Trump pushes back on recession warnings says "economy is doing really well"; Sanders criticized after changing "Medicare for all" proposal; Police: Employee planned mass shooting at Marriott hotel; World's largest rainforest engulfed by massive wildfires


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A sheriff's deputy loss from russia with love an american c._o. Stepped down after admitting his relationship with an infamous accused russian agents <music> welcome to the lead america hill in for jake tapper and we start with the money lead new warnings of a recession and a clear message from the president nothing to see here in fact. He tweeted today quote. The economy is doing really well. Meantime a major predictor of recessions in the past dipped again. The labor department says the job market isn't as strong as i thought and for the first time in nearly a decade we learned manufacturing is cranking out less. It's well overall. The economy may be doing well. Big question is can president trump helped. Keep it that way. As c._n._n.'s boris sanchez reports even the president it doesn't seem to know president donald trump trying to ease concerns about mounting red flags in the american economy by once again taking aim at the federal reserve tweeting today quote. The economy is doing really well. The federal reserve can easily make it record-setting later adding our federal reserve does not allow us to do what we must do. They put us at a disadvantage against our competition fight or go home. In recent days is trump and allies have insisted the fundamentals of the economy are strong. I fight. I don't see a recession at all. The american economy is strong. You see a very robust economy but a major indicator of an oncoming recession the yield curve inverted again for the third time since last wednesday and new numbers indicate the bureau of labor statistics overestimated the number of jobs created by more than half a million new data also reveals the manufacturing sector an area of emphasis emphasis for trump has shrunk for the first time since two thousand nine and a report from the bipartisan congressional budget office shows the federal deficit will come close to a one trillion dollars in two thousand nineteen ballooning in large part because of trump's 2017 tax cut. I am the chosen. One economists also blaming the current trade war with china which trump yesterday denied was his fault. Somebody said it's trump's this is in my trade war but trump did start the trade war last year when he began levelling tariffs on china that statement by the president according to c._n._n. Fact checkers one of eleven false claims trump made during his more than thirty minute with reporters on wednesday one more thing for the president to think about eric the growing number of house democrats calling for a a formal impeachment inquiry today to more democrats lent their name to that 'cause bringing the total to a hundred and twenty nine more than half of the caucus erica more sanchez live at the white house for a sports. Thank you so the president as we showed you tweeted earlier today. The economy is doing really well and then followed up by saying the federal reserve. I can easily make it record. Setting the question is being asked. Why are we paying much more interest than germany and certain other countries to break that once again seen that once again. The president is trying to habit both ways if this consistent inconsistency. I suppose that we can now count on right at the same time that the president is saying the economy's fine. There's nothing to see here. He's mulling additional tax cuts. Maybe a payroll tax cut to try and boost the economy delayed the implementation of some some of those tariffs on chinese goods to try and protect u._s. consumers around the holiday season when he had settled along that the terrorists weren't actually going to hurt american american consumers or american workers. He's also passed or approved. Billions of dollars in emergency funding for farmers because agricultural industry has been bearing the brunt of these escalating trade war is so he is trying to have it both ways and it's very clear from his appearance before reporters yesterday that he's unnerved by the the prospect of an economic downturn because the one issue that he has had fairly better approval ratings as president is the economy and so it's very a critical to his reelection. I think that's why you release saw him lash out the way he did yesterday. It's interesting to you saw this reporting from peter baker and maggie haberman this morning and the times noting some former trump ed ministration officials in recent days said they were increasingly worried about the president's behavior suggesting at sam's from rising pressure on him as the economy seems more worrisome and of course as you point out as next year's election approaches. It's not just the flip flops in the concern over the economy. Though joshua that we've seen this week we have seen him thank and in fact praise a right wing conspiracy searcy theorists. He's lashing out at denmark and cancelling a visit because he can't buy greenland. I mean the list goes on and on which there's the unnerving aspect to. There's a real question of whether whether this is the president coming off as worried or the president coming off as agitated an unable to control things the largest yes but i also think the larger question is really early. Whether it'll matter because remember what happened in two thousand sixteen i mean from the beginning of his campaign from when he defended that bolden escalator at trump tower and blame mexico for sending crime drugs rapists some i assume assume are good people to all of the rhetoric came through the two thousand sixteen campaign to the access hollywood video yet won the presidency and since that time some of the voters that we've heard from some that i've spoken to still feel confident about their support of president trump because they see that their personal fortunes their personal lot in life is doing well that doesn't mean they approve of his behavior savior. Necessarily i remember i interviewed a guy in michigan who owns a roofing business. That's doing extremely well and he said he's in you know. Would you support president trump again. He's like my lot in life is good. My businesses doing great. I asked him would you do business with president trump and he said i get half the money upfront i so i think the voters sensible yeah yeah but then again think about it as long as the voters who support the president see that their personal prosperity is yet strong the might be able to hold their noses again in twenty twenty and vote for him regardless godless of what he does now. I think he knows that and that might be why he doesn't care. I think taken half the money upfront is pretty sound advice. No matter who you're dealing with in that case i think some of this also is coming off the fact erica. You've talked about president coming off of one thing or another. I think a lot of this comes off the fact that he's coming off vacation. He had a lot of free time to look at a lot of different issues exactly but with regards i don't. I'm not sure who a lot of these reporters are talking with the folks. I talked to dealing with the economy enemy. They look at from the broad spectrum. Yes the bond yield version was troublesome that is generally a sign of potentially far down the road recession but if you look look at the economy the full dashboard of the economy there's many potential aspects of that talking about the credit housing market jobs and all of those numbers with regard guards jobs and the economy are strong three point seven percent unemployment the labor justice wage growth is at a good steady so across the board. The numbers are good if they remain steady but here's the problem in this goes to something joshua's saying the difference between now and two thousand sixteen. Is you know what three years of trump is like exhausting right if just average american watching your local news this week one day says payroll taxes then no we're not doing that. I'm mad at denmark on mark. I'm going. I'm not going. We're buying greenland and for the average american. It's complex. It's like what's happening. Why why is president seeming so erratic and we i know that erotic behavior is having an impact on world markets. It's ironic that he would cite the rates in germany given that germany also just last week mentioned was an economic trouble so so why are we comparing ourselves to them this week and i think so the problem is and we see this in poll after poll after poll people want a sense of calm. They're tired of getting up every day. Okay and not knowing. Are we going to war because somebody offended the president and the truth is just last thing the economy's not doing very well for a lot of people part of the if you look under the hood of some with those numbers it's because people have more than one job and their costs are still high. Their benefits are not keeping up and so. I think there's an innings zaidi that people have and people are still anxious anxious frankly from two thousand eight. We saw this in obama's during obama's tenure so all of this volatility. I don't think it's going to help. One thing that i found fascinating is that the trump twenty twenty campaign actually dismissed these contradictions that we've heard as a debate happening within the administration. It's just that president. Trump is voicing it in public. I mean come on when when you look at that especially based on your experience. That can't really be the message that is how he has always operated. Look many people in the operates with for that as a message. It's one thing to say. We know. This is how it operates but this is the message that we're putting out here well. We're just having contradictions in the campaign so he's just talking about it publicly. I i know you can't control him. As a candidate we know that the president does what he wants to do but that's still seems like a lot to put out there right but still an if we turn things back to the actual numbers with regard to many people look at the the unemployment rate and the wage growth which is at a good point if you look at the numbers so they are certainly strong the president it's a daily situation to where spokesperson comes out and says something and he comes out and tweet something different that is not not unusual but for him to have a dialogue that has open in and public as he is doing now. That's not unusual. He's done it before and he will continue talking. Also as i think part of what we're seeing is this is how he ran has been his many many many failed <unk> businesses right mr king of debt and the differences when you're president their actual laws you have to follow you can't just declare bankruptcy and underpay certain people i see with us <hes> we also want to tackle the democrats on the debate stage bernie sanders bragging of course it. He wrote the damn bill well now. He's making a key change to his signature. Healthcare plan plus the stockpile stockpile of guns ammo and tactical gear assembled for a plot to commit a massacre at a marriott how authorities were tipped off. Guys are terrible at taking care of their health. Whether it's a knee injury bad back or something worse guys usually more comfortable rubbing some dirt on it than seeing a doctor. I'm guilty of it myself. The same is true. Erectile dysfunction study shows seventy percent of guys who experience he d- don't get treated for it. 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Lead is one one of the main pillars of bernie sanders white house run but today vermont senator seeming to admit peanuts to make a change if he's going to win over a crucial block of democratic voters c._n._n.'s ryan nobles takes a closer look at sanders new medicare for all proposal which is already drawing backlash from his rivals in paradise california -fornia a city destroyed by the worst wildfire in state history. Senator bernie sanders today warned that without dramatic action the scenario will continue to play out all all around the world we need bold and aggressive action to combat climate change which is the common enemy not just the united united states both countries all over the world and this is a crisis by the way that the united states alone cannot solve sanders early supporter of the green new deal unveiling a comprehensive plan to combat the climate crisis calling for one hundred percent renewable energy electricity and transportation by twenty thirty eliminating fossil fuel use by twenty fifty all with the goal of creating twenty million new jobs but it won't be cheap a price tag of more than sixteen trillion dollars a cost sanders vowed would pay for itself over time. He is also tweaking his signature healthcare proposal medicare for all changing it to protect labor unions concern. The proposal will prevent them from negotiating their insurance benefits. Wouldn't that take all right to bargain for our <hes>. Our medical benefits fits as a bad thing about boggling for decent ways good sanders new provisions would force companies with union negotiated health plans to go back to the bargaining table with the goal of reaping better benefits and bigger wages a sanders talk climate change today a good morning the one candidate who made the issue his central focused announced he was leaving the race is become clear that i'm not going to be carrying the ball. I'm not going to be the president washington governor. Jay inslee will now instead seek a third turn after struggling to gain traction in the massive field. He isn't the only one turning his attention home. I know changing washington is hard but i want to give it a shop off former colorado governor john hickenlooper who dropped out last week announced plans today to run for u._s. Senate against incumbent republican cory gardner who democrats see as volna rebel and there are other democratic presidential candidates who may feel the pull to abandon their white house runs to focus on their home states among them better o'rourke of texas and steve bullock in montana both are in states where senate seats up for grabs in two thousand twenty but both have emphatically said that despite their struggles in the polls they have no interest in running and running for anything other than the presidency erica. We will see what happens ryan. Thank you as we look at this with governor jay inslee now dropping out. We're down to twenty two democrats who are running at this point. Just ten of those candidates have qualified for the next debate so karen if you're advising any of these other twelve candidates if big don't make the cut off next week. Is it time for them to drop out. What would you advise them they do. It's time to have a very serious. Look at your fundraising numbers at your <hes> what your numbers look like and it's certainly the early states in terms of in iowa <hes> commitment to caucus card your how your list building is going in south carolina new hampshire. I'm sure to see. Is there a way to get there in for the october debate. Is there really a pathway to get yourself sort of in front of the voters that you need to get the votes owed. Probably the answer quite frankly is going to be no but i suspect that there are going to be of that twelve a number of them that that's going to be <hes> a harder thing to accept except in a mexico acceptance takes times letters very difficult to get out. We're -actly level so <hes>. It's interesting to those who look this. Tom sire of course needs one more qualifying poll <hes> to make these september debates one of his rivals though we're hearing from governor bullock coosa basically listen. You're the billionaire. Who's just is trying to buy your way into this. He responded to that this morning on c._n._n. Take a listen for ten years. I've been taking on corporations at the ballot what box and winning and that's exactly what we need now a message to americans that we can actually accomplish what we need to accomplish gesture. How do you devoter's say this. I don't know i'm interview. Tom steiner on one a. and i'm not still clear on exactly what his policy plans are. I mean he's very clear that he believes that. President trump is conman a liar and a bit and someone who needs to be thrown out of the white house. He says he's been taking on big corporations for a long time. Clearly that's made him quite wealthy but in terms of the nuts and bolts in the nitty gritty of his policy plans i'm not he didn't really sharply articulate them to me. I also am not sure in terms of who should be in and who should be out whether or not anyone with. Tom stiers among those who've made a real impression. I mean let's be clear. There is a certain kind of chorus line field to a lot of these debates. You're kind of looking for somebody who stands out and tires kind of a dance. Ten looks three at this point like. I don't know if he's not loving all of these references. You're you're are welcome but you know what i'm saying like i do. I feel like in the in the massive. All these debates were kind of looking for a moment or for candidate to be able to advance dialogue like jay inslee dropping out and he said his top thing was climate change. That's great for him. Going back to washington state running for a third term as governor on the west coast can do tremendous ended things in terms of climate change policy california with assembly bill thirty two that has a climate change target for next year and a stronger for twenty thirty but with tom steyer. I'm not sure sure when his breakout moments going to be or what his backup plan is going to be so that if he doesn't get the nomination he can say at least. I walked away with ex. I'm still still trying to solve for it but you cannot buy your way into the white house. You have to work really hard at it and slow and steady wins the race and i don't we see tom style. As much of a tortoise is one that wants to get out there and make a lot of hay and make make a lot of headlines. He can buy a lot of airtime and he cannot buy his way to the white house. I worked with the last three winners of the iowa caucus and they got out there and they won by working the ground in iowa new hampshire and south carolina shaking hands retail politics staying under the radar or until the iowa caucus came around and making a splash but these debates are an interesting dynamic if you don't have the opportunity to be on that debate stage and make your case to the nation like that it makes it very difficult but i would never encourage someone to get out if you have the money and you have the momentum on the ground to keep going. I think you should a good healthy. Debate is good for the momentum. Part is key. <hes> what's fascinating too is we're looking at what we're hearing from bernie sanders today <hes> saying oh you know we're not really changing which is making an addition on there was a fascinating response from the communications director for senator kamala harris who tweeted quote. Oh how interesting. I thought no one was allowed to make any changes to medicare for all plans at all ever. I think served snap missing at the end of that. I mean obviously trying to deflect a little bit from legitimate questions that have lingered about senator harris and her her plan but i do find it interesting that you know the communications director chose to go after bernie sanders today. There's been a fair amount of back and forth <hes> the sanders campaign gene and the harris campaign in particular over the issue of health care sometimes joe biden's campaign has also been part of this conversation. What this debate is really about is the role of private in insurance and senator harris had initially signal that she would eliminate private insurance before walking that back now you have bernie sanders having some union or labor representatives saying that they've negotiated their benefits under the existing system so with his medicare for all plan what would that mean for them and he said you can go back to the drawing board with supervision of the national labor relations board and try and renegotiate those benefits is that opening up the door for some role for private having insurance. His campaign says no some others say yes. This might sound very much in the weeds. There's a lot of nuance in this debate over healthcare but what it really speaks to is the importance of healthcare not not just for the general electric was spiff specifically in the democratic primary. I think that's going to be a top priority for a lot of democrats going to the polls and that's why you see these candidates but really jockeying to position themselves at the center of any clear answers and that's what's been tough up until now really answer that makes sense to to where i'm at as a front runner and being challenged bernie's now front runner means. You've got to listen to what people are asking for. This is true while hotel cook is behind bars after telling a coworker a story and just wait until you see what police found out inside his home ancestry d._n._a. Gives you so much more than just the places you're from ancestry connects you to the places in the world where your story started using mm precise geographic detail in clearcut historical insights you can even trace your ancestors journeys over time following how and why your family moved from place to place and to amplify. Are you results. 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Let's get straight to see and then stephanie elam. Who is there for us this afternoon. So what more do we know about the targeting of this officer staff what we don't know erica that he was targeted. We don't even know why the shooting happened. There's so many questions here but i wanna show you exactly what is of concern earn too many of the people who work in this area as you can see through this gate which happens to be opening on q. right now. You can see back there. That is an apartment complex and below that these personal vehicles vehicles of these <hes> deputies. This is where this one officer was walking yesterday just about three o'clock in the afternoon when shots rang out he was able to call for backup. The bullet actually hit his bulletproof vest and ricocheted off and hit him in his right shoulder. He is expected to make a full recovery. It could have been so much. It's worse obviously after that. The deputies locking down the building. They went through the building making sure that there was nothing they can find in there they didn't there was also a nearby school that they lock down down <hes> but still with all of this information all of that locking down they still have not been able to identify who the shooter was and why they did it and at this point. There's nobody in custody custody erica that is chilling alright seventy. Thank you for that meantime. Authorities in california also revealing chilling new details about a plan to carry out a mass shooting at a marriott the hotel that shooting to be carried out by one of the employees c._n._n.'s nick watt reports eat is just one in a series of plot thwarted by law enforcement since the massacres in el paso and date high-powered rifles hundreds of rounds of ammunition thirty eight illegal high capacity magazines news and tactical gear all found at rodolfo montoya's suspect montoya had clear plans intent and the means to carry carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident. The thirty-seven-year-old was a cook this marriott hotel near the airport in long mhm beach california. He was upset about some recent workplace activity <hes> having to do with h._r. And allegedly confided in a colleague league his plan he was gonna shoot up fellow employees and people coming into the hotel so he he had a plan of of shooting everybody that he saw in the hotel that colleague reported montoya's alleged threat to hotel management monday night police were called and he was arrested at his home in nearby huntington beach within in twenty four hours because this was reported. I firmly believe many lives were saved. More than two dozen. People are being arrested across the country for allegedly allegedly plotting or threatening mass casualty attacks since that spate of shootings in early august that killed thirty four the garlic festival in california. Ah -fornia in dayton ohio and in el paso texas security sources tell c. n. N. that f._b._i. Director chris wray has ordered field offices to conduct doc new threat assessments to stifle future attacks. This alleged long beach plotter currently held on a half million dollar. Bond had no previous criminal history that would have raised a flag on a background check. We're certainly living in dangerous times. I think in our country in our community and incidents <hes> where <hes> where folks that should not have access to <hes> to weapons and to <hes> certainly <hes> illegal weapons are facing our departments and our police departments across the country now the long beach police department will be filing their case with the d._a. Any minute now meanwhile we know that montoya's being held on half million dollar bond on charges of manufacturing and distributing soul weapons possessing an assault weapon and and making a criminal threat erica you see something say something takes on new meaning. Doesn't it nick thank you joining me now james galliano's former f._b._i. Supervisory special agency and in law enforcement amil analysts so when we look at this what do you make of this plan specifically the sophistication the plan to to shoot up not only employees of the hotel people as they were walking again an arsenal that we saw well. I gotta tell you erica. This is what law enforcement across the country at the state local and federal level do every single day and twice ace on sunday. This was the disruption of a plot before it resulted in gilroy california or l. paso texas or dayton ohio now. In this instance we have an individual who appears to have been a disgruntled employee he also had access to a variable cachet of weaponry when you asked me about specificity or or how how how supremely <hes> his plan how wells planned were let me just read this to you. This is chilling from the police chief. Mr montoya had clear plans intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident he had three things content plans and the means the fact that law enforcement interdicted this when they did is an absolute. I mean just hats off and kudos to law enforcement officers what they did when you look at this is nick more than two dozen since <hes> since the shootings over the summer and specifically in el paso dayton more than two dozen arrests by local and federal law enforcement. Do you see this as a surgeon plots. Are you more concerned about copycats. Is it people like this co worker hearing something and saying. I have to tell someone someone about this. You know i think the f._b._i. Director christopher ray spoke to congress spoke in front of a house committee back in april he was very careful and he was talking about hate crimes crimes in bias crimes and and the uptick or what appears to be a proliferation of these things and he said we're not certain if there actually is an uptick or if it's just better reporting america to your point. Could this be better. Reporting will look we just had three six successful from the bad guys perspective shooting. So of course we're going to be much more acutely aware aware of a plot like this. It was disrupted prior to something bad happening. I know we don't always hear about all of these arrests that are made for obvious reasons but when we're looking at this and the a spate of them and you talk about this is what law enforcement does every day and twice on sunday. Does this added all. Are you concerned that they may need more resources to deal with what you want. Which is people reporting things yeah. We have a country three hundred thirty five million people. There are approximately one point two million police officers. It is an infinite decimal personnel. I know resource look. They're working really hard. It's tough being a cop today or being in law enforcement. You gotta be a social worker a therapist. You've gotta have mental health. The understandings standings of how people are built and how they're going to react and you have to be a diviner of intent and that's the hardest part erica. It's looking at something reading something on the internet hearing somebody they say something and determining whether or not they're just spouting off or whether they're actually going to commit a heinous act. That's the tough part. James galliano always appreciate the insight my friend thank you thank circa. One more republican apparently wants in on the twenty twenty race as another is deflecting speculation that was seemingly we started by that person plus of a major company resigning today because of his tryst with this accused russian agent finding the right pros for home projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions like how do i find a pro who can help will they do a good job. Will i get get a fair price. That's where home advisor can help from leaky faucets to major remodels homeadvisor connects you to the right pro for the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price ace read reviews check project cost guides and book appointments go to homeadvisor dot com or download the free homeadvisor app to start your next project in our politics lead former illinois congressman turned conservative radio host joe walsh might be the second republican to take on president trump and the primaries mary's hinting at a run earlier today. Are you running against him. I'm strongly strongly considering it. That's again. I'm not trying tend to be cute or coy. I've told you before if somebody's going to get in there and go after him john. It's gotta be done soon. Still walls clearly sees an opportunity here. It wouldn't be the first time he of course gained national attention. As part of the extreme right wing of the tea party also for his comments on birtherism repeatedly questioning russian president obama's faith the list goes on and on and then of course there was a may copa last week in the new york times so i'm curious because you actually covered him as a candidate. What do you makeup all of this. What's behind this latest move and even you know what we saw last week from him. Well i think the key word he uses opportunity and a lot of republicans. I've spoken with look. Could someone like joe walsh and they don't see a politician who can try and claim the moral high ground when it comes to president trump who he supported needed very forcefully in twenty sixteen even when trump was making all of these incendiary comments about immigrants and people of color you point to some of the comments that that joe walsh himself has made he also suggested that the reason president obama was elected was because he was inarticulate black man and there were a lot of feelings of white guilt. He accused him repeatedly repeatedly of being a secret muslim. He's once called on americans to come together and defeat islam. He was involved in a lengthy dispute over not paying child support to his ex wife as you said the list goes on and on and now he has penn this op ed apologizing for some of that past behavior and i don't think it's a coincidence to most people were reading that op bedding. You picked now to apologize when you're flirting with a possible challenge to the president which people would then see as a publicity stunt. I it's interesting too because if we look where we're at right in two thousand nineteen leading into twenty twenty the president has an eighty eight percent approval rating. I believe it's real is the latest number <hes> among republicans so yes we we have former massachusetts governor bill weld as we know officially challenging <hes> there mark sanford. Is you know flirting with a run but at this point is anybody realistic challenger sure to president trump will at least feel answering questions you know he was at the annual convention of the national association of black journalists earlier this month in miami attended a candidate forum which mayor buddha judge senator sanders senator booker also attended so at least he's answering questions as he's really running but here's the image that i keep in my mind right. I imagined somebody nobody's saying okay. See that buzz over there. The one that's running. That's been running since november two thousand sixteen. I want you to walk straight for that buzzsaw and just keep deep walking. No matter what happens that is the cultural equivalent of running against l. front right now. Why would you put yourself in that position unless you already from the moment you announce amounts to be at the top of his twitter feed from now until the primary star and i just don't know who is going to want to walk into that especially if they're not committed to winning. That's that's why when mark sanford was speaking on sunday when he said i'm thinking about running talking to my family and then was asked if trump is the nominee. Will you support him and he said yes that didn't square for me. If you're not running to win why walk toward a buzzsaw doesn't make sense and they will all acknowledge. Mark sanford acknowledged assist to be a daunting task while she said this would be a bar fight but look you have donald trump as you say virtually ninety percent approval in the republican party. This is a guy who in race three quarters of a million dollar selling plastic straws with his name on it. <hes> you're going to go against that. You might as well walk into a buzzsaw because it's just not going to happen. Ah for the republican primary. I'm all about vigorous primaries but president has this party locked up. You can disagree with his tone and tactics but if you're a republican policies have been spotted and if i'm in i'm sorry if i may add also the people who are talking about him. Being unfit joe walsh mark sanford bill weld they're talking about the character of president and trump and his actions and his words with those actions and words. He still has an eighty eight percent approval rating so if you're going to beat donald trump. You need to go after something else. Can you make us more prosperous than donald trump can. Can you make america more respected in the world than donald trump. Can you gotta hit voters. In terms of the benefits they perceive from donald trump has clearly the unfit thing that's not do not do. I do want to get to this before we go because it has a lot of people scratching their heads so nikki haley shut down which she called rumors. Apparently she's the only one though who's heard this river at least rumors of her replacing mike pence on the two thousand twenty ticking see here. She posted a picture of her along with the v._p. Saying enough of a false rumors vice president president pence has been a dear friend of mine for years. He's been a loyal and trustworthy v._p. To the president he has my complete support. The president of course said i mean months ago back in june. He said listen one hundred percent and he is my running mate. I don't know where nikki haley is. Hearing rumors floating them. I think she's floating them herself which is a fun little tactic on on twitter and just to kind out of keep her name out there. I don't think she would seriously make a play for the vice. Presidency pence is the perfect person for trump and i don't think anybody would really support <hes> sir replacing him because again the conservatives and those folks in that eighty eight percent. They love mike pence well. If nothing else that got us talking about nikki haley and that's <hes> just ahead we're also talking about what is known as the planet's lungs producing nearly twenty percent of the earth's oxygen now though the amazon rainforest is burning being at a record rate what's far too many of those fires next the cases. We gotta find who wrote wrote this. No we do that. We find the killer. This science defined out police use luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood the drama but where was the rifle and which man was telling the truth forensic files els the legendary true crime show is now a podcast join investigators as they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tiffin tools subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every monday and thursday. You'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix in a three year affair with an accused russian agent and now the c._e._o. Of a major american company is he's out of job. Overstock head patrick byrne resigning today after admitting to a relationship with maria bootma yes that maria putina woman on your screen who admitted to trying to infiltrate trey conservative political circles and promote russian interests before and after the twenty sixteen presidential election c._n._n. Sara murray joins me now with more so what where do we know about three years. There's a long time it. This is a very bizarre story essentially because patrick byrne the c._e._o. Was the one who came forward and shared this information. In a variety of interviews and now is stepping happing down. He admitted to having three relationship he said in an interview with the new york times that it started when they met in a political event called freedom fest and they sort of hit it off from there. You know this whole time. She also had another long term boyfriend. His name was paul erickson. He was a republican political operative. Apparently these were going on at the same time. I and you know this bubble dover. I guess to the point where he ended up stepping down from his post. You senator is a series of press releases that i think scared. Some of his investors caused their stock took. Ah tumble and of course we know what's happening with maria bettina. She was sentenced to eighteen months <hes> for her sentence. She's behind bars in tallahassee still well. It is <hes> it is fascinating not to development that i was expecting but there you go never a dull moment sarah. Thank you in our world lead. The amazon is burning at a record rate and brazil's president believes the fires were purposely. Lee set to make him look bad. Researchers meantime say the raging fires were likely started by ranchers and loggers who were hoping to clear the land the amazon rainforest produces nearly only twenty percent of the earth's oxygen. It's often called the planet's lungs and the world wildlife fund warns. These fires could cause the amazon to make carbon instead accelerating in climate change. He admitted involvement in murders and kidnapping widened u._s. Officials just race to protect el chapo godson remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash c._n._n. In our politics lead leave the white house today dropping a controversial plan to get rid of up to four billion dollars of foreign aid without getting approval from congress selling c._n._n. It was the president's decision not to move before with that plan the latest in a series of flipflops from the white house in our pop lead he once said you're only as good as the people you dress at halston dress rest of the best including liza minelli bianca jagger even designing jackie kennedy's iconic pillbox hat. C._n._n.'s kate bennett looks at the man who hit him. I style style for his time changed. The game of fashion it was the free wheel and party vibe of the nineteen seventies and eighties these new york city that defined the fashion of halston. His clothes pitney like this is it. This is the fashion that i would want to where halston embody cheek is designed sometimes no more than an expertly cut piece of fabric no zippers and buttons. He was a visionary sunglasses glasses slicked back hair and parties at my club studio. Fifty four were his muse do everything with every design. They're you know they're my designs. I don't have any other designers zaire's despite his status halston wasn't from cosmopolitan upbringing he was born roy howson frowick in des moines iowa in nineteen thirty two to a shy mid western boy he learned to so from his grandmother eventually attending design school and becoming a hat maker were you the person who put the pillbox and and jack kennedy yes i was a storied start to his career was creating the hat of the era for jackie kennedy at her husband's inauguration and and quite by accident rather windy day and she put her hand on the hat and it ended up to danton it and so when doing all the ceremonies the dead and everybody who copied it but it dan which was funded by the seventies halston clothes were revolutionizing the fashion scene dressing pressing rockstars and artists palling around with andy warhol and using his friends models of color like alva- chin and pat cleveland. You made things as as though you didn't really need structure as much as you needed. The woman really based most of his collection most of us girls halston eventually sold his name j. c. penney halston making halston close halston perfume halston luggage and halston betting losing losing control of the empire he created which he would later come to regret and though he tried to buy back the label his career in later years became making one off off looks for good friends like bianca jagger and liza minnelli. I am wearing a classic halston. Halston was diagnosed with aids aides in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and died in nineteen ninety but his legacy as the fashion designer of the glitterati generation lives on kate deep bennett c._n._n. Washington our thanks to kate for that piece of the all new c._n._n. Film halston premiers sunday at nine pm eastern and pacific only on c._n._n. Thanks for joining today. On the lead. You can follow me on twitter at erica are hill and be sure tweet the show at the lead c._n._n. Our coverage on c._n._n. 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