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The Paul finebaum show podcast has been brought to you by the Capital One sabre card earned four percent cash. Back on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. Now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply. The pride passion, then Patrie of college. Football leaves here is the Paul finebaum show our one pint cast read we're sitting in for Paul today. It is an audio only version of the finebaum show today. So no TV if you are in the habit of listening online or listening on the radio, and then getting home from work on the TV you will not find the show there later on today because we are audio only. But that's all right, by the way. Why is it always audio only when I host Bill? I'm trying to figure that out John Hayes. I don't know if you have any feedback or it's it can't be a looks thing. Because Marty McGee have a show SEC network. So I know I'm not not too ugly to be on TV. But for whatever reason, it's always audio only when I'm hosting, but we'll still have a great show for you. Today. We have several topics to get to several guests to get to. We are going to attempt to talk a lot of college football here today on the show. I know that's that's generally the thing. But we just finished up the final SEC spring game with Georgia having played on Saturday. And now we can kind of look ahead as we're basically four months away. I know that still sounds like a really long time, and it is, but it's a lot closer than we were just a few months ago. Right. So four months away from the start of the season some of the takeaways from the spring, we're going to talk to Seth Emerson and. Little bit about Georgia. We're gonna talk to Matt Baker about the Florida Gators or talk a little ACC with Andrea Adelson Bill benders gonna come on later on. We're going to talk about the big ten, and then BarrOT Salih will join us later in the show to talk some SEC, of course. And so that's kind of what we got on the slate for you as we move ahead here on a Monday and the latter portion of April so last week, if you were a watching the show Seth Walder, our analytics guy who is in in my group here at ESPN, he was on with Paul to talk about the newest release of FBI the football power index, and you know, some of the SEC teams that were kind of in the mix for chance to make the playoff and stuff like that. And certainly a lot of interest in that in fact, actually while we're on the topic. I might as well throw out that we tweeted out earlier. Now that spring football is over. What is your biggest takeaway heading into this summer and Jerome replied that Alabama Clemson are still the two best teams and a lot of people agreed with them and F B I agrees with them that Clemson and Alabama by far the most likely teams to make the playoffs. But that doesn't mean they're the only two obviously, it's a fourteen playoff in. So Seth went through some of that with Paul last week. There are more numbers, however within the SEC that Seth didn't get into. I'm gonna throw some of those out. Now, we can talk about them later in the show if you wanna call in and this is all for fun discussion. So if you disagree go right ahead, accept these are not my ranking. So if you want to argue with the computer will be a good radio, right? All right. So SEC two thousand nineteen FBI says chance to get at least one team in the playoff ninety eight percent. So pretty much a lock that's. He's he's going to get at least one team in chance for two teams in the playoff sixty percent that feels a little high to me given there's only been one year that we've had a conference put two teams in the playoff. But it was the SEC and it was only two years ago almost happened again last year. So maybe that's not off base. Sixty sixty percent chance for the SEC to get teams in the playoff, by the way. FBI also says fifty eight percent for the big ten to get one team in so chance for the SEC to get to is pretty much the same as the chance for the big ten to get one a chance to win the SEC title, Alabama, forty seven percent, Georgia twenty-seven percent LSU. Eleven percent is third most likely then going down to Florida. It's six percent. And then Auburn and am at two percent. Each chance to win the SEC east Georgia. No surprise, the favourite heavy favourite. Sixty three percent, Florida. Twenty one percent. In Tennessee, checking in as the third most likely at eight percent, which obviously is not all that likely, but FBI, and there's a chance for the vaults chance to win the SEC west Alabama, huge favourite much like Georgia. Sixty five percent LSU is the the number two pick their by FBI. Twenty one percent chance to win the west. And then you've got an Auburn coming in at five percent each and then Mississippi State at at four percent, and I'll ask this question later on in the show. But I think it's an interesting thought as we look at this have have we gotten to a point now where we can almost say that there's balance in the SEC, I realized that everyone still believes that Alabama's the best team and that Georgia's right up there with Alabama, and they have been for a couple years. But I think maybe what we're starting to see is a little depth behind those teams where maybe the gap between them and the rest of the division isn't as big as it's been there. People that think that you know, LSU is a legit top five team of Florida. Some people think is a legit at least top ten team. And if that's the case, maybe we're finally getting to a point where these these conference races are division races might not be as much of a foregone conclusion as they've felt in the past. And certainly that's something that we'll talk a lot more about as we get into the summer and beyond last thing here from FBI as we open up the show projected wins for each team for this season. Now, this is including a the possibility for some of these teams of getting into the SEC championship game. And so these numbers aren't exact I've rounded them when I say half, it's simply because over the course of all these simulations sometimes they'll win seven games sometimes the win eight games, and it's right around in between. So I might say seven and a half. But I'm well aware. Aware you don't have to call enter tweet and let me know that you can't win half a game. All right here. We go. Projected wins. Alabama eleven Georgia ten and this is in the the regular season LSU nine and a half, Florida, eight Missouri. Eight Mississippi State, Auburn, Tennessee and Texas am all at seven and a half Kentucky seven, South Carolina. Six ole miss six vandy five Arkansas five what's interesting to me. There is looking at South Carolina at six wins. F B I believes the South Carolina is like a French top twenty team is far as how good they are the schedule. However is a completely different matter FBI rate, South Carolina, schedule as the most difficult and all of college football, obviously, they're hosting both Clemson and Alabama. And then have some very difficult road games in the conference. In addition to that AM's got a killer schedule to L A and M. I believe is ranked the second toughest schedule and am plays. All. Of the top four teams and FBI three of them on the road. So it's just a brutal year for teams in the SEC, especially if you're not named Alabama or Georgia and don't have more talent than everyone else all in all F, B I. And we said this back in February believes that the SEC has ten of the top twenty teams in college football, people can certainly dispute that and I'm sure some of you will and that's fine. But that's kind of the way we see it as we go into the seasons. If you have any comments on that or anything else than feel free to give us a call as always eight five five to four two seven two eight five eight five five two four two seven two eight five when we come back. We're going to talk a little Georgia football with Seth. Emerson. Your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you have a cute little reading nut for those rainy days when you want to curl up with a good book. But you don't even read. So you just sit in there during. Under storms and scroll through memes on your phone and laugh in the darkness. The geiko insurance agency could help protect the dark mean filled corner, you call home call gyco in see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowner's insurance. Cried passion than patrons re of college football lives. Here is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast now joined by Steph. Emerson of the athlete. Welcome in Seth that taking me a little bit of getting used to saying that you are with the athletic, but it's been about a year now. All right. A little over a year anniversary was last week. We'll good deal. Always enjoy reading your stuff and catching up today on on Georgia football spring game on Saturday. It's a it's a wrap. Now, let's let's start with the quarterback situation, which has a very different feel from a year ago. Now, whether it was it was accurate to say at this time last year that there was a a real competition that Jake from hat on his hands with Justin fields. I don't know. It's hard for me to say, I know everyone wanted to make it a competition. It turned out not to be much of one but going into this spring and coming out of it. I think it's pretty obvious. This is Jake from team. Right. Right. And I think it was last year. But look anytime you recruit the nation's number one overall prospect there's going to be that kind of hanging in the background of. Well, what if he's so good? He has to play what he's so good. He actually beats out Jake femme you've got nothing like that this year. I mean, it's obviously J crumbs team and the interest from the quarterback standpoint for Georgia's spring was about who's going to be the backup. If something happens to j krom, it's you know, when when you have to really good quarterbacks as Georgia has had the last couple years the two previous years. They everyone says well, that's a good problem that this year. It's okay. Well, how bad is it if the crime goes down, and so people were trying to? Figure out over the growing. What did they have behind them? And that's it. I don't know that we're we're still gonna build any statues two sets and Bennett who's gonna be the backup at this point. But the spring game showed that he could be a viable option if they have to him and that one Mathis the true freshman from Michigan while he's probably a guy that will play four games. And then sitting redshirt he has some upside down the road to. Yeah. Well, coaches are very well aware of how important that that guy is the number two quarterback because we saw both teams in last year's national championship game win a game along the way and both went into that national title game undefeated because somewhere in the schedule the backup quarterback came in and helped them win a game where they were in serious trouble. Obviously that was yes, you see championship for Alabama. And for Clemson. It was the Syracuse game. So it's not a trivial thing who ends up being that backup. And how prepared is. He now you mentioned that you know, the playing time. The opportunity for that. I think it's one thing obviously that Georgia should have the luxury of because they're expected to be very good to dominate a lot of their opponents. So should be plenty of playing time available for whoever that second guy is right, right? And they had that at time last year with Justin fields to it. Just obviously wasn't going to be up time to keep them around. He wanted to start. And so he's going to be starting for how state this year. I think they're going to sprinkle in stats Bennett doin Mathis when they can't Stetson Bennett as one year of experience, but it was at a junior college. So they they they feel okay about the situation there. I'd say, but you you never know until you absolutely have to play. And Georgia's hoping that that does not happen in a real as in the game is still in doubt type situation. And so what questions that Georgia had entering the spring? Do they feel better about coming out of it? You know, one area. I'd say is probably the secondary. This was a situation of life without the Andre Baker. And it did not look good when they played without T. Andre Baker in the sugarbowl that might have been more the whole defense not just the secondary. They were also without the Andre walkers and be drafted later this week there. They were also without Jordan Davis, nose tackle. But the secondary this year. They're rolling out is pretty much the same one that was in that Sugar Bowl. And they looked better in the spring game. The takeaway for a lot of people when j crumbs struggled a little bit in that game UK from it a bed spring game. But you know, no one's really worried about Jake from especially in a spring game where you have rules set up. And you're you're being been they'll an offense and de'andre swift only gets a couple of carries. And then they sit in down. But what was encouraging was that for the Georgia team overall? I think is when Jake chrome was throwing the ball against the first team defense the first. Team defense did pretty well, especially when they were limited the edge guys with their rushing. So the secondary is kind of going one on one with those receivers maybe kind of two on one day from the receiver against the cornerback on a lot of these secondary held their own. So I think they felt pretty good there the other areas that. Kinda sticks out is what's the what sorts of going to do this year is it receiver, and we don't know that yet that didn't get advanced much in the spring because it was one of the few areas they had fourteen early enrolling spray, which is the incredible number, but they didn't have them at receiver. They're getting four receivers in the summer that all have a chance to be part of the rotation. Couple of five stars that could play right away and a grad transfer in there. So we don't know much about the receivers yet just Robertson did not play in the spring game because of an illness. So ball was not moved very much there. But the secondary they feel better about that talking with set them or sin from the athletic. Seth we just before you came on. We're mentioning at least FBI's take on chance to win each division. The SEC George, obviously, a heavy favourite in the east. If I were to tell you right now that Georgia does not win the east. What would? You say would be the most probable reason why. Probably that Florida in Dan Mullen second year had that year to affect you had a good first year. I think that the perception of Molen they're realistic perception of Mullen, when he got the Florida job was this is a guy who did pretty well Mississippi State when he didn't have the best talent when he gets to Florida when he has better talent. What is he going to do? And there was always that chance that he was going to be able to rise up and have. I think he did better in year one. Then a lot of people expected and you're to historically like Kirby smart had a great year two as a lot of people one of Dan Mullen, does great there. If you're asking me about what what's gonna go wrong for Georgia beyond like injuries. I would say that we talked about the secondary. I I think the defensive line is is okay, maybe not spectacular. So maybe some teams are able to do some stuff on their defensive. But it still comes back to Georgia's offense should be so good one. It's one of the best offensive lines in the country. I just think it's going to be hard for people to outscore Georgia most of the time. So I when I would look at Georgia. I would then look at the schedule and say starting particularly with that Florida game. I'm not writing off like when Notre Dame comes to Georgia and some of these other games. But starting with that Florida game you have a stretch where they've got Florida. And Kentucky's in there. But, you know, Texas AM allburn, I think actually goes Auburn, Texas in Georgia Tech. What if that really catches up to a team that's a tough stretch? They've gotta be playing their best football at that time of the year is for two it is for Georgia that they get Texas an NFL, but you've always got to go to Florida as in Jacksonville, and they've got to go to Auburn this year. And they've got to go to. So that's that's what I would look at it that November stretch and say how is door to doing that point? And are they playing their best football of the year because they're gonna need to survive that stretch. Yeah. Last thing Seth what's the level of concern. If there's any about replacing Jim Chaney Mel Tucker. You know, I when Kirby smart promoted from within for those jobs. He not only showed confidence in the two assistance less experienced assistance that he promoted for those jobs James Coley for the offense and. Dan landing. So the defense, but curry smart showed confidence in himself, and he showed confidence that he has instilled a culture here, and and create an organization as they always call it that you can do that. You don't have to bring in someone to reinvent the wheel as he said, I think a lot of people around here confident we'll see on James Coley. I talked to people that covered him, and we're part of his offenses when he was Miami's play caller from two thousand thirteen to two thousand fifteen and no one really has anything bad to say everyone says that he was he was good at his job. It would be the defenses problem or he did not have the offensive line that you will have the play with Georgia this year. And so people are expecting there's not new drop off there and defensively Dan landing and Glenn Truman was promoted to co co defensive coordinator, there unknown quantities as far as running defenses. But Kirby smartest so there. So I. Don't people round here. Don't seem to be too concerned. We will. We'll see only one way to find out. Right. You get on the field. And and see if there's much of a difference from last year, but certainly Georgia BULLDOGS based on talent should be there all the way to the very end. So Seth Emerson from the athletes. Thanks for thanks for joining us and talking Georgia with us today breath. All right. So naturally after talking Georgia now talk Florida when we come right back. We're going to talk to Matt Baker in the Tampa Bay times we will be catching up with him when we return here on the Paul finebaum show. Cried passion, then patrons re of college football lives. Here is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. Halfway through the first hour so long way to go here. Bone lines are open eight five five two four to seven to eight five. That's eight five five two four two seven two eight five we will be taking your calls after we get through talking some Florida football with Matt Baker from the Tampa Bay times. Matt you were you were at the Miami spring game in Orlando over the weekend. Explain to us why Miami was playing it's spring game in Orlando. Yeah. Thanks for having me on Brad. It's interesting. They were supposed to play typically at hard rock stadium. But the Rolling Stones did a musical group. You might have heard of them. They were actually supposed to play on Saturday at hard rock stadium. But then Mick Jagger had had some health problems. So the canes were looking around and they ended up doing the same thing that Florida state did in two thousand sixteen so they took their show on the road of tour Orlando, which just coincidentally happens to be where they're playing a really big opener in a couple of months against a team from the SEC just an old didn't twenty sixteen. So now they took their show on the road in front of nine thousand stands at Camping World stadium. Wow. This oh, so math. The breaking news. Here's the Rolling Stones are still touring. I I was not aware of that. I will say I was entering college in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and I remember that the stones. They were old then and they were having a tour called the steel wheels tour that year and that was. Thirty years ago. I'm impressed that they're still alive. But but good good for them. Hope Jagger's doing better today. Switching gears to the Florida Gators the opponent as you mentioned for Miami. And that season opener they wrapped up spring a couple of weeks ago fully bay Franks, obviously improved a good bit as the season went on last year. But still some young talented guys behind him on the depth chart. We're led to believe that that was a legitimate competition in the spring. How do we feel coming out of the spring? We were led to believe that weren't we? But from from what I saw in practice. I don't see how it competition. I mean, it's a leap Frank. And then there's a pretty big gap to Kyle, Trask and Emory Joan fleet pay. I don't know if this sort of fan base it ever gonna really trust them because of how much he struggled and mcelwain last year. And how rough you looked at times last year, certainly Georgia game in Missouri game kind of come to mind, but since the. South Carolina game where he shushed the home crowd. It's been a different player. I mean, his completion percentage has jumped eight point since then he's averaging two more yards per attempt than you did before that he's running better with more conviction. You looks a lot more confident and to me that continue throughout the spring. So don't was third highest jump in passer rating in the country last year compared to where he was the year before. So again, I'm not saying he's gonna win the Heisman or anything like that. Don't get me wrong. But he has certainly made a jump from a to at least a solid who pretty good. Maybe even good quarterback with a higher ceiling the net. So to me it's fleet they Franks and then there's a drop off between everybody else in the Gators quarterback. Or right now, I know there's a lot of optimism about Florida coming into this season. But if there's a reason to be pessimistic. What would it be what where's where's the glaring hole? It's the offense of line. I it's kinda crazy. Al Florida, Florida state Miami. I cover all three here. The Tampa Bay times. None of them come block worth a lick. Oh, three offense of lines are not very good. And it's been a years long problems. Bad problem having football, by the way. Yeah. Yeah. It is. Getting wind was was was decent enough last year. But it was one of the weaker links. I thought they lose four guys for starters from that line including John Taylor. Who's going to be a first round pick and one tackle? And then art has Ivy who's probably going to get drafted as one of the other tackles that is declaring weakness they've got some talent there. I mean became a returning starter bread. Hey, you've been highly thought of certainly has recruit, but he needs to be able to stay healthy. And and we'll see what the other guys around him can do, but there's not a lot of depth there. And there are some good players. But just not not quite enough of them yet. They're still young and growing. So to me the biggest concern I would have by far with Florida as the offense of lying, and that's something that Miami is going to be able to take advantage of immediately and week one. This is the Paul finebaum show. I'm Brad Edwards sitting in for Paul today. We're talking with Matt Baker from the Tampa Bay times talking about. The Florida Gators here. And I mentioned the optimism a lot of that has to do with Dan Mullen, and we're just talking in the previous segment with Seth Emerson. We were talking about Georgia. And I asked him if Georgia doesn't win the east this year. What's the most likely explanation for that? And he said, basically, you know, Dan Mullen working year to magic at Florida. And you know, he referenced the the improvement. They made last year. What would you say is the biggest difference that Dan Mullen has made so far in Gainesville? And coherent cohesive. Intelligent looking off. It is the biggest thing. I mean, we know what happened would Jim mcelwain and how how awful the offense looked me know, what happened certainly would we'll much have there too. But with all at the helm, they have plans, there's a good amount of Turkey. You know? I'm not a play caller. I don't pretend to be one. There's times where you can see you can kind of feel the the wheel turning with Mullen, and some of the things that they're studying, you know, doing this to set something up later on. So I I really think he's just an excellent play caller and against they things going in the right direction. And he's been able to maximize the talent that they have. I mean to me the big difference between Florida and Georgia Florida doesn't have a single five star on their roster Georgia. I think I'm ninety of them in the last class or something like that. You might wanna check my figures, but close Georgia seems like it Kirby about a huge advantage in talent over Dan the Gators right now, we'll see Florida and close the gap. You know, they did have a pretty good signing day all things considered enclosed. Well, they're still really big gap. So that the challenge for me what I see with Gators whether they can scheme around that until they can get the horses to compete with Georgia Alabama. What's the confidence level the fan base right now? I mean, you just said that they're still a talent gap. That's evidence between Florida and Georgia to the fans feel that way. Oh fans are nuts base that they just are. I think most of them are realistic that is probably the year that Florida's been overtake Georgia. If Florida can win ten games maybe eleven including a bowl or something and make that next step continued to be in the new year six conversation. Then I think Florida's fans are going to be happy for another year eventually van moan and everybody else in Gainesville knows they're going to have to beat Georgia and star competing with Bana and sort of competing for national championships on playoff appearance. I don't think year to that year. So Matt our football power index. FBI has Florida ranked as a top ten team still considered George the heavy favourite in the SEC east. But what's your take on? How good Florida could be this year is is top ten realistic. Oh, yeah. I don't see why top ten is is it's not a reach to me at all. The defense is good with a chance to be very good or excellent. Again, sleep a Franks was one of the most improved quarterback statistically in the country last year. Now, you've got another year of him working with Dan Mullen, who all seem to do is groom quarterbacks one way or another. And then we haven't talked about skill players yet. But from la- Michael p rhino running back week Davis at Tampa kit and the receiving core is one probably the best. They've had since the Tibo here to me. They better really good group of skill players. If the wine can be decent to good. They definitely have a chance to be in that top ten range. Maybe maybe hired in that even math. Thanks much of your time. And we'll we'll check in probably over the summer and see what's going on down there. Not only in Gainesville, but the rest of the sun shone, sunshine state, excuse me, easy for me. To say that you're on their they thanks for having me on. We got four more months to figure out something to talk about right? Absolutely. That's what it's all about. Matt Baker from the Tampa Bay times, we will take a quick break. And we will be back with your calls. Phone lines are open eight five five to four to seven to eight five. Give us a call here on the Paul finebaum show. Cried passion, then patrons re of college. Football leaves? Here is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. I'm gonna get cold. Now. Phone lines are open by the way, eight five five two four two seven two eight five. Let's start out with Bruce in Florida. Bruce. I'm doing. Well. Thank you. I'm honored to be on the show today on the first caller. You're the first call we've taken so far today. I do feel blessed found. What I'd like to talk about today is the Florida Gators. I'm a big gator fan. And I was listening to your gifts. You just had I agree with him on everything. But the thing that he didn't bring out was Florida is loaded at receiver. I'll believe it's going to be the best receiving core. If you see and Florida's loaded at running back that's going to be too strong positions are defensive line and our offense on is definitely our weakness, but we have people on campus. And Dan Mullen has been good when he was at Mississippi State development player he can take to start very stars. And and make them look. Good for. Yeah. No, you're absolutely right. And that that's one of the reasons that, you know, people were really excited about Dan Mullen coming there. So there's no question you can get more talent to Florida than you can get to Mississippi State, and yet he had and this is this is something that I I just have to. Remind people of constantly because I think people sometimes take things like this for granted. Dan Mullen, had Mississippi State ranked number one in the nation for five weeks. Okay. That that cannot be understated now that doesn't you know in itself put him up there in the Nick Sabin category. But I think he he showed through a lot of years at Mississippi State that he's a really good head coach. And he knows what he's doing. And think you started to see some of that at Florida last year, you know, Matt just made the point Matt Baker from the Tampa Bay times last segment made the point that you can see that he has a plan offensively, which is something. You didn't often feel was the case when you're watching the teams previously under mcelwain must champ and say as as you saw Felipe a Franks improved greatly over the final month or so of the season. I think it was natural to get more optimistic about this year. You mentioned the talent at receiver and running back. And especially receiver if the quarterback can play well he can throw accurately. Those guys are going to have a chance to make a lot of plays. But once again, it it comes down to Kenny block. And I don't think that's a question against a lot of the teams on their schedule. But against the, you know, the best ones games that they have to win to make the season door as good as it can be that. That's that's what they're gonna have to overcome. Agree with you completely in Georgia is the one we have a beat lately. And that's the one that everybody has there is all as the target. But I think whatever all said and done TM twenty years down the road. Bama. There's going to be one of the top coaches just want expert here. Just like our our Florida's ever had. Well as possible, but in order to do that in order to be in that conversation. He's going to have to win a national championship. And the, you know, the the bar was that pretty high even though I would say he came in at the right time. And that he followed a couple of coaches who weren't very successful. Still, you know, Florida fans mo- most of that fan base. Not only remembers the urban Meyer years, but the Steve Spurrier years, and so there's still a pretty high standard there at Florida. And that's what that standard is winning national championships. And I don't know what I don't know that. I don't know that it was very often that those coaches had to contend with a team as good as Georgia in their own division. And so that's going to be a big challenge for Molin. Is that is that Georgia right now is that it's it's talent Pete, you know, as he's trying to build this thing at Florida. So I would expect they're going to have some some great games in years to come on as far as you know, teams that are both ranked in the top ten both of them with a bunch of future NFL players in the NFL players part. I think that's been the case for the last thirty years. I mean, Florida Georgia always have player somewhere in the field. The question is how good are they as a team? And in some ways both of them have been disappointing for for stretches during that span. But clearly Georgia is is there. Now, Georgia is is a very good team in Florida's. I didn't close to getting there. Well, I'll put my prediction and as Georgia and the carbon smart, he's a good coach all that. Great stuff. But I'm going to go into protect for Dave. He's not he can't win. The big one. We've seen that the last couple of years when it goes down crush something happens and everything crumbles, and I think that's going to be his legacy when L that we'll we'll see he's still still very young as far as coaching goes and coaching experience in. So he's got plenty more chances to to win those big games have been getting away the last couple of years. But, but you know, it's one of those that you you gotta do it before you can get up to that next level conversation. And that that's the confidence. Fighter between Lola and are. Coach well, and he's installing that confidence. Then our player and staff. Well, I think Jordan is playing with a lot of confidence too. It's just a matter of of being able to get to the very top of the mountain. And so it'll it'll be it'll be fun to watch a Bruce. Thanks for your call. Thank you. I burn she ate it. All right. Let's go to Brody. No, no, let's go to let's go to Jim in Alabama. I think I wanna take this. Call eight Jim. Hey brands, you love the show when you when you know. Thank you. Oh, you might make the roller. So still touring right? Yes. I would just hold that there. They were supposed to play last weekend and hard rock stadium. Yes. I saw them in nineteen seventy two. Wow. And tosa LUSA was Stevie Wonder is opening night, by the way. And then my wife surprised me in two thousand fifteen with tickets to go see them again for my sixtieth birthday in Nashville. Doesn't sixteen fifteen thing. I've heard sixty. They still bring it partner. They still bring you know. I'm not I'm not surprised by that. But like I said, I give them a lot of credit for still being alive and kickin because it's amazing that that lifestyle that they that they have lived for so long is not necessarily conducive to great health. I wouldn't think but they're still going. Whatever ks Richards is doing I think we all need to do it. But probably not really. Yeah. I think probably not, but yeah. No, they obviously a one of the one of the hall of famers when it comes to rock and roll in great bands. Yeah. That was that was the. Yeah. No GM that thank you for. Thank you for the call those there were there were two really surprising things that Matt said in that interview one was that the the Rolling Stones were were still touring the other one that really got my attention. What he said the Florida Gators don't have a five star player on their roster. And I I don't know if that's specific to a certain set of recruiting rankings and other several services out there and sometimes they differ on who are five stars four stars. But that one really caught my attention, and I can kind of underscored the point that he proceeded to make from there, which was that there's a as a decent talent gap right now between Georgia and Florida, and we don't often think of it that way, we know Georgia has a ton of talent because of the way they've recruited under Kirby. But it just a little bit of insight as to how Florida has dropped off. Now, Florida still a pretty talented team. But not having any five stars, especially when you look around. And even in the conference, and you see, you know, how many that Georgia has how many Alabama has just shows you that there's plenty of room to grow there for for Dan Mullen in Gainesville and a lot of people are very optimistic about the Gators as as we've discussed here in in recent minutes, so we will get back very soon with more of your calls. Phone lines are open eight five five to four to seven to eight five as we finish up here hour one of the Paul finebaum show.

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