Stokely Hathaway Interview- Equalized Audio


Hey guys I appreciate all the feedback that has already coming in about yesterday's podcast specifically. The interview is stokely hathaway. I really really loved the interview but there are a few of you. I've seen your comments on twitter and on instagram. You're saying that the audio quality is not what you want. That stokely stokely sounds too low that I sound too high couple of you have said I'm going to skip pass the interview this week. I just go straight to the state of wrestling. I don't want you guys to do that. The interview sounded fine to me. I listen to it in my iphone speaker. I listened to it on my computer for Speaker. It sounded absolutely fine. Equalize the audio and I didn't like it as much because you could hear more ambient noise more room noise but I said to myself. There's no reason to have an argument. There's no reason to sit there and say well. It sounds good to me so that's it's GonNa be. You know why because the s feet is mine I own this podcast feed. I can do whatever I want so I figure what I do is just upload the exact same interview again. I'm not gonNA touch the original podcast but if listen to this week's episode and you didn't get through the interview because you didn't like the audio quality because the voices were not equalised here is an equalised version of the exact same interview. I feel like we're all happy and we're utilizing this podcast feed for what it's for making people happy. Here is the exact same stokely hathaway interview that came out on the podcast yesterday except the audio's equalised enjoy for the first time here on not that same wrestling doing it the proper way in the not Sam Studio Ladies and gentlemen the man formerly known in some lives as stokely hathaway. What's the hats man was going on? What's going on with you? I mean it feels like you're the man with everything going on right now and I'm me I'm trying. I'm trying you know it's a lot going on in the next few world the next breakout tournament yeah which concludes in Toronto Yeah so I've had my eyes on everyone well. It's amazing what's going on with the next breakout torment because I feel like we talked about this before like every takeover special you're going and this is GonNa make years. You're looking at these generations of N._F._C.. Classes and you can't believe the talent and you feel like okay. This is a moment like annexed. He's having their moment moment right now and all these moments eventually pass because people are GonNa go to the main roster and then it'll be the Monday after wrestlemainia or just maybe some random Monday and the main roster will come in and grab all this talent and you'll go like okay so next to you had their moment but then you you don't realize what's in the chamber yeah and I think what this tournament is doing for the first time is going to everybody. Look like I understand like we've been going off of what we've been going off for the last year and a half or so and it's been the best the products ever been but Tadayoshi look at these guys and yeah it's incredible and they're making everyone week by week. Yeah I think Angel Guards is a perfect example all had to do just take his pants off university. Yeah I mean I wish I could do that. I probably booed right. You might be arrested. Probably you don't know but but with Angel they all love them and it's about opportunities same thing with swerve and Cameron Grimes. It's the opportunity entity. Is there and it's up to you to just take and do you look do you so you're such a unique position right because for the longest time W._w._e.. Aside from maybe Paul Heyman was manager free for the longest time outside W._W._e.. For the last three or four years you've been making a name for yourself primarily as a manager on the independence so before any of this is happening before any of this is happening next t what are your goals in wrestling because it would almost I feel like be unrealistic to sit there and be like one day. I want to be a manager in W._W._e.. Because I'd be like have managers W._W._e.. Eglise talking about man I mean it's funny because all my close personal friends told me that W._b.. Would never be a goal of mine. Well not a goal but they said it would never be attainable. These are the people that you love the most people you count on though Eh if it was three or four years ago it was just impossible so when I first started out it was just a break into wrestling I'm. I'm a type of person to where I make goals every year. <hes> not a long-term goal is just let me see how much I can push this and move forward so at first it was just to be in wrestling just doing whatever exactly right just being a part of this thing yes yes. It's hard as this. You know there's I'm sure hundreds of thousands of wrestlers but how many actually have a name or how many any Ken someone you know say at a show right and the goal is to be like a household name but at the same time you can still be in India name right the name the wrestling fans no is is a huge leap from the average performer right exactly exactly right so the second thing was just to have an any name and that came with evolve evolved was was really the showcase that brought me up to I would say wrestling stardom so to speak <hes> gig sorry Gabe gave me this opportunity and I just took advantage of it and that was the major thing and then even when I was in evolve there was some moments to where I thought hey like. Maybe I could make it to Debbie. Maybe was a possibility right right and I did access and that was two thousand eighteen so that was last year and I went out there and that was probably the most nervous I've ever been because I didn't. I think I was given my actual Promo. Maybe like ten minutes beforehand. Dan and I remember pacing back and forth and the bathroom and a funny story I don't know if he will remember but pacing back and forth <hes> and I'm just reciting the Promo over and over and over and I look back and Mark Henry is in the urinal taking up like three of them he just looks at me and walk up by that time to perform and I was walking back and forth and I was with Chris Dickson and Chaka and normally they're not nervous for me if there's a promo but they were very nervous and I'll never forget jock look demand said hey man. Are you ready for this and I said Yeah and then had to start the promo behind on stage and so as soon as I said the first word just clicked and as far as I know I went out there I killed it and I think that's what helped me get my foot into the door but then I didn't hear anything afterwards and so I think it was in December and by the time you know again I talked about in April. Two December has a long time and at gotten to the point where I left evolve. I was doing stand up on the side just for buzz and it was something that I enjoyed doing and then I started wrestling so I figured I needed to do something to help. Continue that buzz because I think the hardest part about wrestling is everything goes in cycles awesome and the hardest thing is just to keep that buzzed going right. That's why I started doing the stand up and the wrestling and then all of a sudden is that was like we're doing stuff for beyond that that period of time and that kind of started in March I think I Russell Nick Gage Russell Little Chuck Taylor but this was crazy stuff like me wrestling ricocheting page and often one and like hardcore man Canadian into a door all that crazy stuff yeah but I just got a call in December and it was hey are you signing where mayor and I was talking to a few companies and I said well not now and then it was tribulations looking for managers. Do you have things you can send him. Just out of nowhere I was at a bar. I was at a bar this Tuesday in New York. Get this phone call and then it's a tax yes sure and I didn't really believe it right right even then yeah even then you're not like it because I mean think about it. You're so far removed from the idea of. I'm going to be a manager in the W._W._e.. Do you're having hardcore hardcore matchup with Ricky Shane page. That couldn't be more different like it's almost like you said you know. I can't just keep being an indie manager because it doesn't lead anywhere so I gotta start doing other stuff of. Did you know they're sitting there going like Oh. Here's really manager and it's funny because New Year's Eve I was doing beyond and Timothy Thatcher pulled me aside and he sat me down like a child and said hey you have to stop wrestling you. You really have to stop which which was baffling for me. Why did you think you had to stop because it was not good for your health because it was not good for your brand because I mean I will take this as a compliment? Yeah I don't think he minute as like a backhanded compliment towards anyone else or towards me or or when I was doing but he said that I was to talented to Russell right that I was such a good talker and I was destroying the image that I had spent years making I mean it goes at that like Paul Heyman E._C._O._W._A._S. thinking where you completely hide the negatives and do everything you can't do accentuate the positives of course now. You're in this position where you're so trying to figure out what to do next. You're doing stuff that you're not that good at and less less of stuff that you are really good I of course was working because it was such a freak show right the see me Russell right against Nick Gage right in a handicapped match. My partner is Johnson Gresham. This thing ever restroom is on the side laughing his <hes> like his arms across and it was a spectacle yeah so so in a sense it worked but he was more so worried about me being hurt right so it was strange. I couldn't argue I mean he was going to argue with Timothy. Batch so the the plan was to stop anyway after that and I sent my highlight reel and it went to triple H in January so I am actually texting with you know the liaison <hes> between me and tribulation and everyone else and I'm at work my role job so the first text I get his Oh they love it. I'm like okay cool. Turn the phone over the second Texas. Hey would you consider moving to Orlando. I'm like Yeah Okay and then third Texas. Oh what's your email address. They're gonNa make you an offer. That's all one after the other half the other one day. You're sitting at work. Yeah this one until five o'clock wow and so again. I don't believe in have a conversation conversation with <hes> talent relations. I get that initial phone call and then the part. They're really worried me. <hes> was just the fact that there was a background. Check then there's a medical and you have to be in in great health to work for for W._B._Z. and rightfully so of course it's everything is running through my mind. I'm like Oh. Did I not get this vaccine five years old. I gotta give everybody Locker Room. Polio what's going to happen. Just all these dumb and thoughts are just going through my head and so I think I got the initial <hes> full offer. I think it was the end of February now. I hadn't quit my job yet because I thought that was all going to fall through right so so I gave them two weeks notice. The first week was me me actually there in the second one was me working remotely because I had to move to go in Orlando. This is actually happening yet and even then I'm just waiting waiting waiting and then I I think it was the morning of I know it was the Friday before I get an email telling me oh. They forgot to run a blood test so had to do that. The morning of and you're going like this is going to be the test yeah. There's GonNa be the test that goes now. We can't this is it so I did the tasks of course clearly everything was fine and then our report and that was that bit even to this day when I walked into the P._C.. This this real yeah and you kind of that feeling of like okay at some point. They're going to figure out I shouldn't be here out the door like these weird to walk into the Locker Room and Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano and Matt Riddle Yeah talented people are sitting but just this horrible the WHO talks for a living you know what what surprise me though that you you participated in the combine watching you on that rowing machine like I just wanted to prove that you're like hey man. I'm athletic to <hes> <hes>. No new couldn't prove that I was athletic right but I think I had to. I think when I first sign I think there was a misconception that I was just hanging out at the P._C.. Right okay. I'm doing everything everyone else is doing right and I thought that was an opportunity for me to show that I'm that I'm committed to doing this and you're there to work what exactly exactly and honestly I've I've gotten in in great shape <hes> doing the combine and doing strength and conditioning and everything else has actually helped me bond with other people in the locker room yeah because it's mutual respect yeah I think if I sat on the sidelines and said hey because combine was optional optional but it was it was one or test for me and to is it was to show everyone that I am here to do the work. was there something comforting in knowing that like because I would imagine you get the offer and you're GONNA go down there and locker room and everything and you go. Oh my God yeah. I've been in wrestling for so long but I'm going to this place right or no anybody and then you realize that as you're looking around it's like I kinda everyone. I've known these are all the people that I've been working with last you know four or five years or so in different incarnations or whatever in the kind of cream of the crop has all arrived right here it was wild and the locker room was just so welcoming just the people that you'll never expect. I guess like you forgot science there <hes>. I shouldn't say this but they're like the nicest go to you looking for manager. Though it's possibly that's possible I mean I can't I can't speak to everyone else but but they've been extremely nice to meet and welcoming and to me that that means a lot 'cause I was just new face. I was just to do walking in right right but I think that you know I mean. I don't know I feel like there is a a goodwill toward you in the sense that people are aware that you've been in wrestling for as long as you have been and regardless guardless if if you're in the ring or managing like I think everybody's kind of acknowledged that you're really good performer true but I think regardless of where you go when it's a new place you have to prove yourself over here yeah okay and that was my mentality. I know nothing I know a little bit when it's my job to learn the deputy system and how they want me to do it and that was challenging. I mean that was my first two months. There is to take the independent version of me and make the Debbie version. uh-huh not an ahead to look at it as not not not from selfish standpoint. Just what I want to do and what I thought was funnier or whatever it's what can make the most money for a deputy look at my career. What do you have to offer this bigger product like how did not like? How do I go out there and make myself the biggest thing? How does how does how does what I do? Fill a puzzle piece in this bigger picture of everybody making the W._W._e.. Into a bigger thing and I mean I mean it's no different from working at any other company wrestling or otherwise like when you work for a company the reason the company is paying us because you can add value to the company gets its relationship. That really works well for everybody and to make money but it's it's. It's funny. A lot of people don't they don't look at it like that and I think the one thing that really helped was the C._d.. Player bit. I thought I was playing with fire and all of a sudden triple h mentioned it on a conference call and it was how he'd liked different people making their own content and honestly it it strange way. It helped make everything bicker. I know some people on the main roster solid I know some of the writers saw it a lot of the talent solid no it you know it showed that I can take something so dumb bright and small that I created and I made something just go for weeks yeah yeah. It's still going kind of months at this point. I think it started in April or or something like that and it's just this long threat yeah I mean I don't think I picked up the C._d.. Player bitten until way later and like I saw the but I saw the first tweet because it popped up in my time line and I had missed it the first time or whatever but the reason to popped up in my time line is because everything's a thread so is one of those things like you find a show on Netflix and you go. Oh my Gosh I can bend to watch all the episodes right now. Versus the wire exactly yeah. You're like yeah. It's a bummer that the shows off but I just found this thing I can watch all six seasons right now of course yeah absolutely really now. I wonder about the content that you do because like I mean even for me part of probably the most for me anyway awkward or uncomfortable or probably the lease pleasant part of doing this podcast is reaching out to people and saying hey we show hey when you my podcast you want to do you want to and I always think about you and the fact that you have to go up to people like even something is silly which I thought was hilarious as the coming to America bit a bit yes as thirty second video but like I'm thinking about it and I guess it start thinking about it from a producer standpoint for whatever and I'm like there's like eight people in this video and they're all playing specific roles in each one of a matter and I'm going like all everybody in this. This video had to not only agree to do the video but you had to sit down and explain the vision to us. You know what I mean. You could just be like Oh. We're GONNA do this thing and you do whatever you want to do. It's like the the comedy will work if you do this and you do that and you do this and you not only have to have the confidence to ask them to do it and to explain the bit idea and everything but that is actually going to work because if it's lame that's on you. Yes I mean that's always been the big hurdle so the first three times asked people I think the funniest one was <hes> Shayna and I asked her and sheeting get it at all because that's the other thing people have to protect what they're portraying on television like chain of as there can't be goofing around about a C._d.. Player she's most dominant women's champion of all time of course right. Keep that in mind everyone is in character even myself yeah and I have to make myself the butt of the joke when the video that's cool too but I know chain a trust me. It's going to work so we filmed it. She thought it was kind of funding when we filmed it and then once I put it together because I did it right when the show was going on. She died died. When are you going to post it? What are you going to where I was intimidating? I'm like listen. I'M GONNA post it timing matters to earned the goodwill of anyone in the locker room because they know that it's going to be funny right so even with the coming to America video I pulled everyone aside and I said hey have this idea and even Deanna and Chelsea and Karen. They're like okay and so it just it blew up of course I. I don't know what it is is. I'll just wake up and I'll have this video or this concept in my head and then I'll try to flush it out and yet but for the most part it's it's I would say eighty percent Improv. Wow Wow with everybody involved or video so you're I mean that means you're bringing out like probably talented people didn't even necessarily know they had like comedic Improv. I don't know if I can take credit for that well. Maybe I'm giving you much credit. Yeah you're probably right. So when did you find out that it was like that stuff was being well received not just by fans but by the office by the locker room like the okay. This is actually something because I would I would think that's something you're a little bit concerned about that you. No the fans are GonNa dig this but like if everybody around. You thinks that you're douchebag. It's like the intention I think it was just in passing. Just people saying Oh hey that was funny more eight. It'd being shared in my group chats or I think once wants. I noticed that people on the main roster started to pay attention. I think the most eye opening thing was big. E tweeted about it <hes> and he tweeted. I hope stokely hathaway gets a C._D.. Player back it really has spread right right especially because he has become the king of twitter so it's like okay. I got the cosign from big good to go and to me. That's that's when the ball really really started to get rolling yeah so when you see when you start it when you start in wrestling the I kinda big thing he did it would ring of honor right and you did two years with them when you leave ring of honor and you just kind of venture off into the independence. That's gotTa be a pretty scary thing as a manager because it's one thing for a company like ring of honor the thing about being a manager there is I mean every company has quote unquote managers but there could just be some random guy. They're doing bobby Heenan Spitzer whatever's but like to be an effective manager you have to have storylines built in and you have to have people that you manage every single show and there has to be this sort of you know regularity to it right and so the ring of honor that would that's something you could do because their shows every month or every three weeks wherever off and they were running and it's like there. Is this storyline going when you off into the independence independence and you go woman be manager. I would imagine that's gotTa be free scary because you don't have a homebase anymore. It wasn't it was not scare. It wasn't so maybe it's like a sick intuition that I have always he's had but when I was in ring of honor I didn't really do much. It's not a slight on them. It's just I think one. I wasn't fully prepared for the role that was put in in two there was no real opportunity to to grow as a performer right so and they're so wrestling heavy anyway you know and at the time there was like six or seven different manager <hes> and it was just a lot <hes> everyone was trying to vie for for that spot and add the chance to work for evolve and I was pretty much given an ultimatum made them ring of honor or evolve and so I chose evolve <hes> and I knew that if I would've stayed in ring of honor I I just would have been there. There would have been no opportunity to become stokely hathaway or two or to even and be sitting here. You know it was things to where I felt like. I like I need it to do the same thing with leaving evolve one thought it was crazy but I knew that if I would have stayed in evolve and this isn't a slight on Gabe or or anyone there I I I wouldn't be signed right now. Eventually you have to just and I hate this phrases so cliche but you have to bet on yourself and say hey you know what these all my chips. I'm just GONNA throw him in the basket and see what works I see. What does it become a thing where like okay? I've been in a certain place for so long that like okay what I do is now. I don't want us to take him for granted but it's like it's defined. I'll say that like what you do is defined so if you want to keep doing the exact same thing over and over again. We'll keep you forever. You keep doing nat yet but there's no growth of course right but with evolve there was there was nothing else for me really to do I think it was I managed T._J._p.. <hes> and the whole point of me being involved was to help him look like a star for the crews away classic so did that which Gabe loved <hes> and then it was a transition period because T._J._p.. Left and I remember gave asked me hey like what would you want to do next and I pitched us and I thought he would say no now and it was a managed Thatcher <hes> so I wrote up this whole thing and it was about its couple right. He was depressed champion who wouldn't even carry the belt because catch point there were bullying him so me being the piece of garbage that I am I would manage him and our carry the belt narcissistic I would love to be the all champion right and it just worked and that lasted. I think maybe a year and a half and so I managed devolve champion with the Mike Seven eight months right being there right and then it was the tactic championships and then I think cashpoint had two or three rains with that so I had done almost everything there was a do any vault and I think gate says it all the time you know. Sometimes it's time for you to leave the territory and try something different. Is there more of a worry when you leave evolve because you know there is I mean you end up at access to do that. Show cooperation. You know you know triple h William Regal you know these is our on evolve. If of course W._W._e.'s aware of everything on to some degree or another some less more but we know I mean you know evolve is going to be on the W._W._e.. Network we know that the stuff that happens in evolve there is a direct path to theoretically to W._W._e.. So to leave it's almost like okay this. I'm leaving that I don't WanNa say easy path but that kind of pat that's already been walked as well at that time this was last year. One thing that I didn't want was to be stuck and I didn't it was it was really clear what the relationship between evolve and W._b.. Was I see and I wanted to be signed. I didn't want I see I didn't want to just work for evolve which makes sense done it already right. I was ready for for for the next chapter so once I left that's when I said I really have to move forward and do all of this stuff and to make myself a star and that's why I started doing the stand up right right right wrestling inches all just kind of just just took off yea from there and I mean you can't really say enough about timing right like you know you can't really put your finger on wins the right time to do what but but things tend to happen I mean the timing worked out perfectly my last match and beyond which was was the main company that I was working for as Andrew Wrestler it was against Eddie Kingston so the storyline which we didn't really get to finish was the fact that I left evolve and I was going crazy. That's why I was I was wrestling and so eventually I was losing my mind right so when kinks beat me that was that was that was my last match and beyond right and he just powered by me on a bunch of chairs and Tim yelled at me. Afterwards just went away yeah did you how did you did you garner new appreciation for hardcore wrestling when you started doing more and more of that stuff. Did you enjoy it on any level. Did you say to yourself like Oh. This is why should have been manager. I mean no. I I had a lot of fun. The only time on when I was like Oh like this really sucks was match against Ricky Shane Page and this was maybe the first three minutes yeah I was up top ready to hit the Canadian on him. He went to slap me but I turn my head. It was like split-second and he caught me in the ear and then it was a silence of your thing so the eardrum just completely ruptured and that's right at the beginning of the match on I did a dive and then I went back to do a second. I've and there was a huge miscommunication for the second dive. I thought he was just going to hold the chair and drop it and catch me. He thought I wasn't going to dive all the way so he swings it like a baseball bat. Yeah and I have the clip on my phone yeah me and he hits me so hard I flip mid air and laying actual share back. I so must look spectacular yes but that was a moment to where I just I was like what am I doing with my life right. How did I need you? I and the crowd erupted and I was fine actually doing this. They like this so let's say you don't get you know the call when you get the call. Let's say you don't have that conversation with that or do you feel like it would have just kept going. Do you feel like there is the possibility that that you start dipping into death match wrestling and things like that like how far do you think you would have taken that thing well. The plan was and maybe a handful of people know this. I actually was going to W W in February and I was going to train for two two weeks and that was going to be kind of the last who raw <hes> wrestling because I'm be learning from Walter and Thatcher and then the whole wrestling storyline would have ended in March and I had arranged to where I would have transitioned back to becoming becoming a full-time manager. I gotcha okay so there was there wasn't exit strategy yes same time I had another offer on the table so it was it was a really we are time from December two. I would say February yeah a lot going on so yeah. That's so interesting way. It's only three months but it's like like like that must feel in your head like it's such a long time because so much stuff was in the air and so many decisions are getting made much happening yeah. I was stressed in my in my apartment here. The lease ended the February so that's like real life telling us you know. Let me stay landlord unless I paid. I think it was two months rent <hes> the state for another month because I didn't talker pylon moving in time yeah saying I'm not GonNa pay you for staying a month like that's insane. One month's rent for saying insane. No I know what it what she would have kept d security security deposit if I would've stayed in charge me for for that month's rent and I so that was assigned from God just to make a decision right away and just to leave and it all worked out have you. I'M NOT GONNA ask you mentioned any name so you can feel free to be honest. I <hes> if he's not the most positive thing in the world but have you had instances where you know as a manager. Your job is is to get other people over but a lot of this fun stuff is yours. You know what I mean a a lot of the stuff that interacting with the audience a lot of the Mike stuff like that's yours. Have you had interactions with people who you are assigned to didn't think they needed a manager or didn't yeah of course and how do you handle that. Like how do you because you can't. Sit there on the show yeah yeah yeah. That's my response rice. It's okay if you don't like it happen. Any volve had happened. I would say maybe my first year of doing all these different. It was a storyline of me trying to figure out who to get again because at your went with with Walter it was like this really weird story to where Walter took my client and I was extremely hurt by it and there were people who I don't know if you remember the thirty for thirty not that I did a lot of people didn't WANNA be part of it that that was actually the first video giant video that I wanted to make 'em people just did not understand our promise game and Sal said listen just trust me to to do this. It's going on the work and so I paid for that out of pocket and so there were other people in it and they just said no we think is stupid or they had other weird demands and how they wanted to change it and I just said Okay I just did it myself off and it turned out better that way and then of course a few months later it was all man look I wish I would have you know like maybe next time this no. I don't think so yeah and it's weird if you may have deleted a lot of those tweets but if you go back and look at that time period if there or tweets still up that's when I started changing a lot of the graphics and promotions to to me being the focused as opposed to pushing wherever you're yeah yeah. I thought there'd be a lot of pushback but it worked. I think if there is a balance with annex t when I was with monster read anything to where it was the both of us wasn't just stokely hathaway <hes> it wasn't just you know what other name I was using at the time. It's it was me and Bronson Awesome. Really we're a dual. We're a squad and you know if if there is someone who says I don't need a manager it's okay. This is my job. I still have to collect the paycheck. That's not I mean. You never tell me that you don't need a manager. Tell the people were asked me your managed the promoter but for the most part even before I left for anyone that I was paired with they enjoyed it because a strange as it sounds a lot of times. I had a bigger following whoever I was managing so it actually helped them a lot. <hes> the Christian Kosovo was in limbless. That was someone that I said okay sure they they wanted me to manage him and I said okay. It's my job to help get him over. Not just at limitless would just overall on the Internet and in wrestling in general so when you get signed and you go to Orlando and you're in annexed and you realize like okay it takes. How long does it take before you start to settle in and go okay? This is I'm here. I think maybe adjust several weeks ago. Really every day is different. Yeah of course Jay is different and for me. I think if I get to settle I don't. I don't ever want to get comfortable of course for some people. That's that's a good thing for them. I mean no. You'd like to stay on your toes. Yeah everyday I walk in. It's just I don't know what I'm walking into right good way I think we had this was the most surreal moment we had a show for the sometimes we do these internal shows shows and triple. H was there undertaker Batista and you look around and it's like does it. Does it say the rock. I'm going to forget my promo. It's it's it's one of those things you really really have to be on your game twenty four seven. How much time did you spend figuring out the difference between talking like you and talking like a wrestling manager does because I still to this day? Watch people do promos and it's like you know people who ask ask for like they think that they need these long promos and then they start with like we'll let me tell you something well the thing about it and I'm like I've seen this like before. We even know what this thing is about. I've seen it all ready. I know the cadence. I know exactly cleaner rhythm in which you're speaking. I've seen this thing before. How long did it take you to not go okay? I grew up watching wrestling managers. I'm GonNa do arresting manager thing and just go. This is what I do. I'll be honest the main the main influences were probably black comedians. It wasn't now granted. I watched Freddie Blassie. I watched Bobby Brain Heenan Paul Heyman and everyone else Gary Hart but it was Bernie. Mac uh-huh was Robin Harris. It was Martin Lawrence. <hes> I studied the way they talked and that was oh okay. That's how people relate they right someone. That's that's talking like a real human being right and those are the guys by the way that have the ability to stand up there for for sixty minutes ninety minutes plus exact and get you for the entire time exactly and they were put in any role they could do TV <hes> they could do film and they'd be put into something the most hostile stand up crowds of course in other words Yup that you were solidified as a comedy great and Robin harasses one of my favorite comedians maybe kids is probably like my favorite comedy album and so it was a lot of that was a lot of that humor and getting that that rhythm of the cadence down and that's what I try to us and then relating it over to a Wrestlemania of course yeah and it's it's been working. It's kind of strange to say but I think and I will say even when I got to annex T it was still an adjustment <hes> as I still have to <hes> throughout how to do it for for their crowds yeah yeah I mean crowded and understand like you know like humor summer and speaking in an entertaining way there are certain cadences where people that are familiar with what you're doing are instantly going to be like. I know what he's doing. That's funny like I like this and people that are from another world completely are GonNa go. I don't get this. What's happening of course and you have to find that middle ground going? How do I just make it so that everybody gets it but I think that's why I'm grateful? The fact that I everyone has to do this but some people start out on on T._v.. Right away started doing the way they call the coconut loop <hes> so we're somewhere in Florida every single night <hes> and I had a long conversation with we rigaud about it and he said that it was okay to fail I can I can try something different every single night. It's an issue if I fail I keep failing over and over and over but if I'm trying to figure out my rhythm in my reuven and who this new version of of Stoke Hathaway is supposed to be <hes> then that's okay right right. What does what the shows are for right? I mean that does go back to stand up in the sense that it's like a stand up. The doesn't bomb is not a stand like you know what I mean. It's expected and you get when you get comedians around each other. The first thing they start doing is telling stories of colossal bombings when they're just going and you know they've been doing this for thirty years and then they try something new and they get in front of an audience and it just is dead in the water. You go okay different in my head yeah yeah. That's a different deal but you're right. You're you're on live television. It's not really an option. Oh that's it. That's it and the good part is we have writers. Yes so in a sense I've been extremely bless. Thus far that when I worked the coconut shows I they will give me a bullet points but I'm allowed to write most of what I want to say and now and I will recite it and I won't rehearse it it for them and they will give me the okay. There's minor tweaks here and there sure but it's like you said earlier just just I I learned any evolve. Keep Short <hes>. I don't need a six minute promo to introduce myself or anyone with its you give me sometimes I'll try to in my head say a minute and then when you pause for the audience reactions actions or just little things that happen in May go two minutes and a half but that's the perfect live yeah yeah I mean word economy is a is a toolbox that a lot of people leave behind. It's pretty valuable yeah especially when you're dealing with live audiences there. There's wrestling at the end of the day of course I mean and if you're the third promo of the night you're really tough spot because they've heard one version of this. They've heard another version and then by the time you come all know another one right. Oh it's your job to keep them entertained and not make them resent the fact that they're listening to a third promo so we'll wrestling. Did you grow up watching I so I started watching really weird time. I've told this story before but I didn't. I wasn't a fan of rustling growing up. Yeah have a dot here because you're such a fish to water with it. You would think that it's just in your boy. I'll have a brother we're non years apart younger and he was a big wrestling fan so I didn't really get into it until this was probably mid attitude era uh-huh so for me it was also I was in high school and I'm trying to figure out what Rudy bucaneers like. We're doing this. Not Why does this guy has eyebrow flipping everybody off. I don't understand disrespectful. It was such a disconnect for this doesn't make any sense I was reading marvel and X.. Men and everything else and so it wasn't until sports got your book Comic Book Combat in stand up comedy yeah. That was your extended comedy. Okay that was it. I remember sneaky Dave Attell C._D.. You know because my parents would have been horrified that was listening to but I started watching it with him and I'm like Oh. This is great yeah. These guys are are assholes and they're literally doing whatever they wanted to do and it. He gave me a gave me like a weird sense of self confidence too because I'm like if they can do that then I can do that right and then I started watching it and then how I really got into it. This is a real crazy part. I was in Grad school because I want to be <music> an actor so everyone had to do like a thesis project and I'm trying to think the breaking point was someone day it was I think C._S.. Lewis <hes> he did one of his place and it was the most horrible thing of it. In my entire life uh-huh you who directed a player you play. They chose both when else through so I was home and then I think it was it was a ring Amman or d._v._d.. I think it was Siham. Punk uh-huh sample okay punk versus. I think homicide and I was watching it. I'm like you know what this is an art form clearly but in my montlake something just clicked storytelling starts to click in and narrative the whole thing the structure of what's going on yeah yes I e mail my professors and this idea and they all thought I was out of my mind. That's a lot of your ideas start. Yeah most people rag. Only this is so stupid. It makes no sense. If you WANNA flock you aren't paid us thousands of dollars. Whatever so I trained to become a wrestler and that was how I wrote my thesis and so I originally trained crazy story with Mike Quackenbush so Zarro Oh and Sarah D._R._A.? My original trainers with the intention to not be a wrestler but to write a thesis on the price and I remember I did that for four months and I remember saying I'll be back on the go yeah okay because people were just quitting left and right right. I'm sure they thought I was the last person because clearly you saw the combat. You can imagine what my first four months arrested trading. I mean it's not like some of us are blessed with Lennox home of us are established establish from a young age that I two could not be a professional in ring competitor. I just didn't I don't have the DNA formulas I get it. I was just imagine a turtle with broken leg. That's probably the most accurate description but you can't even get the momentum it'll legs hated but they did because they helped me right. The paper like I interviewed all of them and then I graduated and I came back the next year and there were shot to see me <hes> and then I kept doing the professor think they loved it they did they loved it. They thought this was the greatest thing ever so I turned it in. I remember I sent a copy to Sa- Zara and I think the one thing that he said we'll sue look. I thought it'd be longer then I continue training and then there was an opportunity so you continue training just because now you kind of fall in love with yeah oops. I thought this was just the thought that was just doing this project and now this kind of just paid all his money to be an actor her but whoops I just found wrestling over here and I couldn't stop it was it was probably one of the most difficult things that I've ever done but for me. It was just like a head to keep going because I was surprising myself do my first Ford role will and not tear my quad. Oh right you know it's progress and I can actually see yeah and so I just kept doing it kept doing and then once again. I guess I guess in the in the acting world like you could be the greatest actor in the world but so much of it is just like. Is this the right project. Does this audition work. Is Today your day like there's so little to actually quantify whether you doing better or worse yes but in wrestling like especially because your athletic to begin with yeah like when you start being able to do athletic things you're going. I'm getting better yes yeah and it feels good. Yeah crazy thing too is like throughout the whole period all my actor friends were were broke. They were dead broke so I was slowly slowly becoming more successful and also making money and wrestling which for all intents and purposes like it should not have happened right but all my friends who are doing off Broadway and Broadway. They're broke right now. I mean now. I'm sure if I know actors actors to they're probably going like how does twitter followers yeah yeah. Hey how'd you get all those people in instagram like you know what I mean. They start realizing there's a little following even in the very beginning like the following obviously grows tremendously but when he I would imagine you start to grow this following yeah and people that I mean at the end of the day there's a few people that wannabe actors for the craft but most people want to be famous yes and when they see this happening. Oh was he doing yeah but that's what that's what helped me get into stand up as well the fact that I had this following I don't remember I did busted open and it was to advertise first comedy show and he's all of these wrestling fans. I'm like Oh wow like I. I think you know that that you may have support or or like a fan base. That was the first time that I really saw it and and actually met something more because it was something outside of wrestling and half people come to see me do support you now granted. It may have been to see me fail. which was you know? They were all their George Annella. was there the fact that he came to see me do stand up and just think he had broken his leg so he's on crutches coming in to see me before him yeah it was it was wild yeah yeah. It is Kinda not when you realize there's people support report me yeah right yeah. I guess I should keep so. Do you have any does any part of you. Though like the deeper you go into wrestling go you know my passion was acting like I don't or once you locked into wrestling. Is that passion kind of Lockton I mean I think I'm doing it. I I have the best the job ever. I think I'm doing both I view wrestling as a performance <hes> at least with with my part so I have to get into character and so it's it's when I walk out there. I am a certain way when I leave. I am a certain way <HES> and I'm sure you've you noticed like the person that you see these videos and on and on the shows it's it's completely different person in person and I it's the something that I get into and it's it's an art is running for for me. <hes> I'm sure some people may be offended by me saying that but but that's the way that I can. That's the way that I can <hes> trumping of the right word. It's the way that I can make everything successful accessible for me through that that Lens right and and also like you know you should be apply when you get a set of tools you know that you would get Grad School. Yeah you should be able to apply those two things things. You're doing if you're sitting there and you're doing you had to Grad school right now. You paid a lot of money. Grad schools not cheap and you're doing a job and you're realizing nothing. I didn't Grad school applies to this whatsoever. You gotta be sitting there going like why why waste all that time and money right. I stopped at the highest level crazy because I think I'm probably one of the few people who actually want to Grad school doing what I went to Grad School for everything that I've learned from vocal techniques to stage combat combat to production values to just just everything has been used in wrestling. Does it bother you when people in the acting world or in the arts communities don't take wrestling seriously not really because I think is one of those things where it's it's hard for different forms of entertainment to appreciate one of another <hes> so for me as whatever you know Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's on them. Yeah that makes sense doesn't bother me at all so and now that you're signing everything. Do you sit there sometimes and maybe you're doing this before and cry. Do you watch do you watch the main roster shows or even next he shows and start fantasizing about like Oh. They paired me up with that person. They pair hear me up with this person like Oh we could do something there. We do something here like those thoughts. Go through your brain. Not Really I mean. I tried to watch raw smack down to a five live in exceed U._K.. I try to watch everything with the Lens of everyone everyone that I'm watching on T._v.. T._v. for a reason so how can I my game to reach their their level ICEES bet yeah. That's the first thing that I have in my mind. It's not really like a fantasy booking thing because I don't think that I'm there yet and even if I saw something great like I couldn't be like Oh. Hey you know what me in brock I think I think that's the that's all I think you know Thatcher worked and that was I gonNA odd couple. Brock also would be ah together so I think that whichever we should do it and I mean I know Paul now. I've heard you're making some decisions so maybe I take over no okay what happened to remember his name Yeah Yeah but you more drawn on that for inspiration of going like like wow. These people are excelling at what they're doing. Kevin Owens has been a huge help since since I mean years ago but but especially now and I he's one person that I specifically watch because he's so good at what he does and for me. It's like that's that's level of of Promo work or just just even just like his facials like his body language like that's. That's the level that I need to be at so when I'm watching the shows is really to to say to myself okay. How can I take something that they're doing and and try to not not copy of course not not emulate but but they're doing something how can i? How can I find my tricks or you know my little my little quirks that can show on camera that can make me adobe superstar so we were talking about managers and stuff? You brought up not just kind of the the eighties classics that Bobby Heenan isn't Jimmy Hart for you. Were mentioning Gary Hart. You're mentioning all bunch of people able there when you started to really dive into wrestling because it was later for you. Did you just go back and start consuming everything you had to one. One big thing that try not to do is I will watch it but I can't watch a a lot of it at at one time because I think we all have the habit to kind of like copy order or to pick her yeah yeah yeah so even even with Paul Heyman I will watch him but I won't watch a lot of Paul Heyman at one time because I don't want to cut a promo saying my name is Blah Blah on my clients. It'd be so easy 'cause he sounds so good and that's his thing yes this thing in unless those paying tribute to him but I think it'd be highly disrespectful to to do something like right so for me it was you know unless I was specifically assigned like I worked for <hes> one company at this point and I was I was I think the second Gary Hart like this kind of what they wanted me to be. So of course I'm going to try to pick up little things because I was specifically. We told what they wanted me to do but for the most part it's you know I went back and I and I saw okay like this is. This is what a manager is supposed to be. Yes so you know let me let me try to figure out my own way about talk about doing it. What do you think that Sweden salary sweeney? He's one of the best yeah I mean. That's because I was thinking about you today and there was like who does if there was any comparison to draw from and I I always think that's high praise. I know I know probably uncomfortable accountable for you but that's that's where I started because I often think like how far could Larry Sweeney of gone I mean I think he would have been signed. One hundred percent one hundred percent. I think he might have brought back managers years. Yeah I agree with you one hundred percent but also it's funny that you said that it's I think you have to give credit to Selena Vega and also one hundred percent to drink maverick. Yes yet also Lee rush because yeah absolutely they ushered in this this new era of of managers managers in W._W._e.. And all three of them are so I mean they just became so undeniable. Yes that you you're just immediately. I mean Zelina Vega from Jump Street was like Whoa this whole nother felt like anything that got thrown at her. She was GonNa make better like I think she's incredible watching drake. You know kind of come onto W._W._e.. And you didn't I did not see that signing happening thing and then you're going like okay for two zero five live. I get it and you watch him. Become like a highlight of raw these killing it's amazing. It's amazing what what all of those performers are doing and so they ushered in yeah this this opportunity for me to just gets on yeah and I appreciate it and it's nice to that. I feel like as a W._W._e.. And it's got to be nice for a person who's in the position that you're in. I do feel like that as W._W._e.. Is kind of slowly slowly. Bring me back the role of Andrew. They're not managers. You know everybody's got different titles but actually liked it. Everybody has different titles because I feel like there was a time when it would just be okay. We have a bad guy. Let's put him with some manager and we'll just do it like this. It's a formula formula and now it makes sense like there's a reason it's not like Zilina. Vega is just this evil woman with this stable of bad guys man. Yes should this is my client. I am business manager of this person. Paul Heyman is not like here's the Heyman guys yeah. I'm hearing advocate for Brooklyn new hire me to advocate for him and I feel like the same way you know you're you're in a position where you know that once once you find exactly really what your niche is going to be. I think it's GonNa make sense. We can have faith that it's GonNa make sense. It's not just going to be a manager for the sake of being manager that I'm just a guy right yeah and that's and that's something that that we've been working well and when I say we me and everyone on on the creative team is how to figure out how to name me and I came up with with something and I think it was ahead to it was one of those things where and I appreciate appreciate this. They didn't get it at first so had to try it on different live events and they got it and I I would make videos and send it you know Senate to them and then they kind of got it and then slowly but surely they're like Oh. I know exactly what this is so hopefully it will make it to an extent but it was one of those things it was. You know let's let's try to figure out something different to where I'm not just a e manager but I mean even then you probably go back into Grad school because what actor doesn't put themselves on tape to addition yeah like it's the same literally the same thing. You have to the one thing it's crazy. The one thing I was told is when you get to W._b.. Like you don't have to worry much like you know you know. Get rid of the indy hustling mentality but I think it's the complete opposite. Yeah is complete opposite. I will film stuff all the time I will videos reform promos. I will come up with ideas and not in a in a pestering thing but it's going. This is what I have to offer funny. It can be serious aloof. You know all these different things because that helps make their job easier yeah and also lets them. There's no reason to take for granted that they know everything that you're capable like that would be pretty egotistical. Go on your part. Just feel like warming here. Can you look at me and tell that I'm great at every like you should know I can do all of these things yeah. What do you think please if they don't like something? It's like okay cool and I think that's what the P._C.. has to offer. It's like you're back in school like rice your job to train and learn and come up with ideas. It's not you just show up here right. I got my contract. Put me in my spot yeah yeah. No you have to work for yourself. Yeah Yeah and that's it should be. Do you practice facial expressions in the mirror. I used to not as much anymore because you got your got him down and you so do you. How does how does how do you work with memes? Do you have a folder on your phone full of memes. Do you have all your references. Is there just in your head and go ahead so you. There's a scene in a movies and this would be great spot for this scene for this person going <hes>. Do you know how many times this before I got sign. Of course I would just Google Kooky from like new Jackson. They do it anymore. That was my go-to. I'm like Oh. This is a really dumps the yes because yeah I'll I'll sit there and I'll like I wonder if he has like a special folder for just replies. Do you have a facial expressions folder. Now you know yeah it's it's I would say. Maybe I'm trying to think the last time I look I think it was like five five thousand images just my twitter folder and how just go on just what's appropriate here my favorites. I have some photos favorite and I'll just go back and just like where some people vote like my phone. If you go through my favorite you'll see like a whole bunch pictures of my kids. You'll see one of my daughter's. It's me right just for crushing in the mean game so it's like you know. Obviously you're doing something right. I hope so you know nobody. It's hard to stop yet. Yeah Yeah I also I mean you your your. Do you feel responsibility to keep that sort of pop culture education up to date I mean I I feel like you have to although very smart thing by leading into like ninety s yes ninety s culture or because again it just like the facial expressions that's locked him like you're good on that but I still feel like you do bear certain responsibility to have an awareness awareness that other people don't need to have sometimes I do think it is my job to be entertaining <hes> and that's one thing that I've kind of struggled with its. I'll be honest it has been M._I._T.. Entertaining like we'll this take away from whoever will become <hes> on an x t television because they weren't taken seriously because they're waiting for like a Don. Thanks in harmony refugees or something yeah but I think I think it's all about finding that perfect balance. Yes why that's why I've changed some of the stuff that I've put out there uh-huh in hopes of leading to that too that direction but as far as like educating people yeah kind of like today was the anniversary of paint and four I re tweeted that because most people would have no idea in the coming to America. It's just stuff is in my head and I'm like why not share it with the people who follow me because I'm guessing that they follow me because they have similar interests right so or at least like you referencing all that stuff yeah so. Did you grow watching a ton of movies too I did it was just pop culture non-stop non-stop yeah. I'm the same way that's why I sit there like every single reverend yup fantastic Sanjay Dutt one day dude I just I love your twitter. It was like how old are you and it's like okay. You're that checks. That's about right. That was twenty one or something right. I'm a huge research back and try to pull out no no you I tell because some of them like I'm like this isn't a retro reference like this isn't a reference because this isn't something people talk about him yeah. This is something you only had in your head if you're alive at the time yeah this isn't like all remember like nobody says. Remember this yeah yeah but it's in your head yeah so it'll be there all the time. All the stuff that most people would hate is just yeah well. That's fantastic. I feel like we could do a whole `nother show on Comedians and movies and whatnot and at some point we will will but I appreciate you making the timing of course this has been great. <hes> pay now or you're going to do like probably like cash APP. What about cash type thing 'cause I'm well?

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