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and welcome to college football live with myself l dunkin and my three vox partners in crime jonathan vilma emmanuel acho clearly we were weeks after and post the season which is the only reason they have allowed me to host with you gentlemen so we will certainly look for the next thirty minutes a hot button issue we've been dealing with all season long but particular now the less serious transfer portal did seems to be a bit of an epidemic guys and now we're getting some comments from our former colleague current f._a._u. head coach butch davis who was asked by the miami herald about the transporter and said they're going to be a lot of kids who were heartbroken the grass is always greener on the other side and the first of january there were fourteen hundred kids who hit the transfer portal in the middle of january there seventeen hundred now they're close to two thousand they're only three hundred and fifty scholarships as bailable so where are those other kids going to go they left a scholarship thinking they were going to get scholarships now they're on the street thinking oh and now they can't go back what he's referring to and i do to mention this before i get your thoughts is the fact that you can insert enter the transfer portal you can kind of just dip the toe in the water see if there's any interest elsewhere and then go back to your school should you want to but they can also cancel your scholarship should they want to as well do you agree with your former coach jonathan vilma that this is totally gotten out of control i do agree it has gotten out of control of the thing that's most apprising is that the kids are looking for some attention from other schools when you're already got that attention from the other schools and then you chose the school that you went to now understand if a coach got fired or your position coach got fired and there may be some things that happen where you wanna leave but most of it boils down to these kids are frayed of competition that's the facts you have kids right now that they don't get their way they want out as opposed to fighting through fighting through and making sure that they can find a way to get a spot get on the plainfield find a way to battle that's what it's all about it's about competition right now they're missing that i can't blame the kids for looking to greener pastures and for looking for greener pastures let's talk about some of the coaches they thought the grass was greener scott frost chip kelly they both left relatively solid situations one of the s._p._n. and one at u._c._f. and started very terribly doesn't always work out as you think it might clearly that's been the case for coaches so to me j._v. i hear you sometimes it may be a competition issue but we live in a day and age into society where it's all about win now it's all about please me now gratify me now and a lot of times that's worked i can't blame guy like just in fields he's looking overseeing trevor lawrence lead his team to a national championship he wants a piece of that action big difference art show is that the coaches are leaving when there's a contract in place and they are out the door as a business in the players are trying to dip their tone water oh let me put my name in his poro let me see if anybody wants to talk me there's any interest and then run the risk of losing your scholarship at the school you currently are at because by the way the school that you're at like do they liked you so much that they gave me the scholarship so that's why i don't like that comparison of the players in the coaches unless you had a guaranteed option on the other side sure go ahead do what you need to do but these guys want attention because they're afraid to compete well essentially vilma you kind of just brought up at least the case was facing someone that was in the transport of that being taped martell who applied for a waiver to play immediately in miami essentially saying that because they decided they were going to move on from urban meyer he was going to move on and ryan day was going to come in that cause some type of hardship for him so he should be able to play a mmediately and not have to sit out a year as typically the case when you transfer if you're not a graduate transfer acho do you agree that he should be able to do this because this could essentially change the entire landscape of transfers this is risky risky business i say this because we're going to have to start to decipher what is emotional hardship so to speak if you give tate martell the freedom to immediately play as going to get very dicey because if i'm a college football player like so many players trying to transfer i'm just going to start coming up with reasons why i went through emotional distress and i'm going to make that my claim i'm going to make that my appeal j._v. you know as well as i do there are a lot of things that go on and college football that never reach the surface at the point in which i just gotta bring a scandal to surface to get out i'm going to start doing so very risky if the n._c._w. allows take martell victory for i agree with you watch oh the n._c. double a. needs to sit firm lines of what is considered emotional hardship and what's not i would consider have me a emotional hardship as a coach getting fired for example not a coach leaving to get another job but because gets fired if something happens and then you now come into a new system with the new coat yes you should be allowed to leave and you should be allowed to see the greener pastures on the other side outside of that though there are no motion harshest because you receive the scholarship you go out and you play yeah i mean i will say this though davy i'll say this part it gets a little risky the outcome is the same whether it coach gets fired or coach decides to leave just on a whim the outcome is the same for the player if you're being honest players don't commit to universities players commit to coaches the university of texas didn't come and sit down in my living room matt brown did so when i committed to texas i wasn't committing for all forty of the eight years i was committing for mack brown so if he would up and left i felt like i deserved the opportunity to up and leave i understand that the fans think oh you're committing to the university that's false you're not committing to university you're committing to a coach a coordinator and maybe a position coach that's just what it is for the majority of athletes these days and sure that's fair but at the same time it's not exactly like ryan day was an outside hire referring to the tape martell case let's be clear he wants to leave because it just feels is coming back to vilmos point he doesn't want to compete for the starting job he wants to go somewhere where he is sure to get the starting role like miami so this is a slippery slope no no you're you're right this is a very unique situation slippery slope i think if martel would have made his his request known sooner a missed more of the ohio state scandal he could get away with it but now it's obvious he's scared of the competition like j._v. as mentioned now it's obvious why he wants to get out i'm simply speaking to the aspect of coach leaving versa coach being fired it's still hard on a player l. is not on your side show try to tell you that john not on bill missile either he's going to find that out very very soon maybe here with this next question that being grad transfer is they don't have to worry about any of this stuff filing for hardships or whatnot they are free and clear to play so we've seen a number of really big names decide they're going to be graduate transfers who do you think out of this list is the best fit to where they're going it'll be brennan wimbush transfer from notre dame going to u._c._f. he's going into a very very good situation because you have mackenzie mellon that they're unsure of if he's gonna come back in time with the knee injury now he can take his time or is like injury he could take his time to get back and get healthy they're returning fifteen starters all but one of their skill position players and frankly the competition is not as good so brandon wimbush who's a top flight talent at notre dame he's now going down to a tier two tier one aa not in u._c._f. but in the competition that they're going to be playing against so he can shine and excel and show is that lettuces them in a very good situation that you see like j._v. just said it has more to do with u._c._f. and u._c._f. schedule than it necessarily does brandon wimbush he is capable of winning ball games which he did at notre dame for over a year but he also got replaced for me if the no brainer jalen hurts going to the university of oklahoma when was the last time that oklahoma quarterback was bad oh wait beyond that dalen hurts twenty six in to the starter he's been to national championships he's got himself own set of rings he knows how to win lincoln riley knows how to develop quarterbacks and most importantly in oklahoma's offense you don't have to be incredibly prolific passer or proficient passer receivers are screaming down the field wide open and he inherits cd lamb kennedy brooks grant calcaterra the list goes on jalen hurts will instantly ball we saw the low hanging fruit acho as we said well we saw what happened when you had that one off with mary right everything is in place for him to step in to excel in the same way all right there is no such thing as the n._c._w. football commissioner it's not a thing it just isn't the thing but let's assume that there was okay and you guys are nipah tent and i will start with you joe if you were commissioner of the n._c. a. football what would you change well first off let me but not my jacket him become a little more professionalized with i have three things i would change why i need scheduling para ti across all conferences i'm tired of some teams playing three out of conference games some team plan to some play in one let's get paid secondly i have to compensate the players because i need more players playing in bowl game so if nothing else i'm compensated for their bowl game at a minimum and the last league can i get rid of somebody's uniform violations let my play your swag out like they did back in the u in the nineties early two thousands not done within vilma he didn't have any swags put some of those other guys are capable of having swag let them express it on the field i'm tired of the strict penalties that's it that's all i got well i appreciate that backhanded compliment so now if i were the commissioner you're my assistant i would do i would change everything about this opening the free agency market of the recruiting of the players i would open it up let these boosters pay whoever they want how much they want for as long as they want if they want to get the kids because let's be real the boosters made a living multi millionaire billionaire boosters made a living off of sound business decisions their whole life they're not going to all of a sudden just throw that away and start dumping millions of dollars to these eighteen year old kids what's going to happen is eighteen year old kid will most likely be a bus once that happens the market is said you're gonna have the billionaire saying i'm not paying the next kid and then you will eventually have a three thrall for what you're going to have as far as paying the players throughout the recruiting process they should do it will help the kid it'll help the families it'll help the n._c. aa because they surely aren't giving the players any money next thing i would do i would have the tier one tier two targeting because i'm hating watching these kids who are not intentionally hitting the opponent the helmet and then they're getting knocked out of the game for a half and it's already in the second half to knock him out for the first half of next game so i would do that and then find a way as you said joe incentivize the players in these bowl games because frankly it's not fun watching the bowl games right now we gotta do a better job if i'm the commissioner we i do better job bowl teams let me just point out very quickly that it's very rich that the one wearing the pocket square wanted to do uniform violations and former linebacker wanted to take exception with targeting but villarreal fast how fair is it to have boosters pay when the big twelve just going to have a bunch of oil money they can't compete with the avacado farmer in the pac twelve that's unfair so let's see okay well let's think about it l. if we're talking about the oil companies of what oklahoma texas oklahoma state these programs already established they already get the best players so why are we worried about them getting the best players when they already have the best players if you're gonna pay him it doesn't make a difference now wisconsin the midwest they already have a tough time recruiting with or without the money so it makes no difference wait i'm sorry that was the entire s._e._c. just clutching their pearls they get players my goodness jonathan vilma plow next year going to say it's the a._c._c. coming up in just a little bit we are going to talk about sean mcveigh is lincoln riley basically the cultural version of stick around all right we're back and we're going down we start with our first down north texas offense coordinator graham harrell monday night accepting an offer to become u._s.'s new offense coordinator herald course replacing cliff kingsbury who left for the cardinals and brock cured on this very show yesterday offered his take on the hiring no no i don't like this at all peter nasr really nothing to do with cliff or graham coaches or people or its human beings you asked me about fit i don't think u._s._c. has to run the air raid i mean this is u._s._c. is not this is the bluest of the blue bloods out west this is one of the few schools i think in the pac twelve that that can select their kind of players and not just have to try to recruit you can pick which system you want the on air rate is for you know mike leach up and up in pullman or down in lubbock and when you don't have the kind of personnel to go they'll do you agree that u._s._c. is better than this i don't agree i understand his perspective because the talent is always there i look at it and say we'll air raid is the new style of offense you can have the best talent running this new style of offense so why wouldn't you want to bring in the air raid with the best live receive the best position best running back so you can get on the west coast so i understand where brock is coming from i don't agree with you yeah i agree with you j._v. and totally disagree with brought the air right put up numbers puts up yards and it gets recruits their right offense works it's not as if it's some sort of new gimmick everybody talks about smash mouth football do what works is the new way just new blood is new offense coordinators new minds air aid u._s._c. maybe when they add five downs we'll be able to debate why mike leach disciples keep getting jobs and not mike leach himself but that's for another college football live let's go second down and we're talking about oklahoma these seconds vinyl signing day is of course next wednesday february six how ever looks like home is in pretty good spot after signing twenty three players in december p._m. has them as the top five in the recruiting class that's after taking a huge jump from number nine last year so here's the question on i'll pose it to you i auto is lincoln riley the college football version of sean mcveigh no doubt about it lincoln riley is that dude he's young he's wagging i mean he's got the style any puts up numbers that's what it comes down to to that that heisman winners how do you instantly become a head coach go to the college football playoff two years in a row and delivered to heisman two years in a row if not just about being young and good looking the man producing he might be better than sean mcveigh at the college level i have no idea what you're talking about right now joe because lincoln riley doesn't have defense your linebacker how do you sit here and say that sean mcveigh and lincoln riley compare sean mcveigh as one of the best defences and surround himself with the best coach talent how in asian busy until lincoln robbins defense you cannot compare me sean mcveigh rally get free agency i lincoln riley was at a justin timberlake concert the other day and justin timberlake yelled out boomer sooner so basically lincoln riley is the beyond say of college football next it's perfect but this is third down which is perfect territory for running backs and that's because this super bowl is going to feature two of the most fantastic running backs in u._g._a. history that being todd gurley and sony michelle todd asked about u._g._a. legacy as rb you this week at media day yeah it's been our b._u. says i left georgia running thanks can we plan the super bowl and nobody show show me the live ilma there's no lie i mean it's cute that you're georgia school is rb you but i'll trump you and have miami be n._f._l. you by the way who had the most first round is in a single season university of miami who had the most first rounding streak university of miami fifteen years from ninety eight ninety five thousand eight who had the most this is two thousand two university of miami so i liked order that's cute but i'll still stick with the university of miami two thousand and one miami how did you make this argument about all of a sudden big picture n._f._l. profit we talked about running back javy not the league learn beck's you say are beat you we all know the n._f._l. you started with miami because we're producing so many n._f._l. talented players and by the way done all success yes joe do you want to question that wasn't even all right that wasn't doesn't matter all right okay and find in finally we're at fourth down and this is scott frost i can't stand you always about miami ville did you go there because i'm wondering ski scott frost was invited of course bresca head coach scott frost was invited to a little girl's birthday party named lilly he could not go but he did answer her personally by personally i mean he probably had a secretary type this up and then he used a stamp assign it respectfully declining and saying he couldn't go to her fifth birthday so on fourth down i ask you this i'll start with auto here if you could have had a child her birthday and any player or coach showed up to it would have been bringing the best player to ever grace the university of miami defensive player himself every swaggie most biggest personality ever when i was a kid you know five six seven eight and read was that dude i remember he gave once beat he said don't ask me if i'm hurt davey would probably they're asking reid if he was hurting whatnot and i'll say this j._v. you can come as plus one well i'm glad return turn you down so i'm not worried about that my guy would be michael jordan i'm taking to the basketball court because it didn't matter football basketball hockey whatever sport he got it done he found ways to win he won game when he was sick he won't gain heard he won games and i love that about michael jordan only person i'll be sarsour probably still be starbuck now by the way i think show just had like a subtle dig at how old you are aren't you like the same age is ed reed and like he said read could have come to arcade party at the little kid okay that's okay okay is that what it is it's forty two so here was mine randomly body bowden like dude i don't know why but as a kid i had an actuation with f._s._u. we had a close friend who are like die hard seminal fans and i just loved body bowden i wanted him to be my grandpa frost reasons that couldn't have been but but yeah i was all in on him and he was my guy so i'm i'm going shave is he wearing the glasses to the party one hundred percent he's wearing the glasses he's got the whistle he's been a nice dude got a chance to meet him fan girl that was a whole thing all right coming up next it's what we've all been waiting for emmanuel art show is about to get us to change on much chagrin of the entire group stick around college football i continued show takes two it was shop for texas i and we finally saw michigan reshape patterson at st novels one washington who succeeded would you believe me total toby to college station came out with the win bed words to me the we three hurricane wasn't much we could do what the hell wisconsin against me why gets four urban kita miss that be the minutes out the world when they'd be teeth kelly brian came alive and penn statement insights in texas on the show this again l._s._u. what the hell looks frothy we finally get him a win state never wants to go to against inventions mystifying texas got it two boy you gotta be just turned e._s._p._n. and a._m. scored a game quarterbacks going crazy to what kind of dwayne he put up sixty to miss six test in baboots georgia hats brooms but a backup quarterback came to the rescue jalen hurts number truth man that was a senior place dude replace to just the same team playoff event at at the highest surprise to really wasn't prevented still win by coaches on the move actions way too many the stream temple tuck for miami rick was gone so fast he might have cooled the hammy and they have to fight off how did his thing but somebody what the hell is the rate ross bama clifton after the first three testing again but they got out of conflicts stupid boy went insane but i don't know that mary j. lil wayne's got the dump there was a hell of a game and that's a wrap recap twenty eight ten okay bars j._v. don't hate j._v. i want the trump right now i'm convinced you woke him and said how am i going to barris myself for two thousand nineteen and then that would hatch buyers

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