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Today's episode of the watch is brought to you by Zoro Dot Com shopping for business. You'll find the supplies. You need at Zoro DOT com. That's Z. O. R. O.. Dot Com. Tom Edsall tool safety in office. Items cleaning supplies and more in One Stop and Zorro has great brands like Milwaukee Tool prestone three M. and proto the visit Zoro dot com Zeo are dot com slash. Watch and sign up for C.. Mail to get fifteen percent off. Zoro DOT COM all. You need to make your business go. They walk now. Hello and welcome to the watch. My Name is Chris Ryan I an editor at the rear dot Com and join me in the studio with a whole new appreciation mission for milk. It's how I learned so much less than what a night. What a night for Hollywood Hollywood's biggest night? Hey Green won't what's up and happy Monday. Monday free to see is here with us today. The day after the Oscars we're GONNA be talking about the Oscars the Oscars broadcast the winners the losers losers. Not Not. There's a winner. Hollywood air is thick with the aroma of so chew. Given the way Greenwald today I wish people could see you'd think he was morning. Nineteen seventeen not not what it's more than I've just been like an duck blind date. We became like what have we really super morbid about nine hundred seventeen winning. It's great for parasite but when are we going to properly venerate England's greatest generation in film So we're GONNA talk a little bit about the Oscars or a lot about the Oscars and then we'll talk about last night's episode of the outsider. What's called the? was that the one about yiddish cheers. Yiddish vampire I believe the tier drinker was a couple of weeks. AGO is literally the one about the vampire are thing about. Is that a friend's joke. Rich Guy Ritchie price. Not Known for the LULLS. You know what I mean. Yeah but he's sneaking in some some funny Shit Richard Price's work. Yeah but that's not what he's that's not what he's known for So I think he's sneaking seeking some of his best work into the episode titles he did a Little Korea work on caddyshack. Now show you know that caddyshack to remember there was a caddyshack too. I do at some point. Jonathan Silverman was in that at some point Jonathan Silver Medal. I was GONNA say it's important I think I'd like I thought caddyshack to was caddyshack. Because when you're young you don't know yeah and they just show caddyshack too. You're like Oh this is like. Is there zero. First caddyshack that I kept up for Mannequin to. Yeah Continuing Chuck Taylor. That's that's another Silverman Banger. I'm just saying it might be an Silverman and McCarthy were together and weekend at Bernie's right because so you're saying Silverman was always slipped in later. You Know Charlie schlatter fits into this too. Yeah because he's the second for Ferris Bueller right bears Taylor right. Wow this is good stuff. This is the best podcast of nineteen ninety one. Actually I feel like we've always been the best have. Let's talk like a little bit about the two thousand Twenty Oscars. Obviously the big picture went. Live last night you guys can check that out. They got into it. I haven't listened to that yet but I hope half of that podcast odd cast. Is Sean just luxuriating. In the fact that the Oscars finally took his note and had people introducing people to introduce other people and then in the middle of it. They were like you know people love most about movies songs. I WanNa talk about that but great. They did a great job breaking down. Just how how historic last night was a lot of different reasons and then ringer dish also did the kind of more of the pop culture gossip the red carpet looks to the so you know the funny connections between celebrities and Air Sea. She'd listen to bring addition big picture. But you can also listen to the watch because you're listening to it already if you've gotten this far let's talk about the broadcast a little bit before we get into say and everything else what for para say and what a huge night for music. Finally Use Music's biggest night a so. I was watching it last night and I just I just Kinda like cool obviously opening with the music number. That's not sure not that weird and then I think what midway through I realized that the they were doing a full presentation performance of each each best song nominee which they which is. We're not doing the usual. Someone walks out and says two men running across war-torn Belgium Belgium or France before versus for yes and Evanston. No it's ninety seventeen and it's right you do introduction and then they show a montage from the best picture films. They did not do that. No they. Didn't celebrate the best pictures of the year throughout the the biggest state movies yet. They celebrated John and Randy Newman and Adina Menzel and Gracie mets. And all of. It wasn't nominated for anything and was like a make good on something that what happened in two thousand and two or three. There were a lot of choices like that. You know I do think in shoutouts to our fearless leader. Bill Simmons here I do think the Oscars or the academy deserve common sense because they always try to mess with things that are working just fine like announcing the nominees and showing a short clip of their work before giving them the trophy. Yes and this year's innovation was we're going to edit and they were very well edited. I thought quite cleverly edited a montage of all. The performance is flowing into each other. Some sort of visual cinematic okay. Kind of dialogue going on in those and then they come out of it and then they're like the nominees are it's like we know that is an extra four five minutes every every time that you could. Maybe the thinking was. We don't need to show montages or clips from the movies because we're showing them in the actor things but he also did a montage of just just cool songs in movies from across the decade. That's the stuff that I always rail against but Sean is all the way out there on the hill but he has chosen to die on which may be the same hill called mountain. I love montages. He loves montages about things in movies. Do Yeah that's nonsense other nater. We spending doing that though. What other are we? Spending watching. People give trophies actors like it's the Oscars anyway let let's take it one step back so yes the opening I love First of all I love her. Second Great Performance Great Energy a lot of fun third great great great great. Pr For as Male Corp Considering Gentleman starring in season two of homecoming. That's great look for them. But I just WanNa throw something out here. When the dancing jokers came out? Yeah I was like Jonas era face are we. We sure about this because there is a lot of people on stage there are a lot of characters or or dancers representing movies that were not at all represented has ended in the nominees. Yes which I kind of can get dancing. Pope's for the two popes. They didn't because that movie was represented had dolemite's that's right they had midsummer's they had us you know From the movie us it wasn't donated. I my goal today is it gets you way out on a pier talking about stuff. You haven't seen Oh I'm so golden today you have no idea. is you confident I as you think now all you have to do is watch watched one movie a year I nailed it. I took a look at the great buffet of discourse and culture. And I was like no. Oh I know what I want that parasite that's all I want. I Want Ramadan when a big bowl and I just slurped it all up. Yeah I was full. I never watch any other movies from twenty nineteen seriously not going to watch any of those other movies ever. I'll watch a little women that's it. You Watch once upon a time in Hollywood. You're not going to see finish as Steve. Martin said Season One or Chris Rock's season one of Irishmen. Probably get back to it. Yeah I do want to see this one movie. You watched one fucking everything. Yeah which is maddening. Last night was my greatest. So it any. We're talking about music montage. It was just like. Are we sure because I think the thing that has been pursuing the The to the Oscars white whale doing this analogy backwards. This is rob lowe singing and dancing with snow. White in the opening of the nineteen eighty seven Oscars right so anything that is remotely like that. I'm like you just gotTa Watch that right. So dancing jokers was was on the Snow White scale that was close. And then you know in other people pointed this out. Steve Martin and Chris Rock or delightful. They were funny Enjoyed their presence. I enjoyed their amiable loose hand on the steering wheel. But you know what they were hosting. Yeah so you didn't need both. Yeah it's just bizarre this non hosting thing like maybe maybe this was an example of the academy being like you say that they're always not worth it so here you go okay. We've learned our lesson. Give us a host bring a host back. So you're pro host one hundred million percent provost I I. I'm watching this again. As a non SINOPHILE I. I am watching this partially as broadcast experienced and has a show and I liked to know that someone so I'm curious when guys George MCI show up. Yeah and they're like I'm George George Takei at. I'm here to introduce the next person who's going to present a word. I had no idea that was first of all. He looked precarious in the balcony. Yes I thought he was going to tumble backwards. Yeah you ever get that feeling when you go to like against like city field or dodger stadium and you're like I could fall into Peterson's arms right now to the Barclay Center. Because they started started building these things they wanted a smaller footprint and they go straight out and they go straight up and we went. I think with With Sean Fantasy I think to to a nets game I remember his net sixers. There's a couple of years ago and I experienced deep vertigo. Yeah it is very so completely darkened Barclay Center. Yeah it's really weird. They do theater lightings lightings. You're just like I'm in. I am in the dark very high up above Spencer dinwiddie. And it's or. It's a Caucasian chalk. Circle being perform it is unclear a similar experience anyway Me Redraw my own Caucasian chalk circle to discuss the Oscars. Yeah so there's a dude in the balcony or have I've never heard of and I thought maybe he was like an access Hollywood host. Yes or the bachelor. Yes Yeah No. He's in nineteen seventeen great. Yeah but then. I figured that out because I realized allies that he was a blandly handsome British guy. I've never seen before. So I assume that he was running out of the trenches sending you put on his costume from that movie. Today came to work as a tribute to my new. You favorite actor on the way here actually to get to the studio in time. I tossed my keys to Timothy Charlemagne so he could park my car. What a windbreaker? The guy that was choice so yeah I'm pro host. I'm one hundred percent pro host and it was. It was strange to bring out to people who have hosted before four and could have done it again to give us the good host vibes as opposed to making an argument of why we don't need one which which fell apart. But here's my case hosts know. Okay Yeah if you want a hyper efficient Oscars which they do anyway but if you wanted to imagine an Oscars that came in at two and a half hours or two hours even right Don't have a host. Just get right into the awards. Do It 'cause there was a point last night when they were really burning through those first few inter categories. And you're like this is great. This is I feel really moving. And then obviously slows down on a lot and I don't mind it slowing down for Crafts and below the line awards hand for doc shore an animated short and those are always actually some of my favorite moments. Yes as you never know and not only. Do you get to see people who are actually making these movies. Get Award but it really shows the sense of community that exists both out in Los Angeles but in the wide world of the film community in the thing I object to is bending over backwards for the sixth shot of Billy Irish and then and a three person introduction to get to Eminem. And you're just like why are we. Why are we doing loose yourself in two thousand and twenty this is just obscene? Kind of us. OAT befell tune being like. Here's my hero. TV's mindy failing bizarre it was such a fascinating Oscars because this this was in many ways the one that we've been waiting for and I don't mean I mean literally we in the sense that I've been talking about are covering in some fashion whether we do after after show or whether we'd been podcasting about it for eight eight years now much more casualties than big picture. Obviously Oh yes now. But but We did rent Tuxedos a few years ago this there for basically where insider and this was the one we didn't. We do live show after Lal and moonlight and you had left or something anything like that no there that yes somebody leave for that and then like it was like Oh my God. Should I come back. I don't remember I don't remember you were there though I I'm. I'm committed to covering film from all angles. Yeah mostly the outside and this is what we wanted. This was the Oscars that people sort of dreamed about the one one where people feel really good about the outcome. We're genuine moments of not just of Excitement and happiness and surprise for new winners being anointed. Because that's something that people really like. There was such a feeling of as you said film community. Pretty you know I mean bonds speeches were just so genuine and moving and wonderful but not just for what they were what they said about him but for the way he connected the dots. What's talking about? I mean obviously. The headline moment of the whole evening was when he said the quote the motivated him and said that it was a scorsese quote as their beaming. Excuse as he loves his movies too and and he loves this idea that community so we it gave us everything that people actually want from an Oscar show but because you can never count on on that it was built to be this same lumbering kind of hybrid. That can't count on anything. That can't count on delivering the moments it needs to deliver so at Lord's it with stuff that it hopes other people might want. If you'd stripped away all the extra stuff that they put in you would have had yes. He would have had the lean. Show people talk about you but you also would have had the engaging exciting I mean we're just say word like fulfilling but people felt really like I think people felt joy watching watching this show whether it was from Laura dern speech after winning for a long time seeing a movie star like Brad Pitt finally get us first acting Oscar. Hit all the notes and taking Silo Sivan Five and watching Joaquin Phoenix come back to that. Yeah but it hit all those notes and then billy I listen eminem Elton. John also hit many notes. Yes they did there. There was a moment I saw on twitter. I think it was at the Parasite Party where the director of portrait of a lady on fire. Selene Chioma went up to director bone. And she I said I'm going to paraphrase but it was like you did it and this changes everything and it's everything from going from foreign language film to international feature and and the idea that there is a more of a global there should not be this as as Banga said this one inch line at the bottom of the film. That is somehow a wall that people can't see. Oh yeah in terms of understanding and also that there is this international community of film that and these movies are as important as anything you see in your multiplex and that it doesn't. It's not that hard to go find them. And especially in the case of parasite it's been a wonderful. It's wonderful to see that movie v become kind of a phenomenon and I've seen it to all these people who I work with who I think are being introduced to cinema through parasite which is is really cool. I WANNA go check out more of his movies. I want to check out other movies like it. I WANNA find out what movies I haven't been seeing because you know this is a gateway movie this is GonNa be a gateway eight way movie for a Lotta people also. The world is so much smaller now. We have access to everything. You don't have to do what we learned to do in high school. which is like go past the first few racks Taylor? Video store in center city Philadelphia to discover something. Yeah and then feel as proud but protective of it as we would have a a seven inch that we bought. Yes at reba records. This is a world is interconnected and Gwen Tarantino has supported parasites supported bungs films and movies in his career and of course he's influenced by Scorsese because he has access to those movies and vice versa. And you know Khloe Zhao. Who did The writer years ago born in Beijing is making a marvel movie. There is a flip side to the thing that we often talk about. which is that you know? Oh Star Wars isn't going to do well long-term because it doesn't play well in China The flip side of it is. Is that all movies. These are global now in all movies in instead of only thinking about that in cynical terms like Because the Chinese company invested a lot into transformers than it has to be very positive. Is it about the regime. Whatever there's a flip side to it yes it means that all movies are going everywhere all the time and talking to each other in a way? That feels instantly exciting. Yeah and and opens opens the aperture super wide. And it's really how it makes me enthusiastic honest. I mean this is why I think when you see people flipping out in videos that they posted on twitter after the awards were announced. I don't think people overreacting for me to say it for sure. Yeah but I but I I feel that I feel a version of that same thrill. Also it's not just a it's not empty feel-good movie that one in the past where it's like. Oh Man Dan. That's so great that we got the like whatever like it's like like I think before it obviously became like completely toxic the the campaign and the idea of green book was can we. You know there's just like a harmony even back in in the civil rights era and it's just like this is if we could just connect with each other in this way and see pass our differences. Isn't that great. And that was the idea. Abide I gotta be Honest Union. See Green Book I at everything that happened with green thought. Did you see remarkable thing about parasite is that it was rewarded for actually capturing a moment yes is this world right now. The the the I was absolutely does that happen. I knew I wasn't alone with it. I assumed that all the field good parts were over and nine hundred seventeen would win and again. I haven't seen it so I am actually pure in this argument. I'm not saying it's good or bad means a masterpiece but I assume nineteen seventeen would win because it is a backwards looking movie. Yes not in a pejorative sense. It is literally a period piece is about something that already happened. And the one thing that you can generally count on the Oscars to do is reward Hollywood's own insensitive itself in its own sense of place in a vision of the world the way it used to be. It's a safer safer bet yet. Why acting awards generally go to people? Doing imitations of other actors. Here's our famous people because again it's it's it's pointing the camera backwards in a way. That feels easy to digest more universal. I just just safer in so many ways and and there were nine nominees this year. How many did I just chewed him? But are any of the other nominees about twenty only nineteen or twenty twenty literally about it. There's parts of little women that are that are today and the Labor struggle going on in Irishman have residents today and everybody in the Irish get divorced baby. Hey you know what I mean that. That might be the only one but the but the Irishman in particular like that of course is about right now because it is about the barnes where Sese as collaborators and looking backwards in age. And it's you know the first few episodes that I saw were magnificent but but my point being parasite is so electric about right now. Yes and about class and culture and tension Shen and technology and it's radical that at one for that reason I mean 'cause I mean not just green book like the artist won best picture picture a silent film from about about a French actor. Barry won best picture right. It's the academy is usually about moral victories. Victories it's about Martin. Scorsese winning for the departed after not winning for so many masterpieces that came before. It's about hurt locker beating Avatar. You know even though I don't Oh really no of hurt. Locker has gone is been canonized no but that actually might be the last example hurt locker and moonlight of the only other examples. I can think of that felt current current. Yeah I think her locker immolates case but obviously to a much lesser extent. There's almost something sad about the best picture coming last. It's it's why it was so great to see parasite go on this run. Because the night became about parasite the night became. Look at all these people. You could see a genuine affection and actual actual like satisfaction in the crowd and online and people watching at home. We're like yes you want screenplay yes you want director. Can you believe this is is happening. It was like watching a team. Put together four quarters of like a game but yeah for her locker and moonlight felt like last second shots and it was like Holy Shit does he. Under the game and it was like okay. Then Kathryn bigelow is like I won best picture. And that's it. You know what I mean or or they go go up on stage and that chaos of land and moonlight and they're like okay one and it's over and only the only thing people want to talk about is the accounting error but this was actually a coronation ring. Low won best director for her locker. But I totally agree with. You is generally even if you you have a run like a momentum of a film you know generally then it reverts at the end rounded over directors before actor and actress regime so yeah like it gets the last half hour or so okay so for as much as this was the parasites I mean it. It's still exciting and I love. That people felt good about it. And it's so funny because the night as a whole was kind of at war with itself because so much of it was about the academy's failings in presuming the worst and obviously Lee. The terrible reflection of the industry is not at all diverse. Those present in the nominees in that became the story. You know obviously Steve Martin Chris. Rock were poking fun at themselves to Natalie Portman outfit on the red carpet with her gallons embroidered with the names of all the women directed films. Who are snubbed? Yep to to to the the producers of the show to their credit filling the stage with as many people of Color and certainly not as many women as possible in all these different categories almost make up for the fact that the voting the voting block. The voters did not do that is shown in the nominating process. So is at war with itself and that it. I didn't go the way everyone thought I mean every year. It's almost it's hackneyed at this point. Yeah for the coverage of the Oscars to be about Oscar's not just Oscar so wipe it Oscar so old. And they're always these variety or Hollywood reporter stories of the unnamed Oscar crank. It was just like I met Judy Garland and whoever plays her deserves an award. We didn't happen rarest. Here's the one. Yeah so someone who's old must've liked it. Yeah some of the New People in the academy must have been responsive is he's also the thing about parasite really good fucking move. It's so good and like everybody you know it's it's Everybody who sees it is like Oh this was like that's not a Chore To Watch that movie. It's not like homework. You know it's it's a thriller as a comedy it's it's it's hitchcock in but it's also you know it's about it's got all these different layers it's got elements of Ernst Lubitsch in it. It's just so great and I think that that's part of what made such a a great night. So for all the celebration where we're doing of the Oscars anointing something new. I do think it's worth saying I am not immune to this. I I also like I think many people I love it when people get get their chip. You know if you're you're doing sports analogy like you and I were really really happy that Andy Reid won a super bowl after you're wasting most of our youth urging him yeah Coach the eagles like there is something it's arbitrary and it's silly and it's not about us but there is this collective experience that we all have. I was GONNA say going to the movies not something I often do anymore. But being a consumer of culture in loving entertainment people grow up with you've watched rise and fall and rise again get welcomed into Valhalla and so- Brad Pitt. Who I forgot did win one for moonlight right for producing twelve years later? He he's an Oscar winner doesn't actor out and I love that Shit. Yes that's great like there is some like there's just something kind of amazing about the way it goes and you were talking before about. How of course as he won for the departed or or Leo one for the revenue like are? Those was the movies that they should have one for. I don't know anybody who would say yes. But it's kind of Nice. There's nothing it's not that the revenue or the department is good or bad is much as it's it's just amazing that we are talking about five time Oscar winning makeup their makeup votes in a way because the the the the everything shakes shakes out a certain way and that's the moment and there's the momentum but it was great like you know there are many reasons to like Brad Pitt. Many people describe them in right about them. Mike Calling Card is the Marc Maron podcast but in general he just seems like a very decent guy and there are genuine moments still in this world. And you know he's he's won every word leading up to this. This wasn't a surprise. There are people you know chatting online about. Who's writing his speeches? Because they're all very charming and lovely and he knew he was going to win. He's been gracious this Blah Blah. But you could see the moment. Hit Him in real time and he got emotional when he said the stunt person stuff and it was very moving because as he said like he he did do this all of a sudden. You're standing on that stage looking out doing the thing that you probably practiced doing in your high school bathroom mirror before you even came to Hollywood yeah. I often practice in my mirror. Just feel like you know. I think you do the academy. I you better not snubbed me. It's moments like like that. Are are great and Laura dern also like who you know has had such a long and varied career to at this point in her life just become a mean Lord and like the most is universally beloved woman is wild. It's such a bizarre career. I think that's great. What did you think about a big walk energy? That was weird one. Yeah like I'M GONNA put my finger in the wind here and say that too complicated wind for this dude. I remember a really really did it. As as watching the show last night with everybody's actor and he and I are both Spiga. Did some time in the hardcore punk rock scenes means of the of the ninety s okay and it reminded both of us of being at those shows like you know like like Vfw Hall. Yeah and you know aband- would finish like a savage breakout in the bosh pit would settle for a second and the guy would then lecture you about animal rights for for for ten minutes and you just Nick Okay and then you know then they would go back into their like post hardcore screaming but it kind of had that vibe where you're like I I e he is obviously done this speech like a variation of it at like five or six times. He's obviously really committed to it. There was a lot happening in. I've I've never met the man. He might be lovely. He might be a scoundrel see said about himself in his own speech. I would say that it was. It was a walking walking Phoenix performance in speech. which is he is? A ball of kinetic energy that can be harnessed for almost any purpose Whether it is lawful good chaotic evil. Whatever He is just sure almost onscreen as pure it is pure energy energy One of the most incredible and physical actors that I can ever remember watching his performance in the master Mr still like it so intense it's unreal s performance and from those who have seen joke even people who don't like it. I think if you you so you can probably get a lot of what people are talking about from the images and I mean and even people who don't like the movie you can't fault his commitment and his performance and his ability and without guardrails or without a script or director you get. I think this is. This is what you get and so I was kind of a wild ride that speech because I was like okay I could feel people wanting to be into it and being like maybe. Maybe we're gonNA going good job. I think it was one of those situations where I read a couple of things where it sounded like backstage or like in the press corps. It was a little like Oh shit strap in whereas says there was some reports that in the room and the Dobie people were like. Speak your truth it was the I mean. Obviously there's a lot of affection for at least as his performance if not the person because he is swept the he sweatshirts. He's well he's a great actor. He deserves awards for his acting But that speech speech was the Stefan of Oscar speeches had everything it had it had milk it had cancelled culture. Yeah it had a loving tribute to his late brother. Yeah I mean it was a it was a ride. It reminds you a little bit ultimately of the chick-fil-a commercials reds when the cows would be like eat more chicken you know what I mean like. I think-i I think. That was probably like what he was going. He believes in the rights of chickens. Too though I think in our full like it's you WanNa talk about it. Listen I kept. was he talking like basically he was just like we have the technology just like we can just make fake. Why why not have non sentient NEAT? He is a shareholder in the impossible. company wouldn't be surprised. Would I would be surprised. Do you think that guy's aware of like his shareholdings did he like watches this portfolio. Yeah you do yeah I do you guys have business managers. That's why the business manager. Oh yeah but like. She's so ethical ethical. He'll be like note canvas three percent growth this quarter of my g or GT F. O.. Okay here's the thing you know you and I are very close. We're were in regular contact with one another even if we're not seeing each other where we're sending messages and the like but received a bit but we do but we also like having different Sundays yesterday. We weren't we weren't. We weren't texting a lot. I know I got rained out at the course during my I feel for you the thing that broke the seal On our communication last night was the for me. Yeah Caveman lawyer. Moments being like is that Rooney Mara next to him. That's happening happening. which celebrity couple are you more thrown by Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix Lawrence? PUGH and Zach Braff and a moment I knew about the latter one okay which thrown by I think I was legitimately surprised. The Rooney Merrill was was with Joaquin Phoenix. But that feels okay to me. I've I'm learning to live with it. they're both Intense and committed people bill. So maybe they you know they joy Kale Salads together. Yeah that's fine. I support that the other couple. You mentioned there is a zagging flow who decade plus gap. Yes seem these ghastly the age gap in Zach Braff in Florence. PUGH is old enough to buy alcohol to that. Seems extreme. But that's why this isn't the podcast where we comment on that too much. So I was I I was. I thought that was wild. I love learning things. But you you've known about this for a while now out there uh-huh yeah because they were. I think they're in the. I think they got together a while ago. I've seen them in the mix for a while my favorite low key cut. We're just broadcast wise. Last night was joaquin finishes. The speech finishes strong finishes with reference a river and people are feeling it it cut to Rooney Mara and she did a kind of like a mini like she. Yeah that was that was good. My favorite cut aways were definitely all the people. People nodding their head to lose yourself. Go digging it or just being like. I think I'm on camera so I need to sort of present some sort of this like familiar areas. So we're just wrapping along Eisley. Lose yourself I still know all the words Spaghetti combat by ideals her head. That was the best I do want to talk. Ah Did you see I also really respected. Obviously people don't need to respect Brad Pitt. More but when Janelle MONAE was asking for audience participation got into it he did the first one and and then she was so surprised. He didn't want she started to give the mic again and he just said I'm good. He did the first one's free which I really respect. It didn't a very casual way okay. Eight side note for me just my Telegram from Downington island cheeses. Are we gonNA talk about this. That was fantastic the frozen into so. Here's the thing you need to know Chris. All that time we weren't talking yesterday and you were you know you were sipping Arnold Palmer's dress like Arnold Palmer waiting for the of clouds to part they never did You know I spend my morning watching frozen to again. No no no. It's not on demand or I would have been. We listened listened to the soundtrack or songs on the soundtrack in Spanish Japanese Mandarin Thai German Italian French Mahlum and more because because you knew that performance that was actually what we did did yesterday so my younger daughter is obsessed with it and is particularly obsessed with it in Spanish. She loves in Spanish the oscar-nominated Song Muccio Ma For example Big Big a lot of burn in our household. It's almost I think because she frozen soundtrack is one thing I in two soundtrack is another thing but if you listen to to them in multiple languages it's like whole new things so she loves it as like a doorway to be like. I think I might WANNA learn Spanish. She's two and a half right so that we're not starting young. We're not talking Waldorf method or not year okay but it actually was kind of fun to realize that I if we could have. I know you'd love this when you're out next time. The person whose job it is at Disney to get the songs in the raw song data from the Lopez Andersen's and it's just like okay. We got a fan out across the globe. Now we've got to translate this shit because these songs are clever and they rhyme and we've got to translate them into God knows how many languages and then find the singers. Didn't love German. Olaf going to be honest with the full revisit. My point being then they did this and I thought that was actually a nice tribute to the fact that okay. I'm GonNa Bring Watch this. Watch this landing the point we were making about Global Cinema Rings. True even here. Yeah Daddy's NYLAND. I thought that was a good performance. Great job because she was in that other movie. I didn't sign cut gems baby. He didn't see it but she's in that. Yeah Yeah No. I thought that that was really moving. Where you house your Zellwegger stockholding up you check your portfolio recently? I'm hedging aging a little bit shelter. Glad she she seemed like she you know I am I. My Wife Watches Judy yesterday. Before the the Oscars I did not what I read. Kem Nunn's tapping the source and took an out but it must be nice must be nice silky me that ride. That was one the one ward where I felt like. What planet are we on like? Where where's the world in? Which no-one Seen Dean Judy Right? She just one every the lady next me on the plane the other day. Oh really watching it on the plane or was she just like you gotTa Watch. She's like I've Seen Judy. It is watching Yeah that was the one where I was just like do better. I is interesting. Shawna and I will say this face. Sean was tweeting. Yesterday's what's the strange him that one I from again from my father outside perspective I wasn't surprised by that at all. Because if you that montage montage. You're talking about that. They did before each award. They showed clips of the each nominated performance. If you had taken that that little Montage and shown it to academy voters it in five year increments going back into the sixties All of them could pick out the winner instantly which which which which movie which was the winning performance. It's just it's pizazz. It's I'm doing thing. Yeah but I don't know that Judy Garland really resonates a little. Like I mean I think ten twenty years ago. Maybe it's more like I garland man like but now it's just like okay. The I mean. Look there there's a couple things here like if again the the roles that women get in Hollywood in the ways that they're promoted no doubt. Is majorly different. I mean if you look at the nominees for best actor and the things that they're doing and then you look look at something like no one's GonNa believe what I'm saying. 'cause I haven't seen these movies but I do think the point stands yes. I understand the other than Cynthia. Revoke who you and I love and I would love to see her inherited. I bet that was a great performance. She doesn't give bad performances but something like again unseen Scarlett Johansson's performance which seems from the clips amazing dial in emotionally true story in marriage. Endgame but she is not should pretty good but she's not the joker you know what I mean. She's not In aging mob hitman. I mean those parts are flashier than someone who's doing emotional reactive powerful work so judy garland. It is the joker of that category. Essentially that performance I gotta say with no shares in that company Zellwegger in one of the wildest Hollywood careers in our lifetime. Because getting cast in Jerry Maguire was like a thing For those of us who who were podcast yet but like subscribed entertainment we gravy line. These movie line that was like the most coveted part for a minute and it was given to an unknown an actress. She's just I mean yeah it should basically been she indeed back would she is she s. I think she's in a couple of smaller things. She was like an empire records. It's you know I think that came later and it doesn't matter you're right but she'd done very little and she got this huge you deliver the came along with it doesn't fit any necessarily stereotypical all star trajectory with her. You know whether the way she looked or whether her performances or her acting style and has put together this not just successful twenty five year career but has one to Oscar and owned a franchise to its and then disappeared for a while and then just ghosted. Yeah it's so unlikely. Weekly and pretty awesome. Yeah Respect Zoe's Let's take a quick break and when we come back we'll talk about last night's outsider. Yes today's episode SORTA watches brought to you by simply safe. Your local police department probably receives a hundred calls a night from burglar alarms and usually have no idea whether the arm is real. All the alarm company can tell them is the motion sensor off simplisafe. Home Security is different. 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That's simplisafe dot com slash watch All right we're back. Let's talk a little bit about outsider before we get out of here I think that was the best episode. Since the first to last night last night's directed by Karim Kasama and it was essentially the merge point where fire holly place in the Areva who we obviously saw the Oscars holly brings all of this hard reporting on essentially myth if and legend. She's like this is by all accounts by everything I can kind of discern real shit and she brings it back to Ralph and the people all right. What's the name of the ties at Peachtree Cherokee City Cherokee city? That's right Oh it's patriots any of these strip bar Turkey city and people were forced to confront like what if they are willing to believe in the world and I thought the mixture of the you know the conversations between people like Ralph and Holly Glory and and everybody combined combined with just like a little bit of turning the dial on tempo and pacing intention especially culminating with the last scene which I thought was just phenomenally shot staged and just like the little things like you know why like this happens on the bus winds up mattering when she gets in the car. I don't you know her nerves or there and I just thought it was a fantastic episode of fantastic show the only criticism I really have is. I thought that she was going to unload all the truths and observations have been uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for people to hear up to including white. Is No one in Georgia. Have a southern accent. It's if this motherfucker over here you know what I mean like. That is the enduring mystery of the show that I respect. Sure at this point I cannot see this cleanly enough only Jack as a southern accent on Ios archea on on the show the outsider set in Georgia. No one else. Yeah none of the other police. None of the longtime residents know so again. I can respect that but joking aside. I love the show I just fully unadulterated love the show. I love watching it. I'm excited for new episodes. I do not feel even the slightest yearning to be doing something else during it which you know in our scattershot society happens even things that nominally door I'm so drawn in captivated. And just it's it's pleasurable you know and and it it strikes such a fascinating balance because it's unlike a lot of things that I've I've enjoyed in the past few years because it's tension can be intense. You know its its. Severity can be intense emotional stuff that it was playing with last night is stuff that I generally really don't like watching. It's hard to watch Particularly about putting children in peril or talking about children being emotional distress. Just that's just a tough tough beat. Yeah ret I love it but I I know but this is why people tune into this podcast for you know the heat and Yang of of of discourse. That's right so but I right because I trust the whole enterprise I'm able to compartmentalize it. Enjoy it for the entertainment that it is the further I get from last night's episode which was masterfully directed elected by crank Osama director of the invitation. And if you haven't seen that or destroyer should definitely check either this movies out because they're both phenomenal acts in both different different ways yeah. I think that it's actually even more impressive than I thought when I was just watching it because now that I've had a few hours to pack it last night's episode may have been the most challenging challenging to pull off because yes you did bring all the characters together and did build to you know some pretty exquisite tension There was there. was there through the whole episode but really really started to feel like it was about to pay off in potentially terrible ways. This the thing you're mentioning bringing all the characters together is busy work. You know what I mean. This was a connect the dots episode. If you actually see past a lot of the style not just because it had to bring people together who hadn't been on the screen together but because it required the this is the it was guilty of episodes you required the cool procedural part to be combined combined with a hot hot meat. Yeah of the supernatural which is not which is the shows you know the tension point and in order to pull it off successfully since we've kind of philosophy episodes or at least I was GonNa say we've been from we've been in hallways Pov. But really I think since the audience knows we're going more in that direction we you start to be more on her team at least things that she's roadway too we don't doubt her Because of that it required the other characters whom we like like Ralph to really reset in a way in his hardline skeptics to the point where there were moments early on where there are two identical draw lines lines and the sort of yeah Richard price character or a cop. Character is always going to be skeptical. That's the nature of that job. But he was he was he would refuse to admit that these were even the same so you think about like the acknowledgement of that of that. Being the case means he got an innocent guy killed. You know and that's and you could make the argument that the power of this bogeyman cocoa character would would eventually overtake everybody anyway but Ralph's sort of strident like cuff them in front of everybody. Yeah all that setting that domino that the the those dominoes to fall like he's confronting he doesn't want this to be the case 'cause he wants probably somewhere in the back of his mind to think. My detective work did not get an innocent man killed and destroy family. I agree with you and I think Ben Mendelsohn performance is getting better earn better because he is carrying the weight of all that I appreciated Appreciated that the show didn't think it was too good to remind minded a couple of things particularly in the therapy scene when they just spell out that he shot a kit you know. He's carrying that weight character. The actor is never let that leave his performance. And but it's important to be reminded that sometimes when we're chasing Bogeyman literally through the Midwest that that the Kitty Haiti shot Oliver had a name was essentially teenager and was the same age as his son. So the resetting of all that helps I think in terms of the the point. You're making. Yeah but I did. You'd think just as collectively episode to the next did sons feel like a hard reset a skepticism because they were very supportive of what she was doing And as as we just agreed like the show is kind of veered more towards. She's not making it up right so to suddenly present the characters that we've come to be fans of as attack not antagonist but obstacles. But it relax that not awfully well over the course of the episode and bringing all the way back the style with which it was directed in the confidence and just our understanding of physical space between characters not just framing but building up to that shot in the car. Yeah you know the proximity between between Jack and Holly and dropping the wet wipes and him leaning over knowing how he feels about physical intimacy and presence and then using that I think it was a drone shot overhead of the car turning earning. I mean it was so effective. Let's just briefly here. Let me see if we're on the same page about what the hell is happening. Okay so so to me there are you can read. There's a lot of really there's red threads and everything you can read recaps like you can figure this out. I'm just trying to China. Actually it'd just just be like what I'm seeing unscreened more than anything I've done a ton of reading about this But there are basically like next and doubles in the right. There are people who get the neck wound and they seem to be the ones who almost like facilitate their the physical slaves of the evil spirit right and then the Evil Evil Spirit essentially inhabits doesn't inhabit or evil spirit basically clones a person evil spirit become puts on the skin of the person when the person who they've doubled is absent or scratched rate so that's scratches and there's next essentially the so the moment. The scratch happens is marking his next double takes. The Terry Maitland. Evil spinoffs debtor now problem. DNA or whatever right for not really the science from the next person that he's going to double to prepare and then there's this station period. They talked about where literally melts the previous various skin and is in a weakened state because it's in a weakened physical state it can't cause havoc or set up the next kill so it needs people like Jack so it it takes a yeah like a like a slave I think is the word they use less. Who will a blunt instrument okay? We're on the same page to do. Whatever and then and then sometimes to get that blunt instrument in line it brings back its mother played by Denny Dillon Shadow Dream Hive? I mean that was that scary. That was really scary. Yeah that was good job by you. Outsider like that was a jump scare and it was disturbing. You know it was was good all right so we'll keep talking about outside or obviously a expected to get more and more tense. That's do you. I mean it's pretty pretty interesting that we are headed towards like an endgame of the show where a small town police department essentially is going to try to kill an ancient evil spirits. I mean that is literally every Steven King Book I know but the the slow walk to get there just one more shout out to everyone involved in making taking the show because if this was a two hour movie the credulity required already small town police departments. I Guess Mission Boogie. I think it could have been six or eight eight episodes show but I'm actually after six. I'm like I'm really glad there's four more of these. Yeah I was still on the fence up until last night because I didn't understand exactly how is being parceled out to us. So Thursdays Watch pod will be a Combo of talking about episode to acquire patch. You can watch now you can. You should would. You should do it. You can watch it on demand you can watch it on. USA NETWORK DOT COM. You can watch it on Youtube for free. Even if you don't have you say you can watch the first two episodes. I love you too Who Do we can talk? So we're GonNa talk with special guest who's coming in on Thursday and then also on Thursday show. We'll have my interview with the show runners of WHO's high hi Fidelity Veronica West and circa and that is a dynamite show. There are two shows coming out this coming weekend that for me the action news. The juice has always about high fidelity at it's about narcos. Beck's go season two starring. Scoot mcnairy and Diego Luna. How many of each of the shows have you watched? I have finished Darko. Mexico season to finish watched screeners of that and talk to Diego Luna Scoot mcnairy and Eric Newman. And that how podcasts will be up the Monday after narcos comes out so we from today. Yeah narcos Mega pod. Did you watch that season before. It was filmed like in a way in some ways. It's do you feel like you have already in some ways. I haven't decided what I'm going to bring out screaming narcos voice but I can't do. I've been talking over two hours but did you do it for them like did you didn't did. Did you say like nobody did say Nice. Nice to meet you Diego Luna. Welcome to he did he was. He's a beautiful man. Can I tell you that I have. I once sat in a restaurant near him and couldn't take my eyes and also like you know sometimes when you meet somebody and you wonder if you have a soul because you meet somebody and you're like is that how human human beings are supposed to be. Are you the outsider. No but like I scratch talking to him. I here's a spoiler is like basically like take the Felix kind of suit off off and like get normal at the end of the just looked at me and he has like permanent. Like beautiful wet is is just like children you know about them. I'm just like Oh my God dude. Will you be my father. Yeah he's younger than us out. Thanks for listening to the watch. We love culture. Sure on this podcast. We cannot cannot get enough of it we will be with you. Take Good Jabarin's Sir.

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