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Refried beans man curry John's April nine. Twenty twenty this is your award-winning nation. Media assassination episode. Twelve hundred. Thirty two. This is no agenda. Sniffing dirty data broadcasting live from opportunities on thirty three here at the frontier of Austin Texas capital of the drums star state in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley where we are still awaiting the surge. I'm Jesse Devora. Kills can barely fit the episode numbers in the intro anymore. It's a twelve hundred thirty two. Maybe thirty two. Maybe I should go dirty. Joe Go to twelve thirty two. Just sound so big when you say. Hundreds hundreds hundreds of say twelve thirty to twelve hundred thirty two. Oh do you yeah. I guess I should drop it now because I can't feed it anymore. Getting to imagine we're at ten thousand can be crazy. Well welcome John Wilby. Welcome to the six foot society. That's where we are. Now what's the reference you're six feet of separations? Two six foot society all yes. Yes and I'm stealing this from the meter and a half society as proclaimed by the Dutch Prime Minister Herta Own da interesting that they basically only do five feet distancing. Oh my God. They're taking such a chance meter and a half is not six feet. I'm sorry so I don't know why That's not consistent. In fact we've been duped we've been had we been sold down the river. We've been screwed. We've been lied to. The data is junk. Everything were being shown is based upon bullcrap data inconsistent data models. That change not once not twice not three times but four times and I gotTa Tell Ya Faucher and burks have fallen through the basket. Twenty had a clip about this. I got a number of clips about this about the new numbers remind people that the initial numbers and trump was has been condemned for this initial numbers. Were two million Americans dead. Let's go to the videotape then. I'm surprised you didn't ask me about the term that burks and found. She had fallen through the basket. But I guess you just accepted that I'm throwing a new G. Used that term basket. It's throwing it a new Dutch really. What Dutch thing yes. You don't really want me just chiming on every single word you use. I hope of course. That's what I always expect from. You falls through the basket. Both of them I agree. Yeah that's the that's the duchess so the data is wrong. The models are wrong. The numbers are wrong. I'm not going to say anyone lied to us just yet. Because that would mean that was really premeditated I'm not sure about that but let's go through a number of clips to show you what is incredibly wrong. And as you said the two million number is what we started on based on the model Washington State. That's the The Bill Gates backed data health dot org and that was Even before the last show they ratcheted that down to two hundred thousand and said well. We didn't have the mitigation practices built into the model. Which I believe that already is alive because I'm pretty sure it was sold to us as this is. What's going to happen but okay? We'll we'll take that we'll take down the two hundred thousand as you know as of yesterday. It's now sixty thousand dead predicted in the United States but let's not forget to intermediate they they had eighty saying it's they've had four changes and so the president did his His little show yesterday he actually had a very good rapport with journalist There was not a lot of shouting back and forth. Even took a serious question from Jim. Acosta from CNN is our arch nemesis and treated it as a reasonable question last week. Your top experts were saying that we should expect one hundred thousand two hundred forty thousand deaths in this country. You've been talking about how it looks like. Maybe things are plateauing. Are these numbers now? Being revised downward you don't want people to stop social distancing in that sort of thing but what can you tell us about the numbers of it are the name right. Yeah my impression JIM is. Those were the numbers that were set and they were set as an expectation from quite a while ago. I think we're just doing much better than those numbers. If either of you would like to talk about that too fair question. Yeah so at trump of course loves these numbers because he's managing against them and that's what numbers of four. That's why you want a model. A model is not to be taken as the Gospel even though it's different climate change of course but it's a it's a dashboard. It's it's a dashboard. And He loves the numbers going down because it makes everything look good. Now let's hear the answer to the same question. And this time from Dr Burks I think all of you many of you have done the analysis of the same models that we utilized on. And if you do the models of the models the models of the models I gotTa Stop Right There Horse Shit. There's no models of the models what you're saying is you're taking an average from four not one two three four flawed models and saying. Oh this is an average. And then you're saying that you modeled this Porsche. It not that we utilized on and if you do the models of the models you end up with that range at the same time. We carefully looked at Italy and Spain and we are doing much better in many cases and several other countries. And we're trying to understand that we believe that our healthcare delivery system in the United States is quite extraordinary. I know many of you are watching the act now. Model and the HMO model from and they have consistently decrease the number the mortality from over almost ninety thousand or eighty eighty six thousand down to eighty one thousand and now down to sixty one thousand. That's what's happening. How can that be what's going on is modeled on what? America is doing crap these models starting for sure starting with the two hundred forty thousand top level model from the I M H I h was including mitigation measures. The Guy said I'm changing this. He did it for the UK and for the rest of the world. He says because mitigation is now built in but no now these numbers which are flawed models and models of models like the backup to the backup to the backup. No no that's a different reasons. That's what's happening and I think what has been so remarkable. I think to those of us who have been in the science fields for so long is how important behavioral changes all and how amazing Americans are to following through on the models. Didn't change its congratulations. You change the models behaving. I just WANNA stop for a second and just remind the audience coup was I would say borderline in love with this woman. Just a few weeks me totally. Absolutely because she's the only one giving out information and now that we know that the information is bullcrap. She's the one telling us so. I still like it for that reason. Because she has very specific job. Her job is to communicate. What's going on so now? It's very easy to see when she's lying whether I was enamored whether or not. I've paid attention to where unlike all the media jazz nantwich changing the rate of new cases. And that's what will change the mortality going forward. Because now we're into the time period of full mitigation that should be reflected within the coming weeks of decreasing mortality. I mean that's what we really hope to see. We are impressed by the American people. And I think models or models. I've always worked on validating my life validating models all over the world. And that's why we do surveys and surveillance and we make sure that what we think is right is right. I think this will change how people look at respiratory diseases because it will change what is possible and the Globe and particularly the American people do this level of mitigation and I think as I talked about yesterday. We are still. We are still in off really of the American people strength in this and following through total lie and she brings up the Italy numbers. The SPE numbers which I thought was all settled. We all knew was going on and now we get an admission from Dr Burks that indeed in even though she doesn't understand what she's even saying in this clip indeed the just marking every death as Cova nineteen and she. She admits to that here which we recognize this in the show almost immediately weeks ago weeks ago particularly with the Italian numbers near other countries. That if you had a pre existing condition and let's say the virus called you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem. Some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not cove in nineteen death right. Now we're still recording at and we'll I mean the great thing about having forms that come in a form that has the ability to market as covert nineteen infection. The intent is right now that those if someone dies with Kovic Nineteen. We are counting that as a copen nineteen down. Are you sure you hear from corners that that's not necessarily the case or are you sure how confident about that and is there any concern that is used the data that you're trying to collect in terms of projections thinks that would apply more to rural areas? That may not have the same level of testing. But I I am pretty confident in New York City and New Jersey and places that have these large outbreaks and covert only hospitals. I can tell you. They are testing New York and New Jersey together. Have by proportion are testing extraordinary. Well as Washington State and Louisiana so. I don't see that. There's been a barrier in testing to diagnosis. So if you test someone who died of something else and they have covert nineteen. Then you're marked as a covert nineteen death. There is clip after clip after clip. Which I'm not gonNA play of doctors of a hospital specialist saying were coating these wrong. These deaths are being coded wrong. It's skewing the data now. Let's go talk to Chris. Murray this is the guy who created the Washington The Washington model the Bill Gates Guy. And he's not in line with what burkes is saying here recall. The models changed. Because we're doing so well because mitigation is doing so well. Even though mitigation is supposed to be built into those models Chris Murray was on pooper. The other night just explained the new changes to your models. We've had you on before and you've always pointed out as more information comes in as more data comes in the numbers will change Y The lowering now. Two key things We've been able to incorporate with the influx of of new data in the United States I we found out a lot more about hospital practice. And so we're seeing. Is that. Tell me new area doesn't have a lot of tell clips. This guy is coffin to is that hospitals particularly in New York but elsewhere in the country are admitting fewer people compared to what the original data suggested You know compared to every death that we see they're putting fewer people in the ICU and there's lower ventilator requirements so that's brought down the sort of shortage estimate quite a bit because of that new influx and the other big news is that. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Because of a new data influx that scientist speak for bullcrap that new data influx and the other big news is that we're seeing peaks epidemic in other places other than China in Italy in Spain in seven different regions have seen the epidemic peak. And COME DOWN. And that really informs our models about the impact and the effectiveness of social distancing informs my model. They're models sitting there waiting for some information bullcrap and not not anything about mitigation. No this is about the numbers. So He's not agreeing with Dr Brooks just said moreover his model has very different presumptions remember. They have mitigation built into the models. We'RE WORKING ON APRIL. Thirty time line could be extended but that's IT April thirty. Let's check in with Chris. Murray and see what his model is actually based on doctrinaire does to do you know Way Why the White House is numbers. Have Been Higher Than Yours When your model was saying eighty thousand a while ago. That's when they came out with the hundred thousand to two hundred forty thousand a year. Would you know why why their numbers have been higher in our models? We are as a building in the assumption that social distancing is going to stay in place to we hit the sort of threshold when we think the first wave is essentially over and that's sweeping a number which is point three deaths per million people in the US so basically sixty deaths in the United States in a day would be that threshold and that should come first week of June and so we're building function tussle distant cling is in place until then we will start to release hopefully later this week or or by the weekend What might happen if we take social distancing off to before that and we're pretty confident will see a rebound of the epidemic. If if that's what was to happen. So his model is based on mitigation. All the way through may up until June. So the numbers now. They've numbers really. Don't make sense but it doesn't matter because Bill Gates his really happy with FAO CI presenting all these great numbers to the American people. Beware of the Tel. Well we do the Social distancing properly. We should be able to get out of this with the death number well short of that. It's very important that those numbers are out there because a lot of people are still hey isn't like normal not waking up every day to a completely new reality and so I was very glad that those models are out there Dr Fao Cheese doing a very good job there. It is not doing a very good job saying the numbers are what count here and the various models that we currently university do. Show that without this dramatic behavior change. You could even get worse than that so these models and these people in particular and let's make sure we know they're all connected World Health Organization Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation F- Ouchi through Being on advisory Boards and Burkes on advisory Boards where the Gates Foundation. One of. Her Daughter's works for the Gates Foundation They're fout she in vaccination trials trials with the Gates Foundation. And the A A. I d The well let's just keep those connections for now. Who gave them the authority to shut the country down? Well the data did this flaw data and trump confirms this again. When you look at question was just asked about you know about how we doing compared to projections those were just original projections the big projection. Being two point two million people would die if we did nothing. That was another decision. We've made close it up. That was a big decision that we made to very smart people walked into my office and they said listen zero turnips and that was a projection of I. Guess one point five to two point. Two million people were devoid. Close it up. So two people came into office so FAO she and burks. They showed the models they said. We're all going to die. And the president made the only decision he could at the time based upon this complete or scrapped out turnips and that was a projection of one point. Five to two point two million people dive. We didn't close it up. It's a lot of people so we do a number. That's tremendously smaller than that. Now if we did close it up the numbers got one hundred. Two Two hundred twenty million people so if we can stay substantially under the hundred which was the original projection I think we all did a very good job. And so trump. Of course the only way out is to beat the numbers and he knows he's got it made. It's in the bag. Sixty thousand deaths total in the United States is equal to the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen flu season. Sixty one thousand people. It's like in many of these are flew to now. I should mention a couple of things to Democrats. Aren't seeing it this way. Trump didn't listen to the experts. And he's we wait too late on shutting down everything Yup he's conductors messaging. And I want people to be very cognizant of this and it's not just a little bit of messaging that this is a last desperation hope by the way for the Democrats But the messaging is everywhere and it messaging is consistently the same. Not Enough was done soon enough. Of course it was supposed to be doing all this right in the middle of the impeachment but but even when I was watching and I have one clip that backs this up and I could have gotten a lot more than I. I'm GonNa start collecting them because they're all over the place because they are very collectible me and French twenty four heads. Some girl They were talking. She's out of the thing over facing she's talking. She's in Paris bitching about. She's saying this situations lasted way too long and it didn't start soon enough. We should've dressed as sooner so she's doing one of those. The joke of you know the food here is terrible. You know or prices are so high as a running gag about the the contradictory commentary and and this is you starting to hear this all. Yeah well trump had done something sooner all trump and it's known fact that trump didn't do anything sooner and mine and meanwhile of course when he did shut down certain flights from China everybody bitched at it for being a racist and Nancy. Pelosi mid didn't add in San Francisco saying come to Chinatown and that's all ignored. Of course this is very interesting politically what they're trying to do here but it's it's really aimed at trump. Do you have a clip because I have a clip of this exact narrative? If you WANNA hear it I want to hear it. This is Of course Anderson Cooper is opening monologue. Getting everyone there is a lot to get to tonight. Some potentially positive signs in New York the epicenter of the fight to save infected people in plenty of continued warnings. About difficult days ahead. We're GONNA get to all of that. The White House Corona Virus Taskforce Press briefing ended a short while ago. And if you tuned into it hoping to hear from the country's top scientists you're likely disappointed but we mostly heard was the president. What we saw was a hijacking hijacking of the Task Force press conference by President determined to rewrite the history of his early and reprehensibly irresponsible response to this virus with the president showed us today with the nation's top scientists have to deal with every day. The president who now uses these briefings as a reelection platform an opportunity to lie to deflect to attack to bully and cover up his own deadly dismissals of the virus for crucial weeks. According to the president today all governors are getting everything they need and testing is now and always has been great reporters who asked fair questions but didn't cow tower suck up to this. President were attacked and belittled and especial venom was reserved for career official at. Hhs who he doesn't even know who released a non-political study with extensive interviews with doctors and hospitals across the country describing the lack of supplies and insufficient testing and mixed messages. They've been getting from the federal government all things that have been reported on. I just want to point out. This is not normal. It matters because this is life and death. That's exactly sorry but I can't top that one and I was lucky to find it but jumped out at me like I should probably make clip out of this so there's a couple of actual huge media warfare arenas going on right now that this is one. Obviously it's not working too well for the the opponents of the president because his poll numbers appear to be doing quite well and I think the country the country maybe the world but the country certainly isn't a a little bit better today because the numbers seemed to be going in our favor whether it was flawed numbers to begin with or not doesn't matter most humans are very bad at interpreting. Data certainly graphs. And there's a lot of statistical bull crap that is thrown in there. Love Interruption said there that's true but they're not stupid about interpreting reality and I will say that if the two newsletters that go the link to the video of the cove in nineteen hospitals all being empty and most of this being staged it for the New York New York specifically but the New York media pushing it the most That these hospitals were were were jammed are jammed with people. Now of course saint videos of of hospital staff dancing around by their jammed people. Those videos have all been taken down by Youtube. Oh and do you know how hard it is to find anything on Youtube in general right now just searching I was I was looking for actually a bite? An interview almost impossible to find if it contains the word coverted corona or you. Name it the fight that is going on. It's been going on for several weeks. The fight that is being pushed against Soho. It's of course if the President says I like this A lot of people in the media and certainly political opponents immediately say we have to go against this And this is hydroxy chloroquine with the combination of Z Pack Antibiotics. Some other things that appear to be working trump keeps pushing it. He setting the country up just in case it works and although anecdotally we hear it does. So he's pushing this continuously. This latest effort as American industry steps up to help America's doctors and scientists tend drugs are now in. Clinical trials in my administration is taking unprecedented actions to make new therapies and trip available without delay. The doctors the lab technicians. The company's spoke to him yesterday spoke again today. They're coming up with things that are I think I hope in the very near future. We're going to be very very special very important. Our national stockpile is now equipped with nearly thirty million. Hydroxy chloroquine pills. So we're up to about thirty million. We're distributing the by the millions. You read about State Representative Karen Whitsett who a bourbon. Appreciate her going public but she was very very much helped by this pill she saw what I was saying on television. She thought she was in very bad shape. I don't want to go further than that. But you see her story. You know historisches a highly respected state rep from Michigan the Zithromax and zinc they say zinc. He should add zinc now. Zesbaugh has to be recommended by doctors physicians but they say zinc. I WANNA throw that out there. Because that's where they seem to be having the best result so you add the zinc and the Xetra my sin and It's been We've had a lot of good stories a lot of good stores and we have almost thirty million doses so it got a lot. I WANNA thank Prime Minister Modi of India for allowing us to have what we requested from before the the problem arose and he was he was terrific will remember it. So that's an important point With the world now going after hydroxy chloroquine and India was actually holding back. All shipments most of it is manufactured in India. They were holding it back. but trump Putting the call and said yeah we need it in Motiv- said You got it. You heard all of the different data points. They're the most interesting one. Is this Michigan repor-. I think she's a state representative Karen wit set In Detroit and Michigan is one of the. I think it is the state that the governor said illegal to sell hydroxy chlor quit all all in against the. The president is is no good. You can't have this. Were forbidding the sale of it. Here is a short clip Done herself of this. Well Actually Nevada was the guy that was the governor who was really that no. You can't use under any circumstances I forbid it. I'm pretty I don't know that they were adamant maybe Well now I gotta look it up. I'm pretty sure it was the I'll let you to the clip and hear what she says. I really want to say that you know you have to give this opportunity and for me. It saved my life that I actually believe that once I got into something like that I may not actually come out and that was my biggest fear and I knew that this medication will possibly save me if the president had not if the president trump and Matt talked about this it would not be something that's accessible for anyone to be able to get that right now it would not be possible and I mean honestly because I did have a difficult time eating that day of taming the medication because of an order that was put down in my state Michigan Governor who banned Anti Corona virus drug touted by trump. Now asking for shipments of it. It was banned by her. And you hear this. State REP SAYING. It was even hard to get it but it saves her. Apparently now. This governor has gotta go this jesting. She's going to be the vice president candidate with with Biden. Real good bringer. Breyer in be some fun questions during the debate. To let's look at some other m five m opinions on this Hydroxy chloroquine shall we out. She's seeing those studies are not scientific and chloroquine drug use to treat malaria and Lupus also carries cardiovascular risks but the president continues to endorse the drug president. Trump is asked. What do you have to lose medical experts? Say Your Life what do you have to lose? Potentially lose your life. Experts say there isn't enough clinical data to show it's effective for corona virus and it is some serious side effects e continue today to push Hydroxy Clark land in a way that is baffling to medical professionals gene. Robinson you ride in the Washington Post the one word that proves why president trump should not be president. What is it actually chloroquine? And it appears the media is somewhat against this therefore will get to in a moment and it's gotten so bad. During the daily Corona Bri virus task force briefings. The president is now just intervening off the way in the hydroxy. Gwen would you think about this label doctor? He's he's your medical expert. Correct fifteen so. He's not even letting out she answer anymore because she is very very cagey and he's like well you know it's Kinda here. It's kind of their. I mean he's he's playing his He's kind of playing his role. Meanwhile here is professor. Doctor Governor Cuomo in New York kind of admitting without really saying that it kind of works drug trial ever hydroxy fluorine and chlorine going Lori. We have New York media. There's still a little behind. Trust chlorine still working on chlorine. And this is. This is the level of reporting that you're getting so remember garbage in garbage out hydroxy. Fluorine chlorine going we have we're using we've allowed usage of the hydroxy chloroquine with the zithromax packs pack in hospitals at their discretion. There has been anecdotal evidence. That is promising. That's why we're going ahead. Doctors have to prescribe but there are some people who have preexisting conditions where it doesn't work or they're taking medication. That's not consistent with this treatment but anecdotally it's been positive will have a full test. Once they have a large enough sample invader set Jesse but anecdotally. It's been positive and if we get an additional supply we can which the federal government says. They're going to send when mentioned that to the president. Actually WanNa call them this afternoon with the comfort right now. If they increase the supply we can let the fourteen day limit band. It's so wrong so dumb that the president is recommending this that Governor Cuomo is ordering more likes to have more is lifting the ban on people getting it because he has more. The media is not serving you in this case. There was out media's hurting you and people like Glenn Robinson Columnists over the Walk-o he's really should be ashamed of himself. Axios said that they found out from an inside source there was an axios as an NBC comcast own Website Property News. Actually were so cool. They reported on a big fight behind the scenes in the Corona Virus Task Force between FAO Cheesy and Peter Navarro. Peter Navarro is the guy who is responsible for really a lot of the coordination of All of the assets. And it's what he does. He's very good at it. Historically speaking and apparently Peter Navarro said. Hey Man I'm GonNa make sure people get hydroxy chloroquine because it's worth the shot. What have we got to lose and found? She was pushing back apparently much harder than he usually does. Onscreen to which Navarro said. Screw it we're just doing it. We're getting it done. That leaked out and this became some international frock. Us and Peter Navarro Defense. What happens I think CNN? I WanNa play you something that Dr Anthony. Pfau chief has said about hydraulic. Zeke won't listen. Sure the data are really just at best suggestive. There have been cases that show them maybe an effect and there are others to show. There's no effect okay so I think in terms of science I don't think we can definitively say all right. So why is Dr Anthony? Fauci the lead infectious disease doctor in the country. About this in your opinion sure. I let him speak for himself. John but I have two words for you. Second opinion and In terms of the studies that exist I think he would grant me That there are numerous studies on this show. Preliminary Therapeutics Hang On. Hang on. Hang on let you go to four points. You're saying a second opinion here. What are your qualifications to weigh in on medicine more than Dr Anthony? Fauci watching we listened to you. Dr Vouching said the A-hole who does this twenty four hours a day on the whole station that questions it all the time. Well let me suggest. John had Later in the day you have William Grace on another famous doctor in the city of New York He has He can talk eloquently about this but John Their doctors disagree about things all the time. My qualifications in terms of looking at the science is that I'm a social scientist a PhD. And I I understand how to read statistical studies whether it's medicine the law economics where it doesn't qualify you to treat me. Hang on John. The difference that you are making the difference that you are taking additional step. Your taking is as a social scientist with no medical training is you are now saying the U. Think it works. Well Dr Anthony Fauci who was an infectious disease. Doctor who has been running the top infectious disease agency for decades. Says we don't know if it works scientific studies that I have seen point to the possibility that it has both therapeutic. Efficacy as well as possible prophylactic efficacy. One thing. I would ask you the new John as you speak to these doctors and nurses and other people at the front lines ask them. How many of them are taking hydroxy as a prophylactic? I've heard this anecdotally. Quite a few are doing this but okay. It's the mainstream job to push against whatever these guys doing and I wanted to stop. You're getting into the habit of picking up the lingo of these guys in their bullshit to say I've heard anecdotally. I did that on purpose. Okay but of course. It's redundant to say I heard. Thank you for the analysts her. Thank you for the English lesson. Did you understand what I was saying? Yet you've heard apparently at lot of the doctors and nurses are using this stuff. Maybe why they're dancing around so much exactly because they seem pretty happy now. The reason that this pushback is coming is the final piece of my presentation. More or less is a disagreement between obviously unproven. We don't know if it works crazy. Trump he's killing people drink and fish cleaner. Ignore the person who live ignore the actor who lived ignore the the doctors who are taking it as a prophylactic. No we want vaccines accord. We're waiting for the vaccine money the money and it's a little bit beyond the money but I think I can explain this first. We need to to really get the idea of how how the The medical community is going against. This is to listen to Zeke. Emmanuel Zeke Emanuel was the Was a huge part of the Ebola. Response and Zeke response. During the Obama Administration worked very closely with foul chief out. She was the same guy. Who was there? Just listen to his view on where we're at and how we can get back to work all that economic pain who are trying to stop cove in one thousand nine hundred. The truth is we have no choice if we prematurely end that physical distancing other measures keeping in a desk could skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands. If not a million we cannot return to normal until there's a vaccine conferences concerts sporting events religious services dinner in a restaurant. None of that will resume until we find a vaccine a treatment or a cure. One thing I've learned as a cancer doctor is that it's wrong to paint an overly rosy picture in order to maintain a patience. Hope it's wrong because it fails. It's false biology and disease are formidable opponents that inevitably tell us the truth. We cannot believe the oppression of this pandemic until we are realistic. We need to prepare ourselves for this last eighteen months or so and for the toll that it will take. We need to develop a long-term solution based on those facts. It has to account for what we are losing while this fight goes on things like schooling and income and contact with our friends and extended family lawrence. The crisis is not going to go away in a few weeks or after the thirty day plan comes to an end. Although nineteen is affecting us in different ways we have to be up to it and fight together very clear twelve to eighteen months no school no sporting events. No Fun until we have the vaccine. He'll throw in a cure but until we have a vaccine that's what he's been saying. That's that is the word. This cure cure that there that the president is promoting to an extreme. It probably wouldn't have been promoted by the president and no no. I don't think Hillary or anybody would have done it. Just let people die held at it. So you've got this cheap by the way the key to this. It's a cheap cure as part of it and so the money is not there for the vaccine people and of course the smart money vaccine guys. We'll have a vaccine only works for a short time listeners. I'd like to take you back to twelve years ago. Maybe ten one of the first it was kind of like a pipeline moment for the show. There was a J. P. Morgan Chase. Investors Conference issued dug up. I got to give you the briefing. You dug up which I thought. Was Seminal a report from J. P. Morgan showing that the vaccine business could be huge a huge money maker. It was by the way. I want to interrupt this line of thought with their learning a lesson during this moment because of this this cheap cure their learning a lesson that next time they tried to pull a stunt they being you know yes each folks. They'll they should pull a stunt with a with a disease that they already have the vaccination well into waiting in the wings. I have a feeling I'll get to this that this came too early there obviously in fact when I think about what's happening right now the we kind of joked about it but during the Obama Administration. This is what we all expected we expected. Martial law lockdown stayed home slave. Take your shot. We joked about it endlessly and here it is during the trump administration just to be very interesting part of that report from J. P. Morgan Chase. It was a big golden. Was there all the big investors? Is that the future of the Pharma. Industry was in vaccines for a number of reasons one. You're giving something to people who aren't sick to start with big win to at this was not explicitly stated. It's my own editorial. You do weaken people's immune systems in some cases. It's all good for the other. You want people with weakened immune systems to keep the pharmaceutical industry going. We want people to continuously need medication and care the second part of vaccines which is fantastic is a very different. Fda process and with that comes indemnification. You are held harmless in this country. If your vaccine does harm to someone the there is no way to sue a vaccine maker. There's ways to get some money. There's a fun forward to shut people up so this is fantastic and if you recall during the years that this report came out. There were reports a smoking vaccine. A An anti idiot vaccine there was a vaccine for everything which has nothing to do with vaccine in the traditional sense of the word where you have a virus. A dead virus. And you're injecting people. With in fact the cove in nineteen vaccine has nothing to do with that it is an rn. A vaccine has never been proven to work. It's gene splicing. Exercise never been proven to work. It says in the documentation. This has never worked. It may not work. That's what they all have their hopes up. And if you look at this type of information how does it get into policy as you said you know no other president would be talking about Hydroxy Cork when talking about the vaccine? Most likely why policy is set by research institutions in the United States around the world really are models came from Washington from the university. We have the trials being done in universities and policy policy for the United States is set by universities where the smartest people in the world are supposed to be. One of. Those very important is at Harvard now. Harvard has plays a big role in this because of their event to a one pandemic exercise ran two months before the real thing happened and the similarities on Canada's Johns Hopkins for two zero one. I'm sorry I'm mistaken. Johns Hopkins it. You said Harvard. Johns Hopkins is is a key provider and spook central by the way a key provider of policy. The Harvard School of Public Health has traditionally been relied upon by government. Certainly ours as a place. Where policy comes from health policy? They set policy there The same goes to the media outlets they all get the same news briefing the get the same and it's it's considered a a trustworthy source and you might think it would be unless you take into consideration. How many Professors were arrested for Underhanded illegal dealing with China full professor. I believe in I think of some associates get our Chinese. Yes and one of them was appeal. A member of the People's Liberation Army and well in two thousand fourteen. Something changed at the Harvard. A Public School of public health there was a donation that came in three hundred and fifty million dollars and it came in as a renaming donation. And I didn't know about this I of course. Why would I know? This is the school of Public Health. They said policy for governments for media and tell people what's going on. Yes three hundred and fifty million dollars by the th to actually use by morningside which is a venture far Fund Slash Foundation. They put the three hundred fifty million dollars in and got to renaming writes for the Harvard School of public health is now the T H Chan Public School of Health as this is a one hundred percent Chinese investment and the Chan family is of course Completely linked to the Chinese Communist Party. They were very nice to put out a little video about how happy they were for this investment and the name change. They've got their fund manager. Some old Brit to tell us how extraordinary this really is off. Sorry this one. The Chen Feminists did occasion to chose what works is well known and is very deep seated. They are there for extremely pleased. Trustees are extremely pleased to be able to make a very substantial donation to Harvard to establish the school on a permanent basis. This is about science visible policy. Speak About Economics. It's about organization of healthcare delivery. It's a very unique place with is a mix all these fields of inquiry. That's Gerald Chan. You hear speaking himself there at the ends of very very fantastic. What a place. It's just a world institution and the best part about it. Is THEY UNDERSTAND THAT? Vaccines is the only way to go. If you look at the history of public health you will find that one innovation that had the largest impact on human health that's maxim nation. So you may not know this but vaccines are actually not big moneymakers or not like cancer drugs. They are important tools for protecting and saving lives but as it turns out. Many companies. Don't want to invest in back sinology simply because the returns are just not big enough. Any investment has to be balanced against return but in this particular case the return is measured in human lives. Not simply the return of investment. Harvard is an amazing place and give will be responsibly. Handled in onto Luzinski and strong leadership put to good use To say that Vaccines Save. The world is I think if you compare it to garbage men plumbers probably not the biggest savor of lives advancement as a term used. Yeah but I I think. Antibiotics are Pantheon right but but they're talking about lives and there's no money in it you hear it. There's not a big moneymaker. No but that's not why. The Chinese are interested in controlling our public money because while worth the J. P. Morgan reports that there's tons of money in it but you think that maybe just a lie. No let me explain what I think. I'm talking about the Chinese talking about the Pharma guys. Farm guys love this. That's why they're all on board the biggest advertisers. No one's going to go against them on TV. That's how it works on TV. The Chinese control their people they control their people with technological dominance which I would they have a lot of that dominance here in our country as well. They control a lot more than we realized. Right down to huge investments in. Read it and Hello Tick Talk. They control people through technological dominance and vaccinations. They are the biggest creator and biggest consumer vaccinations worldwide. I believe it is how they intended to certainly take over the United States and it is still on now. We're going back to work. What you're hearing is the fight now is between vaccine which we know. We won't have for a long time if ever but again it's an RNA. So it's something completely new or some kind of testing and a digital passport or certificate. That says you have the antibodies. Therefore you are immune so you can go back to work if you are not sick and don't have antibodies. You stay home until the vaccine comes. That's how it's going to be rolled out and to prove my point that China has done this on purpose and I'm not saying Gee I'm not saying the. Cpi A different thought about who in China is doing this and why this happened. They sent a message to trump. And it would to me. It was the most obvious message in the world. I don't think anyone else picked up on it. You remember when they would send a heckler to Obama. What would we always say? I don't remember what we always said but we always noticed a heckler. The heckler is just there to let you know we can get someone close all night. They always not just a heckler they would invade his space exactly substance and it was like the secret service couldn't do anything about it and the message was look we can kill you at any point so trump as you know has been in contact with. Gee I don't think she is directly responsible for this He's been in contact with G. And yet this shows up at the White House briefing this week week ago flight. Coming from China full of medical supplies something like far away. Alibaba has been dominating days by mealy mouth also on medical gloves a match more medical supplies so more than crush Chinese and high last night. Roll the old pads on your times calling corporations with the United States so I you personally working directly with China Showing the trade deal fighting with the biggest deal probably ever made and I hope they're going to honor that trade deal if they don't honor the trade deal then. I'll tell you a different answer but I think they will. They're going to spend billions of dollars for agriculture. They're going to spend billions of dollars for many different things whereas China or spare money in our country. We spent money. We had a deficit of trade deficit with China for years Five Hundred Billion Dollars. Four hundred dates just going to interrupt for a second. So what happens this woman She starts asking this question but it's not a question it's a statement saying. Hey China did all this good stuff. They brought masks. We're we were great. We're helping you out. How come you're not recognizing that how come you're not saying that we're working together and chat with China as you heard the president say it sounds more like a statement than anything and it turns out in dollars. We had the biggest trade deficits in the history of the world with China. Now China's going to spend a lot has agreed to spend two hundred and fifty billion many billions of dollars in our country. Much of it going to farmers and manufacturers. So I'll let you know I mean I hope they got to honor the deal. I work in China. China the newspaper. Who You with Hong Kong Phoenix TV? Who owns a journey as it? Oh my China wrong by the state. Now it's now it's a private loan in okay. Look we'll let you know I'll give you a good answer to that in a few months. I wanted to see what they do. So the Phoenix Broadcast Corporation one hundred percent. Chinese Communist Party owned by by a former security official of the Chinese Communist Party. So they put her in. With this statement just pontificating and trump feels it and he said well. We'll wait a minute. Where who were you with? And she lies because she said No. No it's an independently owned total lie. But what was telling to me was his answer his answer go straight to. What's real the real cooperation between the United States and China? Which is the trade deal which started off just four days ago but listen to trump now about the trade deal and you may remember. This was signed in January. They already knew they had an outbreak in Wuhan. In December the last line of the two hundred fifty billion dollar trade agreement said force measure. If anything crazy happens we can back out. We'll we'll we'll go sit down around the table and figure it out. So how is that going? It just started four days ago because it's time for them to help us. Okay it's time right now for China. Tell US and hopefully they do. And if they don't that's okay too. But we signed a deal was signed in with great goodwill and Spirit. And it's time that our farmers benefited our manufacturers benefited. And we'll see whether or not that deal is honored and I think it will be because I know president. She who I like and respect and I think he will honor the deal he made with us. It just went into effect for days ago. I will see whether or not in fact I called up just a little while ago. I said how the farmers doing with respect to China. Are they buying the product as anticipated? And the answer is here. I think so but it wasn't the most positive but it was it was starting. It was starting to deal just started. So I'll let you know but care for many many years. Jonah ate our lunch because we had people in this position that I'm in right now that allow China to get away with absolute murder and it should never happen but we are. We are now dealing with China. We'll see what happens with the way I interpreted what the president said was now. We'll see you know. It doesn't seem like they're doing a lot just yet. They may be doing a little bit. Do what they promised. And he says we'll see if they honor that deal but he has a good relationship with president. Gee So to summarize. And then comes the big crescendo in the payoff. I think that there has been a strategy by China for many years and maybe not just for the US but certainly for the EU to take over with a combination of technological dominance and vaccinations Which allow to control people literally where they can go without digital certificates and just look at how that's integrated into their technology and maybe that was a big part of the five G. Whatever whatever they want it clearly if they intended to attack us with this virus they botched it because it didn't go the way they wanted to. And that the main reason is the vaccine's not ready a gotTa have the vaccine ready sanctioned through the Ta Chan Harvard School of Public Health. Before you can pull this off so who calls me yesterday but Janik Dr Steve? Pacino gives me a call. He says and I've never heard him say this atom what's going on. I'm confused I don't understand it anymore. And he was looking at something like an operation in the US. And so. I laid this China idea on him and he says Oh my God he says she no longer has control and I'll explain what he means. Here's a short clip. I found now. This is an interesting development. Because you're starting to see some pushback. There's a letter that surfaced that apparently comes from within the ranks of the party talking about his leadership on this issue so he's receiving some in-house criticism. If you will now we want we. It's going to be very difficult for us as outside observers to see just how far this goes but the fact that it surfaced at all is very unusual for Chinese politics so this is going to play out in an interesting fashion now chairman. She is in control. He does run. The party runs the country and all of the military and law enforcement within that country are under his control. So he's got a lot of power to push back on this issue so there's apparently some dissent in the ranks within the party and some letter is circulating highly irregular for this to happen within the C. P. So that's showing chick sorry to say chinks in the armor. Chink in the armor. Wow that was really. Here's what panic said. Because I said Gee and trump talk all the time so he would know if she was double crossing him and Dutch. It doesn't sound like this is coming from the top and pathetic said I have not been able to verify check it etc he says. Do you know who really runs the China and no of course not see peace and Muslims. He says the the P. l. a. The People's Liberation Army and their security services which I think is called PBS. Ironically Are mainly staffed and run by Chinese in the northeastern province. And he says there and they've been very unhappy with the economy that g set up which trump came in and has been screwing them for the past. Several year will really past. Couple of years with tariffs and g lost control and I think if we add to that. That's the part. I'd love to figure out if these truly if the army and the security services truly are run by Muslim Chinese the weedeater's there may be some issue with the wiegert down in the South West going concentration camp. It's very possible that this was a rogue up by either the Chinese security services or the Liberation Army But for sure it was initially and originally intended for some kind of operation for basically the Chinese economic hitman instead of rubberized. You Kill the key people and please note. There was a Chinese woman in December who wandered into mar-a-lago not once but twice. There was infections at this at a CPAC. It's very possible. They were trying to take people out including the president. Well this is now far fetched and a weaker thing is what did it to me. But let's leave that as it may. I do want to correct you on the On your interpretation of the Chinese woman that was at the press conference. 'cause been pretty well documented. What actually happened at least by the right by saw it. So okay you saw. But you don't know the backstory. Yes I do. She was leading by the Washington by the White House. Press Corps yeah okay. Giancarl heads to Washington press corps. Who'S A he's ABC's White House correspondent? He's the guy who says don't Eh. That trump said don't be the Cutie Pie crust conferences ago and he hates trump. He just came out with a book about trump. Just came out like two days ago and you do you think. Abc has any ties to China like Disney Parks Business Parks China Park Movies Entertainment Giancarl took off the list because they're controlling the smaller group that they're that they're doing these press conferences with even though the White House is supposed to be in charge of credentialing. They took off a guy from. Oh A and your one of your favorite little guys Because he made it. He asked a question of the president about two weeks ago. Two three weeks ago saying indicating that most of the press members at the press conference were leftists. Well that was. That was the woman from O. A. N. NO IS A guy. Okay and I remember very vaguely remembering him doing it. I have his name somewhere. I'm pretty sure they romped him. And they put this Chinese woman in Giancarl did And this has resulted in. This is the same press conference where after the press conference Fau cheesy at the very end is Alaska to leave wings out. I saw it. Yep Go go's Giancarlo gives him a thumbs up. It was actually. It was a little different because I. I have that clip in the show notes. Of course. There's no audio everyone's streaming off the stage FAO. She's the last one to go and as he's walking down the podium he turns to Carl and gives him like a like a finger. Pissed LIKE PAPA. Way To go man and he. He's not winks back at them but that but that only from my point with this woman was planted but not because she's showing trump that the WHO can be assassinated. Like what is the situation with the Obama not assassinated incidents? Well no they said you can always get to. That's a mess it but it was a message that was but this was not a message. This was a message from she. This this was a scam disavow CI. Abc The Chinese bringing this woman in to bring a bunch of points. What you're saying this you're you're you're saying vouch. Abc China it's all the same thing World Health Organization. It's all the same people there all. I'm not saying that's not the case. I'm just saying that the backstory behind this is a little more complicated than just sending trump mess. I think you made it even easier for me. Because what have we seen from the media one call from the Chinese leadership? Don't say Chinese virus anymore. Don't say Wuhan Virus. They all change uniformly they. The Chinese are playing our media like a fiddle and all of our educational facilities. Of course. It's so easy. It's so easy for them to say. Oh you want us to close your park. You want to know more movies here. And we're not. The chairman is not happy and the people who say but you say being self these the same people who say Oh people look at trump as their leader sw dare Lita doing the same thing to their Chinese light leaders which is all corporate. Abc Guy. He does He. He does what he's told to do. Obviously I don't think that's A. That's a stretch. How that now? One one last little kind of cool coincidence that I like she was intimately involved in the AIDS epidemic with burks and I'm going to be blunt. They wound up killing a lot of people with a an cancer drug which had been tossed out because it was killing people. Azt I think they killed a lot of people with horrible Diagnostics horrible Just the whole idea was wrong. Also never talking about your own immune health which had not doing again here. We can talk about that but the big thing was looking for vaccine. We're looking for a vaccine. Vouching in particular is completely embedded in Hollywood. They love him. Elton John's age party foul cheese there on stage. He's been there for forty years so he's completely integrated when they launched the terror campaign. The fear Army as Dr Drew said he was a member of FAO cheese fear Army during the eighties and nineties with AIDS epidemic. They had movie come out which set the tone for people regarding the HIV AIDS crisis. The movie was the Philadelphia with Tom. Hanks sorry with Tom Hanks. And when that movie came out it was Adamy Award Kademi award everyone like holy crap and the AIDS epidemic was at the Front Front and center. It's just coincidental. I would say that we all started. Take Cova Nineteen Corona virus really seriously including the entertainment media and the news media just before the lockdown. When Tom Hanks the same guy who started Philadelphia Got Corona virus? Just coincidental the same guy to vaccine oriented diseases AIDS Basketball Star Magic Johnson Cova said basketball star. Kevin Durant just interesting that there's so many parallels you probably go further. You got any know but you could if you WANNA do. Not If you're going to just start bringing these in. Yeah the Tom. Hanks thing is disturbing So I think that this was a botched operation and we'll see what happens with China. I'm very worried that G may not if she's not in control than we may have bigger problems than we ever thought of. I don't believe for a minute that we are have anything to do with anything does not going to happen in China. Well I again. I haven't had time to research it. Botanic told me very clearly. He said in the northeast of China. Whatever pro province that is is where the Muslims are there wieger 's and they run most of the military and secret services. I personally say could that have anything to do with in the concentration camp in the southwest. I don't know what you can look for. It seems to make as you run into this with Muslims in particular sex sex sect second You have like different subgroups within the Muslim community. That really hate each other. And it's possible that there's two kinds of leaguers we don't study or know anything about and one of them hates the other ones and they're the ones which may really explain why that southern group could be could be jailed and then turned into slaves or be working in Africa. I don't WANNA get too hung up on the on the Muslim part on. Who's running it? I do identify that. There is a plan here that China who the common Chinese Communist Party hates their own people they treat down people like crap and they and they work on five hundred year plans. I think there's a possibility that this was a plan a long time ago. Maybe it was supposed to happen. With SARS ormer coincidentally kind of the same story. Maybe it was AIDS that they try. I don't know but it's a hell of a lot more realistic than any other Wet markets story or anything else. That's coming out of this guy is a bat now. I'm at home. Yeah exactly well. I think we've beaten to death. We'll have more beating to do by the way on the next show because this is story is not going away now and of course just when we just we needed it along comes the global citizen World Health Organization together at home virtual one world concert. You heard his yes. Here is Lady Gaga touting and this is so then an honor to so amateurish as usual. They couldn't even get a decent recording is just her with their skype. Mike and Everything. It has been an honor to help with this huge broadcast event. Which will take place on April? Eighteenth where we need to tell the stories of and celebrate the frontline community health workers and their acts of kindness. We will be on different networks many network actually and I wanNA take you up a little bit about what we're going to. What's what's happened For myself and I'll stop it here. Then it's horrible. You can barely understand it. She's using laptops. Mike Yep Yep so this she know any better so this will be the usual suspects. I believe it's they. She said we only raise thirty. Five million dollars. It's not a benefit. Concert is just a concert to stay home and relax and enjoy. I'm not quite sure why she's. I think she raided from the World Health Organization who are one of the main sponsors. So that's where the money's going you probably heard trump saying that We're going to look into financing of the World Health Organization. So well there was a thing this morning. I was just catching there was The this the cast of frozen in New York did one of these things with one. Two three four four by four boxes on the screen. Everybody singing various songs about Dacoven. Nineteen and then they said then one guy comes as we're GONNA do a special thing on April seventeenth we're gonNA come out and do a special AIDS benefit for the There's going to be called Kovic nineteen benefit and he just said two seconds AIDS benefit so apparently the way I see it. They had an AIDS benefit. Exactly now another you know we. We talked about the The Vaccine Industry that we uncovered years and years and years ago. This another mean that that we you know kind of drifted away from on the show. It's it's it happens by the way we're not anti vaxxers. Oh no absolutely not I. Anti Rene doesn't work from China Crap. I'll tell you that So more of these celebrities at home doing incredibly smart things with Schutte. Mike's Horrible Camera Angles. And that even goes for Kelly and Ryan I thought Ryan. I thought he would do a little better but listen to what they're actually saying. Four days I seen his kitchen on national television over the last couple years. So much about nutrition and health and where you're from but in a moment of crisis going back to comfort foods Mac and cheese fanzines and I can see sales off twenty seven percents recently so many people just want to go back to those things that harnessed owl Jewish and obviously easy to keep it easy to we've made a necking case. I would say conservatively four out of five nights just because it's comforting and now everybody wants to feel a little. I mean I'm not saying I serve as a main dish. It's a side dish. But still he's there because it just makes us feel normal. We just want to steal. Who is your morning American television? I telling everyone off done. I'm not done. I'm not hold before you continue. I do have to stop this. No it's for you. I'm setting you up. Okay well you can set me up. Because I've already noticed an inconsistency go on play some more. Here's a report to the spike in demand. Food GIANT KRAFT. Heinz is adding more shifts at packaged food plants. Specifically those that make the APP MAC and cheese okay. What did you want to say? We're not about the MAC and cheese fiasco. This is stupid. No what. We had a clip about three shows ago. Cut the first first of these many clips from home shows and we had Kellyanne and seacrest and Kelly sound like she was in a bucket and seacrest was still in the kitchen. He was in the kitchen. She's in some Vapid Room. This very boring. I'm noticing this alive which is great with the local. Newscasters you get to see inside their houses and you often say to yourself. Oh my God how is leading a life of quiet desperation? They get nothing. I always think to myself. Now that's her Manhattan Loft. That's just Pieta to tear. That's what and a lamp shade is bent. You GotTa have your own book in the background. Otherwise you're a loser has got to have your own book back up. Actually what I was. GonNa say something different. This is what I miss. I know I'm not done so. We had this clip between Kelly and Ryan here. I haven't now original. Yeah if you want to but I can just explain it just as easily we used. A Clipper a backup Kelly. Sound like she's in a bucket Ryan sounded pretty good. She sound or he sounded like he was professionally. Mike by one of the studio guys the clip you just played. They bow sounded identically. Lousy Somebody in the studio is going. Well you know if they're both if we gotta make him sound a little more like crap because there's not believable that he sounds so good because they're supposed to be working at home in other words. They've scammed us again. He was okay. I think that they're making this stuff sound as bad as they can. So it should it makes. This is a form of virtue signal. And that's why there's no way in the worst way too much credit in this case in the world that Lady Gaga's that bad. Yes it's that bad. It was just recorded office skype. And Yes Ryan. Seacrest was standing in his kitchen with this with the event on these. So they're not only. The stupid people are stupid. I I'm giving it. I'm I'm I'm in total disagreement now after especially with the with the fan going. 'cause you're right. I was wondering Sunday during a boxcar so he had a vent sutton megan noise and he sounds like crap when he sounded really good when it first started now. I don't know here's what I was more interested in what I know now really in the MAC and cheese part although I just want to remind you. We laughed for years and years and years about the depression food after the two thousand eight crash. We like everyone's going to be eating Mac and cheese and again something we thought would happen during the Obama it happened during the trump administration just a reminder of some of the jingles. We've had you slaves. Get the and macaroni and cheese. Cheddar melted together. Mac and cheese MAC and cheese MAC and cheap Everybody and Mac and cheese Ayn rand what is missing from our daily briefings. What am I missing from? The surgeon general the most the weakest. Most unimpressive surgeon general. I think we've ever had jerome albums. Were missing the and not once have I heard. Here's what you can do to keep your safe self healthy to boost your immune system. The first thing is make sure you get out of the house at least once a day. We let threatening. You Need Vitamin D so Get D. Three take ten thousand milligrams right off the bat go ahead. You Need Vitamin C. You need vitamin A. But what are we? What are we doing America? We eating MAC and cheese. This sets you up along with anticipatory anxiety set you up for illness. It's up for getting sick from a from a number of things it can even set you up to Exert symptoms of Cova Nineteen. That's how strong the power of thought is combined with zero zero information on what you can do to keep yourself healthy. Wiler in these constrained conditions that is the biggest failing I'm seeing and that's not. There is perhaps a policy oversight or mistake or it's on purpose I don't know but then this is what we get. This is what American people are going to die from horrible nutrition in this period and depression and anxiety anxiety And well that's what we we're doing here now which brings us ninety people. Were trying to release anxiety. No we're we're preventing it. Yes preventing it completely but that brings us to this website that I sent you the link to Nice. Yes yes yes yes. I'm looking the Abbot. I'll put it in the newsletter with some examples of what I'm GonNa just talk about for a second. It's also in the show notes. Yes it's in the show notes under what what would be under Do you have in front of you? Because I know she's on the machine keep going. I'll find okay. Well it's a It's a website that gives you these variables. You can put in based on large survey and you can take off state a party affiliation male or Female Age Group. And maybe one or two other variables. And you put these things in there and you start to see how. How much concern. These certain groups have regarding cove nineteen and the grooved shows that the groups generally speaking that show the highest anxiety and fear. Are the college-educated actually postgraduate the people that have been in the system the longest? They've been in college the longest route. Democrats women. It's it's it's it's like seventy percent versus already seventy s some situations women from New York and California. The one commonality. That's in this. Which is the college education part and New York? The New York part of it proves the point. As far as I'm concerned these are people you can click it off and you can. You can look at what you've clicked and you can say to yourself. This person raise the New York Times and this person is extremely anxious. They are beside themselves because they read the paper of record. What we've been talking about the Chinese controlled that's put it take it to an extreme New York Times and these people are physical wrecks. News is most interesting. I I played for about an hour with these numbers. I looked at for example you go to Oklahoma and pick a Republican male or woman in fact Oklahoma. This sex difference is zero which is highly ironic to me and the the difference in their attitudes are almost identical. Be Women and men. And they're very relaxed. They don't have a care in the world compared to have someone in New York and meanwhile of course the New York numbers are way over. What they what they should be in terms of deaths and hospitalizations and everything else compared to any place else in the country. There's a New York Times you've done your job. Well it's The New York Times and the Washington Post both do China. China Daily Inserts. A politico. Who OWNS POLITICO. Is that Washington Post. That are wop. Oh property who owns politico? Lop Owns a slate of I think. Political independent I could be wrong. Been pieces pieced out. Yeah they signed a deal in two thousand eighteen working directly with the China the South China Morning Post so they are in bed together with an investment and money flowing. That's that's the south Chinese Morning Post. That's a C C p. no no. Don't push as far as I know. It's still independent. And they tend to be okay. Sure no and they tend to. I met two publisher of that. Operation wants a Malaysian. Chinese are different ED breed of animal. And and they try to run anti C. C. P. Stuff wants Well Alibaba Group owns it. So well done. The ALIBABA sold alibaba group. Owns it? So we're done there? You go but I'm just I'm just making the loose to be good but the point is sort of the New York Times. Yeah well it's not since I've been reading it properly. I don't think it's ever been right. There's a silver lining for some of US people. There's a boomer lining a silver boomer lining in all of this and particularly for some of our producers here on the show. If you can program Cobol you are in luck and I say cobol because it is kkob all the language not as the New Jersey governor will phrase it. He says something else. Here's the clip. It's secondly in our list of volunteers. Judy Dolly do we need healthcare workers but given the legacy systems? We should add a page for cobalt computer skills. Because that's what we're dealing with about these legacies a Chris. Rides doing a heck of a job but literally we have systems that are forty plus years old. And they'll be they'll be lots of post mortems on our list will be. How the heck did we get here? We literally needed cobalt programmers that K. Again K. O. B. A. L. D. Is that how you spell cobalt? He said go ball. And that's what he's like the element cobalt now. This is something the president predicted. I would like to do the unemployment money the same way. We're doing the stimulus money. Which is directly from the Federal Reserve. That was shot down by the Democrats became a little bit of a fight. He said okay. We'll let let your local states do and of course it's overwhelmed. We need cobalt cobalt programmers. And they're not getting any younger a good cobol. Programmers probably sixty. Plus you gotta be sixty five probably because you to learn the cobalt cowboys. Yeah but no one wants to learn it and we need it now. We can't have time for people. Fultz and around these systems are breaking down. The whole country runs on this by the way. Don't be fooled. The government the airlines everything runs on cobalt very reliable to great language. Yeah that's right but no one's no one's teaching. No one's learning at anymore. It's there are a python. Let's let's install python three and replicate the functionality. Yes I can imagine someone actually doing that but we do have a lot of dudes named Ben who actually still program Cobol so maybe maybe the silver lining for boomer dudes clip. I WANNA play before the break but for some reason. I can't find it well then in that case. I'll play one before the break. I think we're very fortunate we have stimulus coming. Of course it's going to be rolled out and it's going to be a bit patchy here and there in fact. I got a note from the former New York banker. Pretty funny you might have heard that the The small business administration loans weren't getting out and there were hiccups. It's off to a slow start. I'm sure you heard some of this somewhere along the line. And who was the main culprit? I'll tell you it. Wells Fargo. Well but why and the banker sent me not says. Get this wells. Fargo is literally holding the Pay Roll Protection planned hostage because they want to use the. I wrote down exactly what he said. They're holding the P P P hostage to get their asset cap lifted so for their own a balance sheet. They were holding off saying we can't do it now. We're not doing any loans because they were Blackmailing the White House to get their asset cap. The altered that's a good piece of INFO guys. If I'm on the clip by the way what do you? This is a clip. This going around. This was recorded office speakerphone. So there's GonNa be a little background noise but this is this has had been received. This is the corona virus phone. Call up people are getting phone. Call Roy targeted her romancing corona by. This is it is. Our actions had arisen are concerned cordial buying armor is it has your wings pointing nearly Harvard. Jeff wrong ears recover rule meaning meaner now. Did they sell Some erectile dysfunction meds with this phone call or the hang up on you. I approve this message very good. Did you get this yourself or someone else tape it for someone at found it? I can't wait I want. I want to get that phone call. I'm not getting it when I get a phone call from China. That actually speaking in Chinese. Have you gotten those gotten a few? I haven't won saw when a China. I don't know what today don't know how to cuss them out or anything. Because I usually do I usually tell them to call the FBI and turn themselves in immediately. And with that. I'd like to. I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in Cobalt John C. Morning Mr Adam Curry and all the ships AC- boost graphene watering all the days and nights out there in the morning to our trolls at no agenda stream dot com. Let me do a little quick little troll count. Haven't seen how it's going today. We have Sixteen soissons enough. One thousand six hundred sixty nine trolls all hanging out to the bed in the COBOL troll room. That's where you can go twenty four hours a day seven days a week. There's always someone in there and listen to a shows. Live listen to all kinds of the different programming. No commercials it's all fun. It's all good and you get the troll. No one cares. We love it. Actually if you do no agenda stream dot com a big in the morning to Darren. O'neill not only once again. Did he do the pre stream force this morning but he also brought us the art work from episode twelve thirty one one thousand two hundred and thirty one the title of that. The more I saw it the more I liked it. You came up with it mass. Qr Raid Kind of Pulitzer Prize. I have to say q r raid. Yeah masquerade and Darren did a very nice piece. That shows the DIFF- she could've put Fox News on here but he didn't want. I'm pretty sure you could could have added them. Abc CBS NBC CNN. On the Chinese flag. And I remember there was something. We wanted to talk about regarding the artwork because there was a lot and there was something you are going to mention. I don't know that's a cue. Look what it was. That was something. Shoot after go to a second page. Just been flooded. It was a lot of submissions. There was using. Maybe there's some other violation I couldn't remember. It was hard to pick the peace picked because there was lot of pieces. That were kind of acceptable. None Network Stanton that really stood out but I had some. I had something to talk about your right. So we don't remember that's too bad however. Thank you very much Darren. O'neill it is highly appreciated. Thank you for all the things you do with. This artwork is always phenomenal. Love seeing that and also if you'd like to hang out where information is not censored where it is not taken down by algorithms and artificial intelligence no blocking no banning not platforming Go to no agenda social in a no agenda social dot com. You can get an invite from lots of places especially the Troll Room. No agenda social. Dot Com is Is a great place for everyone to communicate. Also if you're a cobalt programmer hang out with cobol buddies and find work. There's lots going on part of our value for value system. We love it when people do things for us that gives the show value because they received value and oftentimes people will just send US money. Because that's what keeps the show going keeps the bills paid. We call those people the big ones execs and associate executive producers. We like thank a few of them right now for episode one thousand two hundred thirty two we do. If you just think we'll mention something about the art which is not what I meant to mention. But it's very hard to get us to pick arts at has a personalities face on it That's recognizable I mean. If it's a political person may be but we rally us Like a picture of trump or a picture of biden or or burning very often for Sherry rare. So I mean you're probably pushing you're like if you think you're GonNa get when push the. Here's here's what I remember. We liked the windows. Ninety five vaccine but thought it was a little ghoulish something the Star of David. Didn't think funny by putting those on the recovered person yellow talk funny but wasn't usable it. Just it's just that was kind of it. Was Your Bureau thought that Oh no no the one we the one. We likes which you used for the newsletter. I use the different version of it was the lie from getting nation at home. Now I don't know using you use the. Where do we do this second? I'm sure going back to this artwork thing. Let me take a look. I think so. Yeah at home with the little the little which words on the on the list there. Yeah page one. Make sure it's page one one two three down all the way in the right on page two. You use this for the for the newsletter. No I did not use that for the newsletter. I use the I used to mask. The no agenda mask went down a couple of with a woman with no agenda mask on Okay anyway there's lots of look what we're talking about. We're talking about tons of art comes in that we get to choose from what other podcasts even has new art let alone ten twenty this much to choose from so thank you thank you producers. Thank you very much all right. Let's thank our executive producers and associate executive producers. Yes we do. A few people thank starting with anonymous only ago for seventy six seventy eight. No name or location. Thanks This is To cover my paypal vague or put some extra money donating his love and I love you guys a lot amen. Fist-bump much love for America. More Mo- facts in the Pentagon and and much and such and such man fist-bump. Thank you very much anonymous. Daniel Tiger Tag Danielle tailored near Ryan Texan Texas. Three thirty three thirty three Ad. There's no from her. There's no email from her. I sent her a note to get some email from her. A not heard anything back yet so when it does come in if ever we will read it. Matthew Decker in Dakota Dunes South Dakota three hundred. Thirty three bucks he sent an email in which I have met decker amber law. He sent an email in with the note as docx file a longtime listener first-time caller from Sioux City Iowa. So please let me know right whereas the dish I forgot to turn on the hot water heater. You've been deep. Do the Jingles at the end of note. So you can do something I reading. Hey citizen see something. Say something intuited ahead. Okay you got Eugene those right now I would like to thank my friend Sir Bernie for hitting me in the mouth. Well at her own weekly meet up. Tuesday nights or group gets together has a cigar glass of whisky in talks about politics. Current events. Show our lives Sir Bernie and I are working on getting a meet up started in Sioux land. Once we are free from the current Cova tyranny. The caught my smoking hot fiance. Britney as a Douche bag. I think she's pretty good. I hit her in the mouth while playing the podcast on long road trips that she got hooked more proof that couples that NA together stay together. I'm going to contribute thirty three of the three thirty three thirty three to her damehood. So pleased de Duscher you guys. I DEDUCE DATA. Sheena DOUCHEBAG Egger I would like to ask for some wedding carmen so this is as this. Chinese virus may affect our wedding date of June twentieth. I'm sure will question for John. How is your blue phone working out? Great plast I remember a Shutout. It shut off and was put in the drawer. I always put my phone's on a door because I always shut them off. No it's been working fine. I don't know what that was that happened at no. It's actually been even greater since they did some research and find some tricks at it does roll over. At the end of the day you keep our meagre shrunk so thank you for that in return I shall continue to work towards my knighthood in Brittany towards damehood. I'm meeting friends. Co Workers in the mouth and they're loving the show. Keep up the good work. All Right citizen sees a you've got Karma onward with what is this Alex. Ab Trap three three three three three again. You WanNa play. Read this one. Yes Well here's where it gets tough right off the top. Please pay for our enjoyment that trump al-Baghdadi remix the fuller. The better and I was actually looking for it. Now while you asked me to read I am boots on the ground in Columbia. South America says Alex as a rule resident we can enter the town market three days per week. Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays this of course corona virus rules. No one from town is allowed to leave their house. Look at US funny or cough in our general direction on these days. No Kitty the ideas that we continue to be healthy and produce food for all the urbanites locked indoors. My contacts confirm the. Us presidents had presence has increased dramatically on the ground in Cuba. It is that a is that in Venezuela I dunno North Columbus Columbia border town with the North Santander which is a banked to the Colombian border town with Venezuela. There you go. Since the Southcom announcement would a Oh. That's the surrounding Venezuela. Oh this is good. Many Colombian cities have started to refuse aid to Venezuelan refugees during the crisis and Maduro made a call for all Venezuelans to return to the Patria. Keep up the great work. Crackpot and buzzkill even as a substance substance substance sub subsistence subsistence. What does a subsistence farmer? Gal Get just getting by alright MAC and cheese. I have saved up to show you the value that you've given to me over the years. Thank you very much very kind. Freedom and friendship. He says I I cannot. I'm GONNA give Karma and to keep looking. I know what he means. I I just don't know what it was labelled so I'm going to look for it while you will get it to you soon as we can't Williamson's next or Wilkins Wilkins son is next on the list from Chicago. Three hundred thirty three dollars. Hello John and Adam it. I like to call it my brother. Andrew who hit me in the mouth and is a douchebag one of the topics I've discussed recently that when the dust settles and the infected numbers and death numbers are not what was projected. Which we've talked about today The media will pivot to thank you to the citizens of the world for staying inside and stopping this virus. The problem is you'd while you've been listening to know agenda long enough now. Haven't you problem with this is they? Were the people that persevered there are preserved their middleaged? Who told people that the numbers will not be what the media is projecting? Those people will give credit to the lower numbers to the shutdown cower in place inevitability means that we will be shut inside our homes again either on a bi yearly or yearly basis. Which is believed can happen because it will not flu numbers. Now because the majority of people will be duped into believing this is why the virus wasn't as deadly as instead of from the beginning seeing that the numbers aren't adding up and not giving into the fear scheme of people being infected and being rushed into ers and put on ventilators. This is frightening image when someone is on a ventilator puts an image in our brains of a person that would die if not for the relative not for the machine but they die on the machines as we mentioned the last show. Fifty to eighty percent of the people put on a ventilator. Don't make it out all part of the plan to get everybody into a frenzy. Thank you for what you guys do. Can I get a Greta? How dare you? If that exists goat Karma and we're all GonNa die so I was looking for Greta. Of course we know she said this but I don't think it's ever been a standalone clip however look well there's there's good news. There's good news because I found the the Baghdadi Song so I can play that and I can still play A. We're all GonNa die and I can do some Karma Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi Abu Bakar. Mccaw a boo boo car. Daddy mccaw accommodated stakes has searching the car for Baghdadi many years. Do you died after running. Enjoy Donald Abu. You've got Karma Baghdadi Baghdadi I want to go Karma. I'm sorry I should've given you. Goad Karma Youth Got Karma so cermark militants from longmont Colorado. Three hundred thirty three dollars. Here I know idea that according to pay pal. I'm six hundred sixty seven dollars short of being viscount happy birthday JC dating. Oh we're almost there now. You Sir mark get near. He's bear net so yeah. Donald Barth Barth low in Lago Vista Texas. Three thirty three I was. I was busy with ridiculous ridiculous local politics. The day met Adam. I wish I would have made more time to fly. The gyro copter with him. James Pack turned me into the onto the podcast. And I've been listening ever since the service you guys provide is invaluable very interesting Several months ago before the weather got cold I went to north a little bit and found these guys who have I'm very interested in auto gyro gyro copters and they took me up when we flew around. You know we kick the tires. They weren't quite ready to. I want some instructions a little different than aircraft and helicopter and they weren't quite ready because they're just getting all set up but To hear from you Donald and Yet James is the runs a show over there so I guess left. We'll have to hook up again now that the weather's warmer sit in confined quarters and breathe some Some Rona on each other. Thank you thank you for your support interesting. Yeah you've been you've been jacked up about getting one of these things. Yeah they seem like a lot of fun for them say they are a lot of incredibly safe compared to other forms of Flight Brian. Melon melon. Hausky two hundred thirty four dollars and fifty six cents. It'll be a first social executive producer. He wrote a note sent by email to the jingles. Here Savio easy think so. It's been a little over a year since we last donation I felt a need contributor continue analysis of the current crisis not only keys my small but keeps me sane as well no agenda has been my only source of world news for quite some time. I in good shape. I was reminded why this why this is at the beginning of this chaos in early March or when the news I started swarming over the That's another thing that's interesting about that website. It shows you. Where were your concerns began and there's only over like a month or two month period. Chose you what at what level your concerns are. And then how they change over time and all. The New Yorkers is started many of our very conservative way down and they grew and grew and grew into their freaked out. And there's a reason for it is not because of just the air anyway I started swarming over this current thing. I wanted learn more so I decided to check out a few of the m five m news sites just to get a basis for what was going on. I was immediately shocked at the levels of fear that had just started like usual. I wanted to dig a little deeper into what was going on through some non-political websites. I saw the same reactions there as well. It wasn't until my first dose of no agenda Corona de Construction that. I really started to see what was going on out John. You've done it mostly Adam by the way he's really taken. A Corona virus analysis to the Max doesn't work out doesn't work without the two of John doesn't work without the two of us it's true it's true that a stunning job of the research and analysis the passion you have towards your work is all inspiring thank you for consistently keeping me sane can have a large dose of Jobs Karma for all my co workers that were laid off in the last thirty days I hope to see them all back sooner rather than later. Also if there's time is not already covered again Kadam. Can you re explain how the former New York banker analyzed a financial recovery as a check mark as soon as the trillion started pouring out of the government? One answer I could not find. Where is this money coming from? Yes well this. And how? How's IT GONNA cost hyper? Which is what everybody keeps pushing this hyperinflation thing. I'm in no position to explain it. I can just say it's it looked for the term immunized money and the way they do it is they create this six point two trillion dollars. But they're borrowing it For SIX MONTHS. Pay It back while they borrow again. So there's always a six trillion or whatever we've created spent. There's always another side on the balance sheet that shows where that came from. But it's not brand new money. It's immunize money. It's a magic trick. It's called modern monetary theory and. It has nothing to do with anything we've ever dealt with before magic johnny dislike like Japan were just like Japan. We got some bookkeeping magic well. In Japan. The government now owns I think. Seventy five percent of everything the stock market the bond. They've got all their own the eating their own tail basically. Yeah this is what. We're not doing it quite like the way the Japanese screwed up right away and they put themselves in a bind onward with wait. We had Jobs Karma. I'm sorry. No problems jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's Karma Cartwright's next on the list to and a twenty dollars and twenty two says I am this bag of doses for Sammy Johnny. And the rest of us who had enough number two lately request. Vanilla Karma for the tribe. Thank you for your courage like you. Some van Karm. You've got Karma Nexus Nate were Gal in Ann Arbor Michigan two hundred four dollars and thirty three cents and he sent a card with some drawings on it including caricatures of the two of us. Don't pretty funny. I will scan it and put it in the newsletter and he's guide in fact. The whole card is handmade in the beginning in the morning thirty. Three's Ot g song and he writes it 'em with this donation of two four thirty three. I'm back on track towards my knighthood. This is thanks to my smoking. Hot WIFE SUE IN CORONA VIRUS IS SHUTTING DOWN my lab or I am pursuing my PhD. So may I please get some CORONA HD KARMA? We love you guys so you would both enjoy the cartoons. Maybe she did him. I hope it probably did looking at his handwriting. I hope you've get a laugh. The good work nate. Go look forward to those and thank you very much and to your lovely better half. You've got Karma on word with James Cornell in Wichita Kansas at two hundred one dollars ninety cents just to Marceau hanging there folks jingles Reverend Al. He's got the jingles. Much Koba Sherzai. Tm Humbly requested permission. Bandido DO I. I listened for eight months is Bhai first donation. My brother events at me in the mouth years ago and I'm ashamed to say it took me a while to sit down and actually listen now. I regret not doing so sooner. I can think of no better way to thank him then by creating crediting this donation towards his Knighthood Yep By his accounting. This should put him at the mark and today's his birthday. He'll be forty one and he's on the list. Please night him Sir Daddy. O of the seven wonders and order him some mint juleps and Mac and cheese much discussed for the round table. Thanks for your courage. And please keep the Info Sane meant flowing Cornell Wichita let's see just a regular Karma resist Louis much we must and we will much about that. I think that sounds pretty. Dont Karma non. Cq. In two zero zero. Six eight cents or less associate executive producer. Happy Birthday to you John. Thank you both for keeping me sane and informed for more than a decade with your approval. I would like to recommend a youtube channel. And a Doctor. Who is saving lives with the Hydrochloric Win? Cocktail is a number of them out there. Actually just quite a few that includes zinc which you mentioned earlier. Yeah let's different vitamins. Depending on your situation just we you know. We had long before this became quite controversial. Adam had dug up a clip of one of the actors from Hawaii Five. Oh this is like a month ago That had Chicago mentioned the cocktail and headed outline. Exactly what it was and this is right at the beginning of this whole controversy. Just Daniel Day Kim. Yeah Cam and so. There's a lot of this. These doctors are off The boots on the ground doctors are have already been into this. And now we're watching these these these creeps argue about it anyway just search for doctor. He's got Dr this ban on Youtube in his change. In his channel will come up. He goes over the specific treatments in use for the twenty-five of his patients episode. Twenty six in an episode thirty one. His business partner shows ten companies who make generic forms of hydro hydro chloroquine and the other one chloroquine also seemed to really care about the patients which is a nice bonus. May I have an orange scream? And shot of Karma thanks It's interesting there on two different pages. Actually Oh just made that for me a week ago or so to as popular already in any way we want to thank all these executive producers and Associated Executive Producer. Making show twelve thirty to actually happen. Yeah I keep going because we're you know. Got The same situation around surrounded by mania as everybody else and these people are really a Godsend. Thank you very much. Also like to thank The boys and girls over at no agenda shop dot com who jumped on On the FACEMASK. Bandanna right away we now the new no agenda face coverings at no agenda Shop Dot Com. This is the one of my favorite designs of the no agenda Logos and it has so you can wear this over your face. It has knows when you get a little closer you see words such as you must obey etc On it's a beautiful piece I I'm going to be ordering a couple of them Today is fantastic and the way that works is another just beautiful piece of our value for value network. You buy anything from NO AGENDA SHOP DOT COM which we don't own we don't operate it The shop gets a third. The artist whose artwork is used get to third and the show gets third eventually. We don't even track it. We love these guys that they're doing it. That's the difference between US and other podcast. We don't live off the March. We let other people live off the merch. That's an odd thing. Todd how we do that we think about it. It's not as odd when you look at the books. Let's throw thank you to our exects in our associate execs you are the producers of the best podcast in the universe. You did once again for episode one thousand two hundred thirty two. We look forward to thinking more people in our second donation segment and remember. We're here twice a week. On Thursdays Sundays. Sometimes the second Thursday. We'll be back in a few days. Remember to support the show at Vora dot org slash and a well. At least you know what to look out for hydroxy chloroquine or Thaksin's formula is this. We go out. Hit people in the mall boy before we continue. I haven't end of show. I would like to run by. I'm glad you do. Do you have any I in fact I would felt remiss because I didn't have any okay. It's it's it came out this way. Someone sent it to me. You'll recognize the voice is just. It's it's the full clip. It's two seconds fits perfectly here. We go. I've got no agenda none that's Mark Levin the gray one Mark Levin. I kinda liked other came out especially with the end there. I've got gender. None also sounds a bit like Gilbert Godfrey. Oddly not you mentioned. I think he sounds like Gilbert Godfrey all the time anyway possibility. Just letting you know I it too like. There's nothing better all right. Well I WANNA do I wanNA take a little break? Go back to Well actually no. Let's stick with the Cova suffer a little bit because I have a again. We have the media. That's pushing the their. They do. Have an agenda. And they're pushing it to an extreme and I have to serve clips. I WANNA play. One is is this the mcmullan they ex joint chief of staff guys? Yeah trumpeter yes. He's always been a trumpeter and he and I think a lot of it has to do with the even though he's always associated with the Democrats he was going to be Joe. Biden's running mate in two thousand sixteen if he was going to run. You never did and mcmullan. Has He's making excuses for the navy. Secretary of Navy quit after after he fired the captain of right because they because they got a sound clip of him. Bitching guy only got dummy or something. Yeah we have that clip. But let's list mcmullan takes a different tact on this but again he sneaks in a bunch of memes that I've been bitching about so this is on the PBS news. Are this'll be the mcmullan navy. Problems zero has been a tough week for the navy. I the captain of the Aircraft Carrier Theodore. Roosevelt wrote a remarkable memo requesting that he evacuate ninety percent of his sailors because of an outbreak of Kobe. Nineteen in response. Acting Navy. Secretary with the comments is mostly relieved. Him saying he'd gone around the chain of command. Mow them flew to the Theodore Roosevelt off Guam and gave a blunt speech including this statement. It was my opinion that information. I was going to get out into the public information. Age that we live too stupid. The commanding officer of this yesterday after a lot of criticism mostly resigned to talk about this. I'm joined by Admiral. Mike Mullen Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff during the George W Bush and Obama administrations. Admiral thank you very much. Welcome back to the news hour. How do you think the navy has handled this situation? Well as you said it's been a tough week and it was very clear that the navy couldn't get out in front of this Early enough before before the acting secretary mode lead grabbed it And obviously made up his mind to really the the CEO and there were a lot of issues associated with that. All of that said. I didn't think that cabin proser conduct rose to the level or even close to the Lord should have been really what mode Lee told us the media last week and what others have echoed is that Kaplan crozier went out of the chain of command. He sent this memo electronically didn't even see see his commanding officer who was down the hall literally from him at the time. May I ask you a question as you go through this? Why why is this such an important story? Why was it played up so big? Because by the media I know that's why am Ashram yeah trump's bony? He picked US secretary of the navy and he fired some guy who wrote a memo that went public and he never even see seed his own commanding officer. Who was down the hall? Never mentioned it to him and it was just a bitch and Moan about how Cova killing the service people. We're all GonNa die and we have to be doctorship. Nine hundred people off. So why why did they go straight after trump? He didn't fire the guy we know he did up. Sorry wow how. How's everything going over there at at China China? Fm that you apparently are working for obvious did okay. I didn't think so but alright well. Meanwhile of course mcmullan's thinks this guy shouldn't have been fired and the piece of new information which is in that clip was that was right down the hall. He could have just walked down the hall and ask the Guy What he can do but no no he decides to send out this memo and letting go public and by the way the reason that this is so important. I don't know why I have no idea. Why mcmullan downplaying it so much you cannot give away troop movements and where you're located you're located. Nola or your or your your combat readiness or lack of comback or lack of it. You cannot make this. Public information is just goes against everything that you're supposed to do in the military but mcmullan because because it had something to do with trump and by the way mcmullan I think that the reason he's always hated trump and he does it very subtle. He's not really a overt although I do have a clip of him being overt is because he was never he's good buddies with Flynn Is Always Good Buddies with Flynn. But he was never asked to be on the transition team in any meaningful way. You'd say he's whiny bitch is like you know these guys that trump knows and they stay you want a job and trump will give them a job and they get irked the holy garage. Go to clip one. Okay Command he sent this memo Electron see see his commanding officer. Who was down the hall literally from Him at the time? Is that criticism legitimate? Well I think that certainly Cabin cruiser did not handle all of it exceptionally well and it is is indeed strange that He appeared to not have much of a relationship with his immediate boss who embarked on the ship with him that sad. I think what Cam Crozier was trying to do. Was what all? Ceo's trying to take care of their people can watch out for that their health and welfare obviously in the middle of a crisis and it was an exponential crisis. I think crozier's ladder actually was a you know a literally a cry for help and moving as rapidly as possible because he was afraid. Some of the young sailors GONNA die. He didn't do it smoothly but at the same time. It didn't meet the standard. I think where he should have been relaid and this was what news outlet. Who DID THIS INTERVIEW? Pbs. I it just it. If it was meant to slam trumpet just failed horribly. I don't see any okay. Is an absolute? You're right but well let's see if we can make him slam trump. Admiral you said. It's a challenge for all leaders. I have to ask how do you think? President trump has responded to this crisis. Pretty well a consensus that. We haven't acted very quickly. The administration hasn't acted very quickly and from a leadership standpoint. It when you're in a crisis there's nobody more critical than a leader at every single level of government or the chain of command or any is Asian. And I think it's really important that the what leaders the President says how he says that In addition to what he does leaders need to walk the walk. Not just talk the talk and I think that's really critical for the country and actually put the world in this case. He's talking about the Rona that that's what he's that's the slam he's working in their off. I says trump didn't do enough soon enough. Which is the theme that we're GonNa Start Looking for. Yeah because that's the last desperation that got I but I think what you're going to say is that he's still doesn't really go after trump no so so the PBS gives them one more shot at it and it sounds like you're you're criticizing the president. Sounds like you're suggesting that he hasn't done that. Well it's you deduce. What you want from that convent lay push Say Wow now. Pbs off the rails and they all seem like they're they're beside themselves with with anxiety. I WANNA play three more clips again. This is Judy. And so here's the here's what you ended up with this situation. Arkansas and a few other states a decided not to do shelter in place and for some reason. This is annoyed. The media specifically the media. I think this has a lot to do with world governance or national. I think if I may interrupt it has everything to do with that. What they want. Is I the full fold? Defense Production Act so they can so we can just boss people around tell them what to do and they want trump to literally supersede the constitution although he has Ways to do it to create a form of martial law so that they can then call him a dictator and it wants that stuff's put in. It doesn't never comes off that easy. This martial law stuff. I think they'd love it too much. They would love the control and trump saying no not gonNA do it. I'm just not going to do it and rightfully so. It's the Democrat. Not just the media. It's the Democrats who want that. You're you're not just me as a Democrat your same thing. I'm sorry what am I saying? Yes it's the same. What are you thinking? And so here's Judy and now she's got the governor of Arkansas. Who's really Nice Guy? And she's got him on trying to getting him to explain. Why is not going along with the program why he is not having this public shelter in place and he's a demean -able guy so he's a smiling go and he's got a million good reasons and she keeps hounding in trying to corner him into saying that is a? Everyone should cower in place like everybody else's should all be `obedient to some some great uber. Lord play it to talk about some of as we're doing Arkansas We have a very targeted response to this. We've closed schools. We've closed bars and restaurants tattoo parlors barber shops hair salons and down the list very targeted approach to it. In addition enforcing social distancing and. I've set the example of wearing masks. Whenever you can't social distance We go in stores. Probably three fourths of the people have mask on and that's the kind of effort. Were making too slow. The spread in his having success yes. We went To over one thousand cases today but as you can see We All the projection. Show that were beating. The projections. Were flattening that curve and our hospitalization rate is one of the lowest particularly in our region and so whenever we're having this kind of success We will measure to see what more we need to do. If we need to do more we will but right now. We are pouring everything. We have into this effort as we said you are. One of the handful of states that still has not issued a stay at home order to your residents What three million people among others Dr Anthony Fauci of NIH has said he thinks allstate should do that. We know a number of other experts have said that. Why did you decide not to will Dr Foul Cheese? Since he made that statement has talked to some of the governors that have not issued a shelter in place and say you're doing the things that are complementary to what we need to be done. He was very happy with the path and he made that comment the other day nationally whenever he was asked. I think they're starting to realize what we're doing is successful and supports that national effort. You ask about a shelter at home if we did that tomorrow or if I did it today in Arkansas you always exempt to central services which means seven hundred thousand arkansans would get up tomorrow morning and go to work. They would go to the grocery store they go out for exercise which is permitted in all the states is pointed out in Washington. State has a shelter in place but the marijuana shops are open. You can still go get your marijuana. So the exemptions. Override the rule to Arkansas. Although I must say props to Justin the drug dealer he does house calls and he does fist-bump he he's doing. My drug dealer is social. Distancing is what I'm trying to say. Judy is not happy with this. We want to do things that actually work and make a difference in our in. Our social distancing are wearing masks is what is working in Arkansas. So you don't think that by not requiring ordering people to stay home unless they have to be out is not putting other people at risk as long as they do what they're supposed to do which is social distance where a mask when you're out. This accomplishes the purpose without doing something. That really doesn't make a difference which is acting like you're going to be doing something with a shelter in place. In fact everybody can still go out. People are using their own good judgment. The elderly are staying at home. They if you're not needed to be out there not going out and so and we're doing enforcement efforts so this idea that just because you don't have a technical shelter in place order in place that you're not doing enough. Please look at the data. Please look at what we're copulation and we're doing better the many of the neighbors that have those shelter in place orders in place now. What's interesting is that I. I learned that Austin who are now trying to determine what they're gonNA do and we have a fine Democrat run city. They have their own models. They're using models from University of Texas from. Ut Right up the street to they're using completely different data to determine when when we slaves will be able to go out in the sunshine. You currently have shelter in place. We have stay at home order. Yes cower in place cower in place well judy still not happy governor. Are you getting what you need in order to treat the people who come down virus in Arkansas will like I said we have eighty hospitalizations? We have Over eight thousand. Eight thousand available beds and we've eliminated are Elective surgery and so you can see. We have a lot of hospitals. That are empty right now in healthcare workers that are empty back. Go FILL UP THIS. Philipson nurses John. They're empty there in Arkansas Sarah. Everybody's empty so she finishes up can't get what she wants so they put up and I don't have exact wordage on this but I give you the gist of it. So they they end the thing with a thank you thank you and then they put up a sign. You know a Chiron poster right after the thing with some information saying Arkansas hospitals only sixty eighty counties. There's only so many icy unions forty short event. It was nasty note at the end because I couldn't get him to knuckle under to this pressure. It was just a chicken shit report. This play operation has gone down the tubes where it's at now and this is what we talked about earlier and is now and trump is not addressing it properly. He's just pretending they're not saying it. And that is this whole idea of the antibody test and this is what's being touted by many governors as. Here's how we get back to work by testing people for antibodies. Those people can then which means you've either had it or your immune from and you didn't even know it. If you did and then those people will be able to go back to work and public life. That is not the way to do it. But that's what they're pushing for and he's gotTa find some way to to stop that to nip that in the bud or we'll never get out. Yes I think your original thesis about the about the Jewish star. His IT'LL BE. It's his headed that way if somebody doesn't stop it and trump hasn't found a mechanism to do that. Well this is what's happening in the European Union. The European Union every country now is is that they have a whole EU wide back in for everybody's APPs for the tracking which of course we've always built into our general data protection rules. We've always built in to make sure that you know we could Have some flexibility in case of an emergency. So yeah you fuck you with your privacy. Just going to track everywhere. We want The social distancing is in place but everyone will get a certificate they call it the passport and the passport will show if you've been vaccinated which we don't have yet or the or the passport will show that you are thus no no longer contagious. Because you've had the antibodies and otherwise you're not going out according to these globalist people trying to pull another fast when I admire their tenacity. I it's it's pretty pretty phenomenal. Yeah well having a problem on the finance this is where Europe is falling. Apart after sixteen hours of talks. There were no agreement among the nineteen finance ministers. The member states have been divided over the developing credit line through the European stability mechanism. And that's not change. This remains the biggest issue when it comes to finding an new economic stimulus for the euro zone and in this context actually got hold of a draft statement that the the ministers putting together overnight and at one point joint statement was reading and I quote afterwards. Your area member states would strengthen economic and financial fundamentals consistent with the EU economic and fiscal coordination and surveillance frameworks and this is essentially. The Italians are particularly against this idea and this language they're worried that it might fool anti us. Rick back home actually heard from Matteo Salvini. The former deputy prime minister of easily and leader of the party saying yesterday but he's essentially against the idea of a getting further loans from the Sam they he doesn't trust any loans coming from the U. And he does not want any help from Brussels or a Berlin in this context translation is the finance ministers and there's Should should be twenty seven and twenty eight of them but I guess the main ones all sat down and said okay. How how are we going to do? What America did. How do we have a magic money? Trick where we can create some. Moolah some euros So that we can give that to Italy mainly just say mainly Italy because if Italy goes down the whole union falls apart. It'd be the largest the crash in history and they can't agree on how to do it because most countries don't have any money they certainly don't have the capability to create the magic money. The way we do at least not smart enough or I don't know they can't hold week peop- people and now and they can't agree on who's going to pay to pay to bailout. Italy. Germany doesn't want it and the Netherlands doesn't want it and most other countries don't want it so there's stuck. This is the problem they have just from the right at the base the dollar's getting stronger even after they told about the trillions where now to a bucko eight for the euro which is getting there getting back to parody which is interesting should be and we're the reserve currency so we have the strength to do whatever we will whatever we want to create money money we are correct and immunizing communizing. Yeah different so show all your joke. Printing press hyperinflation. No none of this is going to happen. Because we've got a guy we've got MNUCHIN. Yes exactly we got MNUCHIN. That's exactly Newton immunized. I mean they had that crazy. That crazy guy from Texas the Greek guy from Texas That was running Greece for a while that wears leather as a little bit too much. But he had kind of these sorts of theories and he was a big promoter of that sort of thing but they they rousted him. Yeah get out of here. Well that was. I don't think it was set up right. There were doing that with Goldman. Sachs that hold Greece bailout? And I don't think they had the guy the fun new flock us. What's his name? Yeah Gobble Gobble. Google US gap ago. Bolus he has the right idea and he's written books about it but he just can't. This system wasn't set up and now we have it. It's magic magic. Money is beautiful thing going in and out of their How doing the work from their homes as an aside. Yeah I think the president should move towards new metrics if I may recommend he should go towards lives saved. Remember Obama had jobs jobs saved or created. Yeah I think we should do lives saved or created either way. You could come up with the exact way to do that. I think about it. How many people he has saved. That's that's what I'd recommend get alive. Say you would go for that one. Yeah why doesn't do it so I had a? I have a two clips from view since you've dropped the ball now. I actually have a clip from the view. I didn't drop the ball at all. But thanks for being as your typical self. Well I had the control room gaffe. No I have a completely different clip from you again. Why have to not from a uniform? Me I have to the I WANNA play water. And there's little long fifty-seven seconds. God can we handle it from the view to me? That's long now. This isn't from the view itself but this is like do these people have any sense of decorum or good taste or These women do. They have a rhetorical excess. Do they have any sense of what is in good taste. And what's in bad taste? And and do they have a sense of what's actually going on in this country. Everybody locked down and worried sick. Because I wouldn't think so if I listened to the introduction to happy intro that they play at the beginning of the show brand new views. Dark live right now. Shamed INTO SHUTDOWN GOVERNOR RON TO SANTA's bows to mounting pressure and imposes a thirty day lockdown in the Sunshine State will other governors follow suit plus New Orleans? Mayor Letroy Cantrell is live with her plan to stop the city's mounting rate of corona virus deaths including having residents who don't stay home arrested and the physician who survive contracting Ebola doctor Craig. Spencer takes you inside the emergency room of New York's desperate battle with the pandemic and shares. What scares him most about Kobe. Nineteen let's fire up our topic with Whoopi Joy Behar Sunny Halston and Meghan McCain. Now guesting started. Wow did you find that suddenly offensive? The way I did. Yeah I mean. This is one of those announcers. That has the smile on her face and the chuckle. Inner voice since find out how many people have died today on the jars. Yeah you could yeah I just I was taken aback by intro. I agree well. Of course we we open our show the same way too. Yeah but we are actually UPTEMPO. We try to. We don't we don't have our news. Let's see if we can do. It would be something like Adam Curry. John he divorced. What's going to happen. How many people die. We're so excited to tell you all about the death and destruction is no agenda. We could do it. Yeah well yeah. I think it'd be better with a chipper girl's voice. Yes Yeah Buchanan. Okay yeah just Jennifer Goto now. He hasn't got enough work to. She's the void shiver. This job is the voice. We don't even have to write a script for. She could do it all so that's okay. So so now. They got to control him. They named a woman beginning. Tanya whatever Toya Toya whatever name is but and Whoopi introduces her in the control. Rooms inner ear. They've got an. I have been Whoopi and we ended up with is funny Control Room Gaffe segment to try to get the big easy through one of the toughest times in modern history. Please welcome Mayor Latorre Cantrell. Good Morning Madam. Mayor. We know that. Show our our thank you that you all down there because you know all these hospitals around the country running out of equipment and supplies and I'm sorry I called you. I meant Latonya my bad. What concerns everybody? Stay out of my ear any hope. What are your biggest concerns? They're always talking to the host because the whole show is scripted. Somebody's got hair up there. Asking the control in their name was Latonya. And they're yakking at her so she starting to fumble and then so she finally correct yourself and says the Latonya Woman Says No. I'm the Toyota. They had A. They had another gaffe. Which now that you mention this. I'm pretty sure the control room tried to jump in on this one as well. The the reason it's funny is because for movie it comes from an obvious place of hate. She hates trump. She hates everything about him. Every everyone around him so she would like to see a new surgeon general. I would too frankly because Jerome Adams is not cutting it at all. But she She she would like to see a new surgeon general and she has an idea Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general. Joe Biden's wife because she he would never do but she yeah. She's a hell of a doctor. She's an amazing doctor. Dr Extent I could be wrong. She's she's teacher but she's a professor in education. Phd's Education. She's a hell of a hell of a doctor make her the surgeon general. Helluva Dr Idiot. I have a couple more funny. Little bits wouldn't mind sharing with you before we thank some more donors during yesterday's press conference the briefing one of the younger millennial journals and they and I think trump actually took a liking to this guy because he had a reasonable question before this but this was his second follow up. Question was quite entertaining. The we one of the biggest hits the crow viruses. Aside from briefings has been show on Netflix cold tire king and sided the story of this former zoo owner who serving twenty two year prison sentence. He's asking you for didn't say he was unfairly convicted. Your son yesterday. Jokingly said that he was going advocate for it and I'm just wondering if you've seen show it if you have any thoughts on cordoning show exhaustion. It must be done. It was I had a feeling. Is that what he said? I know nothing about twenty two years. For what what did he do? Allegedly hired someone to murder animal rights activists but. He said he didn't do that he was. You think he did not. Are you on his side? You are recommending a pardon. No I'm not advocating as you're not allowed to do that you'd be criticized by these. Would you recommend a pardon on that way? I don't think you would go ahead. You have a question. I'll take a look at your exotic. That's jokes saying hey I did call the hit of the season did I not made it all the way to the White House and then a career ending at trump has gotten good with the journals. I have to say it. Maybe it's because it's different string of them now. It's only a few of them is not as crowd. Even Jim. Acosta was quite civil on the had good discourse and but you still got to bring your a game when you want to ask the president of questions on oil again today. I was wondering oil. Yeah lers today. Well I was wondering if you were nowhere. Suppress give me the bruce. I'm not sure to be honest. How can you question? Yeah I'll look for you. Let me just since you're highly boom. Yeah career ending in my book stores Question There Is. He could have cleared himself to the president in that moment. So hey man it's like it's like there's a Jewish keeping up at all you could say the following twenty-three last time. I looked up to almost thirty now because Russia made some announcement this morning. This is by the way. They claim that the debt when the market went up the other yesterday or the day went up when it wasn't expected to and they They said it's because Bernie pull out of the election market the market that sensitive to Bernie pullout doubtful. Now the the the money's oil twenty-three as we speak so I was just guessing was oh. I saw twenty eight this morning so maybe it went looking at brant could be could be. I mean if you really look at it you can get oil for almost zero dollars in fact some awesome spot. Prices are trading negative negative negative price oil which you guys joked about on. Da Plugged. It's actually happening. I'll pay four bucks so pay you to take this off my hands. It's final thing. What costs money to storage? So it's negative negative oil. What a great world. We got money to immunize money and then negative oil everybody. We're all that crap. Yeah well sometimes. We're right. The United States Postal Service came up in a of course way that was meant to trap the President. But he deftly got out of and gave us a little INFO. Some insight into something. I was unaware of Congressman Gerry Connolly and Democrat from northern Virginia told the local DC CBS. Station I personally requested that cares. Act STIMULUS BILL. Be stripped of twenty five billion dollars for the postal service commonly claims that unless the USPS gets that twenty five billion the agency will be running out of money by June. He accuses you of Hastening. The demise of the Postal Service could you the reason the postal the postal services less billions of dollars every year for many many years. I'm the demise. This is the new one. I'm now the demise of the postal service demise of the postal service so these Internet companies that give their self to the postal service packages. And I don't know why they're not run. The Postal Service. You have a group of people so called independent people and they run it but these packages are they deliver. They lose money every time they deliver a packet for Amazon or these other Internet companies these other companies that deliver they drop everything in the post office. They say you deliver it and they lose a lot of money package and they have to raise their prices. But this postal commission doesn't do it now. We just got a chance to point a couple of people onto the commission as I understand it. And that's good but they have to raise their prices otherwise they're just GONNA lose a lot of money and tell you Democrat friend that he ought to focus on that because if he focused on that he could truly save the post office post office has been losing billions of dollars a year for many many years. I didn't know that but I looked into it and it is indeed true that certainly in a more rural states in areas Amazon amongst many others. Drop off the stuff at the post office. He go deliver in and apparently the money is not there for the post office to a to deliver that with any margin but I believe that's probably somewhat true but the real problem with the post office losing all this money that they have to pay forward their. Pensions Dependence yes. We know he's putting them in arrears right away you get some new employees and don't have to just account for his salary but yet to account for a salary for the next ten years right and you have to budget against Israeli a situation. That's designed to put them out of business when they really can't be put on the constitution but I don't know what they're gonNa do well and I think the President He. He's mad about these these types of organizations that run very inefficiently league kind of separate from the government and another one. I don't have a clip. Another thing that came up was the Tennessee Valley Authority. Yeah the TV A. And he's like that because he said how can the how can the government entity he says which I think is true or quasi-government yet. The Guy Running. It makes eight million dollars a year. I didn't know that but yeah these are called. Congo's kwong goes. Yeah Quan going. Look it up. Q. U. A. N. G. O. And these are things that have caused government organization is kind of what it means and they get it right check from the government and they did some very interesting. The British more concerned about quantum goes than we called CUANDO. Yeah Quango Q. U. A. N. D. O. Q. U. Quan. Do Cuando. Yeah oh fantastic. Well we need to be this. We need to be a Cuando cast. You could actually do the little by donating to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that'd be the first donator to the Quango John Night of Doda off lane in kill Devil Hills. What a name of a town. He'd kill Devil Hills North Carolina. One Hundred Bucks Nicole. Cooke came in with a check from Placentia California not listed here. Zander dollars is her desperate need for a deed. Dishing you spent deed -duced it's written. She wrote it on the check and so I can't imagine that it goes to go through a bank and notice the bottom says de Dushi. I wonder if that shows up if they oh CR that and it shows up in your statement it'd be funny to deduce sanity. A lot but deduce is a new one all right. Good Chance Hendrickson and Carpenters Ville Illinois. Ninety three seventy two James. I'm sorry Chad has a long overdue deducing requests. So you spent deed douched edition. He'd like to call out his brother. Kyle James Well you just made it under the wire Chad James Holly in Delaware Ohio Sixty nine hundred sixty nine. He might he needs to spend deed douched fan and he yes he wants to. God is out Michael for being a Douche bag Joe Dupont and Tawanda Pennsylvania's sixty eight sixty eight. See Anything on here though. I'm looking Martin Wall in Berlin Deutschland Sixty eight sixty eight. Well that's nice we have some. We'll get your jobs. Karm at the end sir. Rob Schneider the philanthropic shareholders and the Shareholders Federation in Leiden Holland. Sixty eight sir. Miles comber in Walnut California sixty eight. Oh these are all a sixty day. Birthdays people love. You love you sir. Miles comber Gerald Preston in Bennington Nebraska. A Stephen Visit Snl Shula Dweller Rocky Mount North Carolina Alina adverse Varvara review of over of the Dutch name. So you can read it. It's not a Dutch name. It's a line Shin dumb lights and dome. Yeah but I think I've I've Arvada is got to be something else. Thank you thank you Alan Shafran Saint Paul. Minnesota Baroness Monica in Drayton Valley Alberta Canada which I used to comment on years ago and I don't anymore because it doesn't exist anymore sir. Kevin McLaughlin earl of Luna in Locus North Carolina's sixtieth. They've got a great name towns in North Carolina ATMs. They've got a title change coming up for him. I do midnight of the rivers in Gulf breeze. Florida David Walsh in Khost Queensland Australia Sir Latin night of the Brunello in Bremerton Washington Sixty eight Andrew. Mcpeek in Gra Hannah. Ohio work is very much. Appreciated Mel car-o-van under Deccan in Monrovia melts. Your I think probably Czech Republic David Win in Rockville rougher century but is essential maybe New York Coleen Garrett in cary North Carolina Nicholas Robinson and drag it a drake Massachusetts car with K. In Rochester New York Thomas Gardner in Wilmington North Carolina. Joe In Montreal Quebec. Dan Puritan Chula Vista good list. Here thank you. Great List in Chula Vista Daniel Langman in Victoria BC Jennifer techn- rude tech neuro tech narrowed taking a road. In Reno Jacob Smith Seattle Washington Dame Isabelle Pearson and Manchester Lancaster like assure. Uk Jacob Whole Coenen in Chico California Ron Pointer in Union Kentucky and that concludes our group of well-wishers for my birthday. Nice list so nice of everybody. Yeah for the second go. Round John. Tyranny meanwhile six seven nine nine you enjoy opinion according to him and give me my birthday number Thompson. Connecticut Dame nurse Caitlyn of a flat earth in Goldsboro North Carolina Ninety five. I would like to read her note. S greetings from Dame nurse. Caitland the flat earth just wanted to share my current situation with Kovic nineteen. I work at a hospital about an hour from the. Rda You area. What is already you north? Carolina as of today are centrally. Durham as of today are census. Hospital wide is so low that multiple floors are being combined into one. No one is technically being laid off at this point but due to the amount of extra staff. We are told to anticipate not working full-time hours over the next few weeks. Isn't that interesting? She says they also say that. The models show our area. We'll see the peak in Cova cases over the next few weeks. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. It MTO gentlemen all the other nights and Dame's and thank you very much dame nurse Caitlyn of the flatter we love getting these updates very consistent. We hear this a lot We'll being sent home. There's no work. There's nothing to do very consistent and thank you for your courage because regardless of whether you know not doing anything now you are on the frontlines for everybody's health. We appreciate reported. That's nothing's going on like on the report earlier with the governor of Arkansas get to media does they. Don't want to talk about it at all and it gives you post something on Youtube as we've seen it gets pulled down so yup the next one is is it Rudolf Gronya in Jersey City New Jersey Tests House right Rudolph. Is it sir? Fomer Chur fomer Sir Fomer Brahmin. Of course we know Sir Foam and Brahmin Sir Fomer Jay Sam now Garcia in Valco Florida fifty five ten Jeff Gibbs in northern quote unquote Minnesota fifty. Five ten me lives in the in the sticks. Both of those guys have got a birthday on the list there on the birthday list. Yeah Robert Case and mill spring North Carolina fifty five. Now we've got fifty dollar donors named location. That'll wrap it up. Not that many Maryland Plaza Maryland Plaza. That's a name really ago. Scar WOULD NORTON NEW JERSEY. That's a great name. Nick 'em in Berlin. Another dargie lander over the guys from Berlin today. Berlin is trending. Berlin is trending. If anyone can visit Berlin go do. It is really a place for. We're actually more interesting than pretty. Jonathan Mayer and Xenia. Ohio Michael runner or roar. Error in Paolo Hieaux. And that's he's rebuking his buddy Jim from Ohio calling him a Douche bag so he got his original rebuked donation has right I rebuke a Larry. Hey and Moore's Ville North Carolina Edward Zurich in Memphis Tennessee. Mary Kui Mary. Who We love that name. Mary Hoey Mary. Hoey parts unknown drew macek in El Cerrito California over here by me. WanNa thank all. These folks are supporting us and showed twelve thirty two. Don't forget we do have Easter Sunday. 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And all you have to do to figure it out is go to dot org slash and for everyone who needs it. John Jobs and jobs. That's vote for job you've got. Today is the nine of April. Twenty twenty Shortlist this cornell celebrated on the six. Oh a belated happy birthday. Sam Garcia says happy birthday to a smoking hot girlfriend Cristina and she celebrates on the eleven. Jeff Gibbs says happy birthday to his brother Rick Gibbs he turns fifty. I presume today. Happy Birthday from everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. Don't want to upgrade. For today as Sir Kevin McLaughlin Earl of Luna Louis Changes and upgrades with his title and his name. And thank you that is through another very donation act grow generous aggregate of donations He upgrades to Duke and he will be now or henceforth known as Duke of Luna and Solis. And thank you very much for your courage and we appreciate that very much. We do have one nineteen for today so just get your blade do it real swift and we need Vince. 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The she'll get that out to you as soon as we possibly can and thank you again for supporting the show. Everybody who missed out on supporting US and really producing the show. You can do it for episode one thousand two hundred thirty three. The Easter special special producer ship. You just heard it worked at ORG SLASH AND BAY now. I have one more topic related to the road. Do I have a humorous interlude topic? Please do let's do it now. This is I have to tell you this and I have apologizing advance in advance for this. These are Joe Biden clips now. The one biting clip which. I swore we plant in the last show and I looked at my Klis and I realized we didn't what happened. Was it came into the public domain after last show and so we've heard it all week but as one of my favorites and this is the Joe Biden Biden is called the Biden Sixteen clip the Biden sixteen clip. Here we go oops didn't load. Why didn't load load the case? We cannot let we've never allowed any crisis from the civil war straight through to the pandemic seventy all the way route. Sixteen we have never never let our democracy sakes second fiddle way that we can both have a democracy and elections and at the same time. Correct the public health. Yeah this this got some traction. Yeah it was one of his best. He's been they've been keeping him quiet and they keep his wife nearby. I Dr Jill the Doctor. You have the ducks hand. Cast doctor show now. We have him. He's done in the basement morning and grind so he did a town hall recently got two short clips from that but they and they emphasized some of his little habits would how he presents himself. This is the Biden ramble. One example kids we have because I'm running for president. We have secret service all around the House and anybody comes in the house. They put on a mask and they put on gloves and they command and they WANNA make sure that we're not communicating any Any possibility of the disease. Here's vice president. You GotTa Stop Communicating. It's dangerous duty about competitive house. Just a communication. It's a lot more dangerous than go. It now goes on revealing some facts about himself and his lack of technical capabilities this is the Biden ramble to here. I'm in my basement and a television studio. We've not done that before so I'm trying to learn to and an awful lot of stuff you're doing online but you're Kinda more used to deny them. When I have a problem then I have to do with my computer or going online. I call one of my granddaughters. They're they're the ones who settled form it but all kidding aside. Yeah that's the Guy I want for President Bessie. I want that guy for the show while it's not like trump uses computers so wouldn't be that much of a downgrade now. I'm sure he doesn't know what he's doing either. No I you what you do your thing. I last bit that I have here will be a world roundup of some of the areas that we haven't discussed March and how they're doing. Okay good. Yeah we'll we'll wind up with that good idea There is some kind of bricking news analyst Yes I would say it started. The news came out of Chicago There will be a deep dive on this. I'm sure on the Moafak show this week But this is the general idea today. Chicago Mayor Lauren. Lightfoot said the Chicago Department of Public Health Statistics show quote seventy two percent of Chicago's deaths have been among black chicagoans though black chicagoans makeup. Just thirty percent of the city's population joining us now is Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot lightfoot you must have had a feeling that this was what the numbers were going to show even before. The data was assembled with this overwhelming impact on African Americans in Chicago. Do you have any working theory about why it is? Well I think the reporting that you just showed which is when you have all these health disparities Preko vid where you've got a disproportionate number of people. In the African American community the diabetes with hard elements with respiratory problems this disease attacks and feast on those underlying conditions. I really have a problem. When people say this disease attacks. And she said feasts on it's totally medically incorrect. But it does make it sound scarier. Eddie's with hard elements with respiratory problems this disease attacks and feast on those underlying conditions. And that's we're seeing manifest in the numbers. I mean it's breathtaking. When I first saw these numbers I had a hard time thinking about anything else because I knew that this was a land like a bomb and that we had to come up with some concrete rapid responses to help people these communities and there hasn't been any emphasis on this or even a word about it as far as I know at the White House. Free things what you're the most prominent kind of puppy know what's coming right. Trump is literally killing black people in the street. I just want a racist. That's what's coming. Trump is racist the viruses racist. And here's a this was on MSNBC. I forgot her name. She's a family physician Black family physician here was her take. What is happening is that black folks are getting infected more. Because they're exposed more and once infected. They're getting they're dying more because they have their bodies. Our bodies have borne the burden of chronic disinvestment active neglect in our community. So when I look at it. It is because of structural racism in the more forward facing jobs so that we're more exposed and less value. Don't even have the protection that we need and this chronic residential segregation that turns into employment segregation educational segregation environmental hazards segregation. Al- both insult and our bodies have given us more of the so-called preexisting conditions. So once we're infected. We have more severe outcomes from the disease. I cannot wait to discuss this with Mo because clearly point of questioning for for you to give him okay. Because they're saying well you know. There's all these Girl Racism EPA JENEX man so I go to A couple of places I shop at where it can get in and get out and one of them is the grocery outlet in Richmond California which is a always never has the line they have paper goods. They have a lot of crazy products. I just really like shopping at these places because they have a lot of experimental foods and in the places you end up with a very wide range of people's You just a wide range of people's a good mixture of Chinese you got black. She Got Mexicans. Everybody the the blacks never wear a mask. There's not they just masks. People were mass about half the people. There wear masks a CIA. All the Asians were masks a lot of the A lot of the Hispanics wear masks. They I've never seen and there's quite a few bucks at shopped. There never seen a black with a mask ever well. I don't know if that means anything because I don't wear a mask either. But beside the point for for the purposes of discussion all I know you said just stupid. I'm GONNA ask him. I'm sure he'll have a whole rundown what I have noticed. This is the story that they're presenting is not the whole story because they did a full racial breakdown in Chicago and a couple other cities. And you the headline could also be the Hispanics a half as likely to get corona virus according to their percentage of the population. Why is that because I would be kind of more interested in? What are they doing? That makes them less susceptible. If it's an action you're doing versus at by biological thing that you can't help refried beans man. I'm telling you baby it's going all right. Let's go around the world. John What's Let's hear what is happening with. The Rona worldwide are. I've got a series of these Cova clips cove in some other round where I got a long thing on Sweden. If you want to hear that but let's start with Kovic. Brazil Bay worrying numbers coming from Brazil gets despite these concerns despite the spike in new infections there the president of Brazil here Bolsonaro keeps minimizing the impact that the disease will have in Brazil. He continues to say that he's more worried about the economic impact there and so he's attacking mayors and governors who have imposed strict measures in a number of regions across Brazil insisting these measures should end But this is increasingly putting him in isolation politically at least giving that new polls are showing that a majority of resilience disapprove of the president's position on this crisis and instead of supporting people such as the Minister of Hell to is insisting that Brazilians new need to put him practice social distancing and follow the restrictions that have been put in place for example in the populous regions of Paulo and Rio de Janeiro President Bulls Sonar instead on Saturday with a number of evangelical pastors and decided with them. Tomorrow Sunday will be a day of fasting and prayer to fight what he calls the devil of the corona virus. Okay I want to mention that. Just sort of This phenomenon of the leadership saying no. We're not going to do that. And they've been the public saying just the opposite or believing the opposite to be more important is happening in North Dakota where North Dakota one of the states like Arkansas. That has refused to put shelter in place in the North Goto. You know why. What's the point and But the public is demanding. They want to be sheltered in place. Because of the media has been promoting it so my yes yes so. It's kind of very interesting. How the media is superseding. The actual leadership a what's been happening for the past four years almost probably longer Cova Columbia right here in Columbia. Also the lockdown continues a looks like it has been able to reduce the number of contagious. That's what the government is saying. However they're still very worried about the possible increase are spiking cases in the coming days or weeks. Locked down here will go on until April thirteenth at least for now but there are talks about a possible extension a lot of the war. Here's for Venezuela and migrants and hundreds of them start walking back to Venezuela because with occur in lockdown. They haven't been able to eat or pay for the rooms an interesting side effects to this and I thank you this. These are great. I Love Wide Sad but I love hearing how other countries are going before this took place around the globe in in the Netherlands in In Germany in France in Hong Kong in Wuhan as well actually in the United States there was dissent. There were nationalist leader standing up saying screw this word. Would we want the nationalist way? We don't want the globalist all of that shutdown done completely silenced. Yes that's the idea. Let's go to France. Oh I'm sorry I was all to myself. Yes France before the lockdown in France. Abdennour as. Who's worked on three building sites in the Paris region and electrician with his own business? He was in demand but since the French government ordered people to stay home to stem the spread of the corona virus. He's had to stop work now. He's worried about the future through about on the longer it takes to return to work the harder it will be because we'll need to restart the building site the work. The materials will supply as be available. Will they have the material needed in construction? You're not paid the sixty days so even if we started again in May not be paid until July and we have bills to pay Abdul Wasi. Lima is also concerned. She's had to close their fashion shop in central Paris and says even before the lockdown her clients began to stay away to the corona virus has had a huge impact on the sharp. Mike Lines were very scared and didn't come so our income plummeted. Our regular clients disappeared on the tourists so economically. It's a huge impact and I'm scared of the future on the city's near empty roads. Some taxi drivers continue to work but passengers are joining in a ten hour shifts. I've only had five passengers. It's covers my costs but I'm earning nearly nothing at all. In fact I'm losing money but what can I do as people stay home across France? Shopping streets quiet and businesses closed people who've lost trade jobs income and certainty about their future. The French government says that because of the corona virus crisis the country faces a recession. Boston will try and support businesses and companies with a range of measures including interest free loans as special bonuses. I love how France is just autonomous. You know it's not a single thing about e you like doing their own thing dental care. I also think it's funny. I have an interest free loans in zones negative interest rates saying you the complaint about the shot little clothing shops. This is something that is annoying to me. Because there's little clothing shops that are all over. The place are all shut down. But meanwhile I can shop for clothing now at Walmart. Yoy Shopping clothing at target. I shop for clothing it Costco. There's your entire assists fair. That's your agenda twenty one. That's the idea go to short reports from Italy in Italy that the outbreak there is slowing for the first time since it began. The number of patients in intensive care has fallen. Italy also reported its lowest a daily rise in deaths in nearly two weeks when we get the latest from willow. Let me just double check which she said because they're about to lift their stay at home restriction has been four weeks. I believe for them. Now she said okay so she went out first shopping experience with the mass. Because those those are required In all of Tuscany rumors are soft on lock for some businesses will start Tuesday. But the plebs is my sister will not really get more space until May fourth because April twenty fifth. May I or holidays. Were family typically come together and do outings like Easter so seems that it will be excuse. Me May fourth. And they'll be out. They'll be released with social distancing involved. No doubt and mass get no agenda masks to her. Yeah we'll have to go to send some over the BANDANNA mass they're beautiful Cova de Peru Panama. Peru is limiting movement by gender absolutely. That's the decision that was made on a Friday also. Panama is doing the same. Men will be able in Peru to go out just for their essential. Needs buying food or medicines on Monday Wednesday and Friday women instead will be able to do it on Tuesday Thursdays and Saturday and Sunday. Everybody is expected to stay at home. The president said that even if the measures so far put in place have had positive effects. He wants even less people on the streets and he hoped that this will mean half of the people that go out on a daily basis in. Peru will go out with these new measures kind of my ideas the rotate half the people. That's one way of doing it also. Sounds like some I think Unannymous OF LORSA. Bovi dog patch would have something to say about that. He's cynical and sounds very Muslim like can have the sex's mix new the Muslims go to Iran and see what's going on their health officials in Iran a warning of a second wave of cases if people don't follow advice to stay Home Arana's reported the one hundred fifty eight people have died in the last twenty four hours that are nearly fifty six thousand confirmed cases in the country. Despite the warning of a resurgence industrial facilities have been reopened out to see a resemblance. Ravi is in Tehran and says there's been an increase in the number of people out on the streets in the last twenty four hours. One hundred fifty eight new reported deaths from the corona virus. This is the largest. It's been in recent days we've also seen a twenty two thousand five hundred sixty new cases so that is lower in terms of overall infection rate than we've seen in recent days but the numbers are staying steady and this is happening at a time when the narrow holiday period has ended in what we're seeing on the streets of Darrang that people are beginning to come out of their homes. They are beginning to return the work. There is more traffic on the roads. People are opening shops and businesses. Despite the fact that the government stayed or stay at home order or stay at home suggestion to its people remains in place. The Health Ministry has said that this is a worrying sign that they understand that people need to go back to work that they need to continue to carry on with their lives to be able to make money the rent to to be able to purchase food and just go on living but they have said that this is a worrying trend and if it continues that we could see a second wave of this infection and they've learned against people starting to emerge into their normal routine. They're saying that the trend of people going to hospital four corona virus has not gone down and we are not out of the woods yet So it's Kinda the same bull crap everywhere everywhere. People need to get back to work. We need to get back to life. This is this is starting to hurt. I have I have one more reporting on Sweden which I'm GONNA move Sunday but instead of giving the good thorough report on Sweden I just WanNa drop it back to Joy Behar. Who Will Give her opinion about what's going on. What's going on? Sorry but she has an opinion which she's saying is that people need to maybe make the wrong decisions. You Know Sweden. I was reading that Sweden actually has that policy people going to dinner. You see them in restaurants. They're out in the streets. I mean they did not have a shutdown policy at all in Sweden and I believe the numbers are going up. Somebody could check that for me. I mean he took a risk. The president of Sweden. I mean it seems to me that something like the example of South Korea where they shut down the country completely and now the numbers are going down that that seems to be the way to go. Maybe North Dakota doesn't have as many of course people as New York who are sick but they could leave North Dakota. They could have the virus and move to South Dakota now. South Dakota gets it and so I think that the president needs to shut down the whole country. Of course he won't do that because it impacts the economy and he knows that the economy is exactly what we'll get him reelected or not reelected all my God. You buried the lead with this clip. What are you thinking man? Okay I. She's got it all wrong. It's Sweden is a mess from our own Swedish producers. We're hearing right now. And somehow they shut South Korea down no no. They didn't shut the South Korea down. And what did she say at the end there? That sack of Poop. What did she say she said? That North Dakota's is not shutting down and they should and it because one person could move this out code and then they would go down and so trump should shut down. The country shot become a dictator. You mentioned earlier in the show. So the left wing media can condemn him for being a dictator. This whole thing is a laughable. What she actually says is worse. She says trump won't shut down the country because he doesn't want his precious stock market and economy to be hurt joy. Behar take a civics class lady please. I can't believe no I can't believe it. People like her. She should no you can't. It's not how the how the United States works. You can't just say I'm shutting down. Stay at home every body. It doesn't work that way. They want it they. I think they want the precedent or something like it's not would love a national government to Democratic National Government and the Bureau of Defense or your friend and also one more thing joy bejart's Sweden has a prime minister. They don't have a president. You'd doofus actually when you hear the real report is not even the President Prime Minister. Whoever it is that the they're not running the no no he serves as prime minister. Yeah exactly all right then. I have one last clip because I want to refocus everybody on what is being done to you. Certainly in the United States. But it's happening all over Europe. It's the same thing they want you to wait for a vaccine. They want you to get a passport for your antibodies. This must be resisted because these are all control mechanisms without even having the vaccine so once again I'll let the angel of death normally. That would be foul cheat today. That's going to be Bill Gates. Explain one more time how he wants us to get back to work. Well we don't know how seasonal this virus is probably be good for the northern hemisphere if the force of infection goes down as we get into spring and summer you know. Give us some time to get foc the drugs and advance the vaccine. It's it is fair to say things won't go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we've gotten out to basically the entire world and so you know the best people of foundation were all about high-volume vaccines are working with many manufacturers. Not only on the and efficacy but getting that billions of dose capacity and so like China. They'll be a partial opening up which some jobs will resume. School will resume. But we'll have to be very very careful not to have the rebound in until the vaccine comes vaccine is coming everybody Bill Gates saying no kissing. Stop Kissing. Slaves would seriously be good. We're on the same boat. I think we're GONNA be okay one way or the other So please remember us at dot org slash and a we will be back on Sunday to bring you another while these days. Three three and a half hours of Infotainment seriously don't look at anything else. It's just not worth it. We're doing it for you. Smoke a lot of weed is how I do it coming to you. From opportunities owned thirty-three here the frontier of Austin Texas Fema region number six on the governmental maps case. You looking for a way to drop the body bags in the morning everybody. I'm curry and from northern Silicon Valley. Where there's no more Zephyr but there's a few other trains a lot. That crazy looking freight trains gone by now and again. I'm Jesse end of show mixes from Fletcher. Stark Weather Leo La- PUKE and guns Renaldo Gonzalez and D. H. unplugged coming up next on no agenda STREAM DOT COM until Sunday. Everybody until that audio the the viruses. Not His fault. Look folks I say good evening so I'll say a few things head start. Here's we should get on with this guy to go faster. Slower restarted. Awfully slow can't make things up. You GotTa Stop Three. Point three million two weeks before we should be making it easier not harder to make sure to set make sense in a sense because the other thing one of the things you know you and I have been on your show number times. Generic point is that you should follow the Science do tells you listened to the foul cheese of the world we have never never let our PTA. Moxie SAKES SECOND FIDDLE. They had very very tight restrictions in terms of social. Cetera standards in place. Now it's coming back worried about how you're going to make the rent worried about how to pay the bills. Keep food on the table. Good luck man. You're watching people dying in the disease. Do not understand chloroquine doctors all around the country. Creasing CLEAR WE CONGRATULATE OURSELVES GARY. The hell out of the people understand Freebie Shit. He's doing here. If you have a heart. Condition Industry Sheen supporter calls that Savannah. Guthrie can even find any state on the math be wonderful. It'll be so beautiful to be horrendous. A Gift From Hesse congratulated Gary L. Garrett people understand adequate on edited transmitted so this country so bad for the world stream heart under extreme stress conditions. Then itself can be damage to the one tissue bell with Gary Helen Garrett I think now people understand doctor proud key whatever you gotta do out with a push in a semi coma does state and then just paralyzed show one. So you can't three to then shove this tube down your throat career vocal cords in it. Push in their amusing pressure. We congratulated Gary L. How PEOPLE UNDERSTAND? He didn't bring up to eighty percent death rate. They know that at times it. She's living in a camper to avoid putting her family at rips clearly. The Gates Foundation driving the data driving the numbers in fact finding the narratives carried the hell out of it now. People understand reduced by heavy hundred rolls of toilet paper to most of my salary. Sharman must be billionaires now. Wipe their butts where money sounds. Ups trucks always industry. I'm getting used to it now on Netflix. Each bill why stalled or show. Somehow there is no last boards. Going to the movies can't even drive the car Always wear a mask win outside the house. No time for Wu. Han Flu now starting to play my GRANDPA's old accordion still smells like cigarettes brandy been taking lessons from youtube videos. I might be decent some day spending time on Al Gore's amazing Internet now meant to really weird worn. I sleep in the daytime or is it the nighttime this quarantines that buzzkill like John Back on bandmate off the flu is nothing to sneeze at. Hey you sweat. Here's Mike figures what I figured the President Scott. This is extremely alarming. Take WanNA talk about H. Take him on B. Ridiculous ridiculous to keep. This is extremely alarming. Extremely alarming extremely alarming congress. You can you know about the about the kind of you cares about the supervision house. Branco extremely extremely alarming extremely alarming controls. Were now I had a world? Governing Body will be created to enforce their own crises precipitate change mopus dot org slash and A. I got no agenda none.

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