202: What's It Like to Sleep on a Bus? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 202


The ramble welcome to ear biscuits. I'm link and I'm read this week at the roundtable of dim lighting. We are exploring the question. Was it like sleep on a bus and other stories from the row yeah. We've been on the road. Yeah we've been traveling around doing shows and lots of Bonk bus bunk time for introspection. <hes> I had a horrifying experience which I'll share a little bit later but I had some really good experiences with those as well changed my life as well as the life of my children. Yes we've been on the road on tour and then I attacked some time in North Carolina at the end of my time and you came back here and had a station so we'll get into talking about that a little bit but we do want to let you know that while we are back temporarily we are going back out on the road. Yes we're gonNA keep telling you about when we're going to be on the road and you know what you should go gone Internet's in look around and all the fun that we had on our this this last tour. We've got there's <hes> well. We're going to talk to him about it. Well there's only photos though Oh yeah there's photos photo evidence of the things that we did and how much fun people had at the things that we were doing starting ship coming forth September fourth <hes> the next leg the tour begins Houston Texas Knowledge Birmingham Jacksonville Florida Tampa Florida they may go to Las Vegas October Nineteenth November Twentieth Albuquerque New Mexico in Phoenix Arizona Sacramento California and Valley Center California go to read and link live dot com to get ticket and the clarify something <hes> we we talked about this owner instagram one of those instagram videos that we did were eating too or food but <hes> a lot we met somebody on the road and <hes> we tend to meet people when we're in these cities and they tend to say things Oh. I didn't know you were in town. That's why we continue talking about the shows but then we met someone who didn't know about the show but she was like I don't have three hundred dollars and we really what are you talking about three hundred dollars and I think what she was doing and what a lot of people are doing is if you just Google read <hes> in link concert tickets well some sponsor I do every day so sponsored sites for were. They're reselling tickets are gonNA come up and you don't buy tickets there. Go to Renton Link Live Dot Com to get the he best prices on tickets. I think we got tickets. Starting around thirty dollars for these upcoming shows so <hes> we're trying to make you as affordable as possible so that won't be an excuse <hes> if you don't know about it that maybe that's our fault but <hes> if you paying a whole lot of money for your tickets that might be your fault. If you're going to the wrong place the bus life was something that was interesting which will talk about but also the culinary lifestyle that we assumed while on tour was I. I can't I call it. I can't say if it was great or if it was horrible it was growth I it was it was a great an horrible. We had this idea and if you're you know if you happen to catch an instagram live like we're talking like an hour before our show uh-huh maybe a little bit more sometimes we would sit down and we would eat what you or at least those of you who voted in responded to our instagram post. We ate the two most popular signature Richard Dishes from this most signature restaurant at each city that we were in according to you we put it him against each other and it turns out that those signature dishes are not things like Kale Salads no as you might imagine they are things like <hes> you just the increased the probability of you having a heart attack by at least two percent like every time you eat something that kind of meal I think by certain pointing the tour we were eating dishes that were just called cholesterol. Yes I okay. We got a big <hes> Styrofoam clam. Shell opened that thing. Oh look it's just cholesterol will literally one of them was just fried cheese dip. Did you dip in ranch dressing. That was pretty great and you know what it was really good. That was in Milwaukee Walkie. That wasn't these Kurds Kurtz which it's hurting Milwaukee Milwaukee One K. Milwaukee won the food contest not only did they have the best dish according to me I think they had the best to dishes. According to me I think you'd like and they also had the custard. I mean the custard the hamburger and the cheese Kurds Milwaukee knows what they're doing when it comes to eating cheese burger and custard were from cops and we would I mean once you start eating a cheeseburger not good so restaurant called Cops K. o. p. p.. We're not taking food from the police right. You don't trust the belief that's not going to get that is not what we don't get civic that is not uh-huh sitting. We got that food from COPS. What are you talking about from cops yeah? You're accepting food from what I try to pronounce Ilise. I tried to emphasize the K. and the two peas when I set up your own brain all that right but I did see it K._O.. P._B._S. when you're eating and cheeseburger that's good. Is that cheeseburger. You don't merely just taste the cheeseburger eat to hold cheeseburger. I couldn't even if we do have a whole clam. Shell the Kurds over here and then you the way to the custard is right next to it. See I made a Kurds way. I saw you didn't even have to emphasize. I knew that you were saying W.. H. E. W. W. H.. E. Y. W. h. e. w. now speaking of tasting. I'm I think I'm still tasting what I had yesterday's my last meal North Carolina because of the thing that you got to do you gotta come to California and like go back to California Diet and you probably feel like clean and liked and useful. I matter of fact I ate a Vegan dinner last night. Yeah see and I did not boy my farts well. Let's not talk about your hearts. We do that enough. I mean I don't WanNa talk about him except to say that my in Ainhoa Peaches and cream on this side of the table okay well but but you in your body willing to us you had a week's worth North Carolina. What Line of what I did is I did to reading and then I went to North Carolina and I was like I'm still on vacation and I'm here in North Carolina and I just kept on eating that way in the meal that is currently in my stomach and I've actually like felt it lurching what multiple times okay you didn't kill it? I I went my final meal was cookout. Gosh and let me tell you what I got. I love cookout and I don't even know if you know about this yet I don't even want to. I don't know if you know about the <hes> all the sides that are offered okay so case you didn't know cookout is a fast food hamburger place place in the south that has what makes it unusual. It's not just the fact that is good food but the sides that you can get other than fries are basically just ridiculous. There are no rules in the universe like they've thrown all rules news of what aside is to the side because I got first of all I didn't get a cheeseburger. I got barbecue sandwich because I was like I've never had the barbecue sandwich from cookout. I've never done always gotten it from Smithfield and we and and we had one meal left and I was like I haven't had barbecue sandwich yet. <hes> lock in shepherded never been a cookout day or or already knew you are horrible parent could not remember the last time they went to cook out <hes> you no because Lockwood have been you know a lot younger. You hit him on a hit every time you take them to cook so I I got a barbecue sandwich men in black and then the side that I got a course one of the sides was a corn dog right because that's aside nuggets can be assigned to get nuggets. No the other side was a chicken case India but you just got remains but that's what makes it so crazy. They got chicken case a deal. They actually have enchiladas as sides to to say that word right case India the other one enchilada yeah it's not an inch is an anche aunt. You Lada is an easy not an can't be talking to people about ways to pronounce words man and Shehadeh. It's entre La if you you say enchiladas Lada Enchilada any right but go ahead. We know what you mean. Well then you should paint me until tell me that I'm saying it wrong. I'll pinch <hes> so but I didn't get a the where I drew the line as I didn't get a milkshake over forty different flavors of milkshakes including one in July a watermelon milkshake watermelon shake that has pieces of watermelon in it. That's only Sir Serb in July and August. It's great. It's crazy. It's crazy in place if you ever looked through the window at the making all that one person in there just spinning around it. It's like a one like a cartoon well. I've seen multiple notable people but there's only room for girl. It is all one girl and you think you saw six girls but they were in the space of one girl and do you know how some cookouts have like a table outside of them. Yeah this cookout that was somewhere between the beach and Ardy Cardi. You had nothing it was just like we do not expect you to stick around way so I drove across the street to an abandoned parking lot which are so much of just as bay abandoned building us in down east. There's nothing there there's nothing there between the beach in Raleigh. There's nothing I I used to drive that every week to see my in-laws <hes> so it's like a it was a post apocalyptic type of vibe to it from time to the cookout in a bojangles. I'm tasting either a barbecue sandwich or corn dog or a case de no particular order. I can't believe they have enchiladas. I did not I couldn't I met against I. I'm not confirming that Lance dance with Lacey and Lance told me he may have meant case India oh because when I got there I saw Casey and just got the menu so big. I didn't want it then continue reading to see if they had on Chilanga. How is the the savage? You Sandwich solid very good eight sauce already on it. They asked me if I wanted slaw in Texas pedo and I said well. Who Do you think I am XS Peadar? Yes I'll I would have gotten it but it was very good. <hes> steam not Texas Texas. Pete is not a barbecue sauce and you know that yeah because you yeah well because it's got it's it's a you mean. Does it already have like vinegar barbecues yeah. It's it's got some sort of vinegar sauce in the meat. Okay Juno bojangles is also now serving being a pulled pork. Sandwich is on the menu. I didn't get that really and I'm sorry I'm sorry I had to throw somebody into the buses quickly. Let me do this Atlantic beach on Atlantic beach which is technically an outer bank. You Know Ah Emerald Isle Atlantic Beach there on this island well. There's a bojangles on that island. I was staying on that island for a few days and we took shepherd to bojangles. I haven't been to bojangles yet. I get to bojangles Atlantic beach again line in the <hes> the only place in the world that does the bojangles is the only place in the world that does the line where you gotta go around like getting ready to go on a ride like switches back. Oh not in a car you told my interest in the restaurant. There's a switch back yeah yeah and then you get up there and then you order and they say it into the microphone. It's awesome just wondering why they're still doing that but it. That's like an amusement ride to it was like boggle up. The first thing that threw me off is I'll get in line. There's a there's a murmur going through the line and it's that they're out of dirty rice which I wanted dirty rice I was going to get dirty rice and beans caging Pinto's. I love the fact that made its way back through the lie or editor. What are we going to do? Other direction Russia Roller coasters broke she release you across coach. She would go back to the mainland she would go to more. Those kinds of things are happening and then I'm like okay well. I don't have to get dirty rice forty five minutes later. What is when I was receiving my food at the forty five minutes later this place I love bojangles but the one in Atlantic beach is so mismanaged that it is a disgrace to the name of bojangles angles it is because lock in his cousins went and they also had to wait forty five minutes at a difference? I'd I realized that is peak season but you weren't going to Joe Bangel. There's there's eleven people in line. There were eleven people in line and some of them were like three people together as a party. We're not wasn't eleven different groups. It was like four different groups forty five minutes. Did you band together with those people in like I'm not done. They're out of dirty rice. I get up there I order. They're still had a dirty rice at that point and I didn't even ask for it the route of honey mustard payment post-apocalyptic then we get our T. of course we got sweet. Tea Jesse wanted she said bring me back unsweetened easy and then shepherd overnight. We're going to get sweet tea because we're here. When in Rome we sit down and shepherds I think I got mom's tea and he says let me take any tastes knows no takes my dad? These are all in sweet. I was like shepherd. This is just your ten year old pal. Let me take them. They're all on sweet wheat. Go back up and I say sorry. Do you put a sweet tea. In these sweet tea's okay he forty five minutes later that happened in about seven minutes. It wasn't too long okay. He feels him back up. We go back down and shepherds his dad. There still on sweet taste. He's right right. They have not put any sugar in the sweet tea. I begin to see people who've already waited forty five minutes for their meal getting up and looking at the old man walkabout. He's talking to himself. I was like the Swede is it. He was so he didn't even hear me. He goes up. He gets his tea and then there's a woman better. She's like y'all. T's not sweet. This is bad. I mean I this. This is put sugar in the Thi. This is the start of a riot in North Carolina. There's a bojangles representative. Listening Sinn help to the one in Atlantic beach man because I'm not going to go to it anymore is like I didn't. I don't WanNa ruin it. The food is so good. I mean when bojangles runs for mustard. You need to airdrop some. If I believe airdrop a manager in there I believe that it might be actual sacrilege to serve sweet tea. That's not sweet. I think those people might go to hill me to the. I think that might be an unforgivable sin right especially when they're like no but this one is and if you do it twice yes yes you go to the third level of hill sorry for that little ran. I didn't expect to do that but I was really upset very upset. I would be afraid I mean with those things happening at a boating that would literally I would be like kids. We gotta get Outta your cause some bad's going to have like someone is going to get to upset and there's going to be like they're gonNA be rippin like paper bags and I don't know throw intenders. Yeah I call him. Tenders Supreme Supreme also have home style tenders yeah. They're not hot. They don't have the spice for the children's. Yeah Yeah I saw I saw a full grown man order. Those for the week shook my head of the week men and Children Not oh man so you're you're hurting. I feel good now that I got that out. Though you got to cook cookout in you I got this V. I.. Man It was like it was beats and Yams and they had this they had to think barbecue was they had to think Oh barbeque. It was made out of mushrooms rooms. Where is this at cafe gratitude? Oh I place we talked about this and when you order off millions it's additives like whole and complete and serene and when you order you're supposed to or over the the W. H.. O. L. E. put this in your whole. We're having a real whole homonym of an episode here. Sometimes you got to clarify there. Were no cops there. It was it was it was what was I say whole yeah when you order you say I am devoted and then you devote trouble. I have trouble with the system but I appreciate it I did. I appreciate what what it's trying to do. Gas and I'm not talking about these. Exceeding is not the volume. It's the flavor snits sn it all right. I mean we got more to talk about in terms of our tour select but I wanNa let you know the ear. 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I'll quickly go through the rhythm of tour you know because I think he can be romanticized in many ways to do. I mean we were. We're spoiled in a number of fronts. <hes> first of all I just want to brag about everybody who came out to this leg of the tour and saw us you guys were super supportive and and welcoming I mean and you know even I'm always fascinated and we're we're so analytical. When it comes to anything we create or anytime we perform like the moment were done putting something out into the world or we come backstage after something? We're immediately assessing how well it went in it it. It never fails to surprise me. How different audiences are different? Well how all audiences are a little bit different the things that as a whole they that resonate with them some audiences a really they like to cheer Somalis his like the laugh. Somebody says do both some like to talk some like to talk to us and I think we they're accused that we give if that welcome that and sometimes it's sort of a show we kinda we're l'amour open than other times and we made it a point to try a few new songs and the banner in between like we that's our moment to see if we increase something new every single time. Give take you know we talked about how when Comedians are musicians tour a lot of times they have to win over the audience and we never have to do that because the people who show up our dedicated mythical beasts so there's this comfort level and so we're spoiled on that Front we also Hal bus that we travel in now when when the bus goes a really long distance in between shows we do fly but we finally realized. Is it for most of the Galley. We didn't do this but we started to realize towards the end that hey we can we can sleep on the bus. This can actually be fun. This might be the best part of the whole thing. Maybe not for six seven young man visiting that the bunks are six six yeah in length I'm so but we are spoiled to have a bus that has nice banks and then it pulls a trailer with merchant stuff behind it and so us us in the crew we basically traveled on the bus the whole time also brought my kids lily and Lincoln along with us on this leg of the tour but just having a bus like that not having like sleep in a van or out of a crappy hotel or something well it was it. I don't know if this is necessarily the case with <hes> you know like a band that would be going around. I mean I guess they do. Stop somewhere to shower but we do got that you got that corn crop coming up. We do also these basically we as soon as the show's over we have our meet and greet. We usually don't get out of town start. You know the busters start rolling until after midnight maybe twelve thirty and then we roll into the next town we most of us go to sleep immediately or within an hour or so and then you don't set an alarm or anything you just wake up what you said we roll into town in. Most of us go to sleep now. Once the bus starts moving go to sleep and in his driving to the place roll out of town roll out of town. Yes yeah so like an hour after we leave everybody's pretty much asleep and so then you don't send an alarm you just wake up it. Some you know you go to bed that late. If you'RE GONNA BET at one thirty you know most people are gonNA wake up at nine ten. I'm awake up ten eleven and <hes> then we realize the buses no longer moving and that everyone is vacated the bus except for me. My children usually the neal's of the last off the bus I I was the last off the bus one time but <HES> <hes> most of the time you guys are get up all your shoes or still. They're they're still here <hes> but then here's Gary Our tour manager has created basically a map are like a very simple set of directions for like this is how you get to the hotel. Here's your hotel key. You do have a hotel because you're GONNA go there and basically shower and we I would just basically shower and then we'd have a couple of our go out some go out and eat lunch and then maybe you know walk around or if if they're scooters we was scoot around town for a couple of hours before we have to get back for soundcheck consigning posters for the meet and greet and all that I'll tell you denver is a good place to scooter very good. I got this river there. It's like got rapids all in it and then there's like fancy all the path. They got around this river. Yeah that was a I'd say Denver. Who was the scooter scooting highlight yeah scooting capital of the world you might say scooter low light was probably Omaha Omaha? I would say I mean more for Britain than for us. Because man man he took a tumble what I saw the whole thing slow motion now. Let me just say that right before Britain had an his incident on <hes> I was thinking about we're in Omaha and there there's also a giant River River is it was Zuri rivers coming through Omaha and like we're going all around and scooting up and down these paths and there's this little like park next to the Conagra campus there and we're like going around this pond and I was thinking thinking after we've been out for like an hour and a half I was like Kinda surprised that no one has fallen yet and I actually in my mind was like Kinda surprised that like one of the kids and when I say one of the kids I kinda throw Britain. Britain is memorial kid than where he's nineteen we we could be as dad right. I mean he's only five years older than Lincoln and I was. I'm surprised at one of them hasn't fallen on the scooters yet and literally three minutes later. I'm booed him. I'm going I didn't say anything. Did you. Dabhol I'm going over this bridge in this part is sort of arched bridge and we get to the in Britain's in front of me and it was just this change in the surface this little bump sometimes all it takes a whole because I hit headed to drop off it was a drop off and then at bump on the other side because it was like this depressed area of like bricks and he hit it and I saw him begin to lose control and then he overcorrected and then he came back then he overcorrected again and then he flew off of the scooter full speed and did a pretty athletic move to like fall down in roll into a backflip and then land in the grass but I could see on his face immediately that he was shaken all yeah I can see as I was coming over the bridge horizon where his feet in the air or you saw that yeah and then he was he was rolling tore up is elbow and his in one of his hands and it's like oh man of the moneymakers right guitarist the show I mean we're GONNA show well ahead of show the next night right because we didn't have showed that night now. Thankfully Jenna who is here was also there at the time because Lincoln I just proceeded to laugh and make fun of breath. She says her in shock and <hes> we we. We knew he wouldn't really hurt. He wasn't actively bleeding. There wasn't anything Bro. He was actively believe he was actively in fact he got blood all over his pants. Yeah he was shaken. He got he got little Pale. He's a little bit in shock but be knew that he wasn't permanently injured so we laughed and <hes> that's what guys do man and <hes> in the came in and was thinking straight and strategically that magic fluid you started porn on his on his arm like contact solution. It was just water. Oh it's just water. She used just her go now. She used her glasses cloth. Oh it was the clock and that's the what when you said I use my glasses cleaner. I thought all of that liquid up until this moment I thought she was pouring glasses cleaner. Originally I was like <hes> macgyver but that's also poison. It's I thought it was alcohol. No I think that I think that which is why was you're sitting on the side laughing. Because who am I who knows what I would have poured in his wound right. I let me pee on it. Man I think when you get stung by some asphalt you gotTa pee on it yeah just like a jellyfish but probably could have convinced that would have been funny Genita- Caravan and we we did all scoot back to a place where we could drop the scooters off because we were outside of the scooter scooter off loading area that we couldn't the APP would not accept us to stop where we were but he ended up being okay. He looked kind of cool playing the next night with a large bandage yeah around his elbow. He got some sympathy points or whatever but anyway in terms of the schedule yeah we typically do some for a couple of hours. Usually no one would get hurt and then we'd show up at the venue we do a soundcheck we'd signed posters for the meet and greet and then we just sit back stage page we do we need our food and so it ended up being like three hours of just kind of sitting around backstage and then doing the show and the whole thing starts over again but you would really get into the rhythm of I can't wait to get back to the bus and I I know that was lillies favourite part. There's something about climbing on this bus in like at some points. The bunks were three high and at some point they were too high when they're three high you you cannot sit up in your bunk. You just got rolling and roll allow like log role but we got the two they gave me a new. I still get the too high yeah in some of the crew but the youngsters got the three high and I there is something like cozy. It's like cozy hideout and you lay down in the thing and then you pull your curtain closed and you velcro it and then you and then you can take your pants off <hes>. We'll take whatever you got on off if you want to. I wasn't naked. I had the really comfortable pants though that I they left on because they're always like it's almost like a blanket in and of itself. Here's a little light in there and then you can set up your earphones and you can listen to some like a playlist to help you sleep or you can just go to sleep to the Murmur and the Russell of the bus in that that was a lot of fun but I started playing while every night I would go to sleep with. I downloaded this playlist on spotify cow deep sleep and are listening at that thing and it would it was like eight or nine hours of just ambient sleep inducing and then some pianos over top what what headphones employed for this my bose noise canceling in your headphones not as sponsor right because you can't use the airports because they would run out eventually. I actually did use airport sometime and they would just fall out of my ears and not wake up in the middle of the night searching for an airport because I'd me to in anxious that I lost it forever. So does this preclude you from sleeping on your side. I would roll all over and sometimes the whole cordwood tangle around my waistline better by ear pain when you lose sight sleeper. I'm I'm a back sleeper and a sleep my side some in there is inner ear pain where it like. You're smoshing can't listen to things in the years. That's not the worst thing about it though but I will tell you what is and that's when you're listening to an eight hour playlist must've just instrumental ambient music which is great like sinew into a deep stupor which you only do this on while traveling you don't do this at home. I do not <hes> and I'm laying there sleeping and then all of a sudden a woman says to me. Don't leave me and I'll walk up terrified and I I like look around. There's no woman woman right. There's no there's no. There's nobody talking on this deep sleep playlist much less singing. This is instrumental and I'm like I was. I dreamt that a woman's to don't leave me and went back to sleep was at Christie's voice. I was Kinda. It was a it was it was more dramatic than that. There's a dramatic dramatic. I Dunno it was it was a lot of need in it. It was it was it was very disconcerting and I don't remember dreaming anything but I I was able to go back to sleep and then became nothing wake up next day five fast forward to the next night same routine go to sleep been asleep for a few hours and then all of a sudden the woman don't leave me. She returned and this time I woke up and I'm like okay I know. Is there a ghost in here. I don't on what's going on and I'm like it's the freaking playlist in the middle of nine hour playlist this just instrumental. There's one snap sound snippet in the middle of a song where a woman says donate me and that is terrifying. It's a spotify you got to remove that from the playlist in a matter of fact I found it because the third time I was like you know what when this happens. I'M GONNA take a screen shot and I'm going to remember so I can remember where this is. It's just an Easter egg -ment it's an Easter egg that people who commit fully to the playlist experience Alana Johnson Breathing Star. It's Alana all right. I'm a plate is for you. I like to feel needed wanted now when you're in a deep sleep minutes like what I'm not leaving you girl. I'm laying here asleep. I'm. freaked me out man so then I you know I told the people at the show that night and then there was a good runner about don't leave yeah. We're really worked it. Did that's the type of Steffi Live for you know getting scared. I thought crap scared what I was thinking was going GonNa Happen is the music was going to drop out completely. Someone who's going to say don't leave me and then again because that that would that would wake me up for sure <hes> so that was a low light but I would say a highlight of the tour besides again like I said we're so spoiled by the but it was just a great audience reception and it was great to connect with so many mythical beasts and to get even more of an idea of what makes them tick and what makes them laugh. Uh it turned out to be very special for me because Lillian Lincoln were there. I didn't think Lilley was going to be able to come but then the fact that they both were able to come now I I mean we should say that <hes> lock was going to come but then in because of its go ahead like five basketball games in that in that Levin period so it would have been he would have left his boys hanging yeah he couldn't. He didn't do it but he was obviously invited and there was a chance he may come come and then and then hopefully future he'll be able to do something like that because it was so special for me my kids and of course Landau too young shepherds probably too young because they they need it for themselves. The kids had to fend for themselves but you know it just it. I realized that it was such a sweet and special time for me and Lillian Lincoln afterward when I started reflect on the fact that really the only time that we spend that much time together like every waking hour for ten days straight. The only time we do that is like if we go on on family vacation you know and a family vacation is a totally different vibes and being on tour because everybody's in a different mode when vacation that's happening but when we were on tour it's like we're in Tormo still like we're working and we're doing things and I think they they kinda rose to the challenge. I wouldn't call it a challenge but they can't a rose to the occasion of hey we're. We're part the crew you know they they rolled some posters and they went hand him out at the meet-and-greet. They didn't roll posters every night. Sorry Jinnah but you know they felt that they were treated as equals you know and I could definitely see that in their takeaway. They like reported back to Christie and Landau when we got back home how much thing enjoyed it and they talked about tour life. I was hopeful but I I didn't want to be to hope you know me. I think it is per omega back. They're going to have this perfect idea of what a tour was and is going to be the most influential thing in their entire lives so I I didn't want to go into full dad link mode with my expectations but I was so I was pleasantly surprised that it meant so much to them and they said they had a great time and I think just spinning not amount of time together. Cube really get to again when you're not in vacation mode. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other because you you I was able to observed him interacting with the other members of the crew in like okay when do they choose to pipe up and what do they choose to say. What are their perspectives on things? It's something that I don't have the benefit of that often and actually thought about. I got a little jealous of Christie over the years. Here's who as difficult in demanding as as it was for her to home school the kids for all those years. They've been a public school for thirty year now but in the same with Jesse it's like I got to see a little bit of aside needed them that I think Christie and I I'm guessing Jesse got to see of our kids that we don't get to see as much when it's not like you're constantly with them. You know and then at the end of eleven days then you're good you. Don't I have to do anymore yeah right but you know it just turned out to be a very special time and you know what they said that they enjoy getting dig. No you more in kind of a work mode unprompted. They were like you know what I actually have a different view of Rhett and I'm like and I told autumn about my vacation theory and I extended. I was like yeah a lot of times when you see red. It's like it's in family or if we do vacations together it's in that type of mode and it was just like the thing that I think it was Lincoln who said he was like maybe it was lilly. She was like you know what you guys. I thought it was cool to get to see you guys actually enjoy hanging out with each other. I was like we'll have you ever watched our show but I think she knows that that's this show but it's not a show I think is what she said. I enjoyed you guys enjoying join each I yeah I didn't know what I thought about in my first thought when there were GONNA go as we're going to have to like worry about them and yeah not be able to get into places because because they're too young and etc etc but I my thought was a strip clubs again yeah yeah my I've never been in a strip club Joe. My thought was no judgment. If you have eight right listen I. Let's change yourself yeah. I'm GonNa Strip club. I didn't say didn't say anything about that. I was talking about bars. You know we're eighteen enough or twenty-one up. You know some there's some establishments where children are allowed right right so but I actually think that having and I think that Britain also contributed to this as well yeah having younger people they're like CH- definitely significantly changes changes the dynamic because we have a tendency to just be in work mode like all the time now sure well. Let's go get on the scooters in in you know run around with like we would do if it was just me and you and has been just me and view and gone out and and to scoot around or whatever but I think that so that about having kids there it lightens the atmosphere. A little bit is not that we don't know how to have fun with each other. It's just that we have so many things going on that. There's at any moment we could stop and start talking about some you know work related thing or some project and you're gonNA visit creative thing. We'll do it in a very serious manner and so I think that they actually Kinda like changed the dynamic dynamic of the group dynamic him being kids just being silly yeah and kind of having this vibe a wanting them to have a good time so electing to do more things to have a good time versus. Just maybe I'll just sit in the hotel caller. Let's talk about work and I you know I do WanNa say I really do appreciate the way that you included them and you know on the it was unfortunate but totally understandable that lot wasn't able to come at the fact that you were able to extend stand yourself to include them as much as they without me asking they noticed and I really appreciated that too. I thought that was very gracious and <hes> yeah I think it was I think phone was had by everyone except for maybe Britain's elbow elbow and I think it's cool just in conclusion. <hes> you know a lot of people ask us. What are your kids think about what you do and it it was just it meant a lot to me that they thought it was fun and cool pool to be a part of something their dad was? Doing you know it. There weren't any I rolls. It was like hey this is yeah and that in isis co I yeah I do want you know and if lot can't go in the next a couple of years or whatever then hopefully Chevro- bill to like I I do want them to be able to experience it because <hes> yeah it's like there's a different field than just saying. I'M GONNA come on set when you have guessed yes. I'm interested in or something like that. There's a there's a different. It's a different thing. I'm glad they'll see we had the opportunity to give them that gift and I know I I believe that they'll remember that trip forever and that's what I hoped for so that was my highlight light but I I wanna hear about your vacation to because we haven't had a chance to talk <hes> yes so we got through with the tour I flew directly from Minneapolis to the beach in North Carolina to spend time with my wife's family <hes> her parents and her sister and husband in kids <hes> and we were going to <hes> spent a couple of days in one location a couple of days in a few today's another location so you may if you followed me on Instagram Shutout Red himse on instagram very dynamic instagram account from time to time you may have seen my <hes> what went went down on the day of July fourth. I don't know if you saw any the only thing I saw was you look at for horses which you can leave for instagram after that I was like Okay Oh you missed you missed. That was just the the warm-up story story. You didn't see the fireworks show brother Okay so I've talked about this before a talked about how my father-in-law used to get fire. There were together. He would produce the show I he would finance the show and then I would go down executive producer go down to South Carolina and <hes> by the fireworks and then spend all day like wiring them together with extra fuses and stuff and like creating like as crazy of an amateur firework shows you can get away with right well illegally in North Carolina well. It's illegal in the sense that going sixty two fifty five is is there sixty four and a fifty five is because okay no they on July four turn a blind I it turn a blind I in fact I've had the cops and when I say cups and this heading I mean C._o._p._S. drive by while while I was in the process of lighting a crap ton of fireworks on on lighting them and they just kind of like not just like Oh. It's forty one so you're American. I'm American. Oh Man Y'all have to show you. I've still got video of some of it because we were renting a one of my well. We were staying at one of my father-in-law's houses that he's got down there. They have like a you know property company. That's got different houses that you can so we kind of let reserved one of them and it was one that was on the sound that had a very long doc that went out into the San hose. This is perfect. We're going to take all the fireworks out onto the dock in light them but I'm not gonNA take all day to to get the extra fuse. I was like just give me a powerful lighter that you know is a win proof like torch kind of lighter and then we'll just figure it out in the moment you know just take some stuff out there in light it and drink some stuff together. You're not used to all that prep anymore here all right anymore and also I had lock and then his two teenage cousins and and then my brother-in-law so we had a lot of help to like get the things out on the dock and and first of all. I don't remember exactly how much money we spent on fireworks ten years ago. which is the last time I did this but my father-in-law went a little bit nuts with the amount of stuff that he bought like he sent one of his employees down in South Carolina and the guy came back and like the he had a twin cab lab or like quad cab truck or whatever like the whole back seat was just stacked to the ceiling with fireworks like this guy had been in an accident and there was a little spark? Oh my gosh he would have liked created a crater. It's not what he wasn't a smoker on that day anyway we set these things off and the cool thing about setting the fireworks off in the sound as you've got all these people watching from of course we got my family. That's up there on the DOC on the deck watching from the House and then you get everyone else it just come out to the back of their houses along the sound on both sides to watch all the fireworks happening about worn them about known by about the second round of lighting a couple of these like you know they basically come in these boxes of fireworks that have like it's just a box of the fuse on it and it has got a bunch of mortars like built into it some sometimes it's ten shots. Sometimes it's forty shots right anywhere in between basically squeezes own little show yeah we had like fifty of these banks so there were times we were lining up like six in twisting to fuses together and three of us would let him at the same time in then run and by the time we did like the second round of these things we had an audience like people like people can tell when you've done. You've gotten through with a little bit one round right. It's like last five goes off and it gets quiet and then all of a sudden all these people from wider wider and wider radius. We'll go and then we just we had an audience. That's that sound like a rebel yell now and then there's other people doing fireworks other houses within by about the fourth or fifth in first of all they were like fifteen rounds that we did but by the third or Fourth Round One guy yells out you win. It's like that's all I needed to hear is funny at that is what that is what that's specifically what you were after right you win. Not that's awesome like he said exactly what you know I. I told my father-in-law was like when I when he when the guy I said all the things that I was like we are going to have the best fireworks show. We're GONNA win firework in area you know non-professional that is funny. He's talking about the wounds because last year we're watching fireworks and from our house like from our bedroom deck we just happen to through some trees see the fireworks display of the local high school and I'm like we realized that we ran upstairs and we started this year the kids Washington but we were hanging out downstairs with some friends and we didn't you seem one fire Casino Mall. I'm sorry that that's my attitude but last year we were so elated because if I were started going off and it was mean Christina kids up there and all of a sudden in behind me I did hear in turn around and Christie's like what I'm from Kingston then that's almost down to the beach where you were his where she grow and it's like that's a i. I mean I that's just an instinctive southern thing when you see something on fire and this guy yeah well. Here's the thing it's this is. The reason is not only is better than a professional show because you're the one in control of it but like you're so close to it. Let me let me so. I'M GONNA win safe initial this is this is locked filming US light lighting one of the okay. This is all on instagram but great he's filming. He's filming the wrong part of it. He's filming the I._T.. Zibo I critiqued him. What I'll show you I'll show you filmed it even when he films the fireworks he's just below the it's? The is the peer catching off fire well. We'll get to that in a second. Ah I'll show you one that I filmed this is this is you can see a flame on there right. You see that flame yeah. What is that flame well? It's one of the things I didn't put this on instagram because I was a little embarrassed about this zooming is that's when I filmed ran back guys much rednecks out there with their shirts so kidding. That's one set oh my gosh. These are huge. That's you these are massive. You'd never seen this before. You never been president for one of these. I mean like it's a legit. Fireworks show show you thought I was talking about little bottle rockets. I didn't know that big and listen. You're right next to it like it's in fact we did we had getting sprayed we had five leftover and we took him to the other beach house which is up on the <hes> intercoastal waterway like on the river okay and there's another dock we take it out on that and I lit like six that night. This is Saturday night so July seventh. I guess just a couple nights ago and technically. I think they're illegal by that point. It did not turn a blind but we had more. You're like going out on a doc so as to the view oh you're not doing that so if it catches on fire the whole Donald is burned to the water and then it safe well it does that does help because I'll get backed up how he had to handle that fire and there was one where the wind was coming back towards us in some they don't always go as high as they should and we was one that blew up and then it blows up into a bunch of different pieces than it blows up begin in smaller explosions. I swear there was one that happened where the second small explosion on the one closest to the action because I light it then I kind of go down the stairs because this doc had like two levels and then I'm kind of Washington one came. I swear that I was getting hit with the slow sparks. It's not safe as I said on Instagram I gave a my wife made me do a disclaimer. Jesse was like you need to do a disclaimer so people don't do this. I said my wife wants me to give you a disclaimer. Do not do this unless you're a redneck is what it is what I say as cool as this looks and his fun as much fun as I'm have you hurt yourself if you're not a reddening but so fire time so Jesse first of all she says do you have a fire extinguisher anguish or light right before we're getting ready to do this and I'm like no and I was like we're doing it in over the water and she's like you need to have a fire extinguisher knows okay so they had one at this house like underneath the sink and what happens. It's after these things go off as you can see it's so hot that sometimes they just end up catching fire after the all the stuff is gone and so looking at that mean Chris or like trying to figure out what to do but we ran in the fire extinguisher. I'm sure they they basically expended. It was one of the fire extinguishers like we used in t shirt or where it was the powder in runs out real fast and then we had more fires happening to the sweetness in the boys the fire brigade to the House to get buckets and we took sound water started throwing it all over the fireworks and I will say that one of them was on fire before the water got there and had a throw it into the water but we did get Isaiah to go retrieve. It had to go to the next DOC doc the damp trash yeah so everything's good still good. We still get yeah. We're still good man. You make me nervous now and I. I'm not there. I understand I do understand that it's not it's not responsive. One of these rednecks has got to carry on but you know you gotTa have a little fun every once in a while man you got to celebrate but it was so hot I mean <music>. I forget how hot it is. We'll find out next week hotter than the fourth of July. It'd be back in North Carolina for something that will tell you about this novel related but we're going. We're going out there next week. That's right. It's unbelievably Lee high. I walked outside. My frigging sunglasses fogged up like I don't remember that happening growing up. They just fogged up completely because I was going from A._C.. But your face your California face gets hotter as adjusted. No it's not adjusted so when you go back to North Carolina Your California face just it's like oh my gosh my face so hot I gotta get rid of it and it pushes it onto the glasses and they fog up. Oh that's that's very good. If you live there all the time it's like Oh you don't you learn how to not fog up your glasses and it rained. Your face learns that it rained every day but I didn't help. You didn't care because you were already wet like you cannot just you just just go outside and your wet. I mean immediately start sweating from everywhere. That's why you said a bunch of rednecks not having shirts on but you very quickly learn I might as well and I have a journal you might as well be naked because any clothes that if you have just immediately stick to you like I put genes on to get back on the plane coming back yesterday and I just had jeans on to basically walks in my car and I was like I remember now while we always wore shorts like we were. We wish we mean you would go to work in shorts. I remember there was a point actually remember where some flipflops I remember when we were filming the documentary looking from his locklear we had a conversation. She wore jeans because we didn't want to look like a couple of walking around ensured but rice we were so hus- that was the first time we made a conscious choice only wear pants. Did you feel like a dumb ass. We're insurance. They were a little bit but I just I just quickly man. Yeah it's not you shouldn't feel that that way but we do know some about shorts just makes you seem like I don't do not enough you. What is it make you seem like a bear leg bare-legged men I don't know but if if they're pleaded and you can tuck your shirt into it then you're back? That's not the kind that ahead. You're in total. You're just you're just today. It gets so hot and IT GETS Super Hot and California's well it gets to be it'll be like one hundred ten towards into the summer here but it's never so hot that you actually feel like if I gotta get into shorts like it really doesn't it's because the humidity's differently. Do you feel like there is a way for you to feel cool and I don't mean temperature is I mean like trendy insurance shorts. I don't see an I don't see an option that I think for US good question well. I don't think I don't think we can pull off shorts. I think there are shorts out there that are trendy shorts at his don't have them and I don't know what constitutes trendy short I think they will shorter better than no shorts that I wear probably get more interesting patterns little shorter and thank you gotTa have a tank top on. Maybe visor none of those things. Can you pull off. I don't think I can't either yeah well I can't I think I pull off shorts well. I think I can pull off shorts. I don't think he can't you see my legs. It's I'm not common commenting on your legs. I'm just saying just the exposed nature of your. I have a lot of leg your thighs that I level some people. I have a lot of like I do <hes> couple of other notable things I drove around a car. That was an advertisement for my father-in-law's Dennis Dentistry the car hard that I had it was wrapped in a an ad Oh gosh did you get paid. No that's actually better it was wrapped in an ad that had my deceased grand mother-in-law on her face. Yes what yeah she was in one of the ads what what what do you mean in one of the ads how many ads were on the car well. It was like the whole thing was wrapped in your dead grand mother-in-law yeah well. She's she was she just past like a few months ago. Bush she what position edition wishy in your face she's smiling and showing your beautiful teeth really on every side of the car just she's on one side and there's another group of people like her and some other people on one side and there's other people on the other side so I was it was a was it driving ad. I means a free free transportation drought everywhere drove it all over the place yeah. That's that's did not get paid for it though and I thought it might be I thought about asking and when you hopped out. What were you wearing shorts arts music exactly I well this I didn't you were the total package brother know every morning? I woke up. I put on shorts and nothing else no shoes no shirt and I remained that way for all of the day Oh I don't I don't blame you. I'm just saying if it was not good for the brand and if it wasn't improper I wouldn't have had shorts on. You know what I'm saying like you. It's so hot. There's no difference between the inside your body and the outside of your. I know I'm just saying you don't need to protect got it in any way where people coming up to you asking you about the business oh yeah really made stuff up but they believe you because you wearing shorts and you were shirtless. So I think you kind of negated who is he shirtless man is. Is that the shirtless Dennis so hot I understand why doesn't does his work out here. There's a plumber called the smell good plumber shirtless dinner the shortage dentist CA technically. I only had shorts on but the shirtless dentists is something that I mean you're sitting in the chair laid back all of a sudden. You Got Armpit in your face. He's reaching over trying to get a utensil. Let me tell idea that armpit stinks. I know it does I don't I would put deodorant on in the morning but I might as well because you see the slippery slope hero you just start stinking. You just you stink constantly. I then you here again's long and you're like Baiter. I'm Peter I will say I had a dream about what when I was when I was on vacation I had a dream. This is really crazy lazy. I don't understand what happened. I think I may have seen some light news report because I had a dream where like the Saudi crown prince was flying a very small open hatch plane like an old style plane plane but he was pulling behind him another plane that was pulling behind it another plane yes that was pulling behind it. A boat a plane train without caboose that was pulling behind another boat that was very very large like a cruise ship style boat and then on and on and on and off in the a all in the air he was in the air. Even the boat was in the where were you. You were in the dentist. I was in an in some vantage point where I could see all it from the ground I on cliff and he was going by because I feel like I love with it but he was over the ocean. Okay your level and here's what I thought in the dream I was like man I gotta remember the details of this ear biscuits in the dream but I wasn't thinking about in dream. I was thinking about as if I've gotta remember this moment where the crown prince flew his crazy plane trae. You believe that you were you believed you were living the moment in so ironically now. I'm telling you about seeing that crown prince his plane train but I'm telling you about it one layer removed because it was a dream about telling you about it but now I'm telling you about the dream in which I thought of telling you about the plane drain wow that's weird. I think you shouldn't told I think you should've kept it in dreamland. I think you should email the Saudi prints but man you just wait when we go back it was going to be hot. I'm only packing shorts now. I can you get on a plane nothing but shorts is that like no shirt. No shoes service die kitchen. We have to wear shirt do you. Yes I've seen no signs. There's not saying lines but people shirtless no problem. People routinely get get kicked off of planes in fact shirt out people routinely get kicked off planes usually women for having overly revealing clothes now. I'm not saying I agree with this policy but just last week there was a report report of a woman who just had like a strapless tank top thing I don't know where to top and she got asked to leave the freaking plane and it wasn't even really risque and so if they do that. There's and I don't know if there's as an airplane of his airline policy but you have to wear shirt you can't if you just take your shirt off in the middle of the flight. They'll ask you to put back on sore. Could you please put your sure back on. They'll say that and then if you say he's so hot but it's so hot officer it's not GonNa work. I don't know if they would turn the plane around our from from from the flight dirk. We're going to have to u-turn go back order. You crew go to matter will not put a shirt on. I don't think that would happen you know but what about a mesh tank top you see nipple yeah. The straps are low and the nipples there on either side of them in their mind. Nepal's your nipples yeah for reasons that I'm still beginning to to try to unravel male nipples wasn't female nipples are perceived differently. I mean ones acceptable on instagram and one isn't so I would have to say that you're mechanism is the Modicum of morality. Your Mesh Nipples will probably get by on the plane commenced there beside mesh. Oh the all the meshes on the inside of the Nipples Yeah. That's what you said. I put my tanked up on backers. I think I think they would they were there would be a discussion about whether or not to approach you right when they're trying to sort out other almonds and the checks mix. They'd be like you see thirteen be busy the further back your plane is like if you're in the second plane or the third plane beam full pulled by the second plane be involved. You're going back to the plate within the less you wear so. If you're in that second boat you can be naked. I think the Saudi Crown Prince has pretty specific standards with the clinic comes to dress though I thought this boat I think that I'm not trying to get into that in any of those waters nipples civic podcast when you told me immediately pictured a plane towing a plane towing a plane in the air towing a boat that was on the in the air towing another boat which was much bigger as you said but that was in the water men if it was in the water I think water at one time last ones in the water. I think it started out in the water right. They all were they all both start in the water well. Nothing's starting to factory than their launched into the the water. Was it a water plane. No it was a little single engine open fate open-top whatever your body Princeton goggles yeah. I don't even know how rest guard that's pretty much. All happened to me a vacation. That's worth mentioning well. I hate dimissed house at home. Doing nothing wasn't even looking at your instagram. I don't know what I was doing did you. How did you occupy yourself? I'd sit in different places that you clean things O._e._M.. I'd sit in different places and eat different things that we're usually Vegan. I'm not going Vegan or anything. I'm just trying to counteract what had happened on tour. It felt good to do that crap. Am I supposed to have a wreck in effect note. I got her a relief ready. It's not ready me. This is a little bit of cheat because I'm GonNa Wreck something that I wrecked on twitter which may lower the value of this recommendation but I will expand recommendation. I will expand the recommendation as so as to make somewhat valuable. You may have seen that I tweeted about Blake. Crouches new book recurs Zhan Blake. Crouch is a guy <hes> believe he's from North Carolina and doesn't live there anymore. She shirtless on his book jacket. No plea shirted and <hes> the first books I ever read by him. He wrote a trilogy call. The Wayward Pines trilogy the First Book Wayward Pines and then there's two more and all those that was also made into show and <hes> then he wrote another book called <hes> dark matter would run another but what is he an author called <hes> dark matter which is all the wayward his very. It's all kind of like sci fi psychological thriller kind of situation. If you're into that kind of thing I am dark matter was all about parallel universes multi-diverse in navigating advocating those and just super thoughtful book in when he goes into sort of the science behind these very crazy concepts in the way that he explores them. You can get a little squirrelly sometimes when you're trying to approach things that there is some sort of scientific understanding established about these things but then you're trying to write a fictional book about them and I just feel like he strikes a really good balance and then recurs is his latest <hes> book which is all about the nature of Memory Marie and <hes> some very sifi stuff that is <hes> based on some current understanding of the way memory works but taking that to a very sort of unexpected place anyway highly recommend Blake crouch crouched in general his latest book <hes> you can start with any of these. His latest book is recurring. I recommend it if you're into <hes> sort of a wild ride for your mind. What are you doing over there? Nothing and I'm listening. I'm sorry I there was a tangle in my thing and I was just letting you do you think of fixes afterward recurs. Can you say a wild ride for your mind this very very entertaining.

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