Some old friends are coming into town


So want to get this thing started or. I mean, that's why we're here, isn't it? Yeah, I thought so. Eases christ. Just there's Keithly punks. Hello, and welcome to keep sounding podcast. Your official Carolina Panthers podcast or cat scratch. Got it. Right. This time. An SP nation site. I'm joined by John John. How are you doing tonight? I'm doing well, Brian, and I'm thinking, is this utter asshole, Brad? Are you doing this mess? The nicest thing you've ever said to me? Yeah, at Ryan's. Nice to you. Yeah, our okay. Real blue blue. So we have a football game after what feels like an eternity since the last Panthers football game. The Panthers play, the New York Giants, aka Panthers kind of north since the Buffalo Bills are also vying for that title. There's less north answers less north like that. North west. Now they're in the same. That's like the least possible thing. It could be. I was trying to make a Konya West's thing, but it didn't work out. So you know they have. You're right about that. Trying to be. Yeah, that's what I get make this podcast. Great. Again, my right. So. Before we give into all that, I'm sure Brad is going to really enjoy this next bit. The Panthers signed safety, Eric, read this past week when last week I it was. It was what they signed him. Literally, like Trump nights are two days after we recorded our podcasts and Brad went on this rant about how the Panthers sign air grief. And it's funny because I, they announced the signing like an hour after I published the the show. Like they were. They heard that rant and they immediately they got read in the building right away. I know I know Brad's rant was the reason. Absolutely was I am taking full credit for it because I went, I was very passionate about that rant. And it was is probably one of the better rants I've ever had and it's no coincidence that they signed him the next day. Not at all we made in our brand on cat scratch reader to sign Eric creed after Ron Rivera, basically, it was like, oh, we like the guys we have in the building and I fully Philly attribute the siding to of Eric read to everyone at pest graduated. But specifically, Brad and us three on the keep signing podcast. I just think. It's a great feeling. It is just to be here knowing what we've -ccomplish. Yes, to to be single handedly as long as a whole responsible for a major transaction for the Panthers. It's. It's it's humbling. Is this what feeling winning and Grammy is like? I mean, I just. Debbie close. It's pretty humbling. I must say like. Imagine it's a similar feeling. Yeah, it's gotta be. It's gotta be. So, yeah, obviously, if you hadn't heard the Panthers signed, the big, the big talking point of the off season may be behind Colin Kaepernick in, you know, whatever else, Eric, read, the guy who kneeled next him for the first time are the first guy should save kneel next to him. And now they have a starting safety who's actually good the first good safety since Mike? Yeah. Well, other than Colin Jones, obviously. But the first like legit Pro Bowl safety since Mike Minter on the team for two mil for the season. It's good. It's good stuff. That's what we call hashtag pretty good. It's a bargain as bargain. Yeah, hashtag this really sad when you think about it that he's the best safety with had since Mike men are Mike Minter tired in what two thousand and two are two thousand and three or something like that. Like it's been that low. It's been a long time. Let's find out the best we had. Blooming. Fire up the oh, Google machine. He played well. He played longer and I thought he played from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand six. The best safeties the Panthers had since him were Chris Harris, Charles, Godfrey. Kurt coleman. And I guess Sharad Martin maybe. Always own well, yeah, collar obviously the goat. But you know, in the business we call that a murderer's row of safeties. Yeah, that's worldbeaters also forgot about rookie. Nakimora. How can I forget about? There's a good one. He was the next Ed read, you know, well, he played behind. Yeah. You play behind him. So I mean, he was just as good if not better because he was younger. Yeah. I mean, everybody knows whenever an under study takes over for an oversight. They always their shoes fully. Nice. Brington. Thanks like ducks. So on top of Eric Reed being signed the Panthers, come out this week really frigging healthy. I mean, really frigging healthy in regards to all the other crappy put up with a mean like, you know, the last several weeks of and we've been talking about how this guy's hurt. This guy's hurt. This guy's hurt this guy's hurt. So now they have Curtis Samuels back from his quote, unquote thickness. We have Greg Olson's practicing again. He won't play this week, but just the fact these practicing five weeks removed from breaking his foot again, is miraculous. Who else we got out there. Birds back to me your bird obviously big deal house. Bird. Hashtag house bird. Trey, Turner's back, pretty Turner is back from the concussion protocol. Just listen is no longer dealing with a groin injury. Nora seriously still in the concussion protocol. And quite frankly, he should probably just stay there. But you know. On Asia on verve. Yeah. Yeah. But in a. It's crazy looking at the practice report, the injury report for practice and seeing a point space under did not participate. Yup, in I believe that's the first time all year that that that's happened and then only one limited participant, and it was Greg who is way ahead of schedule. Which I have a thing about, Greg, everybody talk you like there's a lot of people like all over the internet saying, you know, Greg Olsen don't rush back. You know, basically people saying when he showed her shouldn't be able to play with absolutely no intimate knowledge of the situation like no MRI's is no x-rays, no discussions with Greg and how he feels just based on the fact that they are broken foot. People feel like they're, they have enough knowledge to gate when he should be ready to play. It's not how it works. With that is how it works. We all play fantasy all gone. We're experts here say. They say, Greg Olsen foot injury, and then it's like the doctors and medical professionals and grey also he feels good all say. He'll be good soon based on my information that I know. I think they're wrong. I've read my notifications on my fantasy football team for. Awesome. Thank you. I know he's not ready. I don't care what the doctor say. My impression of a broken foot says, it should take eight weeks before he blades. And if he returns before before the next four weeks, he'll be a borderline t. e to thank you expert here. Thanks for the fantasy. Yeah. That's all I want is I want to see about injuries has just the whole idea that we as fans know absolutely nothing about his injury. So if Greg feels good and he doesn't, it doesn't hurt in the doctors think he's healed enough. Trump was role within. Yeah. And someone brought up a good point on CSR or maybe it was Twitter, I forget. They were like, well, he shouldn't rush back and someone said, well, you know, he's not played the last almost two seasons basically, and he just went for a broadcasting job. So you know, this might be his last chance to play football, which I can. I can definitely level with their. Is he on that point? It's like who says, if he came back, not this coming week, but next week who says that's rushing back like, why is that rushing back? Why is that? Like who determines what's rushing in? What's taking it slow and what's appropriate. Obviously the fans who have intimate fantasy knowledge, John. Thank you. That's what I'm, that's what I've seen. So looking forward, we have a little reunion of sorts with the Dave Gettleman led New York Giants while so boasts. The formidable face of Mike Shula who isn't actually calling place for them, but it's still their offense coordinator SMH. So. I guess let's start with the offense versus defense. So obviously the giants despite their struggles boasts, quite a formidable group of players on offense with Odell Beckham junior's sterling Shepard. Obviously, obviously saquon Barkley probably the next big thing as far as a rushing and receiving back goes. So John, I'll start with you since you are usually doing the defensive preview. What's your, what? What are you looking at here? What's the biggest thing we should be watching as far as the game goes this on Sunday. Well, in general, not just for the game, but I would like to know what makes his actual job is if he doesn't call the plays or anything like that as an offense coordinator, he's supposed to look like. Runs in meetings or something. I don't know. Basically glorified quarterback coach. It it seems like. It's really all he does because Pat Shurmur calls the plays. But Shula I think it's a situation where they're using his play design because you know, he's actually decent at doing that part of it, but he's not being given the the microphone to make the call on win to run what because that's the part of his job that he really sucks at. I will say one thing about Mike Shaw because we, we've had often divine issues simulate the entire time. We have muscial as offensive coordinator. And then he is relieved of his duties in this year with talent that I don't think is vastly superior to what we've had. The last couple of years we've got. Suddenly we have like the best run blocking off until line in the NFL and camps got sacked, like what? Three times three games. In the giants for their part have one of the worst offense of lines in the NFL and I know they were already bad, but I, I just wonder if there's something to do with the play designs that make the too tough on the offensive line. We are arguing about. I think it could be. We were arguing about this here in the slack chat over the bye week about Matt Kalil. About how Chris Clark can't be that much worse than that Khalil. But. I brought this up in, you know. It's obviously up for debate, but it seems kind of like Mike Shula's offense and Carolina at least was like, that guy has to block that guy. That's just how it goes on this play. If he doesn't block them, we're screwed or like Norv Turner is like, oh. We have a problem here. Let's scheme against that. Let's throw a quick pass to Christian McCaffrey. Let's throw a quick pass to Torrey Smith because this is a bad match up for Chris Clark. Kind of what it seems like in I, I don't know. I mean, I've been watching a Mike Shula offense for a long time, so I don't really know what adjustments feel like, but you know. Yeah, I would. I would say that's probably that's probably true in in some capacity like there's, there's definitely are there someone say definitely definitely. Probably probably some more scheming for to account for witnesses on the office of line, but to go to your original question about the giants offense. They have all of the playmakers you can ever desire on offense. I think under than like they're probably behind like the Rams and like maybe the Vikings in terms of overall talent with Odell Beckham sterling shepherd and Ingram and saquon Barkley. But like we just talked about offense line real bad. I manning not great. And then you know, I mean, patron was home ablaze, but am I chill offense, actual offense. Manning is like, I think the sixth shortest average Jeff the target this year. So it's going to be a lot of take a snap, throw a crossing Beckham in as long as Keith Klay Thompson and all them are able to rally be okay. Markley will probably get one big play, but one big play won't feel matters. It shouldn't at least without inept giants offenses, tiring. So you say that, but there's one point I want to bring up. Panthers have allowed, at least over the last two games. Several plays that went for a lot further than I felt they should have between like Giovanni, Bernard and Edo and Edo Smith with the falcons for like twenty twenty five yards against those guys. You know, twenty twenty five yards. Okay, but against saquon Barkley those can be touched down. So I am a little worried about the rush defense just because they didn't seem like they were all together against the Bengals and granted, you know, you have the by week to focus on that, but that was a little concerning. Considering like the strength of this defense is supposedly the front seven, but they were letting counterpoint go ahead. The giants offense is real then like the falcons. I do like I don't. I don't think I do think like saquon we'll get a big player to Odell might get a big player too, but they are like the falcons and Bengals can have hit those big place in keep going. The giants don't do that. They like, I'll go and all you have to do to solid drive his sack Eli manning. He's been sack more than almost anybody that he's the fourth most sat quarterback in the NFL so far this year and and you really don't have to do much to sack Eli manning. All you do is just ruined towards him. Tweeted at like during the Cowboys game? I think giants Friis Cowboys says, like, I think at this point, like if a guy like yelled really loud, you get sack. That even getting touched. So he, he goes down as soon as he sees somebody that might get close to him. He's like, he's like, he's like a drew Brees on stilts like he's takes us ready to knock them over. I'm a fights though he'll shift around and. You know, he'll sheds attack was your ally manning the defensive defensive lineman can be blocked and like reach around the guy blocking. And if Eli manning feels a hand, shoulder, repet- is collapsed into a puddle. Well, that's why that's why I mean like a drew Brees on stilts because UI manning Zeo like a bit tall. So he strikes me short quarterback who might be able to make a play, but he's also on stilts where you can't like, you know, plant in a way. So that was kind of the joke goes, may just not get what you say. He's very wobbly. Yes, he's top. He's like, he's like, he's like a newborn horse like they haven't quite figured out how to walk yet. The perfect description. So he just Bambi back in the he's in the pocket, and then it's like, oh, no. Somebody like clip might hip all up. I'm falling down. Manning is it's a, it's a chance for FAA to build off. Last week's breakout performance may get another sack on the resume. We should definitely definitely get more than one sec on Sunday. In mean the Panthers defense, which means we'll get zero and the giants will score forty eight points on us. I mean, it's Fasel I wouldn't. I wouldn't say likely. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least for that game. Just reeks of that. Chicago Bears crap. Because the Johnny. Well, real quick just about when we're point on the this are the giants offense scored eighteen points against the saints at home. Mike, that's that's. That's enough. ULA how bad their offenses I, yeah, you could just better. All I know is that the Panthers are one of those prime teams were a guy can bounce back in this just reeks of like owed l. Beckham going for two hundred and fifty yards receiving. The scares me. I have posts surrounded stresses order with this team is where necessary greets for. If he plays. I mean, Colin Jones is starting over him. Allegedly college. A Collins is fast. You know what? You're right. He is fast. I forgot about that. We're saved. This is the perfect play guys. Every solid that. Know real question. How. I swear to God. If we're on Rivera, says that he solid debt, I will quit this team. I am not even kidding. How many plays do you think Eric Reid's going to see, I think we'll see at least seventy five percent of the snaps. Yeah, I think that's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking he's he's not going to start, but he's gonna come in really early and we won't see Colin Jones anymore. Wait. That's what happens when the safety is good. I didn't think it mattered. Yes. Brian, you're gonna transition us or. Oh, I thought you guys were still talking. I'm sorry. Are you listening? Terrible home this Christ? Okay, so Brad, we just talked about what Jesus Christ. Why are you still abrasive. So I asked John about what he had, what he thought about the giants offense. I don't know if you have anything else you want to add. Probably not, but I'll go ahead and ask you anyway. No, Donald John pretty much covered everything. Sorry to steal everything from love that club that Cutler and it's by Brad? Yep, Yep. Okay. So look, I mean, if you want, if you want color analysis, I'll give it to you. I mean, see what we have to have here is the Panthers need to score touchdowns instead of field goals. And if if they can come out with a way to score more points than the giants, then they'll win the game. The sounds good. I'll it. I just Troy Aikman and. Yeah, I just gave you Troy Aikman. Nothing came that. Yes. I was trying to think of the tide in play that does Monday night football. I couldn't think of his day. I couldn't think of his damn name Jason Witten, Jason Witten air we go. Yeah, there we go. Yeah, he's. You're supposed to be a football writer. My God. Play him football writer, but I covered the Panthers. Thank you very much. Part of the job is knowing the names of all the broadcast teams. It is. Yeah, tracked. So looking at the giants defense. There's obviously some decent pieces there alleviate ver- and. Landon Collins janoris Jenkins. Snacks, Harrison. If he does play, I believe he practiced limited basis today. The Panthers offense seems to be rolling so far though. I mean, like after the first week they were a little. They're a little rusty then, but against the falcons they did lose. But they still played well on offense and against the giants. They ran for one hundred and eighty yards with Christian McCaffrey. That's taking away any yards. They got with anybody else. So right now the offense seems to have some mental going. Looking at this game, Brad. Who is it on offense that you, I guess are excited to see or who who do you think is going to be a key to this game. I'm going to take the easy way out and go with Christian McCaffrey because that's that's pretty much who it is. Like if we can see a repeat performance of what we saw two weeks ago against Cincinnati, you know, I think we'll put ourselves in a position to win. That's the correct answer. Pass even. I was gonna say that that actually brings up something I wanted to mention like. This Panthers offense for the last how many years was defined by Cam Newton's performance where now kind of seems like it's defined by both him and Christian McCaffrey. Now, like McCaffrey has become arguably as much of a focal point as him in this offense where it's not just on Cam to make those plays not just on can make those throws. Now, McCaffrey is all of his place doing like everything in almost like a complimentary fashion to Cam Newton, and that's kind of refreshing. So I don't know if you disagree John or agree. No, it's it's Grisha McCaffrey's definitely the guy to watch because the giants. Actually do really well on outside Evan wide receivers. So it might be tough for candy going down the field, the bunch of Smith in the light. But, but like they've been. Yeah, Alvin Kamara Alba Kamara had. One hundred thirty four yards and three touchdowns on nineteen theories. Against the giants and then got an average nine yards a catch as well. So it's definitely a. It's probably going to be gained both. Both teams are going to kind of stay near the lines offensively. So McCaffrey is gonna. I would definitely could definitely see another late twenty carry over one hundred yards performance. Any might get a few more catches. He's only two instances Nettie. Yeah. They like twenty. Here is in like four, five, piracy sketches. Maybe it is nice to see from this offense. The fact that they can like. About-face their game plan and go from Christian McCaffrey cash fifteen passes to him. Rushing the ball twenty two times and catching the ball twice. That's got to be difficult or coordinator to deal with when they can just go from heavy passing, heavy thinkin dunk offense to pound the ball down your throat offense, all with the same personnel. Like, that's that's pretty exciting. My opinion. Just really the way you should do everything. I don't know we've had. We've had a lot of Mike Shula here, so I think we're just trying to recover from that. We we said, okay times, but it's amazing the things that were excited about as a fan base in our office coordinator should be common sense. Like, this is amazing, our office of coordinator, late changes. The plays we to week I is. This is incredible. Yeah, that's what twenty nine other off its coordinators have been doing. He lets Cam Newton run the no huddle when he wants to like Mike God revolutionary stuff. It is coach of the year opinion. And also speaking of Cam Newton. He's probably gonna run more this week to, as I said, the giants are gonna have secrets blanket. He's going to have to run the tickets yardage. So I think heavy heavy ground game and you know how much I'm saying the run game. Yup. Run the ball as much as you can don't pass it. That's John. That's John's motto. Yep. It's all about, then you probably really enjoyed what Ron Rivera said. The other day about running the ball. I saw somebody as all get glance skimmed over. Somebody said some of that, like what he say, assing stuff's cool, but you still need to be able to run to win. Yes, exactly. Has the patriots as the patriots. Have James white being their best running back right now and the colts end, the colts right now have I think, nineteen Hanes has every single back. They'll not over this game or almost who's a tiny little fellow. That's never as fast catcher more than runner. He was also a wide receiver in college. Yeah. Just twenty fair to the Coles. Aren't they without? Aren't they without TY Hilton. So they kind of had Wii Houghton, pay plays running back, adjust on the fly. No, they're having to run the ball because they, they don't have their best receiver. What was your saying? Like the guy that they're using on the ball is a is what you typically call scap BAC not like this. You know, he's he's five, nine, two hundred pounds like he's not a because he played college. He's not like everybody, not everybody, but a lot of people still think that like. Oh, you know, this guy speak. So he's workforce Leonard fournette. He doesn't hurt. Big. Funny because letter gets hurt all the time. I see. Yeah, picked it up. One of the thing I just when I was looking at Alba Kamara stats as a call back to the offense, the giants offense. Threes. Eight players are seven players called passes. Lastly, exactly. Zero of them, average ten yards a catch against the saints. Let's the saints defense is so good. It is, I guess. So. I mean. They put the clamps on Ryan Fitzpatrick the bucks in week. One. Matt Ryan, the foul content no answer for that defense. So yes, it's, it is defense. But like oil average nine yards gets shepherd average eight year to catch Morlin saints, more like New Orleans paints. 'cause they're all over everybody. Hi nickname. Yep. One thing before we get into the score prediction. So Michael Pelosi signed a three year extension over yesterday. Wednesday today's day. Actually, it was three days ago if you're listening to this podcast, whatever Michael party signed a three year extension this week, that fair. Yes. Okay. I guess so Michael was great. Is the best punter in the league so far over the first four weeks by pro football focus. And I know sometimes take their grades grain of salt, but when they're pro Panthers, I'm all for it. So that's how that's how we consume information. We agree with we, we only give merit to glens v agree with exactly. That's how you're supposed to operate. Right. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. He beat out Andy Lee for his job last year because he had higher hang time on his punts. And overall it seems like special teams in general seems to be doing pretty well this year. I think that higher hang time certainly good. But any. Usually. So, yeah, we have the three special teams guys of the NFL all locked in for the next three years. It's pretty good. Those pretty good my opinion special trailer to to get us hype for the next three years of special teams. Imagery. What did they call themselves the brand or something like that for the brand specialists, specials officials, amazing. You still Pat Mak these thing. Yeah, my favorite one was our Graham took the turtle neck off on Retha sweater for the sweater vest with nothing underneath it classy. Yes, those real classy quite quite classy. Panthers obviously at the edge in special teams game. So that's going to be a major factor. So looking at the score guys, John all start with you, what is your game prediction? As far as the score goes. Panthers are gonna win. I think it's going to be. Twenty six, ten. Interesting. Lafayette goals not feel. Anyway, might struggle a little bit in the red zone just because we might have a hard time getting like having consistent success massing all so surprise move it on the field on feels. Brad, what about safety? The giants offense so bad. This is also possible. It is Mike Shula offense by calling the place. So, yeah, Brad, what's your score prediction. I believe the Panthers are going to win the game, and I believe the score is going to be twenty nine to thirteen. Because I agree with John, I think we're gonna see quite a few field goal attempts giants are gonna win by Brian. I actually I'm getting off my pessimistic Patty's rain. Oh shit. We're losing. I'm gonna twenty four to twenty one Panthers. I think the giants, I think the giants will still manage score points because there really isn't anybody on the St. fence who can cover Odell adequately all the time in my opinion. But I still think the Panthers win. So twenty four twenty one. Defense for Beckham is that you'll, I'm ending his quarterback. Yep. Pretty much James, Brad, and really all we have to do. All we have to do is run the ball and don't give Eliah chance to be out there. That's the key to winning the game John. So what you're saying is chew up the clock, get that possession time and. Yeah, yeah. I mean, he li- can't beat you if he's not on the free. Sure. Can't lie. I don't. I can't spot. One thing about your pets ear optimistic, take your not as missing. You will use the game to be closer than giants fans do. Horned f- impulse survey, right. Yeah, fan according to fan polls. Giants fans don't even think that the giants could win the game. They predict Carolina to win by six points and their giants fans. Of course, they also only eighteen percent of our confident that their team is headed in the right direction. So my mind, it could just be that they're having a balance on other thing. The fan pulse of people that agreed to sign up to get an Email every week to share their thoughts on the team. So it's, you know, you're not going to get a lot of these are super fans like you agreed to pay time out of your day to do this to be bothered by getting an Email. This isn't just like Jimmy Fallon walking up to random people on the streets of New York, asking these questions? Yes. Oh, if she's a lot about the direction of their team, if those are the fans that used to what eighteen percent or confident the direction and they eighteen percent that it was fifty four percent last. Tweak, you know it was about fifty fifty last week, but then when they got beat by the saints that draw pretty well, they like it's skyrocketed after they beat the Texans. And then they lost again, never mind. It would strip like shape back down to before. The huge rise in huge drought. So my reasoning behind mice, I guess somewhat pessimistic take is they played the Jags close and they played the saints close and ofensive Lee speaking. Odell Beckham is we don't really have a guy who can cover him like James Bradbury is going to his darn best. He is, but he's just owed l. is a different animal than somebody like Julio Jones. And on top of that, the Panthers have been gashed by second-string running backs over the last week. So I imagine saquon Barkley is gonna hits into, so that's that's why I think it'll be closer than we expect, but I still think Maslin pull it out. So there you do point out that the saints had a physician lead from the halfway through the third quarter for the rest of the game. So the giants really hang with them all well. I mean to possessions for them is pretty good. The saints defense is bad. It was close. I expect that way. Yeah. But when you when you think about it, what was it a fourteen point lead? Is that why you said to possession, they kicked a field goal or touchdown on nineteen to seven, halfway through the third quarter and in the giants field goals. Okay. Well, and it was. So it was a nine point. It was at least nine point three, that's three possession game, Natasha. I, if we're talking about Mike Shula offense, nine point leads three possession. They had three possession lead the most of the second. But I did like I think our offense is better than the Jags cause Blake, Bortles just doesn't add like Balsam weeks. So like that was a low scoring game. And it was more just because the Jaguars. One hundred percent like matchup base offense. Like if they played bad defense, they will tear it up, but they play good defense. They're just completely incompetent. The giants have do have good defense so that that's type of game. The Jacksonville struggled with like that against Tennessee also for them. The giants against good offenses have not done so good, but I have the Panthers really an offense like the saints right now. No, but we're better than. Not quite as efficient, but they're close. Yeah, and they're better than better than Jacksonville at Houston or offense. The one that the two, the two key differences. We don't have a receiver like Micheal Thomas, and we don't have an office coordinator like Sean Payton nor Turner's. Great. I'm not saying the north Turner isn't great, but you know, and as much as I hate Sean Payton because he looks like he swallowed an asshole. I got stuck in his mouth when he tried to spit it back out. I really, I really hate that. But anyway. Paying as much as I hate Shawn Payne is a on offense of genius. Like he's one of the three best offense of minded coaches in the NFL he could win with just about anyone. I think if you put Sean Payton on any of the thirty two teams in the NFL he would win with them. We don't have. Yeah, we don't have that, but we've got potential pieces that could one day be that like we don't know what we've got with DJ more yet. He could be as good as Michael Thomas. He might also flame out. We don't know yet. But we've got the quarterback. We've got the running game. We've got the tide in. We just we don't have. We're like more like a poor man's saints. Offense. To further Sean Payton point image Obree's have to like as do have the worst, just like minor ticks that they do that. Are he most fearing things watch Sean Payton's lips that it'll faces always making and drew Brees incessantly licking his fingers in adjusting shoulder pads. Whenever he doesn't have the like. Locking around and grabs shoulder pads because shoulder pad looks. The other thing is is it's it's there to watch like completely on related. I would hate to see a microscope like microscopic look at his tongue in his fingers because there's no telling how much bacteria and disease and all kinds of shit lives. Because, like you said, he licks his fingers like every seems like every thirty seconds heated against us. He can play and he did that thing where he like leaned forward as far as he could in clapped his Hello broke. And he would look fingers like before clapping, his hands on huddled break as he stood on the sidelines and windbreaker on drew. What are you trying to do. Oh, and I also forgot. We're, we're not quite as good at the saints because we don't have tastes. I hate that, man, I don't even. I don't even hate him for who he is. Just even last week. They brought him up on like the snap where he was just in the wildcat and they brought his name up and I just wanted to rip my hair out. I was like, God, damn it. Stop talking about taste hill. We get it. He can run. He's a quarterback, we get, he's white. He's not Cam Newton, understandable. Leave it alone. Sometimes I think sometimes that Joe buck and Troy Aikman get paid by every like reference that they make taste in hill understand. We have never seen a backup quarterback. Third string quarterback that also play special teams play as an offense of skilled player. We've never seen such thing before. Yeah, no, it's never happened before. Literally, you know, Joe web didn't exist. I think I think that's what makes it more infuriating for us as fans relative. Maybe other teams that he's basically Joe Webb and Joe never got like even a passing mention as a backup quarterback link specialties. That's kind of cool. He also filled in the bills. He's he's wild them for Brett farve for the Vikings and beat the eagles on prime time, and nobody talks about him tasting hill. Yeah, like he's actually had success quarterback it. Is it just me or does. Is it just me or does it look like Joe Webb looks like he should be named, tastes hill tastes. Joe Webb. Yes, yes. Like maybe this just be, but maybe not. You're not. You're not wrong. Web is totally a white guy. Well, so Joe. Joe Webb my my autumn Akanik. Joe Webb literally sounds like your auto mechanic that gives you shitty advice on what to do about your brakes is it does. I could get you some new brake pads, but I mean, like just throw these things in here. I'm sure your new break, your old break, fallacy, fine. You know. Totally replace your engine is the bigger problem here. Just just just start stopping tutor, just hit the brakes hard before you stop. That seems like a good idea. Oh, man. Do we have anything else we wanna touch on for the good. Yes. I think you have to give some wisdom, but other than that. We can just. You're not prepared or you Brian. So. Fans. We apologize for Brian's lack. This is gonna probably be coming off the top of said, hey. Cook my auto mechanic partway that would have been a good one. Later. Football. For the touchdown. Took it in time. Second. Jon Stewart that he's in for a touchdown. Its role win in New England, everything and subscribe on everything. And if you want us to sign anybody, just let us know in the comments when we post this on CSR and I'll make ran next week, it happen. That's what we do. We make dreams happen.

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