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And. Hello, hi, and welcome to another episode of the Magan show. It's another day in may. We're on day twenty two and you actually believe it and they were meant to be Minneapolis odes, but I haven't done anything really under about eight minutes for a while. So I'm committed because this is an easy question from a listener. I'm committed to making this one bite size midweek show for you. So here we go. A couple of people ask me on the stick function on Instagram. When I said, Osman question, a few people said, what are your favorite movies? Listen to the show, you know, that I often throw in a film reference, and that I'm often talking about going to the movies, I use it as therapy. So I tried to go to the cinema once a week, once fortnight if I can always go by myself or like ninety nine percent of the time I gave on myself, and I just really enjoy the escapism film, and people have said, what are your favorite movies? Convey simply answer this in on defied minutes. My top three these are not a position at one two or three. They are just my alternating top three of all time casino royale, the remake meaning the Daniel Craig outing as JAMES BOND for the first time with Eva green festival end. And Mads Mikkelsen as la- sheaf brilliant, brilliant, Bill. I love what they did to Bonn, some. Disagreed that I really enjoyed the kind of Jason Bourne elements to the way that he conducted himself and was far less suave sophisticated and cheesy. I really reinjured it. And I haven't been able to engage really with the franchise since because it's a bit to more. But to Komodo dragon for me. So, yes. That's in my top three as point break Kiani Reeves. It's going to be no surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram that CONNER Reeves is in one of my favorite movies. I just think it is a perfectly told story, Kiani, Patrick Swayze work of each other so beautifully in that Phil. And it's just a perfect piece of as far as I'm concerned the way they shoot surfing, the way they shoot the aerial stuff and. Yeah. Pappas to get me to say that people lots of quotes that you can say from point break, including Anthony, Keith us from the red hot chili peppers. If somebody asks you to do something, and you don't want to do it. You just go. That would be. She always of tie. But you do a better impression than that point breaks in the and directed by Kathryn Bigelow who I think, is an incredible director and also James Cameron with involve because I believe they were married at the time, and he is the director of one of my favorite films, which is terminated to judgment day. Go much that film. It is over twenty is thinking might be twenty five years old. It has not dated that tech that T one thousand the one that freezes smashes into a million pieces, and then merges back together in pools of molten metal that has not dated just think about that for a second. And again, very well told story I really care about the machine. I really care about Linda Hamilton character, Sarah Connor, I really care about giancana to, to a point, the definitely sir and definitely the Terminator. And it's chilling. It's still really scary. Robert Patrick as the. One thousand is still quite terrifying. So those are my top three. So when I moved recently, I had two weeks between moving and having the internet. So there was no. I to me that was my movies. Hey, you. That was no real housewives. And I just DVD's trinity. It was like the olden days and I watched casino, my first when you fly much, which casino royale, really thoroughly enjoyed it. Again. Beat toll story, some clunky dialogue towards the end involving a little finger and being reborn not for me, but the rest of it perfect. Absolutely perfect. Oh, actually also apart from the show application, someone who works in beauty. Or maybe not somebody who doesn't like him beat. He might have had the same reaction not. Okay. Not keva. Sorry, something went wrong there. I'm also a huge fan of the which is Eastwick, and we can watch that any day of the week at any time. I absolutely love it. I have my so called life on DVD, which is not a movie, but by Jimmy, that's good entertainment, and the color, purple, I always have stand by me, those ones, keep coming back to those are the ones that I have on DVD so that should I ever find myself without internet. I always have something to watch. The same is true for fight club and also up in there is purple rain, which contains one of my favorite movie moments when he's playing purple rain, the manager of the club just makes very tiny 'cause he's working sunglass in the baseball. You can't see his expression, really. But you just know. No. You just know he gets he gets what the kid is trying to day. And everything's going to be the kid's gonna make it. So. Yeah. Those are my favorite movies, a few of you are that doesn't feel too light for a pod today. I've certainly enjoyed it. I hope you do too. This would be so much more fun if we could have a discussion about it, they right? So why not join the Facebook group, the link to join us in the show notes, you have to answer two questions? If you don't afraid on the UN, but go and say what your favorite movies are really be interested to know, please do? Let me know maybe there's a film that I need to see that I haven't seen on. No, I have that many films. I watched a lot, but anyway, share your favorite music. Love to know why what they mean to you. Is it more than just to move? They emotionally do they make you feel certain things that make you feel good woman fuzzy inside or. Yep. Dima Dima only was trying to say team many things at once then DM me on social media, where I'm on Twitter and Instagram, or he wanted to along message on lots of you've been in touch with you on Email, which is one of the favorite things that happens in my day, Email me at the beauty podcast. G mail dot com. Thank you so much for listening. They're super brief mice all mid week day feels good. See you on the next one.

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