Memphis Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins


Hey everyone welcome in to another edition of the World Pot. I'm here in New York with the Memphis. Grizzlies one of the surprise teams an all of the NBA this season and something of a podcast doubleheader per us starting out with Taylor Jenkins the first year head coach of the Grizzlies. Who's got this team in playoff contention currently the eighth seed in the Western Conference in talked Taylor about his history with Gregg Popovich and Quin Snyder. And of course Mike Boot and holders and assistant in Atlanta and Milwaukee and then the second part of this podcast with rookie of the year favourite Djalmir and his teammate. Jaren Jackson who both players have the makings of future all stars in the NBA. But have the grizzlies right now in? What many of us would have thought was improbable playoff contention. But before we get going here in New York with the Memphis Grizzlies. Make sure you're also listening the low post with Zach Lowe Brian Winters and hoop collective and the as VP pod. With Scott Van Pelt. Sa- let's get to it and let's start with my conversation with Memphis Grizzlies. First Year. Head coach Taylor Jenkins the Wakata Pot is sponsored by Delta Airlines. Who believe that the more you go out and see this world of ours. You'll find that. There's more that connects us than divides us one of the great luxuries of traveling. As much as I do in this job is getting to check in. And some of the League's best players coaches and executives and some of best times. Are we connect not only about our shared love and passion of basketball but also about family friends and even food so no matter where you're headed next know that when you meet New People you might have more in common than you think Delta? Keep climbing here with Taylor Jenkins the Memphis Grizzlies coach the coach of the eighth seed in the Western Conference Thirty and thirty one As we take this Taylor in the western conference coach of the month for January I always. I've never what do you get coach? A month to get a certificate suitable for framing is as a kid now first off. Thanks for having me. Yeah obviously a great honor text messages. You know some phone calls. You know got great letter in a little trophy from the coaches association. That's very very appreciative of that. So something to hold onto and just remember the great month that we had all the growth that we've had up to that point of the season so definitely a humbling. Honour Hope for more team success for sure I always imagine you guys getting like those certificates that like your mother used to hang up on the refrigerator some stuff. That's that's the coach at a month player of the week. A little bit more professional with a letterhead. Also it's good. It's when you think Taylor of listen you had been a head coach in the G. League You've been assistant for four years. You've been a head coach for one year and head. Coaching experience head. Coaching experience. Like you get a lot thrown at you. What's the one thing at this level that until you're in the seat until you've done it now for pre season and sixty plus games that no one could really even in there with my buttonholes are for in Atlanta Milwaukee? What was the one or two things that you go but people couldn't prepare me for that or how much that takes the whether it's a challenge or how much time in my day that thing takes while I think a lot of it at the end of the day what it boils down to your voice as a coach. You know when you're an assist in you know even dating back like you talked about when I was in the daily You Find Your coaching voice. When you're running workouts in your leading scouts having dialogue and building relationships with other players and helping from the sidelines. But it's all on a servant assisting role but then when you had that head coaching experience which I did my last year. The Toro's you know you've taken all that stuff done before and now you're the final one to speak. You're the one that made the final decisions all the thought process that you have as a head coach ultimately. It's what are you going to speak? What are you gonNa tell the players in a film session? What are you gonNa tell them in a practice where you're gonNA tell them in a game timeout? Obviously I've been blessed to watch pop up close work with guys coach. Bud and Quin Snyder and Kenya. Ackson other coaches in the NBA. And get these bits and pieces from them and that helps you develop your coaching voice. And non until you're actually in that seat that people talk about and you're the one that has to make that final decision or make that play caller make that substitution or. Make that choice to you. Know jump on a player in a film session. Go after them and push the buttons. It's your voice. It's all the preparation you've done before which you do as an assistant you know. We're feeding head coaches as assistants every single day with ideas here and there to help the team. But you know I. It's not until you're in that seat that it's all that preparation before that gets to the point where now you're the one that has to make that call. You have to be the one that speaks up. It makes those decisions you talk about getting your coaching voice and remember something Steve Clifford. I think he said to me on a podcast and we were talking about when he was becoming head coach in college for the first time and he went and chase down. Jeff Van Gundy who was with Nixon about just getting some advice like a few things. You could tell me about being a head coach for the First Time. I think he was at Delphi in New York and one thing that Jeff told them then that always stayed with them is as a as a head coach. You've got to be really maybe economical in your words that if you're giving if you're talking all the time and you're giving direction all the time after a while. Maybe it's just that you've got to be focused on a few things that are important when you his thing was when you call a team in to huddle and practice that it better be really important. It can't just be play hard. Let's work let. What did you learn about how much volume you give the players of your voice in deciding what's important and what needs to have impact with them? Yeah I mean that's a that's a great thing you have to deal with as a head coach. Especially but that's why you gotta be relying on your assistant coaches you their an extension of your voice. They're working hand-in-hand with the players every single day in their own individual development. All the stuff we're doing in practice. I hopefully empower my staff to run a lot of drills so that you know what you just said as the head coach when you speak. It's impactful that you know you have to be very diligent with the amount of words. Not just the specific words and the point you're making about how much Attention SPANS YOU. WanNa get on big labor less is more? It's a good old populism But when you're speaking it's deliver specific message so they can get back to work And then I talk about my since all the time. They're the ones carrying that message that we're having our staff meetings all the time and when they go out and work with our players they can elaborate a little bit more about you know coaching his is talking about. Obviously you're running timeouts. You're running film sessions and there's an educational piece. Sometimes you have to know your audience at the end the day. Sometimes you have to speak a little bit more coaches always talk about. There's a feel to the game. There's a feel to how much needed talk how less you have to talk. That's been some the net. You kinda just observe as an assistant grown up you see pop. Do you see Budde do it. And when I talked about coaching voice ultimately you have to decide how much to use voice. And that's been fun you know. It's always knowing the pulse of your team individual players who needs more or less and that's a fun challenge every day as a coach. And that's one of those things that you talk about. What coaches deal with especially head coaches? That's on your mind all the time. About what messages you have to deliver to your team so that you're steering in the right direction. You're not polluting their mind with too much nonsense or too much overflow or you're keeping it simple thing out there and just play hard you talk about. It's not just play hard and compete and do this. You game specific things to work on so they can go out and just focus on the top line compete and play Heart Taylor when you sat down with your GM's at climate and front office and you get the job. And you're mapping out what this is going to look like this year and you've got a core guys are very young. You were GONNA play two rookies lot. Obviously John Moran who you knew you were going to hand the ball from day. One and Brandon Clark becomes an important player for you and Jaren Jackson his second year. Was there ever really any conversation about? Yeah we think we might have a team here that could be competing for the play. Offs like his. This exceeded any conversation. You guys had early about how you're GonNa Kinda grow the team and higher. We're GONNA to do this and then all of a sudden you find yourself one day you know. We're now in March and we're in. We're still in the playoffs. I think one of the great things about this situation now. I'm very blessed because I think Zack and I've been on the same patients. They won through the interview process. You know the amount of authenticity he gave in our interview about where we're at as an organization from ownership all the way through for an office. That coach being in alignment You know what our projection was going to be not just for this year but for the long term how we were going to build a roster how we were going to build for the playoffs and you know obviously we're in a great spot right now with you know twentyish games left eight seed you know with a few game lead. We just focus on. Let's just build the right habits? You know if we do that the right way and I think. That was the expectation that Zack had. You know there was no time line to win. We need to make the playoffs. There's just a culture of winning. You know we knew it was gonNA take time with a young group and a new group even getting some vets in here with these young guys. You were talking about is. Let's not put any pressure on by this time. I think there was obviously a patient's knowing that there's GonNa be some nurturing and growth that we're going to have to go through especially this first year lane is foundation but to be where we're at right now. There's an excitement that it's because we haven't been talking about the playoffs and saying well. The playoffs are going to be in your two or three or four. We'll wait there's an aggressiveness to just develop aggressive developed winning habits the fact that we we've got the ultimate fate in our young guys. Jhad Jaren Brandon Dillon and in the vet so we've surrounded them that a lot of them have playoff experience. People ask. Is this a surprise? And I'm saying we just been focused on just one day at a time and knowing that if the guy's invested in themselves and we've got that competitive group that we knew that we're building from day one that we could be in this position and the fact that we are thinking credits all the work that guys have been doing and hopefully this is just the start of something very bright for us in Memphis Tiller when you have a playmaking talent like John Moran who comes in the League still very young and you hand him the ball and his team. What's your responsibility to him and to the team with sort of you know balancing allowing him to be creative try things try and fail. Try and succeed but still do it within okay. Here's a way we WANNA play. What's that process like? Between head coach and number two overall pick that very well may be rookie of the year and print all star and all the things that may come for him down the line. I think like with any player for me. I think the number one thing is obviously. There's a plan in place you know. You've got to establish a culture yet. Stylish a system of play. You know you're you're talking about your quarterback with your team your point guard guy. That's going to go out there and feel your offense but not putting any hard caps on any player play to their strengths. We didn't talk about jar any guy on our roster and knowing you know from Zach and I talked and you know people would ask. Are We plan on Starting Him Day? One of my absolutely you know because we see the town. We see the competitive edge. We see the leadership that this kid already has at nineteen coming in the League turning twenty and then just saying I want to go out there and play full throttle. I want you to just go play basketball. Play to your strengths and guide him in the same light. Because what's unique about. A lavar guys is super coach until Super. Humble wants to be great knows what he's capable of doing but realizes he's got to do it in a new team scope new teammates new system adjusting from college in the NBA and as a coach kind of walking hand in hand building a relationship and helping him understand. I want you to play to your strengths. I want to go out there and make the high flying plays. I want you to play at breakneck speed. And then we'll slowly show you how that fits in the team system. How teams regarding you where you can be successful and not just for yourself but for your teammates. So it's in alignment. They're running the same course. It's not putting a hard cap saint. Hey I know this is what you've done previously but is how you're going to do it now and I think for fortunate. I like to think that our system fits his game really well like to think he fits our system really well and that's all the homework that the front office does on. You know the players that we bring in the system but the ultimate faith knowing that this kid knowing that he knows what he can do but helping him also understand what he's even more capable of doing within this team frame that hopefully elevates his game and allows him discover under other layers for himself and first teammates. That's the great stage. He's at and just his rookie. Career is how he's making his teammates. Better he's always been unselfish point guard but just learning how this system is unfolding and evolving and how. His teammates are evolving as well. He's taken on that responsibility. So that's cool as a coach because you're helping him develop his own responsibility now himself is fine responsibly. And helping others to when you you and your staff get with him early. Whether it's first few practices pre-season are there moments. Early on like you can watch a Lotta tape and you see them in college and all those things but are there moments with a talent like that and how explosive and just unique is were. You guys would find yourself. Just kind of looking at each other going like is he may be as good as we think. He is here absolutely vivid memories of thinking back to the first couple of practices of Training Camp. Because we hadn't gotten to seen him because he was coming off a knee surgery from the summer. And obviously he plays like you said the athleticism the speed of play his ability to read the game was unbelievable first time playing with the NBA players his competitive fire and just the amount of plays that he was making it. A high level driving in finish and a high level driving in and kicking out to a guy that probably wasn't expecting the past because of their first time playing together just as ability to read the game and make the right play so quick at NBA speed and then to do that early on in the season. Now we're at a point in the season where teams are. You know. We've got a couple of guys you know hurt you know and more honest is going to be on taken Jau away. You know taking away the paint where we've been thriving all season long and now he's able to adapt but like you just asked. I mean from the very Geico you see the high flying dunks and his teammates sent him up for lobs but his ability to be so creative just by playing and obviously early on when you get new players program. We just want to evaluate them. You WANNA see how they fit in you know what their strengths are without given the limitations or true guidelines on how you play I mean there were so many moments in that preseason. 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Tell me about that first year as an intern who you were working with what they had you doing so it was actually a summer internship between my junior and senior year. So like you said my grandmother knew Peter Holt on the spurs and I was fortunate to be on the phone with him and he said well. What do you want to do? It said I'd love to shadow with the GM. And what better way than to work with you know best. Gm all-sports Buford and did that for three months was working. At that time Saint Prestige was still there. Rob Hennigan was there. Dem's was there was always there. I was doing everything cutting up films. Sending meetings take in handwritten notes before laptops. Were allowed in meetings having to go transcribe that back on the computer dubbed Tapes Deck Deck. Vcr's run guys from the airport for draft workouts. Doing whatever you know. I'm just absorbing and learning. Go back my senior year. Come back you know work with the same group. Samad moved on to become a GM but was really focusing on. Just cut up a lot of film you know for our draft prospects trade targets. Whatever they needed for the draft room but that allowed me to have exposures so many different areas that was in the video room so much being around the practices of being all the front office meetings for all the trade dealings are everything they had just bought the Myrlie team. So all the first year Steph Sarah. Making a builder Minor League program so I was doing all kinds of stuff. Just kind of absorbing all the information that I could you know that was my mentality going is. This was kind of like an opportunity to take my passion for basketball my passion for business and went to business school. What am I going to do with that degree and let me just absorb and learn as much in the great access of the Spurs RC? Gave me was second on and then I flip over to coaching. So did you imagine at that time that there was anyone that organization who looked at Taylor Jenkins and said that's a future coach with us. No I don't think so. Hopefully I was. Kinda just setting a path where they were just like. This guy loves basketball. He's a hard worker. He wants to learn he wants to grow. And he's going to be in this business in some capacity. You know that that was hopefully that kind of pathway reputation. I was building but the coaching side. It was definitely a little bit of a shock when I finally said you know what I'm ready to coach told me that so as I was told it was summer league beginning of Free Agency and essentially. Will you tell me you were working up? Maybe working up your courage to go tell was it. Rcb Dennis Lindsey. Yeah it's definitely set the scene of what you've been doing and what you're about to tell them you wanted. Yeah I mean. I'll first off by his preface this by saying unbelievably grateful and thankful for the opportunity. To work with the Spurs leading up to that time on some really are had come to me. You know George. Felton longtime scout was trying to help me get connections in college to maybe be a director of basketball OPS. Rcn by the way George fell. And how many times have you been with George? Felton warhead is back. Somebody and they thought it was who pop pop he looks. I've been with very drubel yell popout to him. Yeah how he stands. Yeah go ahead you know. And then our C. You know obviously sports medicine you know so huge in this world now was potentially going to create a new position for me all along. They're all thinking for an officer and tried to help. Taylor get something you know a new position the front office stick around and deep down inside after watching all the practices seeing pop action. No one way back. When I was a junior in high school I wanted to coach at some point but maybe when I was fifty and get to build relationships with Quin Snyder. Going there and visiting him. I basically took courage and I went to Dell talked about my interest in maybe going into coaching. Talk to Quin Snyder and said hey love to just be a fly on the wall and Sawn Opportunity Roy Rogers had just left to go to the NBA said. Let us come in term. Do whatever you need me to do. I'm ready to take this leap and I go into our Seas Hotel Room Summer League and you know he says you know. What have you thought about this new position you're going to create for you on the sports medicine. Size said well you know. I've thought about it hard. I think I'd love to coach. Talked to Dell have talked to Quin Snyder and you know with your blessing to take this opportunity. And he kind of looked at music or are you crazy. Are you serious like where does this was from learfield that he had not anticipated this and but again so much gratitude? And thanks for them to have the in me to give me an opportunity. A kid that didn't play in college didn't work with the college team. Only at coach intercity kids. You Know Quin Snyder. To this day it was always like. Don't discredit working with ten to thirteen year olds. So that's a passion. That's a passionate for teaching and coaching and start. You know cut my teeth and getting my feet wet at the myrlie level. I tell people all the time. Don't ever forget about the minor leagues going in investing in Yourself. Investing in your craft love the game of basketball. I love to teach and this was the best avenue best pathway. The support the Spurs given. Toro's year in and year out learning under quin Snyder Brad Jones. Who's an assistant? My now was my leader for two years and the amount of stuff that I learned from. Those guys helped me prepare to head coach in the minor leagues but saw something in me. Although summers I spent training camps I spent the Spurs organization you know and then vote a conference with him to Atlanta. It's just one year after the other so you go into that hotel room or suite at summer. League Front Office is in the middle of Free Agency. That's ongoing like did you leave that room with okay. We're GONNA or did you leave that room going. You hear let me let me think about it. Definitely took him by surprise like you said the time he was not probably the the best to bring up my stuff when they had so many other big things that they were dealing with I was actually going on vacation. You know they were given US interns a couple of weeks off. I was going back to Dallas my hometown. I was doing the first Summer League Brian Powell in the NBA. He was taking a second shift. We were interns together. Go back home. I'm leery about to get on a flight to go to Europe for two weeks and Dell Actually Rob Hennigan calls me and says hey just want to give you a heads up. I'm being elevated. There might be an opportunity for you to take on a bigger role on the office side. I talked to Dell. He echoed the same thing that there was this opportunity. So they're all out in Vegas and I'm literally getting on a flight the next day and IDA quickly moment decide do I want to pursue this? Maybe potential opportunity which ultimately Brian on his his done. Great things on the Front Office side and said you know what I put all this time. These nights thinking about what ultimately do I wanted to coach and to know that I had the vote of confidence of Dell and Quinn and Dell had to go back to RC. While I was in Europe for two weeks and kind of fight for me you know so much credit to him gratitude. There I stuck it out said I WANNA do this. Coaching thing and come back from Europe and they said let's do it. Your Queen was ready and I became one of his assistance. And you know it kind of went from there the four you went into that hotel room. Did you practice you practice? How you're going to approach him with this or you. Just you just went in. I just Kinda went forward. I the only proper probably day was just read the moment and whenever our seagate me a window of opportunity to kindness say this is what. I've been thinking about ten things especially you're going from room to room going from his bedroom to the living room to the bar area to back in grabbing his cell phone all this and I'm like okay. I'm here to take notes and continue my current internship job and then when he turned around at one point said. Have you given any thought you know? Because I know you're going to have you given thought to this sports medicine role you know this organizer said actually have and that was my time not to tell them you know. Will you gotTa give me this job? This is why I want to do this job. This is where I want to pursue this coaching career. And hopefully I'd built up enough equity with them that you know. I was passionate about my work ethic and learning and growing giving whatever I could to the Spurs organization but I definitely had to find that minimum. We'll opportunity to to get my you know my pitch in their tail. You know it's funny people. There's like different. I Guess Jonah's of coaching backgrounds. And you know people are always talking about the college coach to the NBA. And how that's worked in different scenarios but now there's a generation of G. League when you started D. League G. League guys who had Assistant Coaching Experience and then head coaching experience. Who Come in and look at the group from Quin Snyder. Nick Nurse Yourself. There's others I remember nick and I think maybe you sense this when you have injuries and guys around the One thing about coaching and the minor league level anywhere. You're rosters constantly shuffling right. You can't day to day. You can't count on. Who's going to get called up? Who's going to get assigned WHO's going to get bought out. Who's under center overseas? Oh Yeah is there when you think now when now when you've had a play without Jackson and play without Clark and you have a trade or guys come and go was their value in that G. League head. Coaching experience based on that one hundred percent. I think you know when I think back to my days air one of the greatest learning opportunities for me was. You can't really prepare for it. But it's easier to prepare for the unknown. Your roster is constantly changing the flights your take in the gym availability. The resources aren't what you have at the NBA. Or Top d one colleges. It's new for not just coaches but for the players is prepare for the unknown. And I think that just kind of gives you a mental fortitude to just be able to whatever gets thrown your way as an now obviously as a head coach. You'll be able to solve the problem. You'll be able to figure out how to handle something in that moment That you're prepared to handle anything that gets on your way so you know obviously so much. Rosser turnover can be the best team for a stretch of the season. And you can flip to the worst team because you just never know what's going to happen but are you going to let that impact your work ethic every day. Are you GonNa let that impact your decision making? You're going to say well we'll just kind of roll with it. We'll just figure it out day to day moment by moment on overtime you get enough experience. You do have a preparation. You do know how to handle when something gets thrown at you that. You're not going to overreact or you lose your mind about or say. I don't know how to solve this. I think there's a strengthen that there's a strengthen only having maybe three coaches where now in the NBA coaches in full performance staffs and all the support staff. But I think there's definitely something to learn from it just kind of gives you a confidence to handle anything that gets thrown your way even at the level where the pressures are more. The Games are more the resources or more but when any little thing might kind of throw. The put a trickle and pebble gets on and now big boulder. You still have a strength and be able to figure it out that two thousand eighteen nineteen season in Milwaukee you become known for something the stop us on the moment right. Yup I think every assistant coach on any staff since they changed the rule years ago after that. I guess it was after the Miami New York. I think that's what they changed. The rule where he came off while no the rule was relationships. I Phoenix right highly. I think of well think of playoff series right. There was the that Nick Miami series when Charlie Ward and that turned that series the Spurs Phoenix. And and so. You're doing this and your job is to obviously keep the guys from taking even that one step or half step or two steps onto the court. They'll pop you with a suspension. But you I guess I suppose it looked like you went to. It was an aggressive. Oh Yeah it was quick. It was aggressive. You spread as far whatever your whatever your stance defense. Yeah tell me about it and had you done that like other times it just no one saw because once they got caught on camera seemed to take out a life took a life owed so own and still to this day here about it and I'd done many times. I mean I did it back when I was in the D. League. It just was something you you knew about the rule you knew about the consequences you knew the about the importance of keeping in guys you know from crossing that line. Unfortunately you know there's a better way to say it got caught in the moment. It definitely went. Viral never gone viral. Never want to kind of go viral but there are worse things worse things that can happen but obviously is staff. You talk about it. You know where. There's a responsibility to as unfortunate. You know as Time's happen on the floor where there's emotions and escalations there's something you gotta protect your players from crossing that line jeopardizing of suspensions and fines and you just never know and that is happening moment. Where it wasn't anything that really truly got escalated. I definitely win. Aggressive with my defenses slide. It's the playoffs you just never know. I'm the guys had a good laugh sitting there smiling trying to look beyond me to see what's going on the cordon t done enough times where it was a laugh and they they knew it but obviously a faith in the guys that they weren't. GonNa Cross the line but as a coach. You always WANNA protect your players at all costs. And if I have to take a couple of gifts or gifts or memes or Viral videos. I'll do whatever possible to make sure we've got our full arsenal and we go to go to play. Tell when you work for around coach. Gregg Popovich Quin Snyder. Mike Booth Holzer. I mean you look at the assistant. Coaching staff you had in Atlanta some with me and you had a year of Kenny. Atkinson Quin Darvin Ham. Who is probably going to be a future head coach in the League? You will last Guy Milwaukee still with that team. There's a photo right every head coach. Are there like you take a million things and like you said you take a lot of things from a lot of people and then you incorporate them and it kind of makes your own unique style but when you think of those people pop bud Quin Snyder? Is there like almost every day like one thing that each of those guys said are focused on the go boy? That thing is with me every day. I know that's part of my routine whether it's something they said or how they did something. Do you find yourself as a head coach going. Okay I know where I got that from what I'm doing. I'm an absolutely you definitely have these moments when you wake up or as I'm assessing a gym or assessing a room. You know always head coach. You're trying to get the pulse of the team or the pulse of an individual. I have their voices in my head I have. It may not even be something they spoke. It's just me observing how they handled situations and the one that I always come back to. Is You invest in people. You invest in the relationship. You show them that you care. Obviously three coaches that are passionate about basketball. Brilliant minds they know how to communicate the game. They know how to lead. But it's how are you going to handle interaction with a player? How are you going to handle an interaction with a staff member? And that's the thing that always comes in my head when in in a room in a gym is I gotta go talk to this player. I've got to make sure that they know that I care about them. That I've been thinking about them that I have a plan for them that I'm going to listen to them. I'm GonNa hear them out as well and that stuff that pop quinn but do extremely high level and it's obviously relationships with the players but it's also with their fellow staff. The amount of time spent with my coaching staff. I spend with a performance staff that it's all about the relationship and shown that I care that I want to hear them out that I have a message for them but I want to hear their message so that we ultimately get to go where we want to go as a team as an organization. But that's the thing. That's that little home coach on my shoulder to coach voice in my ear. It's always driven. You know one of the great things that Quinn told me one day. When I was first year. Coaching says we're all servants in this business players. League. We're blessed to be able to work with best athletes less players towns in the world. But there are people as well how you invest in the person how you GonNa help them be the best player person possible is. You'RE GONNA show him that you care. Pop does that at the most extreme level and then spending six years with coach. Bud Dain Day out. It wasn't just what he did with the players. What he did with his coaches how he empowered myself. Quinn Kenny Darmon. Ben Saint Charles Josh Van. All these guys that I've worked with. He empowers them. He cares in them to be the best coaches possible because ultimately it's about making the team the best but every single day that's what he put so much into was making the best coaches and that's obviously why. I'm sitting here today as head coach. Do People underestimate anymore? The coaches who have success in survive. And you talk about like those relationships but it is truly like a collaboration. The coach like the all. Like you have your authority and in any good organization like they've got a Li- like the locker rooms yours and you have to. There isn't always a lot of like maybe management owner Schmidt ownership treading in there. But if you can't work with ownership and if you can't build those relationships with players it's a different age the way organizations are set up in the way the players have evolved that the dictatorship or the. You're going to do it because I told you to to. Above you below. It feels like you cannot survive in this league that way anymore. You absolutely have to have synergy on all fronts. That's why I am in a great spot with with our ownership. You Know Zach Nies relationship. You know all of our players. It's it's a daily process of showing that we're all on the same page. Are we all going to agree? I are we all going to be passionate certain directions that may not be aligned shirt. So let's find that because at the end of day that's where we're only gonNA be at our best so it's been great. Having you know the dialogue with you know all Memphis ownership you know Robert Zach having extended relationships with the rest of the front office as well. The relationships that Zach has with our players. You know it's not this. Everyone's on their own world department. Says I mean this is a fast moving game? This is fast-moving business. There's things coming at US left and right multitude of games roster decisions to make three sixty five gig but you gotTa have constant dialogue constant conversation. So it's I don't know if I will go up the far saints underestimated but it's got to be at the core supremely successful. The amount of influence players have this day and age. You know the relationship between ownership and players. You know that needs to be a direct relationship. It's not owners to front office. The coaches the players. It's all four having their one on one interactions and direct lines of communication. That's what I've seen with the spurs with hawks with a box when I'm living day in day now in Memphis and I see it makes an ultimate difference the players at the end. They have to feel the alignment the synergy and I have a big role in that. Obviously in that locker room in that on that plane in that time out but the day in and day out so much other things go on besides what happens in a forty eight minute game or an to our practice and I think that that that goes unnoticed sometimes and the fact that you can buy into that and believe in live. It makes a huge difference in the success. Taylor thanks thanks for jumping and thanks thanks to join the PODCAST. Thank you hopefully look for having many more with you as well absolutely. Hey guys tired of that too thirty feeling while you're not alone. In fact research shows that more than seventy percent of US hit the wall after lunch. 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Like what time did you guys get in here last night Probably like one closer to very late. You Guys Jaren Jar. Like how much do you guys my sense? Is You guys? Do everything together home on the road. What what. What's what's it like having a guy who you connect with right away who you see there. You know you're building an organization. They're building an organization around. And like you just intertwined and the way you guys all right now I mean you know it makes it easier on the basketball court just because you know all chemistry's chemistry but At the end of the day I think it's just it's unique. Sr Ganic I think were closed group overall and we all seem to get along. Usually just 'cause usually because we're all young but I will say That it just Kinda just happened you some. You really can't can't put a finger on specifically why but it's good. What did you know about this Guy John when you get drafted by Memphis? You know. You'RE COMING MEMPHIS IT number two. What did you know about? Jaren Jackson started watching Fan. We kinda talk after the lottery. You know trying to get to know each other after I got drafted. It just went to another level again like no laughing joking all that time visual learning each other just carried over to the floor. What's it been like being without this guy on the court here? The last few weeks plane without it's been tough you know Not Too many guys can do he do on the floor He does a lot for us. spreads the flow out Protect a pain dominating. The paint was just a lot of things that you can't just add up to but she just got God and just compete each and every Jaren when you get drafted fourth and COME TO MEMPHIS. Last year you probably could sense. You're at the end of one era. Conley Marcus Saul and the team was going to cycle into. What would be the next Thera? Wha- what was it like early on last year with playing with Conley plane with the assault and then seeing the thing start to break apart over time and knowing. Hey I'm going to be kind of front and center on this rebuild here now when when the front office starts making moves you usually get wind of you know things are going to start changing Mike and Marken. Everybody did a great job of leading in doing but they did for so many years that they kind of put the team in a great position. Where me and Dylan at the time. Who were there can make an impact going forward and we know how to carry ourselves handle ourselves and then we add him it. Just it makes everything easy so it was quick though because last year it was a completely different team has come. It's now completely whole thing now. How much do you guys hear about like Memphis is used to have like a partnership right? It was Marcus Hall and my colleague for a very long time. They accomplished a lot got to the playoffs. Every year advanced in the playoffs. When you listen to the fan base or you listen in that community and even maybe around the building in the organization about sort of standard those guys set like professionalism and how they went about their business. Do you still feel it around the organization a little bit. Did you hear about it? A Lot. I mean. Of course you hear it a lot. Those guys meant a lot to Memphis But I mean we're a new team like you said So we just go out and just try to us and instead of liberal somebody else life You know just go out and compete. Just play together. Shot to get wins. This was you know how it goes when you have first year. Second Year guys. You're supposed to be in the lottery. You're supposed to take your bumps over few years and then maybe two years from now you compete to get the eighth spot is a seven spot in the West and here you guys are holding down the eighth spot. You've done it with injuries with guys out with some teams on your tail within your group. Was there much conversation earlier about. Maybe we're a little bit better than people think and maybe we shouldn't be putting any limits on what we can do. It is not easy to make the playoffs in the West. You guys know what you go through every night. But what was the conversation among the group about that? Maybe this would be better quicker than than anyone else imagined. We was looking to the future. We always focused on. The president thanked the first message. We sent out to each other worse. We try to be good now. So we'll doing that. We could Practicing hard you know just trying to get better each and every day Just trying to continue to learn grow. We got a young team we had some vets. We got some young coaches. So does everybody know just bought into what we have to do. Learning everything and then once we got clicking. We just went on a row. Now I think from from the start. We knew our building what we're capable of. But like you said you know. Stay in the president's key I think when you stay in the present and do just your habits. Every day everything works out the way it should if you just put in the work and you know that's what we did and we've always been confident in income from anything and income from Windsor. We just were GONNA have the confidence regardless to go out there and play because we're doing what we love at the end of the day doesn't doesn't matter for winning or losing. Brennan do the same thing. Yeah Jaren you've seen Gye. He's had two plays this year that I think John has gotten more like made more. Highlights gotten more attention for to miss dunks right than anybody gets on made ones the. Kevin Love One earlier this season and then Anthony Davis the one the other night like. Are you guys waiting for him? Like one of these days. He's one of those is going to go down against one of these guys right like like you get a little closer on those. When he's put trying to put one down on seven foot all star guy in this league. Are we getting closer to seeing it? I mean you've already seen it as well and there's a lot a lot of crazy he's missed. But there's a lot of crazy nineties made and you're gonNA see a probably a lot of both for a many years but he's got to remember that at the end of the day that's that's not all to his game You know those dunks are crazy but you know the other parts of his game. The fact that he's able to read the flooring has like he is the reason why we're getting wins. And that's pretty much all I care about at this point. Do you fear for his safety? And he's he's ten feet up in the air flying. He's it's a hard landing on those zero party like all right. Don't get hurt doing these. Maybe maybe on a couple of hours but I you know body control. He has good body control. So you know we work on. We work on stuff like that Landings and jumping and stuff to make sure that doesn't happen so yeah I'm not. I'm not worried about do in that moment. What is how in your mind. Are you calculating? Sort of the risk reward of one down on somebody about because you get caught up in the air you get hit or is it just instinct. You just see the rim and just go just go always address of my mindset was just finished play Honestly don't care who's under the go Stood I say my set. So the one. The other night was a moment. You thought I got this one. I've got this one just caught the back door and we're just going to finish They ended up quality to charge. But I mean I just wasn't able to get our before I wasn't able to get up for They call it Scotts turf builder. Thicker Lawn has announced. They have obtained the solution to getting a thick lush green lawn in exchange for all of your hard work a pretty sweet deal for both sides. It has everything you need to turn your lawn into the thick green paradise that you deserve with. Its THREE IN ONE SOLUTION. You can get up to a fifty percent thicker lawn which is one application with. Scott's Turf Builder Thicker Lawn you can finally get the thickest Greenest Lawn. You've always dreamt of grab bag today and get thicker quicker. This is a scots yard. Also Scottsdale Quibble money-back guarantee states. If you're not satisfied you get your money back. Here's something I wanted to ask about job when your story is really well known about essentially getting discovered Murray State assistant coach is buying a hot dog at an AU event. Like sees you on a back court while the concession stand line and they start your recruitment but the years you played with Zion in a you in South Carolina. I could understand if maybe people missed you because you were just maybe an isolated area but there were always people there scouting recruiting watching Zion. How do you figure that even with that attention? At that time people still had what you might be able to be in college or beyond. I don't know I'm not saying therefore China you know do whatever I had to Me My main focus was the winning games. I mean. Obviously if you get to the championship more coaches but nobody recognizes me. So wasn't much I could do after that. What was their time in that period? Job where you wondered am I. Am I ever GonNa get recruited or visit? Is You always feel as a matter of time? Yes definitely questioned myself a lot I mean my parents. They all talk to me throughout the whole process and they didn't allow me to quit and I allow myself to quit so I was just trying to do whatever I could to get better. And try to find some recognition. From somewhere jared how much you think your backgrounds and you look at like. Tandems in the NBA. And sometimes you see guys with very different paths to the NBA backgrounds family history. You know you come up with. You've got a name that everybody recognizes because you dad plays George Johnny plays in the NBA. When they hear Jaren Jackson Junior they know that name you've got size and the skill is an interesting when you think of like you look at jobs path your path. You recruited by everybody. You go to Michigan State. Wanted Don play for Tom Izzo? How does that Complement Each Other? Sort of like the perspectives. You guys come at this from. Oh well you know. All paths are going to be different. The ghost says the same. And I think you know in John's case we we can relate on a lot of things because we were both. We both have strong families that give us a lot of support and we lean on them for a lot and they've been with us through the whole thing and just coming from different different things. You can have a lot of different stories and a lot of different. You know Moments of advice you can give each other from your pastor anything like that but I think I think that the goal stays the same We've we've played it every level and we know the INS and outs of the game and you know at this point. We're still what our families still still doing. The same things consistent and now plan together is easy. It feels like especially the last couple of years with new leadership in Memphis and the front office organization that it's got to feel a little bit that they're building a program and they're trying to build a program. And you've got a lot of young as you guys brandon. Clark Dillon Brooks still young player. Does it feel to you a little bit like even though you're only at Michigan State for a year? I know you really loved the program and Tommaso and the feeling you got around something that had roots and like hat's continuity to does it. Do the grizzlies right now. Feel a little bit like like extended college program based on the age and and and how you guys are building this thing as a funny way of putting it. I think it's just ironic that we're all young at the same time all sometimes that just happens in the NBA. Where you just have a team for young guys but I think we're taking advantage of it. I think it allows us to play fast. It allows us to relate to each other We all have the same goals and I think when you're young you're just you're just a little more hungry so we've been hungry from the jump in that that all that has carried us no to this point in the season should carry. Us beyond as well. What do you think job about? Sort of like what? Your role is in building out. Sort of like what the identity of the team is going to be the organization. The day to day work habits. You know guys are going to follow you to the way you work the way you commit. It sets the tone for everybody else. How much do you think about that each day? A lot of you know Kinda starts with me at the point guard position Bringing the ball up before or I'm garden God bringing the ball up the floor so my energy determines how we start out so a lot of the slow starts or games. We lost because of the plan. Slow I put that on me because that's my job to dictate the pace Sergei. I mean I just shot you know. Be Better be vocal and you know. Just show guys that when we talk. We either compete in that. Most of the time everything works out. So what is it like to go through sort of the Gauntlet of point guards in this league almost every night wherever you are in the NBA? I don't think there's ever been a better. I don't think there's ever been an ear where there's more great point guards and lots of different styles. What's that like to learn to go against almost any city? You go to right now. There's a leak guards that teams are built around. What's that like as a rookie experiencing that night and and the way it tests you. I mean it's crazy. What is what I'm here for? I came here to play against the best and showed acts and go out and compete with the best so I really don't mind it. I actually look forward to challenges like that and Each and every night. I just go out to try to prove myself a couple of years ago when there was that Ben Simmons Donovan Mitchell battle for rookie of the year Obviously bedhead set out the first year and people were debating. Whether should you really be considered a rookie? Blake Griffin had won it after sitting out a year like there was some history behind that too. But you I'm sure you hear it now like Zion's obviously played really well. He's played far fewer games than you but to me. It's kind of funny that they're not going to get you guys into that kind of pissing war like your history relationship with them. I can already see like no one's wrong you too into that kind of competition with each other like can you feel people trying to pull. You would pull you into that. They want before we even got drafted. Were they were trying to do you. Know we both get act A lot of questions about each other just for for them to hope we slip up and say some bad will happen when you build a relationship with a guy. He played with a guy. I'll come from. Almost the same thing is no way to happen. We were there moments so when you think of like there are not a ton of players from South Carolina in the NBA. There's some it's got a history but we're not used to seeing it every year. Was it draft night or was there a moment where it did hit you though of like two guys from pretty much similar area played on the same travel team going one two in the NBA? Drafter said Okay. Like wow like it is pretty amazing. Amou- and I mean he got picked and then I got paid nash crazy like I can't say I would have thought that happened. You know the same year wrap behind each other but we both had the talent you know make it to the NBA. So what was your shot to do whatever we could you know achieved during Jan having grown up in a basketball family? Your Dad played. You've been around it. You look around the League guys whose dads played in the League. There's this whether it's Klay Thompson Steph Curry. You online of always sense like because they've been around the locker. I'm even like Donovan Mitchell. Whose Dad was in baseball but he had been around a major league. Clubhouse that there's an advantage to having been around maybe. Your eyes aren't as wide when you come in that you're used to whether it's like you weren't necessarily in a locker room with your dad like some guys were based on age and all that stuff but having been around. Nba guys when your kid because your father is friends with whatever it is that there's an advantage once you get to the League in terms of. Maybe it doesn't seem as big to you is it might others. Of course I think the advantages comes by the fact that my dad's around and he's able to tell me stories about when he was playing so I can relate it to my situation now both situations very different but in a lot of ways he's been telling me my whole life about things in the NBA. And I can relate a lot of a lot of the things that happen this whole time in for years. I've been able to do that so I think just and just being around Nba People and staff and little things. Like that I think just over time helped me get comfortable with this. What I'm doing now quicker but there's definitely a lot of things that I just had to figure out on my own. I wouldn't say you can't get you can get all the answers from him but it it definitely helps growing up. Did you hear more stories about the NBA or about Hoya Paranoia? Georgetown days shoot. I think it's probably both there. Were so many things especially being with coach Thomson and playing with degrades and they had a great team so My Dad was again to determine you know to Kim as his team playing with Alonzo and then in the lease playing with you know. Tim Duncan and David Robinson those guys I since I was younger I've talked to in looked up to and they've given me advice in a lot of retired players. I know have given me advice. Because they they've known my dad for so long and it all that you'll hear about from my dad for sure. What's the biggest thing guys that you when you talk about like trying to do? Maybe more than what's expected out of really young players in the league. Let me trying to make the playoffs and the West is really hard. Like what the two thing or a couple of things that you to you WANNA make sure the rest of your group understands like you're leading this team at a young age that we're doesn't get off track like what are. Is there any one or two things you guys preach to the bigger group about like what you want this thing to be about? competed and never being satisfied. I mean we in the air possession but I don't mean we're GONNA make the playoffs game so just niane comfortable. Continue to do what we've been doing Continue to try to get better are from bag games in God and when you're trying to push how important is it for you guys to be in the playoffs. This year amid is that does that have great value to you to be able to break through and do it quickly definitely. I mean we knew we could do. We knew we had the talent you know. Go on about and go out there and translate and everything. We've been trying to do what when we play against somebody else. Not each other trying to get better me. A locked in on the game plan like more people are surprised. But I mean we're not you know we're we're confident in ourselves and we know capable of what about your journey from from the beginning. It was something that we didn't have to talk about because we already knew that that that was everybody's goal and the where who put in Dan Day out talking with coach and understanding that it doesn't come over night and being able to take positives and negatives from wins and losses as been used. We've been able to. I think. Learn a lot from losing game so we don't make the same mistakes or and like when we're at home for a while we were able to put together a lot of games in a row because of that we were able to lock him. We're able to play together defensively and I think our communication has been the Akita's in outdoor. We've been doing now like I say you'll enduring you'll on your social media. Sometimes you'll like talk about grit and Grind City Grit and grind your team's not. I think it's more maybe a mentality of Memphis Grizzlies basketball than it was a style of play. They played slow. It was like to me. It was like the Grizz were a little bit. Like when Ghazal and Tony Allen and Conley it was like a NFL team. That ran the ball. They ran the ball like they weren't playing fast. They killed you and a half court. You guys are just the opposite. You're flying. You're up and down the court but like you still hear grit and grind around Memphis is that now maybe just more. It's a mentality that you think like people in that city have about. Maybe the way you compete like the persistence of a team. Like you hear that still that theme around that city when it comes to to Grizz definitely My mentality of some net. You KNOW EVERYBODY GOES BY IN MEMPHIS BUT FOR US. I mean we said we're neighbors Jane. We're not we're not those guys who played in the past so um we definitely play a different style. We try to get out and run but that grit and grime mindset is still there of course. Nexgen is what we are Grind is a mindset. Is something pave the way for a long time and gave the city a lot of life and a lot of joy and from there we take it and we make next Jan? We make it our own and we go out there and have fun. We go out there and put on a show. And get get wins. Jaren Jackson John ranked guys thanks. Thanks for jumping. Joined the appreciate thank you. Of course thank you. Thanks for listening to this episode of the world's Pot a big. Thank you to my guests today. Memphis Grizzlies Stars. John Moran and Jaren Jackson Junior and Memphis coach. Taylor Jenkins be sure to listen to new and archived episodes of the pod. Wherever you listen to your podcasts. We'll catch you next time

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