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FantasyCon 2019: Women vs. the world


At breaking the Glass Lipa Way believe it is important to have conversations about women and issues of intersectional feminism within science fiction fantasy and horror to continue do so we need your help please consider supporting us on Patriot joined the compensation by following us on twitter facebook and instagram noblemen maybe can also want to know do you find yourself facing the Lord of eternity the document would turn ity he is close to achieving his ultimate goal and only you stand in the way of him the hero of the Harry Potter Universe a Mighty Grainger some very I think Miami speaks hoax which are your onsite volunteers fantasy cone fellow podcast stor I wear too many hats to go into make this efficient shit and she will outlet friends and foes like but please someone just get that walking carpet out of her way I'm playing on his army of darkness having fought long and hard to get here you are exhausted but determined you have one mantra aww because I'm grunting weather wax I think I need no introduction I have to admit I took of your choosing in your possession as well as your wits Andrew Inherent talents so how do you defeat the dark Lord turn Ity the age but I'm a original trilogy fans she's been sesame politician rebel smart mouth this woman will take none of your it sure I writes pick each fancy usually involving spine as an the end of the Nettie Wells and I'm Marguerite Kenner I use she her pronouns I am the CO captain of the red picked character that I don't have to think very hard about because it's a character that you play so I am playing the bio ware mass effect Hero Commander Shepard the scenario one losing scenario one is all fantasy scenario the Princess Leia me I I mean look down on your fancy little bit because I don't need enjoying affection whether that's female writers encourages today we are joined by the lovely moderate Kennett unloyal let them introduce themselves on so I am taking on the mantle of layer or Ghana also known as spins his laugh Judge Roll Leo yes Princess General depending on article item in almost the doctor because I am not intelligence I'm basically just gonNa go head-to-head Phyllis South we all know Mathu Shamin those one and Hugo however on all that chip I should be next in line but I feel that no magic needed though I do hear that magic and easier were frequently the same thing so we'll call it magic capable politician and bureaucrat and organize a person so just in all the ways need your little silly magic in character with deal with problems presented no pressure but I will be asking the audience to vote on which womanly thing today say would you please tell us the name of your choice before the strike actually happens but one of the Nice things about my characters she works in a team so she has lots of people so I probably sand AK crew led of course by Michael Argument because I'm going to run rings around this Fella just like Bateman because mental blanket women in his first four listeners here on here person who's just on the mice lovely which is the strong willed individual and I am going to take down bad guy because I know right and just an I'm ulcer a very so we thought that we take it mobile lead cost at a price to celebration female cart just this live outside so I've each time hosts and our guest to choose is there themselves a reflection of themselves and because she's so intelligent and she's really good at like solving puzzles and turning things back on other people I the original for instance lead role of them the sequel Princess Land does that mean they'll be using the false no I'm just an intelligence for carrying who else would you send and probably rex because I'm old school mass effect fan and wrecks the Kobe gets everything done so we send those to to make sure that the dark Lord doesn't ape he's a kroger's so he can probably survive a tactical orbital strike they'll make sure he doesn't run I will normally will just nuke them for more average fictional character from any medium them in three snores which involves from fussy or on science fiction and we say our choice they would because we would make concede victories Holo who there always are right well I assume this is happening in the world because I don't travel well so taking tactical orbital strike Disney movies problem is you have to make sure he doesn't scope out of the building school age even more team for the top okay in other words how much homework are you juggling dealing it doesn't matter how much she didn't do too badly in the loss book so she's going to have a magical item pre-prepared is going to be police patient with a half the dark lord of turn in the discworld everybody except death has a lifetime because they have a chance of existing so you know I'm a witch skip off and then if that didn't she could just when God him Nebbioso his told the troll and she was eleven wchs well Hawaii didn't have a great experience with police potion the first time round but think that she would like talk him enough and kind of lower his coast it's enough that he would just be like God what am I even doing. The Need Hokey freak him out with being his own conscience and Kinetico's generally dot laws and just really insecure people are they the only thing that they couldn't face install on what they be some really epic I rolls about stylistic choices I think Anita Hill side so I'd say you know if he wants to you know come through me I'm low lady on the MIC drop this lifetime it might supposedly I think Kamani would be lightly freaked out by ninety s anyway that's all I am and I have the rent rebate airings unfortunately I couldn't get visit stuff because she got beforehand 'cause she sat organized probably like five years in the past so just going to turn into him and then just stepped down tell them what's what Putin the place nothing new take down the road of a tentative with wits well I have a question character them on the fancy scenario so moderate you're at one and we want to stop the recording I've kind of cheated in that is up to you because let's face it then you should stay to hockey and remember Nancy can you know drink anyone under the table handouts to the doc wallet so that's any although you haven't eaten West you very definitely be having a drink while I was there at probably have a chat with them I probably is in the background and he plots can I just point out how like four of the five people on this panel or like my female characters solves Yeah I'm on the shepherd in the background just waiting to see if it doesn't get it's a flawless plan we'll put together I definitely think mining would be best buds album with deep psychological empathy. I'm feeling a little out here like okay commander Shepard is very pathetic and Ken played very sympathetically but I just want to nuke him from orbit it's a clear Victory Smart Shepherd have you met the very empathetic running weather walks he really but anyway I'm sure through Mike Gossiping Create Manage to get some decent Mesa feedback to my colleagues and then once I had finished with my it's cultural stew I would invariably fill it with a bottomless drink some very initial punch that I would pass and eventually positive Kosei death so I'll quit with Zest Ivan go to his VIP room worry sights older special time is for the gods and the demons things not been will cooperate with a powerful domestic students because I'm ninety Oh God wonder out and make friends with probably the leader's head snow the big waves okay so lowest common denominator that it'd be somewhat much lyceum beautiful tremendous culture on I think also by doing my usual on the answers and you and Harry animals probably going to be a good place to there's a whole thing well as many of you may know that have breaking the fourth wall hip but my director decided that they would know breasts in space you have been out walking and you find yourself sheltering in a cave there's a rustling in the bushes creatures steps forward the only weapon you have to hand is whatever you brought with you in now that we don't stop mode we'll move on to horror which is my scenario so it is midnight on there is a winnable on the lease and having no breasts space was a problem because I had a wonderful listen commander Shepard has many questions ace without flat chested because you know maybe it just it was too of putting it just felt very deny but in my hand go on these ideas leg I mean I'm negotiating on no easy any magic maybe not have the way I've Hymie Magical proven mind the grandma would you do with a rather dull question age of course can take down Lord and do her transfiguration assailed time so after I reported this tried expanding homeless housing adulthood one to me I don't really don't really have much trouble with Jakarta just this one's I think you know me and the whole army of darkness really well psychologically isn't the nicest and frenzies people trying to kill you does go writing I believe in being good I don't mean the same as being so I moved poke knows that I'm the most terrifying thing in the forest country icon hold still while I shave you doesn't have to hold still tape him to the tree and lots spine the next one's down the ones you roll their eyes superiors I I'm not flexible bats and a few new windows and so shop taught you cannot do that Oh you can just look phone so that that we might talk like I'm pretty sure death of his friend wax a few favours I'm sure you don't doc so what steeple from your bag and what do you do I'll pick on someone if you did I'm gonNA use that tape where this is going I am going to tape that s I deal with the West I've got nothing in my bag because every way wolf from Yuba walled it was a male or female level so let's go with the idea but it's a naked month which is essentially hang on view it's in which case well and hope that in the morning when the main changes pesky levels might be attractive you could even drink with them and still be fine on wall funding the schools as me weatherwise is off doing her her deals quietly because that's not work she does the sort of distraction while as me uh-huh yeah I can start again princess lab yeah I mean I'm used to leading people that I would lead uh on she would probably be trying very desperately not to look at his very genitalia all Stein really trying issue about everyone will be happy and they'd except that I was offered up Louis because let's face it what kind of sane bag or backpack or whatever it yeah probably I'm GonNa call a wolf whistle to get onto and was fourteen about how many went back in time and met Resolu- Penn when he was young and Hoffman he's still the same age awesome what if not evil dot force's so I do that while I'm setting collect feedback to to mine I was GonNa say ah what's it across the news I'm well you whingeing she would give him a really good talking to on let's face it she probably tickle him under the not nice bikes like an evening back anyway the B defy she pulls Professor Lupin I I have questions it let's move swiftly on did you own didn't because that was a fantastic that my friend wrote a semi fun fact when she so also the Resolu- pin not tim out putting it of eat it back went forward in time went to the Werewolf cave pulled him out he turns into a Werewolf and they fight it out and if looping doesn't win then she can just do to USA solve personal problems probably convince a few of them to turn round and don't lie to adopt more dairy because she'd be much better on our side and then in the morning Mantra Kubiak in in the last book which she can fit like attention republicans best clutch ever it's like the beaded bag so it's a very average sit down lovely brushing we'd also probably talked about how awful men were and we will end up in the Web dancer an Ati is going to bring me the sped take a used tape down my bosom this is going to happen to you and he was saying I she think Professor Lupin is a very sensible answer a quick question what's a Werewolf I like I have scientists I would probably try to capture it and figure out what the heck aware wolf actually is the dead Professor Lupin Liking help the situation we have at least one situation now where that flies so high winds come on steel and she's got a silver spoon from what other kitchen she's been in last she takes us spoon additives the little twin walks up to the way wolf it is snowing in covered with visit terribly boring answer I realize but I did go with science fiction option and this is a fantasy and horror convention so I feel like I should suffer from my choice someone how would you can ask questions like I think analysis would be involved but knowing that it it's actually a human sobriety the director gave me lots of tape to tape down my wonderful them and then appearance that's one of the things that I think the Werewolf kind of relies upon is the assumption that the first time you encounter the beast it's not human it's actually a creature in the cage give it to the scientists gerbils imagine that would be a fine what would you do the next morning when it was a Cuban would you still want me to a horror scenario where God is something that jumped out at me my reaction is let's kill it I think that's very do I think a nonlethal takedown might be a priority especially for a character that has a more scientific or altruistic bent as opposed breath Sarah tape it up to the solves everything yeah I reckon it's a naked woman then mice females nine point sorry Oh my God additions of her mind is dead dumping on the ground and instead Oni right so everyone remembers hominy has interior or signing on then I recommend the end of it ninety have a will onside along slavery and they would probably go and retire found sliding in scientific things Sifi settings were used to this kind of Lens of analysis as opposed to necessarily assumption at reaction so CIA Robert Webb who is the the fact that it's Robert Important if I'm wearing body armor note it would just be Robert in the Senate slightly less potential waxing to keep in mind I have I think comedic material we're speaking of those pages when she notices and then tries low tonight is maybe just a special thing with maybe it's all right in because anybody who ends by he's not going to be worried about acting I also recommend once again she would probably go him to solve all of his personal problems l. that some wouldn't have by she would just stick a I also feel we depend on rules and regulations it's GonNa come point when it the you've got like oh well it's human so we must apply these seamen rules an animal we're going to have to bend everything what however they will not handed over unless someone can beat them in a firefight do you tell the warrior do you send itchy in an Iq drop sounds like an album cover okay well we have got the sci-fi scenario all right some of your team a trusted companion to sort it out for you do you work as a group and how do you do this let's say talked about conversation is a good way to start and so I think commissionership were I tried to find out why this individual felt they had to hoard something not giving it up one of the things I really love about the bass effect universes at there's always more than one way to solve a problem and as I think a lot of this panel has it I feel like you you're GonNa get to be an your element yeah there we go you are in a Bah of a newly colonized planet with a selection of your trusted starship huge well muscles well on warrior walks into the bar and says they have the cure to the deathly play that is ravaging the space on pretty sure that there would be a fight it would just be a question of whether or not my character got to it first or whether the rest of my companions got to at first and more importantly so as I see this in my head I think commander Shepard would I try to talk to this individual and find out why on Earth if they have cured of the deadly plague ravaging the spaceport the he's a corpse life training is where we'll read conning several events of the books going kind of place we'll have falls lines he can get one please let me hi so now this is started to wear tortures dependent on paints maybe he's just itchy once the cogan started waging in for the fight what the rest of my crew would be doing which is probably trying to sneakily infiltrate wherever this guy's basis to get the cure I mean we did it with the Kroger estimate on the creature that was I mean everybody's got have a hobby okay so that's I think we we ended up in Eighth Mine and my seething Joan were vegetate and maybe that's sports influence this answer so she went she had a time to talk with me Tom went back in time seduced sold Berry only and glory cloy congree concussion grenades stun it knock it the next year will and kind of treat it as an animal human I'm what I'm if you like on orbit around the moon and it's permanently on more fun just uh-huh I'm sure we could deal with this guy he'll prince's last week that's true brock me up here princess work with and many of you as good as I get his punching a reporter when I got a question I didn't like so I call on you'll spaceship with all the thinking they're like probably two options so we have the similar approach to the dock Lord in that obviously I'm highly intelligent and you know it's it I'm I'm lucy handsome I'm Megan lead this you have no hardware so we are broadcasters it is it is it is yeah yeah well I say have the oversight of the season of coffee because Professionally Elsa General Andrew Always Humming About Headey obstructs present you end the other side of the head rush so I record you and be like princess bride and trying to beat you know the wits the gray twits Yeah but I would definitely win them but I think what would actually be quite interesting is because Lena is rebel and she's words be even Mike Tanning these way would rebels into some positive rebels tendon from he's is ation and understand what was happening as you say workout why they were holding this cure did they create the plague in the first establishment she would make us yeah the inner circle land would make herself really invaluable to that old -CCOMPLISH goals or some other ways of accomplishing yes he needs to understand that there are other ways of putting people in multiple or getting his ass kicked that too I mean land place don't die and what can we do about it and she will gets brought to the bottom of it not only getting the cure making sure everyone survives but thinking well I'm not sure what spaceships are went to revolt ones might team consists of me ninety oak and I will win games of crippled discrimination so a we'd be alright well obviously they do not let's just be clear fair if it comes down to a fistfight layer walls command so that he could at least attempts to kill the the welland war and let's face it it's going to be a bit of a stalemates I'm not really knew him by singing and fidgeting I'm on top of taste as well waltzed he's doing that I'm able to sneak spaceship under the guise of an old could three women or something like that and able just to remove the antidote from his final form this as many as later she has you know spew is a proper organization now but she's developed a military wing over it's not really warrior material she's the kind of person who would you know she prefers to work group she doesn't mind someone else taking dude like this with hands on hips and legs apart he could be hiding some kind of personal itchy problem that he's really made him the bad guy he's a bad girl took peaceful protests maybe maybe he just needs some encouragement to try to leave most of the kickoff saying you're running weather wax what I'd have to say I think each teammates would have a good player goals but you know if all that fails she code someone who all of households because it spews MICR who's just a wet hand so what I would do you say you know when we're not really for scientific challenge you to again cripple minestrone in he is you Hans who helped me brainstorm responsiveness and she's adjusted he's just this well on wellness awarded came in the shining credit she's put up with that for many many years so I was thinking maybe she could Balkan with it or she could change it to a game of wits or even again with the principle more plausible is using her way if you just knew better than you ought to be get there oh yes they fought straight from the kitchen well actually my husband repeatedly points at the hustle seemed to have a huge amount of power just reading the Chamber of secrets my daughter not targeted attack on his insecurities runny I would threaten to drop his lifetime on a and and don't be the hustle has managed to enchant legitimate which neither stumbled anybody else saw managed to prevent Louis urinated on this nothing that a witch county panel Cuba on ninety traits strikes us as the soldier Passan then we can do what was your idea shepherd if you remind us with a dog food orbital strike he's hidden it was clearly upping gossiping way past and manage to find a flaw in red in that because nobody likes to well muscled unwelcomed man's they're all I have gathered and all gossip helps to defeats the wellness however I have to shot you Angie knighton Dan he he getting into the platforms and the in the middle of the and I'll be free to be a powerful on me I'm always I mean if they swarmed the well muscled warrior with little coughing you to train incident goes knee while I'm managing to do because monographs is that such villages to fight them resist and to be the true mine is the Party of desk so what do we have could we have votes for commander Shepard's making in the secret service is her personal army and obviously she has warned us something spells it's basically like Akio check running I don't need credit those are all I don't know winning stoled Arain will also not appreciating and running weather wax insisting that what junior people and I also provide all information uh-huh for you as well if you just hope you know okay but you something which would be the way that she would win but I suspect really well those off street scenarios and I did promise audience voting so I suggest we gave back through scenario was a time and if it would be kind of the are you got orbital experimentation capturing examined okay so he would like to go with grand logic and negotiation skills Hmong Grainger police person and summarize our response to it on them we can take audience boats as to who we think would win so scenario infancy where we are facing dot would return granny who likes brownies approach oh she's that's placed come on Sheppard and ninety S- cultural death oh thank you could go and one greatest weapon on the no you don't like his trip but he remains usefulness in the fight so festival I would clearly ten it will be a tie and we can say she won I'm happy okay okay granny see the thing that stuns in way of him in his you with one much license of your choosing so let's stop with Camman Shepperton what that way goes I am interested I'm owning ranger and deadly Miami Grainger and lively moonlight he he custodians professor Lupin well Princess Leia will use tape I'd say the winner for that one was Miami and the very much alive leaving K- I'm finally slight scenario three science fiction That was how come to hear that sort of thing and I think he just quietly take him to one side and I could I could speed of money would you have professor Lupin the purposes of the come on come on delivering I am recruited with experimentation just a few come on checks beaten decipher mighty grain jen the Oh never psychological work as last minute infiltrate the scummy organization except shepherd can you summarize your point yeah I have either a habash all spin spin of nays ninety of beating Miami I'm in the and just being running thanks granny's clearly just so awesome she just doesn't even have to do a train gets votes Komo shattered long popular on this one and I'm guessing not many funny Oh thank you well in that case auctions just put voted it was that her breasts tape be in us and then we had Princess Leia on the infiltration one all land it was your characters deal with an attack jointly organized by Voldemort and guilt from going postal who was described as based scenario two with a where we'll on the loose And you have something from your bag grinding what would you pull from your bag what would you do that they don't need it I think what actually despite not being feeling that you weren't y'all come onto shepherd applicable to many situations she has one two three in some runs to decide how selves downsides Granny A CRIPPLE MR onion game US between commander Shepard and granny so should we have to die off can take it as a tie you only have to shed a you you I'm sorry this time I had a long thing about how online which saw this situation out because she Russian crew in a bar was welcomed Aurea on the cure to a deadly plague let's start with ammonia midland the thing about traveling through space is lots of people leave their stuff flying around you wind up picking up lots of it because you have a spaceship to carry it all in and then when you get back to some it as a rallying point on just data singlets so who would like to bake four hemline home if also just go on MM space for you sell

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