Melissa Duran


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Wow and I think museums uh-huh have gotten a little bit of a new lease on life because of the Selfie Salsa National Bagel Day to it's also not interest me it's interesting it's also national ditched or New Year's Eve Resolutions Day so no problem it's too it's been two weeks and everybody has officially gone off the wagon because nobody nobody has self-control now. You'll still see that. There's a lot less Jim and even the advertisers not just like the Peleton budget is is completely don at this point. That's enough of that. So let's turn the lights and turn up your anxiety and this could be In today's case takes us back to August thirty first of two thousand twelve whistle by Flo Rida. And we're never getting back together by Taylor Swift. We're topping the charts and movies the good doctor and the possession where in theaters and on this Friday morning residents in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson San. They're starting their day and walking down. The street was a high school senior named Gary Haydn and he was headed to Green Valley. High school when he suddenly heard this commotion listen and he heard cries of distress and he could see a woman running down the street in total panic and she's yelling call nine one one. They've kidnapped my daughter. Following the woman is a teenage boy holding a baseball bat and the to them seem to be chasing after a car and they keep running and they disappear out of Gary's view Gary calls nine one one and the Hendersonville police are dispatched and when the police arrive arrive they spoke to the woman whose name was Aurora Duran. And she was essentially hyperventilating. She was in such a state that she struggled to explain officers. What was happening opening what had happened and she just kept repeating? Follow the car follow the car. She motioned towards the end of the street. It took some time to calm her down enough for her to explain what happened in. According to her she'd been helping her two children. Kevin and Emily get ready for school when there was a knock at their front door in rose. Seventeen year old daughter. Melissa they went over to answer it but instead of a simple conversation or whatever was going to happen if someone knocks on your door. Aurora heard Melissa Screaming for help. She ran towards the front door and when she got there she saw her daughter being dragged outside by two unknown men to her horror. She realized the men were trying to pull Melissa out of the House into a car that was waiting by the curb once was fighting for her life punching kicking and struggling as hard as she possibly could but the men overpowered her and shoved her into backseat. Melissa Duran was literally stolen out of her home. In broad daylight the car sped off and Melissa's mom and brother start chasing on foot but they're helpless and stopping stopping. What was happening? The police were baffled at what they were hearing. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Who could be responsible in? What exactly were they dealing with here? One one of the police cruisers took off up the street. Trying to catch up with his mystery redcar and then suddenly a teenage girl pulled up to them. Chennai fight herself is Melissa's best friend Jennifer her and said that she was on her way to the Duran home to print off a school project and Dr Melissa describe when she saw Melissa's mom talking to cops she pulled over to see what was going on so the police regrouped and they turned to Melissa's mom for more information and I did. She see the license plate when she was chasing the car but she hasn't had a chance to absorb those tag numbers. adrenaline was pumping and this is a mother watching her baby snatched from her and in that situation. You're all about catching the car and getting her back. You're not thinking about you know Getting the tags and maybe finding the car later so they asked her if these men that she had seen looked familiar to her and she said no she had no idea who they were and it never seen them before and the men had covered their faces. They had baseball caps at sunglasses and bandanas over the mouse so she never got a real clear look at them but she was able to discern that they were young and Hispanic but they were complete strangers to hire and she didn't recognize any voices or behaviors and no names had been mentioned during the abduction and back in the Duran House The youngest daughter emily she had been frantically trying to get in touch with her father Alejandro to tell him what was going on but he wasn't answering his cell phone right and so at this point the police. I'll go inside of the durant home and start questioning the family. What did people see? What did they know they just needed to find anything they could and when they were inside the House Aurora the Mother Cell Phone Rang Melissa sister? Emily reached over an answer. The phone and there was a man on the other end of the line and he was looking for Aurora. The Mom Melissa's best friend. Jennifer was sitting next to emily and took the phone from her and put it up to her ear. All Jennifer could here on the other end the sound of a car engine and she got sick instinctual. Feeling that it was Melissa's kidnappers on the other end. Who is this? She screamed into the phone and then the line went dead. Everyone in the home started to panic. Had it actually been Melissa's kidnappers. Who called would they call again? Was this really happening. And then Aurora's phone rang again lighting up with an unknown number and right now it's around eight o'clock in the morning Aurora answered the phone and put it on speakerphone for the officers. To hear the voice on the other end of the line was very angry and said quote. We have your daughter and if if you call the police were going to kill her. Then the line went dead and Aurora started to panic because they're already multiple police units part right in front of her home mm-hmm and now she's freaking out doesn't know what to do so where to start. What kind of criminal would be so bold to kidnap a girl in broad daylight light from her front door of her family home and then? Why would anyone target Melissa a high school senior? So they're desperate for clues. WHO's the police decide to canvas the neighborhood just looking for anything? Perhaps one of the neighbors might have seen something important or they might have insight on who maybe might WanNa Target Melissa and already there's crowds of neighbors that start gathering around the house and they start giving officers their version of the events member. Who is eight o'clock people are getting up? They were getting ready for their day but it was one neighbor in particular that had the officers attention and this neighbor said that he he had a home security system and it had a surveillance camera that face the street and the officers could come and look at the system and his cameras. Very well could have caught Melissa kidnappers on tape so luckily there was footage and footage depicted a clear image of a late model two door passenger car. It was bright red with a blue fender in. Luckily this is a very distinct car which could be helpful and tracking down the person or persons responsible. Police go over what they have. So far Melissa's abductors had mother Auroras personal cell phone number and Melissa was targeted at home. which suggests that this isn't a stranger abduction or is but it's purposeful? They want this person for for some reason target. Her kidnappers had to be someone who knew the family. But who and for what reason and maybe they didn't so there's just a lot of questions at this point. The abduction also occurred. When Melissa's dad wasn't Home Melissa's Dad would would have been the only one in the household strong enough to potentially intervene in an abduction? Was this a coincidence. Or was this purposeful and at this point the police took a look at the Durand family. As a whole they couldn't rule out the possibility that a member of Melissa's family could be involved due to the fact that stranger abductions are so incredibly rare and they learn from friends and neighbors is that the Japan family was living the American dream Father Alejandro Mother Aurora had emigrated from Mexico and settled in Nevada trees. Their family one hundred. I come to data to pursue a landscaping job at a local golf course but then made the decision to start his own landscaping business. So what had started off as a few homes with an assistant had grown into a successful company with a dozen employees and clients that included apartment buildings and malls and though the family wasn't extremely wealthy they lived a comfortable life and they could afford Ford a nice two story home in the suburbs. The neighbors had nothing. But Nice things to say about the Duran's it's the police had to keep digging. It happened early. Friday seventeen-year-old eighteen year old Melissa Duran was abducted from her home. She's a great girl. I don't I don't know you know. She's doing her schoolwork and in stock so I don't. I have no idea who would do this there. Why police say two men knocked on the door of Melissa's family's home in Henderson Nevada? While she was getting ready ready for school when the teen opened the door the two men grabbed her police. Say this video from a neighbor. Security camera shows the moment the kidnappers sped off with the teen. Witnesses stood by helplessly all of a sudden. I start hearing screaming around the corner and I see a mother and her son running down the street trying to chase a car. I just see heard someone screaming screaming and I just looked out the window and her mom was just chasing a car and telling like help help you know they killed out my daughter. Police say Melissa's parents then received two phone calls her abductors demanding money for her safe return. The police learn from Melissa's friends that Melissa spent most of her time at school at our job at the Galleria at Sunset Mall where she worked part time for about a year at the hot dog on a stick. Her friends described her as peppy and ambitious but she was more the type to be found studying in the library. Then engaging in the kinds of frisky lifestyle choices that could have gotten her kidnapped and Melissa's best friend then told the police that Melissa had recently invested in new energy drink business with partners that seemed aimed sketchy and from what police could deduce from her descriptions. The business kind of sound like a pyramid scheme had Melissa gone. The business with the wrong people felt like a stretch no win likes and MLM zero people one except for the people doing them. Yes all the Rodin fields has an amazing Osher. I'm sorry they do. I'm afraid to order it because then I'm going to get sucked into like a communication with an MLM's they're gonNA going to be hitting you up until the date but it's a good product. It's not worth it. Virtually every facebook her appeal. See the first real is no. MLM Don't know the first rule is don't don't speech the second rule is no MLM's but then somehow they still keep creeping in and you know what they do. The people that are alums. They'll start private messaging. People take them into their new essential oils funny but so no one likes an MLM except for the people that are in them but an MLM abduction. That seemed out out there but it was a place to start at least so investigators decide that their best bet was to track down these mysterious energy drink partners and Melissa's mother found the names of the two young men in Melissa things and gave them to the investigators and soon the officers were talking to those guys is. Meanwhile her father Alejandro came back to the House and he'd be working on a property and had left his cell phone charging in his car his sister Carmen had gone on site to get him and now he at about a half dozen other family members were at the house comforting Aurora and trying to just rack their brains to figure out who might have done this then. The phone rang Melissa's parents answered it thinking it would be the kidnappers but it wasn't it was Melissa. She was alive Though it was the first Friday of my senior year and I was getting ready for school in the morning. They'll start at eight years about like seven in the morning I was actually waiting for my best friend. She come pick me up she's GonNa come print out something for my computer so we're just going to school together and Actually in the living room watching spongebob and and she I heard the doorbell And I went to the door and my door has A. It's like a glass window so I can see WHO's on the other side and all man but he was covered up My Dad also has a landscaping company and he always has workers that come in they come to. How is that Kinda looks like maybe one of his worst. I opened the doors. I said Hello Response and then all of a sudden dirt or sensor on information eight and then next thing I knew he was Kinda just tugging out of the door And I With him going back and forth and I had noticed another man running into the house but I thought we were getting. They were just struggling back and forth for a little bit. I started screaming as he was still like. You know pulling me away from my house towards the car Until he was finally able to get me into the car. And so once we got in the car I was in the backseat with him and I kind of able to see that there was obviously driver. Somebody in the passenger seat. Once we got into the car she still have my phone in my hand and and I was trying to somewhat like hide it and put it under my shirt with somebody called meet and so they immediately took my phone and They had I like the first thing they had ever told me. was you better hope that your mom is not call police because we have is on your house and if they do we'll know okay okay and so once we knew where we were going They immediately they tied up. My didn't my hands yet. But they had winds of me they have like a how over me And they had walked me immediately upstairs and until rules dot down And then they have tie by mantle Adjusted my blindfolds but like an extra sure blindfold over is and Kinda sat there for a couple of minutes and then they came in and they pretty much total There speaking to me in Spanish but they told me about it was a random and they wanted a certain amount of money after an amount of time and that they want to conference and tell them what was going on and again they better not call the CLEESE That they have is the house they'll know and they'll kill me and they'll kill them. They actually call my dad and and he didn't answer and then they had they call my mom and My poor mom was just frantic. I think I remember hearing her. Voice of desperation. Yeah I the fear really kicked in when I when when we actually I got to the apartment and I was in our and the They had like adjusting my blindfold and put like how Over me and they were like Oh you better not like you've got enough fucking Ryan and then this guy was like Oh. She knows how to Brian like when he has. That is when I had. I really felt I remember like I kind of started shaking at that moment. The kidnappers said that they were going to murder Melissa. Melissa if the family didn't come up with one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and this family lived a comfortable life but they didn't have one hundred fifty. Hey liquid lying around but they can figure it out anything to get back. Obviously with his father told her to tell her kidnappers they would get the money together immediately and once the call ended the durant family at least Dow had hope. But where were they going to find this money to save. Melissa maybe they can mortgage their house house. Maybe they could sell the company vans. They're going through all these ideas and the detectives could sense and they saw that Aleksandras distress and pulled him aside and and they said listen. Don't worry about the ransom. The police department is going to cover that one fifty if it comes to that one day plus presents its newest. podcast deadly misadventures has hosted by Justin From Generation Y.. And Tyler from the minds of madness will bring you some of the most terrifying real life stories of of those who came face to face with death. Some who lived to tell the tale while others succumbed to their deadly misadventures. How Colombiana do doing bad days? You know the shots. The stakes are high care to take your chance with lady luck to hear all deadly misadventure episodes exclusively at free just visit one jury dot FM slash deadly to start listening. Now what do in bed days. I'm a big fan of coloring. 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Get ten percent off plus free shipping on the first color kit with code first degree. That's code first degree at Madison. Dash Reed Dot com so after Melissa hung up the phone and now they know about this ransom mm demand they are terrified and they really did have reason to be because the situation they had on their hands with Melissa's abduction was very very serious and very rare her because according to the FBI only two percent of abductions fall under the category of ransom kidnappings so not only are people out of their element. Police haven't really dealt with these scenarios much either because they're so so far and few between not only that Aurora said she didn't recognize the abductors so it could be a stranger. Abduction action in these are extremely rare. Also even though stranger abductions are the ones true crime. Fans here about on shows and podcasts. According to the F. B. I. on average average fewer than three hundred and fifty people under the age of twenty one have been abducted by strangers in the United States per year since twenty ten which means only point zero or one percent of abductions are perpetrated by a stranger and I found a study which was interesting. The Washington State Attorney General conducted a study on stranger abductions and found that seventy four percent of the cases victims were dead within three hours so if a loved one is abducted by stranger the odds of them living longer than three hours. Only twenty six percent chance if your loved one living beyond not so these are the odds. Were dealing with here. I mean it could be a stranger. It's to ransom. It's very uncertain like nobody really knows who's involved in this case how this is going to go. Because of the odd circumstances police are aware of these statistics fix and while he remained hopeful. There was a piece of them that feared that Melissa may already be dead because at this point in the investigation it's now ten. Am and it had been three three hours since Melissa was snatched from her home. Investigators knew that her chances of making it back home alive were completely dependent on how quickly they could find her and the hours were taking walking by they have told me you know. Tell my parents. They had twenty four hours to get the ransom. I basically just south there in the room All Day up blindfolded and they came in every you know thirty minutes or so to check up on me The first half of the they did help us but they have very loud music playing outside. And I'm assuming in case I was I screamed or anything like that Even at one point they came in. I see if I wanted them to play my favorite song which I thought was really weird And they had terminology for me and I remember judge. Judy was on like all day And you know they would come in periodically radically as well to tell me like if I thought that my parents will be able to come up with the money and that if I thought if my dad really loves me enough to pay for it and just crazy things like that But one thing that I did notice throughout that time I am with that. They kept mentioning my data law and kind of personal things. Like only somebody who knew my father would know dern things on his company I had noticed that they after my mom's number but they never ask my father's number though I thought that was really interesting so with this ransom request. The investigation shifted from investigating people in Melissa's life to the people in her father's life and the way the kidnapping took place knowing. The Dad would be there knowing the MOM's cell phone number and the relatively small amount of money. It seem like an amount that was feasible for a small business owner who owned his own house to come up with quickly so all pointed to the theory that these kidnappers new Alejandro and his business was there. Anyone who wanted to do him harm. Did Alejandro have any enemies. These are all questions. The police were going through the idea that the kidnapper could be linked to him. Stunned Melissa's Dad and he told police that. Let's quiet man. I live an honest life. I'd had ever conflict with anyone and all of Melissa's family members are at the house and they're throwing ideas to the police when Melissa aunt says something that catches their attention attention and she says that. There's a former employee of Melissa's father that could be involved. His name was Jose Perez and Jose had worked for Alexandra's Andras Company for three years but had recently had been let go and Alejandro and Aurora. Just couldn't imagine Jose have anything to do with the kidnapping. Jose was kind. He was a generous the young man. He was almost like family and the decision to let him go. They were saying was a mutual. One that was not contentious at all but Melissa's aunt Dan whose aunt carmen she wasn't so sure and she had actually gone to dinner with Jose a few weeks prior and she found that the young man seemed to be hanging out with some. I'm Kinda sketchy and unsavory. People with no other leads to go off of the police determined that starting with Jose was a good idea. But this guy wasn't easy to track down at at all. He seemed to be constantly moving from apartment to apartment in changing phones all the time and they checked multiple addresses enlisted phone numbers for him but none of the addresses says were current and the phones were all disconnected. The detectives decided to go through all the Durand's employee records searching for addresses off checks if not Jose it could possibly some of the other one of one hundred employees there was behind the kidnapping and be well. One team of officers scan through Alejandro Business Business Records and another team was ordering off the House and detectives confiscated everyone's phone and interrogated everyone at the scene. No one was allowed to come in or Out At this point in the investigation and it was now three fifty. PM and we're eight hours had passed since Melissa's kidnapping and they're sitting by. Are there phone. They're waiting for that other call. They WanNa hear Melissa's voice. They're dying to hear it but they hear nothing and despite the Durand families concerns that any media the attention might doom her daughter. The Henderson Police feel that they have to pull the trigger on an amber alert especially because that suspect vehicle. Michael was so distinct member. It was red with that blue bumper. And what the amber alert details of this bizarre kidnapping hit the news. Oh I remember I remember at one point I was listening to the TV. And a cut. And I heard like the news thing was like channel three lives Amber alert for seventeen year old. Melissa durant like I. I had a sense of release. Just knowing that they were out there looking for me But then like I like immediately after that I had felt like okay like I knew to. I'm freaking out because of things here that like you know. I don't want them to hear it because I don't want to do anything you think to me. But definitely hearing that amber alert like really really made everything real for me because I even have in into that moment like spill disbelief and like my heart started pounding like though bad and if the the commercial or the alert like went off they walked in And they didn't mention anything about caring about hearing the umbrella or anything but I just remember being shut the TV off off Because I I was thinking that maybe if they heard it they would freak out and do something to me. But this isn't where Melissa's fears ended in my worst fear was definitely being sexually assaulted like I buy the biggest thing. was you know like being rake or or anything like that like ours. Just remember like the first few hours. I was just waiting for them to come in. And like you know do something Remembered at one point they had came in and they had picked me up and I thought they were like like picking me up to put me on like a or something but they had just picked me up to put me because I moved to the other side of the room by remembering like I remember like rumbling lift. You're thinking like I. Oh my God this is. This is like where they they're gonNA do that. Some was sitting on day. One of the investigation into the abduction action of Blissett Haram. Melissa was left bound and blindfolded in a strange room. While Police Melissa's family waited in limbo for more info and their biggest concern was that the kidnappers would get spooked and kill Melissa and abandoned the ransom demands for fear of getting caught. And then just Ron. Most family was terrified because despite an aggressive investigation there were no closer to finding where she was and the police had also failed to track down this suspicious ex employees Jose Perez. Then detectives received the call. They'd been hoping for someone. Someone spotted the kidnapped vehicle in a remote area near Sunrise Mountain but the excitement turned to panic. They learned that there was a very serious issue with this car. The car was on fire and the police arrived at the location of the vehicle and moved quickly to put out the fire and preserve whatever clues had remained but the fire had done a lot of damage and there was no knowing if police had arrived too late to save anything as soon as it was safe to examine the vehicle. Investigators sifted through the car for clues they checked under the seats of the scorched car and found something pretty disturbing tucked in the back seat was one of the sandals that Melissa had been wearing when she was abducted dr where they found. This car was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the desert so their minds to a very dark place could Melissa be alive hidden somewhere in the desert sir or had they brought her here to dispose of her how they killed her already. It's what every investigator would think because this these are such unusual circumstances in terms of this. Abduction knows what's going to happen. It certainly wouldn't have been the first body jump in the desert surrounding Las Vegas and it wasn't unheard of for kidnappers to demand ransom Even after their victim had been killed officers at this point are fearing the worst however there was one small silver lining in the discovery. Three of the car that was on fire the kidnappers had been reckless. They took off the license plates from the car but they forgot to scratch off the Vin numbers on the vehicle those are still intact and the number is a giant bread crumb that investigators. Hopefully them back. The kidnappers cops continue to process the car in the desert while the other teams are set up but durant home winning for another call from the kidnappers. If they wanted the ransom money they'd have have to call back with more instructions. And at this point the police opted not to tell the Duran family about the burning car dumped in the desert and when the kidnappers called again the Duran's needed convincing and not hysterical. About what could be happening to their daughter. Nothing could off the kidnappers that the police were already on their trail in that super interesting and imagine and just this is very very chaotic emotionally charged situation. Yeah we're the families just in peril. They've heard their daughters voice. Is She gonNA live. Will they kill her. The police find out about this car. A flip flop in there. It's like they're probably feeling so guilty that they can't tell them yeah but also like if they call back. If if there's a chance she still alive we need to you. Desperate for her to be allowed to play the role yeah and especially when they told them that. If you call the police will kill your daughter. So if they knew about the car they obviously we're talking to the it's just a whole catch. Twenty twos Henderson detectives. I mean we're should happens in Vegas. It happened there than anywhere else in the country from gambling and Henderson is just right above Vegas. I worked a lot of cases with them and it's just like if they saw a car being burnt out in the middle of the desert they. They're not thinking. This is going to end well. Now with. Yeah with a woman's Woman's flip-flop not good not good. Do you own a wrench. Your home sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy it's it's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home go to Geico Dot Com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. GEICO DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT DOT com so back at the home by now. News is out there in the news. Vans are lining the street. This is unheard of case. A seventeen year old high school senior has been abducted from her home and in broad daylight in broad daylight. There's no there's no like stench of a hoax. Like everybody believes this. These circumstances are crazy and everyone's terrified so within the perimeter the The perimeter of the police officers had set up a monitoring van to track all calls coming in and going out of the durant household. All they had to do now now was just wait for a call. Then the phone rang. It was as F- The entire house jumped. Detectives Ushered Mom and Dad got into a closed off bedroom and set up for this call and a brace themselves to answer. The family was desperately her voice. But the investigators were perhaps even more worried eight at this point. They knew about the burnt-out car. If she wasn't on the caw the Desert Body Dump theory would start to take hold in. This would look really really grim if she was maybe just maybe they would have time left to find her so surrounded by detectives Dow Alejandra picked up the telephone and answered. The voice on the other end of the line was Melissa. So relief washed over them. She Eh then. Melissa told her father that her kidnappers wanted him to bring the one hundred fifty thousand dollars in one of his Orange Company vans into a location that they would tell him about later. They were GONNA call him shortly and give Alejandro drop off location. Once they had the money they were give Alejandro. The coordinates to wear Melissa was and then the phone cut out. Melissa was gone. And the minds of Melissa's family just became filled with dark thoughts. I mean they saw sort of the light at the end of the tunnel but were they really going to go through with this and give back Melissa and if they dropped her off somewhere would they have the decency to drop her off somewhere safer. Would it be in the middle of the desert member. We Are Henderson and Las Vegas. This is literally right in the middle surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of miles of desert scary dangerous desert scorpions heat. Snakes ooh snack breaks you name it. They've got it. There is chaos following this call and the family was so distraught over the call that they failed to notice that there. Is this trickle of detective. That we're leaving their Duran home. Slowly officers started to pack up and leave the house until only a couple units were left behind to guard the perimeter and what Aurora didn't know was that when the kidnappers had made their last ransom call. They left more than just. A man's officers had tracked the Cell Phone Call to an apartment complex on Flower Avenue and Northern Las Vegas which was only sixteen minutes away from the Duran home across reference of the Vin number on the charred car had also so let police tweet unit within this apartment complex so armed with all. This evidence officers had applied for a search warrant and started mobilizing to storm the apartment building. Las Vegas Metro. Police Swat team members were gearing up and the fight would be coming to the kidnappers when Melissa be at the location. And and what state would she be in even if she was there a van of Las Vegas Metro. Police Swat member is headed out at midnight to the flower avenue apartment building seventeen hours after her kidnapping napping police units were attempting to Rescue Melissa from her captors in. This was a really seedy apartment complex. On the periphery of Vegas. There were thirty a unit in this complex and it seemed as though there was music blaring or TV blasting loudly from within each apartment. It clearly house a younger more late night. Crowd crowd which is a euphemism for who knows riffraff type people guns drawn cleese made their move. The SWAT team bursts through the apartment apartment door upon their entrance. A man inside was startled. He threw his hands up in the air and police corner. This man that cut this man and they would later leaner learn that. This man was named Mariana Sanchez Hyphen Sanchez. They put him in cuffs. They went room to room calling out for Melissa but there was no sign of her. She wasn't wasn't in the apartment so the police are thinking shit. Could they have gotten this wrong. They had the Vin and they had the phone call they traced both of them led them to this address but where was Melissa. So they're hoping they hadn't blown their one and only lead and and they start turning the apartment upside down. Police canvas the apartment carefully for clues and they made a discovery in the bathroom. There's a girls gold bracelet behind the toilet and this was an apartment with no other feminine items. It obviously belonged to a guy so it didn't belong to anybody who lived there and meanwhile Maryono demand who was found in this apartment was not talking and claimed to have no idea what they were talking about with the gold bracelet. He didn't know anything anything about a missing girl they had it all wrong so the officers frisked this man and I found a cell phone in Mariota's Puckett. They looked in the cell phone within that that cell phone on the call. Logs were calls made to Melissa's parents. This was the phone that made these ransom. 'cause there was no denying it. This Marianna was one of Melissa's kidnappers. But where was Melissa and of course their minds go to the dark place like have a foiled. Their one chance of saving car. The police knew that Marino had information information about Melissa so they pressured him to give up his accomplices and as his face with his evidence against him in he didn't want to go down alone. Marianna cracked act. If it wanted to find Melissa she wasn't too far. We told police that she was in another apartment. Only few doors down. So officers stealth Lee made their way out of the apartment in to the second location in from the outside of the second apartment officers could hear a television inside of the house blaring at full blast so they bust down the door the war and they find three men inside all three are quickly subdued and then they start calling out for Melissa. I just remember number like being down there and they were just like it's okay. It's okay like we value like feeling so like comforted and and Just not even like believing that like everything that just happened. They just remove the blindfold from me me Because there must have been like ten slot members that had you know kind of all came in at the same time so I think just at some point like you know oh my hands are untied. And my you know my blindfold came off. Melissa's nightmare was finally over and she was taken to be reunited with her family. Family was the craziest thing I just I remember being pulling up in the truck I was one of the investigators and having having like thirty members of my family outside and like I just remember running my parents and just like being in their arms again like it was it was. I don't know where it but it was. It was crazy. Nevada teenager taken from the home in broad daylight alighted held for ransom has been found early this morning. Police found her unharmed in an apartment near her home almost twenty four hours after she was kidnapped. An amber alert was issued issued. An overnight was expanded to cover two states but early this morning at four thirty Pacific Time they found Melissa inside a local apartment unharmed but then the officers had to give some bad news to the family. One of the men arrested the man that all the other three referred to as the mastermind was someone that they had known entrusted their good friend friend of many years and former employees Jose Sanchez. One of those guys is named Macovei He worked or my dad's company out to three years My Dad has not go because Jose was Kinda stealing clients answer my dad and when my dad has like Jose Jose you know knew that he had messed up in you know was. They didn't didn't blame my dad for letting him go. They ended up. They ended on good terms. Yeah and that's why my dad was also you. You know even more hurt and confused because they had underdog or terms still tossed here and there. My Dad helps a lot a lot Out during their time together With money or just with us like my dad's always been that type of person where he's the kind of like very early lifespan. Take care of people and he. He likes to help when and where he can. After Melissa's rescue is discovered. The men working with Jose were his cousins and they had a reputation Asian in Mexico for being experience kidnappers and just all around bad guys when police raided the house. They found what's known as o sheets in the apartment for payments totaling. Thousands of dollars in police suspected that this money was related to human trafficking. Two months later Melissa bravely took the stand to testify defy against the four men including her family's betrayer. Jose and the prosecution was fearful that the men might be deported instead of serving in time so they fought really hard to get the maximum sentence ultimately Jose Perez and his co-conspirators were sent to life in prison for the kidnapping of Melissa Durand and the extortion of the durant family. I don't think my dad ever felt like it was his fault because he knew it wasn't his fault but he you had to me before that he was very sorry that this happened to me and that you know she wishes that it had happened to take instead of me. I honestly I still really saw. Refer them because I can't believe that they did something so stupid for money and they just ruined their whole lives because they were young too. I remember in port. One of the guys had you know made a statement to me and he like ride during his testimony he said that the Israeli sorry and that he praised for me at night by first second I I just I felt really bad for him. Like this is where this guy's life is I am. This is where it's going to be for probably forever couldn't forgive them because of what they really did to my parents. You know the the pain that they really put my parents through is something that I feel like kind of hurts me more than thinking about life. What I went through personally Elissa obviously showed tremendous strength throughout this ordeal? She survived his violent abduction. She faced her doctors in court and she managed to move forward with her life and experience. Like this leaves. Its mark on you whether you like it or not and in the months that followed this ordeal Melissa felt that I mostly just. I was terrified of being home alone. I I would get home around two and my mom would leave to go pick up. My siblings would get out at three and like I remember you. You know not wanting to go with her like I. I didn't go with her to pick up the kids so I would be home alone for an hour and I would you know feel like I was hearing things in the house or that I I just I just felt like I just did not feel comfortable and I would go outside and just wait for my mom like outside because I just felt like being in the house was just I cut in For an even just little things like whenever I would come home from work or I would come home like anytime at night. I would run for my car to my house and like I would just have like crazy amount and it was more so ably being at my house and I think it's because it happened on my house because I really feel scared when I was out other places was more so just when I was here at home honestly so Melissa. The I found this story ages ago I was working on three days live. We didn't source a ton of Shit you guys because I interviewed everybody in the story and I wrote this for ATV. So those are my sources all right so that being said I found Melissa on Instagram. Four three or four years ago and she's the most most collected sort of steady person I've ever met who's been through something like this and when we were talking I was just like how. How are you so okay? And this is what she said. I just didn't want to let them win. They're ready put me through a traumatic event and I didn't want to let them continue to affect my life and that way it's traumatic but have take it for what it is. That's the best thing you can do is to be better. And just he'll and just not less than when I think just my overall perspective in in life now because of what happened to me has just changed so much for the better. I don't know what could've happened. I could've died and I didn't live my life the way I wanted to or I didn't do the things I wanted to because I was scared. Or whatever and now it's not that I take life so lightly you can really die. At any moment. We are so grateful to Melissa. I met her years ago on the show but she's she told me recently that she's he's a huge fan of the podcast which is how it came up that she come on and most I am so off just your resilience. And she's traveling the world. Now she's really living in her her best life and not the cliche basic way but this girl is just amazing so we love you. Thank you so much for coming on your stories inspiring inspiring and people have been through. Trauma will look to you as you're moving on and you're not letting this to find you and you didn't let them win and we're so proud proud and honored that you came on the podcast. Thank you for letting US tell. Your story If anybody else has a story that you'd like to tell email us. Hello I re- PODCAST DOT COM followers on instagram. At the first three adults Gutter Ashley Jensen Abject vinik join. Our facebook. Group just searched the first degree up a little search bar We're talking everything true. A crime all the time all the time. 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Jeffrey Star have stopped by to talk with Tricia about everything from relationships relationships to gossip to feuds. Nothing is off the table when he dish with trash. If you haven't had a chance to listen you've got to catch up on this podcast. Be Sure to subscribe on. podcast one apple podcasts. And many other PODCASTS APPS you can get every new episode every week All right welcome to killing time. I got to fix my mic a little bit. They're killing time she takes a break. We've got a very special gas. Well not so special redundant in Jeff. We've got like the only guest that we ever have on killing time. He's reoccurring character on the killing time. Jared a hey jerry a sailor jerry sailor. Jerry grew to be back Monaco so we thought today killing time what goes better with murderer than the bachelor right so we all watched the bachelor. Jared has now been sucked in against his will. So we're GONNA do a little recap. We'll talk some bachelor talk and CEO's and game yeah to billy. You didn't watch the whole thing not watch the whole thing because apparently it was a three hour was a three hour episode and but watching the intros would they get out of the Limo. Yep Yep I thought was very telling because I started watching that too and actually I actually I for some. I was driving my guitar. It was I play my guitar and I started it. Making up songs about each girl came out bad but no they should have just like. Why did the producers make me EH dress up in a paper airplane because you know? That wasn't her idea. I think are my favorite ones. Are the ones where they have to walk into. The front of the mansion is like one hundred feet. Yeah yeah so the whole time. They're doing it it's just like and they're making eye contact. When was the girl I think it was like? She came in on a little whealy on a little plane issues. Even farther issue just abandoned at some point my biggest things already watching the bachelor is when they it's like further into it but like when they have them go on their dates but they have them walking towards each other for like three minutes. I don't WanNa make eye contact walking towards somebody for more than two seconds. No I wouldn't be out in front of knowledge. Yeah even like when I go visit jared on tour and I'll get dropped off in my uber. He's at his tour bus. Like I always looking at my phone. Because I'm like I'm not GonNa make eye contact with. I'm just awkward. It's so awkward. That's when you guys have to start running towards towards each other to avenue ever seen any movie ever did do it. One time and it was raining really hard. which would have been perfect for that same thing? But then there's then there's also the the The people that don't have the long intro. Yeah like the the women that come out that are just like they're they're God so you will never be a big person you know that they're not going to be anything on the show. No and that's the thing it's you guys have seen the bachelor before you know you gotTa make some big impression doing some You know extravagant thing onto extravagant anybody that dressed up as a shark or a lobster. Either it was that they had three flight flight attendants and they're all like I am going to be his match. Whatever the girl came in with the wings yes I am so the only flight attendant and then there was like two other ones? Yeah it was so long because you know that we know there's just working in TV you know that the casting people this is your yeah. This is awesome. Yeah so they know that like that that that that is going to create conflict. Oh yeah absolutely. Do we have any favorites girl is basketball. Yeah that's my favorite. She's so gorgeous. Orjan kickball those data basketball coach. She's got long brown hair. Legs like way so there. There was something that I found out today about her can. Can you tell me I forget what her name is remember. It starts with an M. or something spoilers zone and this is not a spoiler. This is just something that I found her name Amazon Madison Madison so she had posted an instagram. They'll be a couple of days later when I saw this lady gang yeah. She posted an Instagram of her and Peter on their date. And then there's this comment from her that said beautiful date. Mattie you are so genuine in real so this means that she most Michaeli made a fake kind of account to comments good things on our profile and then forgot to switch or is there anything wrong with just hype in your cell phone. Kinda what she was she the one that came in as the paper point. Yes she did she does she did. She was wearing the grass. She's wearing it. The giant hot cute. I immediately with anything like this is only going to me jared so when we were. You're watching the bachelor. I'm Mike Jared if I was Bachelorette what would you do to get my attention. When he came in I would be? I would do the old time. He was like Hello Jacqueline. Talk on like one of those bikes like the big front tire. Yes monocle tiny Chats with the guy in the saw also saw could bake Fred Meyer is is wiki baking icon and he'd have to grow out to where it curl around absolutely the hipsters look like now in silverlake now he wouldn't be a hipster. He has a perfect face for like a one thousand. Nine hundred boxer like you could see on like one of those was like why John l Sullivan who knows totally be like a more attractive. Mickey Rourke in the box it makes you the charter pre surgery. Oh that's what I meant. I see the box of the wrestlers that I'm sorry. I knew what you meant the boxers song by Garfunkel anyways. But that'd be pilly if you if I were to repress a woman what I do I would I would do a Lotta research and it would be related to whatever. She was a child trauma. Whatever background check if there was something where she had a fire and the only sleeping like teddy bear the fire that I would dress up as a giant teddy bear? But it'd be burning a little bit. That's okay yeah. Triggering also been saving in vulnerable moment mass manipulation. But then I would go wrong and then I would be the guy. Oh you remember the guy with the thing that got on fire. Fire is severe and everybody would remember. That guy would be the bachelor the next year. And that's where the biggest. Yeah it's a big because you know that there's a lot of women that are on the show that yeah they wanNA find true love. Then there's epithet a lot of them are all right. I'm going to boost my instagram followers. Because it's it's an immediate. What two hundred thousand dollars already have two hundred thousand followers after after one? Yeah Yeah but then there's also the girls that are like I want to be the next next Bachelorette so they want. They're they're they're heartbroken and listen they might get into it and it it might become real real for them. Yeah but a lot of them are thinking well. If it doesn't work out maybe I could become the batch. Worst case scenario you have a bunch of new instagram followers. MONETIZE UP MONETIZE at best case scenario literally or the Bachelorette because if you end up with him you're probably gonNA break up anyways but speaking of childhood trauma the the teacups spinning Jacker texting about this. Because it's like she needed something something because it makes me feel like they're gonNA keep around for a while. Yeah so sure if they might not because they did this to another girl that had all these fears and they did that like slow montage kind of thing to her tomb. They kicked her out. She was literally got nauseous for a second. And she's like. It reminded me of my childhood trauma when I was at the Disneyland Ride on the tea cups and I got nauseous and they put put this dramatic music accident. It was it was just he. That was it wasn't like I was kidnapped. After writer. I broke a leg. It was like I got a little nauseous on the tea cup ride and I just was triggered to remember and even throw up on the no she might as you might have but then the thing is Argonne. Is it a called a gyroscope. Well it's actually it's really will euro scope. What are you talking about anything? That's going on that they do for like it's not g force but the pilot pilot training Seattle. They're putting her. Oh that's right. And then so she was nervous service. She threw up on the teacup and they did a whole. She was like traumatized. Hung up on it and we know she was probably. It was probably throwaway comment. She seemed like she was very she. She seemed like she was very nervous because he knows she's milking a story she's like I have to have to make this think doesn't want to throw up in front of me. And she even nsaid river thrown up in front of a guy before ever bought me flowers before and then there's this girl was like I guess. He brought her a glass of water. Do ever treated me this guy. or I'm like Oh lamb. Jack saw her say or heard her say. I never thought up in front of a Guy Jackson yelling at the TV. And you haven't you haven't been hung supposed to rally In front of jared very much to talk about this sorry like once a year you're tops. That's Nice I'm on streak. You are all we know possible year and a half year and a half. We're good you're you're you're on a non throbs so so you've got to believe MC there for a second. No I didn't but I warned jared about the man cold when we first started dating and and I was like you're not allowed to have me on cold because they're bullshit man called a man called just when a man has a cold and they think the world is ending and then there so title so say it's like shut. The girls still working go to work. Second we don't complain because we have periods. Yeah it's worse. So anyways I was is warning jared about it and then I had the stomach flu and they gave it to him and it was over weekend that there was like one of the biggest weekends there. We have one of the shows that we were doing the festival although we do in Phoenix and so he he gets my stomach flu BARF ING stomach flu and he is like running back to the bathroom throwing up. And then he's he's like check lead roles shake trying right not to have it in the demand on definitely not been really close touch. Did I'll pour money on me sick sick bastard anyways enough time. Eleven minutes and thirteen seconds. The tweet all right. Well that's enough. That's not the right place to say. There has dazzle. That's show Biz babies razzle-dazzle bitches by.

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