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Live from npr news. i'm jack speer. John in minneapolis is ordering the city to increase the number of active police officers in the midst of a surge in violent crime. Workm- npr's martin kosti the minneapolis. Police department has lost about a quarter of its cop. Since the murder of george floyd while shootings have increased sondra samuels lives on the city's hard hit north side and she says while she wants police reform that should not mean less policing during a wave of violence. Eighty three percent of the gun. Fat victims are black. We only make up twenty percent of the city so we need a transform department and we need police staffed at the proper levels samuels and other sued the city for letting the number of cops fall below the minimum set by the city charter. A judge ordered higher staffing. But there's likely to be a ballot initiative this fall to replace the current department martin kosti. Npr news minneapolis officials in north miami beach. Say they've now ordered the evacuation of a condominium about five miles from the scene of last week's deadly collapse of another building city announcing an audit prompted by last week's building collapse finds the one hundred fifty six unit buildings both structurally and electrically unsafe residents hauled suitcases packed items into cars today. Meanwhile at the scene of the partial collapse of the champlain tower south additional bodies were recovered. Bring the confirmed death. Toll there to twenty two dozens more remain unaccounted for. President bind says the economy is on the move and cova nineteen is on the run but his npr's asthma hollered reports as we head into the holiday weekend. The contagious delta variant is spreading. The white house plans to celebrate this. Fourth of july is a return to normal life. After months of pandemic restrictions. the president is inviting some one thousand military personnel in essential workers to the white house lawn. Still biden says he is concerned that people who are not vaccinated could catch this new co variant and spread it to other unvaccinated. People concerned. There's going to be a major outbreak in other words that we're going to have another epidemic nationwide but and concern lies will be lost. The white house had set a goal of getting at least one vaccine dose to seventy percent of adults by independence day. But they're expected to fall a bit short us mukalla. Npr news the whitehouse. Firefighters fighters in california. Say they're making progress against wildfires in northern california that burned several homes and forced people to evacuate three big fires of so far scorched upwards of sixty square miles of land in the mount shasta region damage was reported the salt fire which prompted evacuation in the unincorporated community of lake had north of the city of reading to the north container of the lava fire near mount shasta increased to twenty seven percent work on the tenant fire and the call with national forest continues on wall street. Today the dow was up one hundred fifty two points. The nasdaq rose one hundred. Sixteen points this is. Npr airport workers in paris are protesting pay cuts and beers owner beardsley reports. Hundreds of union activists blocked a busy international terminal. Charles de gaulle airport today after talks broke down between employees and management striking workers beating drums and blowing horns and whistles blocked passport control at charles de gaulle airport on the first big weekend of summer vacation. Departures workers are being asked to take a pay cut due to huge losses during the last year of the pandemic aeroports-de-paris lost more than one point. Five billion dollars the ceo of air. Lpo the party said no employees would lose more than four percent of his salary and the reductions are to avoid layoffs. Ceo augustan their home says the strike only concerns the ground crew. And should not cause any flight. Cancellations charles de gaulle airport is one of the busiest hubs in europe. Eleanor beardsley npr news. Charles de gaulle. Airport paris tesla susan delivered a total of two hundred one thousand two hundred and fifty electric vehicles during the second quarter as the company overcame a global computer ship shortage of this caused problems for virtually all automakers sales while slightly short of wall street estimates. Still we're better than the company's first quarter numbers put tesla on a path to double last year's annual deliveries of just under five hundred thousand sales for the april through. June quarter were nearly double from the same period a year ago in the corner virus pandemic force tesla and many other large vehicle manufacturers to shut down their assembly lines crude oil futures prices close modestly lower today oil down seven cents a barrel to seventy five sixteen a barrel on the new york mercantile. Exchange i'm jack speer npr news.

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