The Great Gildersleeve 50-09-06 (372) Marjorie Is Pregnant


Have, you shown up yet party? Not Yet, Roy, but you'll be here. You can count on this guilty guys. What a long vacation! Shake a leg well, he's GonNa. That's right Birdie. He'll be here in a minute tonight. In the first of a new fall and winter series of Wednesday evening, broadcasts the Kraft Foods Company presents well it waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft foods company makers of complete line of famous quality food products. And here's great news about parque margarine that wonderful tasting margarine made by kraft where state laws permit, you can now buy yellow park already colored and ready to serve in a new foil wrap, and at a new low price. That's right. Each quarter pound in the new parquet package is now individually wrapped in new flavor saver, aluminum foil to seal freshness and flavor in keep staleness and odor out now the margarine that tastes so good because it's always. Always fresh is actually fresher better tasting than ever and listen to this. Since the repeal of the federal tax on Colored Margarine Roses not sell yellow park at a new low price lowest in history. If you live where yellow margarine is sold, get park tomorrow, and it's new flavors saver foil at its new low cost elsewhere. Get Park in the handy, colored quick bag or regular package. Get P. A. R.. K., A. Y.. Parque margarine made by craft. Well! It's been pretty quiet around the great Gildersleeve House. The summer. The water commissioner has been away on a long vacation, but today the household returned to life Birdie. The housekeeper swept off the welcome Mat and put the leaf back in the dining room table. Damn sure glad he's coming back. This family without Gill's leave is like a hotdog with no less. Look good. Heavens me right. What have your head? Cut Surprise Bronco More Cain Do God no. Hey Yeah? It's A. Book with that. Burn neck and that. Why don't you look like old? Anybody heard from Michael Moore nobody's going to be in a minute now? You've okay cleaned up and help straighten up the house. We want things. Look Nice around here. When yong-chol comes a holy cow, Mars. Why not do something? You don't need to worry about Joe? Sister. Miss Margin Mr Broncos a little apartment upstairs needed a pin. Mr Bronco even clean out the basement. Hey, what's been going on with MARGIN BRONCO? Today or you mean weapon Acton Kinda funny heard a big wreck upstairs this morning and all day broncos been going around wearing dark glasses. Who was a man wearing dark glasses? In the basement. To me, what Mr Bronco Wears what makes you so nosy? Leroy nauseous bar well something going on. Birdie, yes, martyr, deal any stake in the ICEBOX. You WanNA cookie. No I needed upstairs. Steak upstairs. It's none of your business. Yes, see Marty I told you. That was something. They want you hush. There's a stake in the ICEBOX. Miss Marjorie. Take some of that, thanks. Birdie and I need some adhesive tape stake his of tape. Put the cow back together. Thanks Birdie. For that stuff Roy stop being so nosy. Somebody that front door. Very own. Roy Literally. Don't squeeze too high crush guys. Birdie. Home Guilt thank you. By George good to be. Back with a little family again, man. What a lovable boy! What'd you bring me? A little my beliefs with your name on it. Best chant ever hand shoes you. Know Fan guilty. Yes, I'm a new man, but he. ESPINOLA hot springs sulfur. Water real mudbath. Must have been high-powered money. Even look different. The rest of your old uncle, a lot of good vibe Roy say where's Marjorie Bronco. Jury as Much. Martin. We missed you saw every me you. Will I miss you, too? Key. What have you done to yourself? You look different. He's been in the mud. Hot Springs. Feeling frisky is a cold. Let reminds me. WHERE'S BRONCO BANCO? Bronco remember the van you May. Lease upstairs. Down this is a family reunion that he's part of the family. Ronco raise the Yankee Ranga. Him I. Coming right down with. Is he wearing those glasses. Feeling his way down the stairs. The Sun is pretty bright donkey show. No and in here. Comes home. Glad to see you Mr. Gildersleeve Bronco you're shaking hands with Birdie. Here to Gildersleeve Bronco takeoff those dark glasses. I smoke. Brother what a black guy! What happened? What happened. Who hit you well I'll tell you Mr Gildersleeve. Break and explain it Auntie Bronco lifting a suitcase down from the shelf and our claws. Wait a minute. You don't have a shelf in your 'cause. We don't. Plan. On Your Face Omar slugged. You see Mr Gildersleeve I was getting a suitcase. Down from the shelf in the garage in the garage has been locked all the time I was away, and I had the key. Oh well. Keane. You stop by George. Somebody in this family is trying to hide something. Yeah, what in the world have you been doing? While I was gone well, it's like this Mr. Gilbert sleep I started to go down the stairs. Going down the stairs, but more now eight who's black I is. Mr Killers leaked, it was like this. No, it wasn't that way on. For goodness. Sake I turned my back, but a second to take a month's vacation with the family falls apart. Bronco come into my study I want to have a little talk with you. Know Now. Sit Down Ronco and let's thanks Mr Gildersleeve all that you had a swell time on your vacation. Oh. Yes, now, BRONCO! There's something going on. Shore is fine to have you back Mr Gildersleeve. Evacuate Bronco now if you win Marjorie, how'd you a lot of good Mr Gildersleeve? You're the Pitcher of hell now. Wait. A man needs a vacation Mr Gildersleeve and you took one. Look me in the eye. With the one that's open. Now. What happened. Mr Gildersleeve. Fella should always tell the truth. Isn't that right? Certainly and Fella can't tell the truth. He shouldn't tell anything. Don't you agree Mr Gildersleeve? Of course in the case this black I I can't tell you the truth. My Lips are sealed. Roussell Marjorie. My Wife, Oh! Yes, Mr Gildersleeve Sunday! When you get very, you'll understand Bronco. Stop talking like my grandfather. Doesn't avoid just the youngest. Yes, Mr Gildersleeve. But I live. Yes. I can see that. Doesn't matter to me Bronco I. Don't care what you is. We do go your own way. Too many other things to think about. Simply forget the whole thing, yesser. Don't bring your troubles to me, not even interested. Yes sir. Now very busy Bronco. Nothing else you WanNa talk me about you better. Run along, thanks. Mr Gildersleeve. I'll see you. WHO WHAT A boy! Wonder if he and minds are having problems. They say the first year hardest. Still Mogae couldn't have hit him hard enough to give him that black guy. You can't tell about women. They can be dangerous. I think I'll slip upstairs and talk to watch me. What a mess by George I got back from vacation just in time. Marjorie! I'd like to talk to you. I come in both certainly. You're a little apartment is very attractive. lanky! indie. IN QUITE AWHILE MIGHTY! Everything going all right. Is it just fine? Anti EU Wrangler Happy I. Oh, yes, very happy. Good glad to hear it. Is Indeed. None of my business, but. About Bronco. Has He been boxing lately. No, not that I know. Well not prying into your personal pairs. My, it's just that. Well is nothing important. Certain doesn't matter to me. Not In the least four. You're dying of curiosity me. Curious go! On Komo. Can You keep a secret. What kind of a secret you won't tell us. All Right? I'll tell you how Bronco got his black I well well. This morning he started to run downstairs to tell Birdie and Leroy something and I caught him by the shirt. For Bronco tripton bumped his nose against the stor. All happen really. What was he gonNa Tell, Birdie and Leroy that edge arriving by the shirt or we're going to have a baby. That silly. You're going to have a lot. Baby. The baby who real. You. Bronco we're so excited. He was going to run out and tell everybody. Jury. My Little Marjorie. I can't believe it's true. He a baby. You'll be a mother. We you can tell anybody not anybody for. Nobody else knows about it. Just you and I and Bronco and the doctor. Gross. I won't tell anybody. Ever Baby. Our own baby. Just thinking. Isn't it wonderful Hunky? Jury. Our own. All these years I've been mother do. No be a grandmother. The Great. Gildersleeve will return in just a moment. It's fresh. Really fresh. Always fresh. That's why it tastes so good. It's Parque Margarine made by craft, and it's fresh, really fresh, blended fresh from top grade products of American farms. Is rushed fresh by truck to your store sold fresh by your grocer. Every pound of Parque is flavored, dated and gross stocks are regularly checked by craft representatives. That's why craft can positively guarantee that the parque margarine you buy will be fresh, really fresh, and that's why it tastes so good. If you live where colored margarine is sold yellow parque and its new flavor saver foil at its new low price elsewhere, get park in the handy color, quick bag or regular package in any baggage at any store. You'll be getting the margarine the taste so good because it's fresh, really fresh. That's a are a wide parque margarine made by craft. Sleeve came home from his vacation and ran smack into a beautiful secret. Little Marjorie. Expecting a baby. Never had dissipated that was. Nice trust with the secret. Jew So cute about it, too, I remember. L. Anybody, not anybody. Don't bring it to a soul. Don't really do so. I can tell you without breathing. I can keep secret. You can do water commissioner something without a leading out. Hello The honest lean. Asian must've agreed with you. Looking good I feel good in fact I'm a new man. Yau. Yeah! My head's in the clouds bb right He. Would you like to know why I'm walking on air? Aren't you curious? Not that I'm GonNa tell you. After all, this is strictly a family pair. Just concerns Marjorie Bronco and me. And the fourth party who for the time being, she'll be nameless. Matt. How baby don't try to pry. You can't get out of me. I'm here. But. I'm not talking I. Give Somebody my word I don't Talk My lips urgency. Elite campaign. I'll tell you what I can do since you're so interested I can give you a hand on. I don't think you should do that Mexico Spain. PD who secret is. How many people would be Matt. Thank, you heard it. PD Europe, Hello Jolly boy, so I'll give you one guess about what's going on in our little family. Learning think when you look up there on your shelves at all that baby. You He. makes. Thatch Pretty Slick. Not even interested in my secret I'm getting out of the. Way. You're going to see Marjorie Margie little later. Yes, well. Will you be kind enough to give her that prescription the prescription? Wasn't. Pharmacy secret. Expectant mother all. Don't go jogging inclusions. This prescription might not think Marjorie could be ordering this medicine for me. When Kate. Neither, would i. Little Mogae with the baby. Judge is certainly going to be hard secret to keep. But I'M NOT GONNA. Tell, anybody. Think I'll stop in and see judge, Hooker. HORACES my vacation. The rented Habeas Corpus was obtained by the Party of the Paradigm Lawyers Look at it making a speech to the wastebasket. Are, gentlemen of the jury my appeal. Judge. Day Jug? What are you doing? Practice. Battle. Just like an old goat! I was thinking about his rebuttal. Richer from your vacation just got in ours. You miss the commissioning you know. In fact you were away. The city water case too much better. All right all right. You can't say anything that looks today I feel too good. Judge yet. Europhile final friend of the family. Margarine Leroy's Godfather and all BARRINGTON. Old Friend I have a very confidential secret. Oh, that I can't tell you. About Ashish well I have a secret to Gil. Guess what I have in this box God I'm curious about my secret. Take a look at the box. Get your nose out of that box horse and listen to me. This is important I back impart and kill not as important as my news. Lucky la a football helmet. Lawyer with the football held. Judge, they guess what I found out when I came home yelled it. Don't you WANNA know who it's for. All right, tell me who. Listen to my secret. It's for modules and Broncos Babe. I. Reinvent goes baby of course. You knew then you. God certainly I've known all along I naturally. Now then what's your sacred? Don't nosy judge I don't go around telling secrets. Wonder. How old judge found out? Oh. Have the fun is taken out of this thing for me. Not being able to tell somebody who doesn't already know. Saving -gratulations. Say. Standing in the door of his shop. Don't need a haircut, but I'm gonNA tell somebody. Else. GRANDPA. Out, is you know don't kid yourself commissioner I got more grapevines out than you got water means. Get a haircut? Might get like trim boy-. I just prone the bushes and the back. Raise up your bottom. Chin, so I the sheet. Atta boy. Spoiled we're expecting a blessed event. This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened wonderful about it. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad to see the kids expected, but I hate to see this happen to you. Roy What are you getting at? Why don't you get the picture commission? It ain't been no time since you were a gay dashing blade. But what are you now now, your grandfather? What's wrong with that, but you just been pushed back generation. Rocking chairs, gotcha ramps. Does because modules. Having a baby doesn't make me any older. Yeah, what about that pretty little nurse used to squire around? What do you mean us? Well I don't want to be seen. Dayton, Grandfather. Floyd when you become a GRANDPA GRANDPA, you might as well face it. You're caught in days are over. You'll been turned out to pasture. I won't really be a grandfather. After all Marjorie isn't my real. She. Just my niece I haven't even been married yet at worse commission. You've been tossed out of the ball game before you come to bat. Let me out of it. Where's my cane? I mean my hat. Me Buddy. Thank you walk so slow Mr Gill's lease. Had A hard day berry. Yes, but if you knew what I just heard is going to happen around this house, you'd be kicking up yo you. Mr Gill Fleet. You're going to be a grandfather. No. You've got every reason to be kicking up knowing. Grandfather Birdie. Let's see them. Here's you got every reason to wait a minute. You? Kickoff y'all. I'M GONNA put a stop to this very ready. Come back here. Birdie. Said I want to have a talk with you, yeah! You got this all wrong. I'm not going to be a grandfather. But. I know that. I'm only my uncle. She has a baby that doesn't make me a GRANDPA. Well. Does it burn. But you always been lack of poverty her. And she. She's been just like a dollar to you. She has. But I'm not a GRANDPA. You understand that Birdie yes. I want everybody in town. UNDERSTAND MR PV the judge. All of them I'm not a grandfather, yeah! Because if you don't want to be one that's up to you, but I'll little. Babies needs the grandfather. Do. My, main God, no five of the beat the grandfather. Well. No, she hasn't and that baby's GonNa. Need a grandfather. Needs Grandfather's too kitschy. Calm and bathroom on. Well I. Do have away, with babies. You WanNa. Pass up, WANNA. Live big rewards, ones. When I'm mad. Children and grandchildren around him that light big reward. Agnes. You'll get this when you're so young. Young. Yes but Birdie. Nobody thinks if a grandfather is being. Yes, they do look Miss Marlene Dietrich. She's a grandmother. What you think. Nice. You Ain't got like Ms Dietrich, but you don't need 'em. Grandma grandmothers. You don't look it. She's a lovely well, so am I. Burning, it's going to be a good life. Ready. Oh, boy, Saddam right? I won't let you in a little secret. Yeah, what is it? I'm going to be a game father. Are you kidding. No I'm not. Going to have a baby. Grandfather, but that's life. Regulars we'll be right back. Remember in states where the law permits, you can now get yellow parque margarine already colored ready to serve and the new aluminum foil flavors saver rap, and at a new low price elsewhere, get park in the quick bag or regular package in any packaged the margarine. That tastes so good because it's always fresh. P. A. R. K.. A. Y. Parque margarine made by Graf. Swing! Oh. Yes, come on out my boy! What you doing. The sitting here. Looking at the size. thinking. Moore over. Yeah. Why don't you want me? Go to Canada? Canada. What for? Who wants to stay around here with Donald Baby? No, my boy don't feel that way. Be a long time yet. Sides. This is GonNa make everybody very happy. Isn't GonNa make me happy. You late see. It'll probably be a boy. I like the way it is right now, just us. Darnell baby comes all be different. It'll be baby baby baby. Holy Cow, all you hear is baby now. He's leaving here yet. I'll tell you my boy. You feel different one little delegates here. Something about a baby. That's pretty wonderful. Oh, there is. Weight will not let you hold him for the first time yeah. How you do it yeah, roll my code up. See. This is the baby. Cradle your arms like this. Such a little. Nude the world. Bright lies. Look up at you. So, why'd wondering? Feet kick the blanket away. Toes. Ten of them. Then one of those little hands comes up and. Touches your cheek. What may hold a monk? By. Women want him. Rectify all last John Eliot wide with. Robert! Cash while they're in early robbed the. Only. Real Stick Legrand Arctic Uber. Johnny's been saying good night. For the Kraft Foods company makers of the famous line of craft quality food products, the short to listen in next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. WanNa taste, something good well. Next time you make cold meat sandwich. Don't forget to add a little craft prepared mustard. But when you add a little mustard, you have a lot of Tang. Every bite tastes better. Now you can get to kind craft mustard salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. Get both times them with every meat dish, hot or cold. Just add a little mustard and you let a lot of Tang crafts prepared mustard. Next week. Be sure to hear the Ronald Colman's in the halls of Ivy on NBC.

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