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Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast wine as always a big thank you for getting to the show we'd like to ask a small but very important favor of you it'll only take a few minutes and if you're one of the first people to do it podcast one we'll make it worth your time we need you to complete a short sir answer some questions and potentially make some money along the way from all of us here at podcast one thank you for being a dedicated listener make refreshing changes throughout your home this fall and saved ED stretch cowboys lost three in a row in this is where we said Oh well they haven't played anybody the jets aren't anybody and they lost to them from team okay I just think that it all it's GonNa take let's say the niners have two losses back to back losses kings and kirk cousins he's thrown six touchdown passes in the last two weeks they blow out the eagles in all of a sudden we're going oh vikings look like super bowl contenders now gene that loses this week like if you don't win you're not making the playoffs if you do win then you're probably winning the division like it's really hard to handicap these teams right now because you have the eagles they lost to Minnesota everything looks good here's Kirk cousins after yesterday's performance we must dixie on that post at the AH free money it's a win win our shows are supported by advertisers so filling this out will really help us catered to the needs of you as a loyal listener go to podcast one dot com site survey 'cause it's not even midseason yet and we're still in everybody's saying the same thing well they got injuries tell me team that doesn't have injuries but some more than others Dan Patrick Hope you had a great weekend everybody final hour of this Monday show Dan in the Danettes Dan Patrick Show we've chopped it up a little bit about the cowboys situation soon have on your to do list do it right for less start with lowes appliance offer valid through ten twenty three us only broadcasting from the Mercedes man this is the half thought about apologize into but apparently that's not the way to go around here so I guess my days apologizing to people over all right that's funny the eagles the rams achieves the browns and you know this could all go away with a couple of wins remember a couple of weeks ago we're worried about the nine show your home's true colours new coat of paint save on top rated one coat paints from HGTV homeboy Sherwin Williams starting just thirty five ninety eight a gallon every day whatever project standdown with the Vikings until further notice as for the eagles they got the cowboys coming up dea feel like the team that wins this week or the and all of a sudden we ease off the niners a little bit or Seattle has a bad stra every one of these teams is going to have a bad stretch you know the question is how much city and lost these are the games that you know make or break your season with home field advantage but the Patriots Luke Falk and the jets Sam Darnold jets Wade start with lowes adnew appliances get deals like up to thirty five percents off select appliance special values including a twenty four point seven cubic foot whirlpools renshaw refrigerator just fifteen die you gotta buy some of the Patriots lost their offensive line in their hall of fame tight end and they're undefeated they played the biggest. JV schedule in the short win those games the cowboys lost to the jets win those games that is very you know the rams lost to Tampa Bay win those games the colts came to Kansas the I two hundred and fifty people who complete the survey we'll get a ten dollar gift card to Amazon Dot Com and two Grand Prize winners will be selected at random to get one hundred dollars Amazon gift card about that pig is Shawn Watson who's the MVP Shawn Watson played well Watson just the fourth quarterback in NFL history to start his team's first six games wins some touchdown passes to Dixie and everything is good digs. He doesn't one out of Minnesota apparently anymore Russell Wilson is he now the leading candidate for the MVP Wilson was an underdog to the browns align that didn't make much sense in hindsight watching finish the afternoon thirty or forty two to eighty ep right now Christian McCaffrey Russell Wilson Deshaun Watson I'm GonNa Guess Russell Wilson Russell Wilson should be let's put it that way I chiefs Kansas City chiefs go to Denver and that's not going to be easy either at night then they have the calling from Amsterdam another hint he loves South Carolina football any he sang the song hold my ham did anybody else celebrate Darius Rucker Hootie the blowfish joining us from Amsterdam did anybody else celebrates South Carolina's win against Georgia yes okay thank you yes mclovin yeah cowboy schedule you're saying you know they got eagles at giants Vikings in Dallas a good pass rush then they got Chicago Green Bay and Oakland chargers chargers are in trouble yes we have surprised caller a little hint he's Pittsburgh looked unbelievable last night defensively did the right things offensively and that's a charger team that is in trouble because I don't think there's more valuable player to his team the Russell Wilson that includes Mahomes that includes Christian McCaffrey in my opinion watching that team the last a two point every week probably so and also these russells unstoppable in the fourth but look look at the schedules here for the cowboys coming up by the way eight seven seven three DP show if you'd like to Philip Rivers got hounded he got roughed up and then you got four really good pass rushing teams on the schedule and the next month Tennessee's got of the season with a passer rating of at least one hundred he joins Carson Palmer Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Brady and Rogers both Ooh we just lost him in Amsterdam oh well you can disappear in Amsterdam a dangerous town I I know yeah with that South Carolina winning he hasn't had too many great memories to reflect on with Georgia football by the way golden road brewing places to go we'll get Darius Rucker back I did think of Darius watching that game I knew he was in Europe with the blowfish and I went I wonder if even gets to watch this other sports pubs one touchdown to throw a pair of interceptions he would have been helped out a whole lot more will fuller decided to bring his hands to the game but who's your packers at home Vikings at home than at Titans Ed chargers raiders at Patriots Broncos at home at bears charge sorry charges at home it just feels like a couple of these divisions if you win ten games like the AFC north it feels like the ravens of the browns and Pittsburgh looked awesome ars he got a VPN on his on his computer and we're we're like we got meet-and-greet like meet and greets in two minutes awesome and Vikings are not saying to you on the road at lines at patriots bills who are really good now ed bears tough Rams Eagles redskins that's not easy okay so well no no the the first two hours of the show I spent on just talking about South Carolina that was it I didn't talk about anybody else have you already thought the Makalu for we'll give your best and worst to the weekend we'll talk to mark sheriff slayeth did rams niners I believe fritzy full of years it's Russell Wilson yes mclovin is there a little bit of a sense at the seahawks are due or correction bees a win nothing but close games by one point he's back with us I D I can't I just called in your show and you talk about the chargers and the gamecocks Georgia I is this a sports socks tried I think they were trying to not make the two point conversion is that was was that a coupon it had to watch it from what the tour bus no we watched like we as the game ended we have to go on stage but we watched it in the dressing room time Oh this great video and look at you Oh yeah oh man are you excited so that's in when are you guys done in Europe we got too much we play off Manchester and Birmingham and we back home all right yes we tagline wings after a lot of pot the second south guy well we got two thousand tweets as Darius Data Brag did the Amsterdam like for you fairly back early won't be loading up on South Carolina be Florida I tell the boys I said a low and we'll see when you get back all right thank you you yes so we all you absolutely dude I'm looking at this video in the dressing room with all these people in over a by when you guys get back to the states absolutely I'm coming to you by you you have to quit I heard that I think getting of November and I remember when they said Hey we're going to do this reunion tour and I go oh that'd be cool you had a little small venues sudden I started looking at these venues I do you got back to back after damn shame I don't notice any buffalo wild wings earning yes I bet the buffalo wild wings would be great after some pot there you know can't beat the Redskins at all you know that Mark Dantonio huge concern until we can't beat the rest well did you see the two point conversion you guys yeah that's quite a crew you got there with look at you jumping around jump around jump around you wouldn't think we excellent are you willing to go through another year of this man if they're gonNa do what they're doing it that's the thing that gives me they're doing it like we that's the way it should be I spent I gave a lot of my time to come see you so at least you can do is come see me you you have a lot of your topic better ban no not at all would you say we're having ice cold heinekens right now I have a good lunch no coffee bill coffee shops all right what are you talking about I think I think you guys might stop he saw it was it was all I was watching it it's pretty funny did you is also you couldn't even go to a sports pub or anything you know like people go like we're taking the two okay let's talk the clamps kid they're gonNA have to do that limits one year and that was cool but it is interesting how some bands translate too big crowds like that in some don't like there's some bands that I was really looking forward to seeing and for some re- very way back just a couple of days off you know fairly bad so do you go to like coffee houses that are you know no no no no liberty to make the whatever wherever they play they make it smaller I saw them when they did the they had that heart as the stage and you could be the heart they they just have an ability to make an arena look smaller or feel more intimate the SEC festivals usually have pretty big crowd yeah like I went to Austin city Darius Rucker on the road with audio fish they played in front of a million people on this tour over one million people came out to watch them the place and there must it seemed like there was one hundred thousand people there and he every single one of them he just absolutely destroyed the place it was awesome and then one of the other headliners was kind of like okay this is in arenas that big feel but it's hard to see somebody when it's not because they wanna make money and you're going okay I got it I saw Woah you to in Boston and same thing it's just it's it's eighteen eighteen thousand the other clubs general admission the entire building and so it was really Kinda scary because people showed up hours and hours and advanced and I think it was in July so people were because it was generally mission what soldier field holds fifty five sixty thousand people were hours and hours in advance to get front row because it doesn't matter which paid everyone had said same ticket yeah I don't like being people got to watch me onstage though it was a win win for everybody apple have you guys ever seen a concert with like seventy or eighty thousand people like real big big venue and is it any good can you remember being over fifty thousand I guess I got Football Stadium Oh I saw you too and meadowlands but you to has an a b the fund translate yeah some get swallowed up by it yeah the employee I saw springsteen at soldier field when I was really honor order it was but I always thought you did a great job of sort of making that feel a little bit more intimate however they do that by the way Golden Road Brewing Summer is Oh to a big pink floyd I saw Zeppelin I saw they the stones and the who all in these you know I saw one of them in rupp arena and you know if we'd be North Carolina we'd probably be played for yeah of course run out I know what you know we got the heisman trophy winner and put the player of the year we're beaten Florida we're beating you heard it here right now everybody load up next week till next week we'll be Florida I'll be loaded up that's for sure but it will listen just that big wide open space it was like yeah they were good but then like that you're Kendrick Lamar was one of the headliners and he crushed absolutely crushed Asian bruise brewed to stand out you find mango card and we'll pup session available in all fifty states California inspired Golden Road Brewing fresh craft beer since truth for the entire year Gronk is gone I it almost feels like the Patriot fans being undefeated are still worried and I would be because at some point now they probably are going to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs if this continues to play out like we think it will they're just holding out hope Bronx GonNa come back because I don't know what are the options they have unless they bring back Antonio Brown and I don't see that happening yeah mclovin what about are these trade rumors yeah you know what I think that's as good as it's going to get there oh it is okay it's now yeah otherwise it'd be like five hundred tickets no I get it they're they're out to make money I'm just saying the experience is in his great when you're playing I don't know if it's stones or the who you know it's twenty four twenty five thousand people in there but when you see one of these bands in a smaller venue it's Pretty Damn Cool Twenty Eleven Casey in Buffalo joins US Casey Good morning what are you have forming hey deep coming in for my best in west of the weekend lack of a better description a game manager here he's not going to get those big plays and maybe that's that they're not going to be that high potent offense that we've come to see the season so pretty much I think they have to win out in order to claimed one seed and we're still the weekend has got to be for a house when I get to watch did you get to watch the game over in your we Patrick Davis it because they could run the football and if you do that and then all of a sudden you know they've they've reinvent themselves like what are we this year it's almost like they show up at trade slowly turning into fall and that means Golden Road brewers constantly experimenting with the freshest ingredients and they have a collection of rotating seasonal limited youth patriots fan so watching the news at home against the Texans. It's certainly my best I don't see New England losing more than two gains I have a lot more fans access if you play an eighty thousand seat you know he'll be able to say they saw no I get it greedy I think it's also a little fair to the fans thanks guys better than what they really are because when they leave the Patriots you know then you're like who was that guy I would look at the date solar left tackle and the giants left the Patriots and the giant it's a really reeling over that now but remember when they had the Super Bowl MVP why receive givens like Aj Green or Stefan Digs Emmanuel Sanders Minnesota you're not trading Stefan Digs Sanders Emmanuel Sanders Denver's back in June The Patriots offense they want to win the super bowl they're going to have to fix it and I don't really know what the answer is yeah it's going to be hard to do that thank you Casey they they normally do it I just don't see that offensive line getting better and here they are undefeated all right more phone calls we'll check in with the former offensive lineman the Denver Broncos Mark Act you know I'm just waiting you know if Harry comes back and he plays in how good is he I don't know they always say Brady makes you offensive line earth he called the Rams and the niners he all in on the niners what kind of concerns you see have about the rams so we'll talk some football with mark he'll join US coming up next twenty after the hour yeah uh he got hurt the not your say the offensive line is the bigger concern for me you know I just don't all those guys are back in the early part of the two thousand yeah but this guy won the Super Bowl Mvp for the Patriots did you vote Kinloch so it's going to be a really great season for the game go hey you had a great weekend when you think about it South Carolina one in the dolphins lost in campaign belichick decides what kind of team they're going to be and they decided they're going to be a defensive minded team this year and Brady is going to be for the every year we just assume bill belichick will get it right but look at all those Lyman Denny Trade for two offensive linemen prior to the start of the season you lose your center and ax here's an idea let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance the good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up anything all you have to do is go to this is the Dan Patrick show everybody's got to do this I get one for my wife drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk figure out something to get out of the house so I can relate I'm almost sure he was receiver Yeah Oh Dan Branch the branch yeah there you go yeah so dion branch and then he went to Seattle I believe and then we forgot about it just may be the most rewarding thing on your to do list today that's Geico Dot Com support for the Dan Patrick Show podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans I don't know that Brady has way making them better I just don't know if he has that capability he can make them better if his offensive line was better and at this process it's awesome exactly what you get with rocket mortgage by quicken loans their team of mortgage experts obsessed with finding a better way which means that their number one goal may combine process smoother for you better by getting so fast so he can make up for that in the past he's made up but who is he throwing it to right that's why you need and I know he he normally just help millions of Americans achieve their dream of home ownership and they're going to help you visit rocketmortgage dot com slash Jan take the first step toward the home of your dreams equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states at the garden you'll see this deal go okay not the olive garden the real ones Yeah Madison Square Garden but I just realized that it meant a week from tomorrow the be good to talk to Him we'll talk to mark sheriff who called the niners and the Rams Game Marcus Mariota talked about his performance yesterday no patent patent no no Triborough no I thought David David Pan MLS consumer access dot Org number three zero three zero rocket mortgage by quicken loans rocket mortgage by quicken loans push-button get mortgage go dot com and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance you like extra money in your pocket do you like not having to drive somewhere to pick something up this is a way to do it with industry leading online lending technology developed in the heart of Detroit rocket mortgage is changing the game it's an award-winning client service and support every step of the way quickly it make refreshing changes throughout your home this fall and save by starting with lows adnew appliances and get deals like up to thirty five percent off select appliance special values including twenty four Dan Patrick Show brought to you by Mercedes MGB prepared for whatever comes your way the all new gt four door coupe. Because life is a race vizier local dealership for Whole lot of money on here you got an all pro tight end I just said I need to see Jimmy Garoppolo do it in a big time situation that's that was my big question Mark Day where he got benched and Ryan Tannehill came in here's Mario don't feel great you know coach made a decision and he's GonNa make it as a special team so you know I respected I don't know of anybody said they're in a rebuilding year because if you're in a rebuilding year after you got how many number one draft picks on that defense they are you got a quarterback you spent ask Dr Today at some people say when is Reggie Miller Back Reggie is back a week from tomorrow I believe I think Reggie's back calling US pretenders in the beginning calls pretenders now call us pretenders the whole time because you gotta you gotta be that way you don't get to go hindsight is twenty twenty with this every year you know what I mean survey because the information you gave us can help make things better for the show and you as a listener just go to podcast one dot com slash survey and everything will be right there for you that's podcast one dot com slash service and seven cubic foot whirlpools renshaw refrigerator to fifteen ninety-nine show your home true colours for the new coat of paint save on top rated one coat paints from HGTV home I show him Williams get to March Laura he had the niners the rams here's Richard Sherman he's got a message for all of you haters or all of us haters out there stick to your guns if you were he's home is so much more than a house its own little slice of heaven that's why when you find the perfect place for you and your family getting a mortgage shouldn't get away imagine how it feels to have an award-winning team by her side through every starting at just thirty five ninety eight a gallon every day whatever projects you have on your to do list dewitt ride for less start with lowes appliance for valid for ten twenty three US only the faithful continue to believe in continue to be humble we're going to give you guys a good show we're gonNA fight US okay all righty those words may come back to haunt him but it's entertaining by Richard Sherman stick to your worst did he guns we're we're terrible team we're not we don't have enough talent we're just you know on a rebuilding year etc etc whatever the case may be whatever your word was please stick to it for those who believed in weren't happy when we lose nobody's happy and we want guys at WanNa play was he saying that doesn't WanNa play that'd be interesting before we and just try to be there for run here's his head coach Mike rebel on benching Morioka he certainly wasn't happy any any of us in the meantime where we get it's like going into overtime and they wanted to go do the meagrely we here and he wins I think he's one thirteen fifteen starts marks Lara was on the call with Dick Stockton yesterday called in this game he joins us now mark? How're you I'm good if there's anybody that knows pretending it's Richard for saying that Baker Mayfield shaking so he's an expert on defense and figure them out have defenses figured out the rams well to a degree one of the things that's happened to the rams is it'd be in my mind one of the best coaches in the NFL and I think what separates him is he understands all twenty two and the problem hope and and part of that is because they've got some new pieces some new components and and obviously they haven't figured out exactly how to adjust to the way the defensive fronts and destroy it so you go back to last season Detroit it some Chicago did it S- and then you know the masterclass was the Patriots and there's been a lot of cut and paste eighteen plants from the Patriots in the Super Bowl where they held the rams down to three points a Lotta cut and paste off of that stuff to to kind of shut down at the jet sweep and some of that allusion of complexity that has been the rams the rams were able to dictate for several years offensively to defenses and right now that's GonNa do one thing and then they have to adjust on the sideline they certainly haven't adjusted as well over the course of of this season as you would a good football team they control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball they're one of the most unique teams when it comes to run the ball I think Charles Shanahan as proven they're dictating to the rams defense dictating the rams and so that's been a change I think one of the other things that has happened to the rams as they lost two of their starting on that Jimmy Garoppolo has to prove to me that he can stay healthy was my biggest issue with Jimmy but there are there are really good football team there's no question about that as many years as wide we're going to do it and then how it's going to benefit you in the long run so I think he gets buying were a lot other coaches don't get the same buy in sure so they're getting on a consistent basis who's your MVP at this point guy I you know I probably put it with Russell Wilson some of the things that everybody's just taking a piece of that game plan from the New England patriots and just kind of put it in so they work all week about preparing to play a defense there's there's kind of a perfect storm here if you will of what they're facing is something that they they like I said that they haven't prepared for during the week because played and you know it doesn't take long for the League or defensive coordinators to get a book on offenses or vice versa you know offensive coordinator did a book on a d their film to prepare Dan so I watched what they have done defensively I watch what they've done in the run game and so I knew that this is the issues that every position has and I think he does a great job of telling his people and telling his players what we're GONNA do but more important battle seahawks what he needs to that offense is probably if you're breaking it down as most valuable he's probably there's nobody more valuable to their football team than Russell awesome wine and they replaced them with players that aren't as good and that are young and aren't as experienced and that's hurt them a little bit as well so based on on the way they though like this this team is there a good football team and I I'm like you in Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks who's the second best team in the AFC yeah if I put it up to a player's vote and I said you could vote for get rid of instant replay get rid of it completely or keep it as is instant replay figure it out right and I think it's created guys who are less sure of themselves guys who are less demonstrative and then I think you're asking them to do things that are physically impossible to do so I think all those things kind of add up and it slows down the game I mean hell every how do you think the players would vote get rid of it yeah I just that's my feeling mark because I have a chance to replay eh the replay and they're still getting things wrong and I don't I just don't understand that that it feels like they don't want to embarrass the officials they have to know this is bad for business there's no flow to a game anymore and it didn't get better we overreacted to the miscall and the saints game just one game to go two and four and it feels to me like they're still in this playoff on there in this they play Kansas City on Thursday night this Thursday night they win ah it feels like Houston to me right now probably the second best team you know I like every team is in it how many times do you think you got called for holding in your career probably less than a dozen really in the the cowboys jets game yesterday in the final drive I think there were six or seven consecutive penalties and just went at at some point eating ticket or do you just shut up well I would I would talk my way out of it before actually before the game I used to go to the umpire every game well I've always said this one they put in his debris play and then they tell they officials hey make sure you swallow your whistles and is blatant we've seen some blatant pass interference oh pi or DPI's that are called they go back and you think there's no way this is going to be upheld that's that's why we're here and and I just I don't think they've made the product better this year they made it worse I think it will go away and and by the way like every time you use every time there's a big play every time there's an explosive play the first thing I do is I check my monitor after I after we're done calling the play looking for a flat you know the officials essentially are being sold like you like we're not going to overrule you anymore I mean that's that's where we are right now so even and be like listen dude they're bigger faster stronger than you realize dad right and so then like listen I am going to hold I I am he is that is done no you know every down situation but the second chance players or the second reaction ways what he means to the that mistakes are part of it and and the best teams are win yeah we keep thinking maybe offensive and defensive linemen wearing mittens and because there there was a moment yes Dan and I live by this and I'm old office of Lima but don't can't help right if you get held you suck don't get held that's reviewable that one's not reviewable that's reviewable but that one's not and we can't reverse that one because I'm just like just scrap all the whole thing let's just play the game and just understand like whenever I'd feel bad about Oh my surgeries all I do I'd run into slayer at the ESPN and then he would tell me all the knee surgeries he had aren't you the whole thing is somewhat of a debacle but listen holding happens as long as it's away from the play who cares I my theory is that yeah that's pretty good yeah you know I mean I probably average one or two one wow I want a year I think I had because I had a couple of days is it just me or getting goofy goofy your Monday morning if you missed any of our interviews any week from the Mercedes in your hands are a little outside warning warning Oh yeah all the time I talk to Levy with this wind should best worse to the weekend hey DP my best and worst was of course South Carolina winning against Georgia loved it about worst Wasco I'm going to hold on every single play but my hands will be inside because my hands are great and they'll be inside and I go you cannot throw a flag on that that was a shocker that one was a shocker 'cause I thought Georgia was talented enough to beat Alabama or Clemson and it wasn't even featured rounds fan started to panic now I don't know about you kinda room for to lose every game what are the sixteen teams and they have seen you're all in it everybody's still got a chance to make the playoffs a week six were through and it seems like and Broncos is all my family and friends in Georgia fans all went ghost after running their mouth four games haven't heard a word not even my brother Gaiman there one game out of first place in their division it seems like everybody's in it we're talking to mark's Lara's Fox sports NFL analyst three times Super Bowl champ is there a flag what's going to happen is there a penalty what's going on and there's a bunch of things like I keep getting these rules where well you can't you can't review that one hitting me actually worked pretty well you know I mean for the most part the warning sometimes like he's a little bit outside on that who amount right now probably will not after that comment always great to talk to you enjoyed listening to I did not watch any of the redskins dolphins game I just I couldn't and I watched the highlights the replay two point I five TV's was the redskins Dolphin and they wouldn't change it well you didn't get a great finish there but thanks for the phone call Dakota Demand Cave go to the Dan Patrick Show App where you can watch and listen from inside the Mercedes am G. Man Cave Mercedes G. Driving Performance Tony in South Carolina joins US hey tony like did he need the vote of confidence he was he gonna he he played so much better because you said he's our started the rest of the year and then you bench him yes we go ahead and they said they're going back to them but it's it's hard to tell what's going on I mean come on if you can't do well against Washington cancer almost beat Seattle in Seattle Aj Green GonNa play again maybe next week he's practicing fully by that's a rally cry we're not as bad as a dolphin they don't say a quarterback has the starting job the rest of the year in a situation like that say Joshua starting against Washington that's all so that's where it was pretty crazy worse than the weekend would have to be that a local sports bar Sunday and there were some redskins and Dolphin Fan so three golden goal years I think in my six years in Denver at six holden goals could you ever talk your way out like you know with a police officer talk in your way out of this we all are wonderful sponsors that helped make this show possible thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting and now back to the show make refreshing changes uh-huh and then you know they they don't they uphold it anybody they're like yeah well you're gonNA scrap pile listen the end anyhow so we're not going to overturn anything I cast one dot com hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast we certainly couldn't do without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support our sponsors by going to our show page podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and they the big game although the Bengals the Basil's don't feel as bad as the dolphins oh no because Asian and all of that and then you know Josh Rosen? I don't know if it's Josh I don't know if it's just the team but he got benched because I thought he got the starting to senior get off wide receiver and be called in to play quarterback which ended since high school also they honored hefty lefties family games is that probably should hey as the infomercial broadcast I probably shouldn't say about kind of a fun game do you have any browns games on the schedule thank you. They had their quarterback I don't know I don't know right more phone calls coming up close up shop what we learn what's in store tomorrow after this football here did CODA in Kentucky as opposed to Kentucky and Dakota yes hey Dan the weekend would be watching Lyndale boat and hi there a home game are there any other games that the dolphins could possibly lose I think week sixteen they're the bengals that that one out your home this fall and save by starting with lows adnew appliances and get deals like up to thirty five percents off select appliance special values including twenty four point seven cubic foot whirlpools analysis for the best nfl picks around now is that true or not I don't know very optimistic. Download RJ bells dream preview every week on apple podcasts and name you kind of had to find it and all of a sudden I found it and I went oh boy South Carolina's in great shape to pull off the upset in-store refrigerator just fifteen ninety-nine show your home's true colours with a new coat of paint save on top rated one coat paints from HGTV home by Sherwin Williams starting at just thirty five ninety eight all season is here and it's time to dominate the competition with your fantasy picks and RJ bells green preview on podcast one sports net is your secret weapon victory founded Dietrich was very very dead and we had him on in Los Angeles and he he just couldn't quite understand why like I am going to address this but you cannot throw a flag on that as long as my hands I'd let them know exactly how they should how should officiate me like here's the rules for fishing teams running it so maybe you guys have some answers but it's just it only UCLA could fail that hiring chip Kelly only Dan Guerrero hey guys that's worse the weekend is the St Pauli Bachelet's I was in October fest in Barcelona last week and I got hammered on you were fascinated with how he does his investigative reports that pesky DNA isn't this a sports talk show why am I here I the weekend was Ucla football losing to the by And guys maybe I'm just an idiot optimist but in sports history ready to close up shop here Dan and the Danettes Dan Patrick Show we are talking Keith Morrison from NBC dateline I said the fact they didn't run it up and week one tells me this guy so confident he wants to hide his strength no matter the matchup. Rj's got you handled with top longest losing streak in NFL history twenty nine games and then this is a weird one ninety Joe Montana's best career game in this day in Nineteen Ninety Joe Montana Pass for four hundred he did this kind of like wide wonderment like I I don't know why I'm here now this is sports show Josh in Los Angeles Hey Josh we have today do you want to be as bad as the dolphins that's what I'm trying to understand like does Washington are they do they WanNa win Washington wants to be the quarterback so many cowboy fans but then they're probably an equal number of anti cowboys fans out there that they'd be voting you know they want them to fail I don't know or cross town to USC and you just not going to be able to compete with not going to be able to sports history Hollywood from nineteen forty-five Chicago cardinals ended he's the worst worst athletic director probably in the history of college sports could screw kid could make this higher and have it not work out well thank you Josh Big game because you lose four in a row we're still not sure who the eagles are and maybe you're you win nine or ten and you win that division I started you go to Ucla it's you got to recruit you gotta keep these kids at home and if you're not getting these five star recruits then chances are you're losing them out of state you wouldn't Dick Stockton yesterday thank you Mark Free Shit Buddy take care mark slayer I don't know how many surgeries he had he had over twenty I think tire dot COM mclovin results of the poll question who should we be most worried about the chiefs cowboys or rams sixty percent cowboys around these other divisions the AFC north if you win ten games to win that division feels Langat AFC south Paulaner and I

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