The Day We Wanted To Break Rules


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Didn't say didn't ya kind all right. Your name program prerecorded guys. How are ya things morning guys out. Favorites davis brody but brody was wrong. You remember the last time. I went to the bathroom. The alpha alpha show duran the morning show. Oh dear lord caffeine kick here it is friday. It's the weekend in case you forgot. I don't know about you but if you need to turn the alarm off so it doesn't wake you up tomorrow. Okay i'll welcome. Hi danielle hullo there. Froggy good morning and there's the beautiful gandhi gandhi. Good morning intelligent to look. There's a scary. Hello scotty visa and master control. I and there's producer sam in her living room and there's straight nate. Donate boy all right. What's always turned with beanie man. Yeah yes yes canine. Do you go memories. The memories of grinding on the dance mom said leave some room for the holy spirit anyway. There's your man here's your friday. Let's get going to nate. I guess you know people at this hour always wanted to get an update on you in your fiancee heather. Staying in my apartment. Did you officially move out yesterday. You still in evicted. I didn't know any option to stay home. Did you go a great state. We're in a hotel it's fine. How long just two nights okay. Yeah then you'll be back in your home. I think's we'll see victim he was. He was into my personal stuff. I just couldn't handle it we. We did a nice we cleaned. We did the sheets we made the bed. Did all the curtains nice gifts didn't clean the kirk. We'll thank you well. Well as you know straight is a murderer. People are texting in saying. You'd better check your apartment for bodies look under the bed. That freezer was already full. That's all i know from your last time. You stay right anyway. We'll welcome today. Let's get rolling our first caller. Today's page it's her birthday. Happy birthday page. Thank you in it. Nice on your birthdates at one. One one singer day. The people are nice to you. I'm just so glad i got through. I've been trying three years. will you got through. Didn't exist know you're here so let me ask you a question. What are you gonna do to celebrate. I'm going to work right now but then after work me and my family are going to eat hibachi style restaurant or you're going to eat an actual grill eight medals all right. If you're gonna eat too girl make sure it cools down before you start looking. Good botchy. sounds great. Isn't that a great idea. Do you like the goody goody the yummy yummy sauce the dark or the light sauce see. I'm dark sauce. Count against me to goody go together and you can have my dark. And i'll teach you like sounds like that. You guys are getting along. Hey so Which one is which one is goofy goofy or whatever it is. I think i think the goody goody is the dark sauce yummy is the light sauce. Eric will look where if they call it. Ginger i don't know if they can you know why they call it because it's probably what it really is. So maiden maybe they're onto something page happy birthday. It's your day. you're the queen of the day. I'll step off the throne and let you have a seat for the day. And we're going to give you your very own pair of scrubs scrubs from hackensack in happy birthday go have a great day page. Thank you hold on one second. You got your birthday. It's your day your word is law. Remember that and then the next day it all goes to crap. Yeah haven't heard this week. Yup let's get into horoscopes producer. Sam how are you doing them with. I think it's time to close the week in a big way on this. No oh here's here's what i'm going to do. I'm going to take my headphones off. And then you page me. Text me when it's time to come back on. I cannot listen to nate horse. go work for everyone. Positive things done. Or i'll watch the zoom cameras when you start waving. It's time to come back okay. Perfect all right headphones off. I can't listen to this right nathaniel. Okay i should start waving now right. Okay we're done all right if it's your birthday today you share it with cueva. Hope he capricorn's hit the ground running at start up a new project. It won't fulfill you in all sorts of ways your days in eight. Aquarius right out. What you want and create the best version of yourself your days in eight pisces. Look for some peace and solitude so you can be more aware of your surroundings with other people your days in eight areas. Locate your more rational mind in making some upcoming important decisions days seven. Taurus clear your schedule implant a day. That is dedicated to you and you alone your day. Ooh ten joevin. You have a lot going on mentally focus on things that will ground you. Moving forward days. Nine cancer redecorate and reorganize your space to freshen up your mind. Your days in. Leo looked to learn more and get deeper with one or more of your connections. Your nine burgo remember paying it. Forward will lead to good karma your day attend. Libra be cautious of how much energy. You're devoting to other people days. Scorpio give yourself some privacy and alone time to reconnect with your true intentions and goals your day. A nine and finally sagittarius walk away from a situation that is no longer aiding your mental and physical health your day seven and those of your friday morning horoscopes. I came back. Oh my god. I you know what you know when you go get an x ray. The x ray tech has to go into the other room to push the button. Take your picture. so they don't get radiation. That's my felt like i just did. You avoided radiation just now. I invited nate's radiation almost thirty five one eight one eight. Do all the horoscopes boy. That would come on all right all right. So let's get into the three things you need to know them. We're off on our friday. What's going on gandhi in the derek. Chauvin murder trial. Rg back in court in a few hours but testimony is going to end early. They've already heard from seventeen witnesses against the former minneapolis. Police officer accused of killing. George floyd five. People took the stand yesterday including floyd's girlfriend and the two paramedics who tried to save him. A police. sergeant supervising that day also said he should have stopped restraining floyd once he was no longer resisting. A sex scandal potentially involving trafficking is getting worse for congressman matt gates. He's now accused of repeatedly showing lawmakers photos and videos of naked women. He said he had slept with gates's already under investigation for an alleged relationship with a seventeen year old girl and possibly paying her to cross state lines which is where the sex trafficking aspects comes into play. He denies the reports claiming he's the true victim of an extortion plots and finally today is world autism day and like we talked about yesterday. April is world autism month. Autism friendly events and educational activities are scheduled throughout the month and communities all around the world and they're aimed at increasing understanding and support of people with autism in to inspire a kinder and more inclusive world. So think about that as you go about your day and those are your three things. Yeah world autism day. You know it wasn't that long ago and if you're a parent of a child or anyone now living with autism it was a long ago. Autism was kind of swept under the rug and there weren't resources and now there are more and more in so it's going in the right direction more more road to go so if you have anyone in your life who's living with autism or they are living with someone living with autism and helping them get through the through the journey Reach out today. Talk to him connect. It's a very important day. All right it is friday. Are we ready for our friday. Yeah oh yeah. i don't think you are. Are we ready for our friday. Always wanted to do that ever. I saw we've also got a good friend of ours. Elvis duran and the morning the morning may here if you're tired of tossing and turning at night tries equal peers z's all night it helps you fall asleep naturally and stay asleep longer through the night. Plus it's not habit forming and made with the blend of botanical lavender and camille finding retailers everywhere and the morning show today is good friday and it's also National peanut butter and jelly day. In case it's perfect for good. Friday can't eat meat for the catena. The peanut butter and jelly comes and how that works scary. Here's my song peanut butter jelly time. You remember scary. The in the old days if i if i just said peanut butter jelly he would immediately get peanut butter and jelly time. Just by instinct. Now now i have to put it in a trouble ticket engineering engineering to download it into the computer and uploaded into the machine here and then lo and behold peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly quality music. I'll be honest with you. Good friday doesn't have a song but peanut butter and jelly data principal. Is doing that dance one time and she hurt her knee. It was the funniest thing i've ever seen. How embarrassing how'd you hurt. you need. Well i was dancing to peanut butter. Jelly time yes pep rallies. It was great all right. Let's get the feel good producer. Sam how was your dinner producer in elvis. I had a grilled cheese which is one of my favorite things in the world and it might have been the most controversial thing i've ever shared on social media. So many people telling me how i should eat it how i should not eat it. I've had fights in my dm's last night. i didn't. I thought i was posting a grilled cheese and my little side of ketchup. You know as one of the ways. I like to eat it. Ignore them they can make it making you make it like you make it. You know what. Trolls go away. I can't believe we have grilled cheese sandwich trolls. It was it got heated. God gives you want people get get a life people all right. Well what do you have. You feel good today so with that So a lot of the field goods. That i cover. They're just kind of fleeting moments like a short term good deed but this story that gandhi sent me take some amazing people and two of these. People are named pam and gary. Well as the couple has five kids of their own and they were nearing retirement which is supposed to be a relaxed chapter in life when pale learned about seven children who lost their parents in a car accident. So these kids ranged from one to twelve years old and without another family member of taking care of them. It's really unsure. What's going to happen to each of these kids. We would just hope they each get their own loving family but pam and gerry stepped in and knew that they had to take all seven of these children. The couple wasn't even looking to adopt at the time but they thought if we don't love and keep these children together who will and i think that mindset is only reserved for saints on earth so loved all of the foster parents and adoptive parents out there and if you have a story that deserves to be featured email me salmon elvis duran dot com subject line field goods. Thank you sam fabulous. Make sure you come back around the room later. Okay okay. i'll see you soon. What does this story. You just gave me nate about so the guys who did peanut butter jelly time. The history of peanut butter jelly time the song and so i googled it and it came up that it was created by the buckwheat boyz which the buckley boys i exist. Marcus bowens jemaine fuller and then it goes into talking about how. The band disbanded. One of the guys shot a police officer and then killed himself. What what like. You would have never known that listening to the song. Pdr jelly time. There was like an eleven hour standoff with one of the peanut butter and jelly time guys and the guy that did it was was. The brother-in-law snoop dogg. Like what i know. This is insane backstory to any dumb song. I've ever heard in my life i got you never know listening to peanut butter jelly time that this is the truth behind the music. It'd be a behind the music. Yeah we'll gets to peanut butter jelly time. This is nuts peanuts anyway. Thanks for ruining our fun song. It's well i know in. The truth isn't good. This is a sad story. Actually it's a tragic story all right. Well there. You go the truth behind peanut butter jelly time got to let it go by the ever by the peanut butter. Jelly peanut butter jelly. I think we should cancel it. The guy shot officer who died. I wish i didn't know that. Then you know actually now. I'm glad we do know it now. We know how to move forward. We needed to know that we need to know the truth. But anyway thank you. Maybe it's better. You stay off google. So would you have for dinner last night. Gandhi are you still with your parents. I am so with my parents last night. what did i have. Why am i blanking What about you. I made the entire house grilled chicken with broccoli and really great vegetables. And i wasn't hungry yet. So after they left for soccer practice. I went and got pizza girl. They don't know awesome. I remembered greek food. I had spent a copa and rice and it was amazing. How can you forget that. Yes a copello. Getting no sleep. My brain is not firing the way it normally reliable people. Don't understand but when you wake up really early monday. Through friday to your job by friday time. Everyone's like ready to go out. Let's have some fun. It friday night ready likes to put a blanket on and sleep. That's exactly you know what they say. Friday night f- or fight. You know what i'm saying. So what do you do tonight. What are you gonna do. Nate f- or fight tonight anymore elvis the marriott the curtains their own already did. Oh that's disgusting disgusting next danielle. What you coming up. I talk about lady gaga. She didn't something pretty cool for her fans. All right thank you that and more on the way way. Let's talk about o. Ziprecruiter okay recent data. This is actually good news. Recent data shows out of all the female owned businesses. One in three is owned by a mom right. The cool ever wonder how these amazing moms and dads to find time to juggle it all in their businesses and their families and their kids. Well with ziprecruiter there is one thing you can do that allows you spend more time with your kids. And your family hiring people with ziprecruiter dot com slash elvis. It's so simple. One mom talia goldstein. She's the ceo and founder of an incredible company. It's a matchmaking company. Called three day rule. it's constantly growing. She has kids. she's a mother of two. is she uses zip recruiter. She says it's like having an assistant in the office working for her out there hiring the best people for the job. They've powerful technology that helps you find the right people with the right experience and actually invites him to apply that way. Tally didn't have to sift through a bunch of applic- applications from people who are not a qualified for a five employers who use zip recruiter get a quality candidate in the first day. Used them for free at this website. I said it for you. Ziprecruiter dot com slash. Elvis that ziprecruiter dot com slash elvis soap. My friends maddin. Josh sent me this. It must be five feet. It's a five foot tall chocolate bunny. i'm so jealous. Look i'm chocolate. Bunnies doesn't matter if there are three inches taller. Five feet tall. They're fabulous but i've never had a five footer. So i'm trying to figure out. Do you eat the same way. You eat. A regular chocolate bunny. You have to start with the ears right. Do we all agree. You start with the ears years park. Yeah always starts at the. But the but i know what are you doing what are you doing. I'm sitting here eating heat in the ass out of a chocolate money. I'll let you go when you're done yes Well the million dollar question is it. Hollow or solid edge. Case says on the box gotta be holiday. Have a box. he can't. There's no box big enough for this one. I don't know why do you prefer hollows a cheat solids. Big hollow is such a t. Dobie three hundred pounds yeah. I think you're right. I don't think this is solid kind of sometimes palmer like you know hollow one real quick. That'll do the trick right. Yes around the room froggy. We're all ears. I garrett checks in. He says it yours i for him to. Yeah i i all right froggy. You're the only one aids the the bud out of the rabbit the bunny before anyone else. You're all missing out. It tastes the same. If you think you will never know if you don't dry it anyways scary just stood up and made made an announcement what's scary going somewhere else. I i did make it announcement. Okay not go back okay. Now you're spending too much time. Like not telling me what i want to tell me. What would what did you want to say what i wanted to say was. I think that i would make an amazing manager of a restaurant. If this radio thing fails okay. Well get ready. How okay okay. Let me ask you this. Do you watch too much of the food network and you go to too many restaurant okay. Do you know how to sit down like twice a week and start ordering the produce in the meats and making sure. You're only ordered the proper amount so you don't have any food waste because food waste the two things in restaurant business and i'm not even i'm barely in it. The two things in the restaurant business that our employees stealing food from you and you ordering too much food and there's food waste. I think that if i were to over order too much meat fish i would find creative ways and dishes for my chefs to make to on purpose that so it would not go to waste. But the state over order because i love eating in restaurants. I love restaurants too it soon. As you think you know how to do it. you're screwed. Yeah my dad was in the restaurant business scary and it's your food cost is what drives you out of business right exactly right employees. You have no idea. They're stealing from you. Especially if you're like a steakhouse they still you have. No idea needs going out the back door and garbage bags when you think they're taking the trash out not the case and you order too much food that goes to waste. You can donate it. Which is a great thing to do to food banks and stuff and and help feed the homeless. But it's still costing you money. Food cost going up. It's not what i'm saying. is this go. You need to go to work in a restaurant for people who do this so you can learn what you're doing. Yeah yeah. What nate nate. Come on tell. Gary initially said that i thought. Oh that'd be great then. I realize all the work that goes into it. Because i worked in a restaurant too and you got fire servers and hire servers. And all this other stuff. I think would be like a good greeter at a casino. If you do that like you'd be you'd be a good maitre d' at a restaurant. Maybe the maitre d'. Maybe i'm looking for that part of the business not so much the rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty only give people in cash on the side. Daniel maitre d' make a pretty decent salary. I think so It depends on the restaurant. You're in yeah absolutely. You can use to be able to do that. I don't know but anyway. no. I think that's great. You would love to get into the restaurant business but you better learn a little bit before you do. It chew story. I think you should sit down with bobby. Flay go over what he's been going through here he'll give you all the imagine. I think should be a promo guide a club. Yeah i could do that. I think about twenty years ago. That would have been great. It'd be ozzy you would have been putting off people's club old people clubs or baiji ball party with the crowd as long as i could make sure the crowd is partying. There's a difference is doing a good job. I'm just. I think you do great at that. Actually i daniel you ready to go now. That we're helping out scary with his future professional life since we're talking about people getting into other businesses. Let's talk about tyra banks for a minute. She was getting into the ice cream business. She lost her. Smile is cream brand. It's got six different flavors right now. You can only get it at the desert at santa monica place in california but she's going to open up a little ice cream shop over there and online delivery is scheduled for later this year. So you want to try it. You'll be able to get it. Sent to your house. Lady gaga has done something pretty cool for her fans for the record store day. Its chromatic in two different versions. But you're going to be able to bring it home. Vinyl finally one is a colored vinyl. June twelfth comes out. That's for record store day and then a black vinyl edition we'll come out june twenty-fifth and that one you're going to be able to get on gaza online shop so that will be awesome for fans because they're collectible so wanna get your hands on it so i told you two days ago when michael straying posted that he got that gap in his teeth picks. I said no. That is his signature. It is april fool's there was no frigging way. And here's what happened. Yesterday will make you happy. Because i did and i am happy that that i did it so i just wanted to say April fools komo is here to stay. Ghana's the gap is michael strahan with that gap. Just isn't it doesn't sit well with michael. We knew it was a joke. Exactly so kendall. Jenner has filed a restraining order against the new trespass on her property. I told you she's already moved out of the plays because she doesn't feel safe so After the person left her property wound up going behind bars for like six hours or something because of covid guidelines or whatever went over to her sister's house went over to kylie's house hung there for a little while until police picked him up over there. So it's just crazy and the two of them just do not feel safe right now. So -at's don't you feel like every day. There's more and more stories about this happening on celebrity properties lately. Yeah the whole world is screwed to hell stories coming out every about every everyone doing everything that's shouldn't surprise a question. Does anything surprise you anymore. Not really if if an alien landed in my backyard and opened the mcdonald's i won't be surprised i would not be surprised. It'd be the first alien mcdonald's in the world in my backyard. Olivia rodriguez gave us driver's license. She's giving us a new one. It's called deja-vu somewhat gone talk. Little bit bitter. The twenty-first godzilla vs kong. Even though you can watch it on television. You also could see it in the theaters and on wednesday. They're saying it brought like nine point six million dollars which is the best for coronavirus release. Hell funny they call it. The corona virus released when things are coming out now crazy. Anthony ramos is in talks to star in transformers. How awesome with this. Before our boy to films he would be in. It's going to follow in the universe set up in the two thousand eighteen bumblebee movie. So that's exciting news. Tara reade says that american pie five is definitely happening that they have a script that it's an amazing script. They just have to find made an announcement. Gosh kids in college now. Was it a press conference walking coming to a close after next season and of course walking dead fans are upset but the cast was upset at also. Because jeffrey dean morgan who plays nagin said that it wasn't supposed to happen this way. They were actually supposed to keep going past season eleven. They were all surprised when the network actually said. Now we're done. We're going to wrap things up. They thought they were gonna keep going on television tonight. Wwe friday night. Smackdown the blacklist rupaul's drag race. You have the ten commandments tomorrow. Night if you wanna watch something for easter weekend basketball of course all over the place disney. Plus you've got a new episode of the falcon and the winter soldier and over net flex. There's two new ones a movie called concrete cowboy and crime drama called the serpents and that is my danielle report. Thank you danielle We had a call gone on the. Hello hello daniel is this you yes yes did. Hey lady lady glad you checked in with us because you have in your family you have restaurant experience. So would you try to talk too scary and give him some advice about jumping into the restaurant business so fast until he learns what he's doing please. You got scary. Listen you're a great guy but you're not got off the restaurant business man. I wasn't cut out for it. I was in the first year. And i left but i like good food man the a restaurant to just go to one. You don't have to own one restaurant and listen. You're great personality in everything. I can tell i. It's just not cut out for you. All right. i wasn't is that there's your advice you need to eat. What have you seen in the restaurant industry. Oh man you have to deal with waiters waitresses. You have to deal with a whole lot of people. It's worker what people think it is just and just shake hand just gonna be managed people ever have. He doesn't talk he screams but not on purpose. It's just how he sounds cases. You have the last time and and you know doing weddings and stuff. I was a waiter. I was all over the place. Okay well then. Then you've got a lot more to learn perfect. Thank you for talking him. Off that ledge daniel. I appreciate it if you needed advice. Him have a good weekend man. Thank you guys know. I haven't been eastern. U2 hoppy easter. yeah. I don't know if there's so much more to it. You just gotta think through scary but there's nothing really being interested if you wanna go learn then leave this go learn. Go work in a restaurant. Gordon ramsay you really are. Is that what you want to be is that you're saying you're model screaming at people's throwing pans at all right with that said let's take a break. We do have a one thousand dollar freeman phone tap. Thanks to our friends at long on the way. More for the mercedes interview lounge dolly parton. Welcome to the show morning to you. I've always wanted to help ghandi's ear and yet Danielle saying you suffer from lead foot goosebumps appear for no reason stop living with uninspired performance visit mba be usa dot com slash am and find out if a mercedes amg coupe sedan or suv is right for you for savings. Amg driving performance elvis durant in the morning show. Hey skier you ready for the biggest event and challenge history don't miss iconic competitors going head to head in the most epic showdown ever who will down challenge history as the greatest of all time that challenge all-stars now streaming exclusively on paramount. Plus my guy you guys are having your frigging elvis duran in the morning show now. I feel like an an a hole because i kicked nate and his fiancee out of my apartment. They needed a place to stay while they're redoing their house. And you were. You were more than you needed to be over. I agree with that. You might put this facade up on the air and you might say it's actually your real feelings but you're very kind you offered us you know. whatever he said. Would you do whatever you need to use. Whatever you need to the apartment. It's been you know i think. Yeah you're that aside. We're enjoying living in the city living versus living in the suburbs. Doing again if you can live like elvis lives in the city everybody would do you have such a nice home there and it was so great and Great being five minutes from work walking. Oh my god what was it like today. Drive in god danielle. Well here's the thing about living in the city and this is miss new york city or if you live integrate where you can walk to an area. That's really cool from your house. It's really the only place where you can. Just walk down the street and stop and get a drink like you're gonna be walking down the street and you see a friend outside having all stop by you. Just sit down have a cocktail. You go and you continue on your path to you know to the walgreens or wherever you're going you know you remember when you were in school and you're the dorms. Maybe if you were in college and you went to the dorms the first year and you see someone you're like. Oh yeah let's go over here and sit on the quad or let's go over here. It's like that like this entire cities the campus. It's true and that's what i miss in a as new york's to open other cities start to open up. That's coming back you know. So that's why you know wherever you it depends on what you want out of life if you wanna live in the suburbs and have a nice quiet neighborhood. That's cool but you know. I i'm still even though i'm not young. I would prefer to live in an area in a city where i could walk to an area that has lots of restaurants and bars and stuff like that. But that's cool new york. It's coming back to you. Know you can tell about the the traffic in every city that we're on right now you're experiencing traffic now thing you used to detest. Now you're going to test again so there you go. Hey this big controversy wheel of fortune. You wanna talk about it okay. I'll do you want me to talk about. did you see it. No but i know the story. I have the sound. I'll tell you what tell the story do not play the sound evacuate. Sal this guy. David peterson i think. That's how you says david peterson. He was a contestant and he lost a technicality. During wednesday's episode he was solving the puzzle and put the word and in the puzzle and and wasn't actually in the puzzle. He was saying the word and and so because of that. They said nope sorry. You can't win. And so everyone fans took to twitter saying that this is the dumbest rule ever and that they really should You know get rid of it because it's it's causing a lot of people. It was actually doing the crossword puzzle. So people are really pissed off and so there's some people think notes. Sorry it's the rule and there are other people that are like it's a dumb ass rule so so it was the the crossword puzzle if you're familiar with wheel of fortune and the category was catch of the day in the answer. Came out like this from a david. Peterson here played that sound. They're scary so you've got that. Have you have one thousand three hundred fifty dollars cash. What do you wanna do. I like to solve everything. Don't add anything go ahead sole flounder cod and catfish. I'm sorry no right and answering the it was very plain to see its sole flounder cod. Catfish he said sole flounder cod and catfish. He told him right there. Don't any extra work. How much more do you want it. Naming yeah okay. So now. People are all pissed off. That's a stupid rule. I think it's a stupid rule. No it's not because because normally when you say whatever you just said codfish you would say and at the end for the way you speak. so what. but this puzzle isn't based on the way you speak on the right talk to your sister talk. He was very clear he specifically looked at him and said don't add anything and that includes the end and these games are based on your knowledge. And how well you execute the directions and they messed it up. I mean on jeopardy. They met they do that all the time. They'll take it away if you pronounce something incorrectly. If you i mean. I totally get it. Don't you think they should get rid of the rule though because it's dumb because the present the way we speak the puzzle the puzzle. It's like doing a crossword puzzle. You only have so many little letters to fill in when you do it. You can't add words to the side of it. Does not the puzzle anymore. What what frog is this. Part of the everybody gets a trophy crowd. So this here's the problem. We need careful hold on. You're talking about your sister danielle here. Now be nice. I'm gonna talk to you and right now danielle when you watch baseball and that guys running to first base and he so close i mean. He's almost there. He tried hard as he good to get there. But he's out and they go well. He tried really hard. We're going to move the base a little inch. he's he safest. That's different no. It's not and can't change. The rule pat reminded him of the rule right when he was about to answer he did. This was wrong because he did remind him and he said don't say anything else and he's he messed it up. That's his but i'm saying in the future. I think it's a dumb rules. You give her say they should get rid of that rule but you agree in this case gave told him not to say anything so anyway agree with daniel from across the country and they are screaming bloody murder at wheel of fortune. Like no you should give it to him because you snowflakes are coming out with snow. Say let it snow. Let us know and let it snow event on the music in front of them. Just think it'd be nice to see more people win. That's all greenie. Danielle really and whenever i really think that they do on purpose because they don't want to give away the money they're like oh i do think they do that kind of stuff but i also think the rules are the rules when it comes to these games and you just got to follow the rules. That's half of the game is doing it the right way we. We always let people on our show. We are not holding anyone to any type of standard over here. This is terrible. I haven't seen the rules. Do we have rules nate. Yeah we need rules for our show getting. Oh my god jeopardy and whatever you only want the rule so you could break. Our roles are almost totally counts. That's the only rule that we have over here. What's scary i. This is kind of like when we're doing a contest and someone gets it wrong. It's either wrong or right. So when it's wrong you get up and people now are triggered by the buzzer because saying the buzzers too aggressive. What else who who. Who complained against the bus listeners. Or texting and this is like when teachers can't correct papers anymore with red ink. They have to use pink or blue because the aggressive both you. You're actually very aggressive as you're talking about it it's part of it's part of the culture. It's part of this. We gotta change the rules. You gotta you gotta be a dumb it down a little bit. You gotta make it. Look you know we do want to live in a world kindness. We do live. In a world of positivity. I get that well i know but when it comes to playing a game. There's a winner. There's a loser. I would be bad. I give everybody money. You can have on free rent. It's good his me. It'd be scary when he wants to own a restaurant. Now come on now. We don't we. Don't our our credit card machine is working to eat it and go. You're fine line to and stephanie. Let's get someone outside our circle to help us out with this. Hello stephanie welcome to friday. What's going on with you doing today. We're doing okay so you want to weigh in on this. I can't believe we're talking about the great wheel of fortune controversy. Oh yes no. I can talk to and controversy goes. I have been violated by the end. Controversies I pulled over one evening for not drinking had to take a sobriety test. How'd you do my alphabet. And because i said x. y. and z. I was in iran rested for a dui because there is no and in the alphabet different. Because they didn't give you the rule saying whatever you do only say the letters and don't get any word. That's crazy stephanie. Are you sure there wasn't something else that made them arrest you. That that was definitely the reason. I have no idea. Then they took downtown had me blow and then saw that i've blew zero and i had not been drinking off. Well stephanie did you. Did you get out of that. I mean did you say look. This is crazy. Oh definitely for sure but by night was already ruined. We were just getting off work and on our way to the far when we got pulled over by the time we got out. It was two o'clock in the morning and you know that was the night it wasn't officers. Say jack that pulled you over. Nice cough in north carolina right. Well thank you stephanie. That's the weirdest thing. I think i've heard but i'm sure you're interested for the wrong reasons. I have a great weekend stephanie. Happy easter to you. Thanks for listening to us so much. I listen you all the time. You'll have a great easter to thank you very much. Y'all to people. I love when i first moved to new york to the northeast philly. I still said y'all because i'm from the south and people look at me like you know you're going to have to replace that with us. I like y'all better time jason. Y'all is in every sentence but views is the y'all the north. You know what. I'm saying. Us us i want to say to us all. Y'all choose whichever one. What time is what we're doing oh we do have a one thousand dollar money phone tap coming up next but right now into the three things you need to know gandhi and then there you go. It feels good to be on sitting here on a friday doesn't it i love it. You're going. what's up president. Biden wants to move ahead with his promise to forgive student loans. I he needs to know if he can do it. Legally he's reportedly asked his education secretary to prepare a memo on his authority to cancel up to fifteen thousand fifty thousand dollars in debt on the campaign trail. He put the amount at ten thousand but is facing mounting pressure to wipe out even more some websites report. He could make a decision in the next few weeks. As fears of the fourth kovin surged continue to ramp up. Seventeen percent of the nation is now fully vaccinated and the cdc's latest number also shows thirty percent of people are waiting for their second shot. Nearly one hundred fifty four million vaccines have been given out so far with moore doses being delivered in states in just a few days and can't come fast enough. A new model is raising its prediction of six hundred thousand deaths by july. Two six hundred and nine thousand. I cannot believe that number. Gosh it's insane and finally. There's a new guinness world record holder. I cannot figure this one out. His name is boomer buddha's box. he's a fifty four year old. Croatian and he was able to submerge his head underwater and hold his breath for twenty four minutes and thirty. Three seconds kills. What does he do. I don't know how he did it but he did it. The previous record was eleven minutes and thirty five seconds which is still crazy and he more than doubled it so be careful. Don't try that one at home. Those are your three things. thank you gandhi. All right Delong he one thousand dollar free money. Phone tap coming up next elvis morning. Show where you show rain. In the morning show question yes which member of our family here is most likely to go out to dinner at a restaurant in look high and low to find something to complain about. Oh david brody daniel which member of our show goes out to a restaurant if he finds just a little chunk of partially on his plate. He'll send it back to the kitchen. David brody ladies and gentleman Let's push the button. I give you david brody david. I can't another superb introduction. I love you brody here. We go so i i heard That you actually went out took your family out. Which in and of itself is just amazing. Because that cost money you not one of my favorite restaurants. I've been going to for thirty years in new york. City rules in soho. It's one of my favorite favorite restaurants that always always has been You actually took your family. How did they go. It was great. We were going to go out in february and they closed For about a month today could retrofit the place You know to make it. Covert friendly And plus you know. Sales were down at that point. So we made reservations way in advance To get a table there because they just increased you know the table capacity in new york city It was fantastic. It was a Surprising for me a flawless meal Everything was right and there was nothing. I had to order without anything We ordered steak applause. Separate going sauce comes the french fries and nothing else very and french fries over weight and so we were holding on so brody we all know. As a matter of fact every morning we would come in go. We went to this restaurant last night. And you'll give us a list of everything that went wrong in that restaurant and it was just you know we just assume that when you go out there's going to be an issue right that everyone has a friend like brody. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but that's just the way it is. Does it frustrate you and make you mad as hell that you couldn't find something to bitch and moan about from your dinner last night or was it a pleasant experience for you. Well i'll tell you what it was such a pleasant experience that when they brought my diet coke with ice even ordered it without ice. I didn't say i you see what he just did. You gave us a roundabout way. A crap sandwich young or saying it was such a lovely night that outdoor seating was beautiful. The server was great. It was a perfect night. They even they even had a tarot card reader upstairs behind plexiglass that people were getting their their fortunes told inside every cable had plexiglass on both sides. I mean it was really healthy. Comfortable player card player actually turnover card for you master of complaint card. I didn't know that you are an ass card but manley they have that. Because i got on the reservation list anyway. I don't know i. I see high friend. I'm i'm not really is you. I think we all have a friend. No no we all have at least one friend whom they don't have something to complain about in life kind of lost yes right There was a guy who used to date. He always had to have one person who disrespected him in. There's an there's an issue always. It was almost as if their name was on the wall. And of this week's person who disrespected me. And it's kind of an italian american culture thing but brody that just makes me wonder i mean you're you're so accustomed to looking for any and every little thing that makes you mad about a service at a restaurant and you didn't find it even the diet coke with coke with is didn't piss you off you know what i don't think i look for things i just think i'm born in a Into bed stuff. Finds me i i just i it. They just put on my nachos. I didn't Scalia that's sounds ghastly. 'bout scallions good all right thoughts for brody anyone any thoughts here. Foggy scare brody. Have you ever gone into a restaurant knowing that it was probably a little more than you wanted to pay. But you thought i'm probably going to find something that's not good so you get free dessert or they'll take money off. Factoring that into the cost. There are people who do that right there. Are i mean froggies. Dad used to be in the restaurant business and he knew there were people that would show up for dinner in. They knew before they walk through the door. They were gonna find something you get a free meal. Oh not pay when they walked in the door. But elvis don't forget iran restaurants for about eleven years before i was in radio so that's why i'm probably a little more picky because i know what can be expected of salvage moment. So it's like it's like when my father was a police officer watched police shows on television. He knew what was wrong. Would know well-made show or not you know so you just said something. very troubling. we're in radio does that. So we're here on the radio. I'm not sure we do radio. Gandhi brody because you had such a good time. And i'm really happy that you did. Are you gonna go and leave them. A nice like an actual yelp review and put it in writing and let them know how great they were probably. Will you know what. I'm very good about leaving. Positive yelp reviews as good as i am about bad yelp reviews so i will. I will absolutely do that. And i'm taking the wikipedia page and now you like to do that I'm happy that he may be. He's turned a corner. Let's not go crazy. Yeah nate quest. So have you ever gone to a restaurant. Something wasn't your satisfaction. You were angling for a free dessert. And the management said now. Everything was fine. You're paying your bill. Has that ever happened to you where you didn't get free dessert. And they made you pay everything. I'll tell you what the question one time. I was very very much justified for the manager to say you know what i had a bad experience. We're going to you know. Give you free dessert or take something off. Your bill manager came over and said you're absolutely right terribly. Sorry have a great night and hopefully next time we'll be better known news. No they're dead to me. My guy i we gotta run. I'm so happy. Great rose experience. And i'm so glad you went to i i. I love it when people. I say if someone goes to one of your favorite restaurants you're like yes someone else got to enjoy it just like i enjoy. I love that We'll talk to you a little bit of. Just hang in there. We'll talk a little bit. Okay all right hang on. Let's get into the free. let's go we've been here for twenty five years. I'll never know we slip through the cracks. They forgot where here. I don't know anyway twenty five years of doing this morning show and it's an honor to be here every single day. Thanks for our friends at our partners for many years they are giving us a thousand dollars to give you every single day this week with the free money phone tap. Delong the catheter of our show were there. World class espresso machines that ensure there's no wrong way to make such a very very delicious cup of espresso. It's made right right at home. I want you to check out everything too long. He has for the kitchen. I mean it goes beyond espresso and caffeine. Check it out. Go to delong dot com. That's d. e. l. o. n. g. h. I dot com. Everything looks good and your kitchen. And you'll you'll use it more than than you want. I mean it's perfect. Everything they do is great so thanks to delong here we go. You went two thousand dollars if you're caller one hundred one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. Who does the phone. Gary i do. What is this guy. Durant welcomed the return of michael heimer. Scary take it away. Well osama is the boss of a car dealership and he wanted to phone. Tap has employees. Brian he's pretty new there So i figured. I would get him with mr michael oppenheimer figure Try and sell him. Some stuff of my The only problem is At at the same time. Brian's direct boss gets involved also. He's also being phone tapped so he kind of falls right into the pit with brian. Brian and his his boss being tapped by sammy. God's seems confusing. Well let's listen to see what happens here. Is today's phone tap you can to. This is mr michael oppenheimer with easy cracker crack eggs separate egg whites and stripped shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds. It's easy cracker for just nineteen dollars. Ninety five cents you can take an aiding put it inside the device. Press a button. And you're except i. This ever had a problem where you cracked in ige and the shells inside of something you were making. Listen to this man. I got some way too busy right now. Business the car dealership so the obvious dealership. I just told you what i did. The ship will grab the egg as firemen. Somebody else and brian. This is mr michael oppenheimer with the called me guy. You just call them. The sippy egg whites in strict two shells recognize really crags. Like voice holds the aig. You press the handle and the age super. It's even falls into the bull below. Certainly somebody in your life. That make scrambled eggs for breakfast every day. What bags series right now at this book listeners just inserted nagin to the easy kluger. Shut the squeeze diesel. Call me but it's a guest. Shut up squeeze the easy shuttle. Come over and squeeze you're asking me. Bmw's brian mr michael with easy quicker. The new way to crack separate your age lady. If you now you get the easy scrambler absolutely about the jump through this phone off man. You're killing me right to scramble in egg inside comes out there if you voted for me said you cracking order the ps for you. Hello you're bmw. Hello mr michael happen with the easy. Rigor you're selling products is a place of business. All right we don't wanna buy any egg crackers or whatever gregor and an egg scrambler. So maybe you'd like to sip. Are you kidding me right. I just didn't want to buy it. We don't want to buy it. Kristie from indiana eggs has never been cleaner or easier. I love my new. Your human being right one for my mom. What do you bake clients coming in kitchen. Muffins selling cars all right to emphasize enough if you call back. We're gonna find you. Do hiccup buddies been bmw. Mr michael oppenheimer busy cricket cohere here anymore to eggs without chills of this rocking customers address. I'm not gonna give you my address are you did anyone. Have you ever saw immature. Come down here. They bring crackers and we'll crack next. You do social security number giving you my checking account routing number two you want. What are you gonna do dat. If you'd like you call people and they give you their social security number. What the kind of organization you who like one of the name of the business that you work for prick yours for what the eighty g that i'd never turn 'em s nobre guide. Come down fifty. Edm s group. Ms elvis duran and the morning show. You've been phone tapped you. Here is my name. Is jerry jones and this is all joe away. Sammy put us up to it he said. Here's your bonus sammy day. Is that why you took an early again. But what are we was that. Thank you michael oppenheimer That was your one thousand dollars along. Phone tap djilas. Unlike fifteen and jill one thousand dollars did you know that about jill the allocation to think about it. It's true. are you driving to work or you really busy right now. We can call you back. No actually i'm at the. Oh you're getting service right service. That hyundai awesome so usually when you wait to get your car serviced okay. I'll drink their bad coffee. Just sit here but you just sat there in one thousand dollars while your car's being service. What a day for you at so exciting. So what your weekend. All about jill and doing absolutely nothing for you. That sounds like that sounds like something. You're doing something. Well jill. You one Ten days is in hyundai's. Thank you guys thank you. Please hold thanks for the joke nate. I ruined window totally box. Your joke Well thank you to the delong. We love you. Thank you for being our partner this week with the one thousand dollar. Free money phone taps. That's great awesome. Danielle ready to go. Yes daniels got lots to do is of you order a pair. Little nasdaq satan shoes. You haven't gotten them yet. You may be waiting because nike has granted a temporary restraining order against the company. That made if you did get yours. Those are going to be worth something. Oh yeah oh yeah so. They're saying trademark infringement. Obviously if you need to know more about the story you can google it. You shouldn't have. He'll say little section of done refund refund that same company allowed a jesus shoe to go without having any issues and it was copyright infringement. They let that happen. Yeah is true. So high which is formerly big hit entertainment which is the home to bt s just merged with if a holdings skirt on sb projects and you scooters got bieber and arianna demi levato so He's basically going to be on the board and they're they're saying that this is one of the biggest entertainment companies now in the industry with the two of these guys getting together so it's going to be in sane their over being where we are doing this for so many years. We scooter back when he was. You know just starting out. You know it now. He owns the world. When you when you have bt s in all of his superstars including demi lovato and justin bieber and arianna all in your your stable. Forget all kill. He totally could The second suicide squad trailer is out. James gunn suicide squad. Now you'll notice it's a lot different than the other. One does a lot of new footage. And that's because james said i didn't want them to look the same at all the to trailers i of them to look completely different. And you know the movies coming at you in august. Dc films is saying no to two things they were developing new gods and also their shelving the aquaman spin off right now trench. There's just timing issues and all kinds of other issues so we're not getting those for now. Snoop dogg will be joining the voice for season. Twenty of the mega mentor. He said that he's so excited to talk. To all the The performers and help the artists craft their performances. So he'll be on board there According to ten jennings from jeopardy they will announce a permanent host to replace alex trebek's in twenty twenty one so of the year. They're going to now. You know he still said he doesn't know who it is. He he says they they really don't know yet. But a lot of people still love that executive producer. Mike richards was awesome. He was dr doing well. Dr oz is doing very well. He's very game show game showy but what was the name of the producer again. Mike mike ricci was really really good in a lot of my friends agree. Yeah so we'll say handsome. Yup sharon stone's daughter biography is in stores now and it's filled with juicy tidbits. Kerr manager told her that she wasn't sexy enough enough. She wasn't edible so she wasn't going to get hired in hollywood. That's what they told her back in the day and guess what six weeks after that was told to her. She landed the role in basic instinct. Which is one of the sexiest roles ever right. You had to play the sexy role and she said you know so. Don't always listen to what people tell you. And speaking of her she was hanging out with kelly clarkson and she was talking about. How britney spears wrote her a letter. In the day britney wrote to me a very long importance poignant letter during a very difficult time in her life about about the time when people recognize over when she shaved her head wanting me to help her and a very difficult time of my life so she didn't get to help her because she was going through a lot as well and then she continued to talk about other things like miss. We both needed help and she needed help and i needed help. And it's the true fact of it is. It's very hard to be a very successful woman and not have everyone controlling you interesting Wow yep wwe friday night. Smackdown is on tonight. The blacklist rupaul's drag race. The ten commandments are on tomorrow. If you want to check that out also basketball's all over the place netflix's you two new ones concrete cowboy and the serpent and of course over on disney plus a brand new episode of the falcon and the winter soldier. And that's my daniel report on that line of sharon stone just said which is very important women in entertainment world especially. You can't go through your career without everyone trying to control everything you do. We've seen it firsthand right so i was talking with demi levato yesterday. We're doing this big iheartradio Album release party with are coming up. Her album is fantastic. Wait till you hear anyway. She was talking about how she made a shift from her old management to now her present management with which is scooter braun right. And if you've seen the demi lovato documentary on youtube. You saw her talking about how scooter was like. I don't know nevado. She's got a lot of issues right now and He figured out yeah. He had to work with her. She was talking about how the a new part of her life one point is. She's not letting all these people control her anymore. Sony people were so afraid that they were going to lose their meal ticket. I guess you know what i'm saying. They had to protect her in protecting her. She couldn't be yourself yeah. She told us that they would stop from eating cake for her birthday because they had watch her weight constantly. And scooter doesn't do that. Scooters like here's a cake for your birthday a totally different in scooters she was afraid demi levato as talented and wonderful As she is she was afraid. No one would want to manage her because she was high risk yet. Because you know some people would think she's high risk when you're overdosing and things like this. It's a business they have to run to. They're afraid to hop on board with you. Scooter was a little hesitant in the beginning. Watch the documentary. You'll see he funny figured out. Hey i'm going to. I'm going to partner up with demi levato in the only rule they have is. She has to be totally honest with him at all times. She won't make her feel like crap if she slips whatever scooter braun. No wonder who's running the world right now of disagree with him. They don't like him. Because of the taylor swift thing and okay but going back to brittany for a minute though back in the day when she first came on the scene within sink i remember going down to the rockefeller tree lighting ceremony. And i got to interview her. And it was just me and britney sitting in a room and i had on this big fluffy purple sweater and remember her saying to me while i really love your sweater and i said oh thanks bobo bond. She goes. yeah it's nice when you get to choose what you wanna wear. They tell me what to wear. So i really don't have a say in anything and you know i always think about that one ever. She's going through everything and go. Gosh you know it probably started all the way back then when everybody started telling her what to do you know and not not being able to be yourself true. So on that note Daniel you talked me into it. I'm glad the demi levato documentary on. Its on youtube and think the fourth one drops on tuesday. Her album came out at midnight last night. So we add player music. Yeah i'm gonna find. I'm gonna play a song for you. We gotta listen to it. Make sure doesn't have any fs in it. I will tell you though. I spoke with demi about her voice when you hear her album and i want you to get it. It came at midnight when you hear her album. There's nineteen cuts on. There's a lot. Listen to how her voice has evolved. It's so amazing. Is your voice evolving. Because it's so rich but there's a different tonal quality to it. Can you answer it. Actually i feel like it is evolving and i didn't know that was possible at at my age like security of a lot of times. Expect one major shift in their voice and that's puberty maybe it was because i actually gave my voice two years off to almost three years. Off of of not touring of. If if i was singing is just in the studio and then all of a sudden when i sing now i'm able to hit higher notes and hold and make it sound bigger and i don't know what happened but i feel like i've been blessed with a second chance in entire conversation with demi levato and talking about our music and playing music on the iheartradio album release parties have next thursday on the eighth. We gotta take a break. We're back after chip and joanna. Gaines are back. And they're doing what they love taking outdated worn down houses and turning them into their clients. Dream homes don't miss fixer. Upper welcome home. Part of the magnolia network preview only on discovery plus stream. You love guys. How are ya things morning. Mungai guys are my favorites brody. Which means brody was wrong to remember. The last time. I went to the bathroom. The alpha alpha talk show taran the morning. All right. we're about to go around the room and before a producer sam. I want to tell you something. She's very very nervous today. She's very nervous so when she gets on nice to our i'll i'll i'll go there and let's see if she wants to talk about it. She has reason to be nervous. I was in her shoes. Ivy nervous too Yeah not for you. Also we may have to hop into the old school. Time machine is just a few minutes asks. Barbie girl is going to be gone. So i mean how old school today's my day to choose something i think i want to go like really old school but i don't want him to get mad. Oh okay. I'm gonna play a song it's like it's old school like for music. Yes gregarious. sixteen hundreds cool I don't know we'll get into that middle. Let's around the room. Let's start with froggy high froggy. Hello there so. I am super excited. My dad called me yesterday. And we're doing Easter dinner together. He's like would you mind deep frying turkey just a. You don't have to do a big one. But i'm excited. I can't wait. I love deep frying a turkey. I'm already looking forward to sunday. So we're having deep fried turkey. I think my mom's having a ham and some other stuff as well. But i'm super excited about making us great about deep frying a turkey all cooking. Food is involved science. But that's like a major major science putting that raw bird into the hot oil and watch it but some great turkey so tasty danielle. What's going on with you. So if you're a woman you know that brawl wire that sticks sometimes in the back of your bra and digs into you. Oh i had that going on yesterday. And then i didn't change it and by the end of the night i had this big raw red mark on my back from scratching it all day long and like touching it all if this is if you have this problem just take the bra off gas. Lebron's don't do. I didn't keep it on all days to hurt yourself like an idiot but ladies you know what i'm talking about. Just just do yourself a favor and take it off. Yes no ron bras. Ever heavy bras you throw every year. Oh gosh a lot. Yeah yeah. I mean they can go bust pretty easily if you really were trying to keep those girls up and perky. I'm not kidding you wearing them. I hate ross so much. Oh when i'm running. I gotta wear my sports bra. Of course of course gandhi. What's going on with you Like danielle in a different way experienced a terrible feeling. Yesterday that i've never had in my life. Everyone was sleeping and i felt a big sneeze coming on so i held in. Have you ever held a sneeze in like you actually sneeze. But it doesn't come out. I think it can realign your organs and your spine you actually crack rib if you're not careful that's airborne. I paused right in the living room. Where i held it in and i'm like i think i'm dying. I don't know held it in my left ear went. My god blew my brains on my air. Which out let it out. You know there was a story out today. I'm sure you saw gandhi where more people are afraid to cough and sneeze during Allergy season which will end my. Gosh there's if people recoil in horror if you sneeze balaji hello scary. What's going on with you so there. I was yesterday on april fools day scrolling through my instagram stories and i come across barbara corcoran story. And she's doing that prank. That people are doing where where she faced. Times people as she's being videoed and facetime. Oh sorry. I can't talk right now just face times like the shark tank guys like damon and then mark cuban and then all the sudden i see her face time. Elvis took a phone. And he's like what's going on. He's looks to shovel that she goes. You need a shave man. And oh by the way. I'm like i cook. I call you back. And the elvis called out on her crap. It's at although you're doing that joke that everyone's doing just so funny to see elvis unassuming. Just show up on my instagram story. You leave work because you're tired of hanging out with the people you work with. They're they're how you doing all right producers sam. I know this is probably not your around the room. So let's do around room. I'll come back to something. i want to talk about. Okay i just wanted to share some love specifically for my dad because this weekend is his birthday and danielle as you know because you were an early pandemic birthday as well. Yup last year for his birthday. I met him in a parking lot. I put a cake in a specific spot. And i drove away so that was how i got to celebrate my dad last year and this year it's just small. It's just literally my family and we're just going to have dinner and a cake. And i actually. I'm going to enjoy this year more than any other. Because of how it's been in the past so dad i love you and happy birthday. You know what you really do. Have a mom and dad i do. They're so cool. Yeah well. I know that you are you just like your mama de what's up with you okay. Have you ever woken up and looked at your hands and you realize you have missed cuts like i'm like i got this morning. I'm like where did this come from. I don't remember getting it yesterday because you. Are you blacking out before you murder right. A lot of murderers defensive. I'm done forget it. Yes i do. I have woken many times with mystery. Bruises at mystery cuts. You kind of wonder what. What did i do think i was sleeping. Well there you go. Okay back to producers sam producer. Sam you will have been dating each other for how long like four and a half years this and you've been living together for how long year and a half right guess what's happening with them this weekend. What it look at it in zoom room. She's so frustrated telephone. what's happening. Is we for the very first time for the very first time my parents are going to meet. Williams mother and my palms are physically sweating as they give you that information. That's a big move. Yeah he is. My parents met my sisters parents when they got engaged. And my mom throughout a really polite invitation for easter and i just carried it along and then when both of them said yay so excited. I've been freaking the hell out guys. Now wait a second. You've been dating for over four years and parents haven't met yet yes. I'm kind of long for anyone by me. Maybe some people do that way. What about your parents are you embarrassed about. Roi embarrassed they seem awesome. They're just kind of if a cartoon came out of a book and became real people like my mom. Is this crazy tasmanian devil of a character. But she's only five feet tall so really carries and my dad is the six foot very chill poise always put together person and sometimes when you add alcohol and let the two of them be themselves get just a little embarrassing nutty. And i'm just not sure what's going to happen this weekend to. Here's how you prepare because there is a movie. It's an older movie. But i'm sure you've heard of it. It's introducing the parents in a couple situation. Okay did you ever see Meet the fokkers. Robert deniro and barbara streisand. And you've watched that and you'll see what it's like to introduce your boyfriend's mom to your animated parents full mental breakdown. Thank you so much. We'll be fine absolutely guys. You'll be are nice people. We love you so you'll report back in. Let us know how i worked out. Okay yeah and if i don't show up it's because i've run away out of embarrassment time you'll be fine. You'll be good good. This is the next step in a relationship with that. Yeah i guess so. What else i going to say now that so you guys have nowhere. No idea where. I'm taking you do now. Just kind of perfect. For friday jordan. Vitas okay i'll turn it off off here. We go welcome to friday. It's nice until jordan. This is how we do it. Was that a good place to go heels time. I ask you by the way. A reminder bottles new album is out of drop last night big night. I encourage you to a stream and listen to get it. Sounds so good. It's one thousand nine cuts. You're going to hear some music from novado in her voice that you never thought you would hear from her. She really is doing something. Incredible collaborations on this album as well. So make sure you check it out. Demi lovato also with the iheartradio album release party. I'm talking to her. We're gonna have a great conversation for you. And it's next thursday night on the eighth. I'll get into the three things. We need to know gandhi but is going on right now. Jurors in the derek chauvin murder trial will be back in court today but testimony is going to end early. They have already heard from seventeen witnesses against the former minneapolis. Police officer accused of killing. George floyd five people took the stand yesterday including floyd's girlfriend a police. Sergeant supervising that day also said that chauvin should have stopped restraining floyd once he was no longer resisting to paramedics who tried to save him said he appeared dead when they arrived. An eighteenth witness is expected to testify today. Relief payments from president. Biden's american rescue plan will go out today to some people collecting social security and other federal benefits. The irs says the payments are directed at those who didn't file two thousand nineteen or twenty twenty income tax returns and didn't use the non filers toll. Last year they'll go to social security retirement survivor or disability supplemental security income and railroad retirement board beneficiaries. The irs says the payments will be sent electronically and received by april seventh and. Finally we did mention this yesterday but today is world autism day and it's also worth autism month. Autism friendly events and educational activities are scheduled to go throughout the month and communities all around the world and they're aimed at increasing understanding in support of people with autism to inspire a kinder and more inclusive world. And those are your three things excellent. Thank you well. What is it with these people. Hey jerry jones state farm if the real deal when it comes to car and home insurance bill for personalized service and award winning easy to use mobile app just part of what makes their rates so surprisingly great so when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm is there has a gallon. It's scary jones. You know how some people are the real deal. And some aren't i mean i can tell right away. It's almost like a gift that i've been given. That's why you can believe me when i say when it comes to car insurance and home insurance state farm. Yeah they're definitely the real deal. So what make state farm the real deal. Well for one. 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We're excited to be at our destination or we're happy that we didn't crash. I think a lot of people. And i'm going to make an assumption on this a lot of people especially Years and years ago when you took a trip on a plane it was an event you address up for you. would you know i. It was a special event and the pilot was like a quarterback on on a on a football team in all the flight. Attendants were models. You wanted their autograph. See kids asking slot flooded for their autographs and the pilot as well so of course over the years it wasn't quite an event but it still was for. Someone was accustomed to clap when they slave safely. Land the plane So ghandi so you. You've known this guy for how long i knew him. Since high school he was my ex-boyfriend. And you got on a plane. And where'd you fly. We flew kosh. Where was the first flight. I actually think it was. It was a to miami right from where we were. Yes okay in the plane lands. And what does he do sitting next to you. In the next seat he clapped and it was a slow clap. I was like what the hell are you doing stuff right now i will say. He was from the caribbean. So that could be part of the reason why that wasn't nearly as bad as the time that he got up and slow clapped at the end of slumdog millionaire and i was like no. Please god why. What are you doing but he still in the theater theatre clapped and then the rest of the theater stood up started clapping you and i was mortified and then i felt like i was the bad one because they were all doing been clapped. Well let's be on slumdog millionaire fabulous film okay but you guys landed in miami was the only was he. The only one in the plane clapping now. There were a handful of people. No one that was the only one he was like okay. Well he's star. Does that count. He started it i. I is unusual as it may be to people. I have no problem with people clapping at the end of a of a flight or a movie if you liked it. You're being honest. You're like oh and i did ask him. What was that about and he said. I hate flying so much that when those wheels hit the ground i am just clapping to be alive so i was like all right fine. Think about it you hop into this metal steel tube right with these big wings on it. These big engines turn on the thing is rolling down a street and then all of a sudden the front of that tube searched to go up in the air. And you're flying in air and then you get up to forty thousand feet and you get across the country in four and a half hours a trip that would take three days to drive and you land safely. Why would you not clap. I think it's a miracle it's magical shore it is. I was just like why did have to be my boyfriend. Why couldn't it be someone else's boyfriend well you know what we should do in life. We take so many things for granted you go. You go flush toilet in the water swirls and it takes your duty away. that is an event. Yeah i mean it's a miracle. Just imagine your life without imagine your life without a an airplane. Imagine your life without that switch on the wall you push up and lights come on you know to live in this world. That's filled with miracles every single day. And let's not forget springtime. Here come flowers out of the ground every year. These beautiful beautiful flowers pop up and say hey here. It's springtime that's a miracle you don't forget to stop and go. Wow this world we're living in. It's kind of cool. Plane's takeoff daffodils grow. You know. I think it's ducks look. A family of ducks just walked across the street. Let's them let them live. You know what. I'm saying all right. I'm sorry i went off. I'm just. I'm appointing clapping on planes. I will start clapping on planes. I'll never forget when i was a kid. I was watching one of the rocky movies and the theater and it was like rocky versus the russian at the end of the film. People stood up and started screaming. You you say on here. People actors can't see you doesn't matter the crowd was into it and they were mostly and they were not afraid to share it. It was a positive clayton along twenty-four from puerto rico. How you doing clayton welcome to the show. Thank you you still have. Family in puerto rico. Yeah well yeah my family's from puerto rico and my family they still. They still clap. Hey by the way just a personal question friends or family still there. how are they doing. Let's not forget the headlines. Not too long ago. Weren't looking good for puerto rico. And i don't want people to forget that there are still areas there that still have no power. Do you guys know that soon. My gosh yeah clayton. have you heard. Yeah no my family's good my father's doing well. I was just there. maybe about a month ago So we're good exactly. Did you clap when you landed. Of course we we. We still get dressed up. We still Clavell we land. My grandmother was one of those what she would rather rosary around her. Our hands and clap clap with the rosary. Yeah you're in the rosaries like swinging in the air and hit. It's an event. And i think it's a beautiful thing. I don't think i don't think we should I think we should join in. We should join in with your tradition clapping clayton. I'm glad to hear your family's okay. Down in puerto rico. Thank you so much for listening to us. Thank you thank you to hello jean online. Twenty-three hello jean. i'm puerto rico. Puerto rico people look at me like why are you saying like that. So you're saying it will take it either way so being from puerto rico as well. You clap extra hard at the end of a flight but for many reasons. Why what reasons. Well i obviously to say thank you in because you know we arrived but i take some extra heart claps if we're going to an awesome nation so we hit miami. I was like you know. Went to extra bagels. I've done it like you know san francisco right. I know it because it's an event in your landing in place you love but you have to go to some city. Don't name the city like some city. You're like oh gotta go. They're great all right. I've always been like you know if you're invited me. I'm coming and i'm going to be like yet family. Any family done in puerto rico. I still have a ton of family in puerto rico Surprisingly my sister ended up moving because of maria buffalo. I quite a confused so your family is doing. Ok okay. everybody everybody's safe. Everyone's doing fantastic. We'll thank you for listening gina. You have a great easter weekend. Okay guys love you to nate you when you're flying a lot of people There's just nervous said if you stop and think about the mechanics of how a plane works. You'd be nervous to don't think about that as you're taking off your flying Your what coming home from greece wonder woman do. I was coming from greece. And i was sitting next to this woman. She was in the middle seat and she was probably eighty. How you look at somebody and you can tell. They're just like ancient and so she does not nice. Elvis and don't say anxious not was really old okay but you could tell i mean. She had a weird funny smell to her. Like really kinda like animal smell and she looked like she had just come out of a village. I'm just gonna come right out and say like she had been where. There's no electricity or anything like that. You used to live in the village. It's beautiful talking. I let me just make it suggestion before you describe her anymore just tells us kind still a little mustache you but anyway rain. She was praying the entire time and then when the plane took off and landed she grabbed my hand and refuse to let go think she'd ever seen a plane before much has been on. I can imagine for some people. It's it's an experience where you're like. Thank god i'm on the ground again right and Yeah it was. It was yeah crazy. He's not telling you the end of the story when the end that little lady next to him that was danielle. Manera smells stinky woman with a moustache. Afraid gandhi you had. You had a run in with someone on the plane. And you're like oh my god. These people scandal should be flying. If they're so scared there was a little boy sitting next to me. He had to be three years old asked if he could sit in my lap. I was like what can i please sit in your lap window. I wanna sit in your lap. And i looked at his mom like oh. She's going to intervene. She said it's fine with me. If it's fine with you. I was like damn. That's terrible. I never ever get nervous flying really in so if someone next to me need some reassurance. I have no problem helping them out like you did that. Little boy in a sweet guy you took care of the little old ladies never fly on. She'd never flown a plane before. Did you end up banging her. Not killing wait a second. If it was me. i'm going to say no. That sounds like someone you'd be attracted to. I don't know you like those little ladies and the only one we're turbulence puts me to sleep. It's like rocks. Meet the thing ever whatever you to go for. It starts not the concussion you sustain from. Let's get into sound with garrett. Hey garrett know good morning by the way before you get started. Garrett is smiling today because he had a great night watching tv last night. you must've been in heaven. It was one of the first time. I've watched tv and went to bed going. That was a great night of tv. Like i wasn't like i was bored. It was just so much going on between law and order and then law and order organized crime and then greys anatomy love. Grey's anatomy the season so good all the all the old characters that we all know and love. Kate are coming back slowly but surely and then stabler back on law and order. I mean please. i'll go back and watch after the show. As soon as i'm done with this back i tell you. What with lot. Law and order organized crime launching last night it was a big event night for all law and order fans and by the way. If you wanna see my f- my toe the toe tag on it. That is coming up on the twenty eighth of this month. I do believe order. Svu all right sound going all right. Let's start with baseball. Season kicked off yesterday. Your team either won or lost. That's how sports are played right away or didn't play too because of protocol. So let's go to cleveland with the bali. Sports great lakes lakes network. Bruce drennan was doing the post game. Show of four. The cleveland tigers game. And of course cleveland loss and people were upset about it and then called into bruce's show and this is what he had to say to a caller good purchase. Down the middle. He won't it but the balls down around his ankles converts to shortstop into a double play. This has been going on for two years right. I guess missed a lot of the games that race kit in the clutch last year No no no. No no no no. You're you're an idiot. You don't know baseball. You are thank you are anything you know swat you stupid gonna tell me you're going to make a judgment on the season apple one game in thirty degree weather. That troops nowhere off our show. Fairweather bibi it. If dave brody had a radio show. I'm getting brody brody. That was that was nice. I heard the day brody show. Was that you on cracker. That was fabulous. I can't wait. Wait to tune in. Let me know when you're on. W. i wanna hear it make lovely at your news. We're fighting back. Silence all right. No i just want people to know that despite this show. I'm a really nice person. The brooklyn boys podcast. Stop dropping the name of your podcasting. Stop it all right. let's all right. Let's talk about new music. That came out nervo. They are australian. Dj duo they have a new song featuring paris hilton. And it's called pickle a okay downloading now. I wanna pickle pickle lyrics for that go ahead what else. I haven't here on your the pickle. My sandwich wanna make me eat you up. Life would be so boring without you baby. You're the my sandwich. Make my tone. Go ooh la la. You're the pickling my sandwich sandwich. Won't you pick me up. Give them the grammy now. Please okay. that's about it now. Louis my god you should see what's later in the peter piper picked up pekka pickled peppers Her makes her flip but her make her if the sweat make her then i can make you. If you want to see the rain and baby. I can change the weather. What what charity pickles. Let's talk about iggy azalea. She has a new song called brazil. Got wrexham as to his. That's iggy yes. Is she doing that with someone else. Never mind go ahead walk okay. All right let's go to. This is called film on. Check it out on those online. They always sound whoever's producing them really really makes it sound excellent. I love you. And then finally we've been talking about demi lovato's new album out now and this song features oriented grant. It's called met him last night. Seen the last night and say thank you does seem jay. Tomato album is so fantastic is out now. It came out last night. Make sure you get it. And that's it. That's it we want you to take it from your good american and we landed without dying. Thank you you ready to go right. Danielle more likely call it. What's doing so if you ordered a pair little satan shoes and you didn't get them yet. You might have to wait a little bit longer because as of right now. Nike has granted a temporary restraining order against the company. That makes them because they shouldn't have done that sunday night. The twenty twenty one sag awards are going down. The crown shits creek leading the pack in the television categories five nominations apiece. It'll be on tnt and tvs. If you want to check it out it was prerecorded. And i know a lot of the winners were already found out about so. I don't know if you wanna watch but you may want to. I am so excited about this. Csi vegas is going to be bringing back. Some of the original cast members grisham sarah hodge and the original actors and actresses that played them. I is basically going to be kind of like a sequel to csi the original. And we'll be happening soon. I i love the characters lady gaga something. Pretty cool is going to do something. Pretty for the fans record store day is coming out so she's giving us a special release of chromatic on vinyl two different editions one colored vinyl that will come out june twelfth on record store day and then black vinyls version comes out june twenty-fifth and that you can get gaga online shop so scary. Did you put it in the sound. That ask you so michael strahan. I told you the other day he posted that all. We got rid of that gap in to the took us to the dentist office to show with the entire procedure. And i said i call ball. It's april fool's day and then yesterday this happened. Do what makes you happy. Because i did and i am happy that that i did so i just wanted to say April fools come. Oh the gap is here to stay. We all knew that of course. Did you know in our friend. Tom is actually really friendly. With michael strahan on the set in and he he went on with. I mean he. He was talking to tom about this tooth. How excited he was against it and he didn't let on all that. It was a joke. And then tom felt betrayed. Kendall jenner has filed a restraining order against the nude trespass on her property of you remember nude person to person showed up with clothes on at two. Am to close off one for a swim in the pool and was yelling her name banging on her window so the police took them away six hours behind bars. But because of covid protocol got out and then continued over to her. Sister's house went over to kylie's house and started trouble there and wind up getting arrested again. And you know. The kendall has left her house. She is not going to be staying there any longer shows and feel safe. Olivia rodrigo gave us driver's license will. Now she's given us deja vu so you're gonna since her debut album coming out. May twenty-first tara reade says american pie. Five is happening guys and she says it's one of the best scripts find time to kind of get together and you know a camera who has a camera. Man is in talks to star transformers films that will follow in the universe. Set up in the two thousand eighteen bumblebee movie that i would love that. If he got that. That would be amazing walking dead. If you're a fan you know it's coming to a close next season will the guy who plays megan. Jeffrey dean morgan says wasn't supposed to happen. That way said we were supposed to be going past season eleven. It was a surprise to the cast when they decided to pull the plug on the show. Tonight you've got wwe friday night. Smackdown the blacklist rupaul's drag race. Tomorrow night you can watch the ten commandments. If you'd like for this weekend basketball still going on netflix. Gives you two new ones concrete cowboy which is a movie and the circuit which is a crime drama and of course over on disney plus. It isn't new episode of the falcon and the winter soldier. Danielle report daniel love you. I just think this whole thing is crap in the morning show Rolling into the weekend so ready to relax. I will continue to relax this weekend as all week. Thanks to mac. Walden mac weldon every day of the week for me. How about you your role. My does talking rain. Andy that works there. I said what's the latest and greatest. He said these stealth boxer brief. You don't even know you're wearing. How crazy is that. I just ordered a fan. I'm going back online today. I'm addicted i'm addicted. I'm everything macworld and does Mac walden insanely comfortable and their styles or just so perfect for wherever you're going no matter what mood you're in it'll be in a better mood actually and i can save you. Twenty percent off your first order. Here's what you have to do. Though you have to go to. Mac walden dot com slash elvis. And then. when you're checking out you have to use the promo code elvis so you have to use my name twice when you order you'll save twenty percent. That's mac weldon dot com slash elvis and use the promo code elvis. Show what the hell what was that. That was the clock counting down we had a. We had to go back on the arrows. But i was i was reading. Commercials stuffing discreet. You gotta give me a warning man. Come on yeah i. It's kind of funny. Because i tried to Give you a warning. But i don't you have to do is turn the microphone on your about to go on. Let me making something. You're not in the studio right. Then where were you. Oh no no. I was sitting right here. Everyone i was sitting here right now. Okay let's take a show of chopin's Who needs a vacation. Raise their hand. Oh yeah i'll take it. I'll take it away from getting out of here for a week. And i'm like oh my god please let me just just as we were talking about earlier we still have to land the plane scary just because just because the flights almost over doesn't mean we can run it into a mountain belt off and get up and start going to the overhead compartment. He must play safe. I'm so sick. Did see him flapping his wings like a frantic bird. But i couldn't hear anything and you're reading a piece of paper so it didn't get an act. Don't even pay attention. Turn the microphone on and say you're about to go on. Its head to do. Plus you are very good. Read missile you are. We gotta move on. This is not entertaining. Look at straight straighten. It you're supposed to be the boss in that place and you are not. They're not doing it. Not working eating happen. Oh my what's going to miss something. How breakfast here. And that's what's going on home. Having it's scary is is paying more attention to his chewing that he is the show doing it. he master. He's at master control. You're at the helm your flying the aircraft and you're like kitchen microphone gandhi. Why do you think this is so funny. Watching scary panic as one of my favorite things. I know it shouldn't be but he has like zero level of till he just goes ham immediately and if anybody else saw him flapping is low wage levels levels whatsoever. Thirteen yell into a wall throwing danielle through wall yelling to elvis microphone. That was the it's like. You're you're like twenty feet below the surface in the ocean below trying to yell at me. I don't hear you. Oh my god are your standards higher or lower during this time just answered that clearly. I'll look. It's really kind of funny how i'm listening. I'm looking down my list of topics. I could talk about today. The next one is how do you handle a bad. Co worker yell at them on the air. But they can't hear me. Because my microphones this texters right. We need we need to have a tv show because his translation but you don't see scary flapping his wings. Try to try to get flight. Yes thank you for all the text. I've been reading a few today off and on god turn you guys own. I feel like elvis is having the dark help. ems week. like i'm having i find it. I find this entertaining. It's hilarious anyway. Are there any other thoughts before we run for our lives. I mean are you planning on getting some relaxation in there or you're gonna go hunting talk going on relaxing hunting trip actually lot of actually going to finally see my nephew for the first time who was born six months ago. So i'm excited about that. But i'll be with my sister and my two little nephews doing things with them so i'm not sure it's gonna be relaxing. I don't you know little kids can't wait next week I'm actually having surgery done next friday. Okay all right. Yeah that sounds exciting laser gun but my wife's going to be with daniel disney so great by the way lasix surgery a miracle. You're gonna love it. You're gonna love the reside so excited in gandhi. What are you have going on this next week. I'm just hanging out with the parents still in florida. My dad is doing a lot better. But i am going to hang out with them until you know he's up and walking and doing all the things easby doing but i'm going to go to the beach for shore shore sunshine. Hey at least schrager is gonna call him next. Of course we're talking about these south between i will Yeah yeah it's yes. No yes no. Yes okay good. We'll talk to him about that. And god knows what else coming up face in the morning. Show alvis duane in the morning show. Hey how much you use twitter. Love people turn it off because he was getting to political and whatever our okay. There is one account on on here. I love. there's many but there's one called the field good page. You have to follow it on twitter. Today it's featuring baby a baby elephant on the beach playing in the sand. Did you find it gandhi. no. I can't find the baby elephant and it's driving me insane. You said it was eleven hours ago. It goes for ten hours to twenty three. I know it's called good page. Eleven is the official twitter thing anyway. Follow feel-good page eleven. It's fabulous anyway. He's least regular on the phone. Yeah let's go talk to lee hulo lee hello l. Andbranch we'll lee by the way. Just i just won't be fully transparent. Lee is one of my best friends. So just you just understand that going okay. lee of course brings us at least two incredible events every year that we love of course the south beach wine and food festival in the new york city food festival. Which of course they have been revised. Because you know what's going on but also you're doing something else conscious collection virtual fine wine and spirits auction it. I want you to talk about this. Because you're raising money for some of the most important people in our audience go ahead. It's all yours. Well thank you all this. And i i love you so much and your team for always being so supportive The conscious collection is coming up april night. It's an idea that we had really just to continue to support the hospitality industry as they go into recovery mode after they miserable thirteen fourteen months already and one hundred percent of the money that we raise from this auction. Next friday night is going to go to the barstool fund which was started by our friend day. Portnoy's he's raised over thirty four million dollars today and is giving this money out To small businesses our money that we raised from the which we hope will be over which moby over a million dollars we know at this point will go to the industry To small businesses In the hospitality industry. It could be a restaurant. It could be a bar. Could be food truck. Anyone who has been affected that this money will go to help them with their recovery and to get back on their feet. While i love it. You know. it's really great when you go out to eat a new york city lee You see on your check. It's what's officially called nate. Call new york city restaurant recovery. Yeah you pay a recovery fee. And with pride do i pay. I would pay more. They ask for more than just one of the many industries that was just bashed upside. The head was of course. Hospitality and Your favorite restaurants. The people who work there they need your help in. This is great so tell me about like the. Is this something you have to be a millionaire to be a part of. Because i'd say it sounds very pricey to me talk to me. I have to tell you. I mean there are some very pricey law like a weekend at sting's house at ready over fifty thousand dollars stock. Stop esteemed gonna be there. He's got be there. You know you can have them. I don't wanna go. You have to house to myself beacon for and things how In custody he could have dinner with mary. J where doing something with You know a walk on kerak mood on the rock movie. Kendall jenner walk on on the new car dashing. Show i mean. It's not all just wine and spirits. I mean obviously it or it's wine and spirits you know but there's a white truffle dinner that we're doing in the barreau low region of piedmont where you know you really amazing amazing items up. Nobody said no. We reached out to all of our rape brand new eight eighteen brand. That would kendall jenner. The new brand aviation from ryan reynolds ryan reynolds wife blake lively donated a lot and then bought it back. Oh wow that's not going to help a bid how how's the bidding going on the The six pack of white claw to the only people bidding. You can go each review with dave dave port. That'd be part of one of the pizza experiences. So although a lot of the lots off pricey there are certainly lots a few hundred dollars. I mean there's really something everyone and if your listeners are in a position to bid and support the hospitality industry this is really a once in a lifetime auction and something really getting the word out on. Well i'll tell you what li This this is a great message. Send out not only for people who can go online to bid but also for people who listen to us who are in the hospitality industry. You're hearing hearing you guys doing this lead. You put this whole thing together. Created this if they hear you doing that. It makes them feel great about themselves and getting back on their feet so tell us how to participate. Well you can sign up you. Can you can read it right now or you can watch the virtual live next friday night. The ninth of april from six to nine. Pm and guy. Fieri and dave courtney will be hosting it They'll be special surprised. Yes no appearances and maybe a musical act or two but your people can sign up to register right now they can go to auction dot zaky's dot com. They look conscious collection on april nine again. That auction dot zach dot com. And i know you'll put that up on your site your listener and then go to the conscious collection of virtual wine and spirits autism. Act all right. We'll put it up and elvis drench show on instagram and twitter. It's auctions dot zaki. What is the second word spell it for me. Dot d. a. c. h. y. s. dot com. Okay wine auction houses. You know probably one of the top auction house wine auction houses in that world. Okay good lead. Like i said a lot of people out there in our favorite restaurants and food trucks and there's a lot of people in each one of those and they really really need this right now and i love that. You're doing it. And i'm going to sign on today. I'm gonna. I'm gonna get that white cloth. I'm gonna win that. I love you. We miss you. I hope to see you soon. okay all when. I hope you're all staying safe and gone. They hope dads okay. Thank you i love you. we love you have. I'll talk to you soon. Thank you and there you go. You know what If you're in the industry the hospitality industry and you hear that i. It's gotta make you go. God thank god. Someone's out there remembering that we. We need some assistance here. all right. Where are we here nate. We could do a quick quick and you get a break. Okay in the time is taking to make a decision. We we run all right. Okay okay. we'll take a break tax one hundred text messages coming through. We were smoking pot. Cut my hair on fire. 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