The Scho Bro Show, Part 2: Be Steelers GM Kevin Colbert for a night


And we're back pittsburgh steelers fans with part of the scarborough show we are running a live. Mock draft simulator. Just for fun trying to figure everything out and unfortunately we got to pick three and it was all over the place Which which was very not surprising. But if you have stumbled onto the audio only platform and you're listening to party right now. Like y are they at around four. Go back and check out part one i to see what we've where how we got here but so far the pixel we have in our mock draft simulator are round one nausea harris running back alabama round to asante samuel junior cornerback from florida state and round. Three camera mccrone linebacker michigan. Just it's what we ended up all right so now it's time to get down to these offensive line stuff that we were looking forward hoping that these players were still there. So let's see who still their own inter inter wilbur. Says take little here and he'll with the next one. These are easy ones hill. Is there still a number of those hill is still available. He is not the highest ranked interior offensive linemen. And if you're looking at offensive tackle. We still have. Hey what do you know. Top one walker little. So let's check in with the live chat. Do we want to take walker little here because the steelers pick where are the right now. We're at one twenty eight. They only pick twelve selections later where they have where they have their compensatory pick. So it's not like it's a long wait for the next one so people say little. Inhale inhale take little little little rich. I think we know who we're taking. Yeah let's take a little take little so here. We got people plays big. Yeah hope he plays a lot not a little so here. We go and walker little. According to us a pittsburgh steeler. So let's see what's going on. I'm watching trae. Smith just went so watching him go and hates steelers. Here go you know what are you now. We're back to the forty now after this one. Guess what we got a long time because you have no fifth round pick you gotta wait till six so right here. What do you know who do we have you. Scroll too far. What did it make sure. I was at the top. We have trail from georgia. Do it so here we go. They say walker is the live chat and agreement your hill cherry hill cherry hill hill. Hell and drag. We've got an agreement that i would draft him. So here's what we have our with five picks. You've got a running back. You've got to offensive lineman. You got a corner. You gotta linebacker so honest. The steelers go ahead rich. I kinda like kind of like that. If they'd have gone with something else in round three and then they still got what they got in five. I'd be happy with that as well. Being in four four and four. Yes well i met pick five round route four. Be sorry gotta say at four. Be so i mean this things rolling through now. Now when like chaba hubbard just went like one. Seventy three now is when we've really got a get down to it and look at what the steelers still need What's out there. We've got three picks left a six thousand to seven. so what. What do we do live chat. Let us know. What kind of positions are you looking for with these last three picks so we can start looking at it in some tight end. Okay we need to look at maybe a late wide receiver every go edge. Rusher things like that. i like. I didn't even click on edge. Rushers usually when i run amok usually taken one by now so those are some positions to look at. Well we are up to the steelers. Pick at number to sixteen. So let's see what we have. We have the top four under player. Rankings are all wide receivers and uc junior from hawaii. Oh my goodness butcher that one. I don't know if you can read it or not. I'm going to try 'em tour. How do you pronounce b h berry berry pay josh mature immature payday. Illinois marquette stevenson from houston deaths fitzpatrick wide receiver from louisville and the next one is wide receiver cornell pal from clemson and then we have an address. Garrett slinger land told he gave you the pronunciation. okay. I'm a toward baby. What you said. That's yeah then there's some edges than some other wide receivers. I'm gonna flip back from the player. Rankings to the predictive board just to see what they have going they have some safeties at the top k c right now. You're if you're looking at. Let's say safety wide receiver tight end edge. You got three picks so you're obviously not going to have one of them you've got i don't know man i've seen some people haven't divine diablo. The safety from virginia tech to the steelers. I've i've seen that places a jacoby stevens. The safety from lsu is available rashad. Weaver edge from pittsburgh. I don't know that that's a fit. Because i think i don't know if it shows that there there that he's more of a four three edge. Rusher chauncey golsen edge from iowa. He's another four three defensive end according to the draft network which doesn't necessarily always get these rights so Despots patrick from louisville wide receiver Don't think. I don't think it goes to running backs marlon williams from ucf wide receiver Shock a- tony. Tony tony since it's t. o. N. e. y. Edge rusher from penn. State he he's he's a he's a wide. He's a wide nine past specialists. They say and he would be like a rotational edge. Rusher cornell powell wide receiver from clemson. Did say no dave jerry. Siri bayan says at this point in time. We should take the worst quarterback available. We should go reverse psychology universe psychology There's another we gotta remember we gonna punter in the seventh round just for backbenches. No i'm someone trae mckinsey. Andrew embark what position. Hey we we. We got a super chat from me. I'm going to butcher this name. Johnny yes he probably did that just to make you say his name dollar ninety nine comment. Johnny put a comment in there. We'll bring up your next one. No matter what k- what would what what are we see some people say and say. Is it tony or toni. Edano from there they said oh mckinney is a tight end did look at tight ends. Let's let's just to see tight ends. He's gone he's gone. Yeah so. I think. I picked the last time i did. A simulator was. I picked a tight end at the very end of the draft. In the seventh round. Might have been from iowa. That may have been who he was. Not even sure So that that. I selected so the tight ends are. I don't know there's some of that grayson from smu. John bates from boise state. And those are the main two that are up there higher let me switch to their player rankings. The had none of them may have higher than rights than two forty-three and that's bates from boise state. I think you could almost have your noah gray from duke. I think is another one that i've seen. I could almost see that being a very last pick. You almost go tight end. What we thinking of looking at. Your prophesied a lot of stuff. Andrew wolmar brings up a defensive tackle. Honestly i with them having returning all seven from last year. I know all i was getting up there in age and stuff. I just don't know that that's the biggest need this year unless they unless they really love a guy that still there. And i don't and so i would be okay with the steelers doing that but i don't know what they're thinking with that right now if you know what i mean i don't you know it's exactly what i if you remember this show last year which you don't remember at all because you thought you didn't even remember that we did it. We have one. Alex smith is an option for a third round. Pick and i said when it comes to a small school player. I don't like to say that. I like them as much but if the steelers love them than i do i just don't know which one they're gonna fall in love with and So i wasn't ready to pull the trigger on him by tell you what shannon white shirt was So so so. What are we looking at. Someone says about maybe with tony. Tony or tony. Chaka edged up here. Yeah i'm seeing that. Get at depth chocolate tony. That could very well be Be a player. I mean there's some other guys here. But i don't know that they're the right fit so Never looked at chris. Rump the second from duke He's he's he's more of a four three guy from what i can see there so it looks like chaka. Tony might be fed. You think that's a pick right three to one. And he's a steeler so they were moving on. All the left is two picks a seventh round so the steelers. We've got three offensive three defensive. We've got running back interior offensive line and offensive tackle. We've got cornerback. Linebacker edge you. What a happy with that looking at it. So let me take my edge filter off here and just see year still got some my goodness still got some of the same wide receivers. From last time we still got from hawaii. We still got the guy. I can't say what was it Immature bay date sure. Stevenson pal from clemson man. You guys that were still there last time so the question is do you grab one of those. I mean. if they're still there the steelers pick again in one two three four five six seven eight in ten six nine tixx so chances are if if you wanna ride wide receiver you could wait to get one there Let's look at just for fun. Let's look at safety. Yup what's there for the top right now. Is john davis steelers. Pittsburgh saying i'm too enthusiastic. Look let me tell you. I hate mock drafts. i hate them. Dave said we were going to do this for the show tonight. And i almost wanted to just you know. Keep fishing fishing earlier. I was fishing. So i'm looking to see if the tight ends that we're gone yemen. Kitty was gone. Mckanie mckinney from georgia. He's been long gone. Yeah a lot of what. they're i think sean buyers one that took four there's one from. Nc state kerry alkaline. He seems to be more of a of a of a spread tight end. I don't know that that's what the steelers would be looking forward. They'd be looking for probably more of an inline tight end age back slot receiver. That will think that's the right fit for him. A sticker noah gray. The one that i looked at before where he was. He was a former quarterback. I think but he's not good for in line Honestly i could see the steelers go. And if they don't get a tight end. Because i don't think it's a great class. I could see tight and being a position that they use four as undrafted free agent. So we've got you picks here what's what's what's coming with the live chat Hold on the due west once. Fsu wide receiver to maureen Terry sorry okay Andrew leader one rock right tight. End from notre dame dimitrius says tight end Schoener or feral master. Plummets says luke feral issue andrew also asked his cornell son quinton lake available. I would have to look at the position. A luke feral is there. And so we're schoener if you're talking tight end they're also honestly they're going to be there on the next pick to i got i got Guira agreeing with west saying you know if terry's there i'd take him home okay which tear. Okay that's the wide receiver right. Yes from losing receivers To to do so he says sorry. I'm as i'm still trying to navigate. So i don't know this has been temer iranian terry or whatever. But there's a there's a lot of wide receivers that are that are up there. No actually available for the that were the top picks in round six and they're still there in around seven every single one of them so we have a super chat coming. Because i just saw it on my phone here. It is okay. We both don't have the same. all right. no no no no. No this is all you dave. Because it's takaharu. Yes i want to hear you set said. Why don't the steelers treat back. Multiple times picks the dolphins and jets have done I could see them doing that. I've i ran an article yesterday. That was the the steelers top five trade backs under kevin colbert of any round. And what's crazy only five since two thousand and tomorrow morning you will see the top. Five up's still curtain dot com. Your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers. So so what are we do. I like this one familiar noisy here. Dave pronounce his name. Have his name all the time. That would be funny. Yeah yeah so. I think we should hold off. Let's do tight end with the last pick. Because i think both of them will be available. So what what. What do we do here like Someone asked about carnell lake sunday night. Let's show drafted. I don't have anyone with the name. A was the first name you remember. Winton wouldn't q. I'm gonna spell ronchi. I n or the kiwi an anti and try that one he knew i n t i in georgia. There's a bunch of different ways as paul quinn. Nope not that way. About t n. I've seen that. Let's not worry about it then. I can't i can't find it. So boom we'll take that away. We'll take this away all right. We gotta make up. We gotta make a call k. Make the call. Terry terry terry okay. Andrew says they snubbed lake from their board. He checked so terry's the wide receiver from florida. State although i like the guy from illinois just to make you have to keep saying his name still trying to find terry you know what let's do it. I'm gonna try and say the first name all right terry wide receiver for state. He's steeler. All right we got a few more picks left and we're heading towards the end we're heading towards the end because the steelers they're close. They're close getting mr irrelevant. They're not to fifty six to fifty four jerry super chat all right go ahead. Well circa access to eteri. Yeah and and and we did. So we've got from the tight ends. We've got schoner from iowa state we've got farrell from ohio state we have other But these guys that you know you could see the steelers may be looking at honestly. Do you see the the steelers not drafting in ohio. State player now. What is it live chat. Do you think we should go. Feral okay anderson. Do i think we should go tight end. Just do it max duffy. Lot of people. Saying max duffy. So where mac stuffy. Let me come to it Who is max i dunno. I dunno stuffy down know either and it's only a couple a couple of tight ends at all. A lot of people are kinda starting to agree farrell. Probably a good picture. So i i'm just wondering who duffy is. That's what i would like to now. So ex partner from kentucky as much as we can do that too. I was like how do i know because it's fun to do that. To jeff but the guy with this. So we're going to go with Luke feral tight end ohio state and guess what. Our draft is complete. Finalizing your draft. So here we go. What am i doing. I want my pick my pick. So here's what the what we have for our final mock draft here that we did on this show we have running back nausea harris alabama. Twenty four we have cornerback. Asante samuel junior from florida state at fifty five. We have linebacker camera. Mma grown of michigan at eighty seven. We have walker little offensive tackle from stanford at one twenty eight. We have trae hill into your offensive linemen from georgia at one forty. We have shocked a tune. Tony was tony edge from penn state at two sixteen. We have to mess with the first name. Terry wide receiver florida state at two forty five and luke pharrell tight end ohio state at two fifty four that officially comes to a conclusion of what our picks are and this has been a lot of fun. It really s so. This is what i'm going to ask for the record. I hate mock drafts. I know what you mean. Because i'm like i know it's never gonna work out. Here's my question. I was gonna ask it but that would be player names. This is going to be simple because because because we have to have our final question that we always do with the rundown all. I got a good one. I mean i have one. Okay you have you say yours. I'll say buying and then we'll decide which will be like okay. Mine is from our mock draft. How many of them do you actually think the steelers and picking which is basically what i was going to say of our mock draft. How many do you think david. I got right. Yeah when i but all of us not right donates her yet okay okay. West has say with me. Tam or in timorean so people were putting the live chat too soon. I'm not going to bring it up but boo. There's the question. How many do you dump. The steelers actually pick last year. The answer was zero. We didn't get any of the right. But that's what happens with baca can i'd say that Mathematically speaking that would be good. Guess again this year. But i'm gonna say one robert says three zero says for michael malley says three skipped us. Tyler says the field. Sorry rose. that'd be fine. I was going to go zero. You said you said what you said. So i went sherry says to andrew says he thinks sammy was the only pick but it could even be around one. I'm not even seen in the right spot. I'm just saying any of the players Garett says to. George george testing eleven of a stick forty six to the beatrice. Sure says to. Stacey says six yeah. I'd be shocked if we got that many right where we gotta keep screenshot. That used to see how we did. So we'll cover that after draft and jose. Juan gonzales says one. i liked that one. Okay don't says one grown. That's the one that i wasn't sure that if people were happy that we picked him because there was a lot of a lot of different options there in route. Three kathy says zero west says to. I think early got sherry bike was hit against to george says one. He's a really. It's why i liked his eleven but yeah so Says three okay. He was he was. Pittsburgh won Dan berger says to Sherry says specifically harris and hill. I can see that to to do. Some of the people were putting some Patricia says three. Oh come on how could you. How could you skip marquis de. Oh he was there all the above de said all the above. Email this straight to colbert. We love you mark. we do with you. I'm sorry. I was looking for one that we're just numbers is Aj said three. Maybe four john says to jerry jerry band. First of all much responded to him on twitter. You say. I would really like to have a nice new brand new song that i could have by show like jeff. Hartmann god for his. Let's ride podcast jerry chair. And if you're not listening to the podcast you need to at least check out the beginning of beginning of him to hear jerry band music okay. Jeff has it and my static. Has it as well so well. Dave i want you to know. I might be working on a on a song for our show here We would just need some people to send it but We'll get we'll get jeff. I mean we could. Well we're delayed so that would be tough dirt. Derwin says for poor just says that she's late. She was at a grand three year old party. Happy birthday happy birthday. Yeah we need next week. I'm gonna be a year older. Yuck okay. I just realized that it'll be back to only four years younger than me instead. I'll i'll be paula. Malo says he's got colbert's email ready guys. This was a lot of fun. I like the interaction. I hope for you on the audio side that it wasn't too distracting as we were reading stuff. I was trying to do my best to read everything to make sure everyone felt included and whatnot Rich phantasm job of keeping it on the live chat for while i was scrolled ryan stop. I'm going back and look at it. I'm a little bit more satisfied with this draft. That i thought and i'm not a big all. Its draft. najah harris the first round guy. Honestly i'd be shocked if he gets miami. I really would But based on how it fill out. I thought it was pretty interesting. Pr pretty interesting. Well what do you have to say about rich. I hate mock drafts. i know what you mean. I know what you mean. I you think oh this would be pretty cool and then like last year we get zero. So that's not. I ended up liking our draft last year. So i went about that either. Yeah so we did ended up going with dobbins because that's what everyone wanted to take him around two and then that didn't happen so lots of fun. We'll keep bringing you all the stuff that we can leading up to the draft. We've got two more shows of the scarborough show before the nfl draft. It's really close. It's it's a huge event. It's i mean these are players that you're gonna get to cheer for the black and gold that when the steelers take them. It really is when you think about it the whole thing. It really is exciting. And then you have these guys that you think. Oh yeah they'd be a great pittsburgh steelers a detroit lion but it is how it s but lots of fun. Thanks again so much for everyone that helped out with this and We will be back again next. Tuesday can't wait to go fishing the next time.

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