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Episode 209: Lisa Whittle + Jesus Over Everything


Hi Friends Welcome to another episode of that. Sounds Fun. I'm your host Anne F. Down so happy to be here with you today. The music in the background is from our good friend. Mr Torn wells. His album is called citizen of Heaven. Make sure you grabbed a copy. It is a really good. Listen right now for all of us. Hey I bet your life is weird. My life is weird to what strange days? We're living in friends as you may know from instagram and from other Social Media. I am quarantined at my house and have been here for a little over a week as a friend of mine tested positive for corona virus. I was with her right before she tested positive and all of us were with her. Were all quarantined by the health department to our homes and so that is where I am and it has been all the emotions just all sorts of emotions. And I don't have any answers for your friends all I can promise you we're still I'll still be here. I'm sure you've seen that. We also have episodes every day and we promise that will continue at least until this. Friday with me and our friend Eddie. Coffee has been on the show bunch. Doing special thirty minute corentin episodes every morning. Hope you are enjoying those. Truly the only hope I know and the only thing we can tire cells to now is Jesus and I'm thankful today for our guest Lisa widow. She is one of my favorite teachers. Just an excellent excellent writer and she has her own. Podcast called Jesus over everything that I absolutely love her. New Book is also called Jesus over everything and obviously we recorded this conversation before the corona virus was such a pandemic. But I think this conversation because this is how God works in our favor. This conversation will still speak to you right where we are today so enjoyed this conversation with Lisa whittle. Think about this for a minute with me out loud in front of all these people. I wonder sometimes if things like this happen and you know. I'm a huge fan of Sabbath. Yes sometimes when things like this happen I wonder if we rested as a world if we actually obeyed God as a world with things like this. Have less impact boy. That's a good question. I don't know the answer right right. Oh man and I don't either. I don't either by the way but I do think things like this. Do cause us to pause and most of most is most. I think of our problems in life are. We don't pause yes. We don't pause frenzy where distracted and we don't pause and I do believe that causes so many of our problems so we don't we don't posit consider. We don't pause pause silence. We don't pause for any of those. Yes no we just continue just racing and going in and Yeah listen I believe. All of that is a tactic of the enemy hundred percent. Believe that so I think it's been interesting are listening now that I'm a huge fan of Sabbath interesting and and fitting that India Week and I've just been like I just wonder if this is a world without rest If a world without rest is a world that can't get healthy. Yeah boy that is I think this is a good moment to ask that very question. Yeah I'm not the boss of anything but I'm like let's. Let's all stop for three days. I'm not the boss but we need you to. Universities need to cancel for the rest of the year. But I think maybe if we all stopped right. Today's it's been an interesting thing here national because there when the tornado went through I mean it went fifty miles without lifting up. I mean just absolute destruction it's crazy. It's UNBELIEV- I mean it's unbelievable and it doesn't typically happen like it usually touches downright beings writing and then yeah so fifty miles is a lot. That's a lot of ground to cover and it just kind of. It's the grace of God. It happened at night because schools were just flattened. I mean literally. You just look at pictures of schools. Lisa there would not have been a solution. Wow there would have been no protection so it was the grace of God but it stopped our city for a week. Yeah you know. 'cause everybody in the same thing happened a decade ago when we had the flood the city stops and everybody jumps in and use like okay. We when you say I can't stop right. You're wrong you're actually wrong. Yes and life sometimes makes you prove that. Yes right just like me with the flu. I I didn't have a week by do nothing absolutely. Not your calendar would have said any cannot be said. Yeah and he can get the Flu July so if you could schedule. That correctly didn't matter doesn't matter how do you when you're traveling this mind. Your daughter is sick at home. Yes you you have a book to launch. How are you even comprehending rest? What is rest? Look like. It doesn't look like getting to sleep late. Yeah now that's a great question. I do. I think the older that I get the more I realized rest for me is really allowing my body to boss me and I. I'm a really mean that any like I used to ignore my body so hard yes I really was i. I've abused my body. A lot of my life and Haven't treated my body nicely at all eight. Talk about what that looks like. Oh it looks like is it food or as an exercise okay. Yes yes to sleep and not caring about sleep or not honoring sleep food exercise over exercising starving myself in college. I mean so many ways to keep my body and small. I think my body has been the thing that I've maybe abused the most in my life. They're all and it's painful to think about that because I'm literally it makes me. WanNa cry because I think this is the only one I've got and I'm honored that I still have it especially as much as I have. Abused it And so I think as I get older. I think when my body tells me I've had enough like I've had enough even as even something like I've had enough sitting Lisa like you guys sit for a living. You know whether it be writing podcasting you understand but whatever the case may be at least. I've had enough sitting. I need you to get up. Like avs started listening when the when my legs start to ache and part of it is amy. I wish I was I. I could say it's just because I'm so intuitive with my body but it's really more like part of it is I think sometimes are my body's it scared me like I don't WanNa get you know. Pulmonary embolism or I don't want to you and I. I sometimes think that things that we do. It's okay if they start for even a bad reason or the most spiritual reasons because God can still work with that and so I think we wait for like you know to be just all go and all. They're all bought into rest and all that before we do it in like no man just like just take that first tiny little step or just you know listen to your body that first little time or whatever. I just think we make too many rules for ourselves so I just started listening better. I guess I heard when recently say your body always tells the truth and if we would choose to believe it like oh I'm tired. I need to figure this out yet. But how do you figure it out? You don't stop no you don't and I will tell you this. I think there are some times where you I believe. You may disagree. It's totally fine. We'll still be friends over. Sure everyone watch us. Maybe disagree and still like each other. That is possible. Can One million percent do that? I believe that there are and I think they need to be short-lived but I think there are seasons that you do have to somewhat keep going and say that's okay and I just think they just can't last super long and you have to do things along the way the best you can and a little bit differently. Yeah right so you make concessions where you can you make adjustments where you can and I think we get so rigid and we think like Oh. I can't do this or whatever and most things now. This is a part of an eight personality to want to go any agreement with it. It can be done like I always. I always think like no that can be done. Lee said Yeah you can shift that a little bit but I think we need a little bit more of that attitude. Yeah I agree I you know my I'M A. I'm a hard seven but my wing is an eight Birdseye both wings I wing harder toward an eight six and so I have that in me to of. Oh of course I can do like you when we walked in. You're like you're tired. You just got the bus yesterday. Mike Right I'll get arrested two days. Yes but I just don't lie to choice. Yes and I think having that like two day two days coming yes like short of going to heaven which will be rest. Listen if we're taking right it's okay but like yes looking ahead and I do that too like I'm like this weekend. I'm going to do this and it's going to feel great. Yeah I looked to that so teach us how to balance being right here today and longing for the weekend will you frightened me. When you said the word teaches had words dear Liza whittle myself did I write a book I feel I feel I did not therefore veal that is for a different show. Yeah the balance idle man. I don't even have an answer for that. It's hard right. I think it is because we have to be here but we have to. 'cause we can't live for the weekend now. Live for the summer used to do when I was traveling much more than I do. Now is go okay when you get to. December you're done. Yeah and then and then okay when you get to me. You're done and I and it's like well gracious. It's March. I've got to get there like I've got just live for May live for August when my money used to take off now this year? I'm taking July off for a big chunk of it but yeah I I can't live for July. No this how do we? How do we balance this? You know I think you can't like you can't run full till and then and then be like but I'll be able to crash in three months. So yeah honestly might not make it there right by our all. Speak for me. I might not ever so I do think there is a balance. I will say I do think there is a balance of going. Okay this this is coming this month or whatever I'm going to take off that's coming. Yeah like and looking to it but also you do have to have things along the way like. I don't think we can just run ourselves in the ground along the way I've tried that. I've honestly tried that on because I'm high functioning high capacity. I can do lot of things but there is no listen. No one gets a medal for like you know running themselves in the ground. That's right not one person that's right and There's just not an award for that so I do. Think along the way Okay practically if we want to get practical. Which I know is what we need here. I do think we have to you have to look at your calendar and say all right. I'm going to carve out. Maybe every third day I'M GONNA carve out at a half a day four. Whatever makes you refuel or arrest or whatever or you've got to shut things down at a certain time of day every day and do that worked twenty four seventh share but I will say there were a couple of weeks. And they're like even the end of January beginning of February when I was really trying to prepare for this whole book thing and launching call call creatives that I was working all the time. And you know till eight at night nine at night on the weekend and my husband looked at me. And he's like you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA go to bed or you're GONNA you know. And we've been married twenty four years so it's not like he's he knows like bossing me is not great so yeah they phrased as a question jeopardy right. Are you considering going to bed handling her tenderly? Yeah Yeah Yeah. The suggestion on suggestion. Why ideogram type does he identifies a seven set. Oh yeah eight thousand seven together. It's an interesting WorldCom. It's an interesting world we are. We are a refund situation. Yeah I think I mean this thing. It's important for people to hear that even in your busiest season if you just stopped from eight to ten. Pm It's true if you just still managed to get sleep there something. I'd say a lot in our job here and this is not true for everyone but in my job literally. Nothing's in emergency nothing nothing. This is not a hospital. This is not a church. This is not an there are a lot of job fire department. I'm none of the things. I'm not a first responder. And so if things if if an emergency happens in someone on my staff's family or if speaking so on brand ambulance goes right we're close to a hospital and if we don't if we ignore it people listening will hear an ambulance and people have deemed. We have been like I pulled over because I thought it was behind me on the record that shows you the quality of the recording studio. That's right but I just think you need to identify what is an emergency and what is a must do and let everything else go because the truth is if by some insane chance we missed a day of a podcast on a Monday or Thursday. Not Emergency we'll fix as quick as we can not an emergency. That's so good. That's a good word for me. You there the last time I was on your show and then this time you always stay at least one thing seriously. That's like a major nugget for me. Well I'm here for you remind you we don't have. We are not first responders. Our jobs are not emergencies. We do not have to put our boots by the car. My little love that you drop that bit of wisdom in my heart but explain explain why things feel emergency to they feel emergency to. It's not feeling my feelings a believe that things are very important. I think because I just I just believe roll through life with a lot of passion. Yes so for me any. I like I feel intense about most everything. Yeah I intensely love you I. Intensely and fiercely will fight anyone for you And I just intensely feel like things matter yes. I don't disagree with you so I also think it's super important to put things in categories. Yeah so I appreciate that because I do think there are times. I have to take a step back and say look this. This show did not download because podcast as well this this show did not download properly or whatever the case may be or you know whatever. I wish went well because sometimes extremely perfectionist about. Oh listen now so I think it's real good? Yeah I'M GONNA use that this. There's no emerge I mean after. Tell myself just to be clear. It's not like a doesn't that feel good. I like your is a non emergency anti yeah. You're fine balance that with my team and I looking at January February march of this year and going. This is a lot of hard work in a short amount of time. This is gonNA feel a lot. Yeah five yeah fine. We still will work hard. We'll still rest when we can We still we got off the bus between the two weeks of the co- love tour like my last conversation with everybody as we were leaving. Houston was like we've got forty eight hours in Nashville. How are you resting That matters to me as much as are you doing your job on us Thursday night because otherwise we burn out. We're watching it everywhere. Yeah right you've experienced it in fifteen different places of your life of people burning out. How do we protect from that as even as a mom? How do you protect from burnout? When you've got to keep people alive all the time. I don't have to keep anybody a lot. Yeah I mean I think in some ways it's easier when when your mom or you know in my situation when I married because I do think my husband and people around me that are in. That are living with me. Do help keep me accountable. Oh enter so that is easier for me in some regard. I've never thought about this. And so they can all tell us our jobs on an emergency. Well yes all tell. If I'm literally on the edge of burnout they'll be like okay. You're you are getting angry about something. That is so weird bomb or you know what I'm allow like. That's so not like you after all this time because my kids are older. They know my older team. Are there in the twenty girls one getting ready to graduate from college. That's brilliant. So like they they tell me my stuff so the be like mom. They know me at this point they know my rhythms and so they know the things that generally I'm going to be set off by or not. Yeah so if I'm south by something weird. They're like okay. Mom what's going on you know and they know that I'm so now I'm it's hard to tell me things because I know that there's my personality which is a great quality clearly but I will listen especially with my husband. It's harder for him to say to me. I think we're getting burnt out. But I the longer that I've been married. The older I get the less I have a chip on my shoulder and I think I'm willing to receive that 'cause I know that they mean they love me and I feel safe any most of my life most of my life. I think the reasons why haven't wanted to receive someone saying something like that to me is because I did not feel safe and I think after all this time this makes me sad in a way to say like after twenty four years of marriage. I finally feel safe or you know but I think Because of you know I have some trust issues from growing up in the church in having you know people that I thought I felt safe with that loved my family. Then leave us and you know I'm a I'm Kinda complicated soul so I think when you feel safe and you know that someone is for you you can receive them saying you're you're getting too close to burn out Yes and you can hear it. Yeah I think this morning when I left my house I was like this place is a mess. You did not even put the cat back on the peanut butter like this place is a disaster. I've also been on the road all the things but I one of my thoughts was well. I was said to Lord I was like I think I look forward to getting married for. I think here's another reason is before to getting married that that someone else will see this and hold me to better than this and not that my husband needs to be my housekeeper by the two of us are sharing space right like angry made it comes with me. Sometimes she's in and out of town and doesn't live here but she has to be here for long stints and so when she's here she stays at my house when she's there. I am neater and it's cleaner yes and so I'm like Oh there's a burn out version of that and a piece version of that and arrest version of that and a clean up your stuff version of that. Yeah do your laundry version of that. Change the towels version of that. Yeah that that seems like We'll be of benefit and getting married right and also One one thing I love is I feel like you've probably worked out so much of your junk. Oh here's to hoping migration because my husband has had to work out junk with me. I party probably worked out so much junk. That you're going to be like the best version of Annie. Yeah I am the best version of anti so. I think that that could be true. I think that we talk about a lot with get you either get married if you choose to get married and want to get married and you'd get to get married you get married young and Y'all grow up together and so the challenges are lots you grow up together right challenges but you are in sync from the beginning. Yes the challenges of getting married after you've grown up is your healthier people but you have to very independent lives. Yeah so together. And so there's blessing and both because you're right he's not gonNA deal with some of my stuff that I had at twenty one. Yeah but I am a very independent Anne and I even have to have conversations with someone I'm dating about like I'm like this is a thing we have to work right right because I don't I take care of me. Yeah so yeah that is too. You're right there would be. There's two sides of this. How old were you got married? Twenty three babies. Now been at the time. You didn't like a baby at the time. Didn't feel like a baby. I felt like Oh. Am I ever going to get married? You know the dumbest thing in the world. I felt that at twenty three well and I remember because my mom got married. Twenty three years post. You know I'm screwed me. Whatever right so I yeah I think yeah? It's crazy town. I feel like oh my gosh. It's a miracle we're we're still married. What are you saying to your kids about picking spouses? This is weird anti because I I cannot believe. I'm to the point where I'm thinking about because if you have a college graduate that's one year less than when you got Marion. He's in. He has a serious girlfriend and love for the first time literally girlfriend. He's really ever had. Yeah we have. I feel like when you get to this point now. Some people have different obviously different kids situations but for us. I feel like when you get to this point where I'm realizing with my kids is they. They are. You've kind of already have had to have a lot of these conversations. They're not as open at twenty two for me and and his dad to start saying. Hey are the things you need to be looking for like. We already need to have been planning these seats. So he just got started Well I would say that's what to say so I would like to speak to people who are starting their all these. I think this is a this is an ongoing conversation that you have and it doesn't need to be these are the things you look for your spouse. It needs to be. This is the person you need to be. Oh preach that lesko person you need to be because it honestly any everything flows from there. Because if they are the people they need to be they will look for the Harrison. That honestly is going to be well suited for them and is going to be a great partner and all the things like I really do think it flows from who they are so not to say we've never had conversations of like look for this kind of person but the thing is. I don't know who they're going to fall in love with and I don't know you know. Their attraction is their attraction. And all these kinds of things so I do think qualities we can talk about but these are the same kind of qualities I want for them in picking friends right just picking General People Z. Within their life yes and I will tell you that one of the things that I am most proud of in in raising kids are. My kids have always picked amazing friends. A different races of different backgrounds like economically like they just like people they like and they're generally amazing people. Yeah I call them on my babies like over in like these are my babies and I just love I mean they. They're always honestly the kids that usually never don't start drama especially move my girl. They're the kids that are that are not superficial. They're the kids have the great parents. I'm not kidding you they have. My Kids have great radar for picking. Which just gets you excited. It does right and so it's it's really has translated so I don't know I mean I just think at this point at twenty two like if you're starting conversations about should you pick your probably late right but yeah you're late but also go ahead but but anyway yeah exactly so so if you haven't like it's new late for anything like it can be done but I mean I would say your twelve year olds yes just generally pick people that are good. Yes people pay Francis interrupt conversation to tell you about some of our partners that are making today show possible first up. I am so thankful to be partnering with. Ijm This week here on. That sounds fun as well as on the TSF quarantine show these last. Few weeks have been chaotic and probably will continue to be but Jay work in chaotic and difficult situations every day and through the chaos. We've learned that stories of hope. Or what Kerry us for? It am. It's a special privilege and responsibility in this time to be sharing their brightest stories of hope with the world to remind us all on the other side of tragedy. There is hope this story is from South Asia. Where a young mother? Her husband and daughter were trapped in slavery and they've been tricked into slavery through fake loan and they came to call the man who enslaved them the beast he controlled every aspect of their lives. Day After Day week after week and they were even forced to sleep on the ground like animals but one day the mom realized she was pregnant and she knew she away out for her family but there was no possibility to earn their freedom but thankfully I James Team heard about the slavery and the facility and came to investigate because of the mothers boldness and desperation. She was the one who rallied the men and women at the facility to speak up and tell the truth and that day her and her family and twelve others were rescued and set free. She was taken to the hospital for care and she had not felt her baby move. She had not felt her baby. Move in over six months but after a blood transfusion and treatment. She felt her baby kick in her stomach again and hope was alive and her soon afterwards. A beautiful healthy baby boy was born who she named. Baboo and babblings celebrated a birthday recently. So this week at I jam. They're sharing his story with us. If you go to J. M. Dot org slash. Hope with us. You can see a video of Babylon birthday celebration. And there's nothing more hopeful than watching Babylon shove birthday cake in his mouth while his big sister. Giggles it's so cute. Share the video with your friends and your community. People really need stories of hope right now. So go watch and share at I. J M dot org slash pope with US TODAY. Show is also brought to you by our friends over at Third. Love you guys. Even last week on the love better for people were coming up to me and show me just whispering to me. 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Yeah rather because Jesus over everything if my mom would have said that to me to be honest no I'd have been like mom don't I know I know do everything but I love my friends and I wanna go to this thing and so how do you teach Jesus over everything to kits? That is such a great question. Any I'm so glad you asked it because one of my greatest fears has been. I had a conversation with my oldest one. I think he was about a sophomore in high school. I said my greatest fear is that you will not know how amazing God is because you are around so much God. Oh that's amazing. I mean like it gives me chills right now. I really like that is my greatest. Been my greatest fear for my kids. I don't think like should that. Stop me from talking about Jesus over everything no now. But here's what I'll tell you. I don't have a lot of like author conversations at home right. Honestly they don't want that for me. I never say to my kids. Like Gosh I'd really hope you read a chapter in this book. No right now honestly and I will tell you this. There are things that I wrote in this book that one I didn't WanNa right into. I had to sit down with my kids and we'd never had conversations about no Because it wasn't like I was ever trying to hide anything for my kids but like never came up so I never really talked about some of my wild college day right. You don't really WanNa sit and chat with your kids about that and not because I'm not honest but because it's just it's uncomfortable and so I just didn't really want to do it so there were some things we had a chat about. But that's not your question. You're good yeah but your question being how do you do it? I don't I don't really know That's the answer to most of questions. I don't really know all I can tell. You is my biggest prayer and hope with having the kids was that my husband and I would be real in front of them at all times because I grew up in a house where my dad was the pastor and I loved him more than anything and he would preach down the House on Sundays and he was an amazing good. Yup Oh my gosh I mean I just can't even express express but when he would but coming home we pray together and we didn't. We didn't do that. And my little girl. Heart longed for that. And like. That's even hard for me to say because I feel in some way trail of this man that I love so much I wrote. I wrote parts of that in the book. But it's the reality is true and so I didn't want to have that again. I didn't want to be author Lisa. Whittle that at home was not Jesus lovingly so whittle? So I am I am I. Perfect young million percent yes. She is one million percent. No and boy. I mean my kids seeing all my flaws. Trust me but I and I say in the dedication to them even like or in the thanks like. I hope that you can say of me that I did love. Jesus more than anything. Because I do yeah I do but I also have had to draw the line with like events and say I'm GonNa like even this happened even last week. I said I know of contract with the contract with you guys and I love you but my daughter has this eighties dance and I'm going to have to do something I've never done and I'm GonNa ask you to make make an exception here and I'm even willing to take less money and whatever because I gotta get home and I want her to like instead of teaching Friday night Saturday morning Saturday night you need to leave after Saturday's try something like that's exactly what happened and I just say that because I do think that if I preached Jesus over everything but I don't show my daughter that I that I love her that I that this is important. Yeah and people have different trains of thought about this. I still put Jesus I I do but and I've missed things I have but I just their senses that the Holy Spirit gives you when it's time to to practice this message at home. Yeah so I don't know any of that. I just do the best I can talk a little bit about and you do a really great job. I do want you to hear me say one of the things I love about your show and I love about your writing is that I believe you but I don't believe that you I don't read your stuff for listen to you and think she has it all figured out. I think she's loves Jesus the most and she's figuring it out I something I love talking about especially with women like you and I who get to travel and speak events a lot and I don't want to put us out of jobs because I love my job. Yeah but talk a little bit. What that does is opening up Saturday night for someone in there in the local community. Yes talk about women having events or men having events and who they could bring in that lives in their zip code. It's exactly what happened there. What happened last week? I love it so I was supposed to be closer. Yeah and they had someone else that was we we had to swap in and it was. I literally look to the coordinator and I looked at the woman who swapped with me. And I said you're supposed to close yes like I know and understand the tone of closer so like you know in speaking world. The closer is the one who really you know. It's usually someone they brought in. It's usually someone who can bring the whole thing together. You you leave with this punch or whatever they may be. It's fine as the headliner but the reality is man. There are a lot of amazing and powerful and annoying Gift Gifted Communicators of the Gospel and of of messages right there. Yeah I don't know I mean I it's it's not like God says okay. Only capable people live in this zip code or write. Orion only capable people have to be flown in and again. I agree with you. I want people to still book early. So but also use your people. Yes use your beautiful. Your phone don't sleep on somebody that's right there at you right there in your church or and and we wouldn't have gotten to start no if our local expression wouldn't have so yeah right in. Anne. I know. This has happened to you because this happened to me. I have had more women in particular. I'm sure it's happened to with with men as well but I've had more women come up to me and say I am in morning because my church doesn't recognize me or my gifts. Yeah they just don't they don't to do with me. They don't ask me to help they. Don't ask me to do anything and I get it like. There's I'm sure there's two sides to that. I'm sure there's some things that can be done on both ends but yes higher yes but also I just give into the woman. Yeah it's already gifted and you're really truly feel like sometimes churches especially overlook folks that are sitting there yeah and can be used to MC or do a session or lead worship or you know you know have a great you know video company that can be used or whatever the case may be like. Let's just make sure we've used all our resources right at our hand. Does this beautifully? We've both been to this conferences. The Shias Conference Kim. Yeah massing ill. She is so gifted people should be bringing her into speak also she host a conference brings a couple of us in and then has local people doing all sorts of pieces. The teaching the worship the hosting. And so then you go like this to me. It's the best of both worlds. Yes it's the best of both worlds when you're leading your people that are training up in your church body or in your community have a little spot on the docket. Yes and then those of us who have books that you've left or that you want to bring in. We're very available. We like to travel. It's all we do and I think we should. We should come in and put the the the the punctuation marks right on on. What everybody there's doing we're coming into like at that and go. Yes and yes. And this message is resonating representing maybe a larger pool to say. Listen what everybody's saying we're with you and we're just we're just in there to come in uplift yeah. I often that conversation. The woman has with you of. I would love to do and that she often is the one who's driving me for point to point. B. I'm like we should switch. You'll get there. It's beautiful because I always say to those women who are selling the snacks but have the gift to teach or are driving aspect are can write their own songs. I'm like you're doing the David Work around the field. The Lord's going to the this is going to work out for you. I don't know what it's GonNa look like and also the win is not traveling. It's not the win. You're not trying like it. Feels like the hierarchy. Looks like the more you travel the more. Yes the bigger deal. You are man there when we get to heaven The one celebrated or the ninety year old women who taught a Bible study their local church for thirteen women for forty years. I still think about this woman named Jan Remember I was at this event and it was in a very small. It was in Michigan. I remember it was in a very small situation. I spoke on a Sunday morning. Small situation really no house to say thank you. It was a small situation. Small Church in Michigan speaking on a Sunday morning and there was this woman named Jan. I think she's I wanNA say she was sixty five. She told me her age. And I've forgotten been several years and she was had red hair. She was a spitfire and she's up there playing the bass. Yeah I'm telling you any I was like I WANNA be Jan. Yeah but the way she was playing the yeah. That's what it was. It was like she's up there and she is playing the bass with all of her heart and she's done this at this church for like forty years. Yes and I'm like Jan is owning that stash. Jan is fire up there and I'm just like she's inspired me. Yeah like after that I could anything. That's right yeah I mean Jesus over everything to me is Jesus over the comfort of getting to stay home and Jesus over the Celeb- status you think you'll get if you travel. Oh He's over. Both of those traveling is great traveling as great. It totally is great but it also is. You know it's not where it is. Yeah because if that's where it is if travel where it is to be honest with you when I'm rolling a suitcase in the room by myself when I am you know getting on the airplane because honestly any. I'm not even an introvert one. Yeah I earn introverted eight. I'm in here. It feels hard. I'm so glad you understand. Yeah it is hard I mean I don't even I love my people more than anything so to me. Like leaving his hard for the first Probably five years of speaking. I would cry every time before I left and I would literally say to my husband. I don't WanNa go. Yeah that was my every night routine before I would leave the the night before routine I would and he would you know he would tolerate it but it got on his nerves after a while like because he's a seven so he's like I wanna go. Yeah exactly so. It's yeah whatever it is to me. Jesus over everything is whatever it is for you. Yeah that is not. You're comfortable place or your natural place or your desirous place. Whatever it is it is that. But it's also you know even forget the whole Sacrificial part of it Jesus over everything is Jesus covering every It's like I think I want people not to miss that because it's the beautiful covering it. Psalm. Ninety one one you know he who dwells in the shelter of the most high will find rest and the shadow of the Almighty like. I don't I think I mixed that verse up but you know what I mean. Shelter Shadow but you might be inverted there but the point being listened remembered that this is a covering remember that Jesus over everything not only is that covering the government the universe the protection of this world like he's in charge and yeah going anywhere that's right but like it certainly includes you and it certainly includes your desires. Your hopes your dreams your want your fears. Jesus over everything is that so. It's a double sided message of. Yes sacrificial on our part yeah but also it is the way life works. That's the whole thing. And and here's the thing the reason I would even bother writing this book because the reality of it is. I'm at the point in my life where I'm really evaluating everything evaluating yeses a knows. I'm evaluating I always ask myself about value. Worth to me is different than value worth is everything is worth it in. The sense of everyone is worth it because Jesus decided that a long time ago like so. I take the worth conversation off the table right like. Let's just assume that everybody is worth investing in. I believe everyone is worth it but value to me is different values. Where is this the greatest Use of my time gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God and we should ask that every day no matter what our job is stay home. Go to work this because value is different. And God's given us a brain and discernment to be able to decide that yeah so for me. That's what I'm in the process of always doing so book writing to me. I mean it's my seventh book. I'm like do I wanNA do this anymore? Does this have great kingdom value? If it doesn't I'm willing to scrap it and I don't need to write another book like I really honestly don't my life was full. I like it and I if if it has value yes I will but if not no so before I even would write this Jesus over everything. We all right about a different message. Whatever I y this one. I'm like well I am interested in what makes life work for us because not because I want us to be more selfish than we already are but because I really want us to get on with our life and I really want us to have our life be used and I am tired of seeing us be halfway in and halfway usable and so to me I look at us and our lives are complicated and we all have that same cry in complaint. My Life is complicated. Yeah my life is so complicated. So I'm like okay. Well how can I find because we all feel like we're the only one right? I felt like when you say that I'm a little embarrassed of like. Oh yeah everybody's life has got like eight. I mean but it is like one would say not. Everyone might use the word. You know hard or or great or whatever but I would also created complicated in some way and so it's embarrassing got. I was the only one. I don't know that everyone would say that. But everyone says that they do they all we all think in some way and so I a monster for me. I feel like just wants to her. I feel like that. We can't be promised trouble-free life because John Sixteen says right there will be trouble. That's not an state right. It's Wednesday so we know that there won't be trouble free but I do think life can be less complicated. Yeah and so for me. I'm like I feel like though. I am not good at a lot of things one. I'm really good at the Lord is gifted me with is being able to take things. Boil them down bottom line them and say. How can we do this and in our everyday lives because one of the things? I always ask myself any when I write is does Kim. This apply to everyone. Because if this if this marginalize is anyone this message then I can't write it. Wow because it annoys me when a message is from an angle of someone who now I have someone who doesn't can't speak to everyone now. Look I'm not trying to say that everyone and I are all coming from the same place. I cannot take away my own circumstance. That's right I can't say I can't speak to a single person because I'm married so I'm not going to try to say I understand that your single life would I'm married with children have share twenty four years but I don't settle for that I say at the core. We have more way more things in common than our roles. So I'm like when I looked to this message of Jesus over everything I'm like. How can how can our lives be less complicated in a way that relates to everybody? Whether you've come from this place or that place or you look this way or that way or you wear that role or that role and so for me I have to have two things. One can can relate to Can it is it biblical isn't Biblical. Because it can't be biblically proven. Then I can't I can't do it. That's right that's right if the if the actual word of God doesn't hold up our story doesn't drive. I want to ask this story to me if it doesn't drive the message. I can't that's right. Yeah how is the Book Different Than Your podcast? What do y'all because on your podcast talk about it. So that on your podcast. You're more guest centric. Yes though we do so we do twice a week so one. Day guest Tuesday's Trist. That's right Thursdays are a short diva when they're always under ten minutes. Okay so it's really just and I talk about whatever I want. It's usually like we just finished a series called phrases. Christians love all the things like when door opens in class or one door closes. Another one opens so You know that's it's different in that way. The book was born out of the phrase idea of the podcast. Jesus over everything but the only real thread anti I would say is the phrase itself and the one thing I say when I closed the show is Jesus is over everything in. May he be over everything? We do here And so that's important to me because I want him to be over everything on the show also. Of course the he is the star of the book and the other thing is. I asked the same question you know. You've been on my show so the last question I ask every guest. What's the last thing you can say about? Jesus can only say one more thing and to me that whole bottom line thing. I really did drive. Sort of the message of the book The way I roll anyway. How do you take everything you learn about writing and podcasting and turn that into the thing you and Allier creating call creatives? Yes you know. It's been such a journey and I've done so many things the hard way I think you know it. It it really is taking are sort of our combined experience which she and I come from a very different world business background alley Worthington. I come from the church background so it's been an interesting mix and it's good because I think people do get such good full picture of what this is and when I say this I'm talking about speaking writing. It's really anybody who feels this sort of call to speak or write but what I also love about any as we have this whole network on money. Networks that is has different subgroups so we have women in Vocational Ministry which is huge passers and then entrepreneurs which you know. We've got photographers in there. And women who have signed business or whatever the case may be and they're talking to each other asking each other questions you know. What equipment do you use for podcast? And whatever and it is so helpful because one. I certainly don't know everything and there's a lot of really resourceful amazing women out there so you WanNa talk about utilizing each other. Yeah we also have non comparison policy alley. Oh ops one million percents There is no comparison. There is nothing but cheering. And so it really is going beyond this sort of mantra of better together which I think we all believe. Are we going to do it because I told you off air? I'm terrified of partnerships. Yeah I mean it's just the way I roll. I trust issues. I'm terrified so to this is the first time in all of my Ministry of ever partner with anybody and You know I think it was time and I think it's were either go. I'm either going to talk about better together. I'm going to do it. Yeah And I felt like it was time to do it so I think I've just taken to your question. I think I'm just taken everything that I have learned the hard way. The the the knows the mini knows. I've gotten and yet boy. I've gotten a lot of noise and the many ways that I've pushed through and kept going because I think the thing that I'm the most grateful for and all of my ministry life is that I've just persevered. Yeah I've kept going. I'm still here right and I have friends that aren't you know. And and that's no mark on them. It's just to say I'm a quitter by nature. Yeah me too. So the fact that I'm still rolling and feel better about where I am now than ever like. That's the Lord. Yeah I just love. It feels like Beth more lettuce in this Lisa Turks. Let us in this and she speaks that called. Creatives hope writers. It's like our generation's turn to train the next generation. Yeah and to go okay if there was one of me Could there be ten of you. Yes if there could. Could we multiply impact by investing in the next generation? And can I save you a little bit of time? Oh my gosh. Can I save you time and gas AV trouble because because we need people now yeah like we just need people we? There's an urgency. There's urgency for really astute responsible healthy. Yes healthy women out there. That are really doing it. And you don't mean just in what size clothes they wear. You mean emotional spiritual. I don't care what size clothes I knew. I care that that we are doing our work to do but I don't care what size clothes you wear but I care that you're treating yourself well. Yeah if you're going to try to do this for the long haul. Yeah no I agree. I was just thinking to myself. We can be healthy in a little bit bigger sizes jewelry. You know we are so on sync with that but yes I do mean emotionally healthy more than anything else. And that's one of the I mean. Honestly that is one of the things in inches over everything that I really WanNa talk about my shopping fast in chapter one and one of the things I've said is like we have Marie condor closets. We have really redone a lot on the outside to know streamline our calendars come up with things to try to make ourselves healthy right we it is time to do the work internally like it's time to do the work and I think we are but I want us to do it even more and I do mean that if we're going to I do feel very committed to that with called creatives. Allie and I both do because we want healthy people out. They're not perfect. 'cause if I was the thing then you wouldn't be doing didn't get to do it so I really do. Want healthy folks out there and so we spend time talking about like you know things of the heart and the heart matter. We do a lot of training. We do a lot of nuts and bolts dog. Get me wrong because alley is she is all business in Minneapolis. And I'm pragmatists central. So like all right. I'm going to tell you the tea and I'm GonNa give you that straps right but you do that with the heart. You combine those two things you got some power Holy Spirit stuff. You're you're you're on fire out there that's right. So that's what we we try to do. And I had the greatest greatest endorsement this past weekend I would speaking at an event I had. I think there were like four or five call creatives in the audience. Our guys so fun so fun so anyway they were we. We did picture and did fund and stuff and this woman came up to me and she said I am fifty seven years old and I have been wanting and trying to speak and write forever and it is the first time I have ever found out what my unique messages. Talk through called creative. I love it. She said I finally know what my unique messages she said. I didn't. I've just been trying to. I've had so many things happen in my life. She's fostered and adopted and just so many twists and turns in her dream. She said finally not unique messages. Man That is just incredible. That's unbelievable indoor so so excited because it's not it's not too late. No you're not too young not too old. Oh no and the fact that we could help her uncover that made me feel like. Wow this is so powerful and it's all of course you know it's all over the Internet. It's all video it's a. I think I mean and I know you probably think about this. With your podcast. I think about this all the time. When I'm interviewing people in doing the podcast. I think why an amazing what amazing tools that the Lord has given us now to reach people in other parts of the world like this is. It's unbelievable unbelievable. And I just think wow I mean we can we can gripe about the Internet and I do journey. Thanks mad all the time about everything that the stupidity but it's I love it Because it does connection helps all these people who want to you know when you think about called crazzy think about hope riders when you think about she speaks you go like. I mostly conference in my hometown. Maybe I'll look there and see if there's anybody that's called creative that's my town. We just had this girl posted a picture on the money networks yesterday and she said I love this and I'm learning so much but my favorite thing is look. I just met my friend in California for coffee that we met through the networks. And I'm like and we've only been going since the end of January just met a friend right like ads awesome. I'm happy I always like to be a matchmaker. Yeah girl okay. I have been married but Kelly stamps gets. The win compete without like eighteen apples. She's GonNa feel and babies need to be named her right after they have to be heyzer anything. We didn't talk about talk about. Yes okay one thing. Last time I was on your show you got me an assistant. Do you realize this? I remember where I said to everybody you could. You didn't have any hell. Any finally has water. Ice is a different line because of because of your employees I know but sometimes it just takes awhile need anybody else. Actually I could hire. Okay Yeah that will get you better. Get a job description up there because he will be emailing you. I need I just need. I need more Adnan. How yeah we were just at the point where we've got more. We need to have more help face in Charlotte. They don't have to be based in Charlotte. I wouldn't but okay I'll tell you a must will be probably will be the same time zone. Yeah we've had some time. Yeah Yeah Yeah so anyway but I I mean I had people come up to me at church. They'd slipped me their phone number emails. Galore. I'm like okay. And he quit slide right now. I've got a two hundred people. We're about to do it again. East Coast only. I know it's only are welcome to the new Charlotte. People definitely hit me up because it would be helpful to have. I've got some moving parts that I really could use some hands on. I'm telling you I have loved everyone who's worked for me. We've I've been blessed beyond measure but having people in the office is that we get here every day and there's a handful of us that are working every day is such a gift. Yeah so it's been amazing okay. The last question always asked because the show is called. That sounds fine. What you're doing for fine nothing right now. I'm doing absolutely not one thing fun. What am I doing for fun? Oh my gosh. This is so bad and I should've remembered that you were going to ask me this question. I should have been prepared now. Taxing my brain. What do we do for fun? Honestly the thing that Oh no I had something fun. We are building a house. Oh Wow that's awesome fun. I think so. I've never done it but I've heard it well. It's high stress high. Say It's going to be this is going to be. Life is GonNa be fun and awful at the right. Yeah that's right. Nobody is going to be fun because I will tell you. We've had this land for with the land we're building on. We've had it for fifteen years. It was this. This is going to be a word to somebody who takes over. It was almost in foreclosure we it was in litigation. We thought it was over and it was a big fat mass. Finally we tried to sell it. We ever sell any way almost literally a ten year journey. We've owned it for fifteen but a ten year journey of being in the legal system and we finally settled on it this year. So never give up hats. And so the other thing is we are downscaling. So we're building a much smaller house than what we had. Yeah 'cause I didn't WanNA clean it anymore and I told the guy said I want nothing like he's like. We could put some like railing here and I said no I want nothing I have to have to dust. Wipe basically just want walls. I said walls and nothing is most boring house every so. That's fun that's awesome. Yeah that's a great answer. Thank you for the work you do. I think the world heavy. I love your friends of France. Don't use lovers so much. Oh my gracious. I'm so thankful for at least a widow and just the way. She loves Jesus over everything I mean. She proves it with her life. Those are my favorite kind of friends to have my favorite kind of people to bring to you and the people whose work I trust the most and so. I think you're really GonNa Love Lisa's book. Jesus over everything make sure you grab a copy of that and check out our podcast and giver follow tillered. Thanks for being on the show today if anything else for me. I'm embarrassingly easy to find. I mean at this point. I haven't left my house in ten days so you know how to find me and I'm on the Internet constantly so I'm Anne F. Down instagram twitter facebook. All the places you may need me. That's how you can find me and make sure you check out our T. s. f. quarantine episodes with edeka faults. We are having just technically much fun. It has been such a gift. We love getting to that show and partner with Jay to tell somewhere hero stories this week as well and I think that's it for me today. Friends go out or stay home and do something. That sounds fun to you and I will do the same. And we'll see you back here on Thursday. Y'All have a great week. Take care of each other. Wash your hands see it Thursday.

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