EPISODE 115: Kwame Brown vs. The World & NBA Playoffs


On this episode of the podcast. We're going to talk about the play in tournament. Was this excess or was it a failure. We also talk. Nba playoffs with give you predictions on the nba finals. And we're gonna talk about everything regarding kwami brown. Look we're pretty good right now right. We've got a pretty good show horizon getting more numbers when we get to a certain point. We're going to put out aired. I don't hear that so the only said called you sneak. he called. you was steak. Kevin durant you clap back on him or not knowing people when his ear so i think this is kind of look. Is it the line here man. No one is innocent. That's that's my thing nobody's innocent. Don't think that all these people here saying gear kwami call me hypocrites somebody else. Dan hypocrites new artists. Sam you say. Are you scrub man. You a bus. They are hypocrites right. Corno that clubbing people. He got he got now chris subscribing to one hundred hundred thousand in all the comments. Oh go hey kwami give them what they deserve. Call me blah blah blah blah blah. You to say there was saying kwami and now you ruined them on that that part that part you're right i'm saying i'm saying no anesthesia into the new channels. Saw sports podcasts. This is the new channel sports. Podcast we have a jam packed. Show in store for you. My name is the one. And only any i am joined by two magnificent co host. If this is your first time this podcast subscribe. You can do on any major podcast platform available. You can also on our website. New channel sports dot net new channel spill and you channel sports. Apollo instagram yields the follow on twitter. Subscribe to our youtube. Check out our wonderful places on afro vibes tv. Download that roku web. So you can see you dare subscribe to our pod team. Because in the future we're going to allow our listeners to interact with us as well. So we subscribe on. Bobby call into the show and ask some questions and talk about whatever whatever's going on on that date let me introduced two of the hardest working men into universe. No how're you doing. Certain big low coming down the next time. Don't great get that coming back. A never gets old way across from me duff. No no one chris. How're you doing buddy. I was let me come in with the smoke because on the last podcast low said i was fired. Try to do me like rory broke. A man said. I'm back checking a box. Damn thing i'm back. You got another job description. Utah getting fire. But you got a job now don't you. Don't you get somebody. Yes sir. the lead the lead them dot com. Check them out. They're growing subscription very much like a bleacher report. we're growing. I will be writing for the rockets leave. Check out my article you can. I'm article i. I'm going to do with a rate The gm for the houston rockets. I'm a radio first season so check that that should be. There's no there's no congratulate you give us a little preview to what the great might be are you. Can't you know delusion. Make can i can't. I'm gonna talk about a three things. I'll give you the first thing you know. So i'm gonna talk about the james harden trade and how great that season and then you had to read the catcher of the two things about influence canal year by a little bit to know exactly what it is. I liked it. Okay let's get right to show like. I said we have a jam packed. Show we have stuff discussed discuss. Let's do our segment. We had an segment longtime is the good the bad and ugly all right so just so you get an idea. What the good the bad the ugly is. We're just gonna go about telling you what's good and what's bad and was ugly in the world of sports. At this time i will start off with the good and good is the one new york knicks. New york knicks are back in the playoffs. They will be hosting the atlanta hawks in the first round. The playoffs is a beat. Her first trip to the playoffs and aches. They won their final game of the season to get their fourth seed in the eastern conference. They finished with a regular season record of forty one. Thirty one the second best record over the last twenty years so big ups to new york. Knicks is good for the nba is good for the world of sports ahead of new york. Knicks in the playoffs is good for wolf sports. That had new york knicks competing for championships us and they want to compete with. What did a four foresee anything can happen. You have julius randle. rj bear. Tim tebow guys. Those guys playing hard tough basketball. Like i said this is good for the nba. In the world of sports had near knicks are back in the playoffs. Talk about new york knicks basketball on playoffs. We haven't seen him in the playoffs. Really like successfully says back in patrick kane weekdays right and they had komo anthony there. That wasn't a success. we lynn's sanity at one point. That was kind of a big thing. Even lebron james the importance of the new york knicks being in the playoffs. He says no one of his tweets. The league is simply better off when a knicks or winning to this good for the sport of new york. Knicks are back in the. That's crazy and you brought up camello and you had a mar martin. Stop them operate over right. And didn't you you know. And the fact that that team those assets it it's crazy thing about it but as before was the bat in the what you got the bad art the banners craig knows we still talk about twenty twenty had all these issues with race and all that stuff and ruby still dealing with that stuff today so right now we have We have eugene trump. Eugene chung is a former nfl office at linemen pleading for five years appeared of fifty five games with a number teams out the guy after his playing career also coached with the philadelphia eagles and The kansas city chiefs so he's interviewing for a coaching position gregg before coaching position. And the interviewer Tells him well. You're not the right minority mine. Eugene eugene chung is career okay then interview says you're not the right minority guys taken aback. Explain that run up. Run their bang. What you made the last time. I checked when i look in a mirror. I looked like minority in america. Would you tell them off. So so i guess you know it starts getting out and interview stars backtracking so chung like. Nah nah. nah you said it. You said i'm not the right minority so the fact that we still have these kind of issues you know an twenty twenty twenty one and you know. Look man you. People people are really comfortable. Interviewers can really comfortable people in general really comfortable you know. How can you tell somebody. Hey you're not the right minority or you're not the right type of black or you're not the right type of asian. We're looking for the right type of spanish. We're looking for in those type of skin skin complexion about how do we do that. Let you know when you have people that are qualified for the position. Just hired a person if he or she ate what. You won't move around why there's no need to start talking about. You're not the right type of this this that. Why does it have to be that crazy. It is but you got crisper too. Ugly i'm gonna go with roy mcelroy and for those who don't know the bj championship was this week. And common intuit rory mcilroy just one the wells fargo championship kind of lead up to the pga championship A lot of people saying he was going. He was definitely favorite to win the tournament. I'm not saying. I have money on him win the tournament but hasn't skin in the game for him winning the tournament and he ended up tied for forty nights. He did not have a good showing at all. So that's my ugly hurt man. Because roy start off his career get major after major app major and now he's come to a screeching halt and are really the. Pj chip is going. This is going to be it for him to get another major champion trophy he did. Not you know. Part of the ugly is a little ray of sunshine. Good oleg phil mickelson. The oldest person to win a masters championship came out on top by t strokes to win the pga championship. You gotta be happy for that. Because i've always been a big. Yeah matt roy. Mcelroy was being compared tiger woods at some point is you know overtaking him and being run the grace ever do it so to see him kind of fall. Who a bit yet. It's kinda ugly but you know it happens in the world of sports narrow-minded these athletes but maybe bounce back and win some more some more tournaments good job guys so that was the good the bad and the ugly in the world of sports today. Let's dive right into our subject matter for episode one fifteen. We're gonna be talking mostly. Nba a right to play in just happened. It was pretty good to me. It start off bat. Sarov ugly to the good bad ugly because we can do a good bad ugly with the plan tournament on by itself joke but it did star ugly. We had the pacers totally dismantling to charlotte hornets. Was i was all in our charlotte trying to win that game at least be competitive and they will not competitive and after that game. I sent out a tweet and post that to instagram. As well saying that if this is what's in store for the plane we can put trash right now and this was a whole which comments about that about that whole thing because people have there are some people. They're all in with the plan and they're like no no no. We don't play tournament so my question to you guys is after seeing what happened with the plan tournament. Was it a failure. A was it a success. Let me take this first man. This was an unmitigated disaster. It was a disaster. Are you serious conference. A plane was joke. Let's call it what it is. It was blow out after blow out like you mentioned. The pacers blew out the hornets. And in the wizards blew out the the pacers it was just. It was a bear to watch bad teams playing each other in the eastern conference and then in the western conference. Yes lebron james. Hit an incredible shot. What's new lebron. James had a collect. Shot was new but the issue was this. Who is the the most electrifying player in the western conference this season. The answer's clearly steph curry. And he got his team into the. I would call the original playoffs and what happened. You have a play in game. And as much as i love. John moran as much as i love the grizzlies and dillon brooks and those guys jerry jackson junior. They gotta squat. I would much rather see steph curry in the play. I like to see the chef cook. And what they did was. They took a team that was supposed to be in the playoffs. Because of this ridiculous idea play in tournament. We're not getting to watch the most electrifying man in sports. I feel like the man in sports. We can't even watch him because he's eliminated due to a play. And i think it's an air once curry went out. It became an unmitigated failure value. I tell you this who wants to watch the grizzlies versus the utah jazz. Trying to somebody and that was one of the problems that i had what we discuss this on. Lap guys right. Oh we did. We did. And i said the only match even looking forward to just for this day even be a assessor for it to be a point was l. a. And it goes state wars which was a great game but i rather see the golden state warriors who are already in the playoffs. Play a full playoff series right to see if these guys actually deserved. Continue to play. And have i wanna have. I didn't wanna damned to do what was going on in the east. That was nonsense. That was not says basketball. The number of a bunch of bad teams and we had this argument. It was not as basketball bunch of bad teams playing for the for the seventh and eighth. See look look. We should just let them. Whoever was seventy eight over there. Just play and get knocked out by the first the top two seeds going to be anyway right so we can just continue with the plan. Now we have to sit through two days of this playoff stuff and you right chris. You're absolutely right about About memphis don't they play with heart. I do appreciate what what memphis did. They play with a lot of heart They played well so they might be able to sneak in. Maybe a win the series. I think they're coming in at the. Act right exactly. So they're gonna play the phoenix ores detail. Untuckit it'd be really interesting interesting because that's a team that's going to play and give it their one hundred percent then might not be as talented. But they're sneaky young and good team so that that's something i'm looking forward to but otherwise yeah i it's a mixed bag of memphis lewisham things and then having la golden state play but otherwise the east trash. I i grew grucci. More about the east. So you're saying was a failure absolute. Well i'm going to go in and take the successful side of it. I think it was a success. We look at the game between the lakers and the warriors. That's the game. Everybody wants to see and it lived up to the hype is sure did lebron james. That last second shot now less show but the game when he shot to give the lakers to win. That's what we expected to come out of. That is going to be steph. Curry are lebron is definitely steph. Curry versus broncos like chris mentioned steph. Curry was electric in that game. He was shooting shots over court. This classic vintage steph curry and of course you do wanna see steph. Curry in the playoffs itself besieged him into play in and back to back games and seeing the level of competition. Now in the nba. That's why a success because you had that level of competition we're gonna get the absolute best teams in the playoffs. I'm not saying that either. The grizzlies are the golden state. Warriors win win a championship right. No one was saying that if they got into not gonna make a run to go all the way to win a championship. So i do think that his asner element if forces teams to play the out the entire regular season. If you're neff fifth or sixth seed you're like man. We gotta continue to play so that we don't go to that plan. Look at what the dallas mavericks are able to do. They are able to get out of that. That spot for the seven seat. The porn trump is the same thing regard as decimal spot and advanced to go into the playoffs that contains put pressure on the teams to play day in and day out. They can't just rest their place. What we got it. We got to seven seat restaurant players. Now going to the play. I no. They can't do that. The lakers couldn't do that. The lakers had to play a playing games. The lakers had the way it was back in the day where this playoff they would arrested. Lebron james and a d. In the final couple of games so they wouldn't have to go through all this mess but it was highly entertaining to me and for me. It was a success based on all those things. I just said. I would have liked to see steph curry in the playoffs. Yes but the competition element of it. That's what makes sense to me because now you have to continue to play. We already talked about this. Chris off the podcast. Whoever was gonna play against that memphis team. Whether it wasn't be the lakers argo state. We knew dare go in for a battle. So that's why there was so much pressure on him to win deffers game initially to get their seven and that's why i think it was a success. I think you gotta you gotta talk about it through the lens. How i'm seeing it and it's like this if you have the warriors playing the utah jazz. I'm watching every single game of that series at least four games and donovan. Mitchell is hurt dominoes. He's out that we know for sure. He's not playing in game one. We know that already. But we don't know if he's able to come back healthy during the series so it's already going to be very compelling but now watching the jazz versus the grizzlies is does not infamy. I is just not i. Love john moran. he's an he's. He's an electrifying player. But i'd rather watch him one to gained steph curry. I'd rather see four man. That's that's where i stand with this. I'd rather see four games and steph curry at least than to and that. And that's why for me. It's an absolute failure both. Then don't don't don't blame anybody. He played well enough to get in. But you you gotta blame that team. We talked about him being. Mvp race right. This basically put them out of the mvp race. From what i saw because he was not able to get his team over that hump into the playoffs. They add to why you're right. You're right you're right. You're right when we talk about what's going on in the nba is more in his great offense right. I'm not. I'm not blaming him but his quote was about that. Lebron james shot is that it reminded him of the kyrie irving shot. That was hit over him in the finals years ago. So it's about defense to as well. I'm not saying he's going to be able to hold either one. He's not even in the game against the grizzlies. There were some defensive failures on his part in that game as well they gave out. But that's part that's part of my two different things you say if i was going to blame somebody for this mess. I blame the nba. Lebron whoever came up with this idea maybe you should fire him but the next idea he hit his bitch put his ass bitch bitch. Yeah i liked. I liked it. I thought it was a success. It's not going anywhere. I think that if it were lakers though like i mentioned in the last pocket if the lakers would not only look dead. Yes they squashed immediately mother. We talked about the playoff teams. Have their position wrapped up. They begin to kind of coast or they rest starts. I don't have a problem with that because you have eighty two games in nba data. That's a that's a whole lot of play eight games. They know you they don't and that's when we start to get into this What do you call arrest management of what old man load management. We'll get into that okay. Whatever but then in the still about developing the players. So i would rather. I'm okay with okay. You've you've got that foresee got this succeed wrapped up now. It's time to start developing the bottom animal roster so that can have a more well rounded roster in order to mean so. Yeah why why not resto. luke dodgers. Russell arrested lebron james. These games are going account. Okay i'm a move at one or two positions fine whatever you know what i mean look. It's the playoffs. you play. who you play. I might be about playing chess and trying to play off. The field at the end of the day is about you beating your opponent. So who cares if i move to move up and down one or two slots but then today how about we get the bottom roster those guys only getting five minutes a game. Those guys get in two minutes a game you know. Let's get them some plans to get that experience that they need to carry on until the offseason because we need you come playoffs anyway. Let's get you some momentum. let's get you some. You know some experience and carry that into the playoffs so that we can actually have a well rounded and balanced roster. Moving forward some. I'm i'm okay with that with a sport like the like the nba has got so many games you know. And and and to highlight that point thing about about this and game eighty two. The season will brought in eighty were plain lebron tweaked. His angling game eighty two. I'm sorry for the for the people that say. I want every game no matter. Lebron gets hurt in game. Eighty two the next potential sixteen to thirty games in the playoffs or worthless. Because he's not playing. So i just i i miss you. The person came of his idea. You miss me bro. I do not like this playing at all. I can get used to it after four more years ago. The look it could be eighty two. It could be game sixty because they have talked about shortening. The season right a couple of times could it could be a sixty game season and he could tweak his ankle and game sixty now. You said something very interesting when you about okay well. These games don't count so we can disrupt our players. That's the whole point the plane. The plane is to make sure that you maximize the regular season wiz about so they wanna make sure that all eighty two games count. They don't want any low management for eight for any teams right or it hinders them doing any little management for two teams when you had the plan tournament because everybody's always on their heels. Everybody's always trying to play in get that position to be one through six so it was a success. But who doesn't we say. It doesn't count but accounts for somebody. There's somebody that that game council. That's not and who and and we made and one of the things that we're looking at is is the stars the stars are what drives it league. There's actually a lot more players that aren't stars then. There are stars. There's players i'm for check. I'm playing for contract. I'm on this ten day contract right on one year contract. Let let me get my staff. Let me show what i can do. Because i can't play because lebron goat is taking all the damn minutes. I need to play so you rest your ride. That could we spent a lot of money on events. You go ahead and ride that that thing for a little bit. Let me play these last five games so so other teams because ain't about the team. I'm playing right now right. Let me interview for the other teams. I can go lanta contract somewhere and to get more minutes and really prove myself so that game me some an such for the fans. You know what i mean. It does but you know we can't forget about those bench. Ride those second string players. Third string players. Those players are not getting a lotta time. Because it's a very very important moment for those guys you sit out a lot of key things first you talking about the fans. That's the nba's about pleased their fans and in a second of all that's not nba problem. That you're not building your young players. If you look at your problem we're trying to entertain fans. We're trying to get riveted. We're trying to make money for the nba. Because during this bubble they lost some money. They lost a significant amount of money during the bubble. So now they're trying to bring up these other ideas so they can regain some revenue here. So that's your problem. San antonio spurs la lakers on whatever. You have to do that. But we're going to try to make sure that we please fans and that we gain revenue for the nba. So once again. I'll tell you. They gained revenue from it and they please their fans so it was excess regardless of what you do hate it. You're going to be seated next years because this is what the nba about right now though. Because you're right you're absolutely right all right so we go from the play in tournament which was already settled. The boston celtics got seven. Seed and washington wizards got the eighth seed. So that's all set. The playoffs offset right. Now they have been a couple of games had been played in game one. And we're going to go through a little bit of the games. They were gonna give predictions of the nba finals. Who's gonna make the western conference. And who's gonna make in the eastern conference so on the eastern side. Let's go with each site. I and talk about some of those games. The milwaukee bucks barely escaped against the miami heat in game one of their series. Pretty good game got miami. Who's always gonna play tough in. The playoffs led by jimmy butler jaanus. He played okay. But there's some things that i think chris's messages in previous podcast. We already been downplayed this year. Because we don't expect that much from milwaukee but in previous years always that already crowned him that guy. But i'm seeing things from him little bitty things like man if you can't do those little things you can't beat a guy yet. That's why i don't like milwaukee in this series. I think the he's gonna take this series in six or seven. That's my prediction on this series. I just don't like what i saw. I think chris middleton hit that big time shot and desa key to milwaukee even some yards onto kubo. His supporting cast will be the key to this team if they want to surprise people and go to the finals while taking a heat it is in this series For me i i. I hear what you're saying and lassi are took the heat if our call now is right. And i'm gonna be right this year again in taking the bucks the buck's will win the series. But it may take a game seven and i'm saying in six or seven but if i had to pick one pick a game seven and i think the biggest difference is like you mentioned the supporting cast brook. Lopez was phenomenal game one. Chris middleton stepped up and then drew holiday but as things playing chris as good as they played it took overtime from the win. By its overtime. Now's largely honest fault. That even went to over to right. Because if there's missed free throws but just to supporting cast. I think the upgrade from eric bledsoe to drew holiday. Probably the most understated thing. All season drew holiday. Black bledsoe's defender. I think is a better but defendant than Eric bledsoe because he's he's an all nba defender and then on top of that. He's a better score than air. Bledsoe can knock down the three point shot better do i think he's i don't i don't remember how much they paid him. I know they paid him well. Over one hundred million. But i think it's well over one hundred million dollars better than bledsoe things. But do i think that helps them. Get past the miami heat in the series. I do and i think there's one thing that the milwaukee bucks did prior to the playoffs there playing the heat they could meld it in and avoided heating the first row. They didn't do that. they wanna be. They got the heat and they will get all that smoke. But i think they'll get chris preaching version today. I don't care the fact that it took over town the miami. This is still a team that went to the finals last. You know sort her finals last year. So we we talk about the supporting cast. You got that you got that you've got that supporting cast step up for the milwaukee bucks. That's what you're going to need for the rest of the playoffs for me. This is hard. It's hard to pick just because you do. Have jimmy butler. Who knows how to turn up the heat. The miami heat and you know how to rise to the occasion. So it's tough to pick who's going to come out in the series. I'll stick with milwaukee just because they are playoff tested. And i think they just got a little bit more of an enhanced supporting cast right now playing. Well we'll see how that carries over throughout the playoffs. But you know i'm talking. I'm taking milwaukee okay. So you won't take milwaukee. I'm taking the heat any other game. That was played in the eastern conference. We had the brooklyn nets guard against the boston. Celtics the never gonna take this series in four. Who can we do a walk here. Because he's not even the next even played their best basketball and game one day one by eleven. This is a mismatch problem for the through and through which you know. Then that's a mismatch for any team in the eastern conference but the celtics jason. Tatum can do it all. Okay so it's going to be the nets and four. Yeah jaylen brown being out sucks in manda guy. I'm just so disappointed in this kemba walker. He's waited his entire career to play in a playoff series. He was not very good last season in the bubble because he was injured to his credit. But this year he's not injured. He's had the opportunity to play. Well i i wanna see him. Step up. I don't think they're gonna win game but i still wanna see more out of kemba walker and lows. It's gonna you know. Say what we said. So bruce legend nas anything located right in the western conference. Man the clippers against dow's mavericks desk fourth seed and fifth seed here. We go with the clippers clippers. Lose game one of this series. They lose one thirteen to one zero three. And it's the same story. Leonard paul george not necessarily playing their best basketball on the other side of the equation. You have luka doncic who just stepped up and showed a. He's a big time star in this league. I don't care how much you talk about stars and regular season that antony okay star you want to but when you really make a name for yourself is when you do it in the playoffs and would his stat line again. A triple double in this game one. That says a lot to me now. I'm still the clippers in this series. I i don't know why give you an analysis around you the clippers gizzard last approved me to the team. That can do all your chips on the table because the saline is opportunity in this series. It is okay. Okay because they got raised on rondo in this series as well and we thought that was going to be a key piece of them gain over the hump and luca dodges wasn't they played well to porzingas play well also in that game so i mean i mean he played. He played well enough. He played well enough to give him the win. You know he was not bad for as he was just average porzingis his game. And that's good enough for them to beat the clippers. I think it would be but it was so. I'm still picking the clippers to win this series. If they don't win this series the need is brought up. I'm glad i think quite about a man. I gotta i gotta go somewhere else usa myself a life. They apologized the promo have with the series. Because you should pick the clippers problem. I have is. Why didn't they have they say quiet. You're gonna you're gonna guard luca and that's that's what you're gonna do. Everybody else is gonna try to score. You're gonna play defense talking about one of the better defensive players in the nba garden. Luca one on what y'all know more about this in terms of the positioning the switching and all that stuff to do don't understand why the best defensive player on the team isn't taken on the best office a play on a team because that's how you should theoretically be able to beat the mavericks but the fact that you didn't do that they had everybody else guard luca instead of why and everybody else was able to go off because everybody else play well on on on the dallas mavericks right. Porzingas didn't have the best night but you did. Have you know other players step up and be able to contribute so the fact that you didn't put your best player in shutdown luca and say you're not gonna. You're not going to help win this game. It's it's a mystery to me. I think they're gonna find a way to do that the next game but until they do that i have no choice but to pick the the the dallas mavericks choice. I have no choice. why are you doing. Us mavericks fan. I had little choice to pick. The dallas mavericks would've lost by few still chose various. No no no. If there would have lost by fifty is just proven. Mavericks are in the la clippers are just that much superior. Okay i i. I think i different game than what you guys saw. Oh you mentioned porzingas being averaged. I thought he was bad. I did not like the way he played in that game. You just don't like you. Don't like chris chris you just don't like ap. It's not that. i just when you watch him play. He is a unicorn he just has to be better. Because you look at somebody like luka doncic and is playing so well it's like man you really just need that other guy in. it's supposed to be the unicorn. Not instead you had the mavericks go in and shooting almost fifty percent from the three point line seventeen three pointers and they still barely won. The game with the final score is if you watch the game. The barely won that game and they were hidden everything dorn. Fini smith hitting threes. And tim hardaway. Junior who i think is very underrated player in nba hitting a lot of threes. But at the same time quiet. Leonard after that big post donkey handle max kluber. He he jammed on boy. I don't know i've seen but after that he was nowhere to be found up. Playoff p actually showed up particularly in the second half when they needed a big shot heels. Able to take and make the big shot. I think the biggest thing for the clippers. Because i do think they're going to win this series and i'm picking them to win this series in six games. The biggest thing for the clippers is utilizing. Rondo that run the lineup. Better because rundown. This can't be a jump shooter on your team. You can't be just jump shooter. He has to bring the ball down the court and let him orchestrate things that are on and to help quite leonard gate. Easier shots to help. Paul george get easier shots but the mavericks won that game. But i wasn't that impressed. They hit a lot of threes. And i don't know that many threes in this series again but not just the threes do percent almost fifty percent. Threes is hard to beat a team that shoots that way shoot now. You're the clippers. Say do that three more times. 'cause i don't think they can but it's going to be as that's gonna be key from to even continue with this assess because he he played a decent game like mentioned but i thought it was good enough for them to win but he does need to play better as far as you know getting some shots off and scoring and this being a dominant force in the game. If he can't do that then they're not gonna win the series. I don't think but another aspect of it. Is that mental aspect the clippers. Lose game one like. Oh boy he go again. Are we going to blow this series. Not necessarily blow at barbara gonna lose this series when area by thinks. This is great team. So we'll see what happens there and this is. This is gibbs dallas at momentum when you have a superstar like a dodger so we'll see that many times if you give the idea or the confidence they can take over a series. Luca danni has shown in this game. One he can take over the series and win the series single handedly. But i'm still taking the clippers. Low you take into the mavericks dallas chris. You're take 'em out. Take the clippers realizes being honest. Bro your home or home. Behold if he wants to yeah that's cool that's cool and they look. I don't blame me. If on my team to i'll be home also as well. Anything is possible all right in the other game we had the portland trailblazers up against the denver nuggets. We already knew that it was gonna be a little bit difficult for denver nuggets to make a run without their star point guard. Jamal murray. who went Late this year but they still played. Okay but daimler man. I i know kristie say something limit. Can i start this. Because i know you wanna go in damian. Lillard might be the very best first round series player that i've ever in the first round. Deb roy damian. Lillard is a killer bro. The killer so i know the nuggets are not going to survive this series. Because in the first round damian lillard is a killer. Absolute killer ourselves. That's the best backhanded compliment. I could have ever heard Come on your harm. S player in the front. He is a good complement to come after me. I mean that is a couple of bro. We got a little bit can say about that later on. You have this album like that boy. Phenomena roy respect yourselves amazing i love a man i love damian lillard. I love re brings to the table. I've always said that user. Come on make speak with you go. I don't use your word already. They don't get to old. How do you do with that. But david littered is one of the more underrated players of all time. But we've seen this movie before right last year. The portland trail is exact. Same thing as the los angeles lakers they went in. They won their first game. We already know what. La and we all the when necessary still but portland needs to expand on this because denver is still a pretty good team. Even know jamal murray went down. I think porn will win. This is six or seven as well in this series. Denver's not gonna just roll over and be like this is probably gonna piss them off. Okay come back and we're going to play better than we did this game. One brass still pick poland to win and six or seven. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to series though but i'm picking portland later date. They play good game one. Yeah i think this changes everything with the injury. The denver had. I mean that was pretty significant. I didn't watch the game. But just based off of the highlights. That i saw i mean you know just looks like it. Looks like they just allow jokes. Kinda go off. And as soon as they took out they took out everybody else so for whatever reason i don't know but it seemed to work so we'll see if that works this time around for the next game but it just seemed like it would just allow joke. It's just to get all his points and just do whatever he wants to do is going to you know. Take out everybody else. Big carmelo carmelo had a great great great shooting night for portland. So i'm just gonna take portland just for the fact that. I think that the nuggets are shorthanded. I do think that this is going to be a long series. And then you know you know what usually happens important going to go out in the second round so all these series. No s might go six or seven. The one series. That may not think portland should should handle this team. You think so really. Well i feel so bad for my fans and denver man. Because if jamal murray didn't get hurt i think they were a championship team. We talked about the ingredients. Yeah all the ingredients to be championship team. And then he got injured. So this one hurts. This hurts me lot because you're seen a championship team. Not with their second best player missing and you can argue in the playoffs. He is their best player. Hurts a lot all right. So let's focus back on eastern conference in the games that were played on sunday. We have the philadelphia. Seventy sixers going against the washington wizards who last spot they win. Game one Joel embiid joel. Embiid in that game. He looked pretty good. Ben simmons played pretty good as as well but to tobias. Harris went off scoring thirty seven points for the philadelphia. Seventy sixers and they're gonna make a run to the nba. Finals is kind of similar to what we talked about with. The milwaukee bucks this is supporting cast has step up. Because you're going to get what you're going to get from joel embiid and then you also have been. Simmons has to play as a big time superstar in that game as as well for philadelphia that advanced. They're going to win. This series against washington wizards. Maybe five maybe six games. Maybe but they're gonna win this series to win. The series is just up to them to continue to build on what they're doing because the real task for them is going to be when they face the brooklyn nets. Yeah this is a walk. There's really not much to discuss here. I was impressed by the Seth curry. Seth curry was amazing. In this game They just had the shooting. They have the right shooting this year. And if you remember this is a couple of years back when the sixers made you know. They want a couple of games in the playoffs. They had shooting ilyasova in rettig and this year. They have seth curry and they have danny green and in they have they have some pieces around right so i think for me this series. It's a walk if they went in and five sherm. I think they could sweep them. But maybe bill and westbrook off in one game and make it a five game series but is the key for the sixers is building building on the dab building on the confidence and preparing for a potential series versus the nets. Because these i surround a walk through finance. yeah. I don't have too much adds that as well. I mean you. You said exactly. We talked about in the past that philadelphia is needed to really round out their roster as well that isn't even better shooters and they and they did that. Have on their team. And now you have a superstar and embiid who's playing up to his potential so just pray for health for that team and just continue that momentum just like said christmas sa got say about that as well. Yeah you know lower. Say much he can talk to mark. Mark my voice is deep and people. Like yeah i got you very well set low and the final game that. We're going to discuss the lakers and suns in the western conference. This suns take game one chris. Paul play pretty good. Lebron james lebron james. I still think the lakers are gonna take this series and six or seven. Even though the sons devon booker and chris paul they played really good. Give him brooker. Played really really good and i just talked about stars making a name for themselves in the playoffs. This opportunity for devon booker to make a name for himself. Because this game right here. If you didn't who brooker was you found out in his game who booker was 'cause he played absolutely great thirty. Four points eight assists. So i look for dinner brooklyn to continue to do this. And hey man if he continued to do that with the communist and chris paul this might be even higher seed. Most people are picking the lakers upsetting making. But i still think the league's witnesses six or seven so you're gonna say what's chess are you. Picking the lakers lakers okay. Man just like everybody else is bigger than legacy bill. Something we're picking. I'm just trying to get them credit for what they're doing very young team. Coming up. devon booker did not get a lot of respect in the game because to him as a star but this is a chance for him to make a name for himself in the players. Don't do me. Chris devon booker clearly star. Nba there's no doubt about that. He proved that in the bubble last year. And really what he's been doing since he's been with the sons. The lakers dropped game one. What's new we all know. Lebron james uses game. One is a field out game. It the lakers job game. do then. i'm and that don't see that happening. I've been the legs gonna take this series and five or six games. The suns played incredible. And i gotta say this has been so good to see the fans in the stadium when a three pointers dropped in the crowd is going wild man not not manufactured noise either actual crowded off watching that suns game in here in the way. The crowd going on in the phoenix fans deserve. That i've been. I've watched games in that arena. The rena is beautiful is old be real is old but it is. It is a nice arena. Eneg there some good loyal fans men. The phoenix fans are loyal. So it was good to see them watch. Their basketball team. Had that type of game on abc. Send offer for them because that's the last time they're going to cheer them. Winning a game in zero. Chris mueller man so chris. Paul didn't have very good game. And you don't want that. I mean i'm looking at his stat line right there i mean. He's only had eight assists but devon booker really took over the game. I think it'd be really really interesting to see how far the sons able to push the lakers. If i'm the phoenix suns. I'm their head coach. I'm saying look we're putting we're being physical with bron. James and anthony. Day was very physical with these guys. There are superstars will be physical. We're gonna make them work for everything as they're just coming off injuries. I'm to i'm going to take the suns in this series because i think it'll be chess chelsea. I'm gonna take the some of the series just. Because i i'd like to see them. Continue to produce in the playoff. I'd see how far this teams they will go out. So i'm going to take the sons. The la lakers champs. You gotta beat the champ. The it is what it is. Both guys anthony davis lebron james. They're healthy on the game contributions from the bench and from the the rest of the row player contribution. So naturally that's going to be everyone's pick. I won't be upset or i to be taken aback at the lakers went right. But i'm going to go with the sons here. Just because i wanna see the what the number two seed you know. Maintain what they are and make a run in the playoffs. I'm taking all so low. Taking this need a drug test we need to drug as low as saying in the first round not one but both. La teams are to be out. I just want the clippers lakers out. It's possible and limited to and some things on the show and guess what it has happened. He has happened. So i'm saying much as i am backing down baby back down. Let chris intimidates you talk about you know. Hey tim nate you so you got two sons mean. Chris got the lakers real quick. We're gonna talk about the hawks in next. We're recording during. The game is halftime right now. Hawks are to take the knicks. I'm gonna keep this magic carpet ride going with the knicks. They're going to win this series and move onto the next round. Who you got chris. Oh man this is this great series so you have the new york knickerbockers versus the atlanta hawks. This is amazing. This is one of those series that you waited all eighty two games plus seventy this rando trae young. You have these two teams going back and forth. But i don't care one game this series zero to me zero to me because nothing in the grand scheme of things but i do like what time with new york and i'm happy for trae young. I really am have you guys. But i'm not watching this. Who you taking their. If you're not gonna watch it. I'll take care i'll go with. The knicks got a corn corn flow. A on any new york or atlanta hawks pairs. And this is the podcast. Please those listening because they while the other day we. I care about the gate little talk. Be talking about this. A new york. Like i've mentioned in the good the bad ugly. They are back in the playoffs. Atlanta to is in the playoffs as well. Too young teams are going at it is going to be a very entertaining series because we have two of these teams battling out. This might be low key. The most one the more entertaining series in the whole of the playoffs. Yes really oakley yes. A fourth and fifth seagoing netted. I do think near on win this series in maybe six or seven so i think they're to pass the next round on those guys do this top stop 'cause atlanta atlanta fans near turned off by you right now this all right so the jazz and the grizzlies over in the western conference one-seat versus the a seed idea jazz going to take care of the grizzlies. Okay care by says it's going to be four or five games. John mirant if he does go super san. It won't matter. The jazz are built for the series. They are going to demolish the grizzlies in my opinion. And it's going to be four five games. Upset alert set alert. I'm going with the memphis. Grizzlies series with the caveat that dominant michio. I don't think he's healthy. I'll just say i do not think donovan mitchell. He's not healthy. If he's not healthy chris then it will be more consensus but yeah going gweat glutton and and that's really what i'm talking about. I don't think he's healthy. He has an ankle injury. If he's not healthy the grizzlies are gonna take this six games. He's how I was already going to say. I was going to be game series with the utah jazz taken it. That is very interesting that you bring up the donovan mitchell injury. That happened the last game from mistaken. Correct when did that. He's been here for awhile hurtful while okay. So do we know if he's coming back he's gonna come back. He hasn't come back. Well that's going to be tough. I still jess the jazz taken. Says i've got the here. I think they match their defense is really good over there in utah. So i think that syria so real quick. Who do we have going tambi. I will start going star. Power all the way on the eastern side. You got philadelphia. You got milwaukee. You got the miami heat but it is a brooklyn nets to brooklyn that should represent the eastern conference in the finals over into west. I'm going to go with lebron james. I'm not gonna bet against the brian james right now. I know it's a tough feat for him and they have a tough road ahead mouth to you that right now if they want to get back there but if anybody can do it it is definitely king james. I'm going with king. James and the lakers two weapons to represent their west looking at brooklyn. La finals and am. I gonna spend much time. I've been saying all year lakers nets finals can't wait. I said the same thing but for the purposes of what i said on this podcast Today back now can't take it back. So i said but had both la teams not making it out and it take. It will take a historic feat of being the number seven seed to make it all way to the finals. Which is possible for the lakers. But i just said that due to their positioning where the right now that they're not gonna make it out. So i have no choice but to pick the utah jazz. My lord and brooklyn nets will please no damage to be healthy. Being better be gotta go bro tackle. Well we'll see we'll see could have taken in east the net. He's taking a nets man. The knicks are going to have. They may have an easy road going to the finals. And then the west. They're going to have to fight tooth and nail to get there so they're already going to have some some. You know scars going in so that might. We'll see what happens in the finals. We will see what happens all right. So let's talk about kwami brown mab. Barnes and stephen a nasty. Uh-huh matt barnes and stephen actually becky with the good. We're gonna get to that bad so funny man. Chrissy go is is. Let's call the bad by his debut. Initially okay 'cause he's not bars war basically 'cause anyway so we have bad bards every steven jackson. They are the host of a very popular podcast. All the smoke and they had a podcast with guest gilbert arenas on where they were talking about kwami route. Let me let me go and play audio rookie for you guys to to to see how this all started it was. You know you're you're you're you're going out of the jordan era near coming in well. It was one of those things where i'm not coming. I'm coming into enormous quantum browns there. So he's the franchise. I yeah he's visa franchise talking the previous show which is had how good appointment was killed a man. Not on one note. Top number one picks around right disable. Mack matt saying that i had a mess wanted to a one of the best number one thinks of all tying. He could've been could've he could have been and this is why. Imagine in eighteen zero kagan draft number one by your Your idol your idol. Is mike resort. We know michael jordan. We know michael jordan personality right imagine that personality slapped him in the face going towards a eight year. Old kid just you know just bullying. You ain't gotta remember. He's around his peers. You're not his peers right. You know what i mean. You're not his these his peers. So when you're making him logo little to his peers loses confidence. So when i get there he doesn't have confidence. You know what. I mean so is trying to build this this child up when i mean man shot. You're you're talking about It's just a big country human. You know what i mean. So physically he has is a show pony shores. Look good you know what i mean so you use like you'll see like you see flashes like aw he's gone but then you have a flash of trauma flat you have trauma you like. Not who he could have been could have been more like a anthony. Davis style You talking about a seven foot guy who was probably the thick and fast as on our team like destroyed hundred out. He was gone small hands so he was more gore When he decided to take off he's gone ball. Still there. And i mean but i just i just think it was say ipe the ball with sudan but it was more. It was more the trauma than anything. It was more like join leads. He's still needed averaging once. I got there which you know what i mean. I is either your team. We both in the same draft. And i mean we both in the same driving right now. I make more money. And he's taking his team and it didn't right now is like between me stackhouse. So that was the the meat of what was said about colby brown coming in and his his role there with the washington wizards and brown just went totally nuclear. After that he had a budget stuff to say about different people. Anybody else to have anything to do with it. He also has to say he. This is like to pack him up. This is like nour's in either. This is like a pusher t the story of audio adeane all the albums you want to mention ever made. This is what he did in response to this is is cube no vastly can. Can i tell you why relate to their so well because if you haven't seen me on the website or on our instagram page. I may six for dude and in sco our big dude. To if whatever reason. I was at target right like people will come for me because if i can take the biggest do i'll be that dude and a lotta times. I let it go because my mom was like if you get into fights. Iq you gotta make a decision. I had to make a business decision here but also one day when do came up. Like you know what this is it. I'm had to show you had to show you six bucks. And everybody's looking around like what chris going out. There were stunned and this is how exactly how. I felt about connie brown. He was being quiet for over twenty years soon as that sense. Nothing for almost twenty years and then they went on all the smoke and they didn't all the smoke matt barnes. So he's getting the most smoke he said. The least during that that exchange you just played but he had the most poignant part making fun of him sane or he's the best number one pick of all time in the kind of laughing it off like bro who are. You can't do that so the becky with the good hair part. I'm all for from forevermore. When i see matt barnes face i'm like oh that's becky with the good hair and it's and it's all his fault. He had no reason to bring up. Kwami brown no reason to bring up. Call me round. But he did and steven jackson getting the smoke to and the thing i really like about this is quite brown is telling his story himself. And he's mentioned this several times in his entire career. How many interviews have we seen him actually speaking. We really don't have that. Many people are always talking for him. We talk about stephen a smith who's made the beginning of his career. Espn basically calling this teenager really. He's in his early twenties at that point trash garbage. You call run. I'm called and charlemagne the guy on the breakfast club. He's coming for him to quit. It's something that he did. That was real fine. I about this and he was talking about him on the breakfast club and basically mentioned. Connie brown's family extended family at this point and some of the crimes that were committed and it didn't really make any sense. Like why would you. It'd be like me talking about you men. Did you know some people. His family. The abc like what's that gotta do what you like. What does that have to do with with with kami brown. So he's getting some smoke too because he hasn't bones in his past. I'm just here for it. I'm here for it because what we do on this podcast going. Be we talk about players. In like damian lillard we in cam newton and we all have our favorites but we don't just slam players for no reason because there's no reason to do that. There's no reason to slam a human being. And we don't do that. We can entertain your. We'll keep you entertained. But we'll slam people so for brown's what he's doing. I'm all for all for it like this. This has been. I'm skonto youtube. When i see around all over the place. I'm like what's what's what's going on. I didn't know the origin of the story. I you know. I'm all of a sudden flow will kwame brown everywhere. I'm like wait. A minute is is this is this new stuff is stuff because it was it was comic. Brown goes off on nisa common ground. Does this calm. I'm like okay. Wh- where's all this stuff coming from. And finally you know gets a. I watched the show and was stephen jackson. And and all of that. And i'm like okay. Okay now understand now. I didn't agree with how they were out. There were poking fun at him. Poke fun at him calling him. The the the best number one pick it ever but what else more interested in listening to was gilbert arenas store so that we understood the background of kwami and just you know what happened in that situation right and then i got to listen to some other shows You know just kind of talked about you. Know his his time and who and who is drafted by what. It was drafted by. Who the wizards right michael jordan on entertainment. You have an eighteen year old kid who which. I didn't see anything wrong. With what a lot of these people were saying in terms of just as basketball player in his confidence is what they were saying was what they were saying was. Well i mean you you. you're eighteen years old. you hear with your idols. He played with kobe. You play with With michael and they're very similar in terms of their leadership style and essentially that leadership style. You know probably drop his confidence quite a bit. I agree with where quantity is coming from in terms of. Look i is say the damn thing. I haven't opened my mouth. I am not mad at this man for coming out and just land ablaze in flame on all the social media platforms and calling everybody out. Everybody can get a who gives a damn 'cause it's been quiet so i'm cool with it but is really interesting to really just understand you know that aspect of you know the confidence level. And maybe if he was about team maybe his confidence of will be you know a lot. You know much better to wear his. His play was a little bit better but really listening to gilbert arenas arenas kind of talk about some of those aspects you know in game was very very interesting to understand the character of climbing brown but that dude is hella hilarious. That matt funny as f- that was entertaining a man cobby all in on anybody. The has eddie kind of opinion. He might go argue low. And this is what you said. let's as they. They say he's going to any everybody any everybody now. When i originally heard this whole thing would alda smoke. I said to myself this is not that bad man. I don't i don't understand why he so upset man so i had. Let's do it again and the more. Listen to the more you like. You know what they kinda snickering f. I when i heard audio i thought okay matt. Barnes seriously thought that he was one of the greatest first round picks of all time. That's what i thought when i ireland. What's wrong with it. He thinks he's one grace but we listened to gaelic. Oh are they mocking him. Say stephen jackson is what made it so. I mean he'd made that made it worse. 'cause you started yes i think so even know man bars gate. The blood of everything. Stephen jackson's that initiated a did you say this about his. And he kind of snickered. So i mean yes. They are making fun of the fact that he was the number one overall draft. Pick in the nba. And they're pretty much basically saying that he was a bust basically What defines a bust. I really and truly. I don't against that later. But so djamil. He'll she wants to put in some some stuff about over's going now so he tweeted out something right so djamil hill tweet out. Call me braun. Got me checking the tape to make sure. I ever said about him if i did. I'm sorry please. Don't talk about my mama. So that's she said at first then she poses something else. Call me braun today and yesterday and it has violence and it's like clicked on green brown. Didn't like that at all. Common ground was like okay. First of all you guys stay in your lane right either to roman talking you stay in your lane and this has nothing to do with you so call me braun response. He said he's staying lane and he didn't know what he says comey djamil. He'll came back and said to kwami brown. I said you chose. Violence is an expression from game of thrones. I didn't call you violent. Please and thank you. So it'd been going back and forth with that andy. No this is. None of her business basically she. She put her nose into the business. Very solid going anybody. Now's not saying then they're like okay. Rachel nichols had a little post up on twitter as well. She was saying something she quickly turned. That you put it away. 'cause he's quite around we. I never cut his much on his blog. I'm like three separate times because we're talking about it got because but she took that step down in two as well because qualms come on. Stephen a smith is getting it. 'cause seeming smith out of every month stephen is the most out of everybody he mentioned. No not exactly clear he. I didn't even know how hard he was going on. Call me round your seventeen-year-old ato kid but look. I'm not gonna be hypocritically. okay. I'm i'm wondering on this. Podcast is a sports podcast. And you know you have different things during the course of time. That changed where we do things. This is going to be a change in the way that people analyze athletes right. 'cause athletes right now man. Look at what stephen. A smith and russell westbrook went through recently. Look at what. Charles barkley and lebron james have gone through shack. And what's the guys named joe. Vail mcgee no one is innocent in this whole thing just me personally on his pockets. I have said things about athletes that they might look like. Oh really oh and you think about me and they could have gone hard on me. This is a big difference though it all. There's there is a difference because this is for. Cobby brown's twenty years. I'm this talking on the other. End of spectrum chris as me being the host of a sports podcast. Because he's giving it to everybody chris. Okay we're talking about jimmy l. He'll we're talking about we'll bonn is getting skip. Bayless is gaining everybody. That have anything to say. Get i could get it. Just were saying without mentioning his name. I don't think that's what he's doing. So that's why. I got stopped because he's giving it to people who talked about him in certain ways that have been negative and very negative. I have not heard we'll video. I haven't gone yet. Anything negative about him. He went off on during his career. Liquid liquid the video with stephen as well we we. We say this so he was out of college. Stephen smith talking about this man. Let's that's for me. When i watched that video. Honestly it didn't know it existed until call me braun pointed me to the video when i watched that video i was upset because i'm like bro. You've made you've made a career off of this man. It's not to say the stephen a smith and wasn't successful. Prior to that. I get that he was with philadelphia inquirer. He was a good rider covering What's his name. Alan iverson so i know he was good there but he he exploded talking about kwami brown. We all knew that. So i have no problem with him. Coming after people you talking about djamil hill. It wasn't as random that he mentioned djamil hill. He mentioned her because she put herself in a position. Like why are you even bringing this up. She put up that tweet a whole by. Say nothing about him to get to get clicks people. That's funny ha. He's going crazy. Ha ha love milk she gets. She deserves she. Should've put him up in this. I'm not disagreeing with you. And that's just going to but look is one thing to talk about some. That's not sports related bright. This is the new channel sports. Podcast the reason we're bringing up. Call me braun right now. Because he's a basketball player and he's going after basketball players and people in the sports media right just a couple of episodes ago chris. You said that dwayne wade was the most overrated player vault wake of here all really based on that opinion chris. You're gonna get the smoke right now. I had no problem living. But there's a difference this insane somebody's overrated and then quantifying that it's a whole different thing to say you warm garbage different we have. We have called sista your garbage. We have called. i'm six myself. I have definitely called players. Not good his pocket. I have made river since two prescott. And as i have said. He's because we have another member of this podcast. Shout trae is a big dak. Prescott is not nothing personal. When are we talking. It's like barbershop talk. Shop people are people are going to say some mean things about players. The problem i in barbershop talk barbershop took. It is but we usually quantify these. Hey this is why we think this person is but but hold on. Let go all right. Why are they saying this about carlberg kuzma for years. Because he was a first round. I haven't i haven't heard it. I i haven't heard. I haven't heard any it but the the i haven't heard any i haven't heard any as far as him as a player haven't heard any of the stuff right but just purely based off what we're talking now at it's somebody who's made a career ofo straight up trash if we're just talking if that's what it is that steven a. And i love stephen. I i used to hate them. But just listen to a more understand. Where and how you know with the answer about a understand now. But if that's what's made him blow up trashing his guy if he's literally been trashing and talking dog stuff about quantum brown the net. That's a whole different type of situation. You know what i mean. And that's something that we can do behind the scenes when we're having actual barbershop talk when we're not on national media went out on radio no one else has people. That's what we do. We'll say look. I don't care about. This person has a player because of x. y. and z. And i just don't believe he can do x. y. and z. That's that's okay. That's gone off because the volcano exploded. I've i've had enough. I've had enough and these two m efforts snickering on the. I'm just i'm going off. He saw that was like. Oh i tolerated this with stephen and i i was i was happy. Going twenty is not saying. I'm a damn thing and you got you to boy. You got you to thank you to that. That aren't necessarily superstars and more superstars snickering and and having for me now matter of fact. Nah i'm i'm not gonna use a the guns references. That's what i was getting ready. I'm spraying water on everybody. Okay man sprinkling water on free. But i really like what low said because at end of the day this guy was number one great. He was a number one overall. Pick for straight from high school. I wanted to do it so he clearly had skill didn't it didn't work out. Yes but why are we talking about him. Twenty years later. And i think the the key here for me is the person i quite most to him if somebody like a ryan leaf because we talk about ryan leaf all the time in sports media. But it's not necessarily that he's trash. You don't hear it that way you really don't is okay. It didn't work out. call him a bust. Whatever call somebody a bust best fine if you wanna coma buses five when you call somebody trash garbage a guy who's number one and then you have someone like matt barnes and stephen jackson hooper's by hoop all day they. They weren't on that level. They just weren't so you can't do that. And if you notice he's not really going in on gilbert arenas no he's not not. He said that uber arenas took money from. He went on on a little bit. He said little bit he loved them. Watch every video he's posted. I've watched them all rights and on. Becky has gone everybody. That has mentioned his name except for basically shannon sharpe. But he's gone on everybody. Let's make has been. He'd been dragging his name for years. So it's not like it's random. I don't want say i'm not saying random. I'm saying random thing bro random. I said that whatever. He has a response where every saint save. What you got to say. 'cause like like you said it's been twenty years and he's finally saying something. Go ahead and do do. I'm speaking on the other side of the spectrum. Because i speaking as you guys had to be involved if you guys are doing your own thing you narrow ballplayers from your life. That's fine but even if if i tweet something about somebody is because they're in the realm of a sports joke or no joke I'm tweeting about it is my platform. If you like it you like it if you don't you don't whatever 'cause people tweet about stuff all the time and if he wants to take offense to that because i'm tweens about him then fine. Whatever you think is my business then find whatever people put. Their nose was business all the time. No i did you mail. He'll into this conversation did you did you your history. Okay i think is in that room. I really china's little sheila. She says that he was going off bro. She saw that he was going off and he was like so. You want the smoke. Do as she got it she got it. I agree with you. May she say anything different. You're saying it's a little different. Because if i come up today so we'll just talk about the nets. The knicks in the hawks. Right my say. I'm interested in this series not interested at all. I can sit on a tweet saying not interested. Don't care who wins. That's different from me. Sane oh these warm garbage. She didn't say that. Chris that's not what she said. Shrimp let me really read the tweet. Because that is not what she said she was basically saying joke about the situation home worth get this whole. Okay that's fine. I have no issue with her saying that. If you're going to tweet something about somebody be ready to receive that small. So that's what she did. Simple having is that people are saying oh man she shouldn't twenty th anniversary. We don't have problem with that either. She shouldn't have been their business. I understand it brown the saying if you have a platform you on twitter. Your instagram facebook. You can tweet whatever the hell you want to. Use your platform okay. As she's twin something about someone who's in the sports realm so as we're not all that off target let me just read one more time when she said kwami brown got me checking the tape to make sure i ain't ever about him if i did. I'm sorry please. Don't talk about my mom. Now it was. It was joke like but the one hundred look. Look you can take an care of your ticket. Is her platform. She can tailor she wants to tweak what she in some grown man business. Yes but i like. I said before this whole thing started i relating this to me because i can see myself doing something like that. This is about me. You guys might take a day man as a joke. Aibo imus about you. Before in the past if i did. I'm sorry i'll be in their business but it isn't my platform and guess what by doing all the smoke then you get because it because once again the volcano the volcano is now being stingy with nothing. So whether you apologize not oh you apologizing will you can get this too because xyz's as i agree with that. I have no problem with this difference. I see if you owe is. Ucla's auto harm no foul. She has a platform. I grew you have your. We have our platform. We can say whatever we want right. That's that's that's the war in now. Why because you have a phone. You can make an account. Hey this because you have the license to say what you want like. We already know the smokes coming. So we're talking about that but just because we have the licenses. Say whatever you want doesn't make what you say right and nothing. That's the problem is is that she was wrong. They're wrong. I get it. If you watch the videos that he had and the anger he was coming with saying lead he's basically coming out and saying leave me alone like why. Are you messing the dmitri. It's learned i got your name breath. Dmitri tv listen to this podcast. You know what i did to you play. All your people who had the boy's name was the msci. I can't remember his last name but either way like one boy communist said. He got some a mama's cooking day. I gave him some cooking that day. And i just think that when you're djamil hill you just you gotta realize stay out of it. Because they're times with some gets real hard right. I'm not that guy if we say something about a player let's just say wait. Wait i call them over rated player of all time right if you made a video. And he had guns. Msa he would do this. This is hypothetical if you had a video say he had guns and he had a mask on your chris. I'm coming for some like that. You're not hearing me. Say not teams. Would you say was wrong though. I would disagree with what this real. What she's saying but to say look at this. Ross is it's not it's not. It's a thin line with criticism. There's a thin mama criticism. I hear what you're saying but there's there's criticism and then it's too far either. She didn't she didn't say that she said anything wrong. But it's the it's the fact that the dudes already got bodies all over the place. Now you're making yourself a target you're purposely making yourself talk and that's fine too and that's completely okay too but just that you. You already know bullets spraying and now you will for your whistle while you willfully walking to the. You're walking towards the killer. Why you x. y. Okay do reason why for likes and hearts. No no no no no no. We'll part of it don't know air by everybody. Plays the game does why right right but look but look we want to be talking about this right now if it was an actor if it was someone else. We're talking about it. Because he's talking about a sports podcast with matt barnes and stephen jackson and kwame brown. That's why we're talking about right. We wouldn't be talking about this. It was read. That's why we're we're forced not force but we're engaged to talk about it. We when we talk about so because we're all big. Sports has here we when we look on our facebook or instagram is mostly sports content. That we're looking at and that's why she gave her opinion on this. I it was a joke Job we know that she shouldn't have been joking about quasi brown because it was all business bad board. You just say though. Walk into a room. She seeing bodies blush by a job right now not thinking that she was get sprayed by think she. She responded accordingly. It was like okay. I got sprayed. Let me tell you why. I don't think he should be kind of thing. 'cause i don't want everybody to think that we don't have an opinion took to voice. You can voice your opinion on your platform wrong all right. I'll say that was wrong. Chris this because if you think is wrong fine what what are we talking about right. I'm just like oh no. no. I'm saying that i'm looking at myself and what i could be doing. Because what we're saying. Is that your initial saying that because she voiced her opinion and call me bound cla- back on her. That was all fine. Which was agreeing with you all the things that i could see myself in this situation. I'm just saying the tweet right. My platform and quarterback on me. Because of tweet i said hey if the smoke is coming to smoke is coming. That's all i'm saying because i'm looking at me personally. As being in the sports realm run the sport around low this a whole new look. We're pretty good right now right. We're peru we've got a pretty good show were rising. We're getting more numbers. We get to a certain point. We're gonna put it out. Everybody will hear that. So the only said he called you sneak. He called you a snake. Kevin durant clapback. You know people in this year. So i think this is kind of this is a thin line here man. No one is innocent. That's that's my thing. Nobody don't think that all these people here saying jerry kwami grits somebody else some damn hypocrites because some of y'all to say are you a scrub man you a bust. They are hypocrites. Kwami know that coronado people he got he got now grice subscriber two hundred hundred thousand and your own comments. Oh go ahead. Call getting what they deserve. Call me blah blah blah blah blah usa. There were saying to save kwami rooting them on that. That part that part. What i'm saying. I'm saying no rocket i think it's for me just comes to a certain point where as i'm gonna be real as a black man with the criticism that he's gotten. It's just kind of like come. Why are we still talking about. And i think that's where it's come to because there's there's a line. There is a line between criticism and then too far. Yes yes and they crossed the line. Fifteen years ago and kouadio browsers game that heat right now. I agree with everything. I it took me a while because i had to look at the history when i first heard it on the podcast. This is not that bad going on doing our culture you know. People hit people s sets of me growing up about my shoes commute scrub teammates. Have called me scrubs teammates on the basketball court a you a scrub at i go passionate about what's going on but as you look at it a little bit to the depth of it and after so long everybody has their breaking point right this breaking point and kwami is giving the heat like straight burning from hail heat anybody and mow my biggest thing with this and it's just interesting you know outside of all of the all of the entertainment is the quami big ups because this dude i can listen to this i can listen to this do i really could cause and he's dropping down to the job and dies man i like what you have to say but it's just like it makes it valid point that even you know the black men in media find it's so easy and it is i mean you go from from from shack charles all all the it's so easy for them to turn the flames of black athletes and they do that with such ease and it just like why. Why aren't you guys protectors. Why is it so easy for you guys to yet. Yeah there's conversation they need to be had but where you guys could be mentors and things like that. It'd be like a young brother you know. Let's let's do this. Let's do this because this is what you know this narrative that can potentially be you guys are the are the are. Y'all got the pitch for got the gentleman frontlines doing this. So i get where he's coming from with that and he was dropping straight down man but with all that being said end of the day is just. It is a very disappointing. If it is true. And i've got to go back and watch my own tape. If it is true. That stephen jumped onto the national spotlight. Bhai completely trashing an eighteen nineteen year old coming into the league. That's very unfortunate. In the fact that this man is being able to sit raise a family go through the play. The twelve years that he played you know and and and retire and even after that still have life after basketball and still maintain his peace and quiet. Everybody does have the breaking point. You know and that's what he's doing his prove right. Now that i've i've i've had a matter of fact i'm gonna make some money while i'm doing it. Let me just go off in everybody. I'm going to drop the hammer all you are now. You know. I'm i'm gonna drop the hammer on everybody you know and and you know it is what it is now. It's time for me speaking. I appreciate the fact that he's speaking right man to discuss their with his whole. Call me braun situation. It like i said it took me a minute either. Watch it and watch indignity. 'cause i like i said initials man krabi. I don't know what's going on bro. I don't see anything that bad. But when you dig deeper into You know given the business. Because i initially. I'll tell you right now. Initially when i heard i was like okay. I got this because i. I don't know what's going on club is not that bad broom countdown. Man that bad. But you know you gotta look into a little bit deeper and then you'll see you where his beef is at. You will all right good stuff. Villas your manolo. Y'all are amazing. If you want to start a podcast by yourself. What i'm he won't be as good but y'all be doing something he's doing. Something gal yellow. Yeah wow another backhanded compliment. I gotta chris king. You're greatest first rob. Hopefully i've ever seen where he going name his next this album. Nominal if this is your first time this is the park s. Or if you've listened multiple times please. Subscribe to the podcast. We try to entertain you guys as much as possible. We're trying to bring to heat kwame brown. We're trying to give you enter -taining content entertaining episodes. We put a lot of time into ponies episodes together. So we entertain you. Please subscribe on our website. News channel sports that net new channels. Build any you channel. Sports are on any major podcast platform available. Check us out on afro lives. 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