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1388: The Emptiness of Sports is Most Felt in Victory by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist on Pursuing Passions


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This is optimal living daily episode thirteen eighty eight the emptiness of sports sports is most felt in victory by Joshua Becker of becoming minimalist dot com and I'm your narrator just Amal reading your blogs every single day of the year to help you live more meaningful awful life with permission from the authors in the show covers personal development or self-help productivity motivation inspiration into Lamar Browse Gary to it as we optimized your life. The emptiness of sports is most felt in victory by Joshua Becker of becoming minimalist dot com. I just finished watching the New England patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl forty nine. I lived in New England for six years and began sharing for the Patriots then and the Super Bowl was played in Phoenix just down the street from where I live now so those kind of fun I guess you could say my team won or at least a team. I cheer for one. An interesting thing happened to me when a team that I cheer for wins a major sporting championship. This year's no different. I'm instantly taken back to a conversation with a friend that occurred almost twenty years ago. Specifically it was the mid nineteen ninety s and the Nebraska cornhuskers just won the NC double a college. I football championship after celebrating with our friends ashore while after the final whistle we got ready to leave while the party ended I recall vividly sitting in the passenger seat of my friends friends Honda Accord remarking how fun it was to win but not sure knowing what to do next. I suggested that maybe we each had home to bed because we needed to get up early. The next day for school. He agreed and made this passing remark. The emptiness of sports is most felt in victory. I knew immediately what he meant. We were huge huge Nebraska Corn Husker fans even though neither of US played on the team or even attended the school but that didn't matter we invested a lot of resources into the season the the team scheduled dictated ours we spend money on t shirts and hats even some tickets during the year we tied our emotions to the outcome of the Games and we argued relentlessly with anyone who disagreed with the superiority of our team we were highly invested in them and their success then they won the big game and were crowned champion Campion. We were excited for them and for us but then we returned home to go to bed. Life doesn't stop for National Championship up until this particular year here. I never personally experienced a championship for one reason or another. We had always fallen short in defeat. The emptiness is rarely felt because there's always next year the thrill twelve to pursue still remains you can look back and debate what went wrong or what referee cost you a chance at the title you talk about the next season and what changes need to be made and how things things will turn out better. You're left hoping striving to defeat those that defeated you but when you win the pursuit of the goal is removed. There's no one one left defeat. There is no obstacle left to overcome your team has reached the pinnacle of its sport but it doesn't change your life in any way in fact work begins gins again in the morning the emptiness of sports. He see his most felt in victory but there's not a negative post to disparage athletics. I've competed in both individual jewel. Man Team sports my entire life through athletics. I've learned and continue to learn important life lessons about teamwork discipline strategy perseverance. It's the role that competition plays in our lives. Also this is not opposed to disparage those who play sports or those who coached them professional collegiate varsity or younger. The goal of sports is to become the best all around athlete or team that you can possibly become and that progress is displayed on the field of play congratulations into the New England patriots they have given their life and skill to the pursuit of championship and their hard work has paid off no doubt accomplishment results ingred satisfaction for them and everyone one involved in the organization instead. This is opposed about the things we decide to pursue with our lives because sometimes is difficult to notice the emptiness of these pursuits. It's until we actually obtain them. While we are striving before we reached the top the reward appears to be worth the effort in the investment but this is not always the case for example consider the pursuit of riches when we don't have them but choose to pursue them we do so because we think the solution to many of our problems lie there in money we. I believe we will find contentment. Security respect confidence more importance but the emptiness of riches is most felt in victory only when we obtain them do we discover money does not bring nearly as much security and happiness as we expected. Zig Ziglar said in this way quote money will bring happiness but everyone wants to find out for themselves and quote the same argument I believe could be made of material possessions public accolades fame or early retirement when when we do not possess these we desire them and faithfully invest our time and talent into them. I often wonder if these pursuits also fall short of our greatest potential ungraceful film film it but maybe it is not until we finally achieved them that we recognize the emptiness of them. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS DILEMMA TO BE HONEST. I'm not entirely sure but whenever I discover a pursuit of brings fulfillment upon his accomplishment I feel called to invest more and more resources into it. When I give my full attention to parenting well and feel the satisfaction that comes from it. I desire more of it. When I reached the end of day of work knowing my focus was on other people I feel fulfilled and I desire more of it. When I generously invested money into 'cause I believe in and feel a sense of accomplishment. I desire to invest more money in that direction ultimately. This is not a post about sports. This is opposed about identifying which pursuits bring the greatest fulfillment in life in finding the strength to invest our resources in them. 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They'll do for today have a great day great weekend if you're listening in real time and I'll see you tomorrow for minimalist Monday where optimal life awaits.

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