BTM104: My Unhealthy Relationship With Money with Chris Bruce


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You're listening to the before the million spot cast, a whether you're looking to invest were cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You've come to their. The right place. Mr. Hollywood himself presents the be four the millions podcast. Now, your rose d'auray. In twenty fifteen psychology today produced an article titled fifty-one signs of an unhealthy relationship. You guys know the types of relationships we're talking about, you know, those those toxic connections, and this article blew up, and it came across the eyeballs of one of my good mentors clip ravens craft and he wanted to break down this article, and he did thoroughly in two thousand seventeen and I just want to share with you guys. When I read in the article some of his thoughts and some of my thoughts surrounding unhealthy relationships going through this article. I started seeing some similarities I started drawing some connections. Right. And I'm not gonna read you off signs if you want to go check it out you can. But I want you to start thinking about some of these warning signs in the relationships that urine. And maybe a relationship that you haven't quite positioned in your mind to be a relationship, but maybe you should this EPA. Is titled my unhealthy relationship with money in our guests on today's show. Mr Chris, Bruce, he talks about his unhealthy relationship. And how he's been struggling no matter how successful he got. But how he struggled with money time and time again, we're gonna talk about the problem. We're going to get into his solution. We're going to get into your solution. But to give you guys a quick background on Chris. He's been investing for the past nine years eight of which have been full-time. He's flipped over two hundred real estate deals in five different markets. He has a digital marketing company sit to seven figures this year so on this up. So we're gonna talk about some things like, you know, what happens when your tenant drug dealer, get shot and killed devastating. How to recover form foreclosure as an investor, and I can tell you that right? There is a sign of an unhealthy relationship with money. Maybe there are signs in your life that you are in an unhealthy relationship with money. And it's time to face the facts, it's time to own up to our mistakes and figure out a solution right now. So as I was reading that article, I was looking at all the reasons and all the warning. Just like, man. This is crazy. Like one of the warning signs to indicate that you are in an unhealthy relationship with your partner. Whether that be your spouse or anybody else or even money, right? But one of those signs was that you don't have a sense of relationship security. So maybe you broken up with your spouse or almost broken up with your spouse numerous times, another one was that you end up doing things that you are shamed. Of in the course of interacting with each other another sign is that you're not sure how dependable supportive or reliable. Your partner would be in a situation where you really needed them. These are signs of an unhealthy relationship with this. Last example, think about like if a close family member got cancer. How dependable how supportive how reliable would your spouse? Be if you really needed them right time goes for money, again, you may not have that sense of security in that relationship. Again, we're looking at many as a being another warnings on you may blame your partner for your life. Not. Being a satisfying as you'd like it to be. Wow. That one may hit home for a lot of people. You may be feeling like you're making a sacrifice for Graham, visions because of your partner or in the money since you may fill your partner is the reason why you are not satisfied. This is an unhealthy relationship. Here's another one your life together may seem out of control. For example, you both spend much more venue earn people can you relate or this one? You worried that your partner might hurt you you have a sense of being trapped in the relationship. There are fifty one of these not going to go through all of them. But you guys get the idea. Right. Maybe two more. Here's one you feel lonely when you're together last, but not least there is an absence of affection in your relationship. And he may be like, well, the bible says that money is the root of all evil and the bible doesn't say that. Actually, it doesn't even say that the love of money is the root of all evil. It's like that game you play when you're a kid with the whole classroom and you start off with the secret. And then you whisper it to somebody else's ear, and then they whisper it to the next person. And then by the time it gets through the whole classroom, and the original message could spec to you. It's a totally new message. Right. But what the bible actually says is the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, and I one hundred percent belief this like factually, right? But on the flip side of that. I also one hundred percent believe that the love of money can be the root of all kinds of good as well. And we see that prevalent all around the world all day, everyday, economy capitalism. The lamp trippy, right? And I believe what distinguishes the two is our relationship with money. I mean, we already know that we have the power to create any and everything that we could possibly imagine Deuteronomy eighteen says that God has gifted me with the ability. To produce wealth. So these two versus don't contradict each other at all. But in fact, make that much more important to start cultivating a healthy relationship with money. So we're going to learn how to do that here on today show, in fact in the tip of the week. I'm going to set you up with the easy exercise that I've been doing since two thousand seventeen but I'm going to set you up with an easy exercise to start helping you, cultivate, a healthy relationship with money. And then Chris is going to help you guys hit it out the park. So let's get to this of the week to raise of the week. Since we were children. We've been taught that money is the root of all evil money is not that important the rich richer and the poor get poor. I'm just not that good with money. My family has never been rich money is a finite resource. It takes money to make money. I can't live a balanced life. If I want to make a lot of money money doesn't grow on trees. I many times of your parents told you that do I look like an ATM machine. So all our lives, we've been conditioned to have an unhealthy relationship with money. So recently, I was in Miami Florida, and I took an Uber from my hotel to a restaurant, and they'll derived was about six bucks. And it was nice override. I seeing pleasant guy. Nothing not normal as I left the restaurant. I wanted to go back to my hotel on the way back. You know, there are taxis. And there are oberset wait outside of your hotel or around that area. But at the restaurant, there was no such thing. Now. Was a private car nearby Mercedes-Benz? And again, this was a private car with a private driver. And his rate was a thirty five dollar flat fee to get me back to my hotel now with this guy had Cup holders with water in it yet snacks all the chargers in the world. You can think of newspapers saw grabbing you pack nuts seat warmers hit the works. Right. Just ended a ton of Allieu. Now, you may argue that I take the six dollar fear any day. Right. But there's a spectrum of us out here in the world. And although a lot of us may take the six dollar value. There's a portion of us they make a thirty five dollar value. And that's the market that this driver is catering to right? But he knows that the more value. He can add the more money he makes and that's key. Really the more value. You can add the more money you make in this world. And what I've noticed amongst the billionaires of the world, right? And even the millionaires of the world and some people have been on the show. Is that there comes a certain point in which you stop really caring about the money as a means to provide for you, especially once you've gotten past that point to where it provides for you and all your needs. But it gets much more bigger than you. Right. You don't think that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and all these people are making more money to provide for themselves. I mean, that's just not it's not feasible. They can spend that money on themselves, even if they tried but the game is more. So how much value cannot create in this world, and the money is a measure of the value that they're out pudding. And it's always equal to the amount of value that you're giving no matter how you slice it. So their game is like I need to be able to keep score of how much value on putting out into the world. And this is the best way I've learned how to do this again. This is the mindset of some of the most prominent people around the world. How can I add more? I mean think about Warren Buffett think about Berkshire Hathaway he is constantly looking for value. That's all he does. All day every he's looking for value. The more value. He can find is the more value. He can take and present to his investors as a benefit for them and himself, and that's in fact, creating more revenue for himself. So he's looking for value all day every day in these stocks, and the amount of money that Berkshire Hathaway generates is a direct reflection of the value that he's adding to every single person that he touches through his investments. Sam goes for the tactic cabdriver. Sam goes for you at work. You are getting paid equivalent to the value that you're putting into this world. There's no way around that. So if you wanna make more money too key is to add more value as real estate investors were adding so much value all across the board. I mean, I can't even begin to name to you. How far and wide the value stretches like going from the points where you're helping somebody who's about to go into foreclosure get out of Bacich ration-, not dingo up their credit score not file for bankruptcy. You're helping that person and that person's family, right? Ri. Locate maybe start over that's powerful as investor and guess what? Once you purchase that property some of those funds, go to a title company, right? And you're helping all the people in that title company in the mortgage officer and all the escort officers, right? You're helping them provide for their family and pollute on the table. And then when you start the rehab same with your realtor, your attorney and all the other people on your team, they get paid through this one transaction how many families I mean, you look at the line items on a closing statement. You're paying off so many people that's Baillieu. And then once the rehab starts think about all of the contractors and the subcontractors in the workers. I mean my goodness. That's a ton of families at you're feeding and in the parts that you have to get from the store from Home Depot. Oh, wow. So you're helping the Home Depot employees as well. Get their paycheck every two weeks, and then they get their products from a manufacturer. So this manufacturing company is getting benefit as well. Because their products are. Being sold, and you're helping bear employees get paychecks every two weeks and the manufacturers themselves they use what we call raw material. You know, porcelain wood and plastic and steel and all that good stuff. Right. They have to outsource those as well. And it goes on and on and on you think about the tenants the providing housing for the community that revitalizing by rehabbing? It's a powerful thing. And you could just really get soaked up into the good that you're doing in this world as an investor some people like the call us pig capitalist. But I mean, I believe that capitalism is the thing that keeps us moving as a country as an economy ahead of all the other countries because capitalism sparks value and the amount of value add sparks income, and that sparks a lot of motivation for a lot of people because this is the land of the free. This is where everybody around the world comes for opportunity. We create more. Preneurs than anybody else. And quite frankly, there has been no better time in history of Chris on the show can do it. You can do it. If the next man can do it. You can do it. If I can do you. I sure can do it. Right. So to end up tip of the week. I wanna play this clip from two of my favorite podcasters, Amy Porterfield, and James Webb more. And they talk about the effect that I'm talking to you guys about here today this trickle down effect, and how you are adding value to so many people again, this is just step one. This is the tip of the week. So this is a step one of cultivating nine healthy relationship with money. We're going to get into this a lot on the show, but let me go ahead and play that clip of Amy and James right now. So that you can start creating a bulletproof mindset around money and right after that, we'll get right into the show. So here's that clipping for you guys. Now is when he is hard earned. It's hard to let go it's true. You had like slave over that money. It's so true because when money starts to flow, and I wasn't expecting. One. I'm probably more charitable. I have more fun with it. I'm not so tight around that money. So true. So I kind of created this analogy for myself to help me with this the difference between a dam and river the water in a damn is is like stale and stagnant. And I wanted to go from the dam to the river, which means in order for more to flow in I have to be okay with it flowing out. And I tried I read that years ago, and I tried that on as an experiment, and it was really life changing for me that really to help improve my relationship with money. I had to get okay with spending it. I mean, I just just like it was like two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen like dropping money on anything was up physically painful experience for me is it painful like I just couldn't. And I was I found myself in this whole pusher. And and so I wanted to work on that for me. And I was where I got passionately fascinated about. Why is it so heavy for me? So. So today, I look at it as like a river, you know, where the morale it out the more it comes in. And you know, obviously, I want the river to be like Niagara Falls type river, and I found a lot of evidence of that. And so there is a great exercise for those who have that experience of just like having a really hard time letting go of money because I think that's part of it. It's not just like what can't make it is like can we spend it? 'cause it's it's there to be used. It's not there to the hoarded and never touched. I don't believe that. So as a really cool really simple exercise is kind of a two part exercise. The first part is like I try and my litmus test is like have you ever like you just bought a pack of gum at like a gas station. Right, right. It's like a no brainer thing. It doesn't. It doesn't have any weight to it. It's just like, yeah. Okay. Your friend wants a pack of gum like. Yeah. Y'all. Get it. Right. I want everything that I spend money on to feel that way. And when it doesn't I look at how it can work on that. And so when let's say you go out to dinner with with all your friends, we've actually had this experience with Amy don't even eat are we play credit card relax on you. Here you told this in the last one. Yeah, I just I told that is now now here's the exercise that we could've done. Let's let's say I get it. You know credit card debt, which means like a bunch of people, and they don't have fancy like lobster dinner. So all of a sudden, they're going to six hundred dollar Bill, and that can be physically painful for people like, oh, man, that sucks. So what I started doing? This was really impaired my relationship with money is I started to imagine where that money is going once it leaves my Bank account. That is good. I started. I'd look just in that moment and takes thirty seconds to do. Right. So I go, okay. We'll some of that money is going to the our server who did a great job and she worked her butt off. And that's going to go. And now that's gonna pay her rent and some of that might pay for her car payment. So she can have a place to live and she can get groceries. But it's also some of that money's going to go to the cooks who make these delicious meals and some of that's going to go to the food that it costs to prepare. Pair this food, and you know, and on and on it goes, and that food came from the farmers that, you know, and when you start to do this and actually experience it you will have a just a drastic shift in your relationship with money because you realize how powerful you are in your contribution and impact that you have in others. And now your feature presentation today we have on the show. Mr Chris, Bruce, Chris how's it going to man? I'm doing excellent. How about yourself? Now. I'm doing amazing, man. And you just tell me that you're talking to me out of Tampa. And I kind of you know, we don't take time machine right at this point. But really really quick I wanted to get into something right before this call house. I might as well save that for the interview you said you have your whole year of trips planned and about lifestyle design on the shell tell me some of the things we have coming up next. Sure. So I have what is the next call Landau because Sally our way, but I have to go to an Orlando next month. I'm what wear February. So I have a a wedding plan to go to Cancun this summer. I have an event in Las Vegas in may at the goat. There was caught thrive that I'll be in by have the gardening to go to Austin twice this year to meet up with my mentor of digital marketing mentor, and then probably going to end up going to Thailand for a friend's birthday in September in. So all other little things will be doing just kind of going back to like, I got a few different events that I need to go to Miami. When you to Miami. I'll be back. I just actually just get healthy. My first event is passed I ever spoilt. My second event. I been for this year retreat English really Hugh success about hosting another one in October. But I'll be going back to Miami four while few different things I'll be going to Miami for this concert rolling loud. Or whatever I'm going there may and then. I have a few different events going on there as well to be going back. Always better might be don't my like my second home. Does don't miss only. Let me ask you this. Chris have you told your boss yet? Have you called in at work until your boss that you're going to be taking off all these? Man. I gotta take off. I love it, man. I love it. So let let's let's kinda get into the time machine really quick to figure out how you are able to do what it is you're doing and how you're doing some things that people are just like, man. This is crazy. I wish I could go on this. It's the second Bax maybe eighteen year old Chris twenty five year old. I mean, even eight rope. Where did you start having some of these these may be mixed? Feelings thoughts any motions about entrepreneur is or even just real estate. Yes. So I'll remember like growing up. You know, my mom she pretty much always worked a job. And you know, she said, Dr started little sad businesses here in there, you know, with Mary Kay to Eminem stuff and some other things never really successful. But my dad was always that big inspiration because growing up he always he had a job at four working there. Make really good money, but he also always had assigned. Visit. So he was evolved in a real estate, but before any advice accessible tax business. The only went on for like four or five. Months out the year, but you would make a lot of money, and I'll see him, you know, working at this business and seen all the clients that loved him, and he had me going there as young ten year old filing papers and doing little things inside the office and meeting some class. I was just like man, I think I'm gonna do this one day and growing up, you know, in my family of what is it? Five of us to says on the Lao side to brothers on my dad's side, I was never the smartest kid, right? So like, I was the guy that was like a seed level type of student and my brothers. You know, so they were getting all as and Bs and stuff sought a kind of realized that, you know, this school day in the whole college thing, rob, we might not be for me, you know, but is early. All right is thirteen to fifteen. You know, just like, I don't know. We'll see right. But just seeing him, you know, with the whole business thing. And and just see how successful he wasn't seeing growth every time like going into the house when I was sixteen years old, and it seem that he had totally rent. Baited and he helped me like renovate. I was the guy that had to paint the walls. And I was like this is cool. You know, right. I might want to do this one day. And that's what kind of got me just the idea of like owning your own business, I stopped. So you kind of have this progression on this kind of started in the earlier years like you were ten years old. And this is maybe something that you thought about something that you did something that you experienced. But as we get older, we start finding all passions around way, we kind of maybe even get eroded and go do something else. So maybe you you went off to play basketball or football or chess or you went off to do something. Right. And then maybe a little bit later on you're like, and there was this thing I used to do with my dad, and I remember that this was this was actually a bible path. Like what kind of happen next? What was your transition into getting into real estate or back into real estate after here? Yes. So I kinda got thrown in real estate. This was is sold is kinda give guys the story on from Detroit. Michigan are born and raised there at the age of nineteen to make a decision. I was you know, not really doing too good forest decisions. I was making in so got a little bit of trouble. And my mom was like, you know, she was divorced from her husband at the time. And she was like I rated change. I'm ready to move out of the trade. I think he started life. And so she decided that it was time for us to move to Florida what she left it up to make his arms nineteen was hey, you wanna move to Florida or you wanna stay with your data. Try and my dad was going through divorce himself in some different things of bankruptcy in stuff like that going on or whatever the case may be his business failing. So I was like I don't know if I wanted to stay try update, I'm just leaving. Glad I made that decision lead because a year later. My dad took my grandma she got sick. He moved back to Jamaica. That's originally from. But long story short. I was down here in Tampa. My dad was at Jamaica. And it was this was the highest thank bubble light. This was two thousand six and miss right before the crash. So it was like anybody would possibly get alone. Right. He's no dot loans where you know, anybody could get a property. So he was like that opportunity for you to make a little money up front. You know, you got your credit s. Okay. But I can get you a property in Detroit. And I'm like, I'm like twenty one, you know, about the between two mile know about that. But what he told me I can make nine thousand dollars friend. I'm like shoot you. No. I ain't had never had not thousand dollars a month possession at one time. Right. So I'll I should do it. So he put on a paperwork together from Jamaica. He got with the lady the mortgage broker put everything together, I end up closing on a property or Detroit east side on Beaconsfield yet and barrow Tabatha property two story home and the mortgage with nine nine thousand I'm more precise five twenty five of month. And. And I didn't know how can afford it. But I was I just use help you grin it out. You know, you get attendant you'll be fine on my cool. And so that's what got me into real estate. Was. I literally bought a run a property with my credit, which I don't even know how to prove. But again that was when the no dot low stuff was going, and I'm twenty one years old nine nine thousand dollars mortgage with only making twenty dollars an hour at my job. But I have nine thousand dollars that put out an equity that I was able to put in my pocket. So I don't rich. I was like shoe. I got nine brand like, I'm good. And I was with my deduction real estate, man. That's also this all this kind of sound from a property that your dad saw or he end up. Yeah. Like, he literally has someone that could put these dot loans together. And so I bought a property, and I was actually getting ready to buy cycle one. But whatever is not Kriton. Am like my brother. He had bought three. And so, yeah, we it was just everybody was getting these properties and was taking money on the equity of front and stuff in their pocket. So what's crazy? I'm gonna be in Jamaica for the rest of the month. So I'm gonna go visit pops and I'm gonna go get a few properties. Actually, what's crazy about me going to Jamaica's? I'm actually going to be Miami. Right. After I go to Mike I'm going straight to Miami. So if you need anything, let me know indefinitely option and bring it to you may. But unopened no seriously. Like, this is this is really good. Because this is kinda wait your ambition kind of kind of kinda kinda I guess kinda got focused. You didn't know what was awesome for Chris at the time note? I mean, what was before before this call from dad like what was your vision? What was outlook? What were your plans? Like, did you think that you were going to be super successful? What did you even have a plan past the first year? Now, I didn't have a plan at all. Like, I was going from job to job on my soul. This was two thousand six when I got that probably. So I moved to Tampa July four thousand four right. So I got a job loss making pretty good money. I was working eight. I don't wanna curse Larry. But like, I was going crazy. I was working like it was Tyler. We're sending hours a week, you know, a little bit overtime because all of these hurricanes came here, and I was working for a claim adjuster company. And you know, like, I was really work as much as I could not was trying to go to community college at the time. And I st-. Realized that this college willing or ready for me, I told him I might say, look, I'm be honest with you other rate work like I'm not really trying to do this kata thing. So fast forward to write a year before I didn't have figured out. I was working, you know, a customer service job. That's what our which was. Okay. But was crazy is like inbetween that time which I didn't even know was gonna come. I literally lost my job. Like, I got this property and everything else. I lost my job because they outsource the company. So I had no idea. No. I don't know what my life was going to look like I just know eventually something had to come along that will get me because I always had drained rich always had drifts limited started lifestyle. I just had no way of how that was going to happen, man. So this lesson kinda falls in your lap in comes from data of all places that's beautiful in. I mean, did you? I know this is not what happened. But did you immediately was like, I know exactly what I'm going to do. And you start hitting success. Outta the gate or did you have some trouble along the way? Oh, man. It was so much from. So like when I got this property, then I was like, okay. Got nine dollars out. I mean, I thought I was rich. Really, I was going to the club pop bottle as you know, my holiday. Lots of my friends on. So then they start making money then hearse winter Miami. And I was like, okay. This is not relating money because people might be a lot of real money like millions of those wakeup call. But like the thing was is that I had attended in there. He was paying the mortgage, whatever I was pocketed really anything. But it was fine. The mortgage was paid. I have my money. So okay, I'm good. And then all of a sudden, I didn't know exist. The guy that ran out. My property was actually like a guy like with friends, but we actually had worked together. And I didn't know that he sold drugs. Like, I had no idea he was drugs up my house. But he was so at around a quarter he got shot and killed. So now, I don't have anything in my party our property actually gives burnt down. But then insurance comes in fix it up or whatever the case may be but a year later, the market crashes. Some like I can't sell his property. I can't keep up coming out of money out my own check to pay his mortgage. Another just let it go. You know, so. So I literally a year later, I get the property foreclosed on. So not my credit is shot. I'm like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Now, like searching, I'm online literally searching for ways to make money on. Why like other different things to figure out because I'm like, you know, my credit is down below is. I've never saw blow this level bright. So I can't even get approved for anything. And I'm like, I'm broke I'm paying bills, and I really don't have much maybe a hundred dollars left over after the check. Maybe so. Yeah, man, it was it was a very rocky road manager trying to figure out, you know, life and then two thousand seven So Chris rock weightless listed in a lot of people like like the pass up the sex in in kind of go over. But let's kind of sit in this real quick. Because I know there are tons of people out here who are in the position that you are inducted or in a position, and they're just like man like I I don't know what to do. I don't know how to go about getting myself out of this situation. Thoughtless talk about let's first and foremost, talk about the mind. Effect you needed to actually get out of this. Because it I mean, most people that are in a situation like that I seek tons of people are like a hate real estate, or this is a real estate near the crash this buying they have this external bland to all these other factors themselves. But you're sitting here in front of me today. And look you you're still in real estate, even though you had this crazy the Bockel so what which at the time in how did you use? What what was nobody in your ears to get yourself out of? That's what they will credit. My dad too is that I mean, I've Larry saw my dad in high school at the same time lose his wife at the same time. His construction business, you know, going down, and then file bankruptcy on that all of these things going on at the same time losing my Granddad. He didn't shed a tear is like I didn't see no emotion for him. And I'm like that kinda like breeding me to realize that no matter what's going on in your life. Is that you know, it's happened for a reason one, but to you. Can't let those things bring you all the way down. You can't let them break you down. You know? And I don't know if it was thing. He didn't wanna see you know, what else situation islands sweat. You know, whatever, I don't know what it is. But it's like I never saw him like breakdown ever a so just big about like now so constantly that was trained to me in. So all these things that happened was going on. I didn't let it break me. Like granted. You know, I did stuff to maybe kinda like use that as leverage to to not rethink about things. Maybe going out drinking, partying and stuff. Like that. I'm pretty sure that was a very big help. But I didn't let that stuff gets him. The I knew I was gonna find something eventually, you know. So it was never a self doubt of light on the world's anything now. Right or oh, man. I don't know what I'm gonna do. This is prison. The creek Crispell. But what were those beliefs like, what were you? What would you repeat yourself? I mean, you're you're going into foreclosure, right? You're you're in a whole new sounds like you're in Florida. So you're on a whole new state. There's a whole lot that's going on around you. But but your European something to yourself. You're constantly keeping yourself motivated. You're constantly a positive space. What are you are you are you like I'm gonna figure this out or you like like, I know that in the next year like something's gonna break wind like what are you? What are you repeating to yourself to make sure that you're actually still moving forward? Yes. So for me, I mean, at that point, I did have a friend that was still doing the business. And I thought about it like his mortgage was way more higher than us. He had a three thousand dollar house. Something like the three dollars house that he foreclosed on. And he's still doing the business throughout this whole crash in Konami failing. I'm like, he's not worried we're still partying resolving fund. He's still making money. There's gotta be something else that I don't know have to figure out because he's still making money granted his money's not coming every month. But he will literally Meg twenty you're in. And then he won't make money for another three months, but he was still making money. So I was like all right. I gotta figure this stuff out. So the the communist between my ears was like, it's not the end of the world. This is not the end of the world. I will figure something out. And I'm not gonna let the stuff get to me. You know, I'm figuring out in his eyes. So now, we set the thing we painted this picture for everybody. We know where Chris Christie is at the time. So what happens next? How did you get yourself out of his predicament? Yes, so fast for a minute relationship with my daughter's mom at the time, and I didn't have a Kansas. I wasn't wasn't. You know expecting the kit yet but fast four two thousand eight I find out. Okay. I'm getting ready to have a daughter, right? So I'm like shoot. Like, I'm a year two thousand nine and have a kid, and I'm like, okay. I gotta figure something out. I because now I have somebody to take responsibility to take care of now. And I'm barely taking care of myself. Right. And so I started getting into other little MLM's like started figuring out there was like Eminem. You can make a couple of dollars here. And do this little online thing make a little money here a sauce star making little strides, and it wasn't a lot of money. I make fifty dollars here semifinals here. When this help build the confidence up of like, okay? You leave you making a little bit more extra than what you're making yet your job. And so that all of that stuff happened in then on my daughter came February two as a nine. That's when stuff really hit me. I was like, okay. I have a huge responsibility. And now at the live up to surpass what my dad expectations and the things that he gave me I was spoiled on my dad's. I everything I wanted to end more in. Now's like, okay, I can't live live just about me. There's an Alabama about providing a different life for her better than what I had which is going to be RH hounded because the bars already set so high. So that's what being started shift for me. I like I like that. So it sounds like this may have been when you start where you stumbled upon what you what you've actually like built today, which is which is your wholesale for somewhat. So so walk me through that. What was would you? Did you read a book? Did you find the mentor? Did you hear it on the radio show? You let me go look this up. What was the impetus of that? Yes. So two thousand nine after she was born February. This was around may memorial weekend in Miami. I never forget this so little money, right? In may our friends. We went down. We had a ball down there. But what hit me was. I was always searching online searching for things the way make more money online and things like that. And I came across one guy. He's okay, we saw about hosting a little bit. I'm like, you know, whatever. And I came across he promoted someone else is guy impressed too easy. And I'm like hold on this guy's temple and he had flipped a house the same weekend. I was in Miami flip the house it made. I think it was like twelve grand. And it was across the street from a house that my daughter's mom owned as all the hold on disputed dollars of money. Trying to have fun impressing girls doing this crazy stuff in this guy, literally made twelve dollars across the street from how's that own of the sun? So I started in what got me was his lifestyle. He will. He had the nice cars. He took vacations. He will just show his lifestyle in our rethink he'd cut preaching with the word that stood out to. Me freedom. And I was like that's what I'm after. Now. You you talking to him you talking directly to me freedom is what I'm after. And that's what got me. And I I didn't have the money at the time back. My daughter's mom to put it on our credit card. We spent nudge nice dollars on his course, which was how to flip REO properties. Which is you know before closure properties from the Bank in. That's what got me started the business, man. I love that listeners. Again. I mean, we had quite a few guests on the show to talk about wholesaling. So we're not even gonna get into what hotel news in how you can do a rashly going to going to progress through Christmas journey because I think it's going to be very pivotal kinda see like what Chris does next to kind of build his business. So how long were you are obviously started hopefully in two thousand nine how long have you been? I mean, just think about the progression may be two thousand ten two thousand eleven and you're doing this. You're starting to be success. We actually showing some of your friends probably had to do this. You know, things are going things going for Wendy. You decide that it's time to maybe make another business or. Is it like everybody situation's different people have a situation to where somebody walks up to you. And it was like, hey, I wanna learn how to which going and where are you for an eventual? Oh, maybe I can do this or say, I know that I want to do this. I'm going to try to do this is just me I'm going to try to do this and see if people will come. So what was your oriental? You're very next business. Sure. So fast for after a few months, finally at my first deal close star to make some money, you know, here and there and two thousand ten I wanna give a little love backstories thousand ten I read a book rich dad poor hopefully, everybody on this. 'cause I read it or at least heard about it. I read that book J Rey. So like this guy I took on he was more of it was more like a mentor to not necessarily direct mentor. But the president like I literally everything he told me to do. I did. So I read the Barich that and I knew from their January two thousand ten hours. I'll quit my job. When wasting my time giving these people might. They were acting folks are built so fast for may two to the may two hundred ten may seven equipped my job cold targeting tweet noticed this left, and I was gonna figure this business out, and I quit around the same time that a friend of mine that I've met through my sister you which became one of my best friends. He was it appoint quitting his job to it. He wanted to get a hotel. So he was like L take me into your wings show me some. Okay, sure. So we both kinda was on that same grind that same journey. You know, what I'm saying at the same time around majors as a ten and like I showed him. I do is I deal in. Why this how hold on? How did he get a deal so quick faster than ideal? Took me a long time. I Don share on the safe stuff. I know he gotta deal. So my. Though, they have put it on you to buy arm star documented stuff, then I had to somebody else to reach out to news. Like, yo, you know, show me. All right, cool. And I in charge me. I was like all right. I'll just show you just gimme testimony when she calls. The same thing happened. He closed the deal, and I'm like, yo how did these people close the deal faster than I did like what this doesn't make any sense at all? And then this was the ice on the. So let me do. A little backstory dozen ten was not just projected like to our tables, probably the best in worst year of my life. In the reason why I say that because when I quit my job. I didn't have any money stacked up. I still had a daughter take care of. And I had to go back and live with my mom on the couch. Not to mention I wasn't making money consistently. So end up getting out my BMW, four of not foreclosed but ended up getting repossessed. So I didn't have a car. But fast forward jobs tend to end of the year. I ended up winning like launch from my mentor that he was holding for promotion for his company, and I won a Hummer was crazy. Yeah. I wanna rap Hummer with my company name logo and own numbers. Crazy so one in software things like that. But the thing was was that when I won that it sparked other people because he promoted to his list is sparked other people that was like took an interest place, right? Mode. Great. So like this guy from New Zealand. He reached out to me. And he was like, yeah, we're going to US business account. I got a US Bank account the whole nine I got freedom. Saw you know, which was the software mentor promoting and I'm like, he's like, I don't I don't know how to market like stunt doing this stuff from this one lady. And I'm like, it's not working. So I was like all right. You give me a hundred bucks. I'm gonna show you how to get your first deal. Like sure no problem pay pal dollars somewhere. Okay. Cool. This is probably like maybe like October two thousand ten around that time. So then we end up though, some marketing this was in south Florida the deal they had I can't remember the Zach city. I always figured I can't remember. But it was the town and he ends up getting the property under contract. I ended up helping them out now mind you he is in New Zealand in the property, south, Florida, right? We doing everything over the phone. Computer end up finding buyers through somebody. I knew we all split down dollars. This is December two thousand ten. I'm like hold on. I just showed a guy from a whole another country. Hey, just made not now dollars to something. Like, this might be an educator. This is the third person I've helped not to help somebody do a deal from over the phone income shooter a mind, this is like this is different. And so that's what sparked my idea to get into education business to eleven. That's really awesome start what it would a dramatic or have to say about that. He he was he was he was like man, this is this is good. Like he's like that's the whole goal of. You is to you know, he said you always wanna have one hand up to a mentor one hand down to a busy all the time in your sight following that process. I gave you so this is two thousand ten two thousand eleven and you decide to become like, this this real estate culture, helping people along along the real estate journey. So you've been doing this now coming up on a decade pretty soon. How does it feel like it's been a man it's like the tyrant by so fast, man. I mean, the so many deals I've done there's somebody. People out of help to just here by self say Becky, and I'm like, this is crazy like there's no. So so you started so you build so you started wholesaling, and you have it's almost almost like you have this stream of income through wholesale. And it's not consistent. But you're getting these deals Ryan east coaching consulting. And this is a thousand intense with eleven talk about next progression for you. Because I know that you said some of your mentors are in the digital marketing space, and this is like or high thrive. I love I love talking about businesses in digital businesses in on all this stuff. So talk about having your next progression. Sure. So what I realized after that transaction with the guy from New Zealand was like okay academic said on biz up like that as well. Like, I just need to follow everything not taught him. And so what I started to do is put a team in place and start hiring virtually systens a start doing some marketing campaigns. Hiring some other administrative staff, you know, in the Philippines to start doing some late work for me, and then hire people on the ground. And so I started to go into some other markets in. And my bills start to progress to because now I'm starting to do exactly the same thing. I told him now to do and not relying on myself to run the business for there. I started saying, okay. Also, I wanna learn education style business now accredit, my first course, my friend helped me build it. I didn't know anything about selves copy how to promote it, but I was steadily always promoting on YouTube and showing my journey. I was I will take a trip. Like, I literally went to ten probably may I don't know maybe forty thousand that year two to eleven was my breakthrough year, I made my first hundred thousand dollars, you know, and so I- document everything in YouTube of my closings. I was literally traveling. I did a deal at one time until I was eleven where I literally was walking into my hotel. My cash buyer was calling me, but her property I had in the hold of the city, but they weren't to buy. And like me doing that transaction like I came home from my trip in came onto a check. So it's now put the cat docked. Douglas. I just made. Obey the money. I sent back amp some and so that progressively like star to grow education side, people will try to reach out mentor. Look. Hey, look does not much mentorship program as they can afford us. A here's a course for nice knowledge. You can get into that. When asked what start to really progress everything with the digital market decided mentoring side of the education visits MRs Shlomo lifestyle. You know, just show. Hey, listen. I'm I'm a Vegas in my business running right? I'm in Miami business. I'm in New York know, so that's kinda really I was like I wanna share with people that you know, you can look like me you could be as young as me, and you can make money in still have the lifestyle that you want. You know, for me, traveling was everything I wanted to see the world. That's the reason why gotten a business, and I wanted to document to share people that you can be my color my age, right? You have my education background in past college. You know, barely past high school and be able to live this type of lifestyle. Now as my whole thing that's kind of sparked my one of my clothes. I always tell people don't live the dream Libya dream eleven I love. Also, man. So I'm kind of I'm taking back where store because it's really fascinating. And I can relate to a lot of parallels. Especially me being an entrepreneur and kind of following the same things that you've done having those moments, and you know, when you think about have you started investing in let's say like, I know that you were a whole lot of real estate professionally like transactions. What have you like your money back in the best in realistic when you start investing? So I really started to will not more dad would of Jamaica. And he started saying my progression with the business stuff. I started looking at opportunities to purchase on land in Bill properties in Jamaica. So right now, I have two properties one owners laid out Airbnb in other one he's kind of limited that we've built in. We probably going to end up turning into Airbnb as well too. But that's when I kind of that was like two thousand fourteen to fourteen. I was like, okay. Because it's so crazy asking me opportunities to like really invest in by whole properties immediate young. You know, not really like they can even my dad was telling me, I wasn't thinking about cash flow. And so like now, you know, that's my whole thing is like what can I do the Bill Cash flow right in? I'm waiting for the downturn in the market is going to happen to start buying properties. Once these probably Joan, you know, cheap in Americans on sale started doing a lot more investing in holy on some of these deals. That's awesome. That is awesome. Again, going going through your progression. It seems as though you've been able to take what you've learned in in a prior area prior arena. You've been able to use that to your benefit. I mean thinking about the fact that you started you started wholesaling, I think in two thousand eight or nine, and it's one of those where Saragan two thousand nine it's one of those things too where you quickly realized through this this New Zealand, quote, unquote partnership that you're teaching the sky. A whole lot of things that that you had to kind of figure out as you went. So like how he can invest from. No so far away. And as you see in this guy because you're you're learning how to implement somebody's you're like, wait, I can do some of these things for myself. I can use this to build my business. And then I mean, I don't know if you had like if you read this book, you had a mentor hold your hand. But it sounds like that year, you just decided I'm gonna hire all these people when built this system where did you start getting some of that information from like your building? Like, I remember when I've built my first real estate system going back to a course, I spent out in the middle of money rights for an apartment complex, and I was stressed out. I was about to boost my job. And I was just like, this course is going to be my way to freedom. So I can teach people how to I started in house hacking house, heck, I spent three months on. The course I didn't have a proven system. I didn't have a minimum viable product. I didn't show. I didn't already test the product and see if people actually wanted my product but were higher loosely, Chris I were like three or four months job ended up not raising money for the deal. And then when it came time to launch a course in promote the course, sell the. I may zero dollars on the course. Right. So I've been have approval concept. But I mean, I've learned so much now when everything is so different now. But it was because I had those earlier trials your mom's house able to use that learn from that grow in build in figure out. Well, how do I actually build a system like a normal real estate investor? But I'm not yet. What I call a business owner. So how did you make that transition? I know you probably had a few fares as well before he finally started out things. How did you make that transition? Yes. So what tell you the biggest thing that there was for me was my midterm always focused not just on teaching real estate, but personal development has started going on his journey personal development star reading books. I had never really read a book since like pry. I dunno high school says I waited so like started he started talking about these books. Reading was like illegal to work on yourself more than you do your business like your physical in go-to as all this stuff was happening. I was reading books to like one of books that I don't want to give it away to. Talk about favorite books, but fort workweek that but man that puts way that that's when I started realizing like, okay, what I'm looking for is exactly what he explains in this book, and he he went so and and not just giving you the like vision of what life game about. Yes, we got into the strategic step by step by higher virtual staff putting these systems in place these softwares in place. And so that's when I was like, okay. These are the things I need to do to put my business where needs to be. So that way it can run without me physically happen to every single things that by step, you know, as so I credit him Tim Ferriss for week in smoke more books. We talk about later on that really helped guide me into like really turn it into a real business where I'm not just a one man, man. You know, I'm a man salt thinking about some of these investments, and that's like ten dollar investment writing. It would would you need. I think that a ten dollar investment can have that type of return on your life. And I think about that as well. Like my favorite book. Probably today is the for our work. We cannot literally just got off a call interviewing somebody else. And he's he's in Thailand. He's SEO this SEO like magnate, right? Crazy things but his whole business was built upon that one book. That's always we talked about the whole time. But it's crazy. How powerful that book is and again, it's a ten dollar investment. Now, you think about your training think about the mentoring? You've got to think about the courses you take. And you think about the people who've been able to pour into you. What's one of the most or maybe the best worthwhile? Investments you've ever made. And this can be an investment of money. This can be an investment of time or this can be investment of energy. What have you seen the most return of and that's a horror as is definitely at this point. Now made a lot of investments like I just literally idea of the debase investment in the mentor from digital marketing company this past November which fourteen thousand dollars, but I would say they is our ally. That must say there's probably the biggest ally was this program. That was I got it free with the purchase of software, which three your him. But it was the person development. I got for mentor at thank that still has to be the ROI was called the red pill. So he even he named it kind like. Matrix, you can take the pill right in so mom mentors. Like offer Naga text stuff like that. But at the time when you made, you know, he was to me like a celebrity type of guru, whatever. But that probably still to this day is the best awry because it not only took me. Now, the business journey how to start putting things in the place. But like, the president development of everything that I realized how I had to really some of the shift of some of the different ways. I thought my processes like subconsciously there were things were holding me back out rather relearn and retrain my brain. And he got me on his books. I started getting into really Chris Chris give me one thing that you that you can remember right now that was holding you back just one of those things mob. Limit belief of a money scarcely money. I knew that. I knew I I feel like we're so reliable. I most of the things you were going through which which are values. Yeah. Yeah. Is that that was the biggest thing because I was like. Like innocence. I was I was chasing money. Alright in I was making it seem like money was hard to get in for a very long time. If felt like money was hard to get. But it was not hard to get. It was hard to keep because of my relationship with money. I. Oh, so so what what what did you implement a whether some of the exercise. What was the advice that was given the kind of help you work on this? I know something that you still work on earth for what some of the things that you started doing kind of change that. So add look at one of my other favorite books still day, another cheap investment. I read it every single year to keep just the ideas and just keep my mind afloat on it a secrets of the millionaire mind to our full powerful. Book a NASA, what started my journey understanding the relationship? I have with money is not going to work. If I want to become a millionaire is not gonna work if I wanted to become wealthy because I don't think or act like a millionaire. I think in act like somebody that's poor. You know? So as the money comes in I'm spending. I'm not thinking about investing in. I'm thinking about spinning it for pleasures. Right. And so that book, which was my mentor told me about was the book dad like, okay, you have. To stop soon as you have money. You're going to go by blowing in the club. You're gonna go buy new shoes, you're gonna go buy new coach, you're gonna get these things that I really don't mean anything you're trying to use it to feed your ego. Make you feel like you're import right? When you could actually take that money invested in business as going to bring you more money, right? You can still take some money out to play. Right. But don't blow the whole way that you get you should not get ten dollars on the deal and spend eight thousand put two dollars back into the business. You know? So, and that's what it was it. There was just understanding my Marlin show of money in how you money and realizing that it's just a tool there's plenty for a lot of there's so much money on it. And it's easy to make the relationship. You have with a high you use. It is the most important thing. Chris did you think that this is what we're going to talk about on the shelter? I. I'm so you probably not getting ready for all these wholesale questions and things like that. But now, this is this is what I love to explore because I think I think mindset is is a major major component of our success and how we can achieve success, and especially our mindset towards money. Now, I know personally like I haven't calculated in a while. But I know last year, we should tell people like I've spent over seventy eighty grand on coaching and mentoring and consulting like it's not, you know, it's it's one of those things to where Meyer returns on those things have been astronomical. So when somebody hears you say something like I'm spending fourteen grand on a coach like to me. I mean amongst us. That's like, okay. Cool. Like, you're you're going to you're going to see that as you're going to see that return as long as you believe that you're gonna get that. Remember, somebody out there is like what what are you? Why like so is this an expense for you? Or is this an investment like what how what is your viewpoint on spending that much? Yeah. Now investment like I'm in masterminds. That's been you know, five ten grand for on as well. You know, this is the biggest largest to one person that outspent, and I spend way more like, you know, my. Thing dollars to give him some twenty five thousand dollar mastermind for me. You know, I realized that first off the you gotta spend money to get around high level people. And that's like one of the most important things is either getting the mentorship for somebody or getting into a high level circle of people that are where you know, where you want to be. So me, everything is investment for me. Now this plant like I'm not scared to spend like you obviously want to make sure his value. Right. Make sure you're gonna get around a of resources and things, you know, the value is going to a see the amount of children spin. But man, I don't see any other way at this point. Now. It man and his crazy because exactly what you touched on early. I don't know if you touched on this because of this reason, but it's one thing I noticed you were talking to the people who had who. I mean, you went through like, I think it was almost a year to where you took you to get your first deal or can you to start kind of figuring out what was going on? But as you talk people, they're learning curve was so much smaller like, they would get their deals almost instantly. And you think about the fact that well the person they learned from went through a ton of mistakes, they went through China trials and tribulations. So what you're receiving from them as like the essentials. The this is exactly what you need and you'll be good. And you get your goal a whole lot faster because you learn from somebody who's already been two thousand six she could circumvent that. And that's what that's what we're doing with mentor. And so that man Chris beautiful salts now. Let's let's walk all the way up to present day because as we talked about your before the Minnesota, you wanna see where Christmas now what you have going on right now what is your day to day life. Look like today. Yes. So. Light day-today life is busy. But great it as in. It's only busy is. I want to make it. Right. So like the good thing is I have a team of we just hired to people. So three is about team of seven of us safari got color contractors and things like that as well. But like the way my life now is is is so like great because one or else they business today. Opperations I don't handle any of that. So have a team of acquisitions dispositions manager. I have a to be as and I have some other little contractors and stuff that was some cold calling things from you as well. And I don't have any day operations. Right. So one of the things I learned was like how to grow as you become a visionary or you are the visionary and you hire integrator. So I've done it with the that break we had biz Gomer still doing, you know, a couple of deals through three deals a month, sometimes more, but. During on average, while -tudios a month. And it's totally outsource. I don't do any task. So that's great my digital marketing business education. The side of the business has to next love literally. Like, it's crazy. I get sales in new customers every single day because a lot of money advertising, and that businesses totally passive we're bringing in about anywhere from one hundred fifty to one hundred ninety new customers a month, and is one of them because the money is great, of course, right in his passive source. Like, I'm getting paid for, you know, something I've built months ago, it's just continues to keep paying me over and over and over. But also, I'm helping so many more people I have a few clients that I have at work personally with one on one as well. And this phenomenal man to see like the growth of the business. Now, we're headed to hints of seven figures this year with with our digital marketing company, and I just been growing, you know, that with staff into putting team around it to the point where eventually. Not yet. But eventually I would say probably in the second half of the year. I'm not going to be doing as much work as I'm doing now. But for me, it doesn't like work. I absolutely love. What I I wake up every morning excited to do what I do, man. It's it's total blessed. That's awesome, man. I feel the exact same way you talked you touch on digital marketing company. So maybe let me just get some clarity. Maybe just caught onto a, but you have you have an online course. And then you have a separate company. That's a digital marketing company yet. None of it. Why I call it the marketing because a lot of products that sell like digital products. So. Education business. You can say, okay. Yep. That is awesome. That is awesome soul. Last one. I at to kind of round this out when you when you kind of get a personal experience from you or maybe exercise rights when you feel overwhelmed or you feel in focused or maybe you've just lost focus temporary. What did you do to kind of get yourself? Echina- linemen. Oh, the question soda, cutting myself alignment automatically. What I do. Listen to podcasts. I'm a podcast hosts myself if for me there are times where I'm like, man. I just don't have it today. So Joey what I'll do I used to like just pick up a book. But now, I love listening to interviews or listening to other podcasts. This talk about something Nashville, just AM. I'm this fire right now outcome ready to do. Right. Hit the ground running. You know? So that's for me. That's what I do the podcast that gives me sparked up hype too too tight on the day. I liked that. I liked that a lot. But for new win. I it's a new one that I've heard on the show. But now that she said I feel like I've I've probably done that a few times as well. I'm a big podcast person. I love this on a podcast. So I'm actually gonna. Check out. What is it? Call it. So we can all check it out. What is it called is escape the newbies on? Yep. Escaping. It'd be an escape the new zone dot com. You can take escape into real estate investing movies home, okay lifestyle design, acceleration hangs. What is your favorite before the millions book man, I have to say see the millionaire mind bone? Here's we've already talked about that enough guy. So you guys definitely check that book out. What is your favorite lifestyle design app? This can be a business app or tool vox are right now. I communicate with my team on there. And it's augmenting us boxer, man. Right out the okay boxer. Definitely what do you enjoy? Most about the way your lifestyle is currently designed probably the best thing is that I literally wake up and I'm not chasing money. So money comes in throughout the day every single day and the best part about it is that I literally wake up and say, hey, I don't work today, and I won't do anything. And I wanted to worry they money didn't come in money will still be generated, you know. So because of the passive -ness of the things that have gone on with the education business. So that's what I love is that you know, if I don't wanna work today. I'm not working today. I have a question that's not ever been me. But I'm just kinda curious with your experience, and what you've been able to do in your in your journey so far how what is your decision? What is your mindset on bringing up your your daughter? You have you was your daughter right after bringing up your daughter and this environment and keeping her that -bility. To choose whether or not she wants to go the traditional route, which is what she's most of her friends and people around her doing or she added sto initiatives to do something like this. What is how would you kind of been, you know, I guess like like kind of SP talking to her giving ice? I get it. So for me because she she has a little before time. And now, I have a son, which our son is wondering lizard me. It'll be interesting to see IS. But with my daughter, she's very turned ten this Sunday. I always talk to her about things that I'm doing and also give an opportunity to see what I'm doing. So she's youtuber she has her own YouTube account. She started broadcasting to videos and stuff, and she sees hey, my dad's to he's very known. He successful to herb. She thinks my dad's rich. So her thing is like, okay. My mom is like she has photo lifestyle. But with my dad is what I want. And so I am power to share with her this. I listen, you know, if you want to have this type of freedom, this type of money, this type of thing is that you have to be able to touch more lives, and you can only tell so much lives if you work at job, you can touch the world if you have your own business. And so I I gave her. This christmas. I get rid this book. I can't think of the name of the book off top. There was a book for kids like kipper, Noor in teaches kids how to make money how to be at your eight right now, different ideas. So she absolutely loved that boat. Like, I said, she has her own YouTube channel, she's really good at video editing, and I just allow her to see and share with her the things that are out there billable to her that if you know, hey, listen, if you don't want to continue going on the college lane school and things like that have a job you can work for yourself and your own this. I love that man. And listen, I gotta pay me that question because I put out a negative. You said you said something along the lines of how many people, you're helping do you? Remember that line? I want you to repeat it. Yes. So my thing is I told her that, you know, you can only put you can only help so many people in the world when you have a job, right? There's only depend on whatever your job is like if you work for McDonald's, right? You can only help them many customers that come into the business that day, we own a business of your own impact that you have in the world is endless you can help as many people as you want. But you just limited with the job. And so that's the whole thing is that I tell people if you I'll tell my daughter if you wanna make money now, you need to help a million people. Right. So that's the reason about owning a business that the impact that you have is so much greater. I love it. I love it. What were the sacrifices that you knew you had to make before the millions to get to where you are today. Man. I knew early on the whole mobile stacked up when I got my car repossessed. I knew those things were coming, and my mentor kind of pre warming on the things that you know, if you are. To go down this path that you're gonna have to take some losses. There's gonna be some challenges and things I'm there's times where friends ended up now hanging around a lot of times there's times where I missed opportunities where survival was a Miami. And I couldn't go because I had to focus on his business. Even time my family that was the sacrifice that I had to explain to them that was going to happen because I'd be laser focused on making this work. And I told her that this time we come half eight them that they happen. And so those are the sacrifices that had to put him in which his time or phrase family, and then just taking losses that come apart again for sure I I wanted to dive into some of that's some more. But we gotta go. Who was essential to your growth before the millions? And why outside of my dad and my mentor. I would say my grandma my grandma man like she in this. The reason why her tattoo on my arm is because like growing up. She always told me, Chris grandma's, Jamaican accent, everything whatever it is. He's only Chris be well rounded and used to always get me prepare for the world like she would. Game. She gave me in the manner. She showed me like. Would do job interviews stuff where she would have me lie act as the interviewer for a job, and she just really prepared me for the world. Like, she took me. Honestly, the reason why I love travels because her my first trae Rodman, I play ride at eight years old first trip to Canada at age at three all because her and so everything that she pointed to me growing up as a key all the way to the odor was what was like my big inspiration man and on Bet's motivation. And so like, I say, I'm where I am in life. Really because our on. I stopped last. But not least why do you think? So many of us are stuck before the millions. Even though we have every intention of getting to the millions good question. I think a lot of us are stuck because sometimes there's there's a lot of everything's born. I would say is some people are not very clear on their goals. And what I may my that some people will say, well, hey, you know, Chris I want to make a million dollars. Then it's like, okay. Well, why do you want to make a million dollars because you know, a million dollars? It's gonna give me everything that I want, you know. The order things you want want to retire. My mom, I'm like, okay. Well, what if you could retire mom out making a million dollars? But what he's you know? So like, some people are just not necessarily clear on there goes like for me, you know, there's different ways to make as dollars. I never had an attention on building a business as twenty-five poise in office to make a million dollars. I know some people that do so some people are just not clear on their goals. And that's the not just be financially asked to be spiritually asked to be physically asked to be. You know, your lifestyle is clear on that. And everyone number two you have to hang around people that are way above you. I don't want to be in a road. All the time. Around the smartest person. I want to be the dumbest person in the room. So that's another thing is that people that are listening guys and girls. Make sure you find yourself in a room where you are. Person in a row that is a central to your growth and number three is understanding that listen there are going to be challenges. Okay. With this business challenges. There's a, quote, there's a mean that goes around it was saying something about probably could find it real quick. But it was basically saying if I find it, really. You might not be a fighter. Okay. But it's okay. But basically, it was just about like when the child is learning how to walk, right? And they fall down fifty times never once their child say this is not for me. So some of you guys have to stick with whatever is that you want to accomplish like me, I went through twenty six properties. I didn't close until I called. It's twenty seven four. It's always understanding also that went to six twenty six. Every time. I was ready to give up. But I did it. You know? That's the thing is understanding that you're just gonna come with Challenders. Right. You're trying to accomplish something that maybe have never been done in your family tree or whatever. Right. As does. This hasn't been done that is normal for most people. And so like the whole saying it was easy. Everybody would do it. It's not gonna be easy. So Kate continuing on and keep failing four and everything will happen. But don't give up the two year. Three year old. Don't give fall. I say I'm not going to walk anymore. They do it until they finally figure it out. I love it, man. I love the fact that you kind of highlight this at the very end, but she went through twenty six properties to expand may people would've gave up. S beautiful. So I mean what Krista saying he's not just telling you guys just to tell you guys. It's because it sounds like this is actually what he's done to be successful. So Chris, I love this so much now, let's just want to learn a little bit more about you. They want to know find out find some of your products or get to know your living. We're maybe reach out to you. Find some information. Sure, just go to my website escape, the newbies dot com. Check that out my blog, my podcast on you, get into my ground and honest up on there to check that out. Nice. Nice. Nice. Well, Chris again, this has been a wealth of information. And I know that I've gotten to various another listeners have gotten about you as well, man. Keep doing what you're doing. I mean, there aren't too many people like us. I mean, you see a ton of real estate investors out there. I'd everybody's pouring out. Now, everybody's point back into the community voice. Teach. My advice is talking about the things that they've done to be successful. A lot of people are just you know, you see people out there that are just flaunting and showing. And then they're not they're not. Oh, this is how I did. This is how you know solemn that you're doing I love that. You're that you're doing that you have this giveback portion in piece of your business. And that's why I would so until next time, Chris we'll talk to you soon. Man.

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