June 01, 2020


Hello and welcome back to sword and skill daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Monday June first. Coming up on. Certain, scale, daily. Two bodies recovered from the Arkansas River. have been positively identified as those of missing Oklahoma toddlers, miracle and Tony Crook. The bodies of two missing persons from Arizona found buried inside a car on an empty lot in Iowa Finally charges were brought against former police officer Derek Shaaban in connection with the killing of George Floyd. All this and more coming up on sword scale daily. Last week. The bodies of two toddlers were recovered from Oklahoma waterways. On Friday Tulsa. Police chief Wendell Franklin announced that the bodies have been positively identified as three Miracle Crook and her brother two year old Tony Crook junior who've been missing since last week. Chief Franklin stated quote. The DNA analysis does confirm that those are two children. TJ and miracle that were in the water and recovered. Miracle Tony disappeared from the shoreline of -partment complex in Tulsa on Friday may twenty second. They were last seen in security footage, walking through a whole chain link fence and climbing on the steps that lead to Mingo Creek, a Manmade Creek, the runs through the grounds of the apartment complex. The Nisha Willis. The children's mother remains in custody. She's facing two counts of child neglect after a former conviction of a felony and one count of assault and battery on an officer. Chief Franklin previously stated that she was not cooperating with the investigation. Based on the criminal complaint against her the Tulsa. World reported the Willis was on probation of time of the incident. She did not have legal custody of children. On Thursday night Willis allegedly broke into the apartment where they preside and assaulted a caretaker who was with children. The following morning. The caretaker left the children with Willis mid morning. Surveillance footage show that the children were at a convenience store. Th Willis around eight thirty A. M.. When the caretaker returned that night with legal guardian. They reportedly found Willis intoxicated passed out on the couch. The caretaker in Guardian called the police and the investigation began. On Friday she franklin, said quote. It's saddening, but also from our perspective were elated that we're able to bring closure, and this is closure because we're able to actually locate those two and bring them home to their families. When asked if charges against Wilson admitted in light of the children's death Franklin said that this was not the time to discuss it. Our next. Story brings to. In April, we reported that forty five year old David, baton and stepdaughter twenty-eight-year-old Lisa. Landry disappeared from Chino. Valley Arizona. On Thursday law enforcement discovered their bodies inside a buried car in Evansville Iowa. The Arizona Republic, reports of the bodies were inside a blue, two thousand thirteen Subaru forester that belong to Landry. Although police have already announced the discovery formal identification is pending the medical examiner's approval. Baton Landry in Landry's twenty four year old boyfriend Mitchell meeks were last seen on eighteenth in Arizona. They were reported missing on the twenty second. That same day officers with Chino Valley, please search batons, residents, and found evidence of foul play, which led them to determine that at least two of the three people missing were deceased. On the twenty fifth and Twenty Sixth Chino, Valley detectives found baton and land cell phones discarded near Route Eighty nine. Investigators learned that at one point. All three were in Landry Subaru driving to Iowa. On the twenty eighth meeks was discovered in a rural property in Black Hawk County in Iowa. And investigators announced that Landry were likely dead. The search for them continued as did the search for Larry's vehicle, which investigators believed was still in Iowa. MINX was arrested on federal. Probation Warrant and has been in custody ever since. On May second, but she valley please said that he was refusing to cooperate with the investigation. He since return Arizona to. Face the probation charges. Last week search on an empty lot. At the end of a road in Evansdale was launched after law enforcement received a tip that evidence related to the disappearance could be found there. Chino Valley Detective Lieutenant Ray Chapman told the Prescott courier quote. We received information on the location of the vehicle, and the FBI used their equipment to locate it. It took three days to fully honoured the vehicle this weekend. Local Radio Station K. O. E. L. Am. News announced that a Waterloo man was arrested in connection with the deaths of baton and Landry. Forty two year old Alan Tucker was arrested on Saturday on two counts of abuse of a corpse. Means is not yet been charged in connection with the deaths, but please publicly named him as a person of interest. After, the break one of the Minneapolis. Police officers involved in the death of George Floyd, was arrested and charged in his killing. Now for our final story of the day. Over the weekend, the demonstrations in protest of the death of African American Man George Floyd spread across the nation and even the world. Floyd died last Monday after being handcuffed and restrained face down and held down on the ground by four Minneapolis police officers. The death was caught on camera witnesses. In, the video, one of the officers Derek Shaven as seen kneeling, unfolds neck for more than eight minutes ignoring the Maine's please. They cannot breathe and is about to die. All four officers involved were fired on Tuesday. One of the protestors demands is that all four former police officers involved in the death to face charges. On Friday that the main was partially met with the arrest of Shelvin. Derek Chevette in a nineteen year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department was arrested late on Friday morning. He's been charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. The Star Tribune reports. The shovel was booked in Ramsey. County jail and is being held in isolation. He's the first white officer to be criminally charged in the death of a black man in Minnesota history. He has since been placed on Suicide Watch, which is a standard in high profile cases. Although, the alleged crime happened in Hinton County. Shopping is being held in Ramsey County jail because of the threats against the Hennepin facilities. Chevron's bond has been set at five hundred thousand dollars. Many including Ben, crump, the lawyer representing the Floyd family are not satisfied with the charges against Shaaban. They argue that the charges against him are to light and that the three other officer should also be charged. Ellie Hoenig a former prosecutor. Legal analyst for CNN wrote based on the criminal complaint against Shaaban she dumps the commitment of the prosecutor's Office to getting justice in this case. A charge of third degree murder means the defendant committed act quote imminently dangerous to others and evincing depraved mind without regard for human life. The maximum punishment for third degree murder is twenty five years in prison. Honing believes that given the facts of the case charge of second degree murder carrying a maximum penalty. Forty years would be more appropriate. For that charge, it needs to be proven that the defendant kill the victim without premeditation. The criminal complaint states the shopping kept kneeling of Floyd's neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds to minutes past when one of the officers tried and failed to find a pulse. Hoenig believes that given those facts. second-degree murder can be proven. She also notes that the prosecutors admitted some affords words from the account of the event. For. Example, the complaint is not mentioned. The foy told shopping quote. Don't kill me and I'm about to die. These are the most critical statements to this case. Because they showed Shaaban was notified of the mortal danger, floyd was in and still persisted. She if the shows the desire to go out on the defendant. Hoenig is also concerned because according to the complain. The autopsy found the Floyd of a combination of coronary disease, police, restraint and potential intoxicants. Honi queries what potential toxic even mean, either the talk screen shows drugs or it does end. The vagueness suggests there's no proof of any intoxication. So why mention it unless in an attempt to take away from the culpability of the defendant? Finally, she stated the existence of prior. is relevant to the murder charge. Murders contribution to the death sufficient for legal responsibility. Even at the victim was already sick. However HOENIG. The charges can still be added an amended as the investigation proceeds. The statement has been echoed by local authorities. Mike Freeman the Hennepin county attorney told the Tribune the he anticipates traveled will also be. Three other officers involved to Tau G. Alexander Krung and Thomas Lane although he would not comment on what charges will be. and Keith Ellison the Minnesota Attorney General told Fox News quote. We're very early in this process very early. It's not uncommon to amend charges. It's not uncommon to add defendants. Fox News was also the first to report. The shopping informed may have known one another as they both worked two security guards for nightclub. The club's former owner Maya. Santamaria told the outlet that she did not know if the two new one another, although they had worked the same events in the past. Santa Maria said Shove worked security for the club regularly for years whereas Floyd. Only began working last year and only worked at events organized by African American promoters. She said that on nights where the club attracted a primarily African American crowd shoving would treat patrons aggressively without reason quote, he would everyone instead of apprehending the people who were fighting. He would call back up the next thing you know. They're be five or six squad cars. I told him I thought this was unnecessary to be. Pepper sprayed the knee-jerk reaction of being afraid. It seemed overkill. Concern did voice my opinion, but police officers have a wave justifying what they do. 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