Detroit City of Champions Episode 8: Play Ball! The Movie


Nineteen thirty five alliance win. The NFL championship. The Detroit Tigers take a world series. The Red Wings Bring Home Mold Stanley's. Joe Lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit city of champion. We are a Detroit city champions podcast. We Are we are here in the palatial. CAST DETROIT NOT Mills Studios. Charles Davidson. I'm Jamie Flanagan pushing our buttons met Fox. There's a cameras all camera not. Got An upgrade. Detroit city champions. Episode Eight. We're. GonNa. Perfect. Neyla. So yeah we're GONNA. Play ball a little bit from what I understand because I've been doing three Charles. You're reading up on me man I just research you I'm telling you once you get hooked on the city of champions story there's no going back. Value, it goes deep in its in its infectious I love movies, Yeah I. Love I love movies. I love watching movies and you told me there are so many. Detroit city of Champions Right, the nineteen, thirty five year, and there's just so many. So many stories to tell their stomach and every time you tell me a story you're like you'll be amazed this was totally lost. Yeah and I saw your eyes light up last time I was sort of at the end of the show was either at the end of the show was the after the Don I mentioned the fact that. You know there's so much to talk about and then got into the. the fact that the first, Baseball Movie First Major League Baseball movie on with sound was filmed in nineteen thirty four in Detroit made in Detroit and premiered at the Book Cadillac, hotel on during the city champion season and you like I saw your eyes up, you're like Oh my God, what are you talking? She said it was. Had totally forgotten. Nobody knows about it. That's I mean loss forgotten how are you want to put it but it doesn't. Mean Very. Really, I've ever heard of this movie are people that I've either talked to or. I mean, really that's that's it. I mean I've done a bunch of speeches done. You know I mean site it comes out when do the speeches and that but Yeah it's it's. It's just like I mean you just don't. There's nobody talks about anywhere ever. I S why I'm glad to be talking about it and I tried finding you know it's like okay. So it's on the Internet. Be Shot in Detroit. And I, couldn't I couldn't find this. Anywhere online you'll see it anywhere. No the closest thing I found the oldest will. I could find through research film Detroit or just yet baseball movies now founded okay yeah. VISIT DETROIT DOT COM has a nineteen, forty, six. MGM Feature this time for keeps. Yeah. There's I. Mean there's not. So this got that beat by twelve years nineteen, thirty four. Verify that it was the first movie ever made in Detroit. I can't say that you know I I don't know that, but I mean but But as far as baseball motion pictures with sound. Yeah. There's this is. Like the this, there was other baseball movies with solemn made. Baseball movies but talked about baseball with sound all that. But as far as Major League Baseball sponsored movie where there were there in like Major League baseball itself has a role in taking this person. It's the first one was solved especially in. That's what's so amazing. Like is biggest major league baseball is today with his especially history occupies a very prominent on component of Major League Baseball. You know I mean they use. They sell the sport with history and that's what soul stunning to you know. So so insane to me is you know I've actually tried to reach out to somebody. was down in the baseball winter meetings two, thousand, fifteen I even tried to take to like there's actually like a historical area there. I even tried to talk to them about it and they're just they like like. Like basically blew me off like. We. Wasn't a museum. It was was the winter meetings for baseball every year in the winter everybody comes together. Yeah. Tennessee or whatever. It's like every every like every person in baseball comes together for the winter meetings and I went there. I was actually trying to look for job in baseball business analytics thing right other project. Yeah. I'm like, yeah, I've got this while I. was there I was trying to talk some about this movie and they're like just the this is the problem I think in sports in history in a lot of different things, which is that like a lot of people just assume that if they don't especially if the experts in the industry if they don't know about it, it's probably not that big of a deal you know like it's almost like like I know everything. Is. Just. It's like it's impossible that something. Could ever slipped past somebody like especially some great. Could get past the experts or whatever in the more even more. Even more difficult. an obstacle or is the is the idea that once your face was something that you don't know. Some obvious import whether it's the movie whether it's the city, a champion story. or or anything else like this the ability like change your mind like to say you know I think it's just one of the great ethnic. We just mentioned this before like the ability to like admit you're wrong they billion made a mistake ability to admit that you're there's something that you don't know in this world that you know what I mean. I think is a very rare thing in this world to say you know what? I was wrong. I was this is something I didn't know something that I need to. Educate myself on in something that if I have the power to do something about it let's do something and also. I think that's one component I've run into. So many people that have that I mean it's really a majority I think. Says to say like city champion the greatest season ever that I? Wanted to a story about somebody's. We're a prayer Cornwall's Today. You know like that's more important than the greatest season ever heard off. The movie you know this is a component that is. It's incredibly important. It's fascinating element to the entire city champion story and courteous. Talking so it's important that we talk be sent in. Movies we had to bring in one of the big dogs and city. Awesome with US joining us today Russell. Hello how are you? Good well. Soon Greg. It's Detroit city champions. We it'll feedback happening with your speaker in your. Airway clear that up. Okay. All right perfect. So Greg Detroit city champions it's a trilogy of books. Charles here wrote this trilogy of books and in his research he came across a movie and from what we understand. It was the first movie filmed in Detroit. I know you're always you're talking to all the movers and shakers in all the celebrities. What's your history? You know what some of the older movies in Detroit are film destroying? Detroit. Wow let me think about and. Oh. Jeez. Your course you're taking like some of the Moderns Batman v Superman, all the Michael Bay movies were done here. Oh let's be there were some you don't we had the great Making things like that like stone movies along that line. There was A. Movie. Oh Man of steel. Thank you. My Wife's hearing upstairs. In my research when I could find was one of the first ones was one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, six This time for keeps from MGM Wow and then from there fifth one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, nine anatomy for murder, and then in nineteen sixty where the boys are at scenes filmed Detroit supposedly. There's been some decent baseball movies. Filmed Great Baseball with some of my favorites man. Tiger Song. I remember watching Tiger town as a kid I was light was a Disney like made for TV movie. With was yesterday his Australian. Actor What's he was? A great movie. I remember watching Tiger town on TV. On and you write up today One of my favorites will get to it on. What did you have a favorite Sports Detroit Sports Movie Greg. I was GONNA say. Please let me get the number correct but you'll tell me if I got her up sixty one or sixty to. Sixty one. There you go. A buddy of mine was the umpire that movies name's Karl the. microns Robert. Young. was like the. Player who always ran the first base often. Do that yeah they use the title. Your stadium is the backdrop for the sixth of the race for sixty one home runs between Roger Mersenne mental. Concept of the movie. So there was Tommy Lee Jones to Cobb. Yup Yup. and. Then there's the Ron Leflore story I forgot the is that name of the wrong? Floor Story. Like. Breaking out the wrong or something like that. But that that's that's another one you mentioned it to me earlier while we were chatting. Is a great thing that this guy on he was. Before he passed away, he was a podcast called animal talk. George Clinton. Against Yup. Did you really have them on? The best voice. So. Cool I just it's a great movie. Yeah And they turn the people in the movie he actually had an art in it. He played one of the Hornets. Background. quarterbacks when eleanor was playing art. Alex chaos in. The. Areas. Journalists, learning Jeez. So. That's. That's just because George. Georgia's was just like the coolest cat and the best place. It was just unbelievable, but greg wanted to bring you one last match. Was Not a movie but if you've ever seen magnum Pi when my favorite shows growing. L. Alan Trammell new whitaker appearance on Magnum Pi but you'll find it on youtube they It's a great scene where because because. Tom selleck was a tigers fan. And saw in he and he was in the bar was a scene where he's in a bar in the two of them were in it and they were dressing like suits or whatever like I think white like suits or whatever in there in any way. He looks at him and he says. He's they're like, yeah. Hey, man you know where they had a little conversation with them in in he's like, yeah, I'm going to Detroit Tiger game whatever not all we'll be there to man and he goes. Yeah. We're. We're going to be on the seats between second and. Second Baseman shortstop between third and first, and then they just laughed and Magnum for some reason goes third I. See. It. The bartender points and a picture behind the bar, and there's a picture of the two of them. All my God has al the whitaker like we all know lots new it is. It's a great moment. We're wealth but movie Harrison Ford did here and I got a great story from him. They were shooting downtown at the old Detroit police station on. Bobi. Street. And he said that some of the cops after got done asked him payment. You might take a picture with it. So he said, no, no problems. We had like three uniformed cops on one side three on the other side and one plane coast person at the end. So he said they all took the pictures at cheese next thing in. Two COPs ready to grab the guy who's not wearing the uniform he a criminal who had rented, who just wanted to get a picture with Harrison Ford. It's a hassle. He's got. He's like. Harrison Ford. It also that the police chief from Beverly Hills Cop was an actual police chief. From the joy off former former former Detroit police chief. So. But that lovell cop looking at lists looking all these robocop. robocop statue yet they're done with it. They need a place to put it. Yeah. It's been done for a while they just north of where to put it. The Greatest Statue. Greg where should we put the ROBOCOP statue? Let's see I was thinking either Belle isle or down during that part, you know that they blocked off of Jefferson Woodward right there. So you know you got daddy right next to the spirit of Detroit so. While this such a cool snatch humana. See it actually looks really good. So. Cool Yeah. Yeah Yeah. That's a cool thing like nobody no other city in the world got robocop statue. But in all of our research, we found that they didn't they didn't have this in the list anywhere. A motion picture created here in the city gone back all the way to to nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four is when it was filled. During the Tigers. Breakout season there and can you roll clip number one for us? On the grab that. You. Do. Baseball the national game of America was invented by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown New York in eighteen, hundred nine. So. To take me out to the ball art else. That voices are very recognizable as Ted, Houston Ted using narrate the entire thing ten. Houston was like the guy in like he was like if anytime, you see those. That are the next time you see like an old like World War Two like a clip from. Like not have done this or this it's that guy. The guy was like the voice of everything back in the thirties and forties. That he was on, he was like the voice. So the fact that got ten using to do this movie, this was a legit movie. This is a legit like motion picture we're GONNA. Get back to him because he does like big announcement at the end. Yeah. And so we'll play that we got a clip of him and the screen to so we'll get to that. Towards the end, but his pretty amazing that trials keeps. Finding things that that raise losses story was lost that the Lions and tigers and wings. I Championships in. And, then you know that this movie, there's this incredible plaque that was was lost to antiquity for yeah. That was remarkable. Fine man like on all these things. Keep, uncovering easily archaeologists for amazing things from Detroit. So how how did you Charles? How did you find this? Yeah. Well. It's kind of like everything start with just the research like. Like you kind of compare to like. Imagine you're reading a book, right? You're reading a book but for me, the book was like just it was newspapers that stretched across three and a half years of Detroit newspapers. So I had to read this book like every day for years through the newspapers. So I'm just basically reading the newspapers you know what I'm trying to. You can't read everything. So on you're trying to like you're trying to skim the papers and catch what's important and photocopy and Take it home and explore it do whatever. But. That was. But that's really how it was like at one point I came across newspaper article and it's sad. It talked about a film premiered the Book Cadillac Hotel. Where they're all going where they're like yeah. Last night we went to this film premiere was credible like Frank Navy was there. On their like Frank Naven was there on everybody. was there all these reporters were there and? They were like this is you know we watched a baseball movie was majorly Bateman American, league, motion picture every you know just described this move in the way described I was like this is amazing i WanNa see this movie like there's almost like a teaser me like an advertisement for me to watch it, and so I was like I gotta find this movie. So like it was just another thing I kinda set it aside and then I just kept seeing little references for there's another article in the WHO in baseball nineteen, thirty five, which we mentioned like a former as. WHO's won't baseball nine hundred, thousand five was published prior to nineteen, thirty five. So it talked about what happened the previous year and that's one of like a full article in there talking about how this this movie had been seen by two million people across the United States major thing two, million people you know they talk about everybody was in it and everything, and then I'm like I got to see this movie. References pop up I got to see this movie and it was like kind of like a happened chance. You know thing I came across the there's a collector or like a guy who specialize in fell film old film and movie that I found out about. Your mom contacted him and he had the movies like the only original copy in existence in wow. Yeah. So I was able to. Basically on negotiate with them for the rights to use the movie for the books and I WANNA. It's one way to put it another way for ten thousand dollars, the rights to take you to sell it with my books because I wanted to cross the team I mean. He had the only original. He's the one that turned into new DVD. and. Saw I spent like say spent ten grand on the rights to use it so. Everybody, WHO BUYS THE TRILOGY OF BOOKS? ALEC, he's Specify, the rights being like it has kind of be associated with the second book because that would on the tires. With the book saw anyways Yeah Who's GonNa win what I found out even the research for the stuff is that there's actually two versions of the film. Right? There's a thirty two minute version in a fifty five minute version in the one thirty, two minute. The fifty five minute is still out there somewhere and if somebody ever find it like. You're going to be like the greatest person in my life. Like you'll wake worship you. Fifty five minute play ball moving. Rate. What What are your memories of baseball as a young man where you into baseball as younger? Definitely when I was growing up. That's what everyone was into a kid when the Tigers won the series and sixty eight thing I remember most is back. Then it was either the Detroit News reported the Detroit Free Press and on the back page like a full poster of tight you know we all. I had the entire thing in my bedroom all over the wall and yeah. It used be fun where your boy scout troop, you know some other community groups they get all the kids together because tickets were probably maybe a buck or so and during the summer they take it on there in the bleachers all the time you know just watching the game and then as I grew up and was fortunate enough by being in this business to get to meet some of these guys like also perfect. You Know Mickey. Lola Jr out k-line. North. Carolina free. Willy Horton Gates Brown. Earl Wilson. I mean all these people in your. Even though you're an adult always said, you just become this Giddy Kit 'cause you're going. Do you remember that time? You hit that home run? Yeah. We love him packing this story I. Am because most people there's there's hardly a soul around that was in the stands. Yeah. anymore for this one I think it's an important story in. Greg you in. Your Brother Got It did some amazing work with like the historical markers state. I know he did a Lotta work on that and I know that. So you and your brothers are really into the history in Michigan in in in Detroit and that's why we feel this is an important project to to remind people about it's you know it's where we came from and it's why things things are important to us Brian. And and I just I just love this can you imagine because there wasn't TV I? Mean they had the radio. We'll even talking picture was were relatively new. Right. So to see, somebody likes schoolboy rowe up on the screen down. This was such a new thing. Matt Roll that Clip Number Two because we we did show a schoolboy rowe. Now watch schoolboy rowe showing two schoolboys how he puts the power behind his famous fastball. His picture the schoolboy demonstrates the brevity of movement which means the perfect body balance remarkable control. The schoolboy follows through a natural passion proving that he has derived maximum power behind his fireball. Also observed that he comes into perfect balance and is in position the feel the ball hit back at him. So. So the the whole movie is. Charles. How would you describe? What the movie is. Just like a summary or like my. Review on. It's basically at his face. It's a purpose was. To educate fans of all you know what his I mean at that time like basically a major league baseball was primarily like. East Coast. In mid West type of a thing that was cal, there's no major league teams in California or or down South and everything it was just it was. So anyways, it was the idea was sort of spread the game across the country. Introduced the stars to people that maybe never even get a chance to go watch a game in person also shows sort of the strategies and tactics like it was. So it was like the teach the history of the game introduced the players, and also like the way that they actually play baseball in the major leagues, it was really those three components so spread. Is a spread major league baseball across the across the country and using the medium of talking pictures yeah. So they did now Mickey Cochran. Greg do you know who Mickey Cochrane Ins-? No the name. Gangster? No. Sounds like can. We kinda was to. Version he was a was about as good as you get because we did we just did a whole episode about him because he was a catcher that came in and. He's the one that really kind of live the fire under the boys get it done it thirty, four, thirty, five. And he was just so well known. Them. Played Clip number three here as Mickey, guarding home flakes making Cochran delves into the art of guarding a plate and tagging arouna here Mickey takes a wide throwing makes a thrilling diving out. Cochran is unequaled IMA specialty of diving to the ground either side of the flavor pitches in the dirt and regardless of the double impact he hangs onto the ball and gets his mom to. In, mechanics throwing the Second Watch, the Mir instant, it takes him to get the ball out of his hands and wing it. So the would steeler wishes he hadn't left first base. while. If people don't. Realize how fast those balls going you guys know Larry Sorenson. Yeah. He played for you Ma'am and then also played for various major league teams worked with. OUGHTA radio station and one time we're out he was a pitcher and so I just said Hey. Let's pretend I've got a bad throw me a ball. I just want to see what it feels like to. Buy The. You're like this and he's going. The bench now. A. Fast. Like. I'm always just amazed just how people can go out there and hit these balls to bury starting out of the stadium I. Mean That's that's a great town. Great. Major League. Baseball's a whole another like that's one of the things that you're not wrong. You're you're absolutely correct like it takes five years to develop a college player or a high school player whatever to to get to the major leagues you have to be the elite of the elite like everything like the arm strength I mean. Everything athletic ability everything I mean that's what it's like It's it's incredibly difficult to get the major leagues saw. All right. I'm there's two more clips I. WanNa play for you guys. One is a lesson on sliding from Gioja White. That's. The number four in the clip number five is some from the world series and that's a little bit of play-by-play. From the world series. Action there in nineteen thirty four. So Matt Roll out a number Jo jo white sprint into a hook slide and stresses the correct position of the legs. Keep it bent under he says never rigid bending it prevents it from being injured. Well here's a pretty good try for the first time. White now informed the youngster that the underlying to stiffen two straight. Don't be afraid to bend it and be sure to it before you hit the ground then sliding becomes easy. All right. Let's see. Let's go to the world. Series Lifeblood. Now, for a glimpse of the world series, the rival managers Frankie Frisch of the Saint Louis. Cardinals. Then Mickey Cochrane over Detroit. Tigers, after the national anthem is played the game begin. Dizzy Dean is the Cardinal Pitcher and just watch him when the first pitches call. All boy is he annoyed. Detroit's I came in when during a singled him to third scoring Joe Joe Biden placing Cochran on third. I'm a home crowd is overjoyed. All right. So so not A. Charles. Has An opinion about this movie and but I I'd like to ask you Greg What are you? What is your opinion best baseball movie ever made? A tough question is we'll go for popcorn. Starts at. Me Like even one of the ones I always like growing up was the Babe Ruth Story. L. New finding out you know how we actually had to reverse the film because he couldn't actually hit left handed I felt. That I was thinking about, you know as a kid also for love of the game. We'll be back. Kevin. Costner Detroit Tiger he's a guy who loves the Detroit Tigers. He played Detroit Tiger twice as you know in that movie and also called the upside of anger. He was retired Detroit Tiger player but that also another historical in Bingo long traveling all stars about the Negro Leagues it was a movie made by Motel. Back, in the day starring Billy don't waste and that one. So you got those and man like you said, there are just so many other good ones Major League, I? We will send you. Have Movie I got to watch it. It's must yeah you can't just skip through the next show. A second ones are good I like the third one. And the bad news bears shares absolutely and. Charles Charles his argument is that this is you're gonNA. Ask Me the same questions raised my favorite baseball. What? What is your favorite play ball? Are Into. Baseball I need you to defend that. Why would you say that this is the greatest baseball never meant. That a few times and I'm not a sports guy I love history I, Love Detroit I. Love I love stories and that's why I'm here to hear these stories. Yeah. And when you say this is the greatest baseball ever played I. Don't I don't have a huge frame of reference still I need you to argue that for me. It's Just in a nutshell is the idea that like all these baseball that are out there they usually like hearken to on. Algae era. Baseball will play ball was that era in the people that these movies hearken back to these were those people. This raise like I mean that is like it's not just like the clips Sean are sort of like the sort of the the technical elements of the movie. But when you watch it in its narrative format, it tells the story of baseball and it in it incorporates it's incredibly well incredibly the format is incredible. camera angles are incredible when they show the different pitchers go through and they rattled through picture after picture after pitcher. They're like, they had the panel wind up. So the guys guys describe in every single like pitching style one guy's got the double pop handle this in the camera angle it looks over their shoulder. You can actually see the curb band, which is an angle that they don't even use in baseball today, which if they did would like enhance everything that they do. And then there's one of the great scenes. Is, there's a there's like these kids are like when they're introducing how baseball's played these kids are. These kids are all playing sandlot ball in one of the kids hits a ball through ladies window and she's like yelling out the window at in that like. This humor in it, and there's one of the most striking moments in the movie is go through. In rapid fire succession show on all like some of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Holiday Swan in it's like it's like rapid fire. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam these are all like. whacking a ball whacking. Damn Bail Hewlett cracking a ball and then they get to Lou Gary in his smash Lou Gehrig Crushes Ball, and then you go down. Like, all these great hitters, Lou Gehrig smokes one and you go. Oh. And and then like you reach for your controller, rewind it and all the sudden Elvis until you singles let's watch that again. Thanks. He Hits in rapid fire succession we're always hitters in lieu mashes wanted to goes hold on a second. Let's watch that one. Again, the timing is so perfect. All you're going and they do it in slow motion for Lou you go man these these they knew what they were doing for this movie you it's just it's. It's amazing. It's like so that's what I mean and another poignant element is that a great friend of mine who's like really the genesis, my other projects being guy named Bartlett. He. He was like he's past now but. At, one point. He like he like he told me that this move saved his life. All right. Like he was like an near-death and he had never seen this movie before in there was this one line in the movie that the two of US had like it was like our signature like like bond with baseball and it's this component that the team that wins them with. that. Scores, the most runs wins the game and it's such a basic. It's just such basic saying I guess you could say like it's an obvious saying but it's something that is completely lost on baseball today. The analytics are the way to analytics have completely taken over baseball. They micromanage they micro analyze every single component of the game except for runs RBI's. Except for the amount of runs that pitcher gives up, they might grant is the philosophy, the technical elements of every up how bad hits a ball they may analyze everything except for the except for A. A An extensive study on runs in RBI's. It's insane to of US used to connect on that. When he was near death, he was like the worst Malaita ever banks he was always. Sick and he I told my said watch this movie like basically I like he was going north basically he looked at me now like he was like it was like one in the last Meyer Sam I said watch this movie and he went to Wash that movie and there's a moment in it Rogers Hornsby there's a reporter asked. Our reporter asked riders hornsby of Rogers. What's Who's is your team win tonight or wherever in be says. Decades of experience in baseball taught me one thing the team that scored that scores the most runs wins the game and see seventy at that moment. A message that like like from the past to me to him in a gave him this like spark to like he's like, I'm not done yet. We got more research to do. We got more collaboration do. So that's what I'm saying like he called me up like remo was like it was like that night he called me up and he said he was he goes watch that movie man because I told them. I said, this is the best base- baseball. You'll ever watch and he looked at me he's like okay. And I said, what do you think about the movie then he said he said it was the best movie ever. said I said I. told him. I said I go come on top five he said top one. In saw. This is not just somebody like that. You know he had no problem. Tell me I was wrong or whatever. Like this. So yes. So for me and for all those reasons than just want a few more number one. Craig I saw I love hanging out at Charles because he's like just how passionate. About, this topic about this movie I just I just love it. So Jamie gives you from Ramlet is. The next time I let it take his work for it. So so we were teasing you. You haven't seen. You haven't had the opportunity to see this. I know you do some movie screenings? Yeah. So we just said Paul Glance from imagine theaters. The Man Cave Talking about the spirits they have in their in their bars. But we gotta we gotta do a screening at an imagine me you and follow Charles two. Hundred watched every I'll watch it as many times. I love the movie along going into the private screening rooms. They have their mean obviously didn't the also she dismissed with no problem. that. Great Yeah let's do it and then come back and. I love to hear the review I. Love to hear your opinion about it. Say it's because I already set the already the I already set my thing pretty high my opinion very high. So I want to see what your see what your opinion is about your like the worst as well. I. Don't think could be the worst but I. I think I. Think I. Think I'm I think I'm I'm optimistic I. THINK THAT'S Might be your might become your new favorite. People can catch you on Wgn Radio Fridays checking inlet and let people know about what might be coming out on League Ed's. With Paul W. Smith on Wjr at about eight fifteen and then on live in the beyond gentle four at ten o'clock. The two movies that are coming out tomorrow one is called Boyce camp. I don't know if you've heard about that but it's a real thing. 'CAUSE even President Clinton with their Soda Dick Cheney I it's this summer camp were exempt. They teach young men how to become politicians. And it's a dot guy. Apple TV plus tomorrow if you're going to. Check it out because you will. You'll be sitting there going. This is real. This is real. Man. Oak. and. Another one what you'd call with Jamie. Foxx coming up tomorrow on Netflix ex. We've a power point Kinda. Like remembered. There was a movie a few years that call limitless with. Burr and Robert. Deniro going to come in this one you take and you get some type of superpower but I might get you know invulnerability where you might get to be like the human torch and you might. Grow Wings and able to fly all the. and. I'll be able to don that's all I. Wanted since I was a child is be able to dunk. It's been like my all time dream, right? That was one thing. We all got our own losing all. We don't dream. Not, just like dunk barely get over the rim. I want to be to let Windmill Don. Under the legs six. It's like my I have. That's a dream of mine. That's literally my biggest dream. The movie Shell Plus Yup that we've got on Channel Twenty on Sundays at twelve thirty in the afternoon and on Channel Thirty, eight at three, thirty in Plano two, thirty in the afternoon it's our half hour show that I do with Tom Santilli and there again, we have interviews and talk about movies and also especially with everything that's been going on we've been interviewing business owners from around Detroit just to see how they're doing and you know just trying to get people to know more about them so they can go out and visit them and you know pass in work with them. You'll get different things. So yeah, we have an. Excellent. We appreciate you hanging out and so there's a website and twitter or anything or. Is Movie Shield Plus Dot. com. You can find me on twitter at Greg Russell Film on Instagram Greg Russell Movies, and you know just actually just Google me. I'm Kinda like all over the place. Would love that. No. This was so much fun and you made me think of can I share another baseball story but with your Birth the man. Yeah absolutely. One I was in New York for another movie and we're at the lounge inside the hotel sitting there with these three ladies and we were having a drink after watching the movie and this will tell was famous for having open eminem peanuts in a bowl. So next thing you know we're sitting there. This hand comes out with a bowl instead ladies can I offer you some peanuts? We look up and I'm going. Oh my God it's Reggie Jackson. In Reggie took that as his invitation to join us. Yeah. He's trying to talk girls and out doing the thing again about remember the time you hit the ball the. Rupa Tiger Stadium. And when you hit three home runs and he's like yeah, yeah yeah, I know we talked. But yeah, it was just a lot of fun especially to sit there you know have a drink with a guy who was your another one your heroes growing it's like this is so cool. He was sweet. Reggie Jackson was stunned and what kind of place you're at us like a VIP. VIP Place has got a bowl with eminem zone I never been places. Like that are always like they're lucky some pretzels. No maybe peanuts real. Open Ball. Off. Their parking. I gotta get together. Hang on you man. Open balls. We again. Appreciate you hanging out. We're GONNA be we we talked about the Tigers a lot We're GONNA be talking about the lions and the Red Wings and the seasons. Back as well. So we got we got years rather than episode. Talk about I mean, there's so much greg do you know how many champions I might have mentioned? It said before you got in here how many championships were won in the city of Detroit in one thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five to fifty three. By what? What's three times? What's Chips I, know it's not because it's Time eleven because there's thirty three championship. Yes. So I thought I was trying to get to thirty three from three. That's what I'm saying I knew ten when you said you got it wrong. But. Here's the rent paying about thirty three championships in one season. That's the thing about how great this. This is the greatest season history of American sport in its nearly unknown. What he's ever are, would you on the water motorsports? Walter Hagen. There's a horse. What was the? Zoo Car Spanish for sugar. The, horse that won the zoo comes the very the very first Santa Anita Handicap like the move in in the movie seabiscuit racist, he biscuits always trying to win. The very for the very first, the very first Santa Anita Handicap was won by zoo car, which was Detroit encore detroiters me but algorithm. Runners attracted field everything. Lisa. Probably to right was that we're boxing champion Joe Louis. DES Yeah, it will Joe, he didn't ex up his champion that year, but he's not. He's actually not even included in the thirty three championships because he didn't finish the year as as the champion right? What he was like the by what he did do thirty, three nights thirty five was so was so massive I, call it the greatest individual season in. American. Sports history. I should have been in the studio with you tonight. Yeah. Have that bottle of Joe Louis Bertram drank by me I was gonNA drink another portion of it tonight, I love that stuff. Family. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do a bunch about Joe Louis and we partnered up with her mother. I can the man cave. Happy Hour. Ninety that one. We partnered with Joe Louis Bourbon Yeah. On a Tuesday tasting that we do just because you can't go out and drink any. So we just invite people to drink till. Louis. Bourbon? We've Joe. His son on. Times. he's been they're trying to open a kitchen. Joe. Joe Louis Yes. So Being paid or something like that Detroit but they were they were trying to open in March. So they're Kinda on whole. But when we get when we roll Joe Louis, we're going to have Jo-jo in with talk about talk about Joe Louis bourbons worth the trip man if you come. Into the studio I'm telling you, it's not just the bottles. Knows lucious. It is real good. That's when like I was going to tap into it today for the show, but I was like A. couple. Of weeks ago I walked out of your kind of stumbling. Like WHO. Pays myself on these shows I think it's not not for the we. Over God no, we used to do plenty of podcast. Okay. You're absolutely welcome anytime Greg. We do this every Thursday and then comes out is the podcast. So again, thank you so much. Thank you both very much great night man. Any time and I love beer. Anybody. Spot stuff some few TRAE sports history soft move no. Okay. Sounds good. Jamie Jamie Jamie will join to her that'd be great everybody. On our show to. Not. All Right Gregg, man you to take care of your nine you. Hey. So. He's so much. Yeah he's Cool I. Love. The is great for Smyrna hanging out. Yeah, I. You know. Special Special Gasman School. We're talking about a movie you gotta bring in a WHO own and I can't wait to see his review about I can't wait to see in Washington like professional feedback because because. I've set the bar pretty high on the canisters came to life in this movie it's amazing. It's in even Back is the listening to the viewers listeners haven't seen it like I want to be able to see I, watch. Teams because we'll we will. For sure. Somewhere we'll do what we can only be that'd be awesome and build up our audience a little bit, and then like you know, advertise bring a group of people. It's very, very clinical. It's really the nuts and bolts of ashfall. There's some cool play by plays at the end of the last five minutes, but the resident is really much. Yeah Yeah. That's funny. It's builds the narrative he starts at the very beginning baseball was invented in. All COOPERSTOWN NEW YORK W he goes the IT, gives the formulate version which an. And all this in. then you know he builds up to like the IT's a kids game and they started playing originally planned. Three cat six, a cat like how the game of all using kids, and then he talks about how the college kids are signed and scouted. County Max in it I mean, he evolves it and then he takes you to the major leagues and that's when they really get into the. into. The Hana play the game, but I love the structure of. Ill with the you know the history of the game and then to I love I, love the opening. After after they talk mccoubrey town and they have the voice of the Baseball Commissioner Landis Yeah me Oh. Yeah. Character big time we got clip number you got great offer. Kennesaw Mountain Land Guy Yeah. This is the original tough right here and now presenting the Commissioner of Baseball. Kennesaw Mountain Landis. I am delight. That the American League has made this have Scharping motion picture. That show biblically. I am so thorough. Exemplifies every department of the game of baseball. Guys. Notice of in the background in the background, it was the thirty four tigers background to thirty four tigers hanging our wall or did he really? Yes, the thirty four. So it's like thirty four Tiger team photo. Well, and that's the thing because the film each it's like an all-star real. It's like everybody's in it's like everyone baseball of the literally who's who obeys Babe Ruth has the greatest seen in the whole movie. Did you see one with a little Kid Russia? So that the scene is. The great thing is they show the personality of Babe Ruth Show Hall I mean thirty four this was based last year New York and showed how he gets out of the taxi just mobbed by thousands and he's Using, says it's the same in every city everybody loves the and he gets out of a car and all of a sudden it's like a thousand people in them, and then the Great Bay was a fan of the kids love baby in the next scene is Babe Ruth on there's a little. There's a little kid is like the kid is like to. Kim Barely, stand and he's got a baseball. Like tape his wrist or something and they go in Babes he goes here comes the bay both roll pitch and he goes fame shakes off and. Ted using narrating shakes off. No he doesn't want to throw the curve he wants to throw the heat. In so bays about the euro throw a ball kidding eric comes in the. Fires a ball at the kid it's a cut scene. The Nets seen as they've bought, his barely drops in the net like, but he goes to fire fast fastball and you're like, Oh God he's going to sell in the face. And then Paul just like harmlessly drops barely into giga crops could mid up so he can catch it. That's a great scene I. Love. It says got humor, and until as guy breaks it up with humor breaks up with. The it was I who, but there is a big focus on the Tigers. Oh. Yes. I think the Tigers Kinda well, yeah because it was dominee Troy and They did film there were component scenes filmed in other in other ballparks I think that? I think that the director, the director, the writer film of George Moriarty who was like, you know I want to get. An episode about yours next next time. Yeah George Moriarty is an absolute like one of the again, an unknown figure in like a colossal figure in Detroit sports history and did I mean literally there's nothing he did not deal. Upping an ear the as throwing. Nineteen thirty, five world series not. Directed Play Ball we'll talk about we'll talk about that. But as a real focus on the Tigers and the next clip I wanted to he was tiger he was at. All, this doesn't sound like that's why it was filmed. The Detroit Tigers are a major component of it and there's actually a scene in the movie where this is actually an article I have in the art of all the articles in the book that I found movie in. There's a scene in the movie in the movie where there's a guy they had they needed a scene and there was. A Guy that they filmed and it says the guy threw the ball in New, York and Guy Detroit caught it because of the scene they had like the backdrop was Yankee stadium was a Yankees player throwing it, and they needed like you know the way they edited the movie and Post Production, they needed somebody catching it, and the only thing they add was a clip a guy in Detroit. So. The guy throws it in. New. York. Can the Guy Detroit cats is. GonNa know what to say no. Like nobody notices it because it's everything moves so quick. But they wrote about it in the original. Articles they were laughing about it in the original premiers. A cool clip number. Seven kind of does shows shows I'm really Vicki again. In a double double steal him all. Steel. Mickey Cochrane Breaks up the dangerous double steal with runners on first and Third Cochran Signals for pitch out. The runner digs per second. Cochran sets for the pitch out whipped at the second rogue L. covers second gathering cutting ahead takes the throwing throws out the runner at the plate night's work. Through that in there because that's a great concept because they. You know those those are sort of defensive strategies that like. Say They. Don't exist in again today but. Those are the kind of, but it's like It's something that shouldn't. Yeah. It's something. That's it. became hasn't changed I mean just like the fundamentals of the game. Still. Yes. I know but. The metals are there. I guess what it's like. I don't know it seems like. It seems like back it. It seems like it's a little bit more of a shellman game. Now seems like it's like especially when you watch the play ball concept, the way that they preach. Baseball, is like from incredibly fundamental component like the number. One thing you do is you do not let that ball get past you. Like number one like you see it in the film like when the guys like this is how you feel the ball and you see this the second baseman when he feels it, he saw automatic in the way that he does it. You know that he's not just trying to teach kids like the way that he the way that he swarmed around the ball he's like like you know you. Start you start with your glove on the ground, your body over the ball and you smother it like you use your mid of course but he's like no matter what happens that ball does not get past you like we're today it's like they're great fielders. I'm not taking anything away from today's game as far as their ability but back, then it was like the fundamental elements especially the smaller. MITTS and everything. So but the fundamentals that they show them play ball or like it's it's huge and another thing you saw making that clip you saw how he was almost standing up when he caught that ball that was that was not on characteristic of catches back then was like a lot of times when you see a catcher in modern game, they're like in a squat position. Back then they would be like half Stan and off like I mean they like some guy there'd be a crouch. They wouldn't get in that deep crouch, but they would like literally like there's all hot play. It was I think it was off on a lease box or something like that bill dickey was one of the best catchers in like in baseball history, play the Yankees and thirties and. He's showing how to catch and he's literally standing up and it's like they think about it like if you're worried about a guy gone from I. Steal. Like is it better that you catch the ball while you're standing up or is it better that you start off crawl that you're almost sitting on your on your hindquarters you know I mean like you're in a crouch because you have to stand up throw. It, if you're basically standing up when you catch the ball, it's It's tense like way Harvey you're already in a position where you get the ball I mean like it doesn't seem like it. Now it's like that's unheard of for a catcher to stand up when he catches the ball. But if I team which is actually one of my goals, look his on another project we're doing. is to get mounting like that's one of the things like if it works better to stand up when you receive the ball, why not? Do it all like that. That's but that's what I'm saying is like it's almost like there's a way things are done today not necessarily the most fundamental. Or even the best. So. So I think it has chains us all those pushback against the announcer, the announcer. Who is the announcer Ted Houston. All right. Ted. Matt were set the all you got the end. Yeah, it's the. Hello you fans out there. Well, the game is over when stars of the American League certainly put on a real show to give you the inside of our national. Pastime? This picture is an American league production and presented with the compliments of the. In a sanctuary of baseball, this is the first motion picture ever made to show the fine points of the game. And as we've watched together, I'm sure to every one of us has come the realization of the cleanliness of the sport. If speed is intricacy, it's never ending variety and his health from this building. Now, our subject of building bodies let me remind you that this picture was made possible through the cooperation of another great bodybuilder, the Fisher Body Division General Motors Corporation that produces bodies for Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Los L. and. Cadillac well so long we sing with the game base hits will be playing spike splashing Amazon and all America will be outing way ball. Spike splashy outside less best is the radio Voice of Y'all. That guy's got the. HOUSTON. and. You didn't see I know you didn't see him the whole movie. You know the whole thing except right that very but but he says it all right there. This is the first Motion Picture Major League Baseball Motion Picture. He says right there it was spa financed by the Fisher. Body company misses a Detroit thing. Just stop on the pause for second. Yeah I'm GONNA take you. Think about how how, how incredible this is in in a in how ridiculous it is that that this is not like the most one of the most well-known things out there. Is Big as Major. League. Baseball is it's a ten billion dollar industry. Okay. In multi media movies, baseball movies are like all the ray I mean baseball are financially viable things that there is out there on. The First Major League Baseball Motion Picture filmed in Detroit and nobody's ever heard about it. Nobody's ever seen it and even more incredible is it was it was filmed in nineteen thirty four and it premiered at the book Alcatel during the city of champion season. I mean, like did happen like a year before year after a couple years later, this is another component. This is just another another episode on the show is another day by the way Jamie episode, we're doing to play ball movie the greatest baseball movie ever made on the Detroit mainly it's just It's astonishing me, and that's why I've been hooked on the story is like every the further you go down the more components is like another episode, the Discovery, the first baseball movie ever made. Film the Detroit like Oh. What are we doing next week Jamie. Governor that. Crazy Georgia. Shot whereas he was. Every ads worth Moriarty's amazing. So we're GONNA talk about George next time his career with the tankers man. sultry. And then making this movie So we'll talk about George the next time is there anything else we didn't talk lance all my notes are all George Moriarty. I gotta I gotTA. Do any notes for? You know for next week or that record I. got on because we need even. Touch any of these. It's right. So it's Arvo tours. Let's look at one time. So thanks for being with us. Thanks for hanging out. There are people commenting brother. Valentine doing card. It's like Curtis he said, hey curtis how you doing bro. So people checking in and hanging out. City city of Detroit Detroit city of champions. I know the name of the show I swear the guy they want me to write it down. No. Let's. there. Everything around the city champions everything you've gotta live. Right. there. There you go. Every rate their. Champions podcast. It's available river finder podcast generally everywhere everything and that's A misnomer because. We're. Are Sold. It's free. Yes. Free. It's Free I. Guess are free. We say go subscribe. In the subscription. down. Heard from my friends at seven Bush said. If you're listening right now and everything we do. If you can comment on it, it's going to help us expand this thing on the razor I, guess a razor algorithm and that saw comments on it like. Yeah South. I don't know what that means. Like. Oh. Okay. So you get it but I don't. But. Yes. 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