591. 10 Takeaways from Week 3


And now move the sticks 10 takeaways from week 3 with Daniel Jeremiah Bucky Brooks and read Louis. What's up? Everybody? Welcome move the stick presented by Zaxby's DJ and with here today are good buddy. Bucky Brooks. Normally obviously on the move the sticks podcast here on the movie six video shows, but have a little connectivity issues today with buck is going to have to pick it up next week. It's just a sign of the times. You know, we're we're all trying to do the best we can hear I will say no connectivity issues on offense in the NFL right now off every game in the NFL. We are averaging over fifty points a game. This has been the highest scoring start to a season in NFL history and you think that the Monday night or Thursday might add to that per game average of over fifty points between the juice of the Ravens. We allowed to get through before we get to that. All right. Well, let's jump in here. We got 10 takeaways to get you won't you delete a software you go. All right. Here we go off. Wilson is the Eraser a gentle form and Rodger Russell was sent as time. But if you don't take a break the catch a Seahawks. Oh, I love it rusts out there making Arnold Schwarzenegger's character. Jon Krueger from the 1996 action. Flick the Eraser quite proud, by the way that movie made over two hundred thirty million dollars box up some big one. I think Russell Wilson might surpass that in career earnings though the way he has been playing. So let me get to it here. Russ erases your mistakes looking at u d k Metcalf for wasting sixty yards in the air Surefire touchdown deep all we've seen all season long and Leon wedded it at the end and it ended up being a Touchback, but then Roscoe's back to him for what would be the game-winner at the end on another terrific explosive play there for the Seahawks. Okay. So Russ also erases your pre-season Notions of the Seahawks offense. They are winning in the past game right now Russell Wilson second straight game with five touchdown passes. Russ. DJ erases records is 14 TD passes most in NFL history through the first three weeks of a season Russ erases. Your defense has issues because the seat box came into the game Dead last in Total Defense and gave up a ton of yards again to the Cowboys but still Russell Wilson is able to figure things out Russell races deficits and other come-from-behind Victory. Here's the Seahawks in week three R Us even races Drama DJ. Okay, we're talking about 12 one-possession victories now since 2019. That is the most in the league over that time lastly Russ erases your hope. Okay, he is a hope killer. He is a Dream Crusher his play right now. DJ reminds me of I want to say like 2009 to 2000. 13 Drew Brees when every time he dropped back to pass you expected it to be completed if it was an incompletion you were shocked. He also kind of reminds me of Aaron Rodgers during my Lions fan page over the lines would play the Packers jump out to an early lead. You just kind of expected Aaron Rodgers to lead them back. That's what Russ is doing right now and he will also erase any doubt of his MVP contention with this season. I love how you use your lines fandom and the past tense is not very long to me you had to quit on the team, but you can't just quit you left nothing to do with them anymore by take away from this game and talk about on the aftermath was so max protection to man routes down the field a cowboy secondary was a mess a communication was poor as a quarterback. We called that kind of a a flat roof line off will talk about on that black guy was when you have your safeties kind of settle your quarterback, you're keeping an eye on the safeties in that roof line. Are they expanding the roof line or is it Contracting and when you go and got two two men route and you have a dog At roof line and you've got Max protection. They're going to beat you over the top and that's what Russell Wilson did repeatedly in this game. So big game for Russell Wilson got the MVP right now. I don't think there's any doubt about that through the first three weeks off me a slope. You need a slope on the roof. I need a slope. Yes, you do not want a flat roof. It's not going to end. Well, all right. Let's get to my takeaway here. Let's go send a Night Football Aaron Rodgers the age limit truck. They think the head off the jobs Rogers rolls to the right and wide open for the touchdown is Robert tonyan junior. He was all alone after the fake hair off off and Green Bay now leads by two stores. That was a big one. Well, we talked about trucks and trailers all the time. I move the sticks the quarterbacks of the trucks. They can pull the whole team behind them. Whereas you have some quarterbacks who are trained or dependent on the truck to pull them along for the ride. And Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback who makes everybody around him better and it's his graduate-level play. It's the way he manipulates coverages with song. Their roles pump fakes moving safeties with his eyes. There's one playing this game where he just gives a little nod to the flat you pull the corner up. He throws it right over his shoulder. There's the play-action the Box the misdirection. His ball-handling is outstanding. He just does everything at such an elite elite level and I know people are going to talk a bunch about Jordan love and did that motivate him and was that you know, is that a long conversation the guys, you know, I don't I don't know that you can dispute it the way that he's playing right now and he is dialed in from from the tiniest play fake Rhett to what he's doing all the way down the field. He's he's locked in on the flipside what's going on with the Saints right now like really what is the problem for New Orleans? Sean Payton seems really frustrated with the way the defense is played and rightly. So, Georgia penalty there it is 18 penalties, by the way, for over two hundred yards. The last two weeks alone. This team is playing undisciplined football. I mean, Sean Payton said it himself off. Both sides of the ball but this this point from Drew Brees. I mean this reads like this is a team in real trouble. I mean, it's like based on the last two losses. We need to take a hard look at what we're doing and how we're doing it and that's something we've never had to question in New Orleans. It always seems like the plan has always been a good one and you know, whether they got now executed, you know was a storm another game or another day, but but for the offense, maybe it was a symptom of no Michael Thomas we'd get that. I mean, he's a premier receiver in this league. But again, Drew Brees not a single attempt. Well enough. Yeah. See well enough off by the way, well enough that line that line by the way was about one play call. You can read between the lines on Drew Brees saying we need to evaluate what we're doing. That's clearly about. Well, yeah bring it tastes him. He'll in there and then Darius Smith forces the fumble on the bed exchange. It's kind of like a bad almost like a bad read-option relationship there and then ball security was just dead. Table for Taste of an after that as he was trying to take it himself in Stereo Smith recovers and that was a real turning point in this game and had nothing to do with Drew Brees, you know, and it was you know, the defense like and they've had that trouble one thing is for sure Alvin kamara's healthy a dude is absolutely phenomenal when he is a hundred percent and we saw that but they wasted a huge day from Alvin Kamara. So that would that's my takeaway are so I'm going to get us to our next take away here that Josh Allen does it again for the bills out of the pistol here is Alan with Singletary behind him back to throw looking Left End Zone in his thoughts touchdown Bells. It's crossed for the go-ahead score in the final seconds. Don't look now. But Josh Allen is launching himself into the early nineties. Buffalo Bills Glory Days folklore here with his first three games in his 2018 season. He has now surpassed Jim Kelly for the most total touchdowns by Bills quarterback Kids franchise history through the first three games. He's got 12 Kelly had 10. That was the year that Kelly took the bills to the Superbowl. Although if you know you were just looking back in the nineties that was half of the years in the nineties. So what Josh Allen is on a historic Pace right now and it was about to be that strong line of oh boy here come the bills again, you know, they've they give up a huge lead and somehow Josh Allen with the aid of perhaps a questionable pass interference call down. There is able to find a way to still get the job done and I think right now out of quarterbacks taken in a top 10 in that draft class three years ago. He is by far leading the way Jose. I look I think it's fun to watch. It's also fun to watch Aaron Donald in the second half but the Rams comeback attempts falls short Josh Allen big reason why yeah to me watching the tape the biggest difference between Josh Allen year one to year three where he is right now is trust. He was a see it throw it guy coming out of Wyoming. He's got such a big arm and a lot of guys with big arms have these issues where it's just not anticipation because you can rely on your arm, like guys come out of your brakes and put it on them. He is throwing with all that are Mobility he possesses now, you're starting to see the trust and the knowledge he has in the system. So he's got the knowledge of took offence. He's got the trust with guys like Beasley and digs and in these weapons that he has at the balls coming out before they're out of their break and you can't defend it when you have that combination of velocity in any stock get more accurate. And now you add anticipation which is added into his game. There's nothing there's nothing you can do to slow that down. That's why I mean if we're talking about Russell Wilson, it's the the clear MVP. This is the runner-up does farthest off. Oh, yeah, no question and look it's silly to even talk about MVP said week three I get it. There's a lot of there's a lot of season left to be played. You know, the other thing that I'll mention is Stefon Diggs has proven to be such a key Acquisitions Bills team like silver is going to give us some details on that on the aftermath today. So depending on what time you take this show in be sure to tune into the aftermath 3:00 to 6:00 eastern time Thursday. All right, let me get us to our next takeaway back-to-back for me. This is takeaway number for and that is the 49ers have the best depth in Player Development in the NFL right now. That's Jeff Wilson jr. Now into the game take it to him. I was going to roll right for the lab to Wilson jr. Screen big block touchdown. San Fran Cisco hot dang a clean sweep of MetLife Stadium this year for the San Francisco Forty Niners beating the Jets and the Giants in consecutive weeks all the way out east and I'm not sure DJ that there is a front office and a coaching staff in closer lockstep and with a better working relationship in Synergy than the 49th in the front office in their coaching staff John Lynch Adam Peters Martin, Mayhew that whole Talent evaluation and roster building crew knows what the Kyle Shanahan coach and his coaching staff wants and they get it and they and then of course, it's up to Shanahan's crew to develop that talent and we're seeing it missing there for best skill-position players on offense Jimmy Garoppolo Raheem mostert Deebo Samuel George Carlin you get contributions from Jeff Wilson from Jerick McKinnon from Ross. Dwelley at tight end and from Nick Mullens who goes for over three hundred yards and has an over 100 passer rating in this game against the dog. So I know Mullins has had some experience in the system and its played well before so that's not necessarily a surprise. But that's on the talent evaluation crew for identifying and on Kyle Shanahan screw for continuing to develop off the depth behind their starters on defense You could argue them missing four of their best players on defense Dre Greenlaw Nick Bosa Richard Sherman D for Solomon Thomas am not there and they still get contributions from guys. Like Dion. Jordan is a cast off a couple of times already in the league. He comes up with this act as does Kerry Hyder and that's that talented and Deep South Front for the 49ers coach by Chris kusura, cuz we've talked about on this podcast before they do a phenomenal job. And yes, it was against maybe the worst team in the AFC and we to maybe the worst team in the NFC and Thursday 3, but nobody with that type of injury list goes into an NFL stadium inputs that kind of win on another NFL team. That's not the 49ers game. You know that that crew has it Rollin and this could end up being you know, obviously it's a negative to lose those guys but to see how they're performing in their absence real positive moving forward. You nailed it there and the only thing I would change is we flip it over to the Giants just real quick Daniel Jones been the leading rusher for this team two of their first three games. They're leading rusher as a running back. I believe saquon had five or six yards in the first week 28 yards LED their running backs in the second week and they had ten yards from their back that led this week. So they have yet to have a running back over twenty eight yards and either three games. So may I know Daniel Jones has turned the ball over a little bit the fumbles those continued to plague him and be an issue had an interception here, but What are you supposed to do a second-year quarterback and you have zero you are the Run game there. I just don't know how you how you judge him. I need to get him some help here. They do it, It's going to be a long year. If you're a fan of New York football trouble. No bueno. It's going to be a long one. So get ready for the draft will be will be talking a lot about those teams. Once we get to April. I can promise you that. All right, let's keep it moving here with the next take away and that is take away number five. And that is the Philadelphia Eagles are also lucky they play in the NFC least. Oh boy Thursday, mine yard field goal attempt for J. Kelly Heritage and now kind of leave Flags fly. Don't sell vehicles got a oh goodness. Oh on a field goal to win it a five-yard penalty inexplicable just a microcosm of their day. You get you jump when you get a chance to kick a game-winning field goal, which then leads you to a punt to end up in a tie against the Bengals team that everybody knows is clearly in rebuilding mode with Joe burrow who will get to in just a second. But as bad as it's been a Carson Wentz, I don't want to use the word broken but it's it's breaking I guess would be what I'd say. I've never seen him just missed throws like this. It's got miles Sanders streaking down the sideline. He misses it. The decision making has not been good. So when you're losing accuracy and your decision-making poor, that's kind of where you hang your hat as a quarterback. That's very concerning the pass rush at least was able to heat up Joe burrow and got him eight times for eight sacks hit him. I think eighteen times in this game, but secondary had breakdowns again. So the good news for them read is as I said, it's it's the NFC lease the divisions not running. Away from them but man this is this is the look of a bad football team right now a winless football team through three weeks. I don't think anybody saw that coming. Well, no not as we had talked about on this very show me that the Eagles were going to be the only team in the division with a head coach and a quarterback returning fish here from the previous season, you know, like these got nothing nothing's really new. You know, this is something that these to you know, Peterson and Carson Wentz have been working together now for five years. It's just it's it's strange to think that this is where we are and I can't I can't imagine that all Sean Jeffries home and rhaegar make that much of a difference now, I can see if you know Brandon Brooks and you know healthy fully healthy Lane Johnson Jason Peters that whole crew, you know, maybe makes a little bit of a difference. I thought also something interesting to follow is Carson Wentz decided to tuck it run quite a bit in the same. In fact ran more this game than he has since tearing his ACL whole way back in 2017. So that's up to follow moving 4 a.m. I guess you know maybe trying to get into a little bit of a rhythm that way it just it's not working right now, but I tell you what on the flip side as you're going to get to here for Cincinnati. It's something small box or two for dzhokhar own company. Yeah, they've got their quarterback. I mean their offensive line stinks right now and he took a beating in this game, but they could rattle them. I thought you know several times look like you'd have been knocked out of the game. And I think there's some downside the building there in Philadelphia that that thought he wouldn't get up from some of the hits that he took was so vicious but yet he continued to get back up. He remained accurate through all that goes over three hundred yards again and and keeps their team the game really feeding Tyler Boyd. The last thing I'll add on them. There's a play they ran in this game that's going to be copied all over the league and that is when you see that what we call kind of a picket fence or a sticks defense. So when a third-and-long third twenty and you line up all your defense along the first down marker and just say we're going to you know, put kind of a protection around this first down marker. A lot of teams have done that. I see the charge do a lot with Gus Bradley and the dog Yard of situations the Bengals just dumped a little screen there and basically what it turned into was a kick offered. Yes, and now you've got you've got fifteen yards where the space you've got a backpack Vision with four or five blockers out in front of them to try and pick off the Defenders and they popped it on a believe was a third twenty something. Yeah, you're going to see that that's going to be copycat you're going to you're going to get teams out of that picket fence off by running that Ploy easier to get those offensive linemen out and not get caught up in the wash there as well with everybody doing, you know release. Yeah, exactly. And you know, the last thing I'll say here about the The Bangles is I think it's going to be interesting to follow what they do at wide receiver for the next couple of years. I feel like the swan song has sung if that's the thing on John Ross who was a healthy scratch in this game off a first-round pick a drink green plan on the franchise tag in a game Run where we watch t Higgins scored two touchdowns. So, you know in Tyler Boyd, obviously they paid him and rightly so he's been a good job. Player for them and they they gosh thankful. They have them so, you know, I think I think that'll be interesting Higgins Boyd, you know, whatever else they figure out there moving forward as they try to build this huge fence around Joe burrow. All right, I'll give this to our next take his think away number six. And here we go. The Patriots are still chameleons car takes the snap match up in the end zone cars in general. Going to be a savior the Patriots collapsed the quarterback Derek Carr sack with features wise Jr. Coming away with a football and they're going to say that he was across the goal. He was contacted out of the End Zone off the Patriots. Well coming out that they not only had a safety. They think they got a touchdown things didn't go well for the Raiders on Sunday in Foxboro. They've been in that situation before in that situation not necessarily in that building, but you know what I'm talking about. I want to talk about the Patriots offense though because Cam Newton. I thought said it best quote after the game said we want to put defenses in fits knowing that we have wage. Many different ways to beat you and then showcase that you're through these first three weeks. We've won it all ran through camp on the ground led the team in rushing pair rushing touchdowns week to Camp begins to are down a bit against Seattle Thirty or forty four three hundred ninety-seven passing yards, and he still was potent on the ground as well with the ball in his hands. We three hams most mature sat line yet as a patriot and they still figure out a way to put points on a board. In fact, he led them on six scoring drives by 250 rushing yards, and he only had twenty seven of them. So he Michelle in a huge day Rex Burkhead or or bur Ki as cam the nickname generator, you know calls him and three touchdowns. So they figure out ways to suck even without Tom Brady. This is still a game play independent team defending they're going to try to figure out you know, the best way for them to beat you and may change in the course of a game, but they have that ability which I think you know with something week off. The little bit heading into the offseason whether you know with Cam at the helm they could become and still be that versatile team week-to-week. We're certainly seeing it Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels added again. And I I am curious your thoughts here DJ you saw the the meme or the gifts. Now that's going viral right with cams blinking down the bench. Like what were they taught? Like? What could what could they kill her? If she actually said to cam to make him make him come up with that sort of reaction. So I got me thinking a little bit like was it was it to kill Harry saying something about oh, I listen to a podcast on Thursday and camels like what no. No you could never write you can't possibly be serious. I don't know. Those are just my thoughts. I don't know what you had on them. I think that's pretty accurate. I think I could go a couple different directions with that. I mean, it's it would kind of be like, you know, you give Erica choice to be involved. With the sticks podcast or produce the around the NFL podcast these shows the around the NFL podcast like what really really that's really good as well really good. I could have been something like hey, I heard I was playing pick-up basketball the other day with Gregg Rosenthal and then what and just slide right off the off the bench. So I don't know who knows what it could have been will not know for sure. All right. Yeah, let's get let's keep it moving here. I'll get to my next one here. The Browns the Cleveland Browns, they found their identity Mayfield under Center gives the ball Chap's coming out to the left. He's getting led by Wyatt teller. He said a 58 Jetta side corner. Down the job. He's done it again is amazing. Now. This is a Cleveland Browns team that clearly is decided that their best formula win football games off the football take the bottom Baker's hands take some of that pressure off of him play good defense rush the passer with Myles Garrett as he had another big game there. He's my pick for defensive player of the year before the season started and I think Got a shot at that thing. But but read this this team does not look anything like team. We saw open up against the Baltimore Ravens. They've they've kind of morphed in decide who they're going to be. Yeah, I would agree with you on that one and I will say that on the Washington side of things. We had any Antonio Gainey golden citing although AGG. He got founded on the sidelines on an end-around by Carl Joseph former first-rounder the Raiders showing up here in Cleveland in the back of that secondary also had a big interception of Dwayne Haskins, which kind of brings me to this question where we at askance now three weeks since that's a really good throws had some in this game. In fact, I laser to Dontrelle Inman for I believe that first touchdown of the game, but also ends up with the three interceptions on defense really really unfortunate to see Chase young leave early in this game and not come back with the groin injury. Although we're told that it's not expected to be a real serious groin injury, so maybe wage Back sooner than later but for Washington, you know, I still don't know what to make of Haskins in that offense and Cleveland know clearly as you mentioned give it to the running backs and let them let them work. Oh, well, I'm going to do something that's rarely done in the media right now. I'm going to extend some Grace and I'm going to I'm going to look at these three factors Young quarterback. No off-season new coach gave him some Grace to lower your expectations of what you think. You're going to get from Dwayne Haskins this year. It's just not set up for him to be successful this guy and they're not good upfront still need more weapons on the outside, you know to go along with what they hang out there. So, you know, I like scary Terry but they need to get somebody else to help McLaren out there. So yeah and gaining old is not there yet. So I I don't I'm not going to issue any verdicts here. I'm not I'm not either this year. Yeah. I'm not either I just that's what you know, it felt like like we're in that spot like we don't know, you know, we're I don't know what we exactly what we have just yet and you're right. It's probably unfair to truly evaluate here. Yep. Get three games into a season that had no real offseason. So that's where I'll get us to where we have here. We going to give us the one working. Take away number eight. Okay, that is patience mam hang off for Mike Vrabel the Titans snap Seth character. Holy Toledo 55 yards for the lead. Wow. So that is quite the departure from Stephen gostkowski's Tennessee Titans. Give you all the way back in week one where he missed two field goals had another one blocked missed an extra-point as well. That was the type of performance in week one for a kicker that finds yourself on the mundane a transaction League email, although in that case. It would have been Tuesday cuz they played on Monday night yet still Mike Vrabel exercising a little patience with the former Patriot. I'm not sure who I'm sure he knows quite well, right and even in week to another missed extra point, but was much better still variable sticking with the veteran kicker and on Sunday. Guess the absolute MVP for Tennessee open with two field goals answered to Vikings touchdowns with another pair of field goals one for 50 plus then in the final six minutes of the game off. Another two field goals both from over fifty yards one 4:54 and then the fifty five yarder for the win for Tennessee. And you know what I loved about this afterwards as I learned via Terry McCormick of Titans Insider. It was a sock took a sock off on his kicking foot which you know, but don't do it on a plane, but I guess if she got to take your sock off to put it through the uprights, you know do it right and all the things of famous socks of Plenty sock from Curt Schilling. I mean now we going we don't got no sock here for Stephen Gostkowski that leads the guide to six field goals helps the Titans get to 3, you know now does guess Kowski last after that week one if variable and if that's the Titans aren't familiar with his work and what he had done in New England. I don't know but in this case patience proves very valuable for a kicker and for Tennessee well off. Add this on the kicker front. I think if you look at the teams that are indoors, right and I see the Chargers are at Sophie's Stadium. Right? And so I've seen what bucker did last week and I've seen through a couple of games in there. It's it's you know, it's it's a open air Stadium but with the canopy, right so it's literally perfect kicking conditions. You have no fans in the stadiums. You're kicking in doors in faith in Minnesota. It is the driving range for these guys. Like they're not even flirting with the uprights on these kicks that I've been watching when they're playing indoors. I mean, there's there's something to be said and it's not just the noise. It's fans move around it's the energy and the pressure that's in the building. If they're none of your pin drop in there. It's just it's bizarre, but I think it is a reason why we see some of these big kicks from kickers it is perfect kicking off environment. All right. We'll keep it moving here the game that I was at the Chargers and the Carolina Panthers the Chargers trying to come back in that ball game came up a little bit short, but my takeaway was on the Carolina side of things and that was dead. Good day for a couple of Carolina rookies Herbert on the back pedal being pressured throws underneath and it's caught the hook-and-ladder, but it's dropped balls loosen 220 the Panthers fall on it. And Carolina is going off when this football game the first win of the Matt rhule era. Well, you heard it. There are very close to pulling off the hook and ladder there to win the game Chargers but read they didn't quite get it done. I will say with Justin Herbert to get the ball inside your one-yard line under two minutes no timeouts and to get your team down there and have a shot to try and win the game was a good sign for the Young quarterback in for the for the organization that going forward but I do want to stick the other side with the Carolina Panthers here Jeremy Chen their second round pick 12 tackles in this game was all over the field. I saw it in the two previous games. I watched they play them everywhere you can you can come off the edge you can cover in the slot but his speed is real and it plays and he's been outstanding for them thus far I think some people took offense to it, but I I think he's the best defensive player on their team all birth. His third game in and then Derek Brown up front who hadn't done a whole lot in the in the first couple of games had three tackles-for-loss in this game reset the line of scrimmage. You saw the power able to push the pocket not a ton of of pass-rush ability at this point. I'm still developing in that area but his size and strength kind of reminded me of of Sue, you know, and so those years were Sue was you know, five five six seven sack guy. I think that's what Derek Brown is going to get too. I don't think he's going to be a double-digit guy. I think he's going to be something that dominates against the Run. He's going to get you a handful of sex every year. We also see Troy krisle been getting some running corner or the Panthers as well so I can make a couple plays uh there and you know, we haven't seen a ton from YouTube Grossmont yet, but you know, maybe that's coming as well off the edge, but they spend everything they had on defense. So it's you know, you're going to hit on a couple of these guys on the defensive side of the ball for the future the question. I'll have the you on the Chargers is and look I know all the 4 Turbo. First aren't on the rookie quarterback. Justin Herbert. He did have the one interception in the fumble as we talked about. Well, what does to 300-yard passing performances from Herbert in a two losses for the Chargers do for Anthony Lenz decision. When if Tyrod Taylor is eventually back in healthy? Well, it's going to be interesting because you have some of those boo-boos right which you would assume that Iraq would make those mistakes, but I can show you a list twice as long of the big time plays that Herbert made on conversions. I think every twelve of fifteen or something like that on third Downs in this game was ridiculous. He came back with his legs. He made some big-time stick throws. He may throws on the move. So there's a lot to build off of the Chargers though. Just again, it's been there there Bugaboo for the last couple of years. It's just been turnovers. Yeah. This is a team scored more than 20 points in any of the three games this year despite moving the ball up and down the field the last two weeks against the Chiefs and and and this week against the Carolina Panthers. They just have been able to maintain possession. So yeah, yeah. Yep. I don't know. It'll be able to see I know Anthony Lynn does not like turnovers and and Herbert had a couple in this game, but it's hard to ignore what he did to give this team a chance to win. He was not the problem five drops when you broke down the tape in that game. So they've got some other issues to to work on. What's what's the final take away here, but I believe that is up to you my friend. Oh, that is me. Hey Al the the Bears quarterback change and Bucky phrased it. Yes, he did in the nick of time. Here's the snap go to rush. They throw as he said into the yard touchdown middle of the episode of beautiful thrown off Dan's mother had a bears have delayed. So stop me. If you've heard these three things before Bears fans were not happy with Mitchell trubisky and and how he was playing in a ball game. Nick Foles comes off the bench to save the day and the Falcons gave up a lead late in the whole world. I feel like I've seen all three of these movies before but yet that's where we found ourselves in this Bears off. Kings game and going back and watch the tape the you know kind of the issue with trubisky. First of all did not play terrible in this game just missed a couple opportunities had a double post where he missed Anthony Miller which would have been a touchdown. They had a double move with with treat cone on the outside. He threw it out of bounds. He would have shot at a big play there. So missed a couple of those throws was a little bit late on a couple progressions but yet their opportunities were guys weren't fighting for the football Jimmy Graham on the interception allows a Defender to cross his face. Allen Robinson wasn't really winning as much as they should have in some in some contested opportunities that he had then you get to Jake Paul's at the end of the game hits the game-winner on the same double post you hit the Miller on the throw. So they get that done. He Allen Robinson goes up high points of all them breaks two tackles somebody that wasn't doing this key. So the whole thing just kind of worked better for Nick Foles in this game and I don't think it was necessarily the worst game I've ever seen trubisky play. They just couldn't get it going and I think the fact when he missed Miller dead, A deep shot you try and scheme that up you work all week. You get that play in you get to look you want you gotta hit it. I think that was the I think that was kind of the final straw there. Right? So we got a tree right? I mean, we got home playoff Nick Foles in week three of the 2020 regular-season like that's big time and he throws three touchdowns in a quarter and half of play for the Bears. I mean, you know, it's just that reminded me of Super Bowl run. Nick Foles reminded me of Super Bowl, you know, Nick Foles figuring that those those those stores that he made in this game were on the money fact as I'm just gave us now as we are going through this show Matt Nagy surprise surprise as Nick Foles will be the team's starting quarterback this week against Indy and Beyond because you know, we seeing the really good Nick Foles. We've also seen you know, Jacksonville Nick Foles and it wasn't quite as good right. So I felt like this quarterback competition had the ability to be one that kind of went back and forth. A little bit as you know, the hot hand shows up and then also dissipates but Maggie saying today that falls will be the starting quarterback this week and Beyond he is the TV issues starting quarterback. So, you know not let's let's run with Nick Foles, you know, he knows Nick & mad know each other. Well and Nick mentioned after the game Cults really good place for them. They they've got the Rhythm working. So let's see how it goes for The Undefeated by the way, three and O Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 3 and no did not see that coming. Either way inspired by ongoing conversations with players NFL launched NFL votes to empower and improve our communities by exercising the right to vote join the NFL family by registering to vote today and make your voice heard this November visit nfl.com slash votes to learn more. Do what I encourage you guys to check out all of our other move the sticks content. If you want to check out all of our video content nfl.com MTS video. You can also check out the NFL podcast YouTube channel as well as I have my move the sticks YouTube channel where I put some content up there including the top eight rookies each and every week so you can follow it there as well. But that's going to do it for us wage today. Thank you so much for joining us. We'll catch you next time right here on move. The sticks presented by Zaxby's. home

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