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Live from NPR news. I'm Shay Stevens the nation's top infectious disease. Expert is warning young people that the corona virus pandemic is from. And that they are not immune. The warning comes amid a surge of do infections across the US as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports speaking at a virtual event hosted by Georgetown University Dr Ci once again issued a stern warning to young people, even if you get infected and have no symptoms at all and never get sick you inadvertently propagating the pandemic, you are part of the problem and not the solution how she says doctors end infectious disease, specialists or seeing more and. And more complications from the coronavirus in young people, he also says that he's never seen a single virus with such a wide range of symptoms, the World Health Organization estimates that sixteen percent of those infected are ACM dramatic and can transmit the virus Windsor Johnston NPR news Washington ousted US attorney general. Jeff sessions has made his last political stand by trying to win back his former US Senate seat from Alabama, but NPR's Debbie. Elliott reports that sessions fell short in A. A Republican runoff against a political newcomer who was backed by President trump unofficial results show Tommy Tiber, vel the one time football coach at Auburn University handily defeated Jeff sessions in a gop runoff that had been postponed from March, because of the corona virus sessions held the Alabama. Senate seat for twenty years before joining the trump administration as attorney general, his campaign was unable to overcome a barrage of attacks from the president still angry that sessions recused himself from the special. Special Counsels Russia investigation tubby advances to face incumbent Democrat Doug Jones in the fall and a contest widely seen as the Republican Party's best chance to turn a Senate seat. Debbie, Elliott, NPR news, Orange Beach Alabama meanwhile. The AP is projecting President Trump's former physician. Ronnie Jackson Win the GOP nomination for a congressional seat in Texas and former GOP Congressman Pete sessions who lost his? Dallas after twenty years, is projected to win a runoff in a different district in Waco. President trump has signed a bill and executive order targeting Chinese Party officials and Hong Kong police units that have cracked down on protesters. The action comes in response to a national security law that mainland. China imposed on the people of Hong Kong. Their freedom's been taken away. Their rights have been taken away with it goes Hong Kong in my opinion, because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets. A lot of people will be leaving Hong Kong suspect. and. We're going to do a lot more business because of it because we just lost one competitor, trump has long accused China of unfair trade practices and theft of US trade secrets. This is NPR news. Joe Biden is appealing to progressive spy. Rejecting the notion that democratic plans to invest in clean energy will hurt US jobs. The presumptive Democratic nominee has released a two trillion dollar proposal that's aimed at combating climate change while also boosting the economy by overhauling the US energy. Sector Biden's plan includes stopping all climate damaging emissions from power plants. President Emmanuel Macron says every one in France will be required to wear masks in public spaces during the coronavirus pandemic NPR's Eleanor Beardsley has more a macron's remarks. Tuesday as his nation observed major national holiday. In the morning, mccomb presided over a scaled-back best deal day ceremony, honoring military and healthcare workers who battled the corona virus after a two months lockdown. France has reopened its economy. The interviewer asked the president if the country would be ready if there is a second wave, we hopefully. Yes! We're ready, said my call. We have all the right provision. Ventilators, masks and tests, and in the quantities we'd need, but my call said avoiding second wave depends on us on our coordination and discipline. More than thirty thousand people have died from covid. Nineteen in France small clusters are emerging in some places as the country has opened up eleanor beardsley NPR. News Paris on Asian stock market shares are mixed in pre market trading US futures are higher wall. Street stocks closed higher on Tuesday. The Dow rose five hundred fifty six points I'm Shay. Stevens. This is NPR news.

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