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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast. Sometimes you find about out about dysfunction in championship culture, and it rocks your world, but other times, you can still find out about this function where it already exists, and you knew it existed, but just reading about it still shakes you to your core. That is where Cleveland Browns fans are right now. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz. Look, there's one reason everybody wants to talk about the Browns ad nauseam and has because there's this feeling of hope or around the quarterback situation. And there's this feeling that things have gotten better. But there's also this reminder that is much as we want to believe in the hype around Baker Mayfield in the future of the Browns. There is a level of dysfunction that has gotten the franchise to where it is right now Seth Wicker's from does a great job breaking it down. It's on the dot com right now. And when you read the inside story of the Cleveland Browns dysfunction is. Even worse to read than I thought, it would be in my mind yet, you know, I think talking about the dysfunction of the Browns was a bit like rubber necking a car crash over the last however long because it was apparent via their record the turnover at the coaching position. The the the flubs whether they be getting fined for texting on the sidelines or the amount of money that they owed coaches that they had let go mid contract all of it. Now, it feels like this is a particularly interesting dive into an organization because there is hope and because looking at having a resource like Baker Mayfield and looking at having a coach who managed despite all the overwhelming weight of failure. There to look competent to bring them victories to make good on the talent that they had all of those pieces then make this a hopeful time for Browns fans until you question whether or not they can really overcome. What is still a management and organizational? Head that has brought upon himself. And this franchise so much failure of late like has them still there. Right. And so if this what you and I have been talking about we were trying to figure out whether this was a good coaching position that people would want or not sure it looks like it draft picks, Baker, etc. But it's really still a poop Sunday with just a cherry on top until you can figure out whether that stench is gone and whether they've moved into a fully new era. Well, and I think the ownership portion of it is the most defeating portion of it because you we've joked before and really tried to educate people before you can really despise your team's coach your team's GM the players you cannot like your favorite your favorite teams quarterback. You can go across the board and be mad at any of these positions. Knowing full, well, there's an opportunity that it will change. You can't do anything about ownership being bad at their job. And that's what we what I think the deep dive Seth wicker Shim does such a nice job. And he's the guy that sort of broke into so much information around the patriots. And it was it was I opening. It's still I opening when you see what the has the ownership group of the Browns is incapable of doing and sort of the repetition that they go through the cycle. They go through of repeating their own mistakes to appoint that it falls on deaf ears. I mean culture has to be fixed. And I don't know how you fix a culture where the ownership assertive tone deaf to the issue and continues to make the same mistakes. Well, the thing is though fits if you look if you sort of read between the lines here, the aren't the exact same mistakes. What's what's continuous there? And what's consistent is that has them is not willing to see anything through long enough. He's willing to buy into a plan, but not patient enough to see if it pays off an I, of course, totally related when it got to the point where he said he was reaching out to other people who had helped turn around failure or had used rebuilds in in a in a beneficial land. One of them was the with the cubs when deal obscene came in. And and cubs fans knew there was going to be a rebuild. It was inevitable that midway through that a year to win when you're looking at a. Terrible roster that should be in triple A. The people were going to start yelling and bellyaching and saying THEO should be out. And they didn't do their job. People didn't do that for the most part. They dug down they said, they told us this is going to be bad. They told us it would eventually get us to where we wanna be Sashi Brown. Perfect example of that he got rid of him. And by the time his draft picks and his vision paid off. It didn't seem like anyone was given the credit to the guy who did that because he was gone by then, and that's what Seth writes about that the casualties for the Browns aren't just all the fired coaches. They're still paying its ideas that every time he commits to some sort of ideology or strategy. He isn't patient enough to see if it actually pays off. That's where it scariest. If you're a Browns fan looking at right now because if you believe in who they've got making decisions, you're worried about at some point if it doesn't pay off right away bailing yet again and assess that it's a rollercoaster you can't get off the ride midway through and expect to have success. One of the things that Spain and Fitz, by the way, Sarah Spain Jason Fitz one of the things that really stands out to me though in that. At that process of going through. It is what do you do if you're just bad hiring? And you know, when I think about some of the coaches that they've had you know, for for Dzerzhinsky coming in and in Hugh Jackson, obviously, we've talked so much about Hugh Jackson. And you know, I look across the board. And you don't see the people that leave Cleveland going somewhere else for unparalleled success. So I'm looking at it at least partially with one I sort of crooked looking over to the side saying, well, what if what if he's really bad at hiring? And so this this cycle like this and then the cycle continues. Because you know, you gotta give a coach time to really put his system in place. You gotta give an ideology time to your point to actually develop. But if you pick the wrong one how much time do you give it, and that's the cycle that bad teams get into that's the cycle. The Jimmy has lem is in at this point in frankly, the only thing that changes that cycle. I think honestly, this isn't a fun answer. I think you've gotta be lucky. You eventually got to be lucky and. Hit on a quarterback and hit on a coach and hope that the two of them together can give you some level of continuity because winning games is the only thing that settles down Spain and fit Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz on ESPN radio. We are presented by progressive insurance. He talked about in the story Southwick ship arranged marriages. And that's what it kept feeling like, and so you make a bad decision. And then you compound that. Because now you bring in somebody to work with that bad decision that isn't tied to them and isn't necessarily on the same page, it sometimes it's GM coach combo sometimes it's a president and GM combo. And the problem is is that if has limbs always the one making decisions, and then he's got at one point there were seven direct reports to him. And so his willingness to listen to all those people at times made a lot of those people feel like they had his trust and that their decision and their way of doing things was what has them was going to favor. But then he would move onto the next person have a conversation changes mind. Give them the same feeling of trust. And that's the. Is it reminded me a bit of when you hear about the Cowboys and Jerry Jones like if Jerry Jones is really the one deciding which targets are getting the most looks right? And he's the one doing the postgame interviews with people. Where's the accountability? Really go where do you draw the lines of reporting and everything else? And what it feels like is has looms best intentions may be to be able to take the knowledge and the experience of everyone. He hires end up being disaster because nobody knows who's running it who's in charge of who. And he keeps pairing up people that don't have the same plan at all whether you do of your owners unintentionally battered as job like because unloved they'll ask anyone affiliated with the Knicks. I mean, it's it's a truly you'd think about what it's like in the article points out how much she just walks around the halls, and he wants to be active, and he wants to be there and he wants to hear people's input. But then to your point he ends up pitting employees against each other unintentionally. And so my mind just keeps going to like he'd think. He's doing all the right things. He's just bad at owning a football team. And there's not a good answer for that. I mean, I laughed because Browns fans all you can do is laugh or cry at that point. You know, there's not a good answer to find continuity, if the person that's in charge of finding continuity, a isn't necessarily the greatest boss, and be doesn't necessarily have the greatest mindset for hiring talented people to run his organization, right and doesn't maybe have the self awareness or the ability to humble himself and say, I'm not good at this. I'm going to find people to put in place who are like the previous example. I used of of the cubs. Tom Ricketts says I'm not the baseball guy. That's the oh. So I'm gonna make plenty of decisions about organization, but when it comes to who's picking the players and everything else, I'm letting him do that. And the problem is is that whether or not it's well intentioned has them has at times the says right there in Southwick or some story. There was a four to one vote for a coach. And he said, no, no, no. I'd rather have Hugh Jackson, even though all the football minds of all agreed to. Tell them this is who we want. I will say that it seems like there's hope for Browns fans because of the quarterback because has them didn't have a bunch of friends sit in the draft room with him the scouts were in charge. He didn't introduce the new head coach he led his GM do that. And sat in the front row. The only thing that stood out in the section of the story that I think fits was supposed to say, maybe this is a new era was the fact that Dorsey was skeptical of the Anna lyrics team and their influence on the draft. And initially said I don't need bleeping nerds to tell me how to value. That kind of any time I hear that now in this era of statistics. And analytics, I just think oh, boy you're in for trouble. They've said he's adjusted a little bit but reminded me of Gruden. I wish we still decide the ninety stats. Those were the good old days. Tucson still hurts ESPN radio presented by progressive. Insurance drivers switched to progressive can save an average of six hundred and sixty eight dollars straight ahead. What happened behind the curtains with the Browns and more importantly on the walls of the Browns organization. Plus, what did current GM John Dorsey? Think of the article find out next benefits on ESPN radio and the ESPN Spain and Fitz sarahspain Jason Fitz. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. We're gonna head to the shell Pennzoil performance. I'm where ESPN the magazine Seth wicker sham joins us. You often. See him on outside the lines. He's got a column on ESPN dot com right now. The clash of the Cleveland Browns how Hugh Jackson Jimmy has lem and Baker Mayfield collided. Seth first foremost. Great. It's a great read and it really deep dives into some of the dysfunction for the Browns. We all sort of knew about the rumors with it. But when you sat down to actually put this piece together what surprised you the most in what you've found. Well, I think they want interested in me. Most was you watch Baker Mayfield come on during the last eight games last season. Like, you know, like a force in waiting. I mean, you know, he was completely immune to the Browns stored history. And so when I saw that happen it apparently made my sort of repertory will intended go up because there's another force that it was colliding with and that's the Cleveland Browns history. And you know, the fact that to me has can't stick with a regime for more than eighteen months two years. And we all know that, you know, one of the most vital things for young quarterbacks is continuity, and so not to be too crass. But it was like the only thing could ruin baking. Baker mayfield. Decides injury would be the Cleveland Browns frontier. So I wanted to try to get inside. Like, what's it like to work for Jimmy d has them and how decisions are made in. What's it like to be in that building and trying to look as best? I can to use that stuff going forward to look at how it might impact. Baker for better or for worse. Yeah. You just touched on one of the most interesting parts of the story to me what which was the idea that. Well, there are endless amounts of coaches who seem to still be on the payroll or GM's or people that have been hired and fired. The biggest casualty has actually been ideas because house looms never patient enough to allow anything to be seen through. And I think from a far we all watch and just make fun of the continual, you know, churning and spitting out of people. But looking at it as closely as you did you start to realize it's because he's willing to dive in an idea, but he is never willing to see it through. Is there any reason to believe that because of the way he didn't have his friends at the draft? And he didn't introduce their new coach. And he let other people do the job. They're supposed to do that something has changed and he's willing to trust in his current quarterback, coach, GM, etc. Yeah. Baby. I think that there's reason to believe that, you know, time will tell though I mean, I think it's he's out. I think when you look at Baker, you know, it's not only that he needs, you know, look Jimmy house on what he likes to do is set up. Shotgun marriages. And so what you have is a GM and a coach who were hired separately reach other like, for instance, when the team went out to hire a do coach a couple of years ago, everybody in the executive executive team voted for Sean McDermott to be the only one who voted voted for Hugh Jackson and that ended up being the head coach. And so it was a shotgun marriage with Sashi Brown. And what happens is. Jimmy, ends up being the type raker, but the bad position to be in because it just makes people mistrust each other in backstab each other and fight and do anything they can to be the person to talk to Jimmy last and things that happened with this latest. Hiring is the John Dorsey is it pretty kitchens reports to John Dorsey. And so in theory, at least it'll eliminate the appeals court that has usually been Jimmy has them and force them to be on the same page and figure things out on the road and be in the same boat because what we've seen in years past is when the vote starts to sink everybody throws water, we're talking to ESPN the magazine Seth wicker Sherman Spain and fits Jason Fitz. Sarahspain said give me a little bit of of your mindset, though. Because one thing that really stood out to me was talking about. How has them stands up in front of the team with basically the same comments constantly about learning and trying to get better hiring? Good people. I find that interesting. But where do you draw the line because? Frankly, you do have to learn how to hire good people. And I'm not sure that Hugh Jackson had proven that. He was worth keeping is a coach. So how'd you find even though you're looking for continuity? How do you find that line? Yeah. I mean, Jimmy d has not been good at hiring people. And if they were good at it, they won't pay up to let those people come to fruition. And so I don't know, you know, it's a mystery. But it is a joke within the office that, you know, every time they have these meetings sort of announce a regime change the Jimmy d has them use the familiar language of trying to approve and pledged to get things better. And you know, so it's become a little bit of an office joke. But you know, we'll we will just see I mean like I said, I mean, Jimmy house them. He was he Hugh Jackson was his guy. And I mean when he hired John Dorsey a year ago, there was a lot of people on the week who were told him like look get rid of Hugh right now start over have these guys linked in and joined at the hip, and he didn't do it. He hung by you. And obviously the first eight weeks. Of last season were mess. I mean, you know, we all saw it happen on hard knocks where you know, the dysfunction was was there right on camera between Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley, it ended up spilling out even more into the openness this season went on. And then Hugh Jackson, of course, like so many of these guys did bought that Jimmy had his back though. He thought, you know, hey, we wrote it through a rough patch. He'll have our he's going to have my back. And then they lose the Pittsburgh Steelers in week eight and Jimmy has them and John Dorsey into his office. I tell him that the teams moving in a different direction. And she asks why in John Dorsey says that the team had quit on him. And I was told that greatly offended, Hugh because eight of the four eight of the of sorry, four of the eight Browns games had gone to overtime at that point in the season. So he told them to get the F out of his office. I love I love it. That's the response to being fired. It always should be be honest, except for we know which one event is going to get the out of the office. That's the one that's. And Jason Fitz talking to Southwick or about it's great story about the Browns in these stories, so often what comes across is a sort of tyranny of whoever's in charge, right? It's people complaining about them being mean or aggressive or screaming. There's none of that. Here. He comes across as sort of likeable, but inefficient at best or just straight up failure at worst. Right. So. It's a totally different kind of vibe. I guess there's definitely moments in here where it feels like you and the sources are speaking to parts of him that are very likeable. And that is intentions are very good. He just it's almost like what we we've heard some about similar other powerful people whoever's the last to talk to him. That's how he swayed, and that's no way to run a business. It's not. And I think that he was one of those guys it's not only that he's not been able to hire people well or see it through. But I think that like so much of Cleveland, he has a glass half empty meal if things, and I think that all of the negativities the Cleveland history has served real it can be very destructive in the building and accelerate things. And you know, I think that that to a certain extent played into it. Also, just you know, things get so bad, especially those two years, you know, where Sasha and Hugh, I mean, those were bad, here's 'cause you know. Everybody knew the Browns. We're gonna lose. They ended up losing worse than they even expected you and then they were fighting over why and band that get ugly? You can follow him on Twitter at Seth wicker Shem ESPN the magazine Seth bookish join in Spain and fits and Seth. I mean, Freddie, kitchens was a debate, Sarah. And I had as we were trying to figure out if this was the smartest thing the Browns have done or just the Browns being the Browns in hiring somebody that wasn't even almost radars. Just a few months ago. Did you get any sense when you were going through the process of putting this article together, did you get any sense of sort of Freddie, kitchens in and why he should feel or why fans should feel more secure about where the franchise is going. Well, he did it. I'd rebel job is offensive coordinator through the last eight games of the season. I know they were very smart people around the league where it kinda wondering why he didn't get more interest as a head coach from other teams. But at the end of the day, I think that you know, what matters a lot. I think is much as his ability as a coach. And his ability to put Baker Mayfield in a successful position. Is the fact that he and John Dorsey has to make this work together. I think that is a big deal because again, so many of these guys have gone down not only because of losing. But because of just the unbelievable infighting in that building, and you know, that contributes it's just it just does there's no way around it. And that creates a very toxic actress fear and makes it impossible to win. And I also think it'll be interesting to see how they handle Baker because you saw like with the Washington Redskins a couple years ago. We're Dan Snyder falls in love with RG three owners love to fall in love with franchise quarterbacks and that can become very dangerous. Also where the quarterback ends up undermining everybody else on the team. Would you give the same answer to Browns fans after doing all the research and writing this as you would have before when they asked you if they should be hopeful about going forward. Yeah. Because the quarterback hasn't changed. Only gotten better. I think the question would be, you know, can they keep him getting better? And can't they keep him, you know, defensive. We're going to have a year to study him. And can they keep him a head of the game? And you know that to be. Is going to be going to be vital. But again, it's like whatever reason it happened. Whether it was luck talent, the floods hit of all the station. They ended up with a guy who looks like he could be a legit franchise quarterback. The guy is unique player his person, and he could be a fixture and icon in that city and the only thing besides injuries that could get his way is the team's history. That to me is going to be the most fascinating thing to watch the next couple of years. Be sure to check out the article out on ESPN dot com right now. Follow him on Twitter at Seth Wayne Carson, Seth we breached your time next. Joining us, my friend. Alright friends straight ahead deals getting done in the NFL. Plus on the one of the most under appreciated superstars we've ever seen next Spain and fits Spain and Fitz sportstalk, seven ninety with the call at Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz. Tweet us. But only if you agree with us on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at Spain. Embiid's at Jason Fitz at sarahspain. If you disagree with us, be sure to tweet at will Cain as the way that that works. We'll get into some some developing news around the NFL and some signings in a little bit. But Sarah what we just heard right there. And I think you know, you have to sort of step back. How many times we've said it's impossible. We're not gonna see it. It can't continue. And what I'm talking about is the beard, and as we said earlier it's time to chew the beard because no matter what James harden does it only gets better and better and better. And and it's interesting because last night on top of all of this just when you think it can't get any better he has a career high. I mean, there's nobody left with the rockets like he might as well, go out and just to five on one and he's still doing this. I mean, he basically is right. You mentioned it sixty one points last night that ties Kobe's record for visiting player at the current Madison Square Garden, he has two hundred. And sixty one points over his last over many games. I think five none of them are assisted. Right. So what I'm fascinated by this kind of started spinning around in my head because on HQ today. The question was should we be more appreciative or give more attention to James Harden's recent streak, and it feels like we're certainly talking about it fits. But I am magin an alternate reality in which this is Anthony Davis or. Donovan or trying to think of like some other big names that maybe not LeBron we'd be doing this for Brown for sure, but he's in his own world. But just any of the top ten players right in the league. They're doing what he's doing right now. I just feel like it would be received differently. And there's a couple of reasons for that one. Is that a steady a lot of people don't enjoy watching. James harden, the way they enjoy watching say Kevin Durant or an Anthony Davis. His innovations are still something people are getting used to to the point where it often does feel like it should be something that you get called fort weather. It's flopping or traveling. It's not and he's just he's just changing the game right in front of us, and that's hard for a lot of people to adjust to. But also that it's done via more isos individually than entire other teams and multiple teams combined, and when it is two hundred sixty one points without a single assist. I think for some people it feels like yeah. This might be what it takes for the rockets. To get winds right now with so many injuries to their to their other star players. But does it impress you as much as doing this within the the real construct of basketball? It doesn't feel like basketball right now, it feels like our James go out and do it, and we'll just kind of stand around, and and if we can help we will. But most of the time will let you do your thing. And maybe people think a lot of other players in the league could do just that if given this opportunity, you know, I think you're right that the reception on this to be so much different. If it was let's say on us onto Toco somebody that we are like desperately watching grow into one of the stores, and if we were watching somebody grow and making the bucks relevant the conversation would be oh my God look at this. He is put this team on his back singlehandedly, and he's doing things we've never seen before. And unfortunately, what's happening right now with harden. I think is a little bit of like that guy at the sports bar, you know, the whole bars up and jumping up and down saying holy cow. Howdy. Did it how do you do that? And you got the one guy in the back ornaments like. Anybody could do that like voices getting louder and louder with the? Yeah. But you know, they're having to do it such as specialized way. Yeah. But you know, he couldn't do it. If he had like, we're not just appreciating the greatness of now Knicks head coach David Fidel after the game. I mean, like we said sixty one points a career-high when you knew harden was the only solution. He's still did it fizzle admitted. They got no idea. How to stop him? Maybe ask the next team. That's playing them. I don't know. I just feel like every time a ball. He's hands has got a chance to go in. And that's greatness. And the guy's a is a great player. I mean, he didn't just scored or ninety at fifteen rebounds. You know, he he was going after this win five steals forces. So, you know, and I thought we really talented them and got after them, you know, we got five turnovers out of him. But he says great and he got up thirty eight shots, and you know, twenty five free throws. It's crazy. Yeah. And it's crews defeat in his voice. You're right about that. He's like, I don't know ask someone else. It's pretty clear. We don't know how I think the challenge for everybody is they watch this hard and stuff. Go down is to say everything the physio just said they put him in and his face. They put a they challenged every shot and you hear that stat line and don't allow anyone to say. Yeah. But afterwards because this is no longer in that category. Straight ahead. It's been called one of the biggest decisions. Andy Reid is add to make with the chiefs. He's made it we'll tell you about it next and Fitz on ESPN radio. Spain and Fitz at some big news coming out in the NFL. The we'll start with the chiefs. Obviously everybody remembers how the season ended for the chiefs into it was painful to watch. It took good no time after that for the chiefs to decide to let Bob Sutton defensive coordinator go and now, and what some of said was going to be the most important moment of Andy Reed's tenure for the chiefs moving forward. He has decided on a new defensive coordinator the chiefs of signed Steve spagnuola as the defensive coordinator sources told ESPN's dang Brasi Yano. Remember, spags was the former head coach to the Rams and the giants. So he'll come in and work with Andy Reid in. What some, you know, Sarah, when you talk to when you and I talked about it the other day this is about as appealing job as you could get for the defensive coordinator, given how talented the offenses and the quarterback situation there. So it feels like they had their big of anybody, and they made their big it's going to be specs. Yeah. Also began his career starting out as an eagles assistant under Andy Reid. So defensive assistant defense. A backs coach linebackers coach under Jim Johnson win. Andy Reid was the head coach to that connection. There is is obviously why Andy Reid went after him and that previous history. I think would give me confidence. If I were chief's fan that he already knows how he works, and what his style is. And feels like it's a good fit. You know, this thirty one thirty first ranked defense, obviously, the biggest focus for the chiefs in the offseason. So good to get a head start on it. And this is just going to be what defines Andy Reid because there's more pressure than ever at this point. It's easy to forgive one year bad defense under Patrick Mahomes. It won't be as easy for everybody to turn a blind eye. If it happens again, so they'll be a lot of pressure on spec. Nola, but conversely that pressure rises, and it also goes up to Andy Reid because this is his handpicked guy to come in and fix it. All that's not the only coaching news in the NFL tonight as it's been indicated. Now, the John Harbaugh is reached a four year extension to remain with the Baltimore Ravens. So it's a new four year contract. Following the season. We're obviously Baltimore when the AFC north. So it will keep him under contract through the twenty twenty two season. This is not a big shock. I don't think. Sarah. I mean, I think most of us expected this. But it is a moment. It's a reminder because there were lots of rumblings midway through the season that the ravens may not love Harbaugh, and he may want out, and they may try and trade them as good. We heard all of this. And now what did we find out? We find out that Lamar Jackson didn't have the same coach for the next few years, which I think is pivotal for a young quarterback developing. Yeah. There was a hint that oh, maybe he won't sign it it'll go elsewhere. But I think we all intimidated that this is what would happen and for a guy who halfway through was really feeling the heat. I guess he can certainly think Lamar Jackson, but also can can prove an puff out his chest and say, look, I took a guy with the completely different style and my offensive coordinator and I managed to make it work mid season. So yeah, I think he's earned it, and you could. Certainly point to the conversations we're having about the Browns and a lack of consistency. As to why certain teams might think it's better to keep invested in one person who's already shown they can get the job done. And what more do you want from a coach than a it's willing to come in and say, okay, I realized the talent we have I will adjust everything in my scheme to make sure that that talent wins football games. That's all ever want from a is to not be so married to the way, they do things that they're actually maximizing talent around him. That is what I think he did this year. So it's it's a job well done, and it's a contract extension that deserved even before. But if you had a doubt my God watching them win with Lamar Jackson is an indication of why he gets the extension. It's pain and Fitz on ESPN radio Sirius bay Jason fit. Speaking of quarterbacks we've managed to make it almost the full hour without getting into the drama. You know, I know that something has gone wrong and raider land when my phone blows up. And so, you know, I'm just sitting in the apartment today making a little lunch not paying attention too much. Anything get my day role and kind of taking care of some things and all of a sudden buzz buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz over an. Over and over again. I'm looking down on like what what happened it either. It can't be Khalil Mack. He's already been traded. And it Canada has and Gruden wasn't fired. So I don't know what's gonna happen. Now, I've never would have imagined. Derek Carr of all people to be causing the controversy. Derek Carr went off on Twitter for anyone that didn't see it went to win pointed towards the first take guys threaten to said that he'd like to face them in the octagon called him a couple of clowns. Then this morning when golick and wingo, sorta doubled down on it, and it has created controversy all day, sir. Yeah. So I guess max and Stephen were talking about the raiders quarterback situation. Yesterday, Kellerman, one of the comments from the two of them was of Derek Carr. Don't want it. And so he reached out Derek Harvey at Twitter. Dana white, hey, how do I challenge? A couple of these clowns on TV to a fight. I think we should start a business together. We're pro athletes can challenge some of these people to an octagon fight until they can give us an answer. You don't know me stop lying, and so people, of course, this. Siding to build this up, including Stephen A himself, personally, inviting him to I take or for a one on one but did not respond specifically to the octagon invite on that one. But then he did say why is he talking about getting me in the octagon instead of a UFC fighter? What do I have to do about this bleep s? Oops, sorry. Bleep season from the raiders all I did was observed. So yeah. The words going back and forth. And it kind of had me thinking fits of all the quarterbacks in the NFL. Let's go with starting quarterbacks in the NFL. If you had to step into the octagon with any one of them who would you choose? I got an easy quick answer to this. Like, I didn't even have to think about this. When you're ready for it. Yeah. Marcus mariota. Hey, he's a quiet. Nice guy b according to a lot of reports he hasn't really been able to make a fist with his hand ever since he got nerve damage early in the season. So I got a nice guy that can't make a fist. I'm gonna fight that guy. I mean, it's a very good choice. Man that is a good one. I think I'm going to I think it would be a tie between him, and I might go with ally. Manning longest one God, a very punishable face. Right. Whenever he makes the manning face. He's older. And he just doesn't strike me as a guy who can get really angry. He seems more like someone who would just get more and more frustrated and self sabotage. What about this though, all the glory comes with fighting for America? Right. I mean how much of America would love to see Tom Brady. Just take worn. Like if I just land one dude that guy hasn't had a strawberry in his life. I am not fighting him. And I'm probably becoming strawberry ice cream or before. But it also have me thinking of all the analysts at ESPN not counting. Anyone who actually has 'em experience? Who would you least want to get in the octagon with who would I least want to get in the octagon with? I think I'm going with Stephen Jackson because he's on the jump regularly enough that he is a ESPN employees and not only is he giant and tall. Paul. But he's got a mean streak, dude. And he would not play by the rules. I'm gonna go. This is a surprising choice. I'm gonna go with Jay will Williams because I've seen him Iraq of people. Wait. Wait, wait. Here's the thing. He's been fantastic shape. I'll never be able to land anything, and he'll mock me the entire time like the mockery. I will take for an hour air fool. I mean, I'm barely taller than me. Oh, yeah. Nobody's fast easy. He might not be tall. But he's quick in Jacksonville. We found you guys chime in on Twitter at Spain. And Fitch might not realize that the Pacers are the third team in the east are their hopes dashed find out next Spain and fits.

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