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Larry Chen (Photographer, Hoonigan) & Matt Crooke (1552 Wheels)


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But there's also at least five more Rossetti given time for sale beeline, use code TST for fifteen percents off your entire order bigger small whether it's one pound ten pounds or an annual subscription be lines. Got your coffee, man. It is delicious stuff. I drink it everyday. I give it out, folks. Just love it on this episode. We've got met crook. And Larry Chen coming in. Macro. You remember from fifteen fifty two wheels. He is the man. And and also his family was a victims of the Malibu fires. And of course, we've got Larry Chen Hoon again, photographer extraordinaire, also shoots for super street. And these guys worked with me, or I should say I worked with them to create a very cool poster that we're going to sell for charity, and we talk all about it on this show. It's a good way. Macro and Larry Chen on this podcast. His guitar podcasts. Here we are Matt crook. Larry Chen is late. Okay. He's on Asian people time, he's probably stuck in fucking fucked traffic, but it'll be here soon when he gets here. Let him. Yeah. He lives in like the east side. Right. Well, that's the thing for me from Carson. I mean, it's pretty easy. Yeah. He's on the east side for him. It could be a game a relaxed, right? Yeah. Air half hourly you get here half hour late. I feel it's okay. That's why we forgive the man. We did a we did a photo shoot. So we go sit only two weeks ago two weeks ago. Was it two weeks? I don't know right before Christmas the twenty two so four for charity. What is what is the charity crook? Because this is you're going you're handling that aspect of it. Yeah. I used to show up with a lambo. It's. So you had had a giant shovel. You even you brought coffee. It was lovely. Hey, you know, I try. I'm here serve, you know. No. Yeah. We're we're going to be given back to the community. I don't we don't have a specific one yet. I think that's something that we're gonna be talking about. But you know, I wanna find something that's really focused on the community on the people. You know in so Cal as well. As the firefighters, right? Yes. This is fire related. I if that wasn't clear we didn't really make half Malibu burned down. Yeah. Yeah. And this is it's a place where I grew up. So for me it hit really hard. You know, my family was displaced and they were all vacuum. It'd living at my place furthered week and a half. Hold on Larry Chen calling up. Larry Chen, are you outside? Okay. I'm gonna come get you rather. Larry's here. Larry is here. All right now. Explain the the Malibu scenario while go get Larry here, we go. Yeah. So I just kind of I had an idea we were talking and I've been wanting to give back right because it's my community. It's where I grew up, and I've almost felt guilty. Because we have we have the exposure we have a company we have the eyeballs why is this not being used for for something good? You know, great. We can make wheels. We can do all these things. But but having an audience like that also allows us to have a place to give back and for me. It was is how can we do that? So while we're at Redwood and doing ourselves bumped into Larry. And we were talking, and of course, Matt over here is always up on Mojo in driving and doing his thing. And I it just seemed like it seemed like the right fit. Right. It's all we're we're we're where we are kind of what we all do. And it was just I it whether or not you live there, we've all been affected. So it's a matter of saying how can we utilize our audience to basically in our community to give back and show that it's okay to give back like, I think it was read what what Matt day with a t shirt sales. Larry. Janet house. What's happening? Throws them headphones on makes you better radio. Larry brought a hard drive that. I just Zach that hard drive mount that I just plugged in hundred corrupt. Fuck. All right. Larry brought us some pictures. Are you decide is that it? Is that it? I'm fucking really excited. I mean to we went out and shot. Did we say what the shoot was? You had to read is talking about fire stuff while I was talking about fire stuff. So we went out the beautiful Sunday morning. Just at sunrise and Larry shot many frames. Do you wanna do you want to do you have a or these are these the highlights what we got ta open like all of these in preview or? Are open all of them, and like a slide show as always Larry's mic on. Say something. Again, you're fucking brand up the. No, are you out? Yeah. I left them last November. I didn't realize you were like out. So now, formerly super street and doing stuff with you guys and your hooligans show. Autofocus right autofocus. Yes. Is very entertaining. Very I definitely wanted to come on to talk about. But I totally forgot. That's okay. It's the show still there. People can still go watch it. Yeah. Yeah. That's the beauty of YouTube. Right. Yeah. No. It's there. It's there forever. Whether it's good or bad. Right. Matt. Yeah. So yeah. This shoot. What would it? Great. So fucking good, dude. What a great idea. I was so excited to work on this project. These passion projects are the ones that I really really go out to look for. You know, these are the ones that I wake up before my alarm, you're like so excited. I can't even I can't wait to dig into the pictures, even after I shoot them like usually it's such a. Process for me, you know, because I should so many photos shoot at least seven hundred fifty photos a day every day, you know, like to see where your shudder count is on your own. I have a couple cameras with over a million. And they've gone through three or four shutters in their lifetime. That's so awesome. Canon professional services. Oh, yeah. Those guys know. Lecture to cannon. Yes, I've taught a couple of classes I've done seven events with them now. So yeah, I guess this as sick. I kind of wanted to tell the whole story of this shoot of this car and highlight the beauty of the car and just I dunno whatever what I think is cool about it. You know, just look walking around at the shapes the the way the layer that. Yeah. But it was so cool to be able to do this. Unfortunately, you know, the backdrop that we normally have here. It's like very green. And it's a normal southern California rolling hills kind of seen right? But now, it's you could see it's all burned out apocalyptic Guigui. Explain real quick what your project was because pretty well. Listening to only audio right now, they don't overlooking at so just just give them a brief real quick. Yeah. No. I mean like I was saying we're RAB web. We talked and kind of got the idea together that this is. Playground. You know? And it's in talking it was like, well, you know, meal layer, we're talking we said having we got we got to work with Matt and very very much. So from a business standpoint yet, it doesn't have fifteen fifty two wheels on it doesn't have any of that. But that's okay. Could once again someone's Photoshop that we will work on that one? But the whole the whole idea is it's not about us. This has nothing to do with us. Right. I mean, it's great Matt owns a Coon Tosh. That's great. Guess. It's just something that basically, we can use all the things that we have you know, and what we're good at to put some things together and give back, and that's really that's really the point. We have everything that we're doing. I I also feel a lot of times now ought motive world. I mean, I've worked in the fashion world I've worked in the music industry, all these different things. And so many times it's like, you know, in the autumn motive world, I feel like sometimes it's more. It's more superficial than the other industries combined. Just because you're literally can drive your house around. Right. Well, what was funny for me is the scene that like how it came about? Right. We were talking and we're like, we gotta do something. You know, we. Yeah. Whether I even if we don't really raise that much money the point is that we ways raise awareness for this. Right. So what could we possibly do? What can we do where we make a poster where it's such a inspirational car aspiration car? It's like the car was right in front of us time really was. That's the one the one Zack. And I work with lift shift to sell that t shirt. Yeah. It was a real it did really well as a beautiful shirt. I I really like it. And but it I think the idea of doing a poster. It shows the actual devastation right in the in the poster, which if you scroll through this there's more that couldn't couldn't have fucking paid for light. Like this by the way. This was very lucky. That's yeah. That's amazing. Looks good. The contrast to between like the dream car. And basically, what was what would normally dream like place to live and Marylou right is obvious there. And it shows the no parking signs. Check out the devastation on this. But like, so this is a a photo that I stitched maybe about twenty are so pictures together. Right. So this one you can zoom in quite a bit zoom in on the community as a bottom of the hill on the right? If it is your what what you end up seeing if you can punch it in. This is the web version. Yeah. Yeah. Open the high resolution and you'll see how much you consume in on them. The point is that I just wanted to if you can see that. It's there's the one building behind the lake bottom. Right. Everything else is just gone gone. Yeah. It's just leveled. It's just so crazy to me. Like, this seem is not normal to me. You know, we shoot at the snake? Oh, all the time. We go there all the time. And you can't even see that scene. Normally because there's trees in the way. Yeah. You know? But now, I didn't realize there were that many houses back there, frankly. So if you outlook are charred that whole land, it looks it looks like a barbecue. It looks like an actual grill. I just realized right now to my buddy, Adam used to live in those places, and we went numb out down by that lake. And I just right right now realized oh I've actually been there. But were burnt down. I mean, let's crazy is just still in a way even though it's terrible. It's beautiful in a way it is. And that's kind of what we're trying to highlight. And this is a car that how many people had this car on. On their walls as keeper or poster. Where recreating traffic. And we're looking into that we thought about doing with either a trapper keeper or lunch right lunchbox? Yeah. So I'll show you the actual one that I feel like that would make a really good post circle. So if you scroll right more. So there's you know parts of the car that I'm highlighting this is gonna be that's a good one the actual video that I'm putting together on the Huntington bonus channel to talk about this project vertical. One. I want to use as like a phone case. Can I make that into a cell phone case? Whatever your boss, I want to make these available to everyone. Because they see them, you know, maybe they'll buy poster maybe pick a poster just from so far just me talking about this project to certain people. They're so excited about it. You know, they're so excited about trying to help go go back to Zach for the debt that so for those who don't know that black box to the left of the steering column that we're looking at is the first escort fuzz BUSTER that was installed in the car at the dealer in nineteen eighty seven. When that car was sold new. That's oh, g shit are the discounts. The disconnect the wiring got it when I got in the car at thirty. Yes. Sort of beeping Joe get this the fuck out here. There's going to be a home in the dash like no, no leave it just take the wires out here at the break is the break warning light on the left slightly askew from the other two lights next year are quite a few things interior that are you know? Handmade red busy. There's there's a bit of a skew. Interior, hang. That's that's a good one. I think it's amazing too. Because. Oh, this is this is the one if you is this the full reservation. No, okay. So if you open up the the forest version yolk, you could basically zoom in this is stitched like twenty pictures, right? This is a little less. This is probably fifteen pictures, but it's still I it's over one hundred megabytes. I'm sorry. For for those of you who are listening just audio only on this one. You you're missing out slightly. But you'll see Larry's pictures on his website, which will put the Lincoln. Well, put all put all of these photos into the Hannigan bonus channel video. The this one actually will be the one I'm thinking that's all RAD is panoramic because it's it's. Yeah. And I feel like this is a good modern interpretation of what that kind of poster should look like. Yeah. But shows some of the devastation shows the awesome background. But also, of course, the car is there as highlighted with that with awesome headlights, by the way, I've never seen a shoot with this car with the headlights. Why don't you mentioned that? I love it. I'm not a fan of pop up headlights typically, but I have to admit it works here. He does. Okay. So showing them how much you can do that is just that's just a hot. I don't think the audience right now is getting the full shot. I think it's getting cropped for the video, but don't worry about it just even wider at its even wider. Can there you go? There you go. That's the full thing. Yeah. God's it's do you. Get this beautiful cloud settling in the valley. The sunrise light toasted out trees, charred rocks and a red Coon Tosh with gold wheels. But look going that's a fire the car, and look how condom knows. I left everything except stop signs. You know, it was so there's so much devastation that even the signs the road signs were just falling over delta. I think for for for the drivers say situation like this face stare, head straight ahead. So many times so many times directly after something. Like this happens though. It's like we were just talking a week after a week after something like this happens. Nobody's nobody's worrying about talking about it giving. Nobody's continuing that that push. And I think yeah. I feel good about that. I feel that I feel that we are doing something still to keep that that push going and to kind of remember, you know, what happened. Yeah. So now, it's good. I'm I'm very excited. And I appreciate that. You guys put in the effort to. A couple of getting an echo in my headphones. Do you have the preview channels muted? Why do I feel like I have an echo happening right now. He said that yesterday by aren't hearing. Is it just is it just me? Is that preview muted? No. That's why. But but I don't know that activated. That's fucking weird. I'd maybe I'm just here in shit that looks fucking awesome. I have a couple of other potentials that you guys. I love this guy want that one. Even if that's not the poster I'll I'll have that printed. Biggest same thing. This one is stitched together. Over fifteen pictures, you could zoom in and you're stitching skills are sick. You know, it's it's a thing that I feel like it's hard to kind of convey how big it is. Right. Unless you print it big Cam blocksize poster seen that one where where I did from climb Kana. So like with this hanging over the edge. Yeah. So that was shot ever taken that one was like twenty five pictures, even so and I had to redo that over and over because the conditions were changing so quickly and the conditions for this. They were changing pretty quickly too. Because it was sunrise can see the light, you know, going in the mountains when I first started the stitch to the point where I took the last picture the lie has already changed. So I try. Zooming on this one. You can see how much detail there is this is web res- not fault. Okay. Yeah. But anyway. Really good one is I like that so much it just this is. Strong. How big could I print this? If I wanted like the size of a semi truck, right? A more not probably because I've seen my just one frame pictures printed on a billboard many billboards and on the side of semi trucks. But with something like this you could print it a lot higher resolution. So for example, like the Cam block picture that was seventy two inches by thirty inches. Yeah. And I got that frame that frame was very expensive as nine hundred dollars to get that thing. Yes. Seventy two by thirty. I believe it for sure. Yeah. Not even radius for that too. Crazy framing so expensive. As those were those everyone was signed by Cam block, and it was sold at two hundred fifty dollars and it sold out lesson in one day. Yeah. Which is crazy. You know? So then for this. We definitely wanna make more obtainable. Right. Right. You know, just spread the word and more people the marple people the has it the better. I agree. I think so too. I don't know you guys get to decide I think what to sell them for. But I just want. To know the wide won the one, right? Yeah. That one in in this frame, which is an action shot of Ken doing that bit inclined Connor where he gets gets right close to the edge and sprays dirt. Yeah. In this. Do you have one you have the one action frame, and then you did the the the stitching with the surrounding area. Well, what was happening was that as it was leading up to it. I kept doing it over and over as the clouds were coming as the sun was coming out as the conditions were changing. I kept doing them. And then right after he did it. I did two more where it's the whole tile of the whole scene. And then the actual action if I could show you the original frame of his action. It's just a car. It's just the car with the dirt spray. Yeah. Yeah. So I just put it back in. And in fact, I tried it sold out that's red. I tried to not change. Anything at all. Like, that's just how it was. In fact, I even left a Filmer, you can see Brandon KADO. He's a Filmer in side of the corner. A lot of people don't notice them. But like, I'm like, I don't wanna change them in. That's just how it looked. How is his shot? His. Of course, it was used in the main cut. Ivette his shot was sick to man. The fucking that stuff from this week looks RAD. We can continue. This one I'm very happy with I wanted to do a whole session. You know, I wanted to do whole set of everything I could think of all the angles of this car. And so initially we utilize the good light. You know, we we had you go back and forth back and forth on radio really good at three points. Which sorry. Made you to do. Oh, good one right up at the top at the very top the very small part on the top of the snake. There's these three just burnt out trees that Larry has framed up really really expertly here. That's a fucking shot. Right. There looks great. I'll take one of those two. I'll take one of these. Yeah. I'm about to spend a lot of money printing. These things that looks awesome. So that's the thing is from that day. We had a lot of great cell phone shots. Right. And we were thinking man it already looks good on a cell phone. Yeah. So with these shots, I just wanted to kind of capture that whole vibe of what it was like out there with a pink sky and everything when we got up there just before sunrise, I was like holy shit. I hope Larry gets here soon because this light it was like you you couldn't buy it. It was it was incredible. And it had this beautiful settled in fog and pinks and blues, and you know, and it's it's really devastating up there. How how burnt out it isn't even there's like two or three houses on the snake that you couldn't see really see the houses before? But now, you can see there isn't a house there anymore. Right. And it's really it's fucking said not only that there's trailers now replacing houses. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. I mean, because I guess they're still living there whatever trying to fix things, but they just brought a trailer out living out of that. Which is really sad. It is much less. Sad thing. My, you know, my my passenger-side fog light was a little cracked the lens was cracked Vinnie, and I found replacements. It's from the night the Porsche nine thirty zero found replacement, and they're they're very affordable. And there's one that comes with Hella light covers. That's awesome. Planned that game of where did they come from? Right. Just made them because they are those parts. No, they're not gonna to make that does a fog light for everything. Right, or it's off of an zuzu or just something crazy that fit right? I mean, you look at old Lotus the tail lights Taylor from Kerala or Mercedes or whenever there's there you flip upside down another supercar tale. I Ryan I mean well on the later Lamborghini Diablo, it's three hundred six. Yeah. So I was at Marco's house for on new years. And there was a dude who was there this guy. Tim Pappas was parked in front of me. He had a seventy six up nine eleven. Turbo. I looked at it had those exa-. I was like. Dollar Bill out in like measure, the fog lights with the dollar Bill. And I was like, yes, I know from what exactly the same. That's good. If those three fuck and Jim oaks were voting in the background. Man, the giving trees all burnt out managed to me. Look good, even when the sun came up. Yeah. No, it looks amazing. Bad shot of that really is you'd have to work at it. If you really wanna get a terrible shot of it. So I I did mention this when we were out there shooting, but like I do have every single angle and all the details of this car. So I was saying that I hope you never have to use these to sell it. The Mustang for sale mccleary pictures, bringing trailer best man for sale at ever Larry full, Larry Chen, shoot with the car. That's a good one to that. Is that just sitting over the cliff there? That's really nice. So it was good at getting up on that edge to surprise off-road got a little more ground clearance. Oh, it's crazy because there's always something to fix when you bring photos that are raw into Photoshop or into light room. Whether it be contrast or color, whatever that's the point. You know, you want them to be perfect with a lot of these legit. They're straight out of camera while Joe, yeah, awesome. Yeah. Why is that because like? Is the lighting's great the color, the lighting just some how something worked out and I'm saying maybe more like four or five shots, but out of that Salat. Really? Yeah. It's it's pretty crazy. I mean, of course, the stitches decision. It looked like that. You know, you were there. Look like it looked standing there. Actually, it doesn't look, hyper realistic. I mean, it looks crazy. Like when we got there like. Yeah. He's part of it. Because this car has so many angles like you don't have a huge sheet of flat metal. That's like that's if a little bit, you know, not overexposed. But like, you know, there's a highlight on the top of the hip there in the room. But if this was a new car where they're just like so slab-sided to get good mpg. Would it? Be more. Difficult is weird. How this car acts to photography like, for example. The main one that I wanna print with the headlights up. It's that wide panoramic shot. I tried to get the reflection off of the the windshield. But it just that's just the most with the polarize. Our I turned it turned it, whatever I re position myself. I tried to. In there because you see you couldn't see me. I like that black windshield. You just couldn't because it's so angled you physically couldn't do glasses. Like horizontal exactly. So this is as best as I could do. But in a way, it's cool because it's just the characteristic of this car. You know, it's it really is think even with the lights up everything, it's a very honest. Right. And I think even in in the shoot with the surroundings and everything it's just telling the story that we were trying to tell. So the top of that hill just before sunrise is one of the prettiest places you can go in the area because that fog always settles in that valley right there. And you can I mean, it sucks. I'd rather have the fucking trees in the house is still standing. But now, you can actually see even more of it. Now, you can see the whole road. You can actually see. Yeah. Top to bottom the entire road now, which I never have seen. No or. As a so weird coming up the snake and let you normally you're on the trees to come around that tight hairpin. But now, it's like, oh, you can see everything bicyclist love it, of course, because you can see everyone who's writing. But it's just it's a different road. I mean, it's it's it's sad. I mean, but that's I was shocked when I went because I hadn't really been there before. And there's a part of by ensign all canyon where the fire burned right to PCH got all the way to the beach was all realize came out far down so bad. Yeah. Yeah. That's one. It's real. I mean, the you've seen the videos where like the people are driving. God's black. We drove through those areas right now. It's I couldn't imagine it being like that just from like burning and black right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's to the point where I feel like man it's so close like it's got to be like so little oxygen in the air full for even the cars to be able to run. Everything is burning right? That's true. Crazy. It was very sad. But this is really fucking cool. No. I'm so stuff that you guys were down for this project. Yeah. That was worth getting up at five AM four for sure I'm glad the car behaved itself. That really it really could have gone either way. I'll get that fucking thing sort. It's why I can't wait for you to see the video we'd put together because you know, you mentioned the whole Cindy Crawford thing and also like it was really cool to hear the backstory of this car and your your ownership with it. You know, did you look up Zac real quick? Just Google Harper's bazaar. Cindy Crawford Lamborghini because that's what she redid the shoot for about. We could air without getting. There's a good shot a pump Rasa show of you mentioning you know, how she was filling up the gas on the wrong. They got. It wasn't published or something, but someone from the outside shooting it. Larry there's at the top two images. See that those those two that's that's my car with Cindy. Wow. And and then there's one of her attempting to put gas in it on the wrong side of the car Abacha's, very funny. It's her like pretending to I don't know if she's wrenching. Her late her feet, six and. And then the next second row. They're on the right there. There's yes, there's sort of leaning at the gas station. Oh, yeah. That's the next shot. Look look click on the next shot. Yeah. See that's her. That's her putting gas into the air intake. I mean, that's my it doesn't run. That's not as bad as the tough test. I almost think that's not real. This is real. I know it is the woman real confused about where to put gas in the tesla just that's just sad. It's like when you go to the shell station. You look at the little Porsche nine eleven on there. The field goes in the back. And then it goes to the engine in the front rows guys. Come on. Yeah. You shouldn't have one. There's a at was it is it Mobil or Chevron actual little icon of like put gas is a nine eleven and you're they're showing to put gas in the back in the fuck, and it goes to his shows the gas going to the engine and the front. But. Backwards backwards. Right. I guess. The one that got it backwards. They're doing it all the wrong way. But. Speaking of which Larry tell me about your show autofocus, which people can watch the hooligan bonus channel, right? Yeah. On the main channel. Okay. I don't wanna fucking keep up with what's. They're starting with new channels too because it's just too much content. Good thing, you know, and they're such appetite for this content. So now they're starting to build channel, which is all build shows. So auto focus is a little more polished version of my normal daily content that I put on the bonus channel the bonus. Channel is just of me shooting things or whatever I'm doing. You know, I just happened to roll at the same time. It's just your life. Yes. Pretty much. And some, you know, get as, you know, some get more views and others, just because whatever some people are more interested in certain things, or whatever we'll the metal the metal drives it always. Right. You know, I I have fans, but like if I do something they don't find interesting thing watching that shit. Even if I find it very interesting, but auto focus was the first time. It was actual curated thing where we actually went out and did a trip for the show. Budgets are awesome. Is we Lardner? Yeah. We we partnered up with really good people. You'll calm tire kid heavy suspension and mother's polish. And they were totally down to have us. Just do the show this first season in Germany. We just spent ten days in Germany and just went to all the coolest shops and did all the coolest things. I mean, how many episodes you shoot in ten days? So intend as we shot six facades. That's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. And efficient. Yeah. And plus on top of that, we got a lot of bonus content, which was still releasing out just normal car features here. And there that we saw along the way, you know, that just didn't fit into the main show. Yeah. So I saw you got to visit alloy and Estonia, the roofs, so cool. They're the best here. So nice awesome. It's crazy because Alice and Estonia Estonia was making fun of Alice, the whole, you know, he was born on that premise that that whole area he was born like next door. So it's not like you got. Far. But that area is the stair area. You know, it's so cool that it's still a family. It's a family four. Yeah. They do everything. They do the smallest jobs to the biggest jobs is just so cool. Your they literally will do oil changes. Yeah. Like, a normal dealership that you can get anything service there, and they do fall on restorations to and they build the CTR right, which the C T R two best car. So. Three you. Yes. The reason why is because it's just it's like a muscle car. It's so cool. Like, it has so much feeling and it it's very visceral. Yeah. It's visceral. It's I'm sure it's not that fast compared to the newer ones. Right. No. But I can't believe you got to drive the cell cool. I drove a BTR which was a narrow body nine nine three with one big turbo on it. And it had crazy. Turbo lag. Like a nine thirty from the seventy. That's why it's fun. Yeah. It was it was just it was it was. So clearly, I mean, it was obvious. It felt like a factory built car from a from a quality perspective. But it was like Porsche would never sell something like that power. But it's weird ask something from you. I think that's the difference where the car doesn't do everything on its own like governor thirty-five GTRI, and it's like playing a video game where you do something like this. It's it's actually not right. But that's actually the enjoyable part of it. Right. I mean, the aspect of knowing where that power band is getting to know the car learning the car feeling confident with the car it creates a bond and a relationship there. I think it would've made more sense on the autobahn I drove it in a canyon where it was like wind the shit of this to get anything. But unlike it would have been a missile on the highway makes sense, right? Like because they have the Audubon they can build these you can actually use them to go over three hundred kilometers an hour. You're there's people that like like do that every day on their way to work. But I mean, the the quality is the thing that really blew my mind that we we love modified cars. You know, we love tinkering with our cars, we can't leave him alone. But no matter what it's never going to be up. To that quality of OEM, right? Like what they achieve at something's always gonna be rattling or something's always gonna wear out. Whatever when I drive their cars. It's like, quiet and nothing rattles. And even to the point where we were when we were driving the new CPR, we created some kind of noise or whatever and Alice was so excited because he couldn't recreate that noise. And he's like so stoke don't that. He could chase it down and shit. You know, it's just one who made a rocky broke them. I mean, we're the hooligans. Literally like, I'd be like dropping a penny under the seat and find this motherfucker. Luck. Anytime I've ever complained about a rattle in my car. The dealers been like take all the change out of the car Goco through find all the change under the seats. Like, it's it's probably that. And the whole time we're thinking like have they ever seen any of our videos like we jump things? We we try to be professional, of course, when we're going to these things. But I mean like a little bit of it comes out. You know, the temptation is there to be a complete child. Yeah. Where else? Sorry, go. That's what I love about auto focus. I think too is is definitely a different side there than what is is typical what you expect you know from Hoon again. So I think that there's it's cool. Right. I mean, who are you going to becoming so dynamic and what and what's their the people that are there the history between all the all the different individuals. I mean, it's it's really becoming a really cool collective now of of almost just all different types of people. They're sharing all different types of passions for different types of automobiles. It's actually pretty it's it's cool. I love it. You can't have thirty bags. No, you can have fourteen dirtbags. But then you need some other people to do some other balance. Right. Other than other than roof over some your German highlights. So we had a chance to shoot so many cars, but like we went to the nerve. Green which was super fun. We visited J P performance. I had never heard of that place until I sort of fall seeing on your Instagram. What's that place about you? So he is the biggest German car influence her, and he has the biggest German car YouTube channel. So he just wanted to create a destination for people just visit as a car enthusiast and have so much money guards. It's just it's just filled his own corners. While using it's not even that. It's the craziest thing it's a burger restaurant. And there's a Dino room inside of the restaurant. So they're dining cars like so yes, he does have so much money. But I remember that sounds like you need a bigger throw away money. He started. You're having a burger and it's like. I love it. I like it. Okay. Someone else's money. He started just a with this shop, you know. So he he just tuned cars, whatever he created content on YouTube, and all that he does a lot of stuff for OEM's, actually, consulting, whatever. But he expanded across the street bought this huge building. And did this burger restaurant this destination the point is that you can come anywhere around Germany. You can come visit. You can eat you can shop whatever you could just watch cars getting Dino, you could just. Respect to you just have a meet you have a meet their outside of his parking lot in what's even crazier is. There's a gas station across the street. He's going to buy that too. So he's going to have like this whole block. It's just going to be all car related. Maybe he's thinking what I'm thinking, which is get your money off the internet and by land. That's what you're doing. You're making a destination here too, though. But not really my my places only gonna be for the for the members. I don't actually have any parking believe it or not. So I couldn't it would be awesome. If I could have a place where I could have like meats, and I've talked to Scotto about Kipp, partnering on Santana industrial thing down in Torrance, or whatever. But like here the land is so valuable that I can't have a park. But that's why you're doing this because he has land rights, and you're almost being defeated by the the thing that you're actually trying to ironically. Yeah, it's insane. Yeah. It is. But I good for this do that sounds fucking gangster to me. Super cool red r thirty four skyline seemed legit is a lot of really cool cars. Yeah. And a lot of cool historical stuff that he plays around with kind of, you know, paying them is to and stuff. It's how're the burgers. They're actually really really good. Yeah. Which is really if he's got a good burger and Germany. That's that's he's already way ahead of. You go research to he came here. And he tried out as many burger places. Oh, really going to him. And he tried to, you know, make something that's good over there. Good for him. So cool. Yeah. Oh, wow. That the restaurant. That's the restaurant not bad. That's pretty good. Yeah. Super cool that looks expect culture there in Germany that would eat that up. I feel like here in the US so many different things you could do like in Japan or Europe or different things where they love Americana. They love that vibe like diner types, really cool things. They won't they won't eat it up right there. Really nice. Dino. Allow nice. I mean to the point where they clean they mail. How much they can push it before they suck all the air out of that room. You know, they have to like let fresh air and. That's super cool. That's awesome. Just everything about it. The the design and just everything even going into the bathroom the faucets were just huge turbos and turn tool. You turn on the water and the water just comes out of the. That's a good one. I liked that. I liked that a lot. This reminds me of you know, the shop in Seattle out there. It kind of reminds me of that as sort of a destination sort of place, they have a restaurant and a bar, and they also store cars, and you can also work on your cars. And it's it's a the shops a cool place. I I wish that there was possible to have a place like that in LA. It is not it's crazy that we don't. And this is like the sense just it it you could never make any money. I mean, the real estate where I don't know what the hell it would cost to build a sixty thousand square foot building where you could have mechanical work and a restaurant open to the public in the same building. Like, I don't know what that would cost. But I assure you I cannot afford it. We'll even once you have it. Can you make the money back? Right. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I I don't know how that happens also in so Cal the something's happening every twenty minutes and some different place. Pulling your attention. Yeah. It's so hard to throw, you know, something even. Soco because it's it's oh, well and even more so I'm gonna sleep in today. A go to the one next weekend. You know, we're not rushed. We're you know, we're so lackadaisical. And so Cal where like you're in the Pacific northwest year somewhere on the east coast short reign heads. You are on fire. You've been working all winter on your car your pumped. Everything's ready Californians. You know, we're not as bad as Hawaii. But man, we it's just insane. Right. Everybody's like I'll finish my car. There's always tomorrow. There's always the next show. I'll get it. Whatever anytime. Shoot what two days before Christmas? There's no you could throw a car show whenever you know. I mean, so yeah, it's a totally different vibe. We're just always we can put things off. It's a I'll do tomorrow. I'll do this. You know, where there's never know over on the east coast Pacific northwest is a definitive amount of time to do those things, and the reason those places also work is during winter your car stored there. Okay. Population has fewer places to go to see. All kind of it for Washington. I'm Sherman get flamed for that. But like I've been to Spokane it's small. But it's small. Or draw there? In the industrial part of Santo south. But like the industrial part of Seattle south of the city is not as far as like Torrence's from Venice. You know, what I mean or from downtown drove a Cadillac when they launched their x for the hotel was right by the water, and the launch party dinner thing was in the industrial district, and it was like not fifteen minute drive on moving golden snowing. You don't have anything to do. What are you gonna do go to the RAB place where your car, isn't classes, scotch and a cigar? And just kick back in time with the guys that are there as well. Right. I mean, I I had no car there. And that's what I did. Straight to the definitely. It's definitely it's definitely different vibe. Right. But I also think that think the same thing and other areas rural areas, it's a totally different world to whether you're in Arizona or something I know e you know, alleged put up that which is which is cool. It looks beautiful doesn't his goal. You know, we were in the same Bloomberg article Hannah Alliott read great story about it. And and our missions are so different. I'm like, there's no space here. So I built some and it's going to be full of people who need space. Right. This is all you know, what sucks about cars and coffee. It's outside. Arizona is air air conditioning is it's its main mascot. That's where you live. Right. I love all I'm thinking about is air conditioning. A fifty five thousand. Fucking scottsdale. Like, oh, jeez. Build a building for you. Yes. It's a beautiful building though. Oh, it is beautiful. I don't I don't even want to know what that AC bill's going to them. I'm Larry tell me about the Judd v. Eight hill-climb BMW thing you featured that thirty six. Yes. So that they're actually restoring that JP yet. No. This is actually at K W. Okay. Yeah. So Claus at K W owns this car now. And he he was a good friend your class of plaza. And you know after he passed away he acquired this car. And now they're going to restore it and they're actually going to use it. And I so thirty six m three sort of right? Is it is it a tube frame cars or any thirty six hundred family is still a BMW most of of it. I mean, it is to frame in certain parts. Just because of how gnarly it is. It's got to be the not it's I mean, it's the this thing right here. Did you watch it? It was the this was the fastest petrol powered car at Goodwood the fastest this year. Did you watch you watch it run a good one? Want to insane? Oh, my guess. Electric car in thirty six with a Judd v. Eight is pulling it. So your was what's the as a v eight from another cars at built just for this? I think the used that motor for all types of racing. But this one is resolute to twelve thousand dollars like so crazy, but that's still that's incredible. It's it was the fastest car. And it's the chassis is thirty years old. I mean, it's a risk chassis and all that stuff. But still like it just goes to show could've caught up literally engineering. And that's where you're raced. I think he did. He raced one series. He also raised Mercedes you've seen the Mercedes Judd v. Eight Mercedes one ninety it looks like a class two. I have not car that he built there's so many different cool cars that they've done they just to see classy. Okay. The crazy thing is like even over sparse fucking hot including the tires the tires Avon. I think they make a special set just for that car. And then so the K W guys called them to basically order another Senator like, oh, wait like you have this car. That's why you're ordering this. So it's like it only exists on this call it looks like K W city at the Nurburgring. No this is actually at their facility. Right. Where is it? Worse. Kid. Denber victim Berg victim. But it's a small town Renault alpine. Yes. Yeah. But I I is super cool to see their facility to you know, the you don't make it till you we don't make it you order. It's like Jack in the box over every single Senate overs is made to order. Yes. I did not know that they have like a counter of how many they've made that day like just going off. How many county they make in a day? When I was there. They made like six hundred or so it wasn't even that their capacity. Right. It's crazy. They can make so many more. But it's so cool. How custom every single set is I was super happy with my K WDC coil overs on my focus RS, the new owners. Tambi with them. Yeah. Yeah. And same thing with Louis roof. Same thing. Klaus started on this same exact property. You know, what twenty twenty five years ago? Yeah. He lives on the property. Yeah. He has a really nice house on the grounds. Which is just this is so cool just kind of walk our commute. Yeah. What's what's that light speed nine eleven about? Yes. So a lot of people are saying oh singer copy. No, actually, light speed was I I I've not heard of them. What's their deal is they same ethos? It's kind of the same thing. But the guy just does it his way. And it's it's super cool to kind of just see everyone's different take on you know, a backdating nine six fours to someone. There's a there's a video fail on your website. There is there a is it does the car. Look. I mean in this very small picture. I'm looking at it resembles a car that could singer could have built is there. What what is there sort of ethos weight reduction is that is that what light speed is about weight reduction and also usability they they go out of their way to do. The craziest things. To to have like actual bucket seats that are functional like they actually take bucket seats, and they cut them in half. And they build these crazy like hinges and go to make a reclined reclining bucket. It's just the the little things that really make it like e- even just the the leather day like laser in grave it to make different patterns this blue. Our Grupo style. I don't know about that lower front bumper. That's a little different. Well, I'm sure there's radiate. I'm sure. Reason is there another is there Zac oil close from the back back. There's always so good. Yeah. The interiors sort of resembles what what's singer might do. Yes. For high end Shifter linkage. Fuck. Yeah. I like when they raw dog the Shifter linkage like that actually they've moved that entire assembly further rear word their question blocks, though. I don't think so I think. Shifter wants some sort of like I like when they take it off the floor and move it back towards the driver though that. Pitching. It's a great looking little car. When I first saw these cars, I knew I wanted to photograph one same thing with singer same thing with the RV and those liberty walk. You know, all those things every time. I see something that just blows my mind. I know I have to make my take take a shot at it. Do my own thing with this car. And luckily, we had a chance to shoot it. Does it charge for those things they crazy crazy money they're expensive? I I don't know. Exactly. How much that one was? But I think it was about three hundred thousand years. Yeah. That's expensive. Now. You mean, you get I, you know, I've driven one of these cars that would sell on bring a trailer for a hundred twenty five and then I've I've driven one that someone was trying to retail for three hundred and then the singers, and you know, sort of diminishing returns after about one hundred twenty five hundred hundred it's really there's a lot of nuance to some of this stuff that is like the, you know, the difference between these these. Cheers that fucking shift or rules. I'm going to buy that shift. Yeah. Right behind it. Please get me that shift or for my safari car Lee will be like you did what that's not part of my keen project safari ethos. Least very specific about the things that can and cannot be included. I like that about I like the details and drew saying like this is what the packets comes. And it has to be else. People just because I asked in the only thing about my car. I don't like is the mirrors. They're the they're those shaved tight rally mirrors, and they're meant I fucking sailing the car through the woods right now. And I go le- when I drove his cargo. I can't I can't see anything can I leave my stock mirrors, and you'll build me the desert one that doesn't need tightness. And he goes, no, they're part of the package are getting them years ago. But I can't see any go love it. They come with the package. If you want the car, we're doing the mirrors only. All right, fine. I is that how awesome is that the he'll even care. Ham. It sucks for me. I'm this. I'm the guy who can't parallel park now. You know, what we did? He just drive. I did is I got those little those big the convex off the stick on contacts. Great. I put those on. So I could see trucks smart and I put him on. So I could Ford puts like the the double stack or mere on cars of the convex a love it. Great that spiritual type. Yes, look. So basically, you can see what's outside, but a lot actually a lot of the cut MIR's that came on a lot of the European cars for like opt, and OT anger a lot of the older euro type companies doing you look. They would use fearful mirrors and stuff even actually factory VW. You can actually order. The convex mirror. Yeah. Because people want to be able to see their blind spots and such cut MIR's same thing. I love them. You can't see anything. I have to say I have Villani mirrors on my SC. And it's like, oh, good luck. Civita loney? Mir Mira took a little Italian kinda like rally mirrored saying what I have. Yeah. Similar see can't see. Kids. See that's the whole JD m thing. Everyone's like, oh, my wondering on your two forty. I'm like, I wanna see actually have I have real Biard race mares. I can actually see I wanted to put those pontoon MIR's on the FOX body. I thought that would be cool like a cool juxtaposition ADM. And then I got an guys car that had them a to forty and I go those are fucking worthless. It's just physics. Yeah. Think about it. Look, how far it is could you shave with a mirror. Pirates telescope. Exactly. The JD. Amir's cool for a moment. And then I look at the body line of the car like I don't even like pop up headlights because I feel like they ruined the smooth shapes like on your to forty which has a beautiful profile. It's just like this weird blemish in the middle of it. Yeah. I can't do that to forty inch rebuilding it or doing some crazy with it. They got they put primer on today on the body. And I was all lightheaded because I was in the paint booth without a mass. There we go. Color change, or I'm I'm doing orange still, but they're actually doing orange primary which I've never seen before which is pretty cool. So that way if it gets chipped underneath the primers the same rate is that a new process. I don't know not like Ford who used the yellow for all their cars. There's so many years and even beyond. And he was dumped it looks like someone. Join your car shock. Exactly. Yeah. So we had the guys up bells involves there in Pasadena. They normally do for our as a lot of high end cars, so yeah, they they that's that's that's this morning. I was in. Yes. So everyone's like, oh, how stupid are you to paint a car? That's bare metal you know. I'm like, listen guys. Just calm down guys the internet. Everything they're doing eight coats of primer so four coats. I then they're going to block in coats of primer. Yeah. Do former coats, and then they're going to block in San again. So it gives them. Larry. Treatment is Larry Chen. Remember that? Shooting at one hundred megapixel look good. Exactly, right. Yeah. You should have seen the factory paint on Zach. And I just tested a Jeep Grand Cherokee brand new. Nice car. Did a lot of things. Right. But holy orange peel. Well, really oh, see from an orange peel standpoint. Most people they can't tell the difference from guess, what doesn't chip as much. It doesn't like it was brutal. As I say because I thought about this I because my reply to Matt was we had an s class on drive this year that had orange peel also. But I didn't want to sound like I'm excusing orange peel Jeep shouldn't have it and saying shouldn't have it. Either Reseda is really shy. I'm wondering they prior to. Cheaper and cheaper. They can't cheaper as well, as you know, when you have high points and low points like that you're not going to get the rock chips that you'll get off of like a piece of glass, right? I mean, it's more likely to chip when you have an even surface across everything as opposed to something that's high and low. So you're going to get your Gook because these this was on the front of the bumper and the and the hood, do you think that could have been intentional? Yeah. For sure. Oh, really? Yeah. I think I totally think it's intentional because that's the way it works. I mean, you can still polish it out. I'm sure you can I think he wanted to. But it's gonna last longer. I think it's where it's more rubber in the paint. Maybe which makes up just a little more durable. Right. Yeah. Okay. That makes you go. I'll fuck with that. What are you doing? Are you doing anything different powertrain wise for that car? Is that mechanically staying where it was mechanically? It's already pretty good. It's SR twenty a lot of people don't like that. But because you change the number of cylinders. Yeah. Yeah. That yeah. The a lot of people say, oh, why didn't you do Arby? Thing is I just I wanted to keep it lightweight. Yeah. Twenty one hundred twenty one fifty when if you can take some weight out of the nose car, you really lighten up the steering too. I mean, you already did is the point already in its double the horsepower of stock. Like, what are you? What more do you want? You know, it's already scary to drive. You know, you drove CJ, and it was fucking scary. Really? Yeah. We've got one of the guys at mountain has a Nissan hard body with an RBM. In looks completely stock outside of being lower than small inner cooler in the front, and it's I don't know sounds like the scariest thing in the world single cab hard body short bed with an Rb NFL the good life. Trump done can. How much more power to you want? But also as car guys. That's awesome. Moore's. Always good. I understand old me is like less power smaller wheels. That's that's that's old me. Is that there with you twenty one hundred pounds and three hundred and something or spouse is a lot. Yeah. That's that's a good. That's a good combo hasn't been reliable engine. Did you like an overbuilt under stress s are? Oh, yeah. Well, so that was actually pulled out of old formula drift car that was made in terms of under stress that was all making almost four hundred horsepower. Larry, and then so I just I'm running on Ninety-one de-tune. So it's running three hundred power now. It's just great. It's built internals. It'd be fine. Yeah. Oh, that's great. I mean, I'm just I'm running one hundred right now just to be safe or whatever. But it runs cool, and it's reliable, and I've put about twelve thousand miles on it. So we saw fantastic. Yeah. And it has a AC now. And it has a sound system. All that. Oh, we have the same radio. What I'm five five great. Yeah. It's for boats. It's so good. Yeah. The clarion I have in my in my nine eleven it's they gave me the original version. Right. And and I go, hey, guys. Why doesn't the the bluetooth? I go bluetooth music works. But why doesn't bluetooth calling work and they go. Oh, we never thought anyone would connect to bluetooth in their boat. Call they go hang on. We're going to revise this. And send you an update at one, and they added bluetooth cloud because of richly this was not ever designed to be put in a car. That's the craziest thing so one. I was originally looking for radios, I went on klingons website. And I looked for the most simple radio, and they only had radios that I liked for tractors. Simple simple. But then they're like, oh, check this out. We got this Marine One. I'm like, why wouldn't you just put down the automotive? Everyone would want this radio. So several years. Got an ox cable. It has bluetooth nice black. Disco. I agree. It is it the first African right Sarah seen that one that I would put in my car to double din those bullet picture over a hundred and eighty nine dollars. It works with any other amps and any of speakers. It sounds great. It's simple. And in the dash of my nine eleven it looks like if not factory it looks pretty close looks period. Right. Hold on. Hold on. I dig it. It's a nice radio. It doesn't look disco e it just fucking gets the job done. And it's and it's got a USB port in it. I love it. So I'll have that are my Z, Arthur two. Oh, yeah. Thirty two we had this conversation longtime ago it was going through legislation and everything oh, you're doing bar. Eight Sean doing all that stuff yet. So I went to delivery of it a couple of months ago, and I've had it since from prefer window, and it's been nice to drive around you love it so much fun. It's so cool. So good. I can't believe you got rid of yours. Oh, you got good. I got a good offer. And I got and. The the gentlemen, Justin who I sold it to he wants to sell it now. So he I considered it back, but I'm not going to pay him. Right. They've gone up at price then since they've gone up, and he he wants more than I than he paid me. Which is fair. I'm not going to criticize he wants he paid me more than market value at the time. Right. The market has gone up and he wants current market value for it. Now, so fair, you just really, but as you look back, you're like, no how about one of those for cheaper, man. That's yeah. I think I paid Sean for it. And I go I can't pay Justin this now, it's they're so nice to drive though. You never know. Dr one they drive would day. They are really unlike anything else out there. They have their own field. They have the the Rb engines wonderful. It's really good. We show that the audience has given us some questions. Let's go to those for the next for the last half hour of the show. We've Wes had we can answer this one quickly does Larry shoot for speed hunters. No Hoon again Hoon again and super street and auto focus on hooligan. Yes. There we go easy. Frazier says I'm selling my S two thousand to get a manual four door sports sedan for a daily choices so far or ninety nine Toyota chaser from Australia. Wow. I drove a Toyota chaser and it ruled space to four door super two thousand five HSP clubs sport. Which is the SS Holden Commodore thing or two thousand and three fifty five AM g or a WRX STI two thousand four he's fucking all over the place, man. Yeah. A lot of big power American big power rear-drive German PO potentially big power, rear-drive Japanese and an STI rally rally. He's he's missing the IBO there. They have those trillion. Yeah. They do right. I mean looks I would get the chaser. The chaser is pretty cool. It'll ride it ride closer to the fifty five because of the size, but it won't break as much fear in ferry. Yeah. Very not German. I mean every time you turn the turn indicator. It's gonna feel so much better on the. Yeah. Yeah. It'll break quicker, but but you you can use the term. It's an oath three a super charger one. Oh, I Don. I think that's an a one. Oh, the engine might be pretty good. But the rest of it. Shitty five-speed automatic. If all the crazy electron is before. But it's before the supercharge, right? Yeah. For they got big power. I would knock the A M G off the list because it's not fast, and it's not fun. That's the truth. I actually might lean more towards the HSBC at. I would say may either the HOV or the chaser. The you can get the chaser manual. I mean, S T is great. But whatever the different it's a it's not like a, man. I mean, it's a sports sedan. But it's it's just a different vibe. It's a whatever and in Australia. If you get the tourist TI's, the better ones, the earlier ones, I don't know. I sit at the chase her. That's probably even the cheapest. Right. The chaser. Probably I I don't know about the Australian market on. Apparently, let's assume that that his budget is accurate. I say chaser. That's what's important Ren nine. Oku says top ten things to do in LA area for car guys roads and sites. Well Peterson Peterson who again Donut shop. Yeah. Go to the snake the snake Melba cannons go to Neptune's net. So you can replay your fast and furious fantasies. Eat before you go. Yeah. Eat. No. Let's good. You don't like like, a, you know, seafood, good for seafood basket or go to bills Melba kitchen. And maybe you see me and spike sit on the porch kitchen and gourmet go to raise service. They do a lot of that's stop by service on a Wednesday morning for coffee drive down the pier. Santa Monica Pierre right experience in doing the Porsche. Porsche experience Porsche experience center. Yeah. You could do a little too. A little auto crossing down there. Yeah. You can go drive up Angeles crests and Newcomb's ranch you or more you can even go by fifteen fifty two. We're having a little get together. You know, if there's a fifteen or the you can we have to see the showroom. Nine six there's the Blackhawk collection in Oxnard is amazing. I've never been there. If you like old French Pebble Beach type cars, that's that's a good spot to go. Okay. I'm all in. We're the that's Mullen. Blackhawks Mullen same thing. Yeah. There's some shit. There's there's there's I mean, it's hard. Then there's cars and coffee and stuff like every weekend. Thank you Jacobs says question for Larry the seventy or the d five hundred I don't even know what the five hundred is defined hundred Nikon. I think define hundreds of Nikon. I've never used the five hundred. But I've used the seventy seventy and it's great. You're are you can't him for life or just no, I shoot with everything? Honestly, I'll shoot with everything. But cannon only one that's really reached out to me to work with me. So we're cannon amici. We're cannon fan over here. I we basically because we got the canon lens package, and then you're kinda committed but also Sony sevens. Dope was nice Martin says what vehicle looks the best in photos, but bad in real life and vice versa. Online cars anything. Anything in black or white? Yeah. I don't know. It's tough to maybe that's the opposite. Right. It looks better in person in the bed and photos, but it's it's tough some some cars just don't sit. Right. Especially some cars, you can hide things with photos. I've I've shot cars even without break calibers or rotors. There's so many things you can hide with photos that now that I'm doing more video. I'm like man, I can't hide this broken fog lights. It's easy. I think the McLaren Senna looks better in real life than it doesn't pictures. I can't stand. It looks really really wonky and pictures, the Homer, you know, kinda does so cars that look better in real life than pictures, the Lamborghini Urus actually loves look a little better. Really? Yeah. It looks a little because in pictures, it you it accentuates that they've attempted to take Lamborghini design language and apply it to a crossover, and and you go well that doesn't work at all this stuff bomber that did not sell right? And in the right color, typically, gray or black. Okay. Yeah. In person, you realize that how actually how wide it is. It's it's really wide. And even though it's tall because it's a crossover like the proportions of it are better in person. Cool. Yeah. So I would I would throw that in there. Okay. Crawl wheel drive says what driving roads Dereck amend checking out of Washington state? I have no fucking clue. What? Didn't we didn't someone asks us that? When spike on here is the same thing. I don't know. Oh, we did. We answer that someone was also going to Washington state and ask this exact question and our answer was Google encouraging squiggly and do that. Anything national national forest roads with squiggly lines was in the past that in Washington, Colorado. That's Colorado, Colorado, Colorado, what are those roads? Like, I went on the fucking f type launch an interview drive south into the national park south that a Seattle into the national park. There's a big national park with big mountains and an amazing road that goes through there, and I don't have the first clue what it's called. Sorry. I can't help you. But this guy lives never mind. I'm just gonna. If someone go to the regular their lives. Ask your neighbors. Does he's into seatac area airport. He lives there. Maybe today guy from California. He's christ. I hope he's just visiting the word. Sorry, Miguel says the talk a lot about the fires in so Cal. But we were any of us affected by the fires up north directly now. But of course, affected. Yeah. I mean, it was bad. That was that was rough. And you know, I I don't you know, like, we said, I don't think we have any specific plans on a specific charity right now, something we're going to discuss. But as things progress, I I don't know. I don't see us cutting out anything that's nor Cal. I think this is specifically just the fires that happened recently, and whatever can go towards the people affected by that. So yeah, I for us. This is just what we do. Yeah. This is this is what we're good at. So we'll do this versus we don't have that much money to give a whatever, you know. Tighter. I'm not always different stuff. But if we can use things that we have to give back like, I'm all about it. Right. Yeah. And I we weren't personally affected by the fires up north either. Although, you know, the imagery and the stories are fucking horrible. Yeah. And so, you know, we with our T shirt that we did California fire foundation got the money, and that's all of California. So I- presumably some of that was used resources up north. But thank God. No one that I know was personally affected by it ski bum to nine one says xactly, we see another drift video soon. Yeah. I'll. Sure answer. Yes. I need to like I wanted to just go have fun this time. But maybe next time I go actually make video. So you can't you can't always turn all your fun things into work. I just times they need to be fun things. The the having to bring cameras along and film things ruins ninety percent of the anything you do. Yeah. Do you the the just from experience totally hundred percent higher photographer to come along? And it just take care of everything for you photo question. KB auto says, Larry, what is your opinion on using strobes versus natural light. I've had it found it hard to stand out. If you aren't doing a ton of post processing, that's a really good question. Our opinion, whatever. I I use natural light. You know? I'm not going to beat around the Bush and say, oh, I like it better whenever I don't really do too much Strope stuff because the process is just so much longer. You know, the way that I shoot you guys are with me. So so often when I'm shooting you see how fast things. Yeah. Of course, how how much time do we have well studio shots are different than harm. Does a lot of that? And he's yeah. Unbelievers place for that. And I I cannot even like I can't even begin to try to replicate. What those guys do that kind of skill is on a completely different level. You know on a respect it. Come. Yeah. I think it's a I think it's not I think you guys on the same level. It's just two different playing fields. I think I think that's very well. But you see that for example, when we were shooting your Lamborghini. I mean, I had two minutes maybe before like the police came. Oh shit. I mean, the the amount of time it took for me to take the photos is of time to car ran down. The he had four cameras on his shoulders and they're banging around and he ran down the head. But the fact that we're doing is the special thing versus if we try to do something like that with strobes or something it's impossible with like a ring a ring Strobe or any of that kind of stuff is not off camera flashes. And I've used them recently on shoots, and it just adds a little bit. But that's if we have the time if I have the help to pull something off like all, right? You're you're the master of the running gun, though, the stuff you get from grid. Life like is amazing. Even just, you know, in the course of like the stuff you should at noon. It's still comes out domes. You know, I I like your remote shooting from the the hood of the car, that's Gakster that works. Good. I it's so much of it is just continuing to try these things. Yeah. Right. Like, I'm I'm I don't take a break the whole day because I only have that much time to shoot. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was impressed. I mean, even when you when you broke out the film camera with for my Mustang shot like those came out. Awesome. An and it's you know, you don't get to shoot all the frames. You know, really that was fun. Eight by ten you're talking large just have drape over road. Eight by ten is where it's at man. So maybe that's for your Porsche. We're gonna shoot it with eight by ten we'll go down, my friend. John Bothwell has got his like nineteen fifteen model T, and we'll go out with the model t and we'll shoot some eight by tens with fucking where you have to like the gun power. It'd be hilarious, folks. Still for forty seconds. Jacobs stuff meal says Matt you had to enjoy the Lexus on your hiking trip. Would you consider doing an outback trip in a seventy nine series cruiser here in Australia for a holiday, I'm afraid of spiders now, I would love to come to Australia. I I would like Hannah, and I have Australia New Zealand as a a vacation destination. I don't need to borrow your car though, bro. Thank you can sleep at all. Sleep at all house, who she you know, where I would go sleep. I would go sleep in the Kiwis cabin in the the. Oh, yeah. I forgot name Alex and Hannah I wouldn't sleep in their cabin. This dude came in film Lewis in New Zealand for twelve hours and didn't put shoes on the whole fucking day guys. Great. And then he gave us we'd he rules. I would do that too. We try is gross. It's disgusting to get it. I'll never get it. Pencil shavings. Unflavored jello. Got you blend that together Jarkov edge so weird. Thanks jacob. I if I come to Australia, I'll follow me on Instagram. I'll let you know. I'd like to auto kennel. Thank you for your call. Alex says, oh, thank you for the content. John. Hey, john. Thank you for the content. Nathan says Matt crook, mechanical engineer in final semester of college. Are you hiring, interns or entry level anytime soon? There you go. All right. Hey, Nathan twenty bucks to right. Oh, I think that's from Jerry. He he posted sometimes people make a donation to share other people's comments when they cannot afford the donate the nicest side, which is nice side of the in. I think he took that one over from the free side. He's he's smart. Okay. Hey, yes. Yeah. Nathan shoot us over. Yeah. Choose over stuff. You know? We're always looking for people were looking for marketing, people admin people all different people. So you go a lot of people ask us how to get jobs in the car industry. You should Email these folks because they have jobs you hire people very much. So we're actually looking for people so shoot him over, and, hey, we'll talk, you know. I mean, I think I think you'll find it to be a lot different. There's a lot of you know. From the outside. It's much different on the inside. But in the end, we all enjoy it we do. And there's definitely a tight knit group of people. And we do have a lot of fun. All right. Andrew says thanks for the content and also he likes the B line classic roast better than the roasted tire. Okay. That's fine. My roasts MU I'm glad you like I'm glad you bought it. I'm glad you like it. If you like the other one better by more of that. I'm good with that. I think the roast attire is delicious. And if you use code TST when you buy it from beeline coffee, I'll give you fifteen percent off. It's fucking good. Do you have? You're not hundred you up now. Okay. I will hook you up. Let's do it. I will send you a care package Wofford. See of them wa it's good. We're we're on if I don't know if Andrew Jackson. There has tried the roast attire three point. Oh, which is what we're on. Now, it's got the Coon Tosh on the bag if you've tried one point zero which was the Mustang two point. Oh was the Porsche three point. I was a Coon Tosh. So if you haven't tried the three point oh, try that one. My favorite username talkie knew. He did. Nothing wrong has fifteen fifty two considered making sport bike wheels. Yes, we have right? I mean, we've talked to zero Mark. They're very much is. I mean Dimac made a bunch of stuff. I mean, this really cool stuff going on. I think for us in fifteen fifty two. I don't know. There's gotta be some something authentic there. In terms of what we do. We're not sport by guys. I think if we happen to collaborate with somebody super cool building a RAD bike that I I can get excited about and do something. I mean. Yeah. It sounds great. Right. But it's got to tell a story in terms of what we do. And we won't do something unless it's authentic so weird content. Like, the wheels are just are such a noticeable thin on cars, and I feel like can at least for me in a lot of bikes the specific wheel design right disappears into the overall aesthetic either. It's a spoke or it's kind of a just a typical well, especially with bikes. Remember, you're dealing with like completely different lateral loads, and you're dealing with basically you need the things to be lightweight. Right. So I mean for everything that's there. There's only a certain amount of designs and aesthetic. You know details you can do on a wheel. Will that will allow for that? Like, so you'll say, oh, well, I love chunky five spokes not gonna wanna chunky five spoke because the bike will be slows crap. I mean, so there is a lot of engineering that goes into into the bike wheels. But I mean, we've talked to a couple of people. My my good friend day Mucci has Mucci Moto. Does a lot of cafe racer. Like does a lot of you know, kind of different track events and stuff with his bikes and everything so we've talked about it. We've talked about doing some cool things and kind of putting some things together some forged wheels. But I don't know not not not a huge market for you guys not a huge market, but we like having fun. So if yes, if at some point, it becomes fun, and it's something we wanna do. We'll we'll probably end up doing it. But as we all I can think of right now is the do Coty nine sixteen wheel. It's the only image that comes into my head is the nine sixteen with with the angled back spokes. Yeah. I love that scary wheel. I think there's one I'm bringing Trillo right now. Marcello what are each says each? What are your? He'd see 'em cars. Great. Larry. I'd have to go with like the Mercedes one ninety. Yeah. Okay. Just so good that it classic design. Yes. And it's just like one of those things where you you wouldn't realize that it could be a sporty car. It's a sporty car. But like, generally speaking when you look at this if it was the stock cars that one that Zach has a picture of upright. Now, I saw in that Japanese dude Y dudes warehouse Jones that remember that guy. We went to Japan, we film with this guy who had a crazy car collection in the hottest warehouse. I've ever been in my life. I was Niang and he owned that. Okay. So even one or two. I don't know. Very much so Email one. That's what I so. I have a two three sixteen valves converted to Yvo one. And then the guys at mount tune who are ex Cosworth and building the engine. So it's cool story. Very fun. I mean as far as the is in cars terms of so it was basically a succession, right? So your car, Matt, right? Two to three sixteen valve was like it was basically a Cosworth. What Senate drove when they were all there racing. I mean, everybody drove it, right? I mean, you've got they had the name on the side of the car. So they use the two three sixteen valve that of course, to five sixteen valve, then, of course, went into Yvo one Yvo to and then eventually into class to which wasn't, you know, something that they built a streetcar for homologation. But if you look through everything the transitional, right? I mean, it's the same thing with any thirty. They were racing, you know, narrow body thirties they turned into thirty a m three all of a sudden they up different things a little wider Yvo one vote to hire radiuses bring the car down. It's all different stuff. But mine mine is more similar to the one. I took a two three sixteen valve Cosworth. And then added the co- the Eva flares front spoiler rear spoiler. It's one of my favorite cars as well. I think if I could get it. The only other car would love to have is an alpha one five DTM cars are cool. Because really the big difference between the two is like the giant wing. They do the flares are flares are completely different. If you look at the flares are more like bat wing type flares equality down the eve ones, much smaller. Right. And then the eve, and then also this rearm has the same bumpers as the Cosworth. So it's a separate front spoiler where the twos a complete bumper. Gotcha. And there's little differences where they if you can tell an Yvo two on the rear Rio Rio a real Yvo too. Because the trunk button is actually inside the Mercedes emblem as opposed to being outside of it. Just small details. I think the the shock towers and Yvo to or pushed into millimeters opposed to the one for different things. It's it's I mean, it's just all geek stuff, basically for home, obligation standards and different details to push the boundaries and racing. But that was that's what was so cool back. Then I think that's what was so exciting. The DTM era of these factory cars that were pushed beyond belief, basically momentum cars, right? I mean, we're talking not Crazy Horse power geyser. Just our bouncing over. Apex is just driving. What? Ever they possibly could do to stay at speed. Because once once you slow down you can catch up. Yeah. But I mean that it's gorgeous, right. That though that's the nerdy stuff that that's a good color right there that, you know, my my pick is for the Volvo eight fifty wagon Walkinshaw because it's a fucking wagon. Yeah. It's not the best not the winningest race car. Not a successful. But just that. Yeah. I've seen two of those in person there's a guy in Sweden whose got a collection that we checked out. And he's got two of these things from Dr their front wheel drive. There was something about this car. I guess that basically they tried to to raise this car. And when they got in there, the only vehicles that were available at the time for the circuit was the wagons. So if you look later, they started racing the saloon, which is basically eight fifty but they had to get the wagon, and it was slow, but it ended up creating this crazy, you know, excitement in terms of people talking about this fifty racecar. Which was just fantastic. I think I love it. So the Volvo race cars are always good the two four two turbo touring car is equally. Awesome from this. You know, twelve or thirteen years before this and sexy look in car look at that number forty four there. Yep. Had it looks great twenty-six. Is it the Nordica livery co? Yes. See? So this is this is in the this is in that warehouse that we're the other cars were g. Yeah. Skies got good taste this guy. This is a very hard core. I this is on the V sixty pollstar launch in Sweden, we visited this guy. That's very yeah. The alpha one five five that I think is probably awful one five t m is probably the most aggressive most insane. Looking you know, DTM car with? Yes. That thing. I mean, just so cool. There's a lot of extra body work going on. It looks good at that. I mean that is just very nice. That's what you picture about just the most tough-looking sedan out there. That's very nice. I like that very much. But there again, I don't want to drive this on the street. I do right, but for an everyday type car, the Eva one you can actually drive. Put knows lifting news. Yeah. Usually helpful aftermarket nose-lift. Yeah. All right. Thank you Marcello. Kevin says have have you ever driven a Ferrari six twelve scally Eddie, they run about one hundred grand now the worth the money or just buy new east sixty three or Panama or by. These are totally different. I drove one once they drive better than they look. I mean, they drive kinda like soft five nine nine. They have roughly the same powertrain is a five nine nine there longer. They're set up a little softer, and the steering isn't as twitchy the people who own them. I've I've talked to some owners they really like them. I mean, if you can find a manual, the manuals drive drive pretty good the one, I drove was an F one which might feel a little older, it's a single clutch gearbox. It's not a dual clutch color matters. It's another car that looks better in person than when you photograph. That's a that's silver. Ain't right. Here's thing. It's weird. But they drive. Okay. You know, it's a v twelve they're fast. They are reasonably sporty, and they're already depreciated. I mean, the this a six twelve is never going to be twenty five thousand dollars. It's gonna be if it's one hundred now, and you drive it for fifteen thousand miles. You know, you're going to sell it for eighty you're not going to sell it for twenty. So if you buy an e sixty three it's a lovely car. You're buying into the gnarliest depreciation in the automotive universe. If you buy a pan-american, your try interested third gnarliest depreciation, you know, a db eleven db cars, go down and stay down know, really go anywhere. They just sold the db nine on bring a trailer for like forty. I mean, they they're they're not, you know, fantastic car, but you just sitting in the first year db eleven before the guy came from Lotus and. It just handles weird. It's not it's not a good completely agree early. DB eleven's Dr wonky. They don't I'd I'd much rather have a db s couple years a density early eleven for sure. But if you look at the Ferrari, and you're not repulsed by how it looks it drives better than it. Looks it drives a Ferrari GT car, it's like a softer five ninety nine which which is kind of cool. You know, who's got one in loves it, sir. Mix a lot Anthony, aka, sir. Mix a lot of Seattle does have a six twelve. And does love it. I'm into it to more in them were out of here. Matt Baril says loved the content. Thank you. What are some vehicles you'd recommend for under twenty thousand dollars, fun, practical and reliable? I live in Michigan. But I'm willing to buy a set of snow tires if you can find a leftover fiesta S T. That's where I always start. I hear they're here that the the demos and the the leftovers are going for under twenty I would start there anything else. I mean new are used. I mean, they didn't really say. So which point used I mean, that's a hard one twenty ks actually a pretty good number. You can get a lot of different things. Yeah. So what would you say? I don't know. I'd probably say, you know, even like a Mark seven GTI personally more seven GTI. I I think it's great. I think it's got like the refined. You know, details in the interior. But it drives great. It's comfortable other than that. I'd probably say go get yourself a focus s two year Subaru. Yeah. In michigan. Maybe you can get a lightly used WRX for under twenty what what's in the front wheel is six. Now the first generation. The first generation. Drivers see five zero six in Michigan. My brothers. No on that see five zero six I mean, honestly, maybe like a Wrangler. Something if you're into that kind of thing, I mean, I guess he said fun practice. I mean, I guess that point. That point. What does fun mean is funding dynamics fun? If let's assume it does daily can you get a Mazda six hundred twenty grand probably news market. Sure. Yeah. Mazda six those are those are pretty fun coupe six five accord, coupe V6., totally their fast actually can be had with a manual. I would start there. Yeah. I would start with those things. Thank you. Matt tho- Joe says I'd love to see boasts Oku cars in the US. Good fucking luck. Can you help some up to like the Japanese classic car show? Someone tried to bring one to RAD would. But they couldn't with the exhaust. Get driving up the ramp sailing. Man, they were stuck on the first floor of the Peter. I mean, how do they drive? I don't know. How to all? I've seen is Bose's Oku as an aesthetic style. I assume they drive like any other lowered car, right? You gotta be terrible. Right. It's it's mostly for noise. You know, and also to look loud. So they drive terrible. It's like driving Bosaso coup for those who don't know they put like the most aggressive body kits. You can think of like this Jay these like big giant trays? Wings. Have you seen the vans? The the exhaust pipes or like ten feet long and go way over the car. They're just absurd. Yeah. Most of them don't actually do anything. And sometimes it's great when they make shapes out of the exhaust. In both of these lightning. Bolts. I mean, there's so fun to look at I want to go to Japan and go to go to a car show full of these things. But when I don't want to go, what is the one below this a lambo, what does that white one right there? Thirty three. What the golf cart? I think that's really a golf cart. I'm into it. You want to see a lot of good ones. Go to Japan. Go to Tokyo on us on. Yeah. I just don't see this ever happening in America. The roads the yeah. No, we're all full raptors, it's kind of funny because when I go to Japan, they complain about how bad the roads, aren't but they've never seen battering. They never been here. Even people in other states while you're in California around downtown LA. You don't get it. Those roads we film on are not all the roads. Oh, freddie. Freddie. Hernandez. The man, you know, Tavares, Freddie, from Florida. He does a little crazy project cars. No love it. He buys the worst most fucked up cars and fixes them and make some nice he wants to he wants to get some fifteen fifty to one of his projects, you should you yet will arrange that you're gonna reach out you're going to want to send him some. He's the man he also giving him my million mile Alexis. Yes. I do know we we talked about. So I'm I'm next month a meeting the guys got in Florida and Zach and I are going to drive the last the last over the hump stint. Nice. We're leaving it with, Freddie, who is going to put a big single turbo on it and a manual gearbox over six hundred thousand strivers good for you. Hang him. Kill it. You were he works his fucking balls off. And he does shit that. I don't want any part of like buying a fucking completely burned out Lamborghini and trying to fix it. See, that's that's my life guys. I'm too, and yes, Freddie will be on the show next month. And I will see you in Florida last one, James Choi, thank you for the content. You are welcome James. That was a our pleasure. All right. What when are these posters going to be for sale? You think what do you guys think? I mean, the pictures are ready now you take the pictures now. Oh, here we go. All right. So look for these posters. The next couple of weeks is pretty soon pretty soon. It is pretty soon. Okay. People are talking about, you know, a lot of people are actually excited about it. And hey, we I mean, I'm expanded. It's a chance for everybody to give back as well on feel like they're supporting. So I'm literally gonna make a wall size one of this for my new place. It's going to be the size of an entire wall. You have some good options. This one. Yeah. Yeah. And then I'm going to frame a bunch of these because they're fucking so out the one where you're actually going through that last corner of the snake really to. Yeah. It's it's more of a storytelling shot. I don't think it looks as good. But I don't think it's on host. But with it too. Yeah. Desktop for sure do one big one then do a bunch of small detail shots around it. You don't want to clutter up the one the one image. But I see your. Points the detail shots the angles, and I do see it just being a big poster with like a gap on the bottom. Yeah. Like, a white gap. Whatever it just, you know, hanging sign them is that what we're doing. I don't know we my signature might actually devalue the poster. Him block. Something simple. Maybe there can be an optional side one. A couple big ones and some nice brands that basically we can sign or whatever, I don't know. At least some comments tell us what to do want. We don't. I do want to print a couple of them really big though, it'd be really cool to get some seventy. I would love him a beast one. I don't even have a wall yet. But I'll I'll go for the seventies. Super you can get a if you can get a deal on printing five or six that size. You can absolutely count me in for one. All right. Well, that's the podcast. Thank you guys. Larry chen. Gimme found hooligans. What main channel main and bonus channel and my Instagram. And when are you going to have that video coming up soon? Right. The car all released video once we released. Okay. Cool soon as the we we're ready to really supposed to as. Well, right. There's a video that goes along with the posters issuing a little video. I take Larry down the snake examined car Superfund. Yeah. And crook, fifteen fifty two wheels. Anything else new designs Clement out on a plug anything? Oh, what am? I mean. We do have a lot of new stuff coming out. You truck wheels. New car wheels new one he just made a face. I liked trek wheel. Oh, no. They're actually I'm I'm actually pretty excited. We're definitely doing some new stuff. You know, we did launch the new integral which was on your are s. It was great. The new loves it. So. No. You know, what I saw straight up on someone put a set of those on an Audi all road. Yeah. And it looked five or I love that stuff. And it was really really good. If it's fun. We're into it. So yeah. No. We got some really cool stuff. We actually are heading into doing some cool stuff. Some new I'll guess I'll hint at it in the context of very ninety s inspired super turing wheels. Which will be a lot of fun. Really cool sizes new stuff. Do you want to make something inspired by my Coon, Tosh phone dial wheels? Yeah, we can do it in a fifteen by twelve. Yes. Actually, no problem. I really has. No problem. I got a three forty five fifty five fifteen when he got. No, let's do it. Yeah. We got some great stuff coming out Superstock and a new collaboration with Magnus kind of a cool little wheel. We're doing for the water cooled cars and. Yeah. To lot of people a lot of people by the Magnus. Well, yeah. That's it's our number one is a really selling forged wheel. Good for amazing. Because you've got you've got guys in the middle of midwest, whose you know, older guys they never see Instagram. So they're never played out. Yeah. It's just a bunch of guys who aren't social media who love Magnus, mazing, ano-, Porsche, passion, you know, people's bozos. But that's what they want. And I love it. But I don't drive. I love it. Right. Because you go into any other seen you make three sets of wheels. And they're on Instagram. That's played. That's that's old news. I'm not even rich yet. What's going on here? Should be played. I should win it yet in my silo with money, right? But people complaining this played out. But realistically, it's because we live in this world of social media. But I do love the outlaw wheel for that reason. Because guys are just super pump to put a cool little wheel. Wheel is actually is it looks at it looks like it could have been a factory motor sports style wheel. I really liked that a lot, but we geek on his making things feel and fit the cars host to making stuff. Nobody wants some new fandango concave wheel on an old car on the side. So I think one day I'd like to get a three oh eight with your fucking star wheel on it with that. Maybe we'll do that soon. Didn't you did the the race service? Guys have your wheels on their three forty eight. Is that your wheels know what? But the what's his name. Tim, Tim Neely came by on his Lotus. The spree at the big Turkey yet. Tim's enthusiast's garage has tarmacs on his spree, and it looks fired by looking really good. It has the feel to it works. But that's the stuff we geek on right? Totally works. This is the fun stuff. So that's going by on a Friday, boys. I appreciate it as usual. Larry. I am more than impressed with your work. I can't wait. You people are gonna fuck fucking freak out over those posters. Can I do we want to I guess I should reveal the poster on Instagram? But maybe not yet. Not yet. We're not we gotta figure out where to buy them first because I don't get a million emails if we do that. So all right. Thanks, everybody. See you next week. What is the podcast schedule? I can't even fuck and remember it doesn't matter. I'll posted up so long entire podcast is powered by shout engine. Get your own damn podcast at shout engine dot com. It's easy. All you need is a microphone a connection to the internet and preferably something to say have a good weekend. Everybody see all later.

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