Andy Ruiz vs Anthony JoshuaSo, Whats The Strategy to BEAT You


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I think it's called episode number three fight week it's behind the scenes with Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua and Andy has some choice words for Anthony Joshua well should I say Anthony Joshua acts for assistance of one indie release. Let me play the audio box around. What's the strategy to beat you? You know it's difficult not to say eh or run with the narrative of AJ having some sort of mental issues for this fight suffering. Some sort of mental will stress here. He is accidents opponent. How do you beat them if you watch the fighter meeting? It's kind of the same thing. He's taking advice from everyone in the Vita. Meaning I mean you've got reporters telling them what they hope he would do I think that the way to the world is on this man's shoulders man and I know people don't want to admit it but the weight of the world is on his shoulders. There's so much riding on this one. that yeah I think he has massive amount of pressure on them and Andy. Mentally isn't isn't giving an inch. Check this out. Aw Look at the stair off now both men. I won't deny both men look completely focused. Ready there gazing into each other's eyes with nothing but I WANNA put hands on. You looks but continue to watch talk and still and Dan still and still in his face and still still you got the AJ boys in cut two-term. That didn't bother Andy Not one bit. He hit the and still twice in myspace. While one man is confident that he's still going to be the champion. Another man is wondering how to defeat the champion champion. What must I do? Another man is so desperate that he's axing his opponent his rival for help on how to defeat them. As as if Andy is going to give them the truth but Andy's that good guy he actually said you know. Try and box me around the ring. That's the strategy. Can you do it but if you watch the fighter means if you listen to Rob mccracken and he says no way You can't just Doda Jab at Andy something's GonNa come right it back over the top on your. There's no way you know you can't do that. So they're they're not looking to move around and dance around in this fight that's not what row mccracken and AJ are looking to do. But they definitely know that Andy is GonNa give them everything. He has India another thing that he said again different mentalities one guy asks him for advice from the man's supposed to face on how to beat them. Meanwhile indies is saying. I'M GONNA win or die trying I'm GONNA win or die trying to see it's like I said uh it's not even like I said it's been out there too long. It's been out there too long that cliche or the phrase. It's hard to get up and run miles house when you sleep on silk sheets and he got them and she's do. He need more his family more. He wants more. He loves everything. That's come his way and he's not ready to let it go. Aj On the other hand he had different. He had a different feeling when he lost the bell. He told you it was like a sense of relief. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. Isn't that what he said. Isn't that what you said. I mean I didn't say he. He said it these are his words and I get it I get it. You guys don't WanNa hear this stuff but this is all buildup matchroom zone skysports. Men are doing a terrific job. Doing terrific job giving us tons of shoulder content I. I love everything that they've given us from behind the scenes instagram ramp. I mean even if you look at our thumbnail right now. They went as far as to educate their audience. They're showing you all. The big heavyweight fights writes from around the world that happened around the world showing you the Ruis Joshua deserves to be on that list because it's a huge heavyweight fights taking place outside of the US and look there in the company of some fantastic names like Ali and form and and so you know now. Their names is there and You know they can make history which is something that they seem to want to be doing. The arena RENA looks fantastic. I can't even front that arena. Looks very very good. It's crazy if that's a temporary arena. I know we heard something like that and I mean look they can keep that thing up for as long as it stands to continue to do events it really looks is like a big time event. I'm really really excited for this. And the closer we get the more confident in the in my decision. You know my decision with picking Andy Res I just don't like Aj's mentality you know. There was something he said in the fighter meaning Sunday Kinda right away I jumped on. All right I'm Ryan with. Aj on this at least this one statement. At least there's one statement basically you know wh what was he saying. He was saying how he fell. A discount was different right. I'M GONNA paraphrase. He felt this camp was different Because of the swamp partners he felt like You know the sparring partner showed him. He still belonged. He took a different approach to the sparring. You know He didn't use the word. Fight that each fight were each barn. Born session was a fight but he damn sure gave me that impression like he went in and to prove something and I feel like he's got a mental edged out of sparring. You know maybe those rumors about him dropping in her in an sending people home was true because if you watch the fighter meeting he definitely seems confident when talking about his sparring in preparation but again there's conflicting fleeting emotions for me because then he turns around and axes ruis how to beat him and he has other scenes where he doesn't look as confident So listen if you are having some sort of an issue with the program it's probably because you're you're not talking about the topic if you being timed out. Maybe you're talking about something. You should find another place to talk about it in the chat that we would like you to talk about Andy Versus Anthony Joshua in the strategy to beat one another. Aj starts on accent Ruis for advice on how to beat them You know a big fights happening around the world different parts of of the world and Aj falling right in line with big heavyweight fights buster. Douglas and Tyson took place in China. we got Zaire with with the Ali he fights Listen took place. I don't know in Maine. I think it says there. I mean foreman Ali in Zaire they have a lot of these fights that went to different countries. For whatever reason and it's like I said This is our thriller in Manila. And I'm treating like so I've been doing shows every morning on this subject because this is fight week Aw during the evening I come back maybe other topics but right now we're talking. Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz the rematch The reason that everyone is the reason that everyone is is debating in the chat so It be best to keep the conversation to that so that you can get the best listening experience now again. You can find these videos on the youtube channel. That's at about one hundred and thirty seven thousand using Subscriber so congratulations matchroom They keep growing And this is episode three. It's the behind the scenes where Aj Ruiz A very specific question on how to beat him so Very interesting and I just want to hear your guys takes. Here's here's the video weigh-in or rather the This is the face off for the final press conference and you know this video. I guess it wouldn't have been kind of evidence. Thanks for me. If it wouldn't have been for Andy You know initiating the end stew which I will admit it if anything originated from team. Aj but not AJ himself so easy for teenage to say and the new do and even easier for team res say and still but we say it himself never break gays with Aj. I liked that mentally I. It's those mental mental that mental aggression that mental toughness that I want to see in the fighter that I'm picking on Saturday night and still can't scenario neo. His confidence man is confidence on one hundred thousand and and I really would have liked. Aj go into it with the same mentality not to say that he doesn't you know. Look I'm no body language expert. Even though I like to claim that I am so maybe on next he can surprises but again. If you're watching us on youtube you can see. Our thumbnail has the F.. Astra says disastrous. No Andy Ruis on letting. Aj hold the belts. The exact opposite of Anthony Joshua Ashwin the first fight attempting to not attempting definitely allowing Andrew as the take pictures with his future belts and hence it's the universe responded and Ambi upset. Aj so andy believing superstition or just being straight straight up dickhead on fight week what. I love mental edge mental aggression and toughness when Acsi GonNa let aj hold the belts. Fuck no was his answer fuck. No that's the confidence I want. You know this is why I picked while they're coming into fights because he talks talks about what he's GonNa do. He makes you believe in himself. Andy is making me believe the mentally. He's ready physically. He's is ready and that he believes he's going to win just as much as he believed the first time. So I'm excited. I'm really excited. So we'll have a tree. St If we get enough call is because I got no co host rock in Solo Dolo scarface. No low you already know. TV in the morning number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one ad. Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. We're looking for your opinion on Anthony. Joshua Accent Ambi Ruis Junior. So what's the strategy to beat. You is this just playfulness. Fewer pure good sportsmanship manship before the big fight. But or is this what you don't want to see from a guy that was already too nice to the guy that dethroned him from his position. Didn't this get him in trouble. The last time taking pictures and being nice allowing Andy to come in with the smile title the deadly smile. It's a deadly smile. It fools people until you're getting picked apart encountered nonstop and I thought that. Aj would stop. Don't stop with this Nice Guy Role I thought he would get that killer instinct and again. I'm telling you so in that fighter meeting. He sounds like he found the killer instinct in sparring with those sparring partners. But when facing off with Andy Wendy it just didn't translate it didn't translate. I don't know why don't know why but Saudi Arabia is the location and Bieber weeds. Anthony Joshua is the fight and it should be making some history man. I hope that it lives up to the hype and Yes yes that was an intense faceoff but like I said the reason we're doing this show is because it got beyond intense we's said in his face and still box around look at them and who knows man. Aj could be playing but but does he wanNA come into this fight again on that friendly shit does he wanNA come into this fight hugging. I just showed you. He's hugging Ruis again. Like this dude embarrassed you. They're saying that this is a bigger upset. Then fucking buster Douglas. Mike Tyson. Stop hugging his. Do Stop trying to be friends with his. Do get that killer instinct back back. Get these belts back. Set this shit right. You are being friends with the strategy get yo ass in Amiram. y'All I'm telling you in everything is like I said everything is affirmations for this. Do everything if you listen to the behind the scenes the behind the scenes episode three or or is it a the the fighters meeting you know he saying and even the even the press conference my say yes like Eddie said you know European titles national titles Olympic champion heavyweight heavyweight champion and sixteen fights uniform. y'All stop repeating what you did and let me tell you why I'm saying. Because at the end of that sentence he says yeah. Yeah I had to tell us about. I belong here like you had to read off your resume. Not You belong. We been saying that they gotta compare you Mike Tyson. Outside of the dues have been able to do what you done as fast as you done it. Damn all people around you and you still gotTa tell yourself what it is. You did to get get a little bit of confidence. I don't know man I just don't every day there's something new now you accident Andy. What's the Strategy Bidu? And just GimMe Gimme one day. One day a fucking of bad. Aj I want one day. I hope it's fight night. Hopefully he's saving it for fight night to give us that killer instinct fight night because for the face of ideas. So don't want you hugging in acts in Worcester strategy to beat you. That's not what I WANNA see. I'm just saying but it looks like my decided to jump on Owners go out to Indiana Gross. The BOCHE BELIEVE IT receives Speaker Believer received received K. C. if I speak dot com. Dan candidate bands equal shot. Miss to stand over now look win the building. Let let me check my instagram. Where am I might be at a com- yo-yo-you oh good morning? Good morning good morning everybody out there and TBB universe is back with another one in AJ AJ. Jay and I'm like I'm like what I'm saying. Every major like the the final meeting that he had like the press conference who knows and it seems like he has figured out that he really wanted to be champion. Sandy like most times you don't you don't appreciate something until the it's taken from you or or you don't have any more innocent. Aj for all intents and purposes have been gearing up for what is rematch man. And I I know I know I think the title and the I do I B I do I be we all know. You'll being facetious. And maybe he's doing doing what Andy was during the first fight. Maybe he's playing Nice Guy Role. Maybe he's doing that mental warfare to throw any off. I like what I'm saying May J. May lose focus. Looks Calm. Doesn't bother both guys great. I'm ready for Magara born for you go more and I was over here to save my head by my intellect like Yo. Don't interrupt his intro again. But how could you say you like what you see. How could you say oh? Maybe he's taking Andy's game plan. Yeah I mean that's just like a follower can't beat them join them so now you WANNA do with Andy do in hopes that you can replicate what he did the first time. I don't even know what is that you're saying but I'm telling you fans grasping at straws trying to make sense of weird shit you you you start start the narrative saying The guy is Accident Andy for lights in Shit like this video I showed him anybody who was is no video knows the guy was not being serious. But if you're watching the seems like the guy was being stone cold one hundred percent right. There like homebrew boxing man. This guy is not as not looking for any kind of handouts from from from from Andy Andy Vice versa. I'm saying it's GONNA. It'll be a big time in. I'm telling you say what you WANNA buy. Aj I like what I'm seeing from. Five major is not the same a That it was the first when when we went seeing and he was down in Miami and he wasn't doing interviews. Now you're doing fine I mean you. Now he's doing a Pretty much everything that we had the dog when you never seen underdog stay late and do interviews and try to get that fame stop. Did you always see them decide. Not Fair favorite according to the book now when he came out with Zita favorite when it opened up. Let's Google no argument. Let's Google when you open because I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure all those poor. Aj fans change the line. When they started betting? But I- Google quicker and go back to a June July right after the fight and they still with this Being disrespectful towards Andy Plus plus two forty or something like that so I say that to say people think that I'm a AJ caporal also do citizenship poverty. Here whatever you want to say. But I'm a fan of boxing and I think both guys have shown that that that they are really serious about this like I enjoy enjoy. Andy's fighter meeting I enjoyed. Aj Fighting Meeting. I enjoyed the The press conference and I enjoy what he did but not not letting. Aj get nearest built. Well he just not let them get near he said Fuck No. That's the quo. It's out there zone loved it. They've blown it up. Made beautiful graphic imagery. We're borrowing it. Let's stop trying. His you know paint this picture of you know these is guys being nice to each other. No ruis-gomez fake Nice. And he keeps showing them that and let's be real. You could say what you want and I can agree with you that. Aj probably wasn't serious when accident for strategy. Because who was serious andy. He gave them the same advice they we think. Aj is going to. Do you know. Try and box around. Stay on the outside. He told them what to do. You know why. Because he don't care what game plan you got. You can't beat them so you say a guy who asks for advice is not being wasn't being serious but a guy who actually give somebody advice on how to beat you and we see on. Let me finish what he's seeing. Parker do exactly what what Andy towed. Aj to do it the exact same thing but you wanna hold Aj Feta the fire when the gadget gave you to blueprint the beach and we see in parking to buy you off for around. What do you mean? We seem to do what they actually implement the game plan proxy move around. What would you tell aged do exact same thing but you had a problem with Parker? Because he's being honest that's what I'm Salaam you. He don't care he could have said. Oh you got to knock me out to beat me agent. No He's like Yo try and box used the rim. He's being honest because he don't gable able fuck he don't fear. Aj He's not the one acts in for how he acts of. Oh he ain't access coach was shot. Wasn't everything that he's been. You say up until two day has been looked suspect and you compared to how you want how you wrong but Mike never acts by was shot. What was it form in acts? Nobody Floyd May Donald Victoria. Did I don't deserve to be. We get a hit. It like this come on man. Don't put my man in them. Categories breath not put your mandate in any kind of category but going out mental. And things like that. It's it's a quote from Andy Rees earlier this week when he was talking to this guy that I was Kinda I you know saying. He says I've already won one. I accomplished my dreams. That's a to me. It feels like you're living out past success. If you think you already one you already company up to drink. Maybe maybe your dream was to be the heavyweight champion world Not Defend your bill. But we'll see I. That's the quote that in my opinion took me by surprise on Sam But I could just be reading a little bit too much into it. Shutout young Holy- Holyfield son. Evan holy only fill you know to winnow. Thank you know Mike. I agree Brosse not one but it ain't my job to bring up the shit and ESPN is your job as do with the dual all citizenship. To bring up the stuff that makes andy look a little fishy That being said I wasn't happy because that kind of sentences Zinsou like even though I'm grabbing it out of context it could be put into so many other conversations right it could just be like Yo. Oh it don't matter if I lose already accomplished all I had accomplish it. Don't matter if I lose. I'm already the first Mexican heavyweight and that is almost like are you. Are you settling with what you already did. Are you trying to fucking make history again trying to be greater than you were that night on on June first so I gotta front. I seen that quote and I ran away from. That's your job to bring it up but you did and I give you my thoughts nowhere I respect you got you. Can you are funny but anyway man look it's like we. I know this is a podcast being entertaining and things like that but I'm of the mindset man. Fuck Guy Getting rained out. I am ready for this despite this ready for a fight and I don't know how long I know. Wow that was fighting for two weeks ago and in my opinion I knew what outcome was going to be so I kinda was ready because because he's probably my favorite fighter but also have my peaking towards aj every week. Because I don't know what to respect. I don't know if the mental stop that was going on. I fight with. Aj all the panic attack. All the rumors. I'd really really legitimate. I I WANNA know has bounce back from it. He saying all the right thing. He's saying that he started sparring three days after where he got back and I don't like that? I don't like that. He was spying yesterday. That that's why to buy some sometime. Maybe he just got some advice from CRISCO were say the him to click on a talk a lot about training in fact. Maybe there's a huge possibility that he over trained and I don't mean in the traditional sense of the word I just mean that this fight is so important to him that he's might've done too much now whether they are not that that shows up on fighting any looks physically fatigued or again it could go into the mental aspect. Can he can't implement the game plan because mentally. He's not there in in the fighter meeting. He said he was in the gym three days after the loss and again everything that he's saying is to convince himself that he belongs. Longs he was like damn three days after he was like. Yeah you know I just you know. I wanted to make sure that the hunger was there that I still had the hunger in my belly. And it's like what do you mean. Make sure you you know what I'm saying so again. He's out hit convincing himself that he belongs. He's gotTa keep selling himself he's he he supposed to be this. There's something wrong here. I'm just keeping man is the competitive nature Bradley. You never been like having a big game in the week of the chapter. Tempt game coach trying to pull your back Paul back but you steady out there. Like I'm not even tired. Let me get the most charts and it gets the most up now now. No No. You can't do that right now. And what is your coach telling you now know. Don't get in that we can't. We can't risk it it to be there for Mike but Mike. We can't risk getting hit with another left hook three days before the fight stops snoring on twenty four hours ago. No you know that's wrong. You know it you know it. Sometimes I need that. I need that that that that that threat to stay. I'll bet I'll bet you get knocked in the head. They he'll get nothing here. Hey Brian me I I think he's alert enough to air. We forget guys go out of this world championship. And that's that's what he keeps telling. I can't believe you don't see I don't know. Sometimes you do your job so well. I honestly don't know when you lying to me like he literally still talking about his amateur career and Oh four this look at the board. I beat him. I'd be him. I'd be him so so I tell myself I gotta below more motherfucker. You're sitting out there this my kitchen. No motherfucker that you're not supposed to lose to start having Deli fucking marriage so you've got to reassure assure yourself it's been really team that we should to where I'm like God damn how we beat them and we'd be ill but you don't question yourself if you don't say God damn how we be done being dumb or we garbage. It's been times where I I question myself on the basketball court and that's just being a competitor breath like God damn it. Can I really do Dr Really but at the same time. It's the the fact of you question yourself. It's the fact of how you react to the adversity. He got a chance this weekend to react to the adversity bra about getting back to the mental in trying to take it over. I'm sorry I want the guy that says instill not the guy that says. How do I beat you were shot? Was it what happened in the snow. And if this was a while to fight then I want the goddess saying he gonNA kill you. I just want the guy the thinks exceeds better that thinks he's tougher the fields. He's more durable. You know look and guess Woah. Maybe I could be swayed by Talker. Maybe that's why I like dillion wide and Hank Lundy and wilder and people that that speak openly. You know Keith Thurman you know maybe that's why like Ken Porter because these people don't have any hair on that Song Bob Arum they tell you from the fuck right there boom fuck what you think this would it is and and I don't know I don't know going into a fight I don't know if you should be trying to be like playful. Let's let's hug. Should I put the video against them hugging indie A- a- At the same time I think. Aj He's Dan playful but he's been played for a in a way. He's not really playing elsewhere. So Mike man you so good you tell me. What are you seeing while the hugging someone? What about Joseph Walker about social talking? He's a Samoan. He's got like the Hawaii United Nice. Gosh it going. You've seen him. Hugging people literally seen gene wilder in Ortiz as China like Bro. Hug at the end of the way in turn each other good luck a dislike literally signet. Oh my God all the answers you know question. I'm like I was talking to there was. There's no hugging in the first fight. Though you know must be. Let's be real. Let's be real for wild. Energy is different because he feels he's given Ortiz an opportunity. He's got a soft spot for Ortiz and Hill teases. His daughter is completely different. Man Look at the way the first one I got the tape I can go to the way and we still got that here. You see him. He's like fucking Samantha. The jumps Ortiz looks at. It ain't the same energy. Guess Wa because he was out for you he going into the second file. God bless you all add. Congratulations your daughter. Because he we already know. I'm going to kill you. He already know from the fight. He took his time because he knew. I'm going to kill you it's different. It's different when you kill your killer when you ask questions because you're gonNA kill him that and you still only one man got knocked now four times they still are in the new and it looked like what yeah still. That's right Andy Andy how. Aj they just kept his gaze. Now I like it. He didn't break his gaze. He didn't he to it. You didn't see any new motion sensors face but he still didn't respond respond like now. I'm taking them belts coming back with me. He could. He could have got to cry and this is what I'm saying I don't look God didn't make me an entertainer rubber because that would be too conceited. Because if I may Jay I'm like I'm taking them bells. Br in standard people going. No he didn't do. None of that is straight gaze focused face. Yeah that's what we want. We complain focuses. You know. I don't know maybe I'm asking for too much. Maybe it's just the sheer excitement. Don't don't don't for me for being excited excited I'm excited. I'm hoping that this this fight can produce with the first site. Did you know I feel like it might not feel like obviously. Aj is going to be like Yo. I gotta stay away from that fire so I'm on outside. I'm on my my my Joe Parker versus. Aj Fight Plan. I think when Andy said instill in. Aj just look at them engaged. I was like oh I we definitely about that. And that's what I got the feeling of not not not not getting too emotional. Just being focused looking looking at the target and be like okay. I it's definitely GonNa see about that but like you said man. I would like to see a little bit more boisterous. But maybe like the that that that right now he just this. Wording about Saturday night they can win man remember. I said that Shit today at nine thirty nine eastern time they can win. I'm telling you with the coach Beijing. Okay with the coach saying what he said you know. The even the coach knows we can jab boxster scar. He's going to keep coming you know so and and then and then. Aj says man. I'm the man I can't stand there and an hope to the inside with the short man so they don't know what they're going do. Oh man they do. They're going to react to offer. Andy guaranteed they. React off Andy Now mccracken in the vitamin and said he wants. Aj they took control. He says you can't just you know. Pop The JAB and use the ring you got to control the pace with Andy or he's going to bring the fire to so you so we'll see man we're going to see we're going to see anyway You want to go out to the callers. You got anything else if you do want to thank. Everybody was rocking out with us. If you're watching us on Youtube governor get the thumbs up on as it helps with the visibility of the show. Let's everyone in the world know that we are or he is seven days a week multiple times per day. 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Oh you know what I'll be back to you. Stainless I know standards got a new intro. Anxious insist we're going to go to troy on Boomerang on how you doing good Komo and you know what I like this type of conversation. I mean I have understanding of it. 'cause I've never on that level but I haven't understanding ending of it and I don't I don't see Andy as a Chinese Chinese mathematics. You know. Andy's of Andy's bull will and I'm using boomerang also Joshua has to be you know a matador and As ways to beat ways to beat the bull. Oh just that simple. It's not that He's a talented fighter. He's not complex fighter because he does some simple things like he he comes in an straight line right and he has a tendency sometimes to jump in those two mistakes that you constantly come in the same way and you jump in and so yeah you jab him spend him. You're them but this is what happens. I guess the question what you're asking if that cloud allowed of hangs over Joshua's head about being knocked down and being defeated so for every fighter that loses that cloud Hangs over their head. I don't care what level but it's up to them to fight through it. That's how you become you know. My grandmother used to slate is good better and best. Then there's great that's how you become green you fight through it you know. I mean I'm I'm making it sound simple but it's something and I see something Joshua Joshua I've thought when before clicks go and he could have just laid down in their fight and said well it's only my fifth bite too soon when he got up and he completely mentally blind for three rounds. He didn't know where he was. He was going on instinct and he woke up around the eleventh round. And that's when to fight change. You know that's when I knew that this guy has something in him. Andy's a tough tough guy but we'll see what happens when he's he gets hit more rapidly more often and he has to catch that breath the now pain and I see this fight. Going about five round was at best. I feel going five rounds. And then and he's going to be put out of his misery and that is that uh-huh put out of his movies. Yeah he's GonNa be he's GonNa be stopped going past five round but listen listen. Let me say some new not still got a few seconds. You will nine the same age group brother so the whole thing that same gordy forty one year ago. I'm out here I'm out here fighting. Twenty four year olds on board awards. Got No pacemaker. Pacemaker and now make done. I've already done any better. I can do anything when I can prove who you know you can. Yes you can go milking cows get some chicken. Ah y'all still arguing. I wasn't you know how he does he as his call to come at me he's hilarious. It's but Mike Man Check this out though but so but you man. I'm ahead let me see the whole doug way was up which is right here. He don't plumbing. Put the preview of the Saudi Arabia. And the got that. I got that at Wichita the little video. I've been showing them that I've been showing them National Kugler waiting video with him casually telling the aid agency on on Andy like Oh how do I beat you. You both both of them if I video dodgers pretty okay but are you looking at this looking at. Aj All happy. You know what I'm saying. Pablo Ruiz in in in his destroyer. I mean you tell me man face a a killer a man psychological warfare psychological. That's that check man. I don't care say with child want I got that sixty is in the bag. We out on the outside looking in depth what your seaman Nichols Become David Council make. I'm your friend. Let me tell you something you said the art of war. You can't say war without thinking a warrior you. You can't think of war without thinking of Mexican when you talk about boxing less Gysi straight into were than lame one. UK Okay Warrior legendary legendary. No give me a legendary warrior from the UK. Najjar Been Show me a headline that says says there are guarantee you google Mexican fucking boxing. And that's the only word they use. You make an ass shit. Ain't nobody ever corner fucking Nigel. Benn a warrior or you buy the get it today a day. I'm on the Google Right. Now vandal horia another being in all being disrespect coming from this. y'All let him have it and let him have the public call this. I dare you take him now. I dare you to go to next I did you. I just just could ban. I just put Nigel. Benn Warrior look look first thing a week ago. Nigel Obama True Warrior beneath the stay retired. That's too soon but I put that just because I put news because I want to see Oh shit. I'm actually the screen share. You're really getting lucky. I didn't even know I was doing that. Damn is all good because they know I'm not lying just I'm there's laughter. I'm just laughing at what might have might have shown before I realized I was GonNa Shit our shit you right now Japan. I know fucking warrior. Sorry I just don't see where it says. Worry I mean look that's how Google Works Nigel. Benn Warrior anything with those terms. Terms should come up. It Ain't I'm sorry inner it ain't okay. Hey Look I'm sorry I ain't I ain't doing I dead Ed Game Boxing. Talk to US family Mr Gear. Mike Mike You come on here Cape in for a day broke Straight patron for AJ. Man I've been following all in look hit my boomerang. I've been following this man. Non Stop Man. When Andy Safe no mandate just man doing it just it just made me feel so good in the pits on my belly you no? I'm loving it all man. SAUDI ARABIA'S LIT everybody talking about how nice it is out there man. I think I changed my mind and I think I would win that Bro. So I I would say hell no but now she man is GonNa be live out there. Bro I got Andy Stopping big boy man in stopping him. I don't see nothing. Aj face man. Age as the mindset. Man I'm not seeing nothing man how you act as man they give me the keys to beat you and you're gonNA laugh about it but you were serious. He was dead serious serious. He wanted a this Bra. You know what that is you know you do but he. He amaze me and he walked in with that. Fine Damn girl is that but you know. That's his girl. You know homes exactly. That's exactly what. Aj that's exactly where AJ post it. And that's the same thing when he first got on the show ma'am. Am Mike Bro. You love you some. Aj You love you some Aj. I didn't know it was bad bad. My but it's all good we all. I mean we got our people we like you know Man I'm loving it man. I I'm just so I'm I'm it's like man when I was a kid in my the family was going to ask your world. I had bubble goods the night before. I'm starting to get the same feeling bro. You know dead night before Bro night before Santa Claus this Combo. I'm just getting it in my my belly bro. I'm loving it. Well there's GonNa be Litany is going to be lit for sure. All the people who had doubts about Saudi Arabia came around. Well we not them. My you know every everyone is not dead and that's kind of what it is. Those people do this plenty of reporters like big name or border. There's just said you're not supposed to be that now. I wish I wish Bro. One day man one day smoke and I know you can't drink out there but can you blow a little bit out. There was no. You can't Ma- unless you do away. No Dan show smoke presented reports that he he smoked. I look I'm glad you picked me up next. I'M GONNA be calling background love to show y'all keep it up. Man is fire your brother piece outfit. Peace out thank you brother dead game box and thanks thanks for calling in. Let's see what we got. We're going out to Boomerang in Detroit glassworks at a thankless. Told You well. What do we aim fit talking money days language? The fook up enthralled folks conversation man will go up angry today though but are love Miami find out put you in the booth sound like common straight for a d yard. It's it's a anybody that I don't got no love to be. Just be calling in here on that troubleshoot non said I just get tired of that but actually you know you know how we do man. We chopped opted up on skype afterwards. We got a little heated in there. A apple was said and done. We actually got to sit in debate. Box Believe it or not GonNa say people stop running with a egos in running with the with the major opinion what the majority opinion on. She actually started speaker from the heart of what they feel back. I shoulda facts by the end so Schaus outside of UK Carlos even the UK. trolls throws. Don't be scared to call in. You know what I'm saying. Your thoughts gotta be tired by not make carpets Just how it the phone got pushed one. You Know San Carlino skype. I got You just sell heartbreak. They'll be scared. You Act like you know C. Y.. PSA actor like in Control Shit Accu Baccarat Boomerang y paying on this as always cyclist make sure you push thumbs up said this episode of Boxes Voice Podcast 'cause it's TV the life in the HR as stupid shot out the bomb boxing on a boomerang. Marang talk to me in a by going once sir twice. We're coming back to you and own the mastermind. We care what I say in this. Save Dot gotTa keep it Real Benepe Way and the guy that he got a little killer right now though enforce it like you we know. Aj Fools in their mouth rule but the hand guy and look like I'm by the fuck this. I'm I'm glad to fuck up again here. I said I don't mind going to sleep better. I see a lot of easy not knowing what to go ahead and go. He shook all man. Might You Casey that we're looking at like the same. Look here when he first the first time I see that band thank though I feel different. Do Man Man al which so when when you look at it you see a different will again. Look I get into different though man. That's like yeah on the body experience right now. We do in Bill. What I don't like to do to get a Camaro with sixty? You know what I'm saying. You're not putting Sohar. We get down with birth. And he goes he goes. No I know what I hit home for Serbia but I I you know my name is my name. I love Some American muscle be so I get what he's saying because when I bought my I can't understand why my fucking Lt if you'll get your little wagon but that's what turned me off about all them ham es and Camaros and 'cause it's like they make seven different models is like a girl don't know that you an ss she django no about pneumovax especially Bumblebee. You done fucked up. You know what I mean. They make too many models. But I get what he's saying because I was damned show like Brad we're nice to meet with a a little six-cylinder shit sound like civic dog. This eight right as says hymns which is brought to coming from Jeffrey Rodriguez then EXP- pop op somebody for pudding fist. Two Face Kirk. Don't know pop somebody for putting testifies that's what he says Steve says might change his intro to sweet caroline. I'm just out man. What about me? I'm just a guy that if we on the freeway and I see a big Atlanta people going right just wide open. I'm looking like why nobody's going up. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go live knowing saying I tend to not Legrand. I hear Umass E. P.. Triple Ranga talk to me. I don't see why p with owning more thanks. Dana still got it got it. I feel. That's okay okay. TV wanted to a mixed. Take all these call balls. Hey Hey I got some dude. Hey don't don't bring it out. I got three calls. I got some new. I told you I'm a man my word. Hey I got to see the day and I got anyway Realize when he talked about Tronto at all you motherfucker Carlo fighting to God only we got had a big show tonight budgets stay tuned. God Damn it gets Thursday can stateful delegates but a fight number seventeen seventeen Andy was right around seventeen when he fought eighty. But you know what happened with a child or go to really have really destruct dismantle the number seventeen fighter individual desk as much and last week. I don't know why the Hell y'all get hyped on this. And the new the champion Bien pound for pound unified cascal. Never says and do when he's doing this bill to that he doesn't say that you could never go five five Check the say in the new like you. Just don't know how to be here. You stated you only say that you've never been checking at division. Danielle slow traffic the damning. I hate him. I'll be back. I'm telling you gotTa Stop Watch and then you like. Sa Never gone cutting. He gotTa Stop You right only started we are going to J. D. Texas man. Good morning the four. Aw Jaded realize what's going on Yoyo off the damn dude if morning fellas on Listen as far as the wheat yellow I feel You know and you know what I mean. We disagree about alive With y'all man do still got that look in in his face like he don't know what's going on live Matt. I don't see of hunger longer. I call it in like last week and said that like like George Foreman and people like that came back to get bills back now. They they had had a looking at a You know what I mean. I did look at Harlow Charles coming to get his bills back. Look look at how he acting. You know what I'm saying. Yeah Yeah but but but when it comes to Josh but just to play devil's advocate right. You brought up Charles Russell p people taken that and put it against me saying Oh. He's out of character the he's going into upset and it might not work for him. So maybe Jay Sam fucking cool calm and collected get the job done. Yeah but let me rebuttal that no listen. He's coming to get his guy down bells backing. He's letting you know that you know what I'm saying. Josh letting me know that He. He Ain't letting me know that he coming to get his bills bag. That's all I'm saying but As far as as far as Damn I had another point but damn I forgot you. Put me off my game but I get back with auto you call call Ambra and it just makes sleep thank Johnson Muster for. What was the guy? That's what he he. He had to run down on what he did fucking respecting them. Because every let me finish birds Chango resume. We don't believe that shit show. We'll believe that resume his right here. That resume rule over my arse wool over my eyes fucking Olympic gold medalist. Use Your disrespect. People say not even getting them a chance Serena in an essay. He bought that meadow in an essay. He bought the gold. Oh meddle in an essay. Wladimir Klitschko was on a two year. Layoff with a vacant belt Internet. Say Joseph Park in an essay. Joseph also Parker Duck wilder came to fight came to the Washington fight scene death in his eyes and turned around and ran. Aj's way in the words the Gray Jay Z.. Believe half of what you see none of what you hear. Even if bat by me David I I gotTa Jay Z.. Bart and come back at you. I wasn't ready for that. We go out Tony. All he talked to me. Yeah you always go mommy. Oh man what about the by voice man. It's like a fucking soap opera. Uh on one episode. You know people calling in giving the predictions talking fucking Shit and then you just wait for the next episode to come through. which would be Sunday just to see the reactions and then people eating they words about the voice man you the king of the box voice box and podcast or whatever but net I gotta give it to get a jump on you mad at? Everybody ought to call her the no the host man. You're the most took the hellish shit about this fight in how you going with Louise. Aj Man and I cannot wait for fucking Saturday and then and then wait for that Sunday. SORTA come through just so I could see you vizsla word man and just see your reaction man because honestly or he's calling calling in you know calling in thinking psychiatrist or whatever therapists whatever just looking at body language and shit. Aj Man. He's a solid color man and we all know that we all know that man and we're GonNa see that shit Saturday night and I just. I can't wait a minute to play. I'm high for this fighting and it's five o'clock but I'm still hiding and I'm in y'All can't wait for the man I'm your. Aj Jay is GonNa win by knockout mad. I don't see now Memphis. You know man. I hope I got you. I remember this phone call from the five one. Eight man got. Aj a seven round Robin Champs. Silent killer is he looking at the screaming let me put the Ruiz smell man. So you might say I must have guy he right. I must've forgot. Look that smell the fucking silent killer. He laughed at all of us. He laughed at me. He laughed at you. You know you pick him. He laughed at all of us. That smile now is not just for. Aj and fucking Eddie hearn and matchroom in sky was for every single last one of us that continuously left about the fat guy talked about the fact guy counted the fat guy out. This wasn't just Andy Ruiz fighting for him. This was for the entire. You were all fat. Men around the world stood up all men they stood up and listen and he he ain't GonNa let us down again man. I see listen. I know it looks like your nephew. Just hey Aj so you right. and His. But I never picked again awesome. Keep real I never picked against them and even against Ruis I. It took me having a see that hand speed. It took me me having to see that a J. Just don't react right to the punch with it. If I got her hands the eating J I know what it is what I remember I recall cal. Pitcher what pitch you went to help him and Drake Jose and a slim pool chicken. I forgot believe I was fat. I think you look Kinda holding onto that person that that you would and so you see a guy like Andy Ruiz he made me believe make you believe I might go back tomorrow so now he just made me believe that if you work hard it don't no matter what you look like. He told me you know. He taught me that that Ego Danka nothing. That's that's that's Joe Shallow. Hal Baby Shower L. High told us yo. Stop Stop. Judging a book buys cover because look at me look at me. Run with is two. Oh ooh that's the whole point. We all have something wrong with our. We looked at me and we can do it. Had the body of a Greek God so we assume he was going to get it done. The only thing done is Aj supercharged coming in man. Rodney said no says Mike you should too sweet caroline for the most Taylor we got one coming in from Joseph Rodriguez Garcia's silent killers. Don't exist alright. Alright alright alright alright. Let's go out to a D. talked me. UK Zhou Ad. Going once at work. Can't talk going to Brandon Cincinnati. Good can you hear me loud and cliff. Sarah road retire. I'll bet you bullshit and get the fuck Outta here matt rotate ever. Even though we haven't fucked up here but I don't even go round our. Aj that they're all saying and still while still looking at Aj with is grill. That wasn't Gangsta Shit. I liked that he ate break off to look at the crowd and said he remained looking at data. Sit got a game profit at that was gas shit. I liked Yeah Man I think. Aj trying to the Lease at its own game game. Plan the Nice Guy Rolling Shit you know. But I don't know if it's GonNa work and now he's had to wait till Saturday to see an issue you say you WANNA see bad as h ABC at the face off but a way and maybe at least to you know to kill the eight mile but the guy came style eat the way if he came out talking shit angry. Say Act. Like minutes hit rent-free so either approach. We're going to criticize criticize. So like I say the talking Shit is over at this point Saturday. We dishes going to go down. We go get to see we know was it a fluke was for real me personally. Aj winning by Ko Seven. He got stopped around seven. I think you'll redeem itself round seven. Ko that's my comment on the night of big fight week a break can be spending. Is His name come home now. Moderators Chatting Shit. Would they say the mind take a man being moderating the moment ranch who we got we got got up talk. Talk to me without my guy would mess man. This man start shopping up a net manner manner Indiana when I call it. I'll put it down already done. I must say he shot it out. My fog would head show. I heard you say that Aj didn't kill them. But I just want to say like I'll never think he really did say that. He planned his nice guy role trying to do anything. Anything I think. Aj whether you're nice guy. I think that's who he is and with that being said I kind of like him taking this approach because I feel like if he was trying undo all this Roddy Roddy Roddy Roddy Shit like. That's him being out of character and then I think it was to do that. That sets him way back in working needs to. Because when you stop being yourself that's when you put yourself in the most danger so y'all think he never be no killer so of course look at now it's kind of unfair own all A very of US help but yeah. That's alright alright alright. Well thanks for calling in going out to Nikki. Talk to me little dicky or like a girl Nikki. NICKY'S CINCO CINCO. She'll like gangster from back in the sixties. You Got Nikki. How many people you pop Nikki? All right just listening with owning too pat and beantown but a pack Eh. Good morning to you just doing some homework before class but Listening to you guys. Thanks for helping me get through. Work yesterday I wanted to say Kinda on yesterday's a show that I think AJ could could very well come back and he's still a huge draws so I mean it's like when when when you can make that much money fighting there there's always going to be a chance that they you stick around you know and A lot of times like eh failure after failure. You cannot come back better better than you were even before you know can motivate you and Yeah I'm not giving up on PJ. Even though I think that he might lose ruis a second time I think you could still have some really big fights and I love him to stay. Stay in this boy. You know English people talk really funny and I like to listen to their calls. You know Thanks guys essay calling in Pat. We're going out to Patrick. Rotor talked to me with a Patrick. Good Morning Good Morning. What's happening? Blue man what's going on with good madel good yeah. Aj offing. I think you've you finish man. I think you just just hang up the boots I think maybe give them the Wifi some Dave Islands. Simpson's Oros Oros this fights but he doesn't need the money guys legacy fire so I think distinctive i. I'm not sure even if he wins which I think he's going to take a year out. I mean that's what's going to happen and I wanted to ask you this. This could take a year off with with the belts off and I wanted to us. which gloves do you think they gonNA use it about other way ever lost for them or were they way grants because it's fine? I think they were whatever they want to work. And I normally see AJ. When I rival gloves right I'm not? I don't even know what aged aged was big as boots. That's all I remember John. How the why wait a knee highs Brady fucking killing killing me with the moon is cutting come home Sir Cam First Lady Aiding? Aj harder even what the fuck aren't the only. Yeah oh I didn't even know say to who was Texas. I can just go out with you say underwear six eight two I said under armored I heard underwear I you know but you clean it up. It's all good yo six eighty two they say you Texas baby first time caller. WHO's this man? Sixty two for one to sixty they do for one to just listen Fort Worth yes sir. Hello yes this man. I'm gone I'm Gaul with. I think that he's GonNa do the same thing. Go in there and just knock out because you know what I'm saying. What's your name Patrick? Patrick Patrick we GOTCHA. Yeah I hear you bro. I think Andy Reid is going to go in there and handle this business again Dan because I think that Aj's going to go in there without they gonNA go with the same game plan and this guy like you said you saying that he came in at like a Greek guy. Look at you know. He's so oh you know athletic and that good you know you know muscles and sit and working out and everything and he goes in. He left this guy. This looks like he's out of shape and goes in there. Be something like that. I mean come on I mean what more can he do. He's he looks like he was in better shape and he went inside and he's lost easily. I'm which you Patrick. I'm with Patrick and Texas right. Yeah well thank you for calling Lanier. Let me see you still Guy Osha. Never even put the clock on all right but yeah anything else. Yeah Yeah Bow Who who who you know for the period fighting Oh Tyson versus woo? I UH-HUH NO I'm I'm going wild man on Broadway it's ice and spirit but I think that I think it's going to be a big controversy and I think he's go out there and at Boston again. And then this time the state is the the The bossing fame or whatever. The boxing judge is going to go ahead and just give wilder and some judges had like six or seven rows. You see that Bush. I try not to go off the judges but but Patrick thank you for calling in. We're going out to rob a bank in Philadelphia. Would up young. Yeah and that's what I would do. I'd just wanted to get my prediction real quick. I'm so pump for this heavyweight fight this weekend I'm like from Ruiz by Ko. And I don't think age as a bomb. I think he's got heart I think he's got skill release was just being get discovered until the. Aj Day fight really. You know what I'm you come riding. When that's on the all right rob but then calling let him go out the Michael? Where's Michael six four? Six four seven going on Michael Man. God Damn Bucket Brecca Daddy. Heavy eight Mike. Are you calling from is going on Miami Emme. Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah I I I just muted you where you calling in Toronto Toronto Brown whole. Oh yeah yeah so this. This is how I see. The situation like Empty Jostle reminds me of guy or people from Toronto. You know like they don't really get out you but how they get out. You is as more competitive. Like for instance like drake like. He's not gonNA come at. Yes you brawl hearts. You know like He. He's GonNa make a song he's GonNa make a hit song. That's how you kind of. I think he's more competitive than like a street guy like hard like this. I think he's I think he's more competitive like a silent competitive nature. But I have two questions for you. Can you hear me. So if if Andrew got hit a gun they Joshua plays the distance again he keeps his distance to keep them behind the job for him and he goes down and Anthony. Where we've got up do you think he's GonNa Pursue Wild Jocelyn disciplined? I think so my were my biggest biggest worry. Is the the the wrath jumping in and stopping it early. You know I'm saying Last Time Josh got up he got back this plan. But you gotta remember Andy was able to break the garden. Catch him with a straight right down the middle. So Andy Andy. Pretty Smart Guys he don't over exert himself but he he does colder distance and try to keep the pressure on yes Sir Davidian in upstate New York when the video. Hey Hey what's going on. Good Morning Great Show is always Call them too but Yeah I'm with you necessary. I'm you know I gotta go Andy. I just think you're going to get it done but you know it it's GonNa be a good fight I don't have no you know. H H that are being towards Camping Joshua I just I don't know he got too many question marks for me I can't I don't trust them He's saying saying all the right things but be looks. I don't know he's just look suspect. You know but it's going to be a fight But I got envy being the Andy can do it. I think people need to put some more respect on. Andy's do she's not doing since he was sick. So I don't know I just I just think you know adjustable titanic right now and that's just thinking so I don't know I do. That's my car I got but Yeah that's my call. Great Show and God bless God bless you to division. Thanks for calling in as always we got from the United Kingdom. Our good friend Cayote in other words. What Okay Odi what's going on? What's going on getting close the loop? It is the closer you get your face a demon. When are you guys going to? When are you going to get? I'm not going anywhere member. Herman just lost and not in go. Anywhere like Thurman was one of my favorites. Listen we don't want you to go. We'll be right dead. He in your cruel Sunday when we come for you and told you I told you so and when AJ beats up wilder and Unifies Division on become undisputed. I'M GONNA be calling up and I'm going to be telling you would you so all you one for you is. This is this before or after he comes out of retirement. What what retirement whose retiree? He's not great anywhere too bad losses. Whatever new tune to tonight Donald says evernote? The timing wasn't it. Why did he say yeah? He's retired how am I wasn't until he called. But now now what now Nigga and everybody on Youtube to see taught Lived I allow. Listen I the end of the day is going to be entertaining this. This is the biggest fight in a long time. Like there's so much on Beijing for Oy it's actually the yeah. This is by snake to you. Cut a check box and talk to me Yoyo with the end user Yummy. Yes I I like to go ahead and say rest in peace to the a UK brethren because they will be all off like dead flies. So you're you're going to lose about fifty percent you know because Kazue. Hey Hey you know and let me tell you something. When Andy was up there doing faceoff belches intensity I felt the even from the side ah it was deep and as they was looking at other new hope? The boss Nikola Eighteen of Boston beat Nas. I'm telling you I'm the the same energy first of all first of all first of all first of all stop with the same energy and over here trying to a Mike. Why are you trying to call in like a sweet? Like he ain't say this fight wasn't happening he said the arena before I was before ooh that would be cast out. This is the one so this. This wasn't happening. Come on their salary. Money this is the cats out. Let me give you my told you before now he won't Aj uh-huh you said. No you ain't get no pass for me talk about the president. He's been building our call. Andy Ruiz Kale dock before. They're not saying he would be mostly. You know insecure and all these other things that he was yes or no. Did I say that because I stalbur. Unfortunately that is your Tom get yourself a boomerang. You'RE GONNA be rocking out with as you already know. We going out to. Who who who who? ooh ooh ooh. We won't try Nikki Cinco again. ICKY CINCO Nikki Nikki worded. Do Nikki Nikki key. Maki I'm going to. You Know Nikki. we're going to go into Randy talk to us can here. Yes Sir Nasio can you hear me. Yes Sir Yeah I keep forgetting your name. A partner's name shoot Mike. I'm calling from San Antonio Texas and I wanted to. I've been wanting to tell you this for a while NEZ mandate that data video the video on Youtube when you saw Anthony Joshua get his ass beat up every the first though. That's that's one of my bags out some funny shit celebrating and and I believe that that a reese is GonNa do it again. Knock him out and probably that big English muffin into retirement for good. Because I don't think he's ever going to be the same again after if he uses again but Probably wins and he can get up there wilder. Let's see what he can do with him but I think wow there will beat him and you know 'cause agency said he's not GonNa he's not GonNa be a fight wilder so but mudge judge that's basically say so reese all the way and Y'all take these men thanks for the channel that have already put a lot of stuff out there. That's that's good for us to die hard boxing fan. All right thank you brother. Thank you appreciate anybody listening. We've been doing nonstop interviews. We just had Jake Donovan. Boxing scene scene on last night. We had Bob Arum on the episode before that we also had Ken Porter Who Else we had man? I don't know man. We were interviewing everybody and anybody all the time we're going to have blue knows Adam Lopez today. Hey in someone else. When Mike gets off the phone he could tell you? Who else will have this tonight? Blue Noses Adam Lopez. He's the one that knocked down Oscar Valdez last week. took the fight twenty four hours notice and performed great. So we're going to get him on the show seven thirty. I believe in and I think at eight o'clock. We'll have brandon Adams since he faced Jamaal. Charles we'll have him on. Jamaal Charles will be doing previews and prediction on his fight this weekend as well. So we'll have brandon Adams at eight PM and then we'll have Adam Lopez at seven thirty PM Eastern. Turn Time So. That's four thirty and five o'clock West Coast. WE'RE GONNA go out to ruin a five four talk to me or they're ru Kenner new Chris. What's gone on us? Yeah go ahead and pick. Aj by split decision on this one. I think is going to be a really close by as is GonNa as it out of the cards Unfortunately I don't even know if I'm going to be able to watch this fight at the Wifi down here. Isn't that great. I might not be able to see. This thing is like next Jamaica Dan. Oh you ain't resort. No I'll be there next week so I'll be able to watch next week though. Wifi there is fine but I'm in Kingston now. So it's it's going to be going in and out but I mean whatever it is what it is but I'll show you too. Yeah you know they're gonNA put highlights. The song will at least because they understand what I'm saying about them understanding the generation that when they understand piracy so they're not gonNA try and hold. Aj Ruis on the zone they're giving you the highlights so that you don't go anywhere else to see the fight you're gonna go to their channel. At least you know what I mean. We're going to go out to the king talk to us what the is because okay so your name is king. What can you got? You got some bad service. Could you move around a little bit. Maybe even is even better now. Yes so you name. Is this John from New York. I called a couple times. Alright talk to John I think he's got it again. Honestly I just think He's got Josh was number. You know what I mean. I think that you know he had a ridiculous amateur background. I mean Eddie. hearn really should have looked into Boxing career before you picked him. I mean really wasn't the best could've done. I think res again he always got to do is get on the inside of Josh mcdaniels tangos shots in Rab. Joshua can't fight on the inside carefully backing up all right. That's a thanks for your call. John in New York. We got Majed in Florida. Talk to US EH. Much start off by saying everybody needs to like this video so more these UK people could call. Hey Man I just was confused. Unlike I could understand people being behind their countrymen and all that Shit but lie on dues like really acknowledging like you know his punch resistant his reaction or his stamina how his tank always love with all that being said man. I got res like around five or six six or maybe even seven just like last time but I don't see Anthony. Joshua happened the gas tank and he can't take punches man is UK call. It needs to be true or keep calling them with the thumb excuses so come on Sunday we could sauteed shit. That's all I got man all right. Let's go back now to a game on d you ready. Goodness what's up the an afternoon first thing is a hook you being sarcastic when you assign about. Aj earlier and there's bloody he was being sarcastic. Custody yeah Sick figures you were you said. Aj's talk in trying to convince himself. Yeah they should be the champion. Should be there so how about when what is about Saint speaking receive one face one nine one champion because I swear down he repeats ordering off her. Aj anything so. I hope you're keeping the same theory for them. Kind Take Care Not because you're signed. You don't believe him when he saying it so you don't believe water when he sound one phase one name one champion MPN because they're both gotten about trying to convince themselves by all means. Yeah so I got one move one and another one knicks won anyway. We're easy Blueblood Donna video who is credible. Let's be fair we will night talk's s Ruiz's. Doug was saying that there's a free do place so that means that wild is going to have to a fight Wyatt the real boogeyman division. We say about that. I mean I'm I'm pretty sure it's a three fight deal for AJ. I'm pretty sure release. Walk Away I don't think so. Listen to me eighty. That would be interesting because keep in mind. I've been the main person here telling you might think they signed Ruis they keep saying we got. Aj Jay we got. We got Canelo so I don't know maybe they signed him and hasn't been released was yet really. Did a frank. PBC Our haymond inappropriate impresses his own idiom natural law so could be right could be undecided near. I doubt he's going to get rid of our. But thanks for calling there going to get aroused simply because Al is the one that got him out of the top rank contract but Again thank you. I'm sure his POPs thanked thank you for calling in a d once against salute to you man. A Di was in a CIA. I thought he was a troll. Because you don't even got a face on his thing but at least he's calling in on a regular too but this is fight week it is. Aj I mean. Hopefully he doesn't disappear after this. Hopefully he calls him for the cash myths of the World Aroma Chico fan tune. I just WANNA see these. UK Guys Call Them for Callum Smith and Joe CORVINA and Anthony Foul and and do wah like give those guys the same love Marin they give Anthony Johnson. I mean Joshua We're going to end in in the UK. Talk to me what's going on and Eh do pasta are winning star Father Lavar lot accompli. You just couldn't out with knee Jordan. Johnson the steak and a very big newscaster over here so I am just made a mistake. Being wasn't isn't warrior to don't forget about that now but Mike yesterday Latte Hugh a bit biased against you cater. I heard you talking. I knew better slap for the USA About when I say that was biased towards the You say you talking about just rule retiree and andom in a fight tonight from Frank Bruno and that kind of stuff that come come on coming up negative. Why was it to work it like this? I never said adjudged retired. Now you're talking. You're saying something about my. He's a model and it did say that he was going to be a model accent either. A much normally EMU domini balanced. Did you mean balance because he loves the UK it yeah maximum yesterday. He was a bit biased. In an I heard him was in house that world you can be passed now as crazy. That's crazy listen. Joshua versus release. Josh was was serious. Known that he's not trying to do interviews Joshua's and Jimmy Fallon and all that kind of stuff that I mean he was he was out to America trying to break commerical. You WanNA show America walk. He can't and he's still out here in the press conferences reminding people he was. Ah when I came to America wanted to take over like no don't reminders that you should demand. He'll just keep us in the fact that we saw with this big fight on on on different soil. But don't reminders that you see in do what you said House on taking takeover that he is funny. I'm telling you he's funny. I don't see what I see. May I call it. Hey but Saturday night I will be here live reaction. I'm trying to Yo. Love Reaction Live fights at all that immediate reaction action we. I'm not going to sleep till three. I'm not even going to sleep. I'll probably we probably be done in the studio by three in the morning eastern saying Oh shit oh shit is different though. It's earlier force now way earlier so that's even better. What time do you think they get in the rain? You said three forty five yesterday I four Clark Parts Dot fighting by Like the The national anthem Saudi national anthem down. Pretty she might miscarried USA. Fucking U K one. I sound like a lot of Shit. Super Chats come in cast three five plan not deal every every week father said he was. PBC don't listen to that. So ooh short sheelah comes back one set released by the if they win they go to Al in two or three more fights before water. He didn't say they had a prefight dealer. ooh Let's slur three more fights before hang on. Well I gotTa make the way we'll start. That's a year and a half total John as you gotta make while the way. Hey how are you going to be thirty five right out. I'm I'm I'm doing. I'm I'm doing I'm doing. I'm doing the math. I'm doing the math. I see what they doing. Listen listen but LEMME LEMme. LemMe Lemme run running. I went on my mayweather ran the other day about how they promoted. Look at Cannella member. We're told you can plan on taking over all these fighters him Eddie Renault's again all of you know what cannot viva la Bam. Andy all this shit on his social media on his instagram. You know what I'm saying. That's what he did guy. Nandal hours the true face a boxing. You know what in on that no let me just remind everybody unanimity on that note dot com the Munich in this here. Who Long in New York talk to me that I had the name you know? Get like good user. I bet you never know what you can loosen shit your mind who you think is GonNa get this shit. This Sunday Saturday to did I learn. I what you think later. Ask Magnum unders Rudy Candy Ass. WHO's very doboy now? That's what the UK wish. Fuck Iraq we already know what's going to happen this shit. Hopefully it does happen. I just want to show fast guys. Good Morning Alaister. Thanks for calling in from the B. X. to the D. M. V. dollar production it was dot com. Yeah Oh two. More motherfucking days meagher's man I can't wait man. We got so much fucking boxing. Sarajeo I mean. This is hard 'cause dream. Jack came weight and shit man and a like seeing all heavyweight Cardi this shit and then we got the what they call the The end insure banging shit. WHO's GonNa win that fight? Yo lately. I've been going on all tasks man I've been looking at different lately and shit man as you get older you get a fucking lists. You know what I'm saying so I'm going with. Aj on this motherfucker. It is time man. It's all record. I'm watching boxing. My whole life and I know what happens with Shit like Agai. Aj Winning Nash it yet. You're you're cleared up all the fucking real good was 'cause I tell you what the motherfucking doboy goes. No I don't know if you're GONNA knock Andy Eddie out and shit but I I gotTA. Aj winning that mother. Fucker Man I. The boy got too much to lose. He got too much to prove and he had to. I do this. Shit man you gotta get what they say Shit or get off the pot boy going shit man he goes. Do what you gotta do man. That's that's just how much I feel about this ship. I feel what about that. Nestor find out to your day Hog. Kobe thanks thanks for calling in. We all going how to kick. Thank you know you'll be thinking going crazy. You know this is just me buying time for Alabama dot the DOT com. You know man you know sweet will That was no might. That's does my ring tone but May I know Andrew Res. I love any law reads. That's my God support Joshua One time I'm today I just WanNa say Joshua embodiment of all great you know out a great British heavyweights in the past. You know like like Frank Bruno David Pike's like all in Harrison like you know autumn like he's just a great and vitamin wall and site ally Lionel suck autumn suck autumn. UK heavy waste Suck Nagai said what I said. Lindy's Lewis I know you can't with Canada deadening suck a day you saw doc will bomb you get knocked by American you know clam still claiming you know my boy Angelou claiming him. That's my Nigga. You know he from he from a Mary even Khalid over there but as you cleaned up like Frank Bruno did like David price did like Harrison perfect embodiment of them because you know they was champ. David price was great fighting notes. All you know you know. All the Harrison was a goal melons and frame. Brennan was a champion. Put them all together what you got Anthony Joshua Esi crazy. Aj is the embodiment of all three of them. That's why you are the perfect and bottom of British. UK heavyweight. I'm this it's amazing. Man I love it but anyway you suck making you cleaned up then ta ah talk to me going. Yes we can. What's going on Blah Blah? My brother Bar Guan's Ghana was up. kwami yeah edge as looking shaky morale issue is not confidence. Confidence is Lou. How are you going to fight them on? A you're hugging him is not the gun. Africa warrior is shaky among is gonNA knock him out. I promise we go to do do the job I promise to you you guys I trust dealer. What is a clown? He's a fool. You run a small came out this. Let's do agree. I agree. Thank you my pleasure. Thanks for calling in Kwami we're going out to Liam in the UK. Talk to me. Goyal easy home did just quickly to start last guy. It was Saying Oh yeah price and all the other guys I mean. Let's take a look at it. Charles Greytown guys defend great champion guys. Dominant champion is compare apples. Brothels that what you said before Moscow in Dubois Sixteen sixteen cents. How many fights at wilder hot before you knew his name no because it was probably before American knew who I was Liam Liam strike me as an intelligent guy? You don't think it was a different time when wilder was coming up do Barnum and it is different times it is different times. Call Your Copay Buckskin. Yeah but you know what it's called. It's called social media. Not only that U K boxing is way more accessible than when I first started my job. You know how difficult go to water leader Watch Sky Sports now. Everything is accessible. So it's easy for me to know Dan you do bra. It was hard for me to know. You Know Gavin Research. I knew because he came over here and four bronner and I think I seen his come up. I didn't get to see his cello. Another the what before you mentioned his name. I knew Charles. I knew Charles Bridge and it was fucking boxing on network. ooh I always tell them that. They went from braids to dreads to flat tops. Okay I've been filed those guys and they both were trained Wayne Ronnie. And they weren't getting not to. I was following them before they before Jer Mel got signed to shelley and golden boy. 'cause Jamal did not Jamila. Djamil had the better resume if you go to his. He forgave presided like fucking ten years ago but anyway thanks for calling in Michael in the UK. Talk Talk to us. What's going on? Hey how's it going awry guys a Not like you know anyways. I'm not saying I'M GONNA. I heard about that what he was talking about. How how do I be a little tongue in cheek? Athlete dresses a nice guy. That's how we is. It always fight if we wrap them up. So you know. Don't like Saint like Andrew is all nice and humble when he before you just showed us how is within the ring on different animal. And that's how that's how the game works cheek weakest cheek. That wouldn't be this. Many people tuned in this many call is talking about. Everyone felt and seen the same thing. The problem is some of US need to cover it it up and make excuses for what we saw others telling the truth about what we saw the common man. We all know that Josh was not going to pay billions of pounds. Training couch shows Michael Michael again like I totally. Am you sound like an intelligent person. Show me this behavior. In any other elite level fighter what other elite level fighters. I accident questions to his opponent hugging questioning himself. Not Knowing was shot it was saying it was was lucky. Blaming it on the gods. How many fucking excuses as he come up when you guys still don't say anything come on? Look we'll okay. We'll see example seven festival. Let's say I'm out. Let's see who else we got here. We went to Michael Oh Oh the UK one of those guys got power. Yeah Man I ness come natural band please. I don't want to bring his name up Gerald what's Fi you say. No worry you need to check out. No I didn't say I didn't say he wasn't what I said. His name isn't mentioned with warrior. You're bringing up one bringing up one. I googled warrior. Nigel Benn and ain't shit. Come up you said. He wasn't a warrior. Listen a don't worry. Don't waste your call on Niger. Bang because he ain't getting his ass kicked this weekend. I'm not GONNA wait for. Call them now by the waste. My Call I'm GonNa make some salient alien points Aj is generally light. Is people all you can bring you up and say Oh yeah will relate. It's like not but the only time he's ever got nasty is why Brazil and before Miller top so it's east history of being quiet cordial and accepting of his opponent the show me the history of him in the ring so me the history of a stage show me the history of him hugging his opponents in axiom. How does he beat them? Show me that history. Because that's what we're discussing. Can you other examples in saying. Oh Yeah how do I beat you and also you can tell the video a s rhetorical and be on these luggage starts laughing almost as soon as he asks in an Undergrad and then as you say he answers the question correctly. We got boxing. Stephen did you watch the fighter meetings. It's yes it wasn't rhetorical him and his trainer still don't know how to stop n d you know you heard it but you know the copy is GonNa come out that agreement that he's not going to try and get away five hundred to three days before the fight. Is he all all right. We will see guess well forty eight hours Sova forty eight hours and it's all over veto in Malaysia where you been NAT AJ AJ bringing them out from under the Rock my AJ. Listen it's just Hello guys ensures the time in you know. Sometimes I'm not able to call in and is just the timing but I was listening to the show. Actually the Nevin fifty two PM here. Almost Friday Almost tried to here so I was listening to the show and the Ghanaian caller the guy that called from Gonyea actually brought me out alot. Yeah Yeah we listen and don't want to interrupt the guy from Canyon actually made. Because I wasn't going to call out yours. Listen because it's almost time for bed so that guy let me tell tell you something about Ghanians. Gansta the weakest men amongst West Africans. You know I have my jury return canyons. The weakest men amongst West African so when guys talking. He's talking absolute raw behavior. Women they're women linked to other west Africans so he doesn't we know what he's talking about his stock in robberies and talking about the. Why is it that when it comes to personality all of you? Americans can't seem to be an expert talking about. Oh it doesn't look this way doesn't look that way. Must be an American way for him to look. Somehow most he looked looked like a Moscow. Look aggressive for him to have this warrior personality. You know once I hit a ball. Oh you America's it must not be the American way you always assumed that he must be away all I see I see Tyson fury does it. Tyson talks so about his opponent left and right no Tyson fury dozen Stasi fury. I mean I love the UK. Love you capable Tyson. Fury is the most complicated past history of boxing. He said Swanton and literally because Did three days after to say another team. So that's that's not a good reference that you have to do that and that you're going to do better you need a boomerang you only get him in a dirty Florida. Came Talk to me. What up one? Second put my. Yes sir what up Yes on the whole the the topic man Truly I think. Aj the joking way but he was serious at the same kind of comments. You know 'cause I think he looking at Andy and he really has no idea how he lost. I feel like he looks at them and goes on bigoted. So you have strongly you. He's Probably Watch that one hundred times and goes man. I did everything I always do. Did everything you know that always works. Like what the fuck am I going to do. I really just I just don't think he has a clue man I don't I don't think he has a clue on what to do. And he's going there and he's GonNa have five hundred different thoughts running through his head because he probably everyday eighth thinks he's found a new way to win and trying this different in that different and he's going to go in there and be perplexing confused in and lose is what I think But you'll I wanted to say I use Amazon a lot lambs on prime member and I try to. I went to the box and for his website. When I hit that link it just took me to like a thing thing? That's like a sign up for free. Whatever you you click on the wrong one? There's two there's one for Prom and there's one to shop up so okay. Let me see if I could year because I do a lot of Amazon man. If that's the way I can help out. I'd love to do that dog because I I'm a prime member. I'M GONNA do jump on Lamazon first for everything especially now. It's Christmas time like you know So yeah I don't know I guess I'm GonNa Wrong Lincoln. Something could look into that and see a firm you know was going on with that but so all right Here I am screen. Should this let me go here. Then alkyl here. So I gotta go to the BOYS DOT COM. And you just click on the TAB says affiliates sponsors and you see this first one is for signing up to showtime the next one is for prime that next one which is the third one is to shop so you click that the next one is audible the next in his on it you know so on and so forth so yes. It's not the first link. The first one is to sign up to showtime next one is for sign up for Amazon prime and the other one one is to use the hyperlink for the shopping. But thank you for having me tell the world that because again. It's like you said you guys going to be doing some shopping. And why not support your favorite podcasts. I mean look how many of you are watching. You obviously enjoy the content I appreciate that you hit with me a Mike and this is another way to make sure that Mike gets a decent salary to be here with me. Twenty four seven because he basically basically is on call. WE'RE GONNA go out to. How many adding me chatty chat chat simple terrorists show? Aj will a box with very high pressure. That weight reduction gives them more stamina. Grease will need to stop said because that's that's when he telegraphs way reduction smeeton Madonna and I can't wait for the way in the mall. I'm telling you I'm waking up early. I what did you say I gotta go to box wreck. And embiid check his all his weights. And I'll see man I'm doubting that he's coming in just like Ab. Andy Andy. Don't look fucking thin to me. My man big big looked supersize. McDonald fries be about two forty forty. Everybody everybody oh I don't think they should have laws way. Well guess what he lost any at all just saying to right doc. I've seen a lot of Spanish older. MOMS Ed White. Probably they're cooking. He good meals there. We're going to we're going to get some Aj Protection Plan in GT kid in Atlanta or the GT kit. Much much. Glad you remembered. I'm on the AJ protection team. Let me just swing That'd that'd be a Larry. I listen to Bruce Wayne but now I am Bruce. real quick with that muscle In weight loss their muscles real dent so a little bit of Muscle Russell Laws can result in a good amount of weight loss because muscles. Just dance I'm expecting agent. Come in around two twenty five On the away and we'll see what happens. She's definitely down to twenty five wreckage. You got your name income. You Tomar Wilder Mile. You'll come in about two four hundred dollars to Chinese three-man two to twenty five. Maybe to thirty around there anyway we catching fade. And everybody's just going to accept it. I know you I guess we all I guess we all from different players because catching fa only mean you WanNa fight down mean you WANNA fight would do not. Oh so I guess I don't know here from the roads my gt kid in from the road. Rose on the road. And you all the way in Indiana and Arkansas. Little rock cafe. Where's it really is? Aj Old rose put down. It's going to be ugly I got. Aj and seven as you guys Ma show them all the way all day all to this has died. I just went. Aj has some quotable that we go out to Mike in Michigan. Talk Doc to us the okay I hear me good. Yeah Yeah I'm a big fan of the show call in time to time but Accordion last time for my prediction. And I had said Andy will give you just want to fight but Johnson be too big and he was going to get him but she'll go war. Yeah I watched the fight. I'm black though all a Mexican a family was there watching it and I was so mad. I didn't take any in the fight. It hurting me. So I'm definitely Dick and Andy in the fight but I I really wanted to see the water and Joshua I saw the fight they go happen like five six years ago and I was just hoping it was going to happen but I really WanNa see that damn sing together champ. I'll take they was calling this. y'All but David everything that can vouch for and I was calling also wants Joshua and watch while they're going to meet up like Yeah Yeah Oh definitely call this years ago to Hamadan Boxing Fan. I've been watching. I'm from Michigan so watching Floyd then I started watching other people. I'm like I'd be other people than Floyd so then I just turn to a hundred bucks like my only watch for three years. I've been watching like Shit because Mike Tyson hisen days. But I'm a big fan the oursel- ma- Keep up the good work. I I keep trying to get on patriotic doing join but Oh I'm joining man. I swear appreciate it. Bring up to the show with. Yep now go ahead. I'm GonNa cut you off. I was just saying On a Saudia on the Saudi Arabia event. I really wanted to go but I couldn't find. Nobody go with me man. I think it'd been a good as fight to go to 'cause I went to the space importer that is I mean. I wish you man. I know I was super scared at first has been outed. This shit is actually happening over there. 'cause you know look it was like we didn't know and then it was happening and then like damn You know if it but I always said if the flight is too long and it was just too expensive for me for me But if finances weren't an issue yeah. I wouldn't mind being in that despite that this I don't know man is something about this one bro. It just feels good. I guess is because I know what happened happening. I fight so I'm kind of hoping that it's going to live up to the same. You know excitement which you know could end up being the fucking worse first of everything right. But don't forget if you to take one but right now let me get a a a refreshingly rush limbaugh but let me see let me see. Let me see we have Three hundred and twenty eight times in seven hundred ninety watching. You gotta take a second hour smashing thumbs up. There's one second it it don't cost you. Don't 'cause no money we're not asking for dismasted thumbs up. You Ain't gotta go shop amateur you just dismiss it thumbs up please. And thank you Let me see here. We got a new Kololo. Aw this is from new. Call Intro I got it. They just got it. You know it's so difficult that's why you need a producer because it's so difficult to like They don't they. Don't really pay attention as few new callers. Say You knew collarbone players. I call the Joe McConnell and get in today call or they say they named seven. Oh One North Dakota looks on North Dakota Right Kotak. Cottbus's North Dakota seven. Okay I saw J. Now let's say Genesis Leroy Leroy okay. Going only Nest Nest Nest how you guys do on battle I WANNA say this. Let me speak on this. This go for Vive les talking about this Shit This Day okay. Now to the panel shout out to the people calling in come on man you guys got to turn the fuck up it. Aj will read on Saturday. You know what I'm talking about. I know I hear you man and I hear you I hear turn out. Can you hear me now. We know we hear you. Okay okay baby okay. Baby I've been fucking fucking rocking which uses about two thousand twelve. Why jumped off the wagon? I'll keep it. I'll keep a real jumped up and gives you guys got a little lane. You got rid of Louis Well it would be more was cool. I still fuck would but I'm back on the train do okay And then to the UK people that you guys. Oh Oh ooh shut that soft should. This is America America Jack. Well it's actually Saudi Saudi. Yeah awful like Melis- allow talked to Speaking on it I got. Aj Klein boxing res wrapping them. Up on the fucking Burrito senator in fact the fucking wherever he's from California hung it'll be a long trip and that's a long way back Boxing and wow so high expectations of AJ. I got this is going to be fired of the year man. We're going Roy. North Dakota we got your damn and hopefully might get some nice listening listen pictured go in seven. PM Tonight not right now. Maybe we went out. Yeah Man Salvadoran Alabama. What about Salvador? Good Morning Good Morning. How you guys doing this morning? Whatever whatever we're good we're good happy to have him? I feel like reasons GONNA wind in fifth or sixth round knockout. But let's keep your real reese has to knock you out because if he does it they're going to rob him like the first by for instance since man I felt like the referee was helping Asia L. because when he was against the rose when his hands were down and he was getting hit in the head head if it would have been different fired they want to stop the fighting but says it was. Aj they gave him the more a chance. What do you think I think you're right? I don't know that they needed to stop at any earlier or anything like that. But I just think that you're right right on the fact that it's Aj so they're gonNA give them a chance. He was the champion as well. So that's another reason why they give them a chance. So yeah so Did you see the interview did on. ESPN Spanish were to ask them. Was He scared of losing know. What on the ball tests? Yeah Yeah I've seen it this morning in recent. EMC losing but Sammy that GONNA happen. I'm GonNa Win Semi Than League on like Instagram. The grant through youtube more instruments to just okay. I'll say yeah recent that he's GonNa once he wins. He wants to fight him EXCO. Thanks Coco is going to be the first. Hey wait out it makes go in. He's GonNa make history man. Thanks for calling in your the next time. I'm in Alabama. I'm GonNa hit you up to. Brian didn't even know there was Spanish. People in Alabama could not find the Miami. I tried searching Spanish restaurants. Anything I just thought that it just didn't exist. Shut Out Alabama signed by. We're going out to Jay in Phoenix Arizona. Talk to us was that it was at a first off. I want to respond to that Bad night you're not a Nigerian Canadian do called him he was like yeah. What do y'all like experts on body language? Look everything you know. Look at the person that look at everything and it's like yeah. That's exactly what we do over here. We look at everything you know. 'cause if you over here if you look food the wolves known attack they don't understand it's like different over here you know tiger grant that we looking for that you don't got it you know what I'm saying. They didn't make that song for nothing over here. You know they say that. Art Imitates life a they should series. We look for every little change every little hole everything so but Not Special on the subject of the body and all that Shit If you look okay recap not the behind the scene on the Metro boxing channel. If you go to the ten minute mark you see. Aj in we we shake hands. Not right there you just go back and look at it. I'm not even though say actually no I'm GONNA say 'cause a lot of K will probably won't notice what AJ or no Ruis Kohl's in Aj sons. I'm like yeah they dappled they shake in repose in. Aj you know to Hook. I'm like dude. He's funny like every little front. You can't see we wouldn't do that especially like I want. Revenge what this dude. I'm not going to let him be Anywhere we shake hands. I'm putting if you try to pull me. which is going to be pulling on each other angle? Look away from the stare you know none of that. They don't understand all this shit it matter over here and I think h trying to like take on the persona of a weasel. He just like silent killer. That's not him. He's Kinda like awkward. Nice do he's just staying in his lane. He's trying trying to try different things to get an agent or Ruiz's head but it's not gonNA work leases natural to him 'cause he's from where we're from we know it already. We know folk with the next because over here they call it focuses warriors we notice already. We can cut Jay. We don't let them pull us in. I I gotta go watch it now. Did you find it from looking me. I'm trying to figure out. What are you trying to base it exactly at the ten minute mark when they shake hands norm saying they shake hands? He said I think he told my episodes. Tell us a lot of Jews in that episode man. y'All listen it's like you said is like he says is like he said British what we do over here. That's our mentality. That's what we do. We call people food. That's uh that's how we looking at why you fight as Mike like. This ain't just us is fight. As to why you fight a C- A fighter look vulnerable. Young Saami up you now you give me some real life examples of that I ah you know. Look look at the one I can remember even also Callum Smith getting by rider. He got that Shit on his story like callously callously versus Canelo. Anyone soon as we see you look vulnerable to get you fool. We want just spot we take in you BRA I. It's like you said that song was made aware not in the UK either tigers head so the women alone win win. WHOA that's all I do? I wait no matter what. That's our mentality. We Super Competitive Table over here Crawford from the fucking UK from the U S. He we competitive over here. Man Telling you where the cares are below compiled. It would you. Because he's a fighter. I pick s twice. You can be a better fighter. Paul nine pillow. Yeah but you may remember that you start in my now you start always pick campsite out. You know whatever whatever he got to have a chat with him and shit heavyweights now. Let's see you win Chit Y'all Shannon Sanyo you you see. They did right though. Shannon is the perfect height man like for real was robbed to who was robbed. y'All you see Logan Logan did drop my man and they rob them for not there. Let's go go to that. We stick to the real. Why you WanNa talk about the true face of boxing que SA nobody got the numbers Kambas Kassai? Do My man dropping songs going trippy trip platinum real quick John At one white boy Texas talk to me. What's going on today with another another Media thing or whatness. Now today I think I believe any Josh said they going out to dinner. I think the the next day we got to look forward to the way tonight as they got the gala dinner. I mean I've I've seen the intensity with the staredown much Jay side I think he's playing the com- killer while so While res Man Fuck all that you will fight. Are you going mini mini. How do I beat you? Maybe well no I'm not GONNA ask him. I'm just going look at them behind the scenes and you know exactly exactly hugging Nydia and taking pictures with his father afterwards probably exactly so. Here's the thing. Here's the thing H.. H He. He knows what he's gotTa do he he. Just I feel like he's ready to just get in the ring and the showcase because he he comes out the different fighter he says. I'm really looking forward to the fight. You know like I'm I'm just just people making excuses. Page excuse though because you see what he's doing and you you said you wouldn't do it and you would only do it at a certain time. Well I'm not. Aj you know what I mean. Well I mean I'm not a professional. Oh fighter aspirations you got aspirations you WanNa you WANNA turn amateur. Listen you got the mentality Taliban. You'll do you not. Yeah I do I yeah I mean I just feel like Aj still going to beat. Res Man I I I feel like he's GonNa come out and he's going. China is going to be a great war. Though I mean like I said yesterday I'll be more shocked. If the second time in the man we got King Hav New Carl King hard where are you calling from Baltimore Humbly. What do optimal Emma show? You almost always go back and watch catch live too often. But that's what's up man. The Sawyer had weakness target or a little podcast and everything everything. y'All doing great great. Things definitely appreciate it. Brother now does talking about as a fight thing right because I'm talking about as a box of fight Right we've never really got to see the Riddick Bowe vs and then there's Louis Right. We never got to see that fight by. We saw the the Holyfield vs Lens. Louis Mahoney was was old. Boxing is empty. Josh wins this fight. Knew we could see the wild of him because who really wants to see route versus versus Andy. I don't WanNa see that. Fight Oh Ho Ho you just one yourself a debate like what do you mean. The Best Bossa isn't the best boxer who is the best if Andy Beats Aj twice. I mean he wasn't meant to be in this Across the rink from wilder just because it looked like it was going to be a good fight and it looked like it was going to sell. He wasn't the best if he can't be an IM- make it to the top where he's supposed to be at versus wildlands Aisin. He don't belong at the top. We put in the middle because he looked the the prime. How can it be the Russian to he? He was being passed both times. Golota so this excuse me. He wasn't the heavyweight. He couldn't everybody else if he couldn't get GOLOTA. Listen it's getting a lot of men fight in a Vanda or Lennox year. He wasn't good enough. Come on a the fight the big fight the money fight is Joshua versus wilder bank. That's the fight that does but the better but is it the best. That's one of the best. He got approved. I hate you brethren fight fan. I just read to see that. Let's fight so basically basically you're saying Yo you know. He lost the aid to India duty as opposed to lose so fug Elizabeth Cedar Wild of I mean I get that. It's still a good fight and that one malls doesn't defer I get all that but what I'm saying if N. B. Took your you're spot you don't belong there is what you're saying anti-narcotic in yeah that's that's that's fascinating then but Ah which can happen. I'm just hoping that don't happen. Seems and I. It can happen by hoping that. Don't happen man must love. y'All keep doing which are doing man. I'm chart catch all on the call in live more often appreciated by the Baltimore. Stand up my own Ferodo like. Aj got a body. Ruiz's Zimmer is you fill me about him or do not literal body like Yo put them in a box that crazy shit. I don't want nobody I'm so uh-huh dominate though like Kanalelo fluey dominate. Like this do not on your level dash. It was a mistake if not. I'm Ali campaigning for the third fight. Like don't let Andy be competitive than it's like. Dan Can you fuck on not. Don't let it be a Carlos Tackling uh-huh stoppage. Don't let it be nothing shaky. Aj better get this win definitive. Come on you can't just put them in the wildfire if anybody's he's AJ twice heater one belong in the while fighting a few or whatever comes his way you're pro. Boxing is not a like when it comes down to like the battles going at some time there are politics involved but then the Damon normally the best guy wins defy not some bad judging sometimes and things like that but especially in heavyweight boxing. Not guys get knocked out there and so if edge as both be here then he'll do you gotta do in the site in engine. Andy Andy is supposed to be the guy that they believe he is Dan. We gotTA give ending on San deck that that same kind of praise and put them on that pedestal for the for him to make the water fight. A big huge fight gardening the UK got their got their Got The fan base but anti Mexican commerical going to have that that fan base to win we all seeing history overtime. Repeat itself Man Mickens come out when a black fighter by Michigan. Do calm down and a big big fight so I got the. I don't understand what's going to happen if Andy wins again is he's not luck anymore. It's not looking them. You know how many fucking people going to get behind him. Solidify it's over. We've got a guy like a Nilo. Who who is the miskin face? A boxing saying American drawing boxes important him heavy like doing that's only giving them more credence to the the validity of Andy. If he was to win well let me tell you something man if Andy Wins. Don't be surprised if we hear like not. Not just a hundred million dollar contract for Andy from zone multiple year because if they gave that much money for Cannella what they're going. Don't get for Mexican heavyweight who's proven you know what I'm saying because it's different money in the end the not knowing can can he stay champion but if you watch him destroy. Aj twice. I May I don't know the skin them. He could beat USA if he could be. Aj Twenty he could be who said he could be. I'm not sick Miami more difficult fight but in that roster who could they put more with I mean they got eric believing take him to Mexico with easy. They got help people. Halloween look at the roster. I I personally. I'm going to be pool of you and you take that easily check like that bitch out in good to get to the real money real quick we gotta supercharge coming from Iran. And he said No. He says he said y'all podcast Ravin emoji he don't know TV. I may probably alone. Won't take no disrespected at Brian. Speaking when he was speaking but When I will say if Andy doesn't Gambro his trajectory is GonNa be unprecedented on? I believe yacht. They thought he he did a lot of media. Appearance issue like that. The the first time the second time it's going to be even even bigger you know what what I heard in the press conferences. That Mexico was a player Mexico with Real player. We heard those rumors but we didn't know it was really he. Pops even came on the show and say hey. Yes we wanted to do that. We want to have that fight down to Mexico north. But that's something that they wanna do. They got players after all they gotta do is win and they're free now l.. They could also sign back up and still do all that shit. J just gotTa say we're going to go out to WANNA believe that everybody in eight. Three two is the New Orleans or Houston. Right now I could be wrong. Hello yes sir. WHO's this this week long from eight one three now we get down new collar Mike? Our Pre k balance because never be on there from but it worked. Look what's your name. Name Partial Herschel all right and you calling in from wet from Houston Houston all right all right okay. So here's the thing about this. This is a this. Despite has shown a lot of things in boxer one of the things I do a lot of racial undertows a lot of things that people are not speaking that I've seen what jobs lost lost in the weeds. And I'm not really feeling that I'm hearing a lot of blood. Do lose it cleanly pro black. They should know Joshua just 'cause he don't sound like one of well let's be hunted. He not like one of us he. UK brother they do things way different down myth and then it just how it is and you can't make him be something that he not and it is what it is but they don't mean he ain't a fighter that doesn't mean he not competitive. You know what I mean. I understand here in America America. That's what we do. We like to read into Shit and half the time people just be talking about that so I think he's going to go like this is going to be a close air fight. I think it's probably going to go down to decision decision. I think they're GonNa rob the Shit Outta Eddie. Louise and I can't wait to see 'cause I wanna see people respond a Lotta coonass she. There's a lot of racial undertones and people aren't accepting these just because They got a foster care haircut. He feel like they don't even got nothing to do. Here's here's he looked like there ain't got to we're paying. You could take him anywhere. Eight five gear and I get a lot of these back by water. But let's be honest. It's a Lotta dues. That if they had doc worker this and they wouldn't be trying to fight water cloud that was the fucking great call. Her shoe stand up. Houston that Shit was funny sir. Wow wow well Mike in my lab and I'm sorry I heard. Yeah I never heard Forced to kick. I never heard that Shiver Mike Miami. Good morning going on. What's up brother? Picking on Friday Saturday me Thursday nights seven PM eastern time. Stay between will number. I'm thinking I was awesome on this matter. Josh we'RE GONNA put it up I Hey Hey y'all gonna pull it all but I'm I'm Chad. You robot Florida okay. We got your brother going to keep that in mind. I'll make sure you get timed out like that. All right thank you remember. All my mind's man people call them and you know they got a really really cross the line and get down man let those people live. 'cause they they they they alive and breathing they real people so we have to you know. Treat them as such. We're going to go out to D. and South Carolina. Talk to me when go was good fellas man. Hey man for everybody and for this. That's right sir. The act you lineas you mike something. I don't think I don't think Ruis might catch a Shitty shitty end of the deal as far as if we knocked down like the first time the referee jumping in saying. That's it that's a wrap your man. I'm afraid that I spoke about that earlier. Man I'm afraid of that the two. That's the only thing that concerns me man. They're going to give him a Shitty stop. which you know I I hope it? Don't I hope you don't hope. Hopefully Ruis Cain Attackers asked like I frank and let it get to that point. I I'm thinking I never do. I just react to at the day after so if that is a major part of the fight than I would have adequate knowing San Assessment of it right let's see. Ip Ruiz could beat his ass again. That's why I was home down demand seaman. Thanks for calling and remember all official predictions. If you WANNA call in and gloat on Sunday I can call in tonight. We're GONNA to try and get through all the bullshit as quick as possible because we know there'll be a lot of callers Later this evening But yeah all right. I think we got everybody. The Bombay Boomerang talked to him. What a bomb box? Boxing working can't talk no probably going to stainless on the rookie. But I'll be I'll be on tonight. Because I got some predictions for you too so but I get at you brother. We're going out to stainless on a boomerang when Stanley's yeah what up. So just a sign make Ya. I am on an Auto Laura yes we are I hear. What can I say man instead of Louise is not knock them out? It's hard to say yesterday. All sound I think he can bounce back boy today on the Dashboard Kasowitz Lintel. I think they can still find Nancy but I think he broke. His is fear last library cards up here. This box of black gas cut. It looked like a paper tape. Now this is Bluetooth. Menashe is no good But thanks for calling in stainless and thanks for the kind words as always We had This is another caller. Here let me see what we got here. roughhouse in Tennessee roughhouse boxing. What's the bidding man? Do Miss Mike knows going on job. What was going on the morning? Drive it just. Hey Man. I'm here a lot out of people calling in and you know especially on the on the AJ witness protection side and they talk about you know. Aj He's going to get it right this time. You know what I'm GonNA GONNA make the changes. You've got a lot of pressure on shoulders which is true which is true. No sad because this kind of do a doppler that dude man but it said time at CASS gotta realize the the Andy is jet now. Would you get their belt Bra. That does something to you. You know what I said a few months back. Andy was another fighter for right now he is due man. He'll say that. Make you stand a little taller. That make you put a little more Pep in his step lumo swagger and instruct. You know what I'm saying. That do is not the same guy that went in there. You know what I'm saying back in Well the last time they fought broke so throw i. I'm expecting to see that boy andy going there with With with more determination than he went in there with I five because he knows if he doesn't he's going to go down as a flu and in a one hit wonder and a flop so I think that's what that boy you know what he's got on his mind and that's what he's going with. You know his motivation and his drive right there to prove that he is what people say he is right now. You know what I'm saying so I got audie Taking him out in seven could it could cut the first fight. roughhouse thanks were calling in Cyp Triple rain whatever Cyp Damn Apnea Colvin. Sook got some of the job on five thousand six hundred and two s five six two K.. Pick review by Andy versus. Aj One day don't stock sports the sixteen million dollars to twenty million dollars a day. Aj they lost money. You know why to bring that up before you get. I don't give up. I don't care how much money that makes good for him. But we WANNA bring it will guys works a lot more money. Let's move on Lennox Lewis Black's for the Canadian Olympic team. Any Reebok for the Mexican asking if we if we ever ever again say the Burris Mexican economic fucking. I'M GONNA partition that fucking lyrics Lewis's Canadian you better be quiet because y'all know Lennox Lewis Live without makes Louis. y'All don't even exist acted up there. We go the whole boy said about ready. Both riddick bowe fought a lot of active event home sealed so Kim looting Golota had nothing to do with him fighting back holyfield lastly with the thirty seconds left you. You know that theory fight. The do scored the juice but scored the draw. He had wilder down five to one in the first six ramp. What Kinda the pay of jared were putting a guy five wells in the fucking hole not authority to do with wins one draw and the next sick you guys don't make no got damn since get over that it was a draw move on in a song and fire stone? Today is going to be five out. Sue Peo Ness GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter. Man Catch us on the the next one will be here seven. PM Eastern Time Damn Eno on a lake boomerang see now Brad won't expanding to the UK Fan Brown and you know some of American fans called in and then like man we you know we we we fucking do. It ain't got nothing. We do a box. They got everything to do with boxing. Though 'cause I know I my heavy weights yeah never ran around. Miami and bike is show though my my my heavyweight champ at least I was seeing my heavyweight champ getting them aside big strong man you dig and he's just playing man is rolling back at did letting the mammoth size all the chip. I didn't know what seeing that so I'm not going to understand what I'm looking at. Hit as they hit my eyes. You know what I'm saying. And then all the not bagging on your actual fifty million you get the fifty million alone alone it back in the US go overseas. You know what I'm saying. So that's what we looking at like when you see that on time but a strange look I I mean come on though the family we're Oh Boy In the goal. She'd you gotTa admit some going on. That's my call you earn. I look before and it's still I want you to tell me what the last really haven't weighed so seeing pile running around and bite his show. That's my cup. I think this on the boat or on a fucking ramp when Shannon Briggs is why that's waterboarding type of source but yeah GTO instagram twitter man. you know you know. Look he field away he feel for for the reason he feel but we still feel the same way we just got their different ways. You know what I'm saying I don't know about the shorts none of that more and more about. Aj like hugging. And and and actually. But it's like I say he got there to say he got there his way but we do at the same conclusion man. There's something wrong with them. mashing to my boy Andy Louise should to my Nigga. Aj I mean Anthony Johnson and the man just big up to the flight this weekend following me Alhaji across nineteen eleven or on twitter at grouse. Two three one two. We can also follow me on youtube at my own sports. Show that I'm about to do here in a little bit and Yeah man the base.

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