, you want to practice. Whatever religion you wanna practice. No question rate is country in a war in the world, and you want to talk about gay reparations for what frigging gun to people, getting their heads cut off and being gay. You want to hear about gay reparations why you have TV's on. Good has found that Uganda Uganda. I've been Uganda up to me wherever there's monthly that you're not gay. So they're not gonna cut your head off. But it like Nigeria I spent a lot of time in Nigeria Nigeria's northern Nigeria, you can't go up there, you can't go to canoe because this all say. Cut. You're saying is I know what you're saying that these people that are talking about how bad it is here. Go somewhere else party fell. Iran. Now, what would be? Episode. What persecution have you received as a gay man as, as a man, who is? I'm not going to answer that water Balfour. You said that you can't do that us the spe. You guys know you guys know thought it a million times on this podcast. I'm gonna make fun everybody. I'll give you white blacks fat skinny man woman gay straight. We're gonna make fun of you have to say. Lover of food lover of food that the deal. Describe to my porn hub channel to find out. One of those tweet what you just watched from porn hub tweets their porn, like just got through watching this stem sister thick bring it back in. All right. Let's get back to talking about gay people get appropriate again. That's all I'm saying is Elizabeth Warren. He's talking about gay referee, pander bears. That's my new hashtag payment bears, or something like that pander bears Buddha. Jag drinking a forty out of Brown paper sack. He's with the brothers, right? Straight geic out running for president. Yeah. Hello. Well case I'm doing his camp run for president. I just want to say we had a black guy who was president now, we got a gay guy running for president, although he probably just killed his campaign because he just lost control at the Bill. We're going to have a gay black woman run for president, the S Michelle Obama probably will put our hand. Hand, you probably will put her hat in the ring. Oh, it's coming. I think it's still coming. I think that actually, and I've made this prediction before I don't think she'll do this. I think that I don't know. Okay. So first of all, Chile. Probably. So if Joe Biden, I personally think that unless going to cure cancer, a miracle happens, I heard that he's going to let go happens. Donald Trump's alas Republican president probably ever because it's, it's just that people crazy, people crazy and the name has been so blighted with these negative connotations now that like I just did two shows in New Jersey, and I knew that my crowd were coming to the shows on Friday and Saturday night. And I knew it was going to be heavily conservative and stuff like that. But even in New Jersey super progressive New Brunswick, New Jersey, I was like, where do I take my Trump jokes in my because, because I make fun of Trump as well in the shows, and I I'm. I'm going to make fun of. I'm not. Yeah. Exactly. Thank God Trump doesn't drink. I mean, can you imagine him sitting on the toilet? Tweeden at three AM but make it, you know, just Speedo line there and his own orange way. Now just crazy aggressiveness nervous. Nancy, can you imagine if he was drunk doing that? I wish that he was. I mean it's ridiculous. And I love trumps tweeting like some people were like, oh, the president. I just wish he'd stop tweeting, y gotta do you kidding me? That is the best thing, go to sleep on the toilet reading Donald Trump's laser pointer to cats to the I can't, I can't anyway, continue. So, so, so anyway, you go to these places. Sometimes I'll second. Guess I'm like, I wish Bucci was with us on this trip. So I could say, I love black people. I got my friend limit weird now though. And I don't know if you guys I if you've gotten these comments from pictures with, with him, but isn't it weird now that we can't even have black friends anymore, unless people people will respond? Oh, of course, you have a black friend. Oh, no. You can't. So you can make people believe you're not racist. Isn't that kind of what not being racist is you have, like friends? They're different color. Have you had that they say? But I get I get stuff. Like I'll have the a limb guys that will come after me and whatever. And they'll say, well, you know, or somebody will see a segment from humor me the other show, we blaze dot com. Bliss. Shame those Hello slash humor shameless. Plug use promo code Chad, and they're like you're just rash grounds, blah, blah, blah racists, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, and I'll take a I'll have a picture with Sean and I'll be like, well, here's the guy who produces the ship. That's my manager. Jason, you know, manager Jason is black. The guy who literally handles me being able to make money to feed. My family is black. He is in charge of me. If you really want. Referee. That's what I'm saying. A black man is in charge of me and my money is I'm just saying, so the MBA is mad about owner title. Well, Jason more olds, my money till he distributes out money to me, you sued him say, I mean, you know, that that's kind of the manager in LA LA's Jewish. So. No kidding. Kidding. What do you think about that? By the way you are. You are you glad that the NBA has finally joined two thousand nineteen and there's no longer accepting racial slurs or racial tensions in the time because they're no longer referred to his owner. I watch hockey hockey we go to the hockey game in Nashville me him at Jason Hernandez. We're all sitting there behind, and there's PK Sabban, who's black guy that played for the highest paid guy on the predators defenseman. One of the top defencemen in the league, and we're sitting right there on the deal. We could just like if we could reach through the glass such as head NBA. Yeah. It's, it's I'm black doesn't mean I watch NBA Graham Graham. But I wasn't saying that I was saying, do you think his parents? He's in the NBA have a problem with odor gender of the person that owns the team. And so I was just curious. Are you? Glad that we've taken this step in the right direction at this. You say I. Super audio. Internet, people on the internet. I hate my personal friends. Imagine that you're so oppressed that the person who pays you million dollars to play a game. I was watching the draft the other day and they call it nine they held them. Yeah. But, but, but that's my point. But you just talked about the whole thing. And I'm talking about Chad those young men are super excited and super grateful and super willing. Why? Because perspective is everything. They don't have any money. They have worked Sem. School sneaker. Exactly. That's what I'm trying to say. So they're super accepting their super willing, they're super grateful. You've got these people that have been in the league for fifteen years, or so now that don't know any life, but millionaire at this point, now they're perspective has changed. So now they're no longer grateful for what the have, and they forgotten what they really have. And now they're trying to find something to be mad about five something to be upset about. And that's all I'm saying is what's going on. Now in our society is direct result of the entitlement that we gained from being so blessed in this society saw um saying man, and you can look at you can look at anything you can look at the example. You just said, you could look at fricking movies now the movies that we make and how we make them in the slant and the narrative, that's in them. It's just different it's changed. There's no longer the freaking. Hero's journey, which was pretty much every frigging movie you ever watched in the eighties nineties, and early two thousands. Now it's all about the new Aladdin. I talked about this in my podcast, the new Aladdin did does what I'm saying that the original ad in nineteen Ninety-two was talking about overcoming adversity was talking about caring about people, and you care about yourself and finding through love in the process. The new Aladdin is talking about women don't have a voice women are being held down and women deserve to be in charge period. I mean, and that's the narrative that everything is shifting these days is right says I'm hate metal grandma Allen. I'm just because he got a ton of it after exact same thing. Hey, I'm telling the truth sick of this third way, feminist crap, ballsy hair. Bob Bob hair Bossie wild women preachers. I don't even know what I'm talking about. But it's true. Man, I mean showing off ankles, it's true. Like you can look at movies and find out and I know this. Because I took my kids to watch the new Aladdin I went to go sleep this, my wife all heard from you about it. I what was going on? So I took my kids to see the new one. We watch smut kid. We're gonna figure this out anyway, so we watched it. I saw it. So exactly what you're talking about even added songs one of the big the main one called speechless, and then the next day at home. We watch the original. And if you do that you watch the new one and then watch the old one right after it. You will be amazed at the narrative, undertone. How drastically different it is they even cut out pieces of Aladdin, doing really selfless things like protecting people sharing food, caring about Abhu or whatever his name is. And all this other kind of Scott. The monkeys yeah, got the monk. That's what I'm saying though, but, but the new one, they cut those short and they is left less on that stuff. And they focused left that actually is what they do, when either way, I haven't seen either one of them. Well, then you're out of this conversation at this point. Leave. Nothing constructed say. Talking about. But hey I'm still here. Talk about white male patriarchy. They're white privilege. Yeah. There you go. You just proves these approve. Everybody's point right? Sitcom called the hippie and the black man. It's going to be like a new som- filled about nothing. Seinfeld episode when he were Kramer on the Puerto Rican flag. Do you remember how to backlash from that in houses? Big thing is funny, how, you know, same thing Americans, but they actually banned it from the network for a few years, but in two thousand to two came back out and put in syndication, lake time has passed we can put it back out refined with it now, as because he outrage comes goes, it, ebbs and flows. What's today's outrage, you know? So, so it's one thing we've pander to the to the black community with reparations or Budaj went out there and hate chicken, and hot sauce with Al Sharpton, and then can you imagine a like Donald Trump doesn't deal on Cinco de Maya where he's got his taco bowl sitting there on the desk, and he says, oh, Trump hotel has the best. I love a love lives. A frigging mind everywhere, Hispanics. Love them. But you know tacos. Joe Biden is going to come out and call a Obama. You know, a clean, you know, smart. Clean well-spoken our first whatever. Yeah. Booker boy, to and Cory Booker, of course came out, almost crying, basically saying it's just putting black people twenty years over chain. They have straight thrown Biden under the bus notice hasn't endorsed him because Biden was never the plan if they had been able to run in two thousand sixteen Obama and endorse it nobody because he got burnt so bad by Hillary Clinton, telling you, I wouldn't be surprised. Bama, doesn't endorse anyone at this point. Well, first of all bunch of foods to say it's going to be bomb is nothing special in that regard like got tired here hill. Thank you. And have minutes say some said, twenty seconds. Well. Yeah, I guess, so. But at least PR wise, marketing wise, genius. These fools are out here now. I can't wait for these debates. None of the wait for them. None of them stand on anything. That doesn't fundamentally destroy everything. They're not running anything that put them in a current office. Everything they're talking about right now. Did not put them in that current often though reparations. They didn't talk about reparations the only one that's been pretty much. The same throughout is Bernie Sanders in how he's been elected. Is crazy. Because about forgive one point five trillion dollars in school debt. That's his whole plan. We'll forgive it just go, he's going to give unlimited care and benefits and money to illegals. He's going to do free healthcare, that you have to pay more in taxes, for which only the left could tweet free and more taxes in the same sentence in expect people to be like, oh, that makes a lot of sense. But what's scary is all the people that are like, yeah, it sounds awesome. But you're a bunch of idiots 'cause you're doing the same thing. You're paying more in healthcare more in taxes for free healthcare when you're already paying that money that you're going to pay more for health care that you want. I feel like I'm taking crazy feels man. This one point. I think it's one point six one point six trillion in. In student loans where they think that money's going to come from, you're gonna pay more in taxes. Dummies that's how it works party foul. Steve owes me thousands. I just gave it. My wife does, too. Lauren money. I give it right. If I'm gonna give it to him, give it to you, then I'm like, okay, that's fine. But it still came out of my pocket. Whether it gets paid back or not. So he's just going to just say, okay, absolve somebody out there, put that money, I made a tweet and somebody because you Christian very open about that. And somebody said when I said that about student loans they go, you know, the bible says that you're supposed to Lynn money without charging interest. So I guess you're not really a Christian. And I said, first of all, dummy, it says to your brother doesn't say actually says you should charge interest to foreigners people. You don't know. But I digress. But it also says that the wicked borrows doesn't pay back. So shut. You'll mile also says, if you have the money and you're dead or calls on you tomorrow. Do not let the day boom without you people love to pick and choose people that man, they love it. They love it already foul. Claim nothing. I don't climb nothing. I'm lopping heads off in Uganda. I believe in circuses. I'll put him one hundred twenty hours a week. There you go. I'm just saying even on that. It goes to the point, the people want their debts forgiven when they willingly took out that debt in the first place knowing how much it 'cause knowing what the percentage rates were knowing reasonably how much money they were gonna make with the job that they chose to go to school, four out of one point six trillion dollars. I doubt that the vast majority of those are for surgeons or nurses, or lawyers. I'm pretty sure is for people that went for liberal arts degrees and stuff like that which I'm not down in liberal arts people like, oh my God. I can't believe I do that. Because because here's the if you're going to get an education to get into a career field that you cannot support yourself with, and that's not all liberal arts degrees. But if you're going to get into that deal, and you can't pay back, your student loans, or you can't even support your family. What's the point? And that's if you start getting people free education like that becomes high school, too. Point. Oh, because right now as it is bachelor's degrees, are basically worthless at this point. They become where if you're not willing to go get your MBA or doctorate or something like that. If you're not getting bachelor's degree of ours. I got a bachelor of ours. Anna Bashar Cise. I gotta massacre, and we won't get in and your sit here. Case and point I'm a high school graduate. I'm sitting in the same as you. He's probably making more money. His hot box with a star. Drunk, Mike, high school diploma from Mississippi mind G, which is probably not as good as other people sites. I know. But I do have twelve other businesses of saying. All up saying is the people people came at me, and they're like, well, with liberal arts find Graham, let's just not encourage people to dream and go after their dreams. I'm like, yeah. You know what a dream is that you don't have a plan on how you're gonna pay for it a dream, and you're never gonna do crap people that actually do something, where their dream come up with something called a play. But his heartless double jeopardy shit. What about people that wanna be teachers? I mean you don't go into the career of being a teacher, but you have to have a bachelors to become a teacher. So what are you sure then? Here's the thing, okay? You can't whine about someone you want to do if you want to you choose to go into profession because you love it. Good. Teachers love what they do. The love it to be a teacher, so recommend educators, get their master's degree. Does it takes you to another? Talking about is instead of forgiving, one point six trillion in debt, why don't you take some of that money and actually pay good? Teachers, what they deserve to may. Enter firing bad. Teachers, let's start paying police officers and first responders money that they deserve. Let's pay nursing all people deserted skin. Designed in pain the freaking loan better known as the Dhamma Esa act. This kids. In gravy sweating. Whether you black white all strike or polka dot. I, I don't know why they don't like me never phone call from dominance. A phone call now. I don't know why I don't know why they either way. I'll tell you what they tell me. I'm like, why can't so they got like what two and a half a million followers on Twitter, so we had dinner last Friday night. And then we did that event Monday night. And then we had the Avenel today play for did you pay for pay for over there? I'm just curious if people pay people pay their people pay they've never been anything, but gracious to me they were Sarah, my phone calls. They talked to me. Don't even Rochelle. They love me back. You know, I think they'd love me if they talked to me. Well, I'll tell you what they told me I said, why won't they follow forty six people? That's it two and a half million forty six I said, why won't you? Follow me on Twitter. This has gotten ridiculous. And silk. She said, let me tell you what she said, what first of all, you just never know like we protect what we have to do on Twitter, but you never know one day you might wake up and you will look and you will see that you are followed by Dhamma, and so you don't know you don't know. But we will see. I said, I don't want it. I love you girls hoop. Knicks that's the worst I've ever wouldn't you stop asking this when we'll do it. Yeah ridiculous. I don't care Sean Hannity's the same under say back back to that, though. I agree with you completely the. That what we really should be talking about is paying people that deserve more money for the war thirty years. I've said it said it since I was since I was twenty years old. I've said it, I said, the two professions in America that need to be the harder more difficult to get and should make more money are law enforcement officers into educators, and cameramen. No question about it. You get that good money as a cameraman. You got to put up. Two. He's like. A graphic designer Hugh. You find one that also operates a camera. You can you learn to draw. Yes. Right now, that's the most entitled state whatever can you learn how to draw please. Katy. Liberal or schools? Police. Learn to be pleased liberal arts graduate that can draw. 'cause I got money to spend, and I can't find anybody the work hard to draw you, whatever you want to pay me some money. Good. Lord have. Our party foul. Steve Bucci show, the puppet master market, Ken DC, the Queen of the peons. Sean's, not gay Graham. That's your name. Let us know. But that's the thing. Oh, that's true. We have. Belts, may forget about not gauge air. Okay. I'm not working. -pletely SIS gendered heterosexual. The list. Ask about me Houston small a couple of weeks. Say love your wife. She was wondering what happened, I lay her Instagram's way better than yours. Oh shots. Fires. Whoa. Back out of the room slowly. I have to do all the like network stuff now she gets to do all the fun stuff. Thing, Chelsea garden came to me. She said your Facebook is really down like this, and so which page and she's like, well watching, and I said, because I had been in the Trump people want in the truth. They don't see it in the truck. Yup. I agree. It's almost like we know we're talking about. For the Chad Prager show here in studio, twenty to follow Graham Allen at Graham Alan on Instagram and on Twitter anywhere. And of course, subscribe to dear America podcast and tune in to rant nation on blaze, TV dot com slash Graham. Go check him out. Is it grass? Yes, that's slash Graham. Yep. Okay. Good. So check it out. We love you guys. God bless you. Find me out on tour. 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