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Live from N._p._R.. News in Washington I'm Korva Coleman Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens has died at the age of ninety nine. He was nominated by President Ford and confirmed to the bench by the Senate in nineteen seventy. Five Stevens became extremely influential authoring opinions on Presidential Power National Security Abortion and school prayer among many other subjects former vice president Joe Biden lamented Stevens death. WHO's a decent honorable guy? I knew we spend time with him. Amanda he <hes> he understood that <hes> you know the most important thing about being in the court is being prepared to lift mope mind this Stevens was I seen as a center right justice but eventually found himself dubbed the courts most is liberal member. It's a description he disliked funeral. Arrangements are pending. The House of Representatives has approved a resolution condemning president trump's racist tweets attacking four Democratic lawmakers for Republicans and one Independent. Pendant joined the Democrats lawmakers. I had to vote whether to sanction Speaker Nancy Pelosi for calling the president's tweets racist there was heated debate over whether she broke house rules of decorum officials in the trump administration are facing allegations allegations of covering up the real reason for the administration's failed push to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty senses N._p._R.'s haunting Awang reports advocacy groups say the question was intended to discriminate against lat next communities and are asking a judge in New York to impose penalties plaintiff's attorney's led by the A._C._l._U. and the law firm Arnold importer are accusing Justice and Commerce Department officials of obscuring evidence suggesting the citizenship questions true purpose was to suppress the political power of minority Immigrant Communities Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment on the allegations ministration had said at one of the question to better enforce the Voting Rights Act but that law is not mentioned in President Trump's executive order and said it says the Administration Sean is producing citizenship data base on government records that state officials can use to draw voting districts in a way that G._O._p.. Strategist concluded with politically benefit Republicans and non Hispanic white people on Zee Long N._p._R.. News New York as suspect has been arrested. Arrested in the killing of Sadie Robert Joseph founder of the African American History Museum in Baton Rouge Louisiana Paul Braun of member station W. R. K. F. has more at a press conference Baton Rouge police chief Murphy Paul said authorities. Do not believe this was a hate crime. There's no information which leads us to believe that this incident was motivated by Mercedes activism or her community efforts. The suspect Ron Germain Bell has been booked on first degree murder. The body of Sadie Roberts Joseph was found found in the trunk of her car last Friday. Her death sent shockwaves throughout the community or the longtime activists is being remembered for dedication to the city for N._p._R.. News I'm Paul Baron in Baton Rouge. You're listening to N._P._R.. News from Washington former Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. We'll be sentenced today in New York. He was convicted in February on numerous conspiracy counts prosecutors. Say Guzman's CEELO cartel members kidnapped tortured and killed anyone. Who interfered with them? The U._S. is seeking a life sentence without the possibility of parole for him. A former president of Peru has been arrested and is being held in northern California. N._P._R.'s Philip Reeves says he is accused of taking huge brise from eight Brazilian construction company seventy three year old Alejandro Toledo governed Peru from two thousand one to two thousand six prosecutors there accused him of receiving twenty million dollars from the construction giant Odebrecht Toledo denies it. He was arrested by U._S.. Marshals Tuesday in response to an extradition requests from the Peruvian government a judge in California reminded him in custody pending a hearing Friday Odebrecht admitted spending hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes around Latin America in return for contracts that scandal and it's offshoots have in sned a long list of prominent figures including another former Peruvian president Alan Garcia who fatally shot himself in April WPRO as officers waited to arrest him flip breeze N._p._R.. News today's the fifth anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight seventeen over eastern Ukraine all two hundred ninety eight people aboard the civilian flight were killed.

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