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No Dumbing Down: Aligning Your Organization for Sustainable Growth


Welcome. Business now, I'm you host Kelly. Dan Lewis, thank you for joining us. Our guest on this episode of talking business now is Karen Walker. Karen is an executive coach consultant speaker and author who helped senior leaders create internal strategy that support their organization's external growth, she even has a new book out on the topic called no dumbing down a no nonsense guide for CEO's on organizational growth. A few decades ago care and help lead the then fastest growing company in American history. Compaq Computer Compaq was also fastest to one billion dollars in revenue after working at Compaq for fourteen years with annual revenues growing to fifteen billion dollars Karen left to begin her consultancy in this episode of talking business now Karen shares tips on how to create internal strategies and infrastructure that support your company's sales growth will hear from Karen Walker right after this message from our sponsor in tarot bang solutions. 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And in this episode of talking business now Karen shares tips with you about what she spent her career doing helping senior leaders create internal strategies and infrastructure that support their company's sales growth. Welcome. Karen? I'm girl to be here. Thanks for having me what an important topic. And as I said, you spent your career doing this, you've been helping company leaders create organizational growth, which is a very broad topic. So tell us a little bit about your background, and what you've been doing in this area. Oh, thank fell short. I say my grounding than engineer. With my college degree with them. So I I come into a different place. I think many people who are in the field the filter dealt, but but I- fortunate to go to work for a small start up early in my career that turned down to beat the fan, then patented on company history and the Eacho billion and that Compaq hitter. So I I really fell into that found by people go over there that I thought were people, but I admired respected, very large company. And so I- inquired paint to work with this particular group of people and the main be. To be part about hypoc that in able that growed. Of course, we have an amazing product marking fed, but in order to take advantage of that opportunity to do things right internally. I got with my grounding. I didn't have my hominem. Tell later like token Shourie, that's really what was going on. But I buy my first short after fourteen years there part of the leadership team in Ebeling globally about eighteen billion dollars, and I left and starting my what a heady time that must have been, you know, a small company nobody knew him to become this international name. Everybody knew it in the technology industry itself was just exploding at that time while it still is continues to explode. But at that time, it was really new to a lot of just normal people. And so for the you'd be working for a company that was part of bringing that kind of technology to the masses and change the way we work and live and set the stage for everything that's come sense that had to have been a still shake your head. Sometimes when you think about on the ground floor of that. I do one of the amazing thing about that that we didn't. We didn't know it's going to happen. Of course. Right. So we would make plans for growth, and then we would exceed them by so much that it would knowing we learned over time to make plan both for significant upside are Har strategy and also course down by never knew one in our big competitor. At that point by BMW. Never do. They put it better. They've been interesting. Video documentary made a couple of years ago called silicon cowboy that the vote on net flicks in the eye. The story of that time going home at distri, but primarily Kogas compact story, it's a little camp cut. It was during a period of the eighty when things were a little camp at very well, very well done. Well, like, I said you spent your career doing this because you had to you started from nothing at compact, and you had to put these structures in place at tell us a little bit about the book itself, no dumbing down. And it's all about this is putting those kinds of structures and in infrastructure in place to support sales growth. And so why did you write the book? Yeah. So after never consulting began to the theme 'cause I'm working primarily with Tak, not exclusively CEO's and senior leaders and fast fast-growing organizations, and I just began to see patterns emerge where the organizations would we hard on fail, which should sales good thing. But then find the sales were outpacing their ability to support what it is old. I need deliver on the promise that they were making to their customers, and that would be because ternal bunk shins weren't aligned see, for example, you'd seen fail telling things, and I think many companies during that just frankly are available from what's been developed software world, for example, or that production and actually deliver win scene. Lady. Marketing gets out front the organizations over there's always opportunity. A lot of misalignment and the organization that begins to rain instead of scale. So they can keep up and over time. What you see is you just unable by comma. So really impacts your ability take advantage of. And if I thought that I noticed that there were number of various things that were happening. One was going to have teams that didn't walk up to the potential Turnley. They were for calming them to dump down output that women. No doubt comes from on. My also saw to the prophet two of the behavior that were in not had Jhelum responsive and able to keep up with the change. Sometimes it was there wasn't a NOP profess sometimes there was too much process with idea of thinking about sort of started to grow up at the continuum, and that you need to be at the right place. Contain the joy that you can actually might wanna be grown up. Even if you're currently in your in your company age, but you might want to still have some start up sponsors process. Yeah. And then people were unable to change unexpected them, and the company would clean off in different direction on that would undermine the critical strategy sort of time that compact view going Fanton expected, but we had strategies to allow to do that. But no, it would be certain point. We had to consciously say we might moving this direction from ago standpoint with the strain pudding station, and then Lampley senior leader generally don't make enough time to get away from all and think of so they end up over five the short-term in the region and expensive for the long view, which can create those game about processes in the second section of your book. You present five internal strategies that help to support that external growth, can you go through those quickly? At gloomy for the first is idea not coming down. And that really something we've all experienced one of the biggest reasons in organizations strategy the Kaleida turn on. And what I think about it. Teamwork as usual, and we've all experienced Riley that we're going to be on the team. Stations towards towards theme. More which is good so much potential vote. We just t-shirt than happen with with don't get the property chartering or people don't know how to actually work. A different Bill more but different from being an amazing individual perform, and though these teens started them down, but that they can only perform at the level of. And that might be technical hill. But it off because priorities line buddy hardy. Teen. What company don't get resolved do that? Or any number of interpersonal can get in the way, just sometimes are not charging. Well. Don't that gold. With in beheaded culture would not allow by the a- started to the back again making about trending strategy think about ternary, and that's what you call. That's what you call double back in your book right up at tried that went back, then we don't just Lou in one direction move on the program for that situation. I think about it. I call the competing into the pan on in and they entered operating procedure on the other. And there are what happened in organizations to move towards standard operating, and that really can hap- down thing. Innovation and creativity. That made you start with the all time in my emanate. People trying to get a great by got him fighting news organization, I want to integrate and dead. They go it by credit call. They have an MD department on departments merging Burgess coins, go about this the Mattingly destroying value bought so finding finding make sure that I to be at trial. We need to being. The idea of a coupling bumper car so think happened right quote plan never unfold straight line. We need to be prepared for unexpected events that occurred, and like if you're driving the car playing cards, you get hit amount expected direction, and that might ju- careening off, but we have guardrail sort of moving back into the arena. And so how do you set up the guardrail? Looking facial don't quite often the bait or buy into the announ? But did you have some control of of? Right. The idea, but Keleti, which is compartment organization. I wanna be with a good. Switch Hampton happen. Right. You want the scalable political prophet of the new thing, leaner, the Beijing? Don't have venture time inventing wheel every time the nation comes up improper for. And so what are the parts of the order station in few make them salable? Couple. Look, I ended by the a- image about learning a heading heading get a buffet all had make time think what are some internal strategy grouping to make sure that both you and your team in time for them and not just the annual strategy retreat. Today's not enough. The very land thing the idea. So what we've all books are that hopperton slow with Thompson in Trenton things that might be useful? But we get back to art doubts move by mail and how to laugh don't get to it. So having had you into a team fell countable on making a change. So your behavior you make a point of saying that making commitment to all of this is really only job at the senior leaders can do that that they alone can affect this change. But it really takes it might start with them. But it really takes the entire organization if you want to reach your fullest potential as for the employees personally and for the organization as a whole it really takes the whole team. How do they get the buy in from the rest of the people in the organization? Yeah. So I couldn't really take every Mike fearing failure not Canetti. The no one can try. Of people not walking talk or putting the violence. We don't work well, and in maligned fashion punctually, and I know that in your leader in particular, are they both have the views with the broader view of the organization also did in a way that won't cross functional than likely to be incented on the the organization the whole and also the long-term and other point notation to be. Short charm. And think that I'm more Filo. One option. It really put him to start at the top. Then once you got that really get into the station. Make sure that people are a clear about how job kind to the outcome that this about come on invasion, and sort of what the end result of that it so we may be may very good picking out job at how did that at that healthy invasion fill in common customers, and then then the being with Meg periods. Where organization talk about how things are going with looking to what happened, but we learned from that. And how to do things differently. Better thing going forward of the people are are clear about to vote and opportunity. I how it went. Contributes to the bottom line. And I know that coming ability when? Much more tackle. And you want like. We have personal and they can't get done. I will probably all high achievers and did not personally accountable than of being audited. Investable heaven. In autumn. Or the cold the ocean on being? But I'll have acquaint- providence. Very true you were in a startup environment. But so many startups that I know they are just scrambling from the get go. It's almost overwhelming, and they're just doing whatever they can to get to the next day and try to fulfill the next promise. So first of all in that kind of an environment. What advice we have four senior leaders or for the founder to get to a place where they can get the learning to levitated where they can really say stop time out were spiraling out of control unless we can get our arms around this thing, which in your case would be the infrastructure in the process. So what advice would you give them to try to get to that place where they can even take a breath and recognize they need that. Well, the pretty thing is to realize that this will never happen on it right by the business closed down. Now that they just occurred in the of time to do that. And probably something else is wrong and going on that you need them at the end. It can take trolling calendar that an ordination will alway booklets nation. Hey, it much time attention from employees at the again. And then you have to into counted new have put I'm on your calendar and think the thoughts to look at the big picture and the thing leader introduce yourself, and you do it for your team. I'll give you don't do it. No one else knew that it not going to be poured in urgent for anyone else and their other people come to them. That man under your own. At the time. Look at the pitcher until I think the first thing. Team. Get the talent out get it on there. And it may not be a good. But maybe you can get the talented for that. Now, the pollen Munger and then to get something that is regular. No, maybe a couple of hours a week making a day. And we may not get the. Petulant? We'll have a chain getting computer you had to leave our listeners with just one thought today here we're talking business now. So what should they be talking business now about when it comes to organizational development in their companies? What one thing I think the most important thing is a theme. Can do making sure that there was. Alive, and it not that the ordination of prep. If you wanna poke on optimize. Not match the mind mean that the core bookable in the work that I did do the optimize the whole that we can work actively on. Even though every part of the. Mac. Pals, but you wanna work together. A governing that individual and dump down that individuals should walkable capacity. You have to hope that the make that occur. But you only do it. Activation. Hold on Beijing point. And once there's obviously so much more that we could talk about here today. People are just going to have to go and find your book where can they find that? Yes. The book no dumbing down, you know, dumbing down dot com. Could you page? Dom and then my website and she coun- Walker dot s. There's a lot of material. Okay. So Karen Walker dot US. You get the book through that as well. As some other useful information on this topic. And you can also go out to Amazon dot com, of course in find it there. No dumbing down a no nonsense guide for CEOs organization growth. Karen, thanks so much for joining us on this episode of talking business now, I really enjoyed it. And we appreciate the support of our sponsor Interros Bank solutions, providing writing editing and publishing services. Give them a call at nine one three two two zero four two five one or visit in tarot Bing solutions dot com. And thank you for tuning in today. Please be sure to join us for the next episode of talking business now.

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