Ep12# - Making Room For You


You are listening to Bella. Cpt podcast my unconventional musings of broken down into BITE SIZED CONVERSATIONS. Degree contain the holistic living and self reclamation. I am hearst Lynn Mental Performance H. And students alike. I'm to remind you that life is a journey. Oxycodone meant to be overcome and I'm eager to share mine in here about euless for you. I'm the woman wants needed and together. We will explore exactly what it takes a deconstruct reinvent who we are and what we know in order to feel on and become very piece. Is that moment my friend right here right now. Welcome you're listening to the holistic. Podcast is episode number twelve. This episode is all about getting out of your own Damn Way and it offers incredible insight currently into the life of Ellen an all the ways in which I am offering myself more space and most simplicity and more slowness more ease This episode truly. It's really about how to get out of your way so that you can move forward how to reveal the next step without forcing it right. It's such a beautiful such a beautiful revelation and I'm really really glad that you're here and I just WanNa do a really quick shout to everyone who is either new listening in new today or who has been falling along students to start. I'm you guys are incredible and I just WanNa acknowledge you because if you're here on this podcast listening to these words You're up to something special. I know it sir. Congratulations and you're in the right place. And I would love to hear from years. I make sure that you guys a hitting me up over on Instagram at the dot holistic dot PT We have a little fun over there. Charlotte insights a little really beautiful truths and what? I'm learning what I'm choosing what I'm listening to what I'm reading. All the things that really encompass where landing right now so I find that to be really valuable when I'm following other people sir. If you're interested in me in the ways I'm choosing in the ways I'm showing up. That is the place to be with me Sir. My loves without further ADO This is episode twelve enjoying. It's always such a pleasure to have you here gene. Say Thank you. I hope you're well. I hope you really. Well hope you're nourish near he and I hope you're taking the moments in the time to check in with yourself and Ana what feels really good for you right now. So here's the thing. My Love Life changes when you decide you no longer want to live out. What's patterns that do not serve you? Write life changes. When you decide that you no longer went to live out your old patterns your old behaviors your old cycles And you take full responsibility and Powell for that reclaim reclaim your responsibility in your power for that. WanNa main by that is sometimes all it takes is just this really firm decision to change right to change to decide that you no longer want to keep doing what you're doing right to keep trotting down the same path and the only thing that ever stands in our way is ourselves had it so selves and something. I've been practicing as of late is getting out of my own way like literally getting out of my own way like quite literally see myself standing in my own way literally. I'll reach out to a friend and downplay working so that it doesn't seem like I am wanting to much help too much of their time too much of their energy ride I will reach out to someone and ask them if they like to be on the podcast for an interview and I can quite literally just see my self trying to get in the way of that you know by telling me that. I'm not good enough that I'm not worthy enough that I don't know what I'm doing that I need more experienced that you know everyone else is doing this You know who do you think you will whatever it is? I can quite literally see these really old stories in these old beliefs coming through an I am quite literally getting in my own way or I'm trying to now. It's really really amazing. That you know have landed in this place where I can witness that and I can notice that and I can. And I'm so hyper aware of that. I'm very vigilant about it. I can see that. That's exactly what I'm doing. And the truth is every time. I am standing in my way. It shows up his resistance right. It's like a contraction. It's like no. I don't think I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready I'm ready right. I'm always ready. You know there's no there's no way to know when you're ready right. Sometimes you've just got to anchor into your core values and the things that you genuinely in line with that you know are reflected back to you is some form of truth and trust like literally trust and let go and move out of your way and so last night. I went to bed with this idea in my mind because lately I've been feeling really been putting a little pressure myself to move fast and to get things done and I'm watching the clock and I'm feeling the sense of urgency like need to be somewhere even though there's nothing or no way that I need to be nothing that I need to be doing on like this pressure and it's really It's really really obvious and I have other practices that I'm doing in relation to this but I thought it would be fun to share with you. Something that I'm that I'm playing with right now because it's already feeling so beautiful. It's already serving me in the most generous way so last one I went to bed and I was like what. If and this is such a great way to approach that decision when no longer went to live at the things on our no longer serving you just perch lack. What if black hair like a project lower research project you being kind of the project in your life being the project and You know your mind being like the one that researches it right so you can approach it with some curiosity so I just said what if when I put my phone on Flat Mary Tonight. I don't take it off flattered until eleven. Am tomorrow like what if between now eleven am. Tomorrow I dr check my social media my emails facebook. I don't open my laptop. I daren't go on Youtube I don't scroll lied aren't I enjoy anything with my phone with the Internet with my social fades any of that Emma. What's up groups Access TO MY COMMUNITIES. My people is lots and lots of responsibility inside those spaces and I thought there were things that came up Zach What is a needs me? You know what if someone needs me? Or what if just always what? S what if one of my coaches is taken his Miranda class. What if someone is enquiring about membership? What if someone wants to contact me about my online program like what if what if what if what if Madeleine moon gets back to me by email She's coming on the show in a couple of weeks. Look what if and I just? I quite literally could see myself standing on this party. I'm going seamy seamy. Do you not know how important I am right? Like you're important. It's and it was so liberating riot so laboring to see this and I was like hell. Yeah Hell Yeah. Let's turn these foreign on flight mode. I'm going to spend the first four hours of my day listening to my body and doing whatever off feels really really good. Even if I don't know what that is now you know even if I can't plan for that now and that was the point right. I wasn't planning for anything. I just knew that the first four hours of my day or be dedicated to stillness and to what feels really really good right. This like this practice is so incredibly backwoods to the way that we live right. It's so incredibly backwards to the way that we live it. So incredible credibly backwards to the way that I've lived for before in the last six months. Probably the five years prior to that right so backwards so every single cell in my body was excited but there was still part of me that was resisting in Contracting Ratto superdome resisting contracting and so I went to bed I work up in the morning and I have this practice that I do. I dislike my bed and I feel the support underneath me and I smile and I'm just instantly grateful right and then I will I slam legs over the edge of the bed. Roll my neck out. Roll my risat. Take a few really big deep breaths and just sigh and I just connect disconnect before I start rushing because this rushing is addictive like we. We just do this that habit. We don't even realize it when someone asks you to pause and slow down your lack. Why right so this is how I like to start my day with intention of moving slow and calculated and so I got up and I went. Rv To my The table in my room at Zach. This little older that I have an late. My Beautiful Candle From the Jazzmen Room. And I'M GONNA link. I'm going to link this up because in the show notes because they candles are incredible. You might have seen it on my instagram story Five days ago or they are so sacred and magical and divine So I'll link up the jasmine room right for anyone that's interested in in having something really sacred it as part of their morning ritual as of something that they can witness and see In this space right. So if you're listening on spotify spotify or is it owns. You WanNA guarded the holistic. Pt Dot Com. Today you Ford such podcasts. And it will be episode number twelve and you'll save jasmine room linked up there This is not a paid advertisement. I'm just absolutely idol. Their work at soy sensational. Anyway so I look late. My candle and I put some music on and I just I just was in stillness. I just noticed sensations coming through my body I tapped into my heart And I just I was there for about fifteen minutes maybe twenty minutes and then. I started journaling. Anchoring into you know some of my core values my personal rules set my intention for the day and then I started to get ready because I'll slack you know what would feel really good for me. Right now is going for a walk right and so started getting ready to go for a walk and then it started to pour down rain now. Zach Like Ellen. Six months ago would have been devastated. United LACK WHY NO LIKE. I finally put time aside to take myself on a walk and I would sort of grab hold of that victim mentality in north along But I would have grabbed hold of it and just be like well. Fuck you know and so. It's our rainy and I was like okay on hurry and turn on some music and I started the process of decluttering which is a person that I have been so iga so so eager to do for the last few weeks right because my purse of decluttering is more a reflection of how much I've expanded and grown you know in the last six months I have. I've gone through some incredible transformations of embodied some new practices new ways of being existing in the world so new beliefs some new core values and a really really appreciate and respect that my environment. We'll have to change. You know to reflect more have landed with my values where I've landed with my growth where I've landed with my development and so right now I've been craving and I've tapped into some values of spacious nece and simplicity sacredness intimacy can sensuality. And so you know I went a wanted all of my spaces to reflect this. You know I really wanted all of my space to reflect this and so when it started to rain. It wasn't my intention to declutter is simply though. I'M GONNA fold some clothes because they've been sitting on my floor for the last twelve days so pick those apple. Stop folding and then just organically on it organically unveiled like. I just started going through the drawers and cleaning things out and I got a garbage bag inside of packing things up. Then I was onto really old jewelry and things that I've had since I was like eighteen years old that you know when I used to wear going out clubbing. And none of that stuff serves me now when we make room for what doesn't service now. Ask sorry when we get rid of what isn't serving. Now we make room for what is right. So as an example was going through my My lingerie drill now had some really beautiful pieces in there and I I really love. I really really sexy and beautiful in them as like it had these for a really long time and I didn't want to let them go. I don't WanNa let them garb those disease pot of meals like if I let them go then I can create space for something new right for something new. I can create space for something new. That would look even looking feeling more sexy right. I I can make space for what really aligned with me now. The woman I am now the woman I was when I was twenty three. You know the woman I am now right. L. is just such a really profound experience and I enjoyed every step riot. I really did And so now my bedroom. It's one of many spaces now represents an aligns with where I'm at where landing my values it's important to me You know I've got beautiful plants and I've got organic flax sheets I've got nothing in the room. No longer serves me and has just moved at It's kind of I've created this little sanctuary this sacred space for me and and while I was doing it my friends time moved with me right not against me at moved with me like I just was in this flow. State is really beautiful flow state which it's such a beautiful space to be in. Have you ever just sodded doing something that you enjoyed Sawyer Farley that you don't even feel the need to look up and check the time right like it? Serves you at says every single cell in your body and there's nothing about it that That means a crates. This this internal kind of dissolution where you feel like you have to look up or that you need to do something else you know like it was just so beautiful in saw. That was my morning and it was really profound. You know when I turn my phone back on at eleven am. Yeah I had messages. I had things coming through emails and my mind was in such a beautiful state of receiving all of that like it was not full lasted. It was not Busy it was not Was Jammed up riot was not jammed up. It was ready. It was willing. It was open. It was in a state of Receivership Ryan. So when I was reading through my meant my messages and catching up on my morning. Everything was easy and they were emails sitting in my inbox dot. Honestly as like you know what I really want to go back and listen to this. And I'd flagged it like yeah I'm GonNa go back and listen to that and I've just never ever fully committed myself to doing that and so when I went back into my email with this really on jammed open mind I just I was so able to see it for what it was as like. This is a scarcity mindset. I'm thinking you know by flagging ness in wanting to go back to it but never really going back to it. I think I'm GonNa Miss Something and so I deleted the email as I if I meant to finance again if I need to see this again I'll know where to look you know. Our SAR was able to land there in that moment with so much clarity and my goodness so much permission which was old last week's episode right all about permission just giving ourselves permission to to do all the things that really serve us And so this is just another version of that. You know just giving yourself permission giving ourselves permission to do that. Which is backwards right. Because sometimes that which is backwards is actually won't move US forward sometimes not which is backwards is necessary to move forward right so profound So life changes. When you decide you no longer want to live out. There's old patents. Begin taking full responsibility for those things. Ratliff really does change. It's such a profound. It's such profound insight for you today and I guess when I do this work with my clients a lot a lot of the time I say. Resistance arise around other sponsor abilities of the hats that they have to wear. Whether it's a mom hat the business are in a hat The woman hat the busy hat Whatever it is I understand that there are. I understand and I acknowledge that there are always going to be things that stand in your way. I understand that they were going to be things that make it hard to make these choices or at least that's how they same. That's how they feel my love. I WANNA remind you that. Sometimes Wallace things may seem very very hard. What what is on the other side of those things is so much freedom right and that can feel very scary when you're so used to doing one thing the same way all the time you know we fall into these things we we fall into these things and we almost trump ourselves. You know we all my strap muscles because it seems like they're working really really really well but then we look in the Mirror. We come up for air and we notice. That's not the truth. We artist. And we know this because we are intuitive. Human beings had the Borys fast smarter than anything else right so whether you believe it or not the body nor is the truth and so sometimes we come up against the body and we feel it resists and contract to doing the same thing. Auburn Auburn Harvard. Gang going to the job. That doesn't serve you right. Contribute in a way that is not serving you right not showing up not doing the things that you love not taking the time out for yourself not giving yourself the time the space right the possibility that you deserve that is your birthright right so in the face of that resistance we have choices like we have choices and even if one of those choices is to set yourself and intention to say okay. Will I notice? I'm nervous now. This is no longer serving me and I and my intention is to move away from that. There is no rule that says that that must be done right away. If you're unhappy in your job if you're not happy in a relationship if there is something holding you back from creating the change that you see there is no rule that says it must be done all at once. I in fact looking at it that way through that. Lens is incredibly overwhelming Ryan. Imagine if it had to be done all at once right imagine fouls like you know what I want. All my spaces to reflect wherein landing right now with myself. I don't want it done now. You know that's a lot of pressure. I kinda fun with that. I- cutting joy persa copy creative. I can't step into it with a really open mind and like a beautiful reverence for where I've landed right the purses shifts. It becomes more about getting done now. Which is which is. Part of the part I'm rushing through life right so it doesn't have to be done right away or all at once however simple noticing an simply knowledge man away you're landing and just understanding that the next step will reveal itself in the minute the moment that you're willing to look there that you're willing to go down that you're willing to unveil the truth right. If I'm not happy in my job and I and I admit that to myself and honest with myself the next step will appear you know. I don't need to know what it is. I just need a I be honest about what it is. Which is that. I'm not happy right. And then the next step will reveal itself and then the step off that will reveal itself and this is quite literally a flow. State is how this is trust at. This is what we call going with the flow right and the only thing that gets in the way of that is you is me. Is I ks? The one that wants to be in control the one who is entrusting the one who is an allowing one who in being honest ride the only thing standing in your way you may and so get out of your way like that. Is the Big Fat Permission. Slip in this episode. Today's just to get the hell out of your way right. Through a few days ago I reached out to Tayla Harris. Who is she's Appro Women's AFL player? She's pretty famous for her The image that was captured of her kicking with her leg fully extended the air. She is an incredible human being actually met her in Japan last year and I reached out to her on instagram. I was like hey like how the hell are you Would you became to come on the podcast? And she was like yes. That would be amazing in straight away. I contracted it was like part of me was like of course she said Yes of course of course Mc of course this serves you. This serves the greater good. Of course she said yes right but then there was this other little small part of me that has conditioned the part of myself that is conditioned to contract and believe that this is going to be a really big deal. It's going to be really hard. This is going to. I'm going to have to prepare and get right and not screw up and you know this this this part of me. That was just like losing her shit right like absolutely losing herships fear failure. This only little fees just came up and I could have let that stop me. You know also of it obviously like you know when these things come. Excuse me when these things come up to me now you know quite aware of it and a message courage and I was like. Whoa like this is. This is coming off me right now. And she's like yeah you're human way to Gar- fuck yeah like it's really that simple. You know a lot of the time we make be deal out of nothing. Ride it kind of service in a way of making us feel like we're important Well that run the pomp and are now. We do this to ourselves at self-imposed riot in Sawyer. I just went with it. And now you know she's GonNa come on the podcast next. Where interviewing next Thursday right and sir? I mean a chat to her about some really incredible things that she's been through specifically around The negative attention. She got with the trolling and and that kind of stuff with the picture and also how she came out the other side and all the positive things that she did In light of that so it's going to be really beautiful and like how cool is that way to go ellen like I just got the hell out of my way and I allowed. You know allowed. It's just it's so beautiful. It's so powerful. You guys so powerful so get out of your own way The first way the first step to getting out of urine ways to simply artist standing in the way is to notice that the way forward is blocked by you and that may look lack. That might play out kind of lack. You're literally standing in your own ways in. You're saying to yourself no like no. That's too scary. That's too hot. I don't know enough. I haven't been doing this long enough and have enough experience. I don't have what it takes. this is not my jam like this just isn't who I am. This isn't what I do right and simply artists that's it. Awareness is the most glorious and powerful tool skillset that we can have right self-awareness simply nervous. Whoa hilarious like I'm standing in my way here and then you get to decide whether or not you want to continue doing that and you know either way is fine. Either way is perfect. You know I stand Myron way in so many other areas of my life and I have stood in my way so many times in so many ways that I don't really can't account right. It's not really important. However we do have a choice and that choice does not have to be a big choice. Like I said that choice can be something really really really small in fact just simply ask yourself what if what if and is play with that concept like what if our okay so you know. I'm I'm I'm really miserable in my career. I don't have any other qualifications. This is the only job I've ever done. You know it's impossible. How do I how do I change my career? How do I just do something new? What if you could okay? What if I could what would I do? What if I could see how does opens you up to a whole new world right at opens up everything at opens up your mind opens up your heart and your heart will be so grateful you did because it's been trying to speak to you this whole time if you're miserable in your job and you're not listening right. She'll be so astounded that you have so excited and she'll lead the way right you've got to trust that ride even when it doesn't work right because we keep standing in a way like this is a habit we do if we're not used to getting out of a concern if we're not used to getting out of her own way you know we'll end up back in our own way and then we just simply noticed again and then we ask themselves the question. What if you know is this? Do I WANNA make this a big deal or could this be really easy? Could I start with one step? That's at one teeny tiny step. One teeny tiny imperfect. Step he is. I never know what I'm going to be doing when you know. I launched when I won't your program like a have the construct. I have the teachings that have the practices. I have some form of a skeleton right but until the people in the room until my students are in front of me and I'm getting to know them and I'm saying what's coming up for them and playing out for them. I don't know how I'm going to speak to them. I don't know in what way I'm going to offer that information that inside that wisdom don't always knowing that right. I just allow myself to arrive there and trust. I'll have the answer revealed to me as I needed. You know when I launch. He'll her a one on one A one on one sixty nine minute session with me was not included in the perse in the package in the marketing and any of it. I didn't mock it that whatsoever because the value of a one on one with me was it just didn't include that riot and then I started seeing them. Registrations come through started seeing who the people were started to get to Norway them and my heartfelt cold psych. No I really for this to work for me for this to be valuable for this to be an experience that really makes a difference allows his transformation to fully take hold here. I need to do a one on one and I listened and I booked in thirteen one on one training sessions over two weeks and that is more one on one training sessions than I've ever done in a two week period riot. I was so gassed however it was so beneficial. But I didn't know that I was going to do that right. And of course all the beautiful women who are part of this program or astounded at the generosity Ryan but that's how I felt called to contribute and next time maybe it will be included. You know but I don't know that yet. I don't mean tonight yet so important right now right so I argue you learning something here be learning how easy it is or how easy it can be. How simple it can be to really get out of your way even if it's just in the more seemingly insignificant of ways right and this is your permission to do that right. This is your permission Mrs you permission to do that. Work And more than anything. It's your experience you know once you have this experience when you once you begin this journey once you start noticing use honor to sing it in every other way possible riot and you'll just see it can be confronting and it can also be incredibly liberating all the ways in which you've been limiting yourself all the ways in which you've been standing in your way old ways you've believed that you couldn't have something right. I'm guilty of this too. You know I've done this before. But I've spent a lot of time money energy going through this process in very deep very deep ways Sawyer permission to get out of your way K. says beautiful. When I woke up this morning I thought something popped into my head. I listened to a podcast was a long time ago and the guy on the show was like every morning. I wake up and I think of you know. How can I serve? Contribute to the wall today. How can I serve my people and I remember back then thinking to myself? Gosh that's a little pressure. I thus so much pressure to put on yourself first thing in the morning and then I realized that I realized this this morning that how can I how I can be of service isn't always through something physical as an always through doing something physical having conversation recording podcast showing up to a meeting having a one on one session coaching someone in the Gym Coaching? Someone online right. How I can be of service isn't always something physical. It's not just showing up on instagram. It's not just you know putting my face out there putting my content my wisdom my words out there how I can be of service is sometimes and maybe all the time. We'll see to put my phone on flight mode until eleven. Am every morning and tat back into what lasts me the fuck up so that when you need me. I'm there and I'm ready and I'm always pin and can receive you riot how I can be of service sometimes isn't just through giving me something. I can be in my ability to hold space because I've created that space myself to hold it right to hold you to hold your words to hold your emotions to hold whatever is coming out few otherwise. I'm just as crazy running around trying to get everything done riot. Hold you in that space. In fact I'm doing a disservice to myself and to my work into my people into my communities. If that's what I'm choosing I know this right. This isn't some global collective rule. I just know this is a rule for me. I just know that doesn't work for me right and when I know that it doesn't work for me. I have every right to choose differently. I have every right to put my own flat mode and take it off and eleven. Am in the morning after doing things that really light me up. And this doesn't mean that I that this does not mean that I you know if I got really big things coming up if I've got a meeting if got an interview always on these days. I'm going to choose differently. I'M GONNA make it work in you way. Maybe my phone goes on flat married at four. Pm and it doesn't come back on until the following morning. I can make it work right. I can make it work. All I know is that this works me and I want you to notice if you feel the need to justify how it works why it works or why it won't work just notice how it will work for you like if you're justifying how that's GONNA work if you're justifying it to your friends your family your Patna. Whatever it is that you need. If you're justifying it in any way or in the reverse justifying why why work near you like well you know what working because this this this and this and you clearly. I get it I say you I I really do know and I'm just going to pass on the baton and leave you with it and trust that you'll find your way right and if not now maybe later right. I have to trust that right because that's not my responsibility. It's yours right so get out of your own way. Whatever you're putting off whatever you're holding back on whatever you're not doing whatever you're not saying whatever you're not leaving whatever you're not starting you know whatever's on hold whatever is flag whatever is on pause just remember it's not about having to do every single step fee to take the first one it's just simply about taking the first one trusting that the next one. We reveal itself to write a lot of the time. Our overwhelm is made up. It's made up my head through a conditioned threats beliefs and ways in which we feel we need to rush around allies run in. It's an old paradigm in its US really stepping into that masculine space However what I'm asking you to step more into that Feminine Energy which is Energy Feminine is energy riot. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful space to ban. You know tap back into that. Intuition I into your body become embodied right SA- get out of your way and if there's anything that you feel like is really holding you back a blocking you and you just cannot see away through or pass or try to take the first step and you got not back in you and you felt like he can trust to try again. Talk to me about it. Come and see me on instagram. Let me know where you're landing. I can offer you a little wisdom a little support or just say I see you. Keep going you know. Sometimes it's not about going big. It's not about just saying all the things and doing things. Sometimes it's just a okay all right next step moving along right. Feel the difference in that energy so simple and I'm really interested in simplicity right now. Sorry my loves. I'm really curious what's one thing or a one way in which you are currently getting in your own way like your firmly standing clear as day in your own way. What's one way you're doing this? Maybe it's in your job. Maybe it's in your upscaling. Maybe it's in finances. Maybe you feel like you know what you need to do. But you're not willing to do it or you can't see how y you should all the way yet right What's one way that you're so firmly standing in your own way and head over to instagram and share with me over at? They don't holistic dot share that with me and permission to move out of your way my love see see you. I love you and I'll be back next week with I don't know yet. Thank you guys so much for being here and chaining today. I really appreciate you prisons and your attention. Truly if you found value in today's podcast please subscribe should is third on your social feed of choice guys. New instagram is. My social playground can find me over there at the door. Holistic don't and guys please please episode inspired today Canadian make you feel be? No one would even help you to think about change. Did you have any specific beautiful morning's revelations old when you came to my data reince Baier's act on brace? Would maybe reclaimed a piece of yourself. You will look whatever it is. It is a fate. I'm interested in love to hear from you. And if you're anything like me and you struck sue find the right words and Times Fu Free Pop. A new emerging on any pitches over on instagram and I learned something from has been today. I would be Sir Pechiney to celebrate without. If you're feeling particularly generous today go only Mirim Capriccio that me to get these words musings into a trump. I appreciate for sure nights. Resale says and updates on what I have a few and I am working on some really big hotted things fifty thousand and twenty come on over to the CPT you and subscribed to my nerves will puppy one minute so we can reach to get and keep in touch between things again today take him.

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