Local Hour: Catching Up With Izzy


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I quickly equalize Pizarro again and then I score thinking that I put it away with Andre Silva who has like fifty goals on the year so then they equalised to but I have the away goals then I score at then they score then I score Gebriel so so. It was just unbelievable. We're off to Turkey against either Real Madrid or PS G. The team morale is through the roof after the press conference. Everyone seems motivated. We've already qualified for the League Bundesliga but a razor set on European football again if I win this Champions League. Don't think there's anything else that I can accomplish at Frankfurt. Maybe time to take the dream job over in London. Who knows he is he? I haven't to K- my career going but it's not clearly as exciting as you're gonNa tell me all about it. In fact all of this is going to be in the podcast. So tell me about your K- career going going on right now. Well Anthony's career and your coping. Yeah you know a lot of play by yourself right yeah But you're not on the court at the same time you're just like alternating correct. Yeah Okay because being on the court at the same time co-op that's a tough low would be at started off with the Pelicans right. Because I'm thinking you know Zairan skewed yet dishes often finish playmaking shooting skills on them and I don't know if like MBA two KS. Just set for this or this is the way their their program goes but Zion got hurt during the season. Of course I last time. I think I did my career. I was with the box. Janas got hurt but you know one rookie of the year. No congrats championship with the Pelicans. Your first year last year when a championship fo- fo- fo- fo- swept through the playoffs away. What is your difficulty? You don't you don't believe I think they make a little easier the first year because things are like even even when you get to like certain levels at practice to earn stuff. It's just easier your first year. You don't WanNa Challenge. I like it being hard like I was cruising through. Honestly I never check the level What saving level that. We play You know we play against each other and you gotta you gotTa switch. The difficulty is for instance when I took Frankfurt over debris should Dortmund and I beat them six zero. Something needs to change here. This is far too easy. I need more of a challenge so that I said it to world class and then all of a sudden I'm getting drilled by vertebrae men and I'm like okay. This is sort of what I wanted I wanted. I want this to be hard if I win. This Champions League honestly izzy. It isn't top ten gaming achievement of my life. I once took the timber wolves to meet Obama in the White House and NBA. Two cats. Yeah I've got a valium. Kevin Durant this was before he became like top two player in the world. This is when he was still young and like candy. Do it all of a sudden I get him on the T. Wolves and he leads to glory. Well it's interesting too because I gotTA check static you're right but one one like the dunk contest and the three points you didn't others and those are hard like really really hard to wear is nothing crappier than a dunk contests on a basketball game. Everybody tries to make it good and it's never good Y- button. Mashing I've gotten the appeal depends on this one is okay. It's okay but the interesting part about the two K. My career I for some reason after your first year. You're free agent though like unrestricted. Free agent the Pelham after a championship as rookie. I'm a free agent. Signed with Miami Heat. Oh not in reviews. Did you do something on the Players Tribune? That's a great option for two K twenty one but no no I did. I did however make it back to the final against believe it or not. Pelicans Oh my God what a stone and bring it up once the announcement this that one time Kevin Harlan. That is a that is a huge mistake by Kevin Harlan. This is the story to tell in your NBA finals. Your teammates in Miami. Have they made any sort of roster moves before you got? There wasn't exactly what you expect. It was It was requested by but it picked up a Aaron Gordon. Wait a second nick and demands and meeting your like you to become such an integral part of the organization that they bring you into the office and say hey trade targets that you have in mind and you go through all the rosters and see what's reasonable only let you one at a time. One trade targets you gotta think data really work it out and decided to pair talents with Aaron Gordon. Why well because at the time see? This is going to seem very obvious at time when I'm driving and dishing I'm dishing it off to Priscilla. Noah wasn't doing being the needed to be done. I have you heard my Christova take. I have Christova heartache as I as. I warned Dan that this is a hot set. Hot set about that. He's doing the same thing Chris Silva in person. One of the most impressive rebounders. I've ever seen really. Yeah in terms of being able to grab the ball at its absolute apex. Like this is how somebody eats. Type deal like Ankara in person. And that's Chris Silva like I don't know how long his career is going to be in the NBA. But that just tells you how good everybody is for me. It'd be I had reasonably good seats so maybe that played into it. But I'm like Oh this dude can't really crack the court and he is like one of the greatest rebounders I've ever fees at my eyes upon ridiculous it's Trying to play with these people. I remember I tell the story a lot but I remember playing against John. Cryan John Credit is not John's is not still obviously but when he pulled up for jumper like from three point range and I'm just like putting my hand up. My hand may be touches his chest at that scenario like he's way the heck up there shooting the ball and I'm like I can't like jump in pass at the same time was less dope and shoot at the same time it had taken to me. That is outside of world-class fitness one of the main differences between like your average pickup game. And the pro game all the pros. No one released the ball at its absolute apex. Unless they're blanketed by a defender like Kobe was a genius at that like he can get a shot off for almost like any angle but they know exactly how to get their shots off and know how to get their shots off perfectly. Just like Chris knows how to get a rebound like everyone has their timing down wherever you go to like a pickup game. It's it's just a general mattis to the court across the before they shut everything down recently and I just said I was like look. Just shoot a pull up jumper like at tap of your jump jump and shoot a jumper and see it feels totally normal and it just feels so weird because most of us you know take a little bit of a jump or maybe a little less set shot most of the time or even off the dribble. It's like just do that all the time and see how weird that feels and it just it makes. It makes me think that like Ray Allen is just you know an absolute genius because he can do that and it just all goes in everything. Yeah Andy like practice like that shot a million times if you see that three which I mean that's essentially all of like NBA. Tv's programming the spurs heats. He finals. I zero arc to that shot like the trajectory of it is just a line drive like he knows he has to be absolutely perfect to fit it in like he's not maximizing with the arc sort of you increase a margin of error zero margin of error one if his toe gets off the ground. Millisecond later it alters the shot NBA history. It's really incredible about of Ray Allen and just like those old NBA Playback Games. Make me feel old as hell just like. I was watching the two thousand and one all star Game. Which if you say that. Let out doesn't seem like that. Far Right two thousand one. So the latter recognizable names one no that was DC extra year. 'cause there was one that more berry went absolutely nuts in towards the end but the two thousand one. Also the big comeback by the East in DC OS Allen. Iverson was Anthony Mason. You remember Mason's Mason. He Ear A. B. and just watching it and realizing man. I talked to Ray Allen after that game because he was like bragging because he was playing defense on Antonio mcdyess and he started this. Big Run with a block Antonio mcdyess. Now's watching all that. Well that's really cool. I talked to Ray Allen after that and I was like. Wow which really young right there. And he's retired now and then. I just started doing the math house. A man nineteen years that was nineteen. Start Looking at all. These people Li an entity as if no longer with us. I'm just like wow. I am all well is he. I guess this will be the formal start of the local hour. Even though we've been rolling for about ten minutes this is sort of. I don't want to wellness. Check has a stigma attached to it. But I like to pop in on Friends of Lebanon and friends universe and see how they're doing obviously we're all in this together But you look fantastic. And I'm a little upset by. I must admit now I have to admit something. I was squeezing every last bit of the gym before I knew that they were gonNA shut this down. Because I don't have the equipment in my town home. I got like two twenty five pound dumbbells. It's really hard for me to be working out right now. Also believe it or not the spite all this quarantine between what I got with Frankfurt and the show. I'm very busy it's very. It's very difficult for me to get a workout in. What is your fitness regimen? Because you still look spectacular. Well thank you Real quick Just finished my story. Did Madison Trade for Aaron Gordon. Giving away somehow just Kelly Olympic Kelly Olympic Sal for. I don't even know where they traded for him. I got Joe Harris as well. So those are my. Wow Joe Harris you got your shooter now. What is your your player. It's like a create a player right. So what's what's the player's name. Aj Alfonzo AJ Alfonzo. Now does it look like you know they have. This is really cool. I mean they have The image things. You can just stick a picture of your face. Whatever you're sharing the player with Anthony Anthony Space. I had a previous Player face but this one not this. Who's last Great Silver Fox in NBA? Has there been can't even think of one Rick Fox from top rope. Rick Rick Fox certainly had the salt and pepper and he was legitimate tonight. He was a silver Fox. Okay now you get is that. Why is that why? That thing was invented. Rick Fox cut the origins of Silver Fox in might actually be Rick Fox So I do got to admit it like I cheat a little. Bit One of my One of my friends that I hung out with at the very beginning of this This shutdown if you will was my buddy Tony Girlfriend Vanessa. My Buddy Tony also happens to be my trader and so I he had little setup in his yard where Scoville there and literally watch him. Wipe down all the equipment before I start because he knows paranoid any other some kettlebells. There's some dumbbells or trx rope and there's some ropes. They're just kind of go every day. Kind of like normal so it's As got a cool because the weather's great so Yeah my fitness. Regimen hasn't really suffered that much mileage. So you watch them wipe down. So Cody Zeller joined us and I believe our show. Is the reason why this stopped happening. Because Cody Zeller revealed that he's still was going to the facility and the trainers are there just one trainer in him and in between sets they sanitize everything that he uses. It was quite revelatory and then like the next time he joined us. He's like yeah. I got shut down and pretty straightforward. Yeah it's weird 'cause then yesterday his girlfriend's a Yoga instructor so yesterday stuck around that a little bit of Yoga and just watching Listening to and watching the people walk by and I must be looking at home. That's allowed but pretty sure it's five. Yeah well you answer the question as to how you're saying fit but I don't have your resources. So how can a person like me? Who is I mean? Let's be honest? Got The dad bod`ed going. I've gained some weight during this quarantine. I'm not happy to admit that I was at a nice little place where I had gone down all the way from like two thirty. Five two zero five then. I settled around vacillating between two ten to fifteen. And then your just pounded white clause by the pool for an entire weekend and came out weighing twenty now since be happy to report. Got This thing down to sixteen but I want to get to that happy range were. I'm closer to two ten to fifteen but I don't wanNA restrict my diet because I look forward to the mega stuffed oreos. I look forward to the white paws. You everything I want everything and I still WanNa look good working out two times a week. What you recommend I mean. There's plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do. Are you familiar with a burpee sir? Yeah Yeah I'm familiar with Burke's but they're hard what what can I do? That's easy I don't really sweat that I can do. You know. Can I essentially be toned? Just planking for twenty five seconds a week. The you're the one who tried the Who said you wanted to be like Baragan workout or you? Just hold it against you and see if that makes muscle. Yeah if I if I take Thera- gun to my calf and do that for let's say playing like eight games straight and the thera- gun is stationary. And it's pounding away at my. Cath will my calf become chiseled technology. I want to say yes just because I needed a videotape. That and I want you to instagram. Live that just like people while that's happening. You WanNa say yes but I mean you're essentially fitness expert. I WANNA say yes but that would be a responsible man. I don't think that's the case. What do you recommend in terms of home equipment? Now here's my setup. Okay I've got to twenty five pound dumbbells and it's not great much like I am fever. I've gone beyond the present set difficulty. I should be upgrading to thirty five pounds because I mean look at this right. I'm holding it up. Runs Zoom right now. I can do a lot more so what I'm doing is just increase Reps. So I've got that I've got the perfect labral. Roller like the military grade and this thing is incredible. And Yeah. So that's my setup carve-out like and you know what I WANNA do my nights and weekends which is just pound white claws and mega soft Oreos so far about the perfect workout regimen deeds at work on the curls. I would yet some bands bands to do. Yeah whether it'd be like do band pulled back workout it's a little bit Are To do like the ones you strap around your ankles. You know to do more like Leg workout workouts. But you can definitely do a lot with bands for sure are you are you. You're actually not skipping leg day during quarantine different. You can't like I'm not doing back squats or anything you know you're doing some different stuff. Some some kettlebells stuff. How much are you working on a given day like? How much time. Are you devoting to this an hour? An roof our. Yeah if I if I WANNA do something secondary like go for a job or something. That's different time but yeah I would like to run running to me like you don't like it. I hear running to me is just I? Don't I don't get it. I get all sweaty. What's the point? Especially when I can just thera gun to my man like that's going to happen regardless of what you're doing what you have against it. I ran a marathon in two thousand nine just to see if I could but I hate it absolutely. Oh God running me is like one of the bottom forty things going on right now. It is kind of cool though when you get to a point where you're just like in runners mody just getting cruise control like just you're not really tired. Get nothing's hurting. You're just Kinda like your mind just going and that's pretty cool. Yeah I do. I can definitely endorse the runner's high that is a real thing and the post run beer also incredible almost as good as the shower beer. You ever do a shower here. Shower y club shower white Claude. C- I drink white cloth and you know how michelob ultra marketing makes. You essentially think that you're adding a protein shake because like Lance Armstrong was in the initial marketing campaign and it almost made it seem like instead of water. He was grabbing Michelob. Ultra I'm like. Oh that's how I get in shape. Y Claude is very kito friendly. It's only two cards each time so I feel like in terms of poisoning my body. That's about as healthy as I could do it. Have you tried to watermelon? That'd be tried to lemon now. Have you tried the watermelon? Because I've heard incredible things about the watermelon. See it I like it. Some people tend to say the little tweet What's going on over there? We're on zoom right now and I'm pretty sure Otis's trying to commit suicide the cat. He was just trying to hop up to the the perch quarantined. He left a note. Very bizarre I mean you. If you're stuck around Dan. This long youtube might be willing to go up to the perch of a balcony as a kid. I idea Dan had a cat and I would never stay round down that long knowing that he has one. Dan has two cats. Dan has two cats also. It's not really when you got nine lives. I figure that's more of a cry for help than anything. Just like an attention seeker. Move by honest and the good news is my my reaction. Sprung into action. You'll be happy to know that this is no longer nagging would realize when jump off a balcony. It just lands on its feet there. This is the eighth floor. There's nothing below right if Dan. Dan's got to take a look down. Because I suspect Otis could have survived it with only you know nine lives. But here's Dan lebatard host of the limiter. We live in daily fear that the cat is GonNa jump to its death. It's a constant tension between me and my wife. She always thinks he's going to jump to his death. I'm like he's not that stupid. Survival is the greatest instinct and yet I always fear it. I also want to tell you that in my own home. I just got reprimanded by Mike Ryan shouting. Something like live Mike at me. Jacking through live. Mike is what he shouts at me in my own house. It's good to see hot set. Yes hot set. I was supposed to understand that the lebatardshow studios also when you work out. I imagine you call it a hot set to write as he looks when. I'm working biceps as the headset. Let me ask you. Have you ever seen ant man? Yes or night at the Roxbury featuring Chris Catan. There's certain body types. They get like the the abdominal muscles like right below the breastplate like the little shredded. Look Paul Rudd did it sound like how the hell does Paul Rudd have this? Because if I could pick people out of a lineup that would never have those like side shreds. It'd be Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd Takes Man. Yeah I'd shreds never know man. You notice more things than than I notice up well I. I've become convinced that I can't get those side. Treads how do I get the sides? I know you have them. I've seen that picture of you by the railroad tracks that that's a great cook because to me like I think listening to what you're saying it just feels like you're just talking about ribs. Yes it's just really yes the MKX riffs all right but Whereas I but you know the muscles like right before the ribs that were like when Joel Schumacher directed Batman forever. Yeah right funny. You should mention that 'cause you remember Was It de Ngelo. Yeah how does it feel? Yeah video like all the way down. I was like that was like forget side shreds that was all about I n V literally a friend of Monique when I was in college She asked a question and it stuck with me for life in said. How do you even get muscles down there The right that that look and so I literally said Wow. That was one of the things I started getting in shape outside. I need to get that whenever that V is whatever that thing that made her say. Wow How do you get muscles down there? I need to do that. And that is way more difficult than any sort of real no no. It's not difficult at all because I have those really. Yeah I have like the the man V now now. It's more pronounced because I have a gut hanging over it. I took a picture of the other day with my daughter sitting on my lap. And my shirt off house like whoa. Just flopped over there right. I mean the coffin. Let's people know it's okay. I don't judge judge like the one cough people freak out like I sneeze yesterday and everyone here lost their minds because I sneeze. I'm like sneezing is fine using like Daniel tell you I have a cough every time I'm in studio so it's like I literally I hold it in when I'm in public when Flip out but so same people are GonNa flip the heck out that are all up on your neck and the produce department of the whole zoo. Get away from me. I I do the test. I take a really huge deep breath and I hold it in for ten seconds. And that's right that's it. Yeah and I don't cough then I'm like I'm good now. I could be symptomatic. And that's all the problems. Oh you WanNa talk about sports real quick. Brian Horses report yesterday about the Chinese Basketball Association. Having a setback because they were trying to return to play. I think they're trying to do this. With empty stadiums and just resume league play. And they had like this well-thought-out plan and I know there's all these theories out there about what can be done I've actually talked to some MBA players about it and they have their own theories and there are all privately. Really concerned as to how elite can resume without a vaccine. So we've seen all these crazy scenarios. Jay Williams had the ASININE idea to put everybody on Petri dishes at some good. I thought it was good enough to put that on. Tv Okay you might have like you might have avoided a corona outbreak but now everyone in the NBA. Finals has diarrhea on a boat. And that's just like have you never read anything about cruise ship illnesses. Petri dishes for bacteria but Brian Winters reported that the big problem in China was as symptomatic carriers meaning these players into a display any of the symptoms associated with current virus. But they were carriers and they could pass it on to other players because they're sharing a rock. It's one of the sports that's actually outside of football Fertile ground for for having this disease spread. What do you make of this report? And what do you make of the likelihood that we might get the NBA back in some form or fashion because privately and publicly here on this Local Hour. I think sports as we know it isn't really going to happen again. Until Twenty Twenty One. Or there's a vaccine which we've read has gotta take twelve to eighteen months anyways. Yeah it's crazy how you say. Hey you WanNa talk about sports. We're not talking about sports night. We were talking about a vaccine. We're talking about a way to get back to normalcy and like start thinking about this often when having been on. Espn for a while. Now and all the things that we have to talk about that have nothing to do with sports. That just you know it's to pass to be in our wheelhouse of an. It's one of the things that I hated about the sports writing industries. Where I didn't want to get in was because it's like manning but really needs to get into all that stuff. I just WanNa talk about sports and so this is just like it's surreal to me. I'm sitting here talking to you on a computer. Can't even talk to you in person. We're talking about you know China as an example of win basketball is gonNA come back I from what I understand and everything that people say and all the waves are supposed to happen again or the way. It's supposed to happen again after certain amount of time. I have a hard time believing it's going to happen. I think that there's going to be a league that tries it and then even in the early stages of it find that. It's a bad idea and that they shouldn't. I don't know which one is going to be. I feel like baseball. Wants to step in here and save the world again like they did after nine. Eleven and make everybody feel great. I don't know if that's GonNa that's GonNa happen necessarily If there's any sport that can do it without fans I would say baseball would be okay. We're just talking about the major sports because Dana. White is going to make this happen. You true But in terms of the NBA. I'm having a harder more difficult time believing it's going to happen now. I know you've jet. Think about stuff like you know. Were getting back in shape and having do you have regular season games. You call them using games. You just do something to get guys in shape and go straight to the play offs. Do you have a fancy not EPA fans what happens to Miami Heat over forty? Three and a half wins. Bet I mean that's these are the main issues anything Adam silver and so gotta think my my futures bet on the Miami Heat has at least come across his desk. Final record dude. They should have had this you know. They were dropping that result of the Hornets at home. They have forty one wins and they've been dropping a lot of bad results. They could've been games. They lost one battle on the road. Oh Yeah so I have this whole like theory that it's impossible to win a future. I won the Kansas City. Chiefs Win the AFC. And I was so psyched. I'm like Oh my God. I finally won a future. So then it started loading up on futures and I was cruising at battle hawks in the XFL over three and a half winds. Guess what they ended on three wins at battle. Hawks win the championship. Well that season is canceled. I HAVE THE VEGAS Golden Knights Win. The division. I was looking good and I had the Miami Heat over forty three and a half victories. Now Not GonNa get that. I can't caches singles. Future Bet to say my life now. I get asked this I could ask this on occasions. Like Hey why don't you hang out with my grind guys like closer you friendly? He lives down all the way. Miami like this is the real reason. I don't hang out with you. Mike. You'RE GONNA turn me into some sort of crazy gambler and I I can't do it freezing gambler. I had turned to the stock market. I'm glad again but I don't understand half the shit out of your mouth. Yeah but you seem to be obsessed by. Do you play the stock market at all. No I've got a couple of hot tips. Maybe that's what I've done instead of sports and wait till wrestlemainia rolls around on Saturday. You WanNa take part in the competition. You watching it. Do I have to pay? I mean you can subscribe to the network for nine ninety nine. That's a cost of like one of your protein shakes right. I mean Jeez the plant based ones I get more expensive. The plant based ones run you. How much man. It's a great question. I don't know how much I remember. Initially say man. This was a little bit more than the other ones But I think I don't know sometimes I wonder clan-based up is more expensive. But then I'm just like well I don't have to buy all the answer. The question is how much does one of those plant-based shakes cost. You just want a forty bucks forty bucks but what account. That's I don't know what's six can go get it like. How many come in a package. No it's just a scoop site I don't really Kinda makes us all right so the entire like so. You make your own protein shakes but the entire thing past forty bucks so each school and it's fifty bucks. Is it a pretty big jug? That's the thing. It's not that huge. It's like I think it's got maybe like sixteen to twenty four servings in there. Oh my God yeah we the second. So what are you paying a scoop? They haven't my wife made me think of these things man like I'm not have to figure this out and see if I'm getting ripped off. I'm too lazy to actually do the math. Have you tried to carve lynch who carpet Latch Kara Lance from Carville? Oh no no I wonder if I put like one of your like six dollar scoops into the car vallance does that make it healthy? Otaly? Yeah a Carbon Lange has basically like extremely soft serve ice cream that they mix with sprinkles cake mix or whatever. Your heart desires really comes out on the tech. It's a textual delight number one first and foremost and then it's just an explosion flavor. It's incredible you should have to work at a carvel. When I was in high school used to work at Carville number one selling item was it the Fudgy. The whale number one selling item. Not that really kept track of that had really old school Cash boxes or whatever I don't know what the best selling one I know. My favorite thing to do was to Do the the soft serve cone and then dip it in the chocolate. Oh Yeah I'd Ns because that's takes skill was over that just to watch you do it almost on contact sirix move. It's a trick to how you put the ice cream on you. Just basically got a clip. It sort of on the very edge of the of the cone and then go around incredible incredible. I used to go to carve out. When I was a wee little tyke to collect the moby helmet bulls which they only serve one purpose. Well like two one for ice cream because it's not like you've got a poor cereal on this thing or like it's only functionalities to hold ice cream or just rest on a shelf because you collected everything unless you have a bunch of dolls where the head size is exactly that cisgender who has that. Did you ever collect anything outside of shoes? Like action figures. No anything got super McFarland's you familiar with the McFarland like figures like Todd. Mcfarlane the creator of SPA okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah you seen these things in like toy stores and whatnot. I got a bill into them in my garage. My Prize possession is this super bowl exclusive todd McFarlane of Dion Sanders in a ravens uniform. Like it was a super bowl that only handing out like that that year there used to be a big market for it so. I got a question for you since we only got a few minutes left us. Aegis Dr Savage every day you're just out and you stay there and just out of the show and then you go home now. We have a lot of po show tapings scheduled and today. I got to move some furniture I'm already like it's been a spectacular day for me. I saved his CATT earlier Otis yeah that's how it is and you don't want to see what would happen if he jumps off. I was curious because I think he just wanted to look just do it. Is We do that. That would have been. That would have been shocking. If I were just here doing the local hour with you and Dan Scott committed suicide jumping off. Like how do you out? Whatever reason why these are these are difficult circumstances to do a show either way? Can you imagine I mean if I were stuck with just your hot set hot notice? Your suicide is really getting in the way of my content is the air is. I could talk to you for hours but I have a national show to do. We'll check back in with you next show you my v GEICO. Gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven? Which means that. Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like your wife when you forget your keys at work my texts. I am looking for the spare Hausky. Maybe I can get through the turns out the alarm works. Wow it works fast. You should probably call me back. Geico always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents.

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