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The show is proudly sponsored by tried to call dot com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes, that's exactly how it sounds all teach you a literal checklist. So you can tick off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to Cobb dot com, with as a bunch of free content their feud have a look at. And of course, if you're interested in having me, come to your city, click and register for the live events, coming up and feeling fast have a great day. Visit try to call dot com now. Good morning. Ladies and gentlemen. We'll come, welcome to the of share have a good day. Well, another day, another hold above eleven thousand dollars. And we have been just grinding it out a little bit. It was interesting session, you know. So for me on I'm up early in the morning, I'm jumping on. I big tiny bowed, and as I look at this market right now, in what happened was really not a crate deal. I mean yeah. We still two point seven nine percent. I get me wrong. It's been another grind out of a day. And we are the only will bitcoin is the only market in the top ten is actually in the grain wrought now. So there's no negatives to be taken from this yesterday. I was watching the level as we broke above the old highs two thousand nine hundred Hawes for pullback for Naci boost on. I missed it just by Koppel dollars a on the fifth day minute literally a couple of dolls. And yeah. And it pushed on really, really awesome. But that's like it didn't it did end up having that David pullback and the David full by that it had ended up coming back into Lillian. The low is one so eleven thousand seventy. It didn't even really test eleven thousand again, then a bounce up from eleven thousand fifty bang wish Gus stride up about four hundred dollars from that point in not sort of wasting now. So was the right now on bitcoin, the one hour, sort of just meandering along once again in another one of these consolidations holding above has a nonsense ause the all ones that we just broke out of yesterday. Which is by split. Consoled ising. Once again, what does that mean to mate, not a great deal know a great deal. I've that lost move pushing us into a new two thousand nine hundred high it allowed me to move my stop-loss up to just below ten thousand five hundred dollars. That was a long tried to took back at eight thousand eighty nine. Now stops up their ten thousand just on those as ten thousand five hundred on pretty happy with that. I have a two and a half thousand dollars of profit locked in with margin, and I feel very comfortable heading up to say, Meryl man and doing a couple of days of fishing with him, I'll still be doing the guzzle still be working on content that I it takes time to spend with mon- pops. So yet, some consolidated market rotten now on bitcoin, we sitting currently on the bid for next shot at the is eleven thousand three hundred seventy seven dollars up two point seven eight percent today. So another another girl. Mind again another day with candles not really big. And that's a good thing. This is as a camel start to get bigger and bigger and bigger. We get more and more extended unlock the bucks becomes significantly increased. Now, we could get a pullback at any moment, but on say the Sohn's of it just yet have been wrong full, though, not looking to try to show that is for sure. I'm still looking for long tries that is my plan. That is what I will stick to doing now theorem. We sitting down point nine percent of theory at this stage of the three hundred nine dollars and twenty two cents. If I talked to the daily shot here of theory of, of got two Cy, I would love nothing more than to see a pullback two to seventy nine on the cried at a cradle can on the dilate. He's not there yet on a stugatz of work to do yesterday. It did have a debit with a radical spark a hit a low of two ninety two accounting back at three hundred nine that's quite a wild die. But didn't loss down that too long, and dumb, the market really did recover quite well and quite quickly. So. Yeah. I guess, from our point of view when accounts a theory, it's not one of them looking to try it at this stage, but for the future. Yes, is at seven dollars and fifty seven dollars and one cent down three point three seven percent to die. And. Another one. That's sitting in that cradles on the dial. Wanna see what does next? That's, that's what's really interesting. How these ulcers gonna react next because there's still a number of them that are ran out trend. Some of them is still a hideous, like, for example, still living. Buddies, hideous, I'm gonna go stripe. Poss- is at twelve point three cents down full percent tonight, ex up. Eight is at forty six twenty two again, just struggling once more to get above that fifty cent Machiavelli hit once this year. And yeah, it's, it's kinda pulling back a bit from that spice as we stand right now. Twelve out of sixteen. Now my higher and mid to him timeframes, not looking the best for trading today. So familiar ex up a is really I sit and watch a top token sitting at forty six point one. So I four six point two cents down two point four five percent. Then we got one two lot coin. A lot coin on the dilated. He's bucking the Kreitals on. It's a bit of a consolidation. Pullback though, it's not the soda shot that our love to get my hands sticky and dirty with her is not a beautiful looking shot right now on that daily, none of the times, really look all that satisfactory tomato the outside, and look, it's, it's Holly likely not going to have tried for may for a little while to guy one thirty two one hundred thirty dollars thirty cents down two point five percent. Bitcoin cash. Another one, you know, it's, it's pushed on the two thousand nineteen highs, you know, we seating raw now a full sixty nine ninety seven would down to percents, that I know there's no great deal of interest. I have on this period yesterday. Most of them today with a little flat levels phone, didn't get a try and take a tribe. But it's a rotten at bitcoin cash really needs to find its much. I once guy on the same can be said, bonnets goes against terror loved a bullish candle yesterday off of the ten period. Moving average off of two thousand. Nine Hawes, but the market candle itself, decided not what I'm gonna do much more here. And has sold off its actually sitting at thirty six dollars and twenty seven cents down three percent, rotten now, and it's gonna have I'll be I've been to David pullback on the problem with that. But right now there's not a great deal going on that Tronto veasley having a really nice run over the last few will a couple of days back with sitting it's a three point seven cents, meet need to clear that full Sedmak. Really? That's, that's a crucial area. My mon- technically under declare that full set Mark and get on with the get on law. If it's down one point eight percent. Ten again, you know it's not a bad trend. I it's, it's one of these better trains of four hour, they had already explosive breakout long, the idols looking caught noise if it pulled back in Lewis further than the item on actually present we was the mole Pacino throughout to die to try finally Kadan. Oh cod. Donna, can you please break ten cents and just continue? On which eating non point four game down three point three cents aside percent right now. And again, I thought back to sign level, it's got to be broken ten cents. If we want higher ten cents. If we want high it's not happened yet. It's not really held above. So another interesting day to cod. Donna as it stands right now because he's making a little move progression higher to it's, it's highs for the diet. I still consolidating a Mavi it still sitting around that eleven thousand full hundred mock just shy as I talked to you, and that consolidation to Die, Welt w-e-l-t. You're gonna turn into. No, but I'm going to be there wising willing to participate in whatever comes because I love a bull market will walk at sky's the do. Well, if your huddle the make you rich, if you're trying to have a great day get across the try to cub dot com. And if you haven't already registered in pied vio- spot for any, they destroyed events than going into done. Because they feel bloody quick. A good day guys a law speak to you next from the wonderful Mussa, this show is proudly sponsored by try to call dot com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes, that's exactly how it sounds all teach you a literal checklist. So you can take off autumns and be decisive. Very quickly. Get across the try to Cobb dot com. Where there's a bunch of free content there few to have a look at. And of course, if you're interested in having me, come to your city, click and register for the live events, coming up and feeling fast have a great day. Visit try to call dot com now.

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