Episode 521 - Mika Brzezinski Goes All In


It side gentlemen who come to the rocks by KGO SPENT DOT COM writing. I just afternoon here in the East Coast and having a white growl lemon note. Al's why do you think why do you think there's there's lemon I don't know everybody in America knows this when Jabs at the end of the week because most Americans are drinking every day all day when you get the variety pack. The only thing that is left in the fridge come. Friday is the lemon lime once. I in one if you go inside our fridge right now. There's eighty limes and lemons from the variety box. And that's kind of Iraq. The the hot ones japes the hot flavors sexy flavors won the ones. You want to put you in those go early on and and they're more expensive so if you WanNa get the individual flavors. I kind of upcharges on that for like a six pack. It's like eight ninety nine the good ones we are like come on man got you got you. I'm a man out in these streets right trying to trying to bang my balls around you know sure don't you Don't clown me dog Texas has opened up today. Jabes cut for them better than the rest of us. Aren't they good for them? I was looking through the phases for the state of North Carolina. And it's a pile of Shit it's review biles Shit. I will say this. We called it and we've been trying to go at least twice a week. To our favorite restaurants and get some takeout. Last time we went to a mission and I called. They were like hey at the end of the call they were like. Would you like to come inside or would you like to have a scary this out to the car and I was like? What's your open like Dude? I'll come inside and he was like great. That'd be awesome walked inside. I was greeted by every employee. No Mask I didn't have a mask. What a nice world would have fun world care and said Hey guys. It's great to see you brother. Yeah I was everything and I was like you know this is. We're like normal human beings again. Yeah and it was great and they. What they said was. This was their first day. Were I guess you were allowed to walk in and actually pick up your food and they said no one had done it and I was like come on man. Yeah I mean that's what you're going to get right losers losers do that Jabes. Not Americans on man greets your fellow humans. You know that's what I felt like. Yeah And I was like can I sit down and have a beer while away for the food. Like no no. You can't do that. Can't do that yet. Knows like when will I be able to do that? And they were like like phase three right ones that going to be in there. Were like four to six weeks and I was like nope. Nope NOPE I know this. I know that there was some protesters in Michigan yesterday. Storm the capital and like we wanna work and all that stuff like. I'm getting real close to that point. I want to sit down. Look the Texas governor good on you man that guy. Abbott is his name his first name. Don't care sure would I do know is this. You opened up restaurants. Twenty five percent capacity. Take that Yes oh by the time. We're just starting to walk in places. They're going to be fully back to been open for a month theaters. Movie theaters are open in Texas tonight. So you know love to see it. Love to sit. I'd pop in. If it was available. You know just to get outs sit in public somewhere exactly. I'd I'd pop in the theater. I love to go to a restaurant tonight and sit down meal whom I guide but our governor is a per se. He's APU sane bets. His wife wears the pants and he wears no pants. He is a no pants where Jacobs. Yeah that's what I'm saying Nico the Greek or you were I in today buddy. Good for you. A shot outs you. You win you. I'm getting weird today. James it's Friday drinking white clot noon good for you and I'm living my best life. Yeah I'm F ING doing girlfriends. I'm doing natural beauty today. All Nats around ever watch. Abc where you did amy. She wears clip. Show whatever What do they call it? I've seen her instagram her. Sorry Graphic Woo. She's gotten better. There was a second where she was being like very Lena Dunham but she's back now. Do you think so. She had kids she was like. Oh my God what the fuck was I carrying about? And now she did and I'm just going to joke about my weird kid and like talk shit about my husband and stuff like back to normal. She had her tit out in one photo in the hospital. Breastfeeding maybe two hours. After you know the kid was born or whatever and she was like what up to my mom's with their tits out sick yeah premium content now a little bit single lady crazy. No makeup no nothing so anyway. She has a sketch of this song. These this boy band is singing it and they're like take your makeup makeup off girl. You're a natural Buddha. You don't need all that stuff okay. Finding like turns around and they oh shit. They're all putting makeup back on her like. Oh so you really. You guys really don't want a natural beauty you don't want like caked on. Shit but we were talking about this yesterday. To where like all these celebs are doing like no makeup fresh face. Do you know how much makeup they have on to look like? They have a fresh face raw. It's ridiculous it makes guys think that like. Oh my God that's what you look like with no makeup. Yeah don't wear. It's like no no no. That's what you look like without like a nighttime look so we watched it last night. Celebs without makeup. Isn't this fun and flirty. Love them all of them had tons of makeup on on to make it. I don't know how much I don't know how much you guys understand. Like how much makeup you have to wear to make. It look like you aren't wearing makeup. It's almost it's almost harder till he keep it like natural but like stoic. Sputtering for sure. Yeah 'cause like naturally girls aren't that pretty there's a couple like there is a handful of small small talk about one percent of girls. Women Women in their thirties. Whatever that are naturally just know makeup nothing done to their hair very very small percentage. I I'm trying to think if there's one no like it's fine though you know what I mean like. If you don't wear makeup like it's fine like I don't feel like you kept mentioning it today. So that like made me feel really. Good like No Mega no mega PAS. Oh you're really gonNA do it own really no no makeup saying which didn't make me feel so great but like I. You don't care whether I went through beauty you know absolutely I'm not I'm happy to I'm happy to admit I'm happy to be low. You move feel wall news very rare very rare to have a complete shoot natural. It's like Michael Jordan free throws I think it's exactly allegory. Mashing watermelons this one. What you're wearing more makeup to me today anyways. Yeah I know you should do good for you know what I mean you have to. I know answer the Bright Lights Camera. It's great it's not great. You know I'm looking now. You look fantastic now. No thank you very much for lying in. That is your job and I think it's fine not to wear makeup like you're not going to be like ooh hideous but you're not a natural beauty no one is I am in my mind. I am but that's a maria breed. I'm like one of those Al Bino soft cell soft. Shell Turtles we talk about. You know you do a lot to your look you do a lot you look try and try to try to keep up I keep trying to keep up appearances saying I try to keep up with the Joneses if you will Yes we watched that thing last night with the celebrities without makeup who are all blasted with makeup and now people's GonNa do a magazine issue of like stars during the coin seen sound like arson. They're not wearing makeup. They're all wearing a shift on a makeup and then today dude. I talked about this yesterday. I it's I think I can see in the future. I think I can honestly see into the fucking future now was it? Is that weird? Can we give me one of those balls? I put my hand on and like all the energy comes into it and I just make predictions all day. Fuck Man Look I feel like I'm Dionne Warwick I really do. I feel like I'm I'm the PSALMIST PSYCHIC. Who IS MISS? Cleo whatever her full name is I feel like I'm Mr Cleo. I wonder if that's taken Mr Cleo just go and black face and just duplicate which she did Mr Cleo and fake Jamaican accent. I can honestly see into the future. I've talked about this Joe Biden. -tary thing forever and I go look kids. This is gaining steam. Eventually he's going to have to answer for this and it wasn't getting a lot of press and then boom you knew it eventually was like crazy. I thought it was just going to die actually. Didn't know I thought like I said on the show yesterday. I didn't think this was going to pick up until the nomination came through and then like. Oh Hey October surprise. We're GONNA bust in with this lady and then really fucking drop the drawers on it. They didn't even wait so then. I wonder if Biden wanted to get ahead of it. You know. That's what it seemed like to me because there was no announcement of this it just said. Hey Biden's going to be on that that Mica and Joe Morning Show and that was kind of it where you're just like. Oh Shit all right cool man so I missed the live show. I watch it on the taped interview immediately afterwards because it was available on twitter and I was real surprised at how fast he's getting out there on this one. Shit what did I say yesterday like probably October today? May I do think there is too much heat on it? It's it's just interesting. Timing on all fronts For her I don't know how what the circumstances were of her coming out at this time I know with Blasi Ford. It was like she was talking to a therapist and she was like confronted. And you know what I mean right. Don't with her do real curious timing as well sure. Yeah Yeah. That's what I'm saying like someone was using it but I'm just wondering if she had the same if this Tara. Reid had the same situation where someone came to her and said hey we heard you have the story to you want to like I. Do you know what I mean. Or if she just decided out of the blue she's doing a lot of interviews and you're going to see her a lot more so I don't know here's what I said. What's when Cavanaugh was going through? I said look. You're setting dangerous precedent by having this woman who blasted Ford. We'll start with her first right. Yeah you're you're setting a dangerous precedent by having blassie Ford. Who doesn't even remember if it was him out of place. What forty seven years ago or whatever the fuck it was And then magically it's like. Oh no but we were there and it wasn't. The same party wasn't the same thing and wasn't she the address of the person the place none of it and then we got this believe all women and I was like man. This is going to come back to haunt people once. You set this precedent. Then everyone's going to have to go through this every year. Now follow every lead all the way to the end you have to use all resources this story grow and grow and grow and grow and the next one. The next one's going to be tear read herself doing an interview. She said yesterday that when we got off air ironically she was like you know I would like to tell my story in a big Public Forum. And they were like well. Who Do you want to talk to? And she was like I don't want to do. She said the only offer. She's had his Fox News and she goes. I don't WanNa do Fox News because I want to do something so super rights and I don't want to do something super left. I'd like to do an interview with someone down the middle and they. They asked her who she said. Gayle King from CBS. She felt that Gayle King could do a fair and honest interview. So you can expect that. That's coming real soon and I would imagine Biden then after yesterday's development was just like let me try to get out ahead of this problem with it is He did not give a great interview this morning. And be it's technology problems of zoom or the questions themselves that he just didn't have an answer for or didn't want to answer. You had a lot of long pauses and didn't have answers to her questions and to her credit because MSNBC's pretty left. She went all in. Mika went all in on this which is like. Here's the deal. Why shouldn't we believe this other woman? Not This woman Blah Blah Blah Blah. I mean every question. She could possibly ask And he seemed flustered and it was not a good look for Joe Biden this morning and I have a feeling if homegirl sits down. Tear read with Gayle King. The story is only going to continue to grow. Were in May now. I had a listener after yesterday's show right in with a very interesting theory I I don't want to say his name in case you know. He doesn't want to be out there politically or whatever his name but he said hey listen to the show yesterday big Fan. I love that you guys are going every single day truly made my quarantine Raymond. It was awesome and he goes. Have you ever thought that this was someone from the left whose dragons grow out in knots someone from the right because they hate Biden and I was like simply Bernie? Bro Could Be I don out her. We go through her timeline of allegation. Yes fired you have it? Yeah so I just find it interesting as the only thing that I you know 'cause with this it's like I don't fucking know and even at the very end even with Blasi Ford. You don't fuck in now you don't know because it got so convoluted and so political and so you know and I'm not a news believers meeting. What was it high school or College? So and how? It came out and PERV inconsistency seven years later. Yeah yeah no so on April third two thousand nineteen. Do you remember when all those people came out that were like by you. Know he basically is old school in that Hill. Do Hill touch you. He's very Hansie. Nothing that yes but lots of just unwanted physical contact and this was like me to not height but like definitely were still full on in it so it's like no matter what it is. He touched my hand too many at that time. That was like who shit now. We're like a little bit more skeptical but anyways during that time. When all of those people came out she told a local. California newspaper that by news to put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck. She didn't feel she was a victim of sexual sexualization instead comparing it to being treated like an inanimate objects like inanimate object lamp is what she said she did. Not Say hey. I know you guys are saying that he they like hug. You inappropriately this guy fucking like major sexual assault on me and this is what happened so that is not what she said she said He. I'm right with you. Girls like didn't like the way he like touch my neck right march. Twenty Fifth Twenty twenty in a podcast with Katie Helper. Okay read claimed Biden sexually assaulted her in ninety-three pressing up against the wall kissing her neck. Penetrating her Blah Blah Blah April nine twenty twenty read filed a police report April ninth. Twenty twenty twenty. She filed a police report in April with Washington. Dc police alleging the sexual assault that happened in Nineteen ninety-three April twelve twenty. Twenty read repeated the Assault Story to the New York Times and said she had reported the alleged incident to Marianne Baker the executive assistant of Biden and two top aides. All of these people say that she didn't so that's kind of where we are now Even her brother was like didn't hear anything about it. The neighbor that she said was someone that she told about said. She didn't so April twenty fourth. The clip of Larry King comes out the twenty seventh to more people. Come forward corroborating parts of her story. And we're on May First Joe Biden addresses but says that nothing happened so I thought maybe there was some kind of report in ninety three so apparently there is and this is where they asked Jill Biden about today and they said hey man. There is something in this and forgive me. I don't know much about well. I do but With Joe Biden. There's some Delaware Files that are with the states of the university and that allegedly this this report is in. Here's the three things that I have like. Kind of an issue with Why did the MOM call into Larry King in Nineteen ninety-three that one's a little look? That one's a little weird to me. There was two people who did corroborate her story that she had told this to in nineteen ninety-three they said. Yes The New York Times article on those those people at the end of its the New York Times piece. They said we can't conclude whether or not this actually happened or not all of it by the way for for both of these people blassie Ford and her. I find them both suspicious to be with you. But here's where we are once. You set that precedent with Cavanaugh. This is exactly what's going to happen. Not just to Biden to everyone coming down the line Republican and Democrat. Whoever you do and don't like let's say trump does get reelected right. Rpg goes down going to bring somebody up to replace her. That that official is going to go through the same amount of scrutiny as everyone else and they're going to try to dig up everything they possibly can in the past and who knows who is really behind all this shit and that is the problem when you have a movement called believe women started by the Democrats and you you WANNA move forward with it like if you go all in like that you have no choice but to leave yourself open to somebody like this and to be honest. I don't know that either of them fucking happens. I don't and but but here we are once you go all in on that your hatred for trump. Got You to this place now. The thing that I find fascinating though is I really don't know if this was set up by the left. Take a poll. Yesterday of who the most popular democratic politician was in the United States and it was fucking Cuomo the most popular democratic politician in the United States. Right now. Okay it's Andrew Cuomo. Would they probably like to have him running right now? Yes the Hillary thing look. We talked about it of her waiting in the wings and that is done man people do not like you cuomo right now would have a good would have a better shot at it. My opinion then Biden. I think they are stuck with Biden. That was all who's running and this was before the pandemic right now. You're you're during it and you're like all right shit none. We stuck with Biden. But now there's this fucking sexual allegation thing. That's got to be answered. It's GONNA keep being brought up over and over and over again. Yeah they probably love to have Cuomo in there at this point and he looked like dog shit this morning on the Mika and Joe Show and like playing those binded. Keep playing those clips. And it's like man. I bet you privately behind the scenes today the whole DNC. Just sitting there going on. What do we do? What do we do they did it? You're only saving grace at this. Point is probably Michelle Obama. Who definitely does not want that job. She doesn't want the job and the other problem. You have is your other candidates. Who ARE RUNNING. Abrams got on CNN. With Don Lemon two nights ago and just said I believe Joe Biden. I stand by Joe Biden and I stand by this New York Times article problem in the New York. Times article is again. They had no conclusion at the end of it. So I think she's out just based on that interview make great believe all women who she was. Now you're not believing this woman. I think Stacey Abrams is out an article that clearly does not have a conclusion to it and the New York Times released a statement this morning saying hey we really want to caution people to go back and read this article because we didn't have a conclusion at the end of it. We investigated this sexual allegations. We don't have a conclusion of this so I don't know But not sure what to think on that the other two people who are up for its Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said anything right but Elizabeth Warren. If you'll remember was the one who went all in on Blasi Ford and said believe all women. What is your stance? Then if she's chosen I mean they're going to be able to hammer her on this all day long and this is going to be a tool against them for the rest of this but again once you establish that with capital your thoughts at that point so right but the interesting thing about cabin is that she had to actually testify. In this instance it will just be interview against interview. Word against word and there will be no real scrutinized you know more evidence whereas with Blasi Ford. The happened because he was going to be a judge. She had to actually testify. Oh to court where this it's like you can say what you want and Biden can say what he wants and people can look into it as much as they want. And that's kind of where we're at with this so I I actually don't know if it's going to affect too many things I it depends on who you think is more credible and why if you remember during the it depends on who does what interview when no because it's like correctable is in the courtroom witness and in today's World. It's the media. It's how you come off in the medium that's right. I remember when Blassie Ford testified. Remember she put on that baby voice and she was just like I don't know I don't remember your fucking sixty five and talking like a baby shower them that that voice. That's all I remember from that. That and then this this pose remember this pose. That was on like Time magazine. Believe all women. They're going to hammer them with that. They're going to put this girl next to her with the same pose. Garin fucking T it. That's my difference. Is this girl isn't scared. She isn't shaking. She isn't I don't want to. I don't WanNa talk about it. This girl is we've already done some interviews. Were getting were vying for our next big one. If you pay me enough you'll get the interview at a certain point it will die off and then she'll start doing things like US magazine. People things like this that will just kind of kill. She'll kill it herself. Which is unfortunate. Because I I don't know if it happened. It's it's interesting timing. You Know Biden has been vice president since then he has ran before he has been running for president right now for a while. So it's interesting. It's interesting I mean I. I don't know what makes people I don't know I want makes me. I don't know what makes people come out in certain times and not in others. I don't know whether we're sleep when it's been that. Sorry that's especially when it's been that many years sure it strange. It is an look in my opinion. Both of these occurrences like you know if it happened. You shoulda reported and all that other shit and they may have. But we don't know. But in both of these instances the timing is too curious to me where it's just like. Hey Man you know and me to like this there. Would there be a perfect like do you remember me to where even if you said somebody. You went on a bad date with someone. They were fucking cancel. Where were you then? Would you not have gotten enough? Press don't know. Would you not have gotten enough money for the interview? I mean not a victim blamer but I. I am a timing I I do. I'm skeptical of timing. I don't I don't think that anyone deserves for that to happen ever and I think that you should be able to talk about it whenever you want to. It's just why put that extra scrutiny on you if you really want it out and you really want people to know metoo. There was a whole year. That no matter what you said when you said it now that person got fucking cancel and I remember going through them and like looking back at them like I I think is. He's fucked. I think Ryan seacrest got hammered for no reason other than being Ryan seacrest and the Chris Chris Hardwick one now that to me was really said it was a girl dated and then she was like I had to. Sometimes he wanted to have sex and just lay there. Like a starfish. Well it's a relationship and then you were in that relationship like a starfish for seven years and like dude. You know there are avenues like electric governance. Just like there's there's other things you can do like going if dot that Kinda Shit has happened to me. It is it. Sounds like a fucking nightmare to have to make a big thing of it during I mean if I really wanted some if somebody was what happened to you you know if you're a woman in the workplace if you whatever like we all have stories there are people. I could probably like take down sure but it sounds like a nightmare to do that what I mean like. We've all had like instances like that. Let's just say during the me too where it was like a bad relationship and it was like doing or a bad date that I felt kind of uncomfortable but I got out of there and like do you know what I mean. Yeah there's all kinds of things like that you can say but like like doing an interview about it. Being questioned like no yeah. No that's weird. I don't know what the motive would be for that money. It depends. It depends what you want and yeah either way. Meeker went all in today. I was really surprised. Usually try to set up an interview with people who are on your side. It was like Biden went to Fox News for Christ SAKES MSNBC and she went all in. And I was really really shocked by it. I was like Oh all right shit. I think it was smart. She did it instead of the other guy because it was a woman talking about around the woman and Mika win all into she went all in this morning for sure. And you know now. These clips are playing around the world and people can Judge for themselves and I I believe Biden is trending number one. And it's like dude even that I don't like like did all of it is on creepy creepy and uncomfortable and dino. Look you hate to look at the other side of it of like. What if it really did happen? Then you know fuck. I think it might have to be honest with you. Who knows but else nine municipal but the articles that are coming out today not gonNA immediately after this interview are just brutal like everybody was just like man on the Democrat excited like the. This is the candidate. We're stuck with now and now that this shit is up along with candidate who's having problems already and now we're we're stuck with this going forward. Were it's only May. The elections six months away at this point like each is going to get brutal absolutely brutal. Especially if the corona virus Hangs around enough for you can't go out and do rallies and campaigns which. I'm imagining probably not right. Yeah I think you know. As far as like we're we're we're going to be. Let's say by that time I ain't girls still be a lot of places like people are still gonNA be fucking scared. Fifty percent capacity like do certain things but that Kinda Shit. I think you still can't do man I I hope not. One of the most depressing things for me was watching the football game on last night that I was at shown these old games on ESPN and ABC. And all that shit game. That I was at and I was like man one hundred and ten thousand people. And you're like Miss that I miss that and I hope that comes back soon. We've already talked to friends who are musicians and shit like that. And they're just like they're not telling us we're touring until fall of twenty twenty one. I'm just saying that won't that won't be back anytime soon. The most we can hope for is for everyone every state to be able to go to you. Know Gyms. Bert. Coons actually had jim today. Yeah Yeah but he actually had a funny caption before that. That was just like. It's so crazy that Kovic can't spread in grocery stores and Home Depot and Stock. Only you can only get it if you go into a small business. Isn't that crazy? I loved it right. Like and There's this other girl br Bonfiglio posted where she was just like here. Are The rules? Like don't do not leave your house. Do not go to the store unless you have to go to the store and do all these things that are like do not unless you have to like go to Home Depot and get some for you know but do not like. There's no real at this point now. It's crazy it's crazy. Well states now are open completely completely again. It's at certain levels of capacity depending upon Your Business. Twelve states are open. And it's like you know. It's time for the rest of us. If our if this governor of North Carolina bones US until afterwards after eighth rage against the machine. I'll be on the capital. You know should've had that trans bathroom fucking governor. That guy wouldn't give shipped number like fuck. This was his name. Mccrory PAT mccrory. I've got a picture with PAT. Mccurry you too. Yes so he just didn't want to like make special bathrooms like spend money on that. The Trans Bathroom. So you remember that. Does he have this? Say he was a weird guy. We met him we. It was the governor. We ought at that time. I hung out with him. The Green Room at that rally and it's weird man though the way he turned the switch and talk to Jesse about like right Spill Beach. And you know all these beaches you remember that. Yeah like he really. Oh I used to grow up there as a kid. I used to roller roller career. Politician really know Take off my socks shoes new Schema toes in the sand. And you're like yeah fucking talks like that you know. Yeah it's like what are you on university later. Andy Griffith you can do. He just dropped into it so so easy so easy. That was a career that was a career politician. It was just like no matter where you said he would have like a fun. Anecdotal story about it. And that's a fucking trill. Yeah but when you start to get to know these districts and all these things. I'm sure you've got a story for every single one of you have to have to right. Oh Man oh you know. Pete's over their own on South Street. The crowd dad is he gets almost. He's lifting up the rocks themselves and they're little tiny red angels with clouds coming out and we're just begging them up so fresh that quote Ed piece on on your Jesus man. Maybe I should go to. Crawdads repeats. You know really knows what he's talking about Daddy Pete's and get maybe that's what everyone says. Here no seafood. Cape FEAR Seafood Company. Trying to strip mall very unassuming. Best Seafood is it. No nothing anybody ever says is the best here is fucking the best. Because you haven't been anywhere in your fucking life great food here. We don't have great food here. That's that's a real thing. Well we have fucking no the ruling right and I will say this Jamie producer the other night we did the. Nfl draft live. And what was that Stromboli Place Elizabeth's please fucking Pacman and I was surprised and you get there and there was like this weird intricate system. It was in a strip mall weird intricate system of how to get your food. They were like you gotta pull up in assigned spot and then read the sign whatever's I pulled up a read. This sign you the text the number to roll down. Then roll down your windows and then they would call you out and then you had to go up and pay for it and I never. I only had too many struggles my life Jesse that God damn thing was delightful Jamie. Yeah the Pizza Stromboli love delightful there. Yeah if you WANNA find a fucking cheesy rolled up fried shit like we got you here. He wants them fucking good food. I don't know what to tell you but yeah yeah absolutely absolutely you're right. They rolled up a fucking pizza dough with cheese and pepperoni. And then you dip it in some sauce and you were just so fucking impressed because you've been here too long. You're impressed by that. Didn't go there Jamie. Goes your off guard board. Dane like never four point channeling bourdain right now. You can tell the story channeling board ain't we don't give a shit. It's Friday. Were drinking at noon. Guy Fieri came here came to Wilmington shot. At what selling restaurants only aired three? Maybe I think he aired four. Can Only we love for something fishy that one? So that's something fishy is right across the street from our place and its always packed. I've never been there. What do they have their Alec Fried Fuck sprite fishes fish bro? Like you've never been across the street from then to your whole life you've lived there and you've never been something fishy. I'll go there. It does from the outside it. Looks like a fucking converted? Captain D's and alert fucking terrible place but it has a fried fish. And Wow we're so fucking surprised you know what though anytime someone's like yeah but have you tried you know it's going to be the fucking worst shit of all time. Foregin Core Guy Lag. Schalken SHACK ENJOY SHOCKING SHACK. And there was wasn't mono- was at the other place. Mana. Yeah and even that Dream Yard was pretty pretty good. Dram Yard is good. Jamie artists good. It probably will be out of business after all of this bullshit because we're just about to get some good stuff in town dram yard dram yard. I think was probably great drinks. Lonely place that I would I would be comfortable saying has good food and good drinks every single time. Only Place Boys Rock But I missed the restaurants and I got. I hope they don't close down around. The you know around the world here with with all my faves like we. We watch something with the thing with New Orleans in Yellow Wolf thing. I thought was that restaurant. We went through on that Friday nights College statehouse. Oh yeah that one. I think we'll be fine greats again. That was the only good food that I've had. They're so no because you have to go outside the city. So here's what I learned about Louis. Was We bitch about New Orleans on the show? We got flooded with messages after that show and they were like you definitely have to get out of shape. Bourbon Street and all that other shit and once we did I was like Oh man. I got down on New Orleans food and I made a public apology on air and I was like I apologize. I want to some very touristy shit and I shouldn't have I didn't know any better. And then we got sent to the right places so good on Tony. Tampa was the one who sent me a list. Oh yes like. Hey Bill Yes yes yes you gotta go sherm to get your fucking be quit and I was like all right cool. And he was right across the board so I hope those places don't close down but you. We are not going to know if they were here tonight. I would go. I would if you're in a states. I'm curious one hammer the like button. If you're watching this on on youtube right now to Right in the comments on the side. If you're in a state of the restaurants are open are you going tonight? That was a story this morning on the Today. Show where they were like. Hey yeah the restaurants are open. Are People too scared to go? And it was like who's scared to go fucking losers who wouldn't go anyways for real. The other thing that I didn't think about is My sister works at Buffalo Wild Wings. Right yeah and they're going to slowly open. Ohio ironically is one of the places that slowly reopening today right and they had a lot of cases there she said though she was like look you take a place like wild wings and it is heavily built on sports. If sports isn't what is our it'd be like you know it's like shit man that's going ever think of mazing food things that we never think of. I like the wings there. I love the wings. I sure but like I'll get down on the wings now for sure Jesse so unimpressed. I'm just past two. If it's not a Michelin five star. She's not having you now now only nothing open but even if it was it'd be shitty could mean let's just get a for Gary here Elizabeth's Oh they roll up some cheese and Pepperoni big surprise. It was good. I liked Elizabeth's Jamie. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not GONNA sit. Got The best place to have a Stromboli from Elizabeth is on it. That is good in. Your town is a pizza place. You have problems where they're your name name name one name. Your favorite restaurant town gunned ahead. You're going to die tomorrow. This is your last meal tonight. What Is Yours Jamie? If one day chasing tells the port city Chop House I have not been important stuff it was subpar at best and I it was a banquet hall I mean remind went. I felt like it was a cafeteria at a freaking old folks. Home is this. Where is this? Which was this? Yeah you're absolutely right. Basically Black Angus is lacking remember. Black Angus Justice wants some. I want some food and I wanted to be good and I want to eat it around other people. I don't WanNA see your all your mugs only every day so funny man and then I go home to my can kids. Who'd only I'm losing it and if you aren't losing it there's something wrong with you. There's something wrong with you if you aren't pissed right now. There's something wrong with you. I Woke Stromboli and bedtime. Which is probably what we're GONNA DO MUZZLE EDEN. A fucking go spend go sped dot com slash drinking rose. Jesse went all in research during abreast. Everything is twenty five percent off flicky eater Stromboli and bad dudes but you can get the cover. Put the cover on it. You're going to be protected. Your mattress is going to be protected. So good yeah as always together thirty six month as you go program no interest on that it goes bed that com forward slash drink and Bros. Everybody's doing it next in the next twenty bucks. It's great they're doing it all through the quarantine next. We've expressed dot com forward slash revolution. What I found out that you carry on. I'll tell you what I found out about your digital butthole is what it is. People are trying to get into the back door of your computers ipads iphones you name it. This will stop them. That's XPRESS VPN DOT COM for slash revolution. Seven bucks a month. You can also watch porn network beats beats all your fucking Shit. I found out. I WATCH OTHER HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISES LIKE HOUSEWIVES. Australia really yes. Which pin so here we go. Go go housewives Iraq amazing thing. I must say Australia is no burqas. Yeah no I don't think he's off at home all day. The fuck did you say beaten. Yep so not that but just getting rox cone at them how accurate. They're fine real housewives of North Korea. That could be fun to on could it? They're probably doing hard labor all day and they come home into the men. Rub My feet my dawn. You know probably wearing hardhats. Something happened in the mind their dirty. That's what the women do over there. Hard labor jobs and your bitching about restaurants over here right now. Totally kidding. It's like dot com forward slash revolution. Seven bucks a month protects. Everything you got in your household and he was sent him for you three months Free Max. Strikeforce energy boom boom boom boom. Sha blinkers Chris. Roman it's probably the worst franchise of all of them but go ahead what is POTOMAC POTOMAC? Potomac oh real housewives of whatever Censored tell me I mean learn today like right but I guess I guess Potomac it's where George Washington crossed the crossed the Potomac River. That river Delaware of the riches. It's weird it's like the richest place in like the US but no one knows where it is stretches down through like Maryland and Virginia. I think so they get no but it is like the like the nicest. Most expensive houses like Super High Society. But no one knows where it is. No one cares. Rick Minors wrote and it goes the real housewives of SNEAD'S FEARY. I like it. I like it. I energy gives me up all day long. I put a little in this guy right here because it's bland shit. Lemon white clause in the lines are just full flavored. You put in Lemon. Because I usually put lemon in the black cherry I feel like a grape in the lemon. Might be good or an original. 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I will play No one good place. And it wasn't good when I went at least not consistent most subpar sometimes straight razors dot com. You can cut a crab leg open with a straight razor. Let's say you know you're worried about breaking it. Take a straight razor. That crab leg get that meet out. Suck it out. Go STRAIGHT RAZORS DOT COM everything? You need to shave in this. Life is right there. Right right in your face Use the Promo Code Revolution for twenty percent off James I wanNA talk about the new Drake Album. That dropped at midnight. I was excited and then I listen to it on the way to work this morning. And no doubt sucks. Why does it suck whenever Mary? Negative this episode fucking cares. It's Friday what else on alone leave him on a low. Now we've been high all weekly. Manalo the drake one man. If you'RE GONNA put out a mixed tape every time you see the word mix tape just go ahead and fucking delete it. Just delete that whole Goddamn Shit. Why means it wasn't good enough to be on a real album therefore forge just like come on man and he put Suzie slide on their? You know why because it's the only song that did well then with that. But here's what do and it's a little known secret an all out it and tell everyone because I don't care. I feel like a real housewife Potomac. Though put a hit song. That's already out because it counts. All those numbers count towards the album so this album will technically be number. One Drake will be able to say getting another number one album and it's dog shit. It's just a mix tape that like the real album is coming out in June July and it was just like. Hey these are all the trash songs that didn't make the album and here you go. Is the thing kids killed you shit in a bun because you have a bunch of fans and would they probably watch you take Shit Nwabunne? Yes they would doesn't mean you have to fuck in servants whom and make them eat. Shit Sandwich. You know what I'm saying and that's what this was this was saying. Hey guys drake and I'm famous and you know I'm red. Here's a fucking album for you and that this is a wet your city. Start working on it. I don't know it sucked in. It was hard to get through today to be honest with you but why serve your audience a big Shit Sandwich like this doesn't make sense man. Typically as is album bangers. Don't you care the fucking mix tapes shit? I just don't get it. I haven't there's there's been like three mix tapes were on my all my God. That was fucking amazing. Ironically Drake's first one was but it was pre- like being rich and all that shit. Yeah now it's just like come on man none of these songs. Besides the Tuesday slide deserve to be on the fucking album. He used to be hungry now. He's very well fed. Well WE'LL SEE I. I'll hold out hope for this album. Is He always seems to come? When it's a real album. He seems to show up this one. This mix tape thing just fucking dog shoot girl. Meghan the stallion what about it Her her huge song savage apparently is a tick tock thing. I didn't know that yes so it got big on talk that the only reason why what was the what was the video behind it. What what's dance? Challenge Jack God damn it man fucking Tick Tock for real for dance challenges and that's what it is no but like artists will release slide. There's artists that like aren't even. You can't find them anywhere else but tick tock in their huge tectonic rose does is what it is Either way it's take talk is basically a challenge operate so they just like put out things and you can try it or not. Try it gross. I don't need it. Don't fucking need it. I will say this the beyond say remix. That just dropped though for that song. Fucking awesome right beyond say she. She goes all in She goes all in and it was great she wrapped in it was just like. Oh Shit was really fucking good. How is it different than the normal song though? Because there's just a remix of it yes there's a remix so there's a rap verse in there by and say and then beyond say singing some vocals behind some of the hooks and shit and it was really fucking good and like. I'll give I'll give it up to beyond beyond beyond. She seems to bring the Fire James. How far he bounty beyond so yeah? I think that's probably the understatement of the show. It is but even on showing up on a track during the quarantine. She's still put time and effort into it. Whereas this drake thing had no time effort to it and to me I'd probably put them on the same fucking planet right now to be honest with you. Is there anybody bigger than Drake Post Malone? Yeah that's about it though right. Yeah I guess I know post milona recording a new album right now and like. Yeah but that's actually going to be good because he's really fucking Banger stewed. He's actually talented. Drake's pretty fucking talented. So he's gotten new album is just. Don't listen to this one. I'll just save you the fucking time. You know what I'm saying. Yeah so we're all good on that and then the other big story here was Trevor Noah daily show just bashing Yvonne Mosque and I you know Elon Company as well. He wants his company wants to be open. And here's the thing with the mosque. Why he can probably do no wrong in my ass. Yeah created a company I Y created. What was it was a pay pal before that I think as Papal Yeah. Hey Alan someone look it up Elon. Musk was He fucking did before. What was his first company at one company before it. We're going to get killed for this. Because we're here it's massive. You did what okay. Okay launched football coach so with Elon. Musk if you're going to bash him like this. The Guy Created He's a car that is electric. He gave all the patents away for electric vehicles to help the environment. I have a hard time bashing Elon. Musk for anything to be honest with you. The other thing he's tried to do is send a bunch of shit to space like. He's trying to advance space exploration currently. We'll trump signed it in that he's going to support NASA again but the previous president was like Amen. We're not having that anymore. We're not doing Nass anymore. Space exploration is important therefore to me. I'm not GonNa Shit on the mosque for wanting people to get back to work wanting his company to do well. We also agree. Which is why. We're not shitting on him. Right thank you but like looking at it from. Let's sing along view of this like there's a guy that's true trying to help the world. I mean the car prices cheaper shit. They're hard to get because he doesn't have enough plants. But like you know you can get one of those any malls. Viru gave them away for free everybody else. Here's what I did. You can fucking do it. Use The batteries and other cars. I don't give a shit. There was a charity up for an old scouts. Like in one thousand nine sixty six couch which I want inside of this. You know charity. Giveaway is a tesla battery plug in and I was like fucking Amen. That's Dope Shit. Yeah we'll see. People come on man really really mosque. Like that's the one guy where you're like. He's a genius. Modern Day Fuckin- Thomas Edison. You know. Yeah I don't I don't know I think they'd be mad at anyone that saying. Get back to work because no one That's not like just a normal person saying it. You know what I mean no celebrities no nothing like no one with a platform of saying like Hey. I kinda feel like we need to get back to work. No Yeah and the other part about it is like dude. I get going all in on the rich and we've done it to some celebrities here but like actors who really doesn't really do anything for the Goddamn world along ask does and what he's doing. Is We great? You WanNa get rid of fossil fuels and on the other bullshit ceiling mosque bro. Guys leading the fucking charge here. Yeah you know you want to go get mad at Gwyneth. Paltrow for telling you to make an eighty dollars smoothie fine but elon. Musk like Jesus Christ man. Yeah there's there's easier targets than that because he was saying. Oh he's rich and he doesn't fucking care whatever. It was like these helping everybody out. Though you know he's up in the world with these goddamn things and I want that truck dude. Do I do want that trump jr. Everybody wants the truck. We're not really. I'm not sure what's happening with it so I felt I felt weird saying it because I was like people were like it. Looks like back to the future car. Looks like a Delorean with everyone wants. Let's stop fucking with Eli. I want that truck Put One hundred dollars down you on you on. Whatever it's Friday sure in calm Eli I feel like I know I feel. We're be fries mean Eli skin. Can I do a quick Cova Crime Corner? Oh you got one. Yeah Fire Away James. Your day today I feel like this is your data Sean. Why you've gone skeeve scorched-earth today gun score shirt. Everyone anyone crime corner cry. Go ahead do whatever he wants. I'm calling to women charged by feds for walgreens robbery where they were coughing on employees as a weapon okay. I've heard that I've heard numerous stories. Yeah Yeah so in San Francisco Federal prosecutors prosecutors say on Friday that two women have been charged in a robbery at a San Francisco walgreens where they coughed on store employees. While not wearing masks they allegedly stole ninety two dollars in merchandise. I need to down at a walgreens. That's a lot of stuff it is or is it. It's like women. Entered the store with empty bags and when the store manager approached them to offer assistance they coughed audibly and claim to have cova according to the US Attorney's office The manager asked one of the women to leave if they felt ill the woman. Then the WOM- women then both started coughing without covering their mouths and said we have covert. We have cool and according to the complaint. The Manager Insecurity Guard did not want to go near the woman two women so they let him just leave with all the stuff because they were worried about cove. Ed I get it fuck. I understand. That's been happening a lot. Actually and everybody's getting arrested for as they should yet to be honest with for trying to steal stuff and say that they have Kobe or what. No the Kobe thing is coming up a lot where it's just like you know. Don't arrest me. I Have Cova coughing on police officers. And she's like that's Kinda why should be arrested. Women like like if a cop's going to pull me over like Bro during this pandemic for what like registration? I'll pay that later. I don't think I don't think anybody's anybody over because I do have expired inch you brought to you but I'm also like if you pull me over Fuck Yo you know what I mean. In these times. We shouldn't be pulled over in the pulled over and like if anything I'm swerving a little bit. It's like covert. Do you know what I mean. The pandemic Drinkin- as long as I'm in side the lines. I you should like calm. The fuck you'd probably find even two wheels over. Yeah some people can avoid those two wheels over the line. You're good go. I just got an email from American Airlines here. That says it's Kurt Stash. Oh that's a fucking man. For how Dorky this guy is. That's a terrible name. What is it good stash? I WANNA see a guy with you. Know Gene's in a dip ring and the and the back left pocket. You know the mustache man. Kurt Stash here I want everybody to go out. And but fuck without condoms on you know like like that can hurt stash powerful name okay He's says we've got a new requirement for all of our customers. It is mandatory. That you wear masks cooks. During flights beginning may eleventh why not now and recently announced yeah and recently announced requirements for flight attendants as well There's measures to provide sanitizing wipes and facemask for all customers on select flights. I guess if you'RE GONNA Fresno they're not gonNA give you that shit like good luck going to Reno we're not getting anything you're probably GONNA get AIDS there anyways brother you WanNa Bakersfield Shit. We done about some math on the on the seat for you enhance cleaning. Procedures to disinfect high. Touch points thing a high touch point. What's that toilet anything? That people are GonNA touch a lot tables. I guess men throughout the aircraft in cleaning at the airports your well being is at the forefront is that the foreskin of every decision. We're making here. Thanks Kurt Stash. So be right now since it's Friday and we've had a few drinks appreciate you being with us all week Ripe Down The side any questions you have on youtube gotten write them in answering for you. Eighty Gamble Kurt Stash. Kind of sounds more of like a grinder screening. I'll get that is. Actually it is gonna be a Kurt Stash. Everybody rides the stash. Who's an Franken here? Is there an an franken their own? Oh I hope so Dan. Are you anchoring rank? How are you able to get the username and frank? So great so great read white seats taken very obscure forrest Gump reference love to. I love when you have to read stuff with an accent in order for it to work seeds. Take seats taken Richard Chris. Roman they they all were seats. Taken Greg Ross. Check your messages real quick. I can't I don't know where all that shit is to be honest with that you're GonNa have to read it here. Check your messages. What on your phone. Who knows somebody called? Sony's calling Dan Dan Frank Derrick Campbell. That's so great Tan fast to be Dan. There's no way that it's anyone else right. Crispier male I can't I can't take. I don't have the capability right now to check my if I get an email to pop up. I just don't have that capability. Who's telling you to check your email? No Idea Casey Selmer says you guys think Joe Biden will pick the governor of Michigan for VP. I know this. She's on the shortlist And I think Abrams is out so I think I think she's in the final three. It's a Whitmer is her name. I think she's in the final three. She's whites so she's at a disadvantage there but she's she's younger which would help. But Yeah I think it's either going to come down and Kamala here Elizabeth worn. It's read read white. I'm doing ribs this weekend. Yes just like tried and true you know I tried pulled pork. It rocked it that that was the best pool Brockton. But guys like it's a sit under triggering it's an undertaking and you know it is yeah ribs at least. I don't know I just like have it down whereas like everything else. I'm not that confident with it. So I'M DOING RIBS RIB. I'm about Danielle K will be another show today. Fake news is up today for drinking bros. Which we ended up doing live yesterday. But that's our Friday show savage Saturday the audio with Uruguay. There will be up tonight at eight. Pm and then usually airs eleven pm Eastern time on Youtube. And I can tell you who Sunday nights guesses for drinking bros. It is the millennial farmer. You guys have asked him a lot. There was a lot of requests for him. We didn't know him reached out to him and turns out listen to the show. Luckily and we got him on. He was great. I didn't know anything about farming industry at all And that was nice so I it's great fucking show so look for that on Sunday Nights Matthew Gillam says hey guys love listening to your show. You're doing an awesome job and over the weekend looking forward to get to some of the products showing the product on the podcast. I have to say for the ladies and I have to say function of beauty. Dot Com is sponsor T. E. is amazing. We have a lot of sponsors but I'm like it's personalized shampoo and conditioner. I'm not trying to like sponsor whatever but I am in love with really the only thing that is done and Nice on me right. Now is my hair for the lady. So not my makeup belise. Let's see rick minor is Brady Quinn's less than athletic brother? I'll take it pretty. Quincy looking dude. I'll take it for sure. Texas this Brady Quinn. Brady was the quarterback for Notre Dame back in the day and I'll take good looking dude. I'll take. It was the quarterback for Cleveland for a little bit too. Not that everyone wasn't Stephen. Hawkins says Ross keeps his emails in his prison wallet. You Bet I look. I try not to check my emails throughout the show but Look one popped up. No wasn't from. You wasn't from you. It was a deposit from a book royalties. So hey that's even better whatever that bullshitting sitters Gregor's Riana. I have to shot up the girl. Riana Britney Julia Danielle would girls witty loop. Somebody's asked me if I could beat them do anything I could beat you. In a game of ping-pong beat me. No beat the guy who's who wrote that in no pong beer pong pong as it was colby beer worth and frank. I should shout her out to obviously she's going to go back into hiding after the show but colby no. I probably wouldn't be tuned in Ping Pong that sadly is not one of the fraternity all star game great at beer pong. Yes I'll destroy you and you can't. No one can be me. Cornel CAN'T BE BEATEN. Ask anyone on this board. All of you guys have played in some city at some point. None of you beat me. Including craigslist gave shattered his dreams at Penn state At that game no one can beat me all right now Chris. Beer worth either. The Sun and or brother Saint try try tip. Have you ever thought about trying to try ZIP in the third about it? I've done tried tip on a grill only so I don't know I mean obviously I'll try it at. Some point. Tried to push our Goto as a in our family of choice so like any time. Dad would grill tried it. I've had your dad's in your brothers. Trysofi interference Leslie Different Leslie. Tongkin have y'all seen the CDC RECOMMENDATION. Then when school starts desk have to be six feet apart. They've obviously never been a real school. Yeah I so I read that in. Its absolutely fucking crazy because you have children who were just petri dishes for all kinds of shit. Also kids aren't the ones that are getting sick. They're zero children. That have died from Cova to my knowledge. So I don't know that's a real sticking point for school does not come back in the fall. And they're going to do this online bullshit like I'd say the parents rise up and just say great we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA hold our kids back so you get your fucking shit together and then we can charge China for for all the fucking teachers salaries for those assholes and I still have not seen a lot of fun China Post. I'm still really shocked by that. You go on facebook people bitch about whatever political party they believe in till the end of the fucking earth but they won't come out and say Fuck China for this this shitty disease. It's ruining the country. Oh we don't want to appear raith if we don't want him to be rated maintain that it's a country not a race so you can say fuck cheinal and you want it that one. That one's wild to me really wild. Yes Richard enough mental farmers on on Sunday night at eight. Pm Great Interview. That guy was fantastic. Got a massive you to falling like half a million subscribers to that and he's an old school former we're talking twenty seven hundred acres of like. Hey man he lives in dies by and frank. Your show has gotten me through some hard times and frank man when you have a username like that. It's hard to read that comment allow because no one's had harder times than an frank. Who are you and Franken? You say your real name and Frank Dan so somebody put Dan's username in there. It's not an frank so it's not what is username. Forget Dan Something. No it is. Dan Is Savvy enough to have some fences and some youtube crispier. We're still on the ones the in and outs of the the The Mail service here so like I haven't gotten any of those packages out I. We haven't gone to the thing because they were like well. You can't buzz the button for the Po box slimy you doing he sent some baron and I'm We did assigned giveaway for for for the best review in We're still one in one out of the post office here but it's we live in a tiny town and it's just like all right. Hopefully that will clear up soon. I would imagine there on first phase right. Yeah he's supposed office on there so hopefully on. May Eighth when we are state is shut down until may eighth. So hopefully they'll be like all right great and come into the post office and right shifts Right now it's crazy. A lot to be were saying Anne. Frank is the hero. We don't deserve but need goddamn right. Cameron why Dan is using the express. Vpn You think so to hide azan frankness all asking. We're doing another interview today. So he'll be in the studio and our Jason Proud of you today four meltdown. It was great and Capture composure like a true champion. Thanks pissed off half the community. But who cares no? There's a lot of people on here that like I moved here a year ago. I have not had good foods a first year. You guys of like the first year of it is the most depressing and then you just sort of get used to it. You know what's weird whenever you move to a new town? I think whenever you moved to new. Senator say you try to convince yourself when you go to these places like this isn't bad and when you go home and actually think about the meal you've had you're like fuck man? I'm just lying myself. Yeah Gorgeous. City love Lymington. The beaches are gorgeous. Love partying here fun fucking party town. Food is gosh not up to par not up to par here in this town shit and with that. We're going to leave you on that comments for the weekend. We will be back at noon on Monday. We'll be with you Monday through Friday every day through the quarantine Hashtag. We're all in this together. And so fucking lame. We're not we're not we're not. We're definitely not for Jessie Wiseman Aka the I'm Roz. Patterson this is the Revolution. Good afternoon everyone is.

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