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NPR News: 08-17-2019 6PM ET


Live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm janine herbst despite fears of a violent clash between two opposing extremist groups in portland oregon today protests remained largely peaceful though police did make a handful of arrests during the event authorities used concrete barriers and closed streets to keep the two groups largely separated flag-waving members of militia groups including the proud boys gathered this morning some wearing body armor and helmets along with counter protesters clad adam black and some of them wearing helmets and face masks proto prosecutors in philadelphia have filed attempted murder charges against a man who shot six police officers in an hours long standoff with authorities on wednesday. The gunmen fired more than one hundred rounds before police deployed tear gas and he surrendered and here's bobby allen has more thirty six year old. Maria hill is now facing multiple counts of aggravated assault attempted murder and other charges after he had a dramatic showdown with philadelphia alfio. Police on wednesday armed with an a._r. Fifteen and a handgun hill shot a barrage of bullets hitting six officers. All of them have been released from local hospitals piddles. During the intense standoff philadelphia's police commissioner and district attorney both personally negotiated with hill on the phone as he barricaded himself in a row home in north philadelphia hill started firing at police as they attempted to serve a search warrant at a nearby house. A judge denied bail to hill who has a lengthy criminal history if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison bobby allen n._p._r. News the trump administration is preparing new fairhousing regulations but as n._p._r.'s pam fell slur reports civil rights groups say that will make it much more difficult to stop housing discrimination officials with the department of housing and urban development and say they're trying to clarify rules governing the fair housing act which is intended to prevent discrimination on the basis of race sex disability and other factors enters the new proposal would increase the burden of proof for those who want to show in court that an action has a discriminatory impact. Even if unintentional lisa price is president and ceo of the national fair housing alliance with these rule changes. Essentially what hood is saying is you can only bring an intentional you don't discrimination case which she says would gut one of the laws main protections fair housing advocates vow to fight the rule pam faster n._p._r. News washington renton landline phone service is slowly being restored in indian-controlled kashmir after nearly two weeks security crackdown and news blackout cout following a decision to downgrade the muslim-majority region's autonomy government officials say restrictions are being lifted in most areas those security forces remain on high alert after hundreds took to the streets in an anti india protests the u._n. Security council men to discuss kashmir for the first time in decades. This is n._p._r. The animator behind hollywood hits including who framed roger rabbit has died richard. Williams was eighty six years old. Vicki barker has more more from london richard. Williams said he was first bitten by the animation bug at the age of five when he was taken to see disney's snow white he created the title sequences for the pink panther films and what's new pussycat among others and his nineteen seventy-one adaptation of dickens's a christmas carol won him the first of three oscars but williams is best known for who framed roger rabbit a groundbreaking mix of live action and animation which when it came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight was the most expensive expensive film ever made with a seventy million dollar budget. The toronto born williams moved to britain in the nineteen fifties. His family says he was still writing eighteen and drawing up until his death for n._p._r. News i'm parker in london. A jury in california will now get to decide whether equipment from pacific as an electric p._g. Any ignited the deadly wildfire in wine country in twenty seventeen the killed twenty two people and.

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