200 BM Daily Vocabulary #162 | virtue


B. m. english speaking radio channel presents v._m. English word of the day my name is brought to the and i'm your host for this episode. You are listening running episode number one hundred and sixty two off season three. Did this is what you would. You like to know what it means. It means behavior showing high moral standards a good quality habit lovie of behaving and advantage over benefit as compared to others whidbey. 'em english speaking radio channel. Learn one new would every day and impress. The world in english will cabinetry lesson. You will learn how to use the word what you via shock that this e._s._l. Lesson and will help you to enhance your english vocabulary and speak english fluently and confidently what you is spelt belt as the i. r. d. u. E. the one virtue means apart a part of a character habit or behavior that is considered to be morally good for example patients is a vote you essential for long-term investors. Listen carefully how we can use the word virtue in eight different situations in eight different sentences example number one of eight. The school arranged an outdoor activity involving. The students wants to clean a bench near the school. The rationale behind this drive was to inculcate the virtue of cleanliness among students. Wow isn't this excellent example moving onto example number two eight so hums father wasn't army the pasta on the battlefield so hum's mother was a courageous woman and she taught him the what you of patriotism does them and encourage him to join the army. While wasn't that a noble thing to do example. Let's three of eight children observe the environment around them and learn many things often the family and society influences influences the virtues that the tutoring imbibed doing to agree with this let understand example number four of it gold has been a preferred form of investment for centuries. This is due to its virtue of being a precious metal which is always in demand for making ornaments then goodridge teleservices bluestar and on titan and more than one twenty five corporates have trusted us for training the employees. You can definitely trust us for improving your english proficiency skills to know more about our english fluency causes log onto website w._w._w. Dot b. bmc consultants. India dot com example number five feet. The principal noticed that a ball from from a poor family would sell beanies at the entrance office cooled. He observed the virtue of sincerity in the boy. He was quite impressed. I got him admitted to the school with his parents. Permission lettuce understand example number six feet smith mitha would take children to visit a nearby animal shelter on each sunday. The children would feed the animals and assist the tough this way. She introduced them to the world. You of compassion moving onto example number seven eight red could not secure a place in the cricket team and was pleased in the waiting list nevertheless he would be present at the stadium for a practice each day at the scheduled time the liked his commitment and the virtue of punctuality soon he was included the team on the cautious recommendation example number eight eight pre young walked as an agent for pharmaceutical companies he would often make promises but would not fulfill the same he would tell lies and and mismanaged funds ultimately his lack of virtues resulted in a badge reputation and he was disqualified defied as an agent. Today we learned the word watch you which means behavior showing high moral standards uh a good quality habit lovie of behaving and advantage or benefit as compared to others. Can you frame three sentences with what you and type in the commons box waiting show. This lesson has helped talk to enrich our english cabinetry and speak fluent english. You can download the script of this episode and owner episodes from w._w._w. Dot english speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new english vocabulary lessons. We are on a mission to chain one girl indians in english fluency. This was episode number one hundred and sixty two of two hundred the d._m. Vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly note that we will be sharing one episode daily at six pm. I am indian standard time so me tomorrow at six o'clock with the new word till then take care.

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