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The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Snuka


This is a special edition of Busted. Open Sirius. Xm fight nation from the this is i. It opens Rice Ball. Jimmy snooka special your your hosts Dave and Tommy Dreamer welcome to a very special edition of Busted Open David. Greco and the innovator of violence the landlord of the House of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer. And today. We're GONNA dive in to the career and life and ultimate and Jimmy superfly SNUKA. Were calling it the rise and fall of an icon of alleged. Superfly Jimmy Snuka Tommy. How are you man? I'm doing okay You know this was something that I don't think me you or bully. Ray had as many tax off air and conversations about The whole dark side tales of the ring over Jimmy Snuka. And you know this is kind of how this whole show came about because we were. We were upset. You put out the greatest tweet out there. You said exactly what? A lot of us were feeling. you're afraid to watch this and you know after watching it. We both had a mix of emotions and just kind of felt that You know Jimmy Needed. His side told in the best sense of from what the documentary and from personal accounts because I felt there was the first time and I love the show that it was very very more one. Yeah we're recording this just a few days after dark side of the ring. Premiered with the Jimmy superfly Snuka and the whole case with Jimmy and his girlfriend at the time Nancy Argentino and you know the death of Nancy Argentino and then all be. I guess the rumors that Innuendos in the myths Tommy of what happened that day back in nineteen eighty three. Dark side of the ring is the series. Everyone knows it's in. Its second season right now and I think they've done a wonderful job right here on busted open. We do a good job of recapping it because it's something that we'd like to talk about and that the fans like to hear and Tom you're right the hours in the days leading up to that episode with Jimmy Superfly Snuka. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach because Jimmy. Snuka was one of my favorite wrestlers back in a day especially in nineteen eighty three in one thousand nine hundred four where a lot of fans a lot of younger fans don't realize he was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. He was the most popular wrestler in the WWF. And that in one thousand nine hundred eighty four it was really neck and neck between him and Hogan and the feud with Don Morocco. The feud with Rowdy Roddy Piper. Those are some of the graves feuds of all time and there's always been this myth in his rumor about that heat. Ill his girlfriend at the time back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three but it was just that and I think a lot of more things came out because of the book that he released back in two thousand and fourteen a book that he promoted right here on busted open. We interviewed him and I think a lot of the details that he said on our show and during his media tour for that book and in the book itself was different than some of the things that he said around the time of the ANC Argentinos passing in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and that kind of got the ball rolling For a small newspaper in Pennsylvania to reopen the case and after thirty years that cold case was reopened and I think a lot of finger pointing and a lot of facts have been. I think confused over that three decades period. Tom Yeah and then you know if I recap quickly the the dark side the first one is about Ben Wa and Nancy and after that I had closure and I I saw because I just said Crisp Wa was a murderer Murderer son of a bitch. That killed my friend. Nancy and I didn't know what was going through his head. He doesn't get a pass but I saw a Guy. Who was you know they talked about concussions? They talk about this guy who was in a deep state of depression. The line that got me the most is when he was sleeping in Eddie's bed on his side weeping he never had a chance to mourn. And all this stuff going on and then The the one loophole was the whole Kevin Sullivan Being said that There was a domestic issue. And then Kevin Sullivan went and said that There was a domestic issue and Nancy had stabbed him. He bailed out of respect for her family. He didn't say anything all these years but now that he was getting called out about it and he was like. Hey there's a police record here it is. He was all upfront with it. So those those are where it's rumors and speculation Sadly I had an easier time describing a triple homicide than describing new Jack and my world because but even like some of that like I saw the A. after dark. Some of that. A lot of that was edited from what we were saying. And I was it. Ninety nine percent of that was all true but it was just a a different errand. Like how do you explain New Jack but we all we all did? And now this I was. I was scared like you to watch it because Jimi was my friend man. Jimmy helped me out when he did not need to. I had so many personal interactions with him and then at the end with that book the author end. Jimmy asked me to help them like to remember stuff and like talk about stuff and I did and he was never and I met him through conventions I met him in in in. Wwe He never ever showed anything to that. I hired his son I was helpful to his daughter and it was totally different. I was like man. I don't want to hear something about someone that I loved respected and then we watched it and I was like man that sucks but then the next day other stuff came out. But you know when we'll get to that or went on to say like he was one of the biggest wrestling icons the first time I remember seeing was in Georgia championship wrestling and he was different. He also had this wild crazy man persona which life doesn't always imitate art doesn't always imitate life but for Jimmy and those guys in the eighties. They were all living it. I mean you'd go to gym. I even remember me and Tasr. I would go to the gym in a singlet because I was Tommy. Dreamer pro wrestler and Jimmy Snuka. He's playing this wild man persona Lit being on the road all the time. And you you're here is back story of you know pretty much growing up poor and homeless but Ah and making the business. There was nobody like him his body his look and that famous coming off the top rope superfly splash. He was doing that Georgia championship wrestling. If you go back I saw him doing springboards with boots with no shoes on to the floor in all Japan and this was before I even knew like there was a whole all Japan pro wrestling and then I saw him through the wrestling magazines in mid Atlantic wrestling and he was always bloody had these insane looking eyes and his fused with like you know Greg Valentine Ric flair and then when he finally burst onto the scene for wwe he had this presence and persona. You know we we did this. One about We've done one about Ronda. Rousey and Jimmy Snuka had that presence of all my God Jimmy. Snook is finally in the WWF. And he did not disappoint and when he came in as a heel. And if you if you WANNA talk about his influence for that famous Steel Cage Match Mick Foley said I had to drive all these hours from college to see this match. Bully Ray myself Little Guido we were all there as fans because we had to see Jimmy Snuka. We had to see him win the title that day and we were all there a part of history but one moment spawned four really good wrestling careers to those guys became hall of famers. And that's just people who were there not including people who watch that home. Yeah and you mentioned about all the superstars. There were that were in the audience for that night against Morocco and the steel cage at Madison Square Garden and you talked about his career mid Atlantic his career on Georgia championship wrestling. We're GONNA get into all that because I do feel you know us as fans we do dive in to those errors. That really built a hall of Famer. Jimmy superfly Snuka is in the wwe hall of fame and you mentioned to me and unfortunately because of a lot of the circumstances surrounding Jimmy. Snuka they don't refer to her as Jimmy. Snuka door to me though you know you always hear when it comes to Charlotte flair that. She's reclaimed daughter Hall of fame. Rick Flair. You don't hear that would to me. Then we're going to get into a lot of the reasons why and we're going to dive into what we saw in dark side of the ring as well 'cause unfortunately that's always going to be attached to. Jimmy superfly SNUKA CAREER. And you know we're we're going to take the facts but at the same time you know. Let's say the truth. Tommy you know I know for a kind of something that was common with a lot of wrestlers of that era. You know Jimmy superfly. Snuka was no saint and we're not going to present him as a saint on this show. Obviously he had issues with drugs. You know obviously from watching that documentary you know there was definitely some domestic abuse as well That was talked about. That is hard to like fight against but you know classifying him as a murderer. You know thirty thirty five plus years ago. He was convicted of that. And when it was brought back up. Those charges were dismissed at that time as well. So there's a lot to get into when it comes to the career in the life of Jimmy Superfly. Snuka and again. I think why this is such a a interesting show for you and I Tom Ian. You're definitely the person I wanted to do. This show with because when we talk about the past you are not just a legendary wrestler but you are a historian as well. You can come up with times and dates matches and companies probably quicker than anybody. I know Ken and also you are one of those people that have dealt with all these wrestlers as well like inches said you did have a relationship with Jimmy Snuka. My relationship was as a fan and then later on as somebody who was a talk show host. I add you know three opportunities to interview Jimmy Superfly Snuka. And he was somebody that to me is a hall of Famer is an icon. There is so much to get into when it comes into the career and the life and the ultimate fool of Jimmy superfly SNUKA. And we'll do all of that when Tommy and I are back on a special edition of Boston. Open your home for all things come as sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Stir your day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted open. We spent these men and women that build the business and the Aachen Barrack show keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young expect. And then they geary loop Thomas. Has you covered for mixed martial arts? Joe Rogan is. The most important is lone serving all of them fight. Name broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six pro wrestling all the time. This busted opens rise and fall of Jimmy SNOOKA special on Sirius. Xm Back here on busted. Open David Greco Tommy Dreamer on a very special edition of busted. Open the rise and fall of Jimmy superfly SNUKA and you know when it comes to Jimmy stuck his career because I do WanNa cut straight on his hall of fame. Career Tommy When was the first time you were exposed to Jimmy superfly? Snuka I guess said early. I'm sorry late seventies early eighties from Georgia championship wrestling than the magazines 'cause YOU KNOW TERRITORIES. I didn't get mid Atlantic wrestling living on the New York and then once he came to the wwe man. I knew this guy was something you know again. You look at his body. There was nobody who had a body like that back then very few is but I mean he was his body was like a temple and I remember when he first came in managed by captain. Lou Albano Oh and he was this savage beast and he was this wild. Man This untainted. UNTAMEABLE guy. And he had his feud with Bob back on and you know that was the first time we saw the dive off the top where he missed and it was just like this guy had something and then When they started doing the worst interview segment ever Rogers Corner but then they put buddy rogers as documentary talked about with Jimmy and then it was a slow slow turn with him and Ray Stevens and I remember the big dive over the top He just what we'd is so commonplace now just a regular while plunges when you grab the rope dove. I can't even call it a suicide dive. Because there's a person flying running flying cross body over the top grow and then he got pile driven on the floor and I remember the pictures in the magazines of him wearing a neck. Brace bleeding holding his head. Selling was what made him that. Next level baby-faced you're able to get sympathy on this savage and his career really started to take off from there. Yeah and you mentioned about his. Nwea career and he was a heel in the NWEA. And he he won minor championship some tag team championships the US championships. He was never a world champion. I mean throughout his entire career Tom. He was never a world champion. But you mentioned that feud with Bob Macklin and that's where I come into the scene as a fan because everybody talks about the steel cage match with Dom Rocco in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. You gotta go back to the summer of one thousand nine hundred two and the cage Mac. Daddy had with Bob Mcclain and I think it was really that match. Tommy that turn Jimmy Snuka because Bob Beco was? The Uber baby-faced champion. But when Jimmy Snuka was on top Cajun like you said he jumped off and backline rolled in and Snuka missed and he was able to get out of the cage. I think once that match took place people really started to gravitate towards Jimmy superfly Snuka because just the look is athleticism. You know he was doing things in the ring that you just never saw. So I think that's when he started to become a fan favorite though he was still a heel and the WWF. Smart like you said the the buddy rogers corner wake one of the worst interview segments of all. I like where he was telling Jimmy Snuka the Captain Lou. Who WAS JIMMY STUCK? His manager that he was cheating him financially. Then you know everything that you were talking about with a ray. Stevens occurred and it led to that matching eighty-three with Morocco. Where everybody thought he was going to become the new intercontinental champion and he never got that idol leader you know. What did you think of the fact that you're here? You have over the course of almost two years your most popular wrestler yet. He never won not only a world championship but he never held onto the Intercontinental Championship. Either well you know you're GONNA have to people with the train of thought. Oh they didn't trust him and the other people who were in the business and you saw it with Greg. Valentine Brian knobs. You'll always hear from bully ray and I'll say it for myself. There are certain guys who don't need championships. They don't need titles back then. Did it ever did you as a young wrestling fan ever think that Jimmy? Snuka was not a bad ass baby face because he didn't win the title. You were disappointed but we. We didn't really care. And he was that over that he didn't need a title. Some guys did some guys need the title to present them as big as they were. If if you think about that time period Bob Baffling was rarely the main event. He was always the guy before intermission. So the microphone will come down and my good friend Howard. Finkel would announce the next matches for the next month at Madison Square Garden. So people would run and get the tickets at intermission. But Jimmy didn't need a title and if you look at somebody who had charisma and again his body and moves a move set that I mean when you're talking I remember him going. You know body slamming a guy going in the corner coming out and doing the flying headbutts or the flying knee or the the leapfrog and then the backwards leapfrog where he wasn't looking. He's the first to do this. And then the vicious chop and then as posing it was something that we never saw before and because he was so different because he looks so different of course you're going to gravitate to talent because no matter what wrestling fans will always gravitate towards talent. Yeah and you know like you said just somebody that you know. Now it's become second nature Tommy like you were talking about that dive over the top rope onto the concrete floor. You just. You never saw that before you know even even like the you know the jump off the top rope the Super Feilipe you. You only saw that from Jimmy. You know you didn't see people like now you see it in a match now and it's not gonNA finish her. Jump coming off the top rope. It's just part of the maneuver in a match. That was that was at you paid money to go to the arena to watch Jimmy. Snuka jump off the top rope day. There was certain companies that you weren't allowed to jump off the top rope. Because was too dangerous. I I remember when Cowboy Bob Orton. Did the super plex from the top rope. He wasn't even standing on the top rope and everyone was like this. Is the most dangerous moving in professional wrestling. Goes going off the top rope. Had this persona and it really does because trust me when anyone jumps on you and from the top rope even Jimmy Snuka. Because I've taken it you feel it and I love people that go well. He's protecting himself how to fall. No He's landing on you your protecting yourself how to take it and trust me it knocks the living. Hell out of you. You can't it knocked out of you if you go back and you watch it anytime. The best one ever was the one he did on on Captain Lou. Albano where it looks like Captain Lou. Albano is doing a sit up. You know why because that protects you from literally breaking every rib or every bone that you have. I've been hit so hard that I felt like my my ribs mu and I couldn't catch my breath and I was like I think I just broke my ribs. Okay it's back but it's because if you lay prone and if you go back and watch squash matches of Jimmy. He would take that a lot of times. I his knees to protect the other guy but for other guys. If you look Domico in Europe rose pro. They took every night and like even like Valentine man that was stiff. But because it is. That's that's physics that science. That's a man jumping from a certain distance leaping and then landing on you that science and you know you mentioned about not holding championship you know Jimmy. Stuccos rarely in the main event. That matched still talked about today. That cage match Madison Square Garden Against Dom Rocco. That wasn't even the main that you know that night that you and bullying and Little Guido and Mick Foley were at the data that was even a main event that night that night. The main event was bob back defending WWF championship against the mass superstar. But how many people remember that match it's match with Jimmy Snuka that everybody remembers and it's it's iconic images in and for me. I've said this story many times to you on busted open Tommy that I was strictly an Nwea guy. But it was that picture in the wrestler of Jimmy. Snuka on top of the cage bloodied with the air. And the blood dripping down against Bob. Back I was like Whoa. Whoa wait a second. I gotTA start watching this too. And that's when I started watching the WWF. Because it's athletes like Jimmy Snuka. That fans gravitated towards and it didn't matter who he was going up against he was GonNa have the love and the passion that you could only get from True Hall of famers like Superfly. Snuka Dave. You just said something to me. That is so profound I was there and if you would ask me that night if that was the main event I would probably fight you and say it was the main event and that is a big thing to why we're talking and doing this for the industry because I was there and I thought that was the main event until you're proven me wrong and it's someone who is there as opposed to fact and I've seriously gonNA go look this up as soon as this is over and I know you're not lying to me but if you were to tell me this you're telling me it's the first time. I'm hearing it and yet I was there and that has a big certain to do with the whole talk to kid thing and I. I'm totally blown away with that because I'm like. Wow it wasn't and it was one of the most greatest nights in my life. It helps so many different people and it's just like wow. Wow Wow wow. And by the way the match between Bob Acklin and ask superstar wasn't just like some throwaway match. That's the match where mass superstar gave the neck breaker to Bob. Macklin outside the ring. So it's not like that was some kind of looked over mad again. It was a pretty significant match for its time and it was for the WWF championship and one of the rare times. Where Bob Backlit didn't come out pinning his own it so for that match to be for you Tommy. That was one of the most memorable nights for you and coming added it not only did your owner remember that match. But you couldn't remember the match between Bob Academic superstar that tells you how significant that match with Morocco was and how significant that moment of Opportu gauge was for the history of pro wrestling. I literally WanNa Text Bubba and Mick Foley and Guido as well. Just because I'm I'm blown away by this and must be your new Phil Donahue hairs while you're such an investigative reporter right now but wow you just blew me away and I had a point that I want to get to you next segment and now you just trump mine. I gotTa tell you Tommy. I could be wrong when we go to break. I'll double check because I'm I'm going strip by the way Tommy. This is like I'm bringing up the card on Google like. I'm going strictly from my memory because I watched that on the Madison Square Garden Cable Network. So I'm going strictly by my memory because I remember even at the time thinking to myself as I'm watching it. Nineteen eighty-three I'm saying to myself. Like this matches so much better than what? The main event is going to be with that piece. Deface Bob Back Lane going up against an ass superstar because I remember cheering for the masked superstar that night in Rialto. Remember like they would go to intermission building the cage and then anticipation was amazing. And then after the match they would talk about do post-match interviews while they were breaking down the cage and they showed you and to me that was like the inner workings of the wwe. And I was just loving it. Because I watch I remember. I use VCR everything 'cause after that night. I went home and probably watched it and the other thing too is I couldn't stand backlands. So they don't want to get into. That's another show we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into back. That's another special that we're going to do now. We mentioned that leap off the top of the cage but that's probably not even his most lasting wrestling memory. Believe it or not. I'll tell you exactly what that is when Tommy Nyerere back on a very special edition of busted open. Soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm FC podcast. More than a game brings that passion to you you in each episode. Fcc PANEL OF EXPERTS. Take a deep dive into club. Histories iconic grounds rivalries and so much more nothing like adobe diametric new episodes are available weekly by downloading the Pandora APP and searching more than a game looking back on the complicated legacy of Jimmy superfly SNOOKA. This is busted open surprise. Full of Jimmy Snooka special with David. Greco and Tommy Dreamer back here on busted. Open Dave Greg Tommy Dreamer very special edition of busted open as we're talking about the life and career of Jimmy superfly Snuka good and ultimately the bad. And we're talking about that icon. Ignite October seventeenth. Nineteen eighty-three where Little Weirdo? Tommy Dreamer Mick Foley and bully ray or oil and attendances see that iconic moment when Jimmy. Superfly snuka jumped off the top of the cage onto dom Morocco something that's embedded in every pro wrestling fans memory now. I said that the main event that night was not Morocco and Jimmy superfly SNUKA which was correct. I also said that the main event that night was bob back on your WWF. Champion going up against the mass superstar a match. Where back did not win? Is it was account out because mass superstar gave the neck breaker tobacco and outside the ring as it turns out that wasn't the main event Tommy hanging on whatever as a tribute to my friend Howard Finkel. The main event was Andre. The giant the eighth wonder of the world going up against offer Samoan. Oh my don what had probably I remember that batch by father my father would probably make drive home early and I probably was crying but while I'm GonNa hit all those guys up in essence they remember that. Because I don't yeah it's amazing. Why we pay Marissa the big bucks here because she went out and she researched it the way she does. She's earned her keep this week. Mother mercy's always got our back. One thing I did mention before we went to break and obviously win the most iconic images is Jimmy. Superfly SNUKA on top of the cage against Bob Acklin Amazon Square Garden. One thousand nine hundred eighty two. Jimmy superfly Snuka on top of the cage against Morocco. In one thousand nine hundred eighty three would have both those matches have in common Jimmy. Superfly SNUKA lost both those matches though a Lotta people remember it the other way around a Bo probably one of the most iconic segments in Jimmy superfly SNUKA. His career had nothing to do with Bob McLaughlin or Morocco but Rowdy Roddy Piper the infamous pipers. Pay Jimmy superfly SNUKA. Absolutely you know I was happy. They they breached upon it On the episode with the famous coconut in the Hamburg Field House which I dude I remember when I as arrests are always wanted to have. I would always set goals. I still do but when I I wrestled in the Hamburg Field House. I remember because again. It was something that you've never seen before when the set collapsed and Roddy ran into the the dressing room years watching that stuff and like always a hearing private dressing rooms and Jimmy. Banging on that door and I believe it was chief. Jay STRONGBOW MAY BE GORILLA. Monsoon came to break away. It was just and him getting whipped and being on his knees and that epic crawl was just y. You know made him their moments. There's moments in Tommy. Germs career bully Ray Mark Henry that make you this defining character and those are moments that were just next level in his explosion in his rage in his eyes. I keep saying this purposely Which is what made Jimmy Jimmy and Y. You wanted to see him. Kick everybody's ass. Now Mother Marissa. My proved me wrong on this one as well but if I remember correctly and I have to go back and watch it and we'll do that towards the next break hobby. I believe you know you're right. You had the bananas coconuts. He hit Jimmy. Superfly stuck in the head with a coconut. The pipers set went down and then he was whipping him with his belt and then Roddy Piper even blue snot on them and then you know escaped through the back door. I believe the three people that were holding. Jimmy superfly SNUKA bag was. You're right chief. Jay strongbow in a suit. I believe Tito Santana and B Brian Blair now. Mother Teresa might prove me wrong but I believe three people that held Jimmy Snuka back or chief Jay strongbow Tito Santana and B Brian Blair if anyone wants to fully comprehend the straight up marks and amboise between these two individuals. You're here again at ca get live because this is what will be debate about and the moment this ends. We'll both be going back and tried to find this. All we have problems pro wrestling. Why do you do this to buy braid our our knowledge as you say it's full we don't need to know anything else and now we're GonNa put something else in in our minds yet because but my brain is like a glass of water so once it overflows are simple? Things like tying. My shoes won't be able to do anymore. Tommy but but this is also I bring this up because that was a few that was red hot and ended very very quickly. I mean that feud believe it or not was very similar to some of the feud you see now where it lasts just a few months upwards all pay per view and then they move on. They moved off a few very quickly. And the reason I bring this up is that happened in Nineteen eighty-four and we'll get back into the dark side of the Durang and the death of of Nancy Argentino and Jimmy superfly slippers involvement. Because that happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty three just before that match with Domico Madison Square Garden. So a lot of people thought that that incident you know ended the run of Jimmy Snuka and it was right after that feud with Morocco that his run ended. And that's just not true. That just built his popularity more. Because then you did have the Piper's pit and you had the few and that was in the summer of nineteen eighty of nineteen eighty-four. So you know many months after that feud with Tom Morocco. But it did end abruptly and it seems like once that feud was over you started to see the decline of Jimmy stuck his WWF career. Yeah and that was a lot attributed to his Behind the scene activities with which. He admitted you know he was. It was the eighties and he was indulging in the lifestyle and even on the documentary. They talk about. You know they're going out every night. They're living that lifestyle. I remember they brought in the Tonga Kid. Kind of as a replacement and Jimmy was like here and there until he left and didn't return I mean he was there for Wrestlemainia as well and But he wasn't in that main events spot. Someone had corrected me and Said the match was supposed to be originally Hogan and SNOOKER TOGETHER WITH MR T. In the corner and then it got switched Don't know why those decisions that are made That would have to be if we had. Vince McMahon homelessness but You and I also were were there in the meadowlands one of the few times that I would go to the meadowlands. Where and I know the undertaker told me this story is like you never heard about not today. Brother and Jimmy was supposed to be in the main event with Roddy Piper and he was doing drugs. Got All paranoid. The Limo driver pulled up and he saw the people not today brother and drove home and they replaced him that night. I was there as a kid. You were there with a horrible replacement. You remember. That was who is that. I believe. Salvatori Bellomo Oh yeah that was. Yeah that was December of yet December of Nineteen eighty-four dettori below. Mma was the replacement for Jimmy superfly. Snuka Yeah we both were. There actually gave you the program from that night as well as gifts But you know you know other matches like I was able to see at the meadowlands supervise against you know Roddy Piper again not the main event but the match that everybody talks about it. You can even find that badge on Youtube July Fifteenth Nineteen eighty-four and innovation at Jimmy. Superfly slick guy and we did the watch along like you mentioned before that you can see on you know on Sirius. Xm APP in our podcast. Our video of US doing the watch one of that first. Wrestlemainia main event and that was in March of Nineteen eighty-five by July of one thousand. Nine hundred eighty five. Jimmy Snuka was gone from the WWF. So think about that. He's involved in the main events of the first ever wrestlemainia and less than four months later. He's gone from the company completely. Yeah and I he didn't until what was that. Wrestlemainia correct where he wrestled the way back. You know you'd have to go to the way that one thousand nine hundred eighty nine eighty nine when he came back to the gym dance on but you know it was a lot of speculation. A lot of Unreliability which again he said in his own book of mistakes he made in the past of for his career. And I think this is Kinda like leads us to the path of the documentary of where they said everything went wrong and happened. The timeline isn't as correct but US breaking it down. You know when all this went down when you think about what's going through his head during this time we're just fans where he just lost his girl or whatever she was to him whatever's going on is also going on his career. It's a lot of behind the scene stuff that nobody ever knew. That actually ever went down. Which you know you're dealing with a lot of crap and like after his running the WWF. You was in the Awa and you know. There's that story from gray guy you're saying about the drug use before his match that agnew at Russell rock eighty six in soon after that he was gone. From the AWA and Y- you mentioned the stint all Japan and until his return you know and when he returned to the WWF. Nineteen eighty-nine for you know for about four three and a half four years. He was much enhancement talent. He was not even near the lengths of where they had him on the card. You know back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and then it was on the indie scene When we come back though Tommy because there is a lot to get into with Jimmy superfly Snuka from that date in nineteen eighty three with you know the the passing of Argentina until a thirty year. Cold case you know you know that was reopened a lot of it because of his book and some of the interviews. One being busted open during the media tour for that book. But we'll get into you know what happened even once. His career was over. Then what we saw on the dark side of the ring documentary. Tommy night will do that more back on a very special edition of busted open. You're listening to busted opens rise and fall of Jimmy Snuka special only on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six talking to the biggest names in pro wrestling friend of the show cody wrote particularly told people have moving fear. No way to live than honestly I just want it the platform to say that we're all in this together and now we're GonNa get through this and please enjoy two hours of hopefully at gaping distraction We have for you tonight. I their unique time for us. Four Monday Saturday ten. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm fight nation. Jimmy curb this I. It opens rice and ball. Jimmy SNUKA special. Your hosts Dave La Quicker and Tommy Dreamer. Welcome back to bust it. Open a very special edition of busted open as army and I are talking about the life and career. Jimmy superfly SNUKA. It's the rise and fall of the superfly. Jimmy Snuka Tommy and you know we did. I think a really good job talking about some of those iconic moments in Jimmy superfly snuka his career especially in the WWF. A guy that never won a world title but for somebody that was so over and so popular as Jimmy Snuka. He never needed a title. And just some of those iconic images matches and that Piper's pit with Rowdy Roddy Piper with coconut and and then a few that was cut short and then just a few months after that first. Wrestlemania a you know where he was involved in the main event he was gone from the WWF. His career was never ever the same even when he came back to the WWF in the late eighties and early nineties. And Tommy Unfortunately His career is always going to be linked to that incident. Happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and the death of Nancy Argentino. Something that was documented in season. Two of dark side of the ring. And though you know there were no criminal charges on Jimmy Superfly. Snuka back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and then a thirty year cold case that was reopened a lot of it because of an article on a small local newspaper and then also Tommy most of the full of Jimmy Snuka because he talked about it in his book and the details. You know kind of did not match up with the things that he had said thirty years earlier and it came back to bite him but as he said to his wife and it was talked about in the documentary. Tommy it was something that he wanted to talk about in his book so it really opens up a lot of questions about why he put that in his book if you know if he if you know if something was something. He wasn't confident about. Would he put it in his autobiography but he did. Just add in two thousand fourteen and what? He says to his wife in the privacy of their own home and she goes out there and says it and the sense of like I can deal with kind of the man in the mirror because I know what really happened The the horrible part about this. There's a woman who's life is lost and her family her two sisters. They Kinda want answers if you also watch the documentary. They were also pissed when they said in the book that she just was kind of like some kind of like a a fling or a groupie and I could see that because the memory of their sister. And and obviously yeah there. There's some domestic abuse issues. There's drug issues and it's sad and this whole thing opened up a whole can of worms and nothing else was resolved and I hate that and this is my when I watch this. And when they're they're asking the police officer the the big the big build for the Tonga kid where he's basically said he. They asked him he was like I was in the car that day and know that did not happen and then they go to the police officer and the police offer. They're like he's like. I didn't know that we investigated it. Basically calling this guy out on the job that he did and he did the job to the best and now to bring it up thirty years later and they're it's making him look like he's bad at his job from southern happened so so long ago and they were about that match in Madison Square Garden that night. Do you remember because you're a hockey fan and I'm sure if you ask your brother this do you remember the miracle on Ice Gorth nineteen member when the US Olympic Goal? It thirty six million people watched that Them win it. They won the gold that night when they defeated the Russians. Correct now they not win the gold at all right. Well you see. You're one of those people that they had to play Finland after that. Yes but what I'm trying to say is most people remember that as them winning the gold at night. You're crazy person because I watched the documentary and when I'm watching this show great memory and await. They had to go another round album. The Tonga kid basically said he was in the car right then and there I said Oh my God I think Jimmy did it and then the next day Dave Meltzer put out a tweet and he said the tongue kid wasn't there he wasn't at TV and in my head. Do I believe the talented kid is lying? No but I believe the Tonga kid believes he was there and then I just was like wow. This is so unfair because a again man and when I talk about his eyes I did a promo that you could. You could find on youtube or the w network where Jimmy and he thinks. I'm disrespecting him and I'm going to wrestle him and it was a long long promo and I remember like he's looking into my eyes and then he just started getting angry in his Promo and then at one point he comes up to me and I'm looking at his eyes and I've been in real fights and I thought this man was GonNa fight me and Mike. I'm like Oh my God. I think this man's going to kill me and this is on television. And then he liked Mike and like I flinched. Because I had to step back as I did not know whether Jimmy was going to punch a young Tommy German in the face and then when the Paul cut and the room was quiet and Jim thank you brother and I was like. Oh my God like that was. That was a real thing I've ever been in and so I like when I say that was his intensity. That was the wild man and also like when you listen to knobs who just love when he's talking about like you know I love all the someone's Samoans a great simone. Jim Us from Fiji. And it's just all these little things or like Greg Valentine talking about. Vince McMahon covered up when he got arrested for Hash and they like go to commercial break and then they come back with it. Nick Oh my God. He's a drug smuggler. But then like Greg's like Ma- hashes even was legal back then you know it's just all these different things because it's a television show and I feel sorry for the for the sisters. I didn't know my trainer. Johnny Rodgers hooked him up and like match. Striker hits me up and he's like wow it like. Did you see that picture of Johnny? He knew any of this and like it's just all snowball of emotions and nothing has been settled and it's socks and that's why I like doing this and I. I feel horrible for their family her family. At least like with the the Benoit's case we had a family. Someone get united. There is no. There is nothing. Yeah he should have paid that half a million dollars. That was the only settlement that was ever for neglect. But if you think about it back then whatever happened. If she failed away she said you know the way he said she fell which was his story and she went to bed back. Then you're talking to a person who like we just start finding out about concussions. It was like Oh you're supposed to stay awake for twenty four hours and then you know. She had a brain bleed. I didn't know if like there was an autopsy done whether drugs in her system there. There's so much that you can further investigate but just like this show has a time limit. A television show has a tie on and it just. It's not going to tarnish my memory of Jimmy because I have to go by how he treated me and how he treated the fans and how he was for insperity inspiring a lot of us. And that's how I could only go on. I'm not condoning because I also don't know if I knew for anything I would just be like. Wow just like joey. Styles called me up or haven't heard from you know. And he was just like. I can't believe Kevin Sullivan hit Nancy. Bubble BLAH HE WANNA fight him and then all of a sudden I had. I called him up. I said Hey by the way and he was only God like he was willing to fight somebody over something he heard because it has such a personal connection with all of us and you know from having his action figures or watching the cartoons and all that stuff and having to deal with him on a on a almost. I would see him almost every week when the with the whole book thing and dealing with him when you know through wwe. I wish ended up differently for him for his career because he should be highlighted the way he was because it's a lot of speculation that he was never arrested even when they reopened up. The case was dismissed now. A lot of that was because of his health but still like you know when they showed the opt autopsy on dark side of the ring. They mentioned that this case be looked into and the district. Attorney said that you know is the chief of police of the Whitehall township. He said well we did investigate it so they did have an investigation after seeing that autopsy and when they talk about this meeting and like Oh there they were talking about the stuff. Then you're fishing and trying to blame Vince for this stuff. Which you know man is a target a lot and then the guy was a obviously there was just nothing happened. That was substantial during that vigil in and made a statement after that saying that to the people that were in. That room turned out to be judges. Like are they going to put their you know their reputation on the line for somebody like that? It's there's a lot of questions and we're never going to have the answers like you said with. With the Benoit's there was closer. Obviously after this episode there was no closure in the one thing you know to to Nancy Argentina. You know who did lose her life you know. Obviously we feel. We feel for her family seeing her sisters on that. Show it's heartbreaking. There's no doubt about it but you know we want to give a little bit more of a balanced. Take on our show today. You know not accusing right or wrong but just talking about you know two guys that watched him in Inyo Arenas full of twenty thousand people watching what he did best as a professional wrestler inside the ring and and. I hope we are able to do that today. Tommy I do and one day. I just hope everyone has a piece in their heart for what happened. Unfortunate night that Should never have happened. And we'll never get the answers and that sucks but I could only go by how he treated me and how. He treated a lot of wrestlers and he was nothing but a gentleman. And that's how I have to remember him because of how he treated me you know hope. Everybody goes back and watches some of those old matches. It was a pleasure putting this together with my good friend. 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