How are germs made and what are they made of?


This is an abc podcast. Hello my name is h. And play on the maginness. I'm not feeling very well known to play. She giving needy sometimes. It's not very far. Smoke bernas locked being sick. I wonder how can they dates more honey bugs and then it comes into a freight comes down into a closed. Make people sick gyms. A friend has question about. Jim's i kona sixties old and that one hell and we'll on. I might off good question. Connor how gems made a wonder who we should talk to you about. Jim's dr arnn good to the doctor. Yeah that's right and i know doctor dr no-man's one. Maybe he can tell us how. Jim's made and why i'm sick. I ju- paging dr nomines. One doctor norman's one to the visiting room doc. This one is a physician. That's the kind of doctor you might visit when you sick or if you need a checkup here. He comes now products one. Hi everyone this one. This one high noon on mines powergen made account. And what are they made of. Bless you sounds like you've caught some germs and herbert sick. Well let's take a closer look at you. Is it going to hurt. They want her to. It's gonna bill launch. They check your eyes. They take your is looking teal now. There's nothing to be seen about a toll a promise Thanks guys you said. I'm sick from gems. But what are jen's germs a really small organisms. An organism is another word for a living within the are among the first organisms. The first living things to live on planet earth before people yup diana so yup before there was anything there were germs so there are lots of them and they're all around us to the air that we breathe and the things that we touch. Our bodies are covered in them. Gosh like all my face and my hands everywhere but you can't see them the so small you can really look at them with a microscope and lack of skype is what us to look at really small things close up. You've got it. That's right. I think for us to really learn about germs. We will have to imagine things at their level at the microscopic level keanu tiny microscopic. That's as small as ladybugs. even smaller. Tiny teeny tiny aid. Germs are so small millions of them can fit on the pointy end of pin. Already run. close your eyes. Let's give it a guy okay. So now we're so small. We are microscopic spec floating through the air massey. what is that. Big john norm. Ass- knows that the huge maze the bagan and were going in. Turn at lots of hiya snot. Bogus gercy when. James answered the body a lot of the time. They're breathed in so you news or more importantly what's in your news. Is one of your body's first defenses against getting sick but it germs everywhere in the air we breathe and all the things we touch while we see all the time well. Germs don't usually hurt us in fact many of them are actually good for us. But there's a small group of germs. That do nica seek some of them are bacteria and some are called viruses bacteria. I think it is a gym. That comes from any way. What's that noise. It's air being breezed into the knows. If you breathe in bacteria or viruses sometimes they get stuck in all the little hairs inside your nostrils and mixed with dirt to make burgers so if gyms get stuck in them we might be able to sneeze them out before they make us. Sick can get back into not guys not in burgas as your body's first defense system sticky snot. Let's keep going if germs make it through. All the hairs and snot. They can move down from your nose back into your throat. This is where we can begin to answer connors question. How are germs made. The germs which are called bacteria make themselves one bacterium splits into two those two each split into another to try and on and on until germs that are viruses working differently. The force our bodies to make more of them. How do they do that. We see our bodies are made up of cells. Millions of them viruses get inside ourselves and tell these cells to start making copies of the virus and the virus makes as many copies of itself as it can in both cases the bacteria and the viruses. They wanna make as many of themselves as possible. Is that when we get sick when they've made lots and lots of themselves. Yeah that's right. You can actually start feel seek at this stage if there are lots of germs inside your nose. You might get a runny nose or if they moved down to your throat or your lungs you can get a sore throat and cough. It's also when something really amazing starts happening while you're gonna have to follow me to the bloodstream. Germs bacteria and viruses intro body and start making more of themselves. We might start feeling sick. But it's also when our immune system comes to the rescue as how you fought jobs that's right your immune system is the name we give to all the little helpers in our body that fight gems they move all through your body always on the lookout for bad germs which might make you seek to here oh by state local even though our little helpers are really booed and blocking some germs are really good at hiding. I say they hide. Said they had time to make more copies of themselves. Instead of your body's it'll help her's finding just one bacterium or a single virus. They find lots numbers. Get the Yeah that doesn't sound good your immune system whose tiny raise the alarm. Now that there are lots of gems to fight your body needs backup and special soldiers. A sent out with different germs. These are called. Antibodies the antibodies. Your body can make lots of antibodies. There are special. Antibodies for a cold or the flu and different. Antibodies for the chicken pox fighting again. The green thing about your immune system is that it remembers exactly order germ looks like it's like your body takes a photograph of gem so that it can recognize it if it comes back into your body again and if that happens your immune system sends out the right antibody to fight the germ before you even get sick. Well antibodies sound like little superheroes. What can we do to give him a hand gang da and eighteen. Some when you get sick cult in your elbow. Nato russia had time and stay in bed. Yes. that's absolutely right. You gotta stay home when you're sick and when you're washing your hands you gotta wash them for twenty seconds with warm soapy water. Yeah i like to sing happy birthday even though it's not my talk people that's the best way to stop viruses and bad bacteria spreading great advice. Are we all ready to get back to full size. Let's get outta here noman. Thank you so much for teaching us. What gyms tomatoes and how they work. I had no idea how bodies was such busy places. It's amazing when you look at all the tiny parts that work to keep us healthy. You can do your part to help niche. What's that get to bed and rest. Relax and take the doctors of choice or feeling a lot better. But i am going go back to bid by connor. They haven't jim's made from gems they get into our bodies in lots of different ways like if someone coughs sneezes nearest and we breathe them in once. They're inside out. Buddies gyms do their best to make lots and lots of them settled but our immune system is always on the lookout over there. Japan to heal body's defense system sends out. Lots of help is cold. Antibodies that fight the germs and they remember what the gyms look like so if they ever come back at body knows just today at the end of the day though no matter how strong and healthy we are. We all get sick from time to time. That's just a normal part of life. Imagine this is an abc. Kids listened podcast hosted by me. 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