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November 1, 2019: Edmund Zagorski


The today is Friday November first Russian in Tennessee for two counts of first degree murder before hello went from true crime history I'm Vanessa Richardson and today we're covering the execution fake drug deal the lengthy litigation process prior to his execution is advised extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen seven ten pm on November first two thousand eighteen has the last few reporters trickled inside and found their seats in the gallery. Oh Two one reporter. The glow seemed appropriate because none of this he's execution and was glad there hadn't been much to see so far a curtain behind the curtain there was some kind of metallic clanking floor after a moment and eerie silence settled in bald man sat in the center of the room framed perfectly by the window he stared straight ahead his eyes narrowed the intensity ASCII used for inmates who were executed by lethal injection suited in this manner in six years it wasn't clear why am curtain raised Zagorski looking straight ahead impassive the rest of his body remained perfectly still he didn't struggle against the didn't turn or change his expression he simply said let's words was he reflecting on his past or was he too distracted by the events even tired of his own memories whatever it was that made as water dripped down his face and onto his upper lip leading from the back of the chair and plugged it in the reporters pulse that was the signal Zagorski raised his right hand slightly as if giving all of reality either way no one waved back oh you about the new three dollar little John from Jimmy Johns a skinny mini version Che's or if you like bragging that your lunch only cost three dollars now back to the story on November first old John Dale Dotson and thirty two year old Jimmy Wayne Porter worker residents in the area knew him by the alias Jesse Harden what's and worked on April fifth he struck up a conversation with Dotson and managed a hundred pounds of marijuana for twenty five thousand dollars in the meantime Dotson convinced his friend Jimmy Porter to buy the woods near the trout farm and headed into the trees dots and had brought along call someone if he didn't come home later that night dots both of them down it's likely they were only wounded as the Gorski also also knew about the meeting between the men but didn't investigate the shots he heard that night then Parker failed to return that night little was done to search for their bodies I it didn't take long for police to identify a Gorski as their prime suspect Dotson and porter investigators tracked Zagorski to Ohio where he it's afterward his legal battle continued but his appeals were rejected I his request to death by electrocution at first the request Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to grant Zagorski a stay of execution Iran Tennessee and many other states to abolish capital punishment entirely conversation as we all debate the best way for justice true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson today in true crime is a podcast original you but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals. I today in true crime in the search bar at par cast. Were grateful for you. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in true crime sound design by Russell Nash With Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro Paul Moller.

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