Keep It Simple Silly Episode 016


Welcome to the fantasy football overtime guest I'm your host Jake. With me as always is Matt Win Tower back. What a weekend we had, but first let's jump in. We're going to do the keep it simple episode here today. Matt I gotTa Ask. How are you feeling? You know it's still pretty rough. I don't know if the over or the under hit I sure think is the over, but we have a lot of bottlecaps stored in my pocket, said I still need to count. It was it was it was great to see. Everybody was an absolute blast. Yeah, it was great, got some golf in hung out with a bunch of as a good time. The place we stayed at an absolute mansion to it was really really cool. How crazy that one kitchen had been worth like a million dollars? Maybe not that much, but it was probably up there so good golf for you guys not for me, but good golf and of course Matt I'm pretty sure they overhead yeah a lot of yard games, so that was awesome We had some beautiful weather, which was also awesome, but yeah. I'm I'm not feeling the best today, so it might be a little bit of a rough episode for for your boy here. congrats on survive in your Bachelor Party Dessert Menu officially survived. Thank you. All Right? Should we jump into news for map? Yeah, so it's not even as much news because it's not really recent, but I just want to kind of talk about it. Because I think it's kind of been lost in translation with everything going on I'm referring to the collective bargaining agreement that came in April. There was seven major changes, but I want to highlight three of them so first off starting in two thousand twenty one. They think it hasn't been official yet, but it sounds like twenty twenty one. The regular season is now going to be seventeen games instead of sixteen. They're ultimately converting a preseason game to a regular season game so I want to talk about. About the benefits first, and then the negatives, and then I want you guys. Opinions on the benefits are obvious. One more game equals more money for the NFL amp layers, and we also get an extra week fantasy football. So what's not to like there? The negatives Zo are additional injury risk and for me. The biggest issue is long time records that are going to be broken I'm someone that's huge on history I love the long-term stats, but now adding an extra game. A lot of those records are likely going to be broken so with everything that I just said I'm curious what your guys opinions are for me. Me, I'm big on live in the now. Not The past. It was completely different football back then compared to now so those records aren't all that important to me I think the big benefit is of course the extra game and if they're taking that game away from the preseason, preseason isn't even really football anyway, so why not just have towards the regular season? Absolutely in agreement there you know, get rid of the preseason games. You'll add an extra one season. That's awesome and get more quality football in. Yeah, those records. They're all GONNA fall anyway. The what the League is changing the passing Eric Dickerson's rushing record is never. Never GonNa fall so really the only ones that we're going to change her the passing records I. Think in my opinion. Yeah, so I. Think there's some pros and cons I think I view the history as a little more important than you guys, but overall we get an extra game of football. So that's going to be cool, but again that is not going to be starting until next year. At the earliest, the next piece that was updated and changed is actually something that's going to happen this year in twenty. Twenty playoff teams are expanding from twelve to fourteen so only the top team in the conference will now. So, it's GonNa. Be Harder to get by, but one of the middle pack teams are also going to make the playoffs now. That previously wouldn't have I love this. What about you guys? I'm in favor of it. I think it might even create more competitive football coming down the stretch, because only one team gets that by so those top teams are really going to be badly and for for that W to get that by yeah, it's GonNa. Keep more teams. Teams fantasy relevant. It's also going to keep more teams wanting to play football so I. Like Yeah I think at the end of the year. It's kind of frustrating when a team already has the by locked up and they sit there players, it makes perfect sense. I understand why they do it, but for fantasy purposes it can be kinda frustrating a team already. Has It locked up in week sixteen and that's your championship and they sit him so I really. Really enjoy that I think it's GonNa. Make it more competitive at the top, and then I think it makes it more competitive just with the teams that are right on the bubble so overall I really really liked the new playoffs. That's going to be set this year and then the third one that I wanted to highlight is rookie. Contracts will increase players who outplay them to. There's obviously a variety of different things that goes into the term out playing their. Their contract, but let's just say under the old CBA. The collective bargaining agreement that a player will say a player could win MVP in their first year and a super bowl and super bowl MVP in year two who is player, just a hypothetical I don't know if anyone oh wait. Actually Patrick Mahomes did that. He can have that super bowl MVP with an asterix, because that's gone a Damian Williams disagree. It's all to Patrick Mahomes so the way that it. It used to work is they wouldn't get a bonus. Obviously, if you're playing that well, you're going to very likely. Get a huge contract with your next contract. Anyways, but now Patrick Mahomes for example would have made more money due to all of the different criterias that he met and exceeded what you asked about that overall. Yeah, they deserve those kinds of bonuses. If they come out, dominate, I would like to see more contracts just all around the League Goto. Goto. More incentive based scored a touchdown. Get a million dollars. That's just hypothetically speaking more just create more competition rather than only out sitting out faking injuries things along those lines so rather than guaranteed money. You just like to see more incentive based. Yeah, just like a flat. Okay you. You get a million dollar for this contract for each reception you have you get ten grand each touchdown, egot a hundred grand. You know really encourage more play. I think that. That would help the running backs. That's for sure these guys. They're kind of getting the shaft on their rookie deals all right, so that segues perfect into what we are talking about next Jake with Alvin Cook so here is what you need to know about the Delvin Cook contract. Situation, I'm sure we've all heard the recent news that he plans to hold out if his contract demands aren't met so I wanted to kind of dig into it and see exactly. Exactly what it looks like and generally speaking, you only get one big contract at the running back position after your rookie deal is up, I don't think it's any secret that running backs have the shortest shelf life of any position in the NFL, so signed his rookie deal in two thousand seventeen. It was a four year six point. Three million dollar contracts will ultimately delvin has been dirt cheap for the Vikes, but that's because one is on his rookie. Rookie deal on the old see. We talked about in two. He was selected in second round of the draft just to give you a broad view of how rookie contracts work first round draft picks get all four years of their base salary. Fully guaranteed second round picks only get the first two years of their base salary guaranteed a rookie original contract vary significantly depending on where they are selected in the draft, so for example if you're drafted in the first. First Round you're signing. Bonus is significantly higher than somebody who's drafted outside of it so with Dalvin being drafted in the second, that was another factor that played into his current contract. There's also a thing called a rookie pool or rookie salary cap, and it's essentially a cap within a cap that was also part of the collective bargaining agreement. So that simply means there's a limit on what every team can pay. Their rookies and the salary has to fit within. Within the regular salary cap, so this is where the holdout comes into play. Dalvin has been injured all three seasons of his career. He's one of the most talented running backs in the league when he's healthy and he obviously wants to get paid right now. This is window of getting paid. He's looking at McCaffrey. He's looking at Zeke. Elliot Todd Gurley. Levian, Bell David Johnson who are all making thirteen, million or more year in when he looks at, he says. Says Hey. I'm just as good as them. The contrary to that is he's only showed up to fifty percent of his shifts at work, and now he's demanding eight times his salary. So that's to kind of put it in contrast, so that's kind of an interesting way to look at it, but I think the average fan looks at this just just says. Hey, you've signed a deal. Honor Your contract. How can you be so greedy, but I don't think. Think? It's any of our places to talk about another man's money so I fully understand delves standpoint, but I also understand why the fans are upset. He's an injury prone running back and he wants to make money well. He can a lot of Info there. What do you guys think about Delvin cooks current situation for me. I think about it this way I pay fifty dollars a month for Internet, and it only works from midnight to eight in the morning. Morning, but now the Internet company wants to charge me one hundred dollars for that same service so like it's not worth it for the Vikings, but yeah Dalvand can ask for whatever he wants. He can ask for one hundred million dollars a year, but he's not worth it it just like you can sell your house. It's one hundred thousand dollar house for five hundred thousand. You can ask whatever you want. But WHAT ARE PEOPLE GONNA pay for it and I? I don't think anybody's GonNa. Pay Delvin Cook Sixteen million a year I don't think anyone's giving him sixteen, either but I do think he deserves a raise. I mean his rookie deal. He's outplayed that when he's been on the field. So that's the caveat. Is he worth ten is worth eight. You know what's the magical number I think he deserves a raise, but at a reasonable price, because vikings have no cap space to sign him, yeah, and the vikes offered. offered him I mean it's rumored at roughly ten million per year, and he turned it down, stating that he wants sixteen million per year I, personally would have thought ten million would be about the right contract for Alvin is one of the best players in the league when he's healthy, but he misses half of the time, so it's going to be interesting to kind of see what the Vikes end up doing. Make sure that you are valuing Alexander Madison. Than you were previously because it's a very real possibility that we don't see Dalvin at the start of the season or at all, also a lot of people are going to forget about this is value in Phelan. Jefferson go up drastically here as well if cooked whole out because more than likely, the Vikings are going to be trailing a little bit more I mean. There is a big difference between Cook and Madison So. So they're going to be throwing the ball significantly more to players like feeling and Jefferson absolutely so with the word of the hold out here. Where do you guys move cook to you know? What range are you more comfortable? He was going as you know the fourth fifth six pick typically and drafts. How far down does he need to fall for you to draft him confidently without drafting right now for redraft, it's. It's all hypothetical so like third around. Yeah, I mean I'm definitely not drafting him in the first round anymore. We've seen a lot of these holdout con situations, and some of them workout, and some don't so Ezekiel. Elliott was starting to hold signed right before the start of the season last year he was only limited in the first game of the season, and then he was back, but then we've seen it where. Where Melvin Gordon sits out half the season. We've seen it where Levy. Bells sits out the entire season, so we don't know for sure how this is going to play out. There's definitely risk, but if you're drafting Delvin I, would I would maybe be taking him around the middle of the second round, but I'm absolutely going out and getting. Alexander Madison. Then Kenyan Drake Cook. It's actually the the one I wrote down. wrote that Don I don't think this holdout last so I would take. I'd go Kenyan drake because he has a ton of potential and you know he's going to be on the field. If there's a player that's in the similar category, I'm taking them. Overcook. LA, Belle or Delvin cook who I would go delvin Cook there because I don't put lead bell in the. The same category that's about where my cut off his right around there, so Josh Shakeups Mile Sanders I would take both of them over Delvin at this exact. Jacobs Zero Sanders no Nick Chubb in a full Pr. Yes, I would take him over Cook Right now. Yeah, go, let segues here to the rest of the coin flips that I have for you guys. Sobe base just like last time. It's ADP and it is four point PTR. Redraft only how I want you guys to look at this first one Matt Ryan Drew Brees Ryan Matt Ryan Josh Allen Carson Wentz, Josh, Allen Josh Allen. Rahim MOSTER Mark Ingram Ingram. Brahim most Kareem Hunt the Andrea Swift Kareem Hunt Hunt De'andre Swift Jonathan Taylor Taylor Jonathan Taylor the Andrea Swift Kim acres swift, deandre swift, David Montgomery, Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan Taylor Montgomery Ronald Jones Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones Kareem Hunt. Darius Guys Philip Lindsay Lindsay Philip Lindsay Terry maclaurin Jarvis Landry Landry Yeah Jarvis Landry Landry Stefan Digs Landry Landry digs DJ shark. That is a good one. I'm going DJ Yeah Chuck Lasts One maclaurin. McLaren maclaurin can wrap it all up. You guys are kind of all over here. So there's no consensus on looking at anything. have no idea where they're falling in like mine projections yeah. I was just trying to mentally envision where they're going. The player I listed I up until we got to the maclaurin ride receiver range. Those were always the the player. Listen I was the guy going. I and ADP wise, but once we got to the McLaren range. Range that group receivers all going back to back to back to back so just mixing, imagine though share, and when it gets into that all preference exactly so don't put that rap coin flips for today. Cool, let's jump into the episode today. No Trivia but today we're. We kind of got some people that listen some things on twitter and facebook if we can. Can kind of make it simpler He's not everybody. Listening is a novice to parole. Fantasy football are a lot of them are just beginning out, so took some questions from them I'm GonNa Kinda. Ask questions, and we'll just have discussion around it. He has four. Yeah sounds good for sure all right so the first one here is what all the different types of leagues. Leagues out there, so we're talking dynasty keeper Redraft Best Ball those yeah that that's what you're looking for okay. What do you think the best for a beginner to get into his redraft? Let's start with redraft because I would guess that's probably the most common sore redraft. League is ultimately going to be a league where all of the players are available to draft so. Keep there's no players that are already on anybody else's team. You draw the order. However, you WanNa do that. And then every player is up for grabs. Yeah, Kinda, goes in the name. It's redrafted every single year, so all the players go back into the pool and he redrafted. Yeah, a complete start over were last year. Had has no meaning for this year. It doesn't matter if you won. You could still get the first pick like it's just a complete start over. Let's go to keeper Sulphur Keeper Leagues. There's a lot of different types of leagues, too. So the the league that I'm in. In for example, when you draft a specific player in a certain around the following season, I'm able to keep that player two rounds of head of where I drafted them before, so the advantages to this type of league is the star players that get drafted in rounds one into are back in the pool the following season, but if you hit on a star player late in the draft, you get to keep them two rounds ahead each year for the next couple of years, so there's pros to doing keeper leagues because it allows you to do. A lot of research and take is late that. That you think have a lot of potential that could pan out, or you could even be drafting them trying to find value for the following season, whereas in the redraft. You're not caring about the following season. You just want the potential upfront easiest way I would explain keeper is going into the season. You have a set number of players. You can keep on your roster from the year before whether that's three four five. You know whatever the magical number is, and then league comes up with rules like Matt. Get to keep them two rounds earlier than when you draft on the year before some. Some. Guys just keep him one pick before one people. Some people keep them same round, so there's different variations there, but easiest way there's a finite set amount of players that you keep from your roster from the year before Jake. What is Dynasty League Oh boy dynasty is you're keeping your full team and the only reason you're letting people go as if you're making room for rookies, so you're drafting twenty six to thirty players. Potentially you have backups backups backups on your bench, and you're keeping those guys hoping you hold you hit. It would mimic the closest to actual football team like A. General, manager of an actual football team right? Yep, see. You're keeping players for multiple multiple years. So you're when you're draft an older players. You're worried about retirement when you're drafting about young players, you're looking three four down the years down the road potentially so there's a lot of different factors that go into dynasty. What is best ball so best? Ball League is? Is going to be when you draft a full set of players on your team. There's no keepers involved in this, and then you don't even set your lineup throughout the year ultimately is going to insert players on your team that have the best week on a week to week basis. There's no pickups throughout the year, so you're not even going to be. Be using the waiver wire, so you draft a large team. I think it can depend on what your commissioner decides. And then that's all you do from there on the rest of the year. However they perform, they are just inserted into your line tight of their. What's DFS LEAGUES SO DF? Asks stands for daily Fantasy Sports, and this is where it's typically. Typically played on draft kings or Fan Duel and you draft a team per week so coming into Sunday I pick team. Fifty thousand dollars to spend each player has a different value on them, and you can play anywhere from ten cents to a thousand dollars per game type thing, and it's really cool because you're not stuck with the same team week-to-week you. You can basically make your team different each single week and compete against people from all over. Yeah I think the big appeal to Defense Leagues is that if you draft like? Let's say last year you took Juju in the second round or in the first round, and he got injured and goes down while your teams kind of in trouble for that year. Year if you have a couple of injuries that come into play so for this like Tyler said you just get to ultimately redraft and restart over every single week for any game that you want, plus that instant gratification of winning that week. You know you're winning money on the spot rather than playing a full sixteen week league, Tyler tell us a little. Little bit about a Guillotine League owed Guillotine League might be not the most simple for for on here, but at a quick overview of it is you draft the same as like a redraft, so you start with a fresh team this year it's all based on highest points scored amongst the league last team, so the lowest scoring team in week one is. Is completely eliminated done. Don's Oh no more season. All the players go into the waiver wire, and then the same thing week to lowest scoring team Donoso gone season over. So how does the waiver wire work is the free agent acquisition budget? That's typically what it is. Yes, and what does that mean exactly You get a value, so you get like? You get a bank account, so let's say there's two hundred dollars in there, and then you bid amongst the other league owners for how much you want that player. Let's say week one Christian. McCaffrey is on that team, so he hits the waiver wires for week. Two and you have two hundred dollars in your checking account. How much are you going to spend on them? Two hundred, can you overdraft I was just GonNa say I'm GonNA frigging overdraft account. Serious question, though can you overdraft and a guillotine? No, you can't overdraft in your checking account. Okay? That's two hundred dollar budget is set in stone. So that's all you get for the whole year. Cool think that wraps up most of the League's. Let's jump into what are the different types of scoring so I think the most common one that you're gonNA see in today's NFL in today's fantasy leagues. We actually even had a twitter. Twitter poll on this is P., P. R., which stands for point per reception. So this is exactly what it sounds like. Every time that someone catches a pass. They're getting a point. It can even be a negative cat so if they catch a pass for negative three yards. They're going to get a point for that catch. How else do you score points besides the catches, so it will work just how other leagues to so. So, a touchdown is still going to be worth six points. Rushing stats are generally going to be every ten points. You get a point or there's leagues where it's fraction so every yard you'll get point one. It just depends what style you're format is that's what you meant every ten yards? You get a point when it's nondecimal scoring. Yeah, what about receiving? So you have the full point, PR, and then you also have the half. Half Point PR so when you catch passes only worth point five, which is also getting to be more popular, because not everyone likes like what you said. Where someone catches the ball for negative yards, and they still get points, so they've gone to the half-point Ptr the huge difference between all these leagues is it truly changes the value of a lot of players, so for example like a Jarvis Landry is significantly better in A. League and a Standard League which will get to in just a second, because ultimately if he's catching one hundred passes in a year well, he's getting one hundred points for those compared to leagues where you don't get any points for those catches. Then he's only getting points off his yards and touchdowns, which aren't nearly as valuable for him. As the receptions are yeah, because in standard, league. You're not getting any points when the guy catches the ball, you're just getting the points for the yards and touchdowns and same with rushing so running back like derrick. Henry is extremely valuable in a standard scoring where we're catching the ball doesn't. Doesn't matter as much versus a full ptr when he only catches twenty passes. They kind of went into one of the questions that we had got in is so why is like Derrick Henry or Kenny Golladay more valuable in a standard league versus PTR. Yes, I think the reason why Kenny Golladay. Let's start with him. Is So important in standard leagues is because last year he led the League in touchdowns for receiving touchdowns, so he's GonNa. Get a lot of touchdowns, but he does it with as much volume as a lot of other receivers get, so he's getting those touchdowns. He's getting those points for you, but in A. League there's players that are ultimately catching twice as many passes as him. So even though he scoring a lot more, you look at Keenan, Allen, who has sixty more receptions than them? That's equivalent of ten additional touchdowns. Was Your Monster this year? The obvious one? Michael Thomas Yeah less obvious like Dj more with Teddy. Bridgewater in town I think Dj Moore's going to be a really valuable. I also see a guy like Jarvis. Landry, who's average ninety plus receptions his entire career continuing to be valuable that you can get in rounds three. Three four or five, depending on your your format coil, so with the receptions it kind of makes like what are targets, and why are targets so valuable? So targets are ultimately just how many times the ball was thrown to you regardless if you catch it or not, the more volume, the more targets that you get thought process behind it is you're going to have better stats so if you're getting the ball thrown you more often, you're more likely to have more catches more yards and more touchdowns Jake. What's like the value? Value of target well, it's exactly the magic kind of hit on. Is You want that opportunity? That's what fantasy football comes down to is. You have to be on the field. You have to get the ball thrown at your. You know handed to you to be valuable. It can vary too so if you have a quarterback like drew brees throwing the ball versus Josh Allen drew brees is way more accurate targets to me. Mean a lot more so I want the number two wide receiver on New Orleans a lot more than. than. I want the number two wetter see Rom Buffalo, because the value of those targets so sometimes quality over quantity. Yes, quantity isn't everything you do need some quality in there. What does a floor and ceiling? So a ceiling is the maximum potential. So that is saying this is the absolute best season that this guy could possibly have so when you say that a guy has a high ceiling. You're ultimately saying he has chance at having a really really good season I was gonna say it's like what your lights hanging from. That do oh, when it comes to the floor. That's the exact opposite of the ceiling, so yeah, there's no lights hanging on the floor tyler. Lamps what about carpet or rug? So when it comes to a floor in when we talk about a safe floor or not having a safe floor, a safe floor is a guy that's GonNa. Get you a good amount of points every week. No matter what so, those are generally players that catch a lot of passes, because even if they're not scoring, or if they're not having a huge day in the department or getting enough catches just to keep them relevant someone that doesn't have a safe floor. Is someone that you view as a boomer of boss so a? A Guy that could put up thirty points in a game or someone that could put up for a couple of examples that we talked about last couple episodes is Mike Evans Marquees Brown their players that have high ceilings and low floors because they're going to have huge weeks, but they're gonNA have weeks where they don't do anything either. Yeah, that all makes sense, what do we mean? We were saying like wide receiver one running back one, so there's a couple different definitions of this and I can see how this is confusing so. So the first one will touch on is the wide receiver, one or the running back one and when we say it, that way were referring to the number one player at their position so Christian McCaffrey. Last year was the running back what he finished as the number one running back in fantasy football points for the season. The other way to look at it is rby one being that they are the number one starter on a team, so Alvin Kamara is the RB. One on the saints and Latavius Murray's the RB to on. On the saints, and then the Third Way to explain, it is how they are ranked at their position, so wide receiver one is the wide receivers that are ranked one through twelve confusing. Yes, it definitely can be yeah, so if you say you think someone has wide receiver one potential. You're ultimately saying that you think they have a chance to finish between one through twelve on the season and fantasy points the reason that we use one through twelve. As because a typical fantasy league is a team leagues. Every team has to have. Have One player at that position, and you rank them one through twelve, so then a wide receiver to would be anyone that finishes between the rankings of thirteen through twenty four for the same reasoning that J, just on I think it was also like a fourth way. We're kind of thinking here is so like I have a wide receiver one on my team, wide receiver to on my team, wide receiver, three on my team, and I want each one to have different floor ceilings. If I'm picking a wide receiver to on my. My. Team I want that one to be boomer boss, but if I'm picking a wide receiver one I want high floor. Yeah, I think that's just with your fantasy draft style in general like you want a good majority of your team to have safe floors, but also want a couple players to have high ceilings. It's good to mix in a little boom and bust with a safe if your entire team is boomer boss, while you might have some weeks where you put up the most points in the league, but you're GONNA have. Have a lot of weeks where you don't do anything and you lose, so it's good to try to find a balance, so you want that safe floor, which means a lot of players that are going to get you our weekly points, and then you want to mix the handful of boomer bus players that can also contribute to winning you weeks. What is rb C. or running back by committee? And what are some things you need to know about that for fantasy football avoid avoid avoid avoid porno in all seriousness running back by. By committee is is exactly would it stands for? It's a running back committee. You typically want to avoid these because you don't know what's going to happen on a week to week basis. Prime example of this was kind of San. Francisco last year. They had been Coleman remastered. Jeff Wilson. You didn't know which one of those guys were GonNa Score. The most points in which one was to be the one that you actually want to start that week, so we typically avoid running back by committees. Yeah, another good example of running back. Back by committee was what the Ravens had last year. So you're looking at or even less as talk about this year you're looking at Mark Ingram. You're looking at JK Dobbins, Gus, Edwards Justice Hill in in addition to that. You know Lamar is going to run the ball all the time. The running back by committee here means that in any given week, any one of these players could probably will blow up, but there's also a really high probability that the other running backs do anything that week, so it's really frustrating. It's really. Really hard to navigate through and figure out which one of these guys is going to get the points on a weekly basis. Yeah, another good example for that this year is the Los Angeles Rams their coaches come out and said that they have a three headed monster at running back. So that's another committee backfield. You'd probably want to feed or not invested heavily in Jake. This is a good question for you because I know you like to do this. Because a year ear minhsiu crush, but why can you play decent quarterbacks wide? Wide receivers on bad teams in NFL like standards. I love that you called him season. That's the best compliment you have given you all offseason so I was looking for a neutral word. I'll take it from true. We complimented his facial hair. Yeah, well, this was actually about his football ability, so I'll take it the reason that you can target bad teams have good players is because they are going to have a ton of volume, so we've. We touched on a little bit earlier. The Jaguars have an awful defense they're going to. To be losing majority of the Games that they're in while they're down twenty one and they're trying to make an honest comeback in you know. Try to get back in the game. They're going to throw the ball every single play which means that you just got a boosted floor. If you're starting, mince you because he's going to throw the ball forty. Times that Game William. Feeling completes twenty like that's a high volume. You know like opportunities. They're GONNA be trying to chuck the ball down the field. Matt. Is that why you don't? Don't like Lenny. That's exactly what I don't like Leonard. I expect the Jaguars to be losing most of their games or defenses pretty bad now so when they are down, they're going to be using their pass catching back, which is Chris Thompson rather than using Leonard, Fournette, because think about it. You're not going to be running the ball if you're down by three touchdowns like you need to get back in the game right and that's why the difference between a player like Leonard Fournette versus Christian McCaffrey for the panthers. McCaffrey is not. Not Coming off the field, because he is their best pass catching back as well whereas four net Chris. Thompson is probably the better pass Catcher, probably the better pass blocker as well over four net. So that's the big difference there. You have your perfect team. Everything's going right. What do you prefer to play in the flex high floor, high ceiling, or like? What position? What are you guys have thoughts are on what to play in the flex, not super flux of course for me. It just depends on what the rest of your. Your team is looking like, but yeah. I I'm perfectly fine having a boomer, a bust in my flex assuming that I have safe floors on the rest of my team. Yeah for me in the flex, honestly boils down to what my best option is whether that's a wide receiver or running back. It's that player that gives me the highest opportunity, so if I have really high floor on my starting lineup I'm playing that player. That can get me a huge week and I look at it, too, if if I have a running. Running back on a team that I expect to completely crush another team. Will then I think he's GonNa? Get a lot more carries that week, so then I'm going to start him. But like we were just talking about. If I have a wide receiver that is on a crappier team, and I expect them to to get beat that week pretty badly, and I'm perfectly fine, thrown the wide receiver, and because I'm fully expecting that he's going to get the volume, tyler, what do you prefer in my perfect team? It would be. devante. With Michael. Thomason About realistic team. I like to play a boomer boss player, if I if I have a wide receiver and running back, who I value the same, a wide receiver over the running back just because the boom factor on a wide receiver is much more than the boom factor on a running back. Let me ask you guys this. How much does weather play into what your lineup decisions look like big time Yup. Yup I check the weather report. Sunday morning every single week of the NFL season. Because yeah, if you get a game, arts expected to be heavy snow, will generally those games lean towards a much heavier run game plan for the teams? Whether plays a huge deal especially when you get down to like kickers I, don't know if we ever talked about kickers on the show, but that's something. Something to watch out for you don't want to kick her in a snow game or super, rainy or windy game real quick. I WANNA touch on. How much do you guys look at strength of schedule number one when you're drafting and the number two when you're setting your daily lineup, just real brief breakdown I. Don't look at it much at all. Just because ultimately it changes so much. Much from year to year, so even though a certain team was ranked fifth in defense last year will, they might have lost a lot of players in free agency, or the opposite may be a team that finished twenty fifth last year, made a bunch of moves like the Bengals for example where they might be a lot better this year so i. don't let that fool me I just. Just do my own research and ultimately try to figure out who the right play is going to be for me. When I'm drafting I, don't Look at defense at all, except for maybe strength schedule besides maybe week one, but throughout the year I look at it every single week because I do tend to stream a tight end, so I'm really evaluating what tight end on the waiver wire! Wire has the easiest match up against the defense. How do you guys let it affect your flex position? Let's say you have a wide receiver that has a tougher matchup, but he's the better player and you were running back has low, but better matchup, but he's a lesser quality player. Do you guys let it affect you? I take it into effect I don't really I I want. Want my best talent on the field I. Always put out my best lineup unless there's a reason not to so you're going to start a wide receiver against like say. New England defense if it's a wide receiver that I drafted inside of the first four or five rounds. Yes, I'm not gonNA sit a Davante Adams because he's going up against. New England. Yeah, but normally your flex isn't. Isn't gonNA have Davante Adams. It's going to have somebody more like decay metcalf. Yeah, I mean. It just depends what my other options are. But if I invested early pick in decay, metcalf I'M GONNA. Play on, sure, make sense peaking kind of defenses here is why not draft a kicker or defense early because they're a dime a dozen? Yeah, because you'RE GONNA lose your league if you do. The reason why every year if you look at the kickers, they vary same with defenses, but let's just look at kicks right now. Every single season the top five. You never have the same kicker that repeats number one overall I. Don't have the stats on that, but I know it goes back very very long time since the same kicker has been number one so. So investing an early pick on a kicker, you're likely going to take the kicker. That was best previous season unless you have some insider info that I don't know about, but ultimately you're taking kicker that is at the mercy of the offense, so there's a lot of variables that go into it even like the chiefs kicker. If you look at Harrison, bucker cheese. Cheese might score five touchdowns in the game and he doesn't even get an opportunity to kick a field goal. He gets you five points. It's just there's so much variability between the position and week by week I loved a stream kickers, and there really isn't a lot of variability between the number, one kicker and the number twelve kicker, right? That's why you wait. Wait is the difference between one and twelve, and even maybe one in fifteen. One and eighteen isn't going to be that much so you just you wait on kicker and you just take what's left. Yeah, over the course of the year, the difference between the number one in the number twelve is gonNA. Come out to about three points a week. What about defenses? Defenses, the Patriots won people fantasy championships last year, and I picked up waivers. That was a crazy anomaly. That's probably not very likely to happen. Ever again. Be just based off of the quality teams. They happen to play that first eight games, versus the you know they were not that good the second half of the season, but yeah same thing streamer defenses don't. Don't invest early because you don't know what can happen one injury just to find Gilmore in that Patriots. Defense goes from one to possibly thirty by get. One player can make a huge difference. That's a big difference. I said big difference probably not that drastic, but still one to twenty is a big number and fantasy. It's last question. We have for this episode. Episode of Let's keep it simple. Keep it simple kind of similar on the same about drafting early. Why don't we tend to draft a quarterback early a lot of the same reasons that we just talked about for kickers year it changes if you look at the last two seasons in a row I'll use my example. I drafted Patrick Mahomes in the twelfth round. Round two years ago and he was the MVP last year. I got Lamar Jackson the eleventh round in. He was the MVP wide receivers. Change Lot. It's also a super super deep position, so yeah, you're. You're with the exception of Mahomes and the Lamar Jackson who have established themselves as the elite tier as long as they stay healthy the difference between quarterback three. Eighteen isn't even going to be a huge differential. You're passing on the opportunity to lock up running back in the second round or that star wide receiver in the second round in exchange for me, it's the the likelihood of you hitting on a mahomes or Lamar Jackson in the Eleventh Twelfth Round, getting that superstar just so slim, and there's not a lot of. Between the one in Quebec one in the quarterback twelve that I'm just GonNa, take someone in the middle like I'm just GonNa let everyone else draft quarterbacks. I'M GONNA. Take the last end. Matt Ryan, the last one in my tear. You know that I have they're just because the likelihood of me hitting that superstar is so slim that I'm just gonNA. Hit that safe option in the middle. So that's why I weighed on quarterback. Let's talk about tears since you brought. BROUGHT THAT UP I. Know We've talked about that briefly on an episode earlier. But what is the importance of tears? Jake tears has everything to me when I'm drafting. Especially in a redraft league as I like to ranked players in tears in grouping so when I have the top four players left on my draft I. Know I don't have to reach for a specific player I can wait. A couple might be all the way to full round and still get the. Player of the same quality that I thought play might be so I tear my players because I volume differently than what ADP says. Yeah, so let's say that you're stuck between a running back and a tight end in. You're going back and forth well, if you have tears setup, and you look down and see okay. I only have this one running back left in this tier, and then there's a significant drop off, but I have four tight ends at I rank all pretty similar I might as well take this. This running back right now and then I can get one of these four tight ends on the way in the next round. See I used to utilize tears I. do sometimes, but I just tend to rank all of my own players ADP based off my projections and take the best available, because I didn't have no problem waiting on tight end quarterback, that kind of stuff, so I usually end up with like five running backs, five wide receivers, and then the roused. Yeah, I do tears just how I don't. Don't run into drafting eight wide receivers and only having two running backs on my roster. 'cause I've done that before. So I I do the tears that way accuse keeps myself accountable. Another question that I saw come into us was in regards to stacking which refers to taking a quarterback and wide receiver on the same team. Let me know what your thoughts are about that awesome for like DFS for draft King's type stuff. I don't really like to do it for redraft for normal leagues because what happens if. If they face a stellar defense. If they have a bad game, they play in forty mile. An hour winds things like that I mean it's very boomer. Busty for me. Yeah I. Feel the same way with stacks. It can be great like the Julio. Matt Ryan Stack has been awesome for a years like I don't want to discount that by any means, but I stay away from stacks, typically because there are going to be games where the Falcons are going to score seven points, and then you just lowered. By committing so much that one offense, you lowered your potential on that week, so it's it's tough for me. It definitely depends what the stack is like. Last year, I had mahomes Tyreek Hill, and I thought it was going to be the greatest thing of all time, but homes got hurt throughout the season. tyreek hurt throughout the season, so I really had all my eggs in one basket, and it didn't pan out, but if you go back to two. Two years ago when mahomes through fifty touchdowns tyree Kil led the League in touchdowns in Tyreek Hill led the league in fantasy football points. Then then it's GonNa work out, so there's it's definitely boomer boss. There is some risk with it, but for me I like doing the stacks of a Matt. Ryan in a Calvin Ridley for example, so I'm not investing my top early picks in it, but I still have my star players. I drafted earlier and then. Then I have a potential stack that if it hits, you're you're likely GonNa win that week? The one stack that I've been noticing I've been having more and more shares of is to Shawn, Watson and Brandin cooks. That's the stack that I've been having a lot of. You're going to lose a lot of leagues this year with that Brandin cooks will give you about five games and four concussions, and Watson is not GonNa be what he was with De'andre. de'andre. He's going to be not a chance. No, that's fine. If you guys think that, but it's a very boom or bust play, and at the quarterback position I can just pick up another one on waivers I. Don't think you even believe that I do because Brandin. Cooks up until last year was no worse than wide receiver fifteen finish. Do you WanNa? Know why you so bad last year because he got a concussion no because they traded for him. Don't stay away then I'll be fine this here all right. That's GonNa wrap up the Keep it simple episode here. I hope everybody listening found some value in some of the things. If you have future questions. Maybe we'll do this again. shoot us a tweet at F F ot, podcast or an email, F. F., o., T. podcast and what kind of compile another list questions from our listeners. Yeah, thanks for listening I hope. Hope you guys all found some value out of that. Even the more tenured and savvy fantasy players, a couple of good takeaways there, but if you're new, especially, a lot of good information absolutely could take away is of course, makes you subscribe on Apple, Google and spotify podcasts and don't forget. We're on facebook as well at the fantasy football overtime podcast, but that's going to wrap up today's episode. All right I gotta go countless bottlecaps. Let me know ice.

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